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Statement Analysis: Passivity in Sex Abuse Victims

                                   Passivity in Sex Abuse Victims
                                                          by Peter Hyatt

In doing a large volume of research on adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, and interviewing a number of victims,  over the years, I have found a trend that seems supported by the literature:

passivity in language...passivity in ongoing behavior.  

The language is verbalized reality (Sapir) and it is this verbalized reality that we enter into the statement with.  

Passivity in language is often a signal that the subject is attempting to avoid responsibility.  When dealing with adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, the context for our analysis will be critical.  

When a child is sexually abuse during the critical brain developmental years, there appears to be an underdevelopment in certain parts of the brain.  Science is just beginning to understand the magnitude of destruction that takes place when a child is sexually abuse.

 Many victims have made great strides and has overcome a great deal via this method of journaling. It is in this journaling that Statement Analysis is of great assistance, as the adult victims writes in two distinct ways:

1.  What happened to her;
2.  How she felt about what happened to her. 

As this method has been used successfully in mitigating the acute emotional pain of adult victims and in helping them change their self-loathing lifestyles, it is within the language itself that the analysis can help identify specific 'missing' information for the adult victim. 

Of particular interest is that in the women I have interviewed who were sexually abused in childhood, all of them used passivity in language  ("the gun went off....the pen wrote..") which is a way of avoiding responsibility. 

I have had to use my training to catch the passive language and get the woman to revisit it.  Every one of them has described it like this: 

"I was watching myself being touched..." as if floating above the scenario.  Yet, this was not true.  They did not 'watch' the abuse, but were actively being abused at the time.  The women then often used the same passive language to describe their own adult self destructive activities, as if they were watching themselves being promiscuous, or taking drugs, or engaging in deliberately dangerous behavior.  

Statement Analysis can help break the pattern of self destruction.  

 I have found many women who have described not only the abuse in this manner, but their own subsequent behavior with passive language ---which is not always truthful.  What to do with an adult victim of childhood sexual abuse who is not truthful about her experience and about subsequent behavior?  How does one remove the "stinger" of pain that holds years of hyper vigilance, or self destructive behavior (including promiscuity, substance abuse, self loathing, sabotaging of happiness, and so on).  

In interviewing victims of childhood sexual abuse, the passivity may not be simply an avoidance of responsibility, but an avoidance of pain via a method of thinking, developed during the critical childhood years. 

It appears that the passive language was learned in childhood as a way of escaping the emotional pain.  The person lies to herself by this disassociation and is then left unable to relieve the pressure on the brain unless confronted by what actually happened (removing the sting).  This means that when the adult victim recounts her story, unless the counselor/pastor/therapist/friend/spouse/etc has training specific to Statement Analysis, there is a good chance the 'missing' information will be...

What was happening to the child was so emotionally painful that the brain 'took a holiday' while the abuse was taking place.  In abusive situations where no physical pain was present, the child victim likely suffered even more so, due to the confusion now inflicted upon her due to the emotional trauma and the lack of physical pain.  (This is why "good touch; bad touch" is no longer taught to children as the "bad touch" is not always physically painful.  In cases where sensations were felt, the victim was often left with even greater emotional conflict due to the confusion associated with the lack of physical pain.)

This is yet another reason why I urge those who help others to take this training. 

Listen to how some of the victims described their latter activities, as they, as teens and adults, acted out 
their early childhood abuse, without realizing what they were doing while in self-destructive mode.  (The self-loathing must be broken by causing the victim to see the source of it:  the original childhood abuse). 
Note passivity and distancing language.  Recall our studies on "doors" and "coverings" (blankets, clothing, towels, etc) 

"I would put myself in danger with men who would abuse me.  I guess I just wanted to have some kind of affection, even if it was bad.  They had sex with me."

"Does anybody know what it is like to be wanted for only your body parts?  Your mind, your heart, your abilities are irrelevant. I have hated and destroyed my own body.  If it wasn't for my body, I would be safe."

"For as long as I remember, my father used to watch me dress and undress.  There were no doors in our house. He would stand in the doorway leaning up against the door jam and watch..."

How often does this victim say "door" before the professional sees the connection in language?
Notice, next, how the victim's language shows that her body and herself appear like two different people:  

"I spent my childhood years trying to keep my body safe.  I went to sleep mummy like, wrapped up in a blanket..."

Victims report feeling betrayed, not only by the perpetrators, who were often people to be trusted, like their own fathers, but feeling betrayed by their own bodies.  This is reflected in the language as they seem to talk about themselves, and their bodies, as two different people. 

"It was my body that betrayed me.  My body that made them treat me that way.  It needed to be punished, it deserved to die.  I decided that my body really wasn't me."

Victims of childhood sexual abuse are, by stats everywhere, more likely to go on to self destructive behaviors, including promiscuity, substance abuse, prostitution, serial relationships ending in harm, and will often lead them to career failures; deliberate failures to 'punish' the body.  When an adult victim journals about her life, she is able to find:

1. Missing information.  

It comes out in the language.  If she has read here, or studies analysis, she will know that "something is not right, here, and over here..." and so on.  It is in these places where work must be done. 

2.  Pattern recognition.  She may be able to see that choice after choice in life fulfilled a pattern of self destruction. 

3.  Source.  The language may guide her back to the source:  unresolved childhood abuse where lessons ingrained deep within her were both immoral and destructive. 

For some women, these discoveries lead to a profound sense of freedom, including freedom from depression, which, of itself, often leads to better physical health and a better life. 

It is reflected in the language.  

For people of faith who believe that mankind was created in the Image of God, childhood sexual abuse sentences each victim to a life time of suffering, along with each human that loves the victim.  The assault against the Image Bearer of God is deeper than any of us know.  Science appears to be just learning what damage is done to the brain.  The passivity one hears must be explored for possible disassociation tendencies.  The context is critical:  if abuse and subsequent behavior, with a direct line back to the abuse is described in passive language, that "area" in the statement must be explored so the victim can mitigate some of the pain.

Hence, the many warnings to parents to keep their children safe.


John Mc Gowan said...

Excellent post Peter..

AnonAnon said...

Interesting. Billie Dunn often speaks in the passive voice. I wonder if her grammar errors that we find so offensive are simply a case of using the passive voice without the education to add the auxiliary verb. Ie:, I seen it , instead of I have seen it. Another pattern in abused children is the inability to speak melodically. Billie's speech seems forced and very choppy. One poster said she seems to tear up every sentence just trying to get it out of her mouth. A perfect example of this choppy speech can be heard in interviews with the FLDS women.

Trigger said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture, peter. Could you please review this case?

I think it is interesting, the way the newest statement is worded.,0,7794291.story

"As Sheriff Gore said earlier in the week, Hannah is a victim in every sense of the word," Caldwell said in an email. "Our follow-up investigation has not changed that sentence."

That sentence?

dadgum said...

Erica Parsons, not reported missing for two years..her brother reported her disappearance. Parents will be interviewed on Dr. Phil, Tuesday, August 20th.

BostonLady said...

Excellent post Peter.

Lemon said...

Excellent post Peter.

Anonymous said...

The passivity also comes out in the language of the abuser. Cf. child molester Fr Oliver O'Grady in the documentary "Deliver Us From Evil" (2006), excerpt from videotaped deposition:

O'Grady speaks of his hand going down as if it were an autonomous, self-moving agent that he was passively watching - even though the one passive phrase is flanked by active language on either side.

Deep Thoughts said...

When a child is sexually abuse during the critical brain developmental years, there appears to be an underdevelopment in certain parts of the brain.

^^^^^ that is apparent here in this blogs comment section, lol
ok seriously, i believe it would be safe to say that the symptoms aren't always due to sex abuse, other forms of abuse or accidental trauma can cause the same symptoms.
like a "victim" of a satanic cult, the symptoms that red flag, are also the same symptoms i have seen in kids who were forced to go to church as christians.
so i'm saying you can't pin it all on sex abuse as we do not know the science behind these symptoms that is the cause.

going deeper into the science of it, i believe the DNA that is passed on to a child will be that of the parents, that they hold at the time of conception. as we grow older and experience more of life's trials, it alters our brain, or our DNA, that will be passed on to newer children, which is why there is distinct behavior patents between first born, middle and baby children.
that includes everything from morals to attitude. and keep in mind, mind altering drugs may be effecting the DNA passed onto your children at conception.

typo said...

comment 4:23
the misspelling, "patents", should have been "patterns"

scientific proof said...

the "sins" of the father are passed down.
drunks breed alcoholics.
(it skips a generation)

Anonymous said...

My husband has been dead for 10 years, and I still "love him". That will never change. Why does he refer to his love in the past tense, Peter?

Brett Anderson, speaking on “Fox & Friends,” described his wife as a “hard worker and a great mother.”

“My son was my buddy, he wore his heart on his sleeve and if he had $2 he would take three kids to the store with [him] and share it with everybody,” he said. “I loved them both very much.”

Speaking by phone on Fox News' "Justice with Judge Jeanine" Saturday night, Brett Anderson said he had mixed emotions on the ordeal, saying, "I'm ecstatic that my daughter and I will soon be reunited. I'm saddened by what happened to my wife and son, and I'm worried about what my daughter has been put through."

“"She is a strong girl, she made it this far and all we can do is hope that whatever help she needs to get through this,” he added.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

People that blindly assume all 16 year old girls are totally innocent and incapable of crime are the idiots. It's been proven over and over again that girls as young as 14 have helped plan the murder of their mother, father, or both parents in order to run away with their 'love'. HA didn't ever look too creeped out in the photos of her with her abductor, and she is exhibiting some really weird behavoriors and some of her statements are what is making people wonder about her.

BostonLady said...

Anonymous said...

People that blindly assume all 16 year old girls are totally innocent and incapable of crime are the idiots. It's been proven over and over again that girls as young as 14 have helped plan the murder of their mother, father, or both parents in order to run away with their 'love'. HA didn't ever look too creeped out in the photos of her with her abductor, and she is exhibiting some really weird behavoriors and some of her statements are what is making people wonder about her.

August 17, 2013 at 8:48 PM


I just watched episodes of Snapped and they were all of teen girls killing their mothers and/or siblings. They are very capable of murdering. I don't like how some are jumping to protect Hannah for her statements online after she was rescued. Questioning her statements is not insulting, attacking her. Some of her statements are very hinky and need to be revisited.

I really hope that she did not have any part in what happened to her mother and brother. But let's look at this...why would the friend of the family kill the mother and brother and the family dog?? He could have just kidnapped Hannah if that was what he wanted. There was no need to kill them. I feel that the murders were of a very personal nature.

navkat said...

Thank you for this.

It's not just sexual abuse but profound physical and psychological abuse that does damage to the way we speak and carry ourselves. It's not just the abuse itself, Mr. Hyatt, it's the habitual cognitive dissonance borne of covering for/loving the abuser, feeling ashamed and at-fault, growing up with the ingrained understanding that you're intrinsically defective/unloveable and having the caregiver minimize, deny, invalidate and otherwise revise the facts of the events, convincing you that you're crazy and misperceived the very things they did to you. Truth becomes subjective and a matter of convenience vs. pain. It is just easier for things to be all blurry and open to interpretation because even though it is agony to be invalidated, it's going to happen anyway. You have no control. Furthermore: saying the wrong thing makes them angry. The all-knowing, always-right parents are better judges of what's allowed to be true and what's not than the dumb, defective child. Truth is something that must be approved by the abuser, not a matter of fact, you dig?

Look, I'm doing it. I let myself stream-of-consciousness write the above blurb for later tweaking when I finished and realized I was doing the exact same thing topical to this discussion. I'm going to leave it untouched.

It hurts, Peter. It never stops. I'm a poster-child for self-sabotage and interpersonal difficulties due to my constant need to "prove" myself to equals and have them validate me. This opens the door (damn, passive again) for them to manipulate the power-dynamic and use guilt and shame to further abuse me. I've struggled with my own dissociation, shame and self-doubt for so long, someone could argue that zebras don't have stripes and I'd have to look it up on google to make sure I wasn't talking out of my ass. I often sound like I'm guilty or lying because I always feel nervous and guilty and unsure about whether I have a "right" to say the words coming out of my mouth.

I'm trying to be more honest and bold about the way I interact and about trusting my gut: with myself, about myself, with others and about others. I still screw up but I do a little better each time I face a challenge.

I am uber, uber grateful that you have found a cohesive way to detect, teach and discuss this. Maybe in my lifetime, we'll be able to use algorithmic computer analysis for early detection in abuse investigations where the children are groomed to lie to CPS for fear of hurting or losing the caregiver.

Thank you.

John Mc Gowan said...


April Wehba posted to Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D.
10 hours ago.

Hailey Darlene Dunn
“Sweet 16” and Angel Balloon Release
We will be at Ruddick Park in Colorado City, Texas on August 28th to celebrate Hailey Dunn’s 16th birthday. We will be gathering by the ballpark where Hailey loved to play and built her fort. We will start releasing the balloons at 7:00 PM. We welcome anyone who would like to join us (Terrye Sanders Newcomb or April Wehba) for this special occasion. If you are going to attend please let us know so that we can make sure everyone gets an angel balloon to release.
Please feel free to share..

It will be interesting to see who shows up for this..

JerseyJane said...

I hear ya, navkat.
It's a circle that you are in that goes round and round and you can't jump out of it or stop it.
Thank you for posting every single word of it..

Survivor said...

As a survivor, I feel that my reaction has been very different than described here. Instead of being promiscuous, I feel I have avoided or been afraid to be in a relationship. I didn't act out or drink, instead found myself trying to be well behaved so my father would feel guilty about abusing me or in my eyes - punishing me for something but having no idea what I did wrong. Also, smelling booze on his breath more often than not, turned me off to drinking.
I do feel that I have a hard time trusting my judgement or trusting anyone else. I minimize my accomplishments or talents and exaggerate my failures.
I wish there were parts of the abuse I didn't remember. I don't feel I have blocked out any of it. Remembering it is why I fear being in a relationship because I am actually afraid of the sexual aspect of a relationship.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I use to have make sure my back was covered up to my neck.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hugs you all tight xx

Anonymous said...

God bless you (from a male)

Lemon said...

navkat @4:44
"I've struggled with my own dissociation, shame and self-doubt for so long, someone could argue that zebras don't have stripes and I'd have to look it up on google to make sure I wasn't talking out of my ass."...
Thank you for your words.

"I'm trying to be more honest and bold about the way I interact and about trusting my gut: with myself, about myself, with others and about others. I still screw up but I do a little better each time I face a challenge."…

~ high fives navkat ~

Anonymous said...

I'm a 52 year old woman who was abused from age 3-5 years old (by the same monster). I have experienced all the classic behaviours of sexual abuse victims. I've had sporadic counseling over the years, and I can honestly say that I don't feel any closer to coming to terms with what happened to me.
In 2009, after my last child left for college, I experienced the empty nest syndrome (I've been single since 2004). Since then,being left alone for the 1st time in my life (and living all alone since then), I have had what seems like a lifetime to think, and finally realize the crippling devastation the sexual abuse had on my, my thoughts, actions, emotions, the chronic depression I have endured all of my life. Through it all, I had/have great jobs, married, remarried, had children etc., however, I never realized until the past few yeas, that during all that time, I thought I was "okay", (i can handle it type thinking), I wasn't! The only way I can describe my life/realization/awakening to what happened to me is like riding a carousel, with lots of people coming and going, with music playing in the background, riding around and around, non stop, UNTIL, it finally stopped, everyone was gone, and I was left standing with only one person - ME - and discovering I didn't like that person at all (self loathing overload), that I didn't consciously, ever experience in all these years. I cannot stress enough, the LIFE SENTENCE abusers heap upon their victims. I implore everyone / anyone reading this, don't EVER think that the person you TRUST would never hurt your child, because it can and does happen every single day, all day long. Until the end of her life, my mother struggled with the knowledge that HER FATHER, sexually abused me. Sad, but true.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Defense attorneys are set to strongly suggest that the real killers of a toddler brutally shot to death in his stroller were his parents, who had a financial interest in his death - and that their 18-year-old defendant who goes on trial this week is not guilty.

Antonio Santiago had learned to walk, but not yet talk, when he was killed March 21, six weeks after his first birthday.

He was strapped in his stroller, out for a walk with his mother a few blocks from their apartment near the Georgia coast, when someone shot the boy between the eyes with a .22-caliber bullet the size of a garden pea.

De'Marquise Elkin, 18, who has been charged as the shooter, is scheduled to stand trial next week in a courthouse far from the scene of the crime.

Kevin Gough, a public defender who is Elkins' lead attorney, has strongly suggested in pretrial motions that the real killers are the child's own parents.

‘Other evidence of record suggests Sherry West is mentally unstable, gave several inconsistent accounts of how the crime transpired, and had a financial interest in the death of her son in the form of an insurance policy,’ Gough said in a court motion filed August 5.

Defense attorneys have said in court filings they have audio recordings and documents showing the child's mother had dealings with Gerber Life Insurance Co.

According to its website, Gerber Life sells life insurance policies for children starting as early as infancy. Coverage runs from $5,000 to $50,000.

Ashley Glassey, West's 21-year-old daughter, told television station WTLV of Jacksonville, Florida, soon after the shooting that her mother called her after Antonio was killed and asked, ‘How soon do you think the life insurance policy will send me a check?’

One of Elkins' lawyers interviewed Glassey July 30 in Woodstown, New Jersey, where she was in jail for failing to appear in court in an unrelated case.

According to a transcript, Glassey declined to confirm the story, only saying that she does not want ‘to incriminate anyone.’

Because of public outrage and news coverage, a judge has moved Elkins' trial 325 miles away, to the suburbs outside Atlanta. Jury selection starts Monday at the Cobb County courthouse in Marietta. Superior Court Judge Stephen Kelley has set aside two weeks for the trial.

Elkins faces life in prison if convicted of murder. His youth spared him a possible death sentence. At the time of the shooting he was 17, too young to face capital charges in Georgia.

Investigators concluded that Antonio was killed during an attempted street robbery as his mother, Sherry West, was strolling home with the child from the post office.

Miss West said a gunman demanding cash shot her baby in the face after she told him she had no money.

‘He kept asking, and I just said “I don't have it,"’ West told The Associated Press the day after the slaying. ‘And he said, “Do you want me to kill your baby?” And I said, “No, don't kill my baby!”’

West was shot in the leg, and another bullet grazed her ear. Witnesses called 911 and rushed to her aid. None saw the shooting, but they watched as West tried to revive her son using CPR.

‘No, the baby's not breathing,’ one caller told a 911 operator.

Tania Cadogan said...

Police said Elkins had an accomplice, 15-year-old Dominique Lang, who has told investigators Elkins fired the gun.

Lang also is charged with murder but will be tried later. He's expected to be a key witness against Elkins.
The 15-year-old was in the eighth grade at Glynn Middle School before his arrest, said Jim Weidhaas, a school spokesman.

Elkins was last a student in the system in October 2011 when he left Ombudsman, an outsourced alternative school program, Weidhaas said.

Both prosecutors and Elkins' defense attorneys declined to comment before the trial, citing a gag order by the judge. The boy's mother also declined to talk.

In 2008, West's 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in an altercation in New Jersey. Prosecutors said the stabbing was self-defense and did not file charges.
Defense attorneys also pointed to lab tests by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that found traces of gunshot residue on swabs taken from the hands of West and the boy's father, Louis Santiago.

Reports filed in court stated the GBI found a single microscopic particle of gunshot residue swabbed from the father's hands, while more than five particles showed up in swabs from West's hands.

The GBI report cautioned that gunshot victims can end up with residue on them. During a preliminary court hearing, Santiago said he touched the bullet wound on West's leg before his hands were swabbed.

In a court filing Wednesday, District Attorney Jackie Johnson argued that Elkins' defense lawyers have made ‘false, inflammatory and misleading statements’ about the case.

While the toddler's mother identified Elkins as the shooter in a photo lineup, police said much of their evidence against the teenager came from his own family and the younger teen charged as his
Investigators have testified that Lang told police he and Elkins were trying to rob a woman pushing a baby in a stroller when Elkins pulled a gun and shot them both.

Lang's aunt, Debra Obey, told police her nephew and Elkins came to her for a ride the day of the slaying. She said Elkins ducked down in the back seat of her car, as if he was hiding.

Four days after the shooting, police said information from Elkins' mother and sister helped lead investigators to a pond where they found a .22-caliber revolver.

Both women were charged with evidence tampering. Elkins' mother, Karimah Elkins, also was charged with lying to police. Prosecutors say Elkins' mother and an aunt gave police conflicting alibis for his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Karimah Elkins is scheduled to stand trial alongside her son.
Meanwhile, prosecutors said Elkins shot somebody else 10 days before the toddler was killed.
Wilfredo Calix Flores has identified Elkins as the man who shot him in the arm during an attempted stickup March 11. Police said Flores was shot with a .22-caliber bullet.

The judge has ruled that jurors can hear about a statement police say Elkins made the day after the killing.

Police investigator Roderic Nohilly testified at a pretrial hearing that he and officer Cody Blades were escorting a handcuffed Elkins when the suspect said, ‘Y'all ain't got no gun. Y'all ain't got no fingerprints.’ He then referenced an acquittal.

The investigator said Blades just smiled at Elkins, who responded: ‘Oh, y'all got the gun?’

Read more:

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

OT..Hannah Anderson.

What's the real story behind Hannah Anderson's abduction? (+video)


Less clear is what happened then. She says she did not learn of her family members’ deaths until she was rescued six days later.

"I wish I could go back in time and risk my life to try and save theirs,” she wrote. “I will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them.”

This might suggest that she knew about what happened at DiMaggio’s house before the two left, but that she was too terrified (or terrorized) to try to escape. On the other hand, the conflagration at DiMaggio’s house might have happened before (or after – using incendiary timers) he reportedly picked her up at cheerleading practice.

Anderson acknowledged being uncomfortable around DiMaggio – who’d been close to the family for years, the best man at her parent’s wedding and described as “like an uncle” to Hannah and her brother – even before the ordeal, saying he once told her that he was drawn to her.

"He said it was more like a family crush like he had feelings as in he wanted nothing bad to happen to me," she wrote as "Hannahbanana722" on She said she didn't tell her parents because DiMaggio was his father's best friend "and I didn't want to ruin anything between them."

How, then, to explain the communication between them – the letters and phone calls revealed in the search warrants, but whose contents has not been detailed? Or the information, also in the search warrants, that Hannah in the past had gone on “multiple day trips” with DiMaggio, most recently visiting Malibu and Hollywood. (Some news sources report those as “OVERNIGHT TRIPS.”)

For now, law enforcement authorities are saying no more about the evidence they found in search warrants, and Hannah Anderson is remaining silent.

John Mc Gowan said...


Oscar Pistorius Back In Court Over Killing.

Oscar Pistorius holds hands with his two siblings and appears to pray, as a judge sets a date for his trial.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Obamas cousin shames him.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT..Hannah Anderson..

California Teenager Hannah Anderson Answered Questions About Her Kidnapping On

On, Hannah provided some more insight into her ordeal:

Q.Why didn't you tell you parents he creeped you out?

A.Because he was a close family friend and my dads best friend and i didn't want to ruin anything between them.

Q.You were at the house when he killed your Mom.?

A. No.

(A straight forward yes and no question, and a straight forward answer no.Lets see if this continues.)

Q.How did you know what happened to your Mom and brother?

A.The FBI agent talked to me at the hospital.

Q.Did they tell you were he was going or what was gonna to happen?

(Compound questions should never be asked,it gives the subject the oppotunity to choose which question to answer.Given this is not a interview we can forgive

A.All he told me was my job to get him to the river.

(This answer is designed to halt the flow of information"All he told me")

Q.Did he take u because he wanted to be with you or out of hate?

(Again we have a compound question,see above)

A.He took me to get him to the river.I had to carry 50pound backpacks up mountains back and forth.

(This is a heavy weight to carry for a young girl..How many times did she go back and forth?Did she not ask what was in the backpacks?.Note she chose not to answer the questions whether he wanted to be with her or whether it was out of hate)

(DiMaggios car was reportedly found covered in brush on the edge of Idaho wilderness.)

Q.Did he make you help him put the tree branches on the car?

A.Yes he threatened me if i didn't.

(This is a yes or no question,yet she goes beyond the answer yes.We note anything that is said beyond the answer as extra information,and as sensitive)

(Some news outlets reported that DiMaggio was infatuated with Hannah.)

Q.Did he tell u he had a crush on u or was that a roomer?

A.Yes he did he said it was more than a family crush like he had feelings as in he wanted nothing bad to happen to me.

(I find this language very odd.I would ask her what definition of a "family crush" is.)

(Hannah says she didn't know that her mother and brother were dead until police told her. The two were found in DiMaggio's house, which he allegedly set on fire before taking off with Hannah.)

Q.Were were you at when he was in the process of burning the house,like hows he keep it a secret?

A.He had set it were it would catch on fire at a certain time.

(Again she doesn't answer the questions..How did she know he had set it to go off at a certain time if she was NOT there?Did he tell her,did LE or FBI tell her?

(DiMaggio apparently lured Hannah and her family to his home on false pretenses. Hannah wrote that DiMaggio tied her mother and brother up in his garage.)

Q.So your Mum and Ethan were just at the house for no reason and the thing went off and they caught on fire and burned?

A.He told us he was loosing his house because of money issues so we went up there one last time to support him,and to have fun riding go karts up there but he tricked us.

(The question is a compound one..She chooses to answer the first part about why they were up ther,but NOT the second part about them being in the fire and getting burned..This is why we should not ask compound questions)

John Mc Gowan said...


Q.If you could say anything to Ethan and your Mum what would you say?

A.That im sorry it ended like that.I wish i could go back in time and risk my life to try and save theirs.I will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them.

(Hannah tells us"That im sorry it ended like that".Where there is a THAT there is usually a THIS..Ie,i didn't do that i done this.Is there a THIS that Hannah is not telling us about?.Hannah then says" I will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them".When someone uses the word "Trying" in the past tense it tells us there was an effort and a failure to do something.If Hannah was not there why is her language telling us she tried and failed to save them?)

(Hannah was reportedly spotted by hikers in the woods. She wrote that she didn't reach out to anyone for help because DiMaggio had a gun and said he would kill anyone who tried to help.)

Q.Why didn't you run :( ?

A.He would have killed me.

Q.Did you talk to the hikers?When u were in the woods ?cuz the news said that the hikers said that u were calm?

A.I had to act calm because i didn't want them to get hurt.I was scared that he would hurt them..

(She doesn't answer the question whether or not she spoke to the hikers,but just how she felt at the time.)

(Hannah also wrote that she is trying to stay strong and be her "fun, normal self" because that is what her mother and brother would want.)

She posted this picture.(See website)

Q.What design did you get on your nails :(

A.Pink for my Mum and blue for Ethan.

(The Associated Press reported that Hannah's father has told people he plans to have her move to Tennessee with him, but on she said she's not moving to Tennessee.)

Anonymous said...

To John.
John stop pretending to be a detective.your stupid.

Randie said...

Excellent work John!!!

JerseyJane said...

Thank you Anon 12:35, navkat, survivor, and all for sharing your 'method of thinking' throughout your life when it came to dealing with with it. Your words are precious to me, I feel so not alone, knowing that in your thoughts, feelings,I see me. Thank you for a piece of peace!!;-)

Anonymous said...

Peter, regarding this statement

"For people of faith who believe that mankind was created in the Image of God, childhood sexual abuse sentences each victim to a life time of suffering, along with each human that loves the victim"

regardless of what god does or doesn't believe in, most people believe that sexual abuse of children is reprehensible and leads to a lifetime of suffering

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing, and thank all of you who have taken the time, and shown true bravery in relating your experience.

Anonymous said...

Johns a pig.

Randie said...

Would others help me with this sentence? This quote from Hannah, I find odd.

Q.So your Mum and Ethan were just at the house for no reason and the thing went off and they caught on fire and burned?

A.He TOLD us he was loosing his house BECAUSE of money issues SO we went UP THERE one last time to support him,and to have fun riding go karts UP THERE BUT he tricked us.

Told is not the same as (said, let us know, visited...). Told is more of a command. She used the words "so and because"....

Peter said: "When someone is asked, "What happened?" the key to solving the mystery is when the subject moves away from "what" happened, and begins to explain "why" something happened.

This is the critical high point of analysis in a "what happened?" case.

It shows that the subject has the need to explain why he did something, actually anticipating being asked "well, why did you...?" in the questioning.

This is why we highlight:

"so, since, therefore, because, hence..." and so on, with the highest level of sensitivity in analytical work.

When you find a word, any word, that is like, "because" or "so" that explains why someone did something, grab it. It is your key."

UP THERE is repeated twice. This is "sensitive"...

Then she said..."BUT..." Which negates what she just said.

John Mc Gowan said...

Just to add to my post above..

Q.Did they tell you were he was going or what was gonna to happen?

A.All he told me was my JOB to get him to the river.

This sounds to me like collusion..

Think about it..You and your friend are planning a surprise party for someone.They have organised the venue.You say what shall i do,and they say to you,your JOB is to contact other people and keep it quiet.

Why would he allocate her a JOB..

Just can't wait to attack any mention of God said...

Read the quote you posted more doesn't say anything about what GOD believes!

Anonymous said...

Peter are you going to weigh in on the numerous statements of Hannah Anderson and the police, or aren't you? Either the subject is dead, or it isn't. No favoritism here. I know she's a child, but it's time to chime in.

Randie said...

Hannah exchanged about 13 phone calls with DiMaggio BEFORE she was picked up from cheerleading practice on Aug. 4th. Investigators found letters from Hannah at DiMaggio's home in the rural town of Boulevard; authorities declined to discuss the contents.

Anonymous said...

Interesting statement at the end from the father accused. If SA is applied, I believe it is a truthful statement.

Randie said...

John I like what you said about JOB. She did try to control info on that question.

Also, the sentence is missing a comma and a pronoun...

A.All he told me was my JOB to get him to the river.

(A. All he told me was my job, I was to get him to the river.)

She not "owning" those words.

Maybe things didn't turn out "fairy tale" like she thought it was supposed to go. Maybe...they agreed to run away together, and she was all for it. However, when it all went down and he was making DEMANDS and TOLD her how things were going to wasn't fairy tale after all.

Also, the whole concept of "her getting him to the river" I find strange. She says it twice. 50 lb packs or not. She makes it sound like she was a wilderness guide.

Excruciating Headache said...

So maybe Hannah is a sociopath. Maybe she wanted to run away with DiMaggio. The phone calls may have been an argument over what to do with her mother and brother. She doesn't have much empathy for other people, but perhaps she felt some affection toward her family. Did she feel that she hadn't tried hard enough because she was unable to convince DiMaggio not to kill them?

I believe Hannah is a victim in every sense of the word. An unstable man allowed himself to be manipulated by a child with a mental disorder. She should have been in therapy and he should have been in jail for statutory rape. No one was paying attention. She's ambivalent toward her mother for not putting and end to the relationship.

Obviously, I enjoy extrapolating from the statement analysis. :)

Randie said...

Thee is alot more to Hannah's question and answer.


Q: How did he separate you from your Mom and brother?

A: He tied them up in the garage, I’m done answering questions about it. So don’t bother asking.

Q: Did you think anyone was looking for you ?

A: I thought my mom would be the first person looking for me.

Q: Why are you talking about this on social media? Are you sure you’re a victim? You seem completely fine about it.

A: Are you kidding me? I’m answering these questions so people know the truth. So a******* like you don’t assume things like that.

Q: Hannah, We are reporters at U-T San Diego and saw your comments about your ordeal. We’d like to talk to you and your family about what you share. We know you are upset with inaccuracies in news reports, and we want to do our best to get the truth out about what happened. We’re at 619-293-1010.

A: No please leave me alone. All you guys don’t know the story. And don’t need too. You already got a lot of things mixed up. So please just leave me and my family alone so we can heal. Thank you.

Q: The media is a big reason why your’re found, they talked about you non stop and got the word out there, you can’t blame them for wanting to know the whole story, but camping out is ridiculous.

A: Well they should really get their stories straight before putting it on tv. it could really hurt someone.


This girl is in a heap of trouble. The info behind all of this is going to come out.

Anonymous said...

???????!!!!!!!!!!Why is this happening?
Q: How did he separate you from your Mom and brother?

A: He tied them up in the garage, I’m done answering questions about it. So don’t bother asking.

Where is her victim's advocate? Shouldn't these be questions asked by LE?

Anonymous said...

Responding to this comment:

"Just can't wait to attack any mention of God said...

Read the quote you posted more doesn't say anything about what GOD believes!

August 19, 2013 at 10:44 AM"

Please re-read my comment, I didn't say anything about what God believes either, also, my post was not written offensively and certainly was not an attack. It is not an attack on Peter, his beliefs, or God to point out the glaring problem with how Peter phrased that particular sentence. He is excluding a large percentage of the world, a large percentage that likely, by and far, feel the same disgust and outrage against sexual abuse of children as those who believe that man was made in God's image. This is a distinction that can be pointed out by a person who does believe, in the comment I never stated my personal beliefs. The statement, as written, is sloppy, careless, and unnecessarily divisive, irrespective of one's beliefs.

Please note the lack of rancor in my initial post, as well as what I said (I didn't comment on what God believes) and please also know that this reply is not done in anger, nor do I relish the chance to jump on any post about God. You are doing exactly what you accuse me of, a case of "said the pot to kettle!'

Anonymous said...

Wow. it's been many years since I've,experienced trama which I feel like st times "doesn't affect# me. I am attractive to a lot of men, which leaves me with the feeling men only want me for one thing. I have this innate need to feel loved,, and although I don't sleep with every person who shows me attention I do find that the men I have,been intimate with only want me for my body and nothing more. I am skeptical of ant man who seems interested in me romantically or just as friends because I don't feel I have anything to offer other than the physical. this article basically pin pointed the mental anguish I go through on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Survivor said...

Anon 3:17
That is exactly how I feel. If a guy pays me a compliment it is because he wants to get me in bed, there couldn't be any other reason for it. If he does something nice, he expects payback in the form of sex.

Anonymous said...

Jersey Jane: 10:02
You are more than welcome.

Please know that you are not alone in the trauma you have endured.
Most importantly, please remember the shame and guilt is NOT yours to bear...I tell that to myself every single day...and hope to someday not only believe it, but FEEL it is finally gone, like yesterday.
Wishing you well.