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DiPietro: Cowardice on Display in Court

No recent threats from Lance, but we have this...Bangor Daily News article and video

Justin DiPietro, single unemployed father of two children from two mothers, took out a life insurance policy against one of the children.  The target of the life insurance policy suffered a series of injuries consistent with child abuse, including wrenching of the legs and a broken arm in which medical intervention was not sought for 24 hours.
He then sent text messages feigning concern that someone might take Baby Ayla, the target of his life insurance policy, telegraphing his plans.
Less than 2 months later, Ayla went "missing", leaving a trail of blood throughout the home and vehicle.

DiPietro failed his polygraph and deception was indicated from him, his sister, and his mother, including an initial past tense reference early on; a verbal indication that Ayla was deceased.

Nancy Grace picked up the story, giving it national attention, meaning that there was a good chance that a celebrity high powered attorney might be willing to take on DiPietro's case pro bono.

State prosecutors have declined to move forward with justice in spite of the simple explanation of the case (for those who insist that jurors must have a motive) and the trail of blood.

How much blood must be found in the home to satisfy prosecutors' "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof?

Justin DiPietro has been protected by women.  He issued a challenge to Nancy Grace to spend 24 hours in his shoes, but would not answer the door from NG producers, while being defended by his mother, his sister, his girlfriend, and his buddy's mother, who's own son sold DiPietro the ill fated policy, piggy backing a bet against Ayla in a larger insurance package.

Mother of Ayla Reynolds confronts toddler’s father, grandmother outside Portland court

Justin DiPietro is followed through the lobby of the Portland Police station Wednesday after he plead guilty to violating conditions of his release in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court.

Justin DiPietro is followed through the lobby of the Portland Police station Wednesday after he plead guilty to violating conditions of his release in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court.

PORTLAND, Maine — Family members of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds confronted one another angrily on Wednesday at the Cumberland County Superior Courthouse, where the little girl’s father faced charges in an unrelated case.
Inside the courtroom, Justin DiPietro pleaded guilty to violating conditions of release and an assault charge against him was dismissed. He was ordered to pay a $150 fine and serve four days in jail, but was credited with time served.
The assault charge stemmed from a July 6 incident in Portland in which DiPietro allegedly grabbed and pushed a woman, later described as an ex-girlfriend, with whom he was arguing. The woman was not injured, according to police, and DiPietro was released on bail. He was arrested Sept. 6 in Portland for possessing alcohol in violation of his bail conditions.
Wednesday’s court proceeding was routine but the action involving Ayla’s family members quickly turned dramatic. Phoebe DiPietro, Justin’s mother, clashed just outside the courtroom with Ron Reynolds, Ayla’s maternal grandfather.
Phoebe DiPietro uttered an expletive to Reynolds as he walked out of the courtroom.
“Did you say something to me? Your son killed my granddaughter,” Reynolds yelled at DiPietro before being intercepted by bailiffs, ending the first of two confrontations between the two grandparents.
Outside the courthouse, Reynolds told reporters how difficult the last 21 months since Ayla’s disappearance have been and cast blame on Justin DiPietro.
The girl, who was 20 months old at the time, last was seen in December 2011 in the Waterville home where Justin DiPietro was living.
“We don’t get to hug or kiss Ayla. We don’t get to play with Ayla because Justin and his family took all that away from this family,” Ron Reynolds said.
Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, held a short press conference outside the courthouse before Justin DiPietro’s appearance before the judge. She called attention to her dissatisfaction with the investigation of the case of her missing daughter.
“I’ve lost some faith in the state police,” she said, adding that she wasn’t contacted by police after she went public Monday with information on the investigation of Ayla’s disappearance. On websites called, Reynolds and supporters who maintain the sites said investigators told them that Ayla’s blood was found in multiple locations in and around the Waterville home where she was reported missing by Justin DiPietro on Dec. 17, 2011.
DiPietro told police she had disappeared overnight from his home at 29 Violette Ave.
Seeing DiPietro on Wednesday was shocking but also somewhat comforting, Trista Reynolds said during her press conference.
“He looks like her. She has his blue eyes. I miss those eyes,” she said. “Seeing Justin, it was like Ayla was right there.”
Phoebe DiPietro on Monday released a rebuttal to Trista Reynolds’ statement about the information she said she received from state police. In DiPietro’s statement, she said state police had not confirmed Reynolds’ allegations nor ruled out Reynolds herself as a suspect in Ayla’s disappearance.
“I laughed at what she said because they all know the truth,” Reynolds said, reacting to DiPietro’s statement. “She has sat on the couch that has Ayla’s blood on it. She sits on it to this day. They know she wasn’t kidnapped. She knows that she didn’t just walk out the door.”
Reynolds later sat down next to Phoebe DiPietro on a bench across the street from the courthouse.
“Tell me what you did with my daughter,” she said to the grandmother.
“Tell us what you did with her,” DiPietro replied, getting up and walking back across the street toward the courthouse.
“Your son killed my granddaughter. You hid her body and then try to blame it on us,” said Ron Reynolds, joining the confrontation, which was broken up by bailiffs and sheriff’s deputies on the sidewalk outside the courthouse.
Trista Reynolds later ran after Justin DiPietro as he walked toward the Portland Police Department across the street.
“I can see it in your eyes. I know you care,” Reynolds said.
He did not reply to her.
Neither Justin nor Phoebe DiPietro spoke to the press.
Earlier, Trista Reynolds told the media during her press conference that no matter the outcome, she just wants Ayla home.
“I’m hoping I get to have my baby girl home real soon,” she said. “Whether she’s there with me and her two brothers and able to enjoy life every day, or whether I have to do the hardest thing any parent has to do. But one way or another I hope [Justin] brings my baby girl home.”


John Mc Gowan said...

Peter,your Vt doesn't work,for me anyway.

Here is a short clip..

Mother of Ayla Reynolds confronts toddler’s father, grandmother outside Portland court.

Nic said...

The parents/grandparents confronting each other like this is all LE's fault for not following through on their "sworn" responsibility for justice/to Ayla.

John Mc Gowan said...

In the clip i have posted.

Phoebe:"I am Ayla's Grandmother and i BELIEVE she is alive."



James DiMaggio's friend waiting for more info.

This may have been a good interview if the witches of Eastwick never kept butting in.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A French mother who issued a tearful appeal for her missing five-year-old daughter has admitted the girl is dead.

Cecile Bourgeon, 25, initially told investigators in May that she had fallen asleep in a park in Clermont-Ferrand in central France when Fiona vanished.

Police took Bourgeon and her partner, Berkane Maklouf, in for questioning on Tuesday in the southern city of Perpignan, where they now live.

Her lawyer, Gilles-Jean Portejoie, said Bourgeon has now told police her daughter is dead and her body has been buried close to Clermont-Ferrand.

Fiona had "died accidentally following punches that were not delivered by (her mother) personally", the lawyer said, adding that his client is expected to be questioned further.

Three people close to the couple have also been held for questioning at Clermont-Ferrand.

Bourgeon was six months' pregnant when she reported Fiona missing.

She said the girl had been playing with her two-year-old sister when she vanished.

After Bourgeon launched the emotional appeal, support groups were set up on Facebook and marches organised.

Masquerade said...

The assault charges were dropped, because the victim, Courtney Roberts, changed her story, and wasn't cooperating.

We can only wonder why...

“Tell *me* what you did with *my daughter*,” she said to the grandmother.

“Tell *us* what you did with *her*,” DiPietro replied

Personal, vs. Impersonal/distancing.

Who wants to truth?

Why won't Justin, still to this day, speak up for himself? Why won't he speak out for Ayla? Trista is the only one speaking out, as has always been the case.

Why did Justin run away from Trista and the media, leaving his mommy alone, to deal with his problems yet again? Why didn't he take the time to speak to the media, to speak out for Ayla? They were there, cameras and microphones at the ready.

Phoebe is a horrible human, she shouldn't call herself "grandmother". There's nothing grand about her.

Her son stole an innocent life, her granddaughters life! She then goes on to accuse Trista of kidnapping? Still? After the blood, vomit, and saliva evidence, that was found all over her house, his truck, shoes, etc., was made public?

Which is worse? Commiting and covering up such a horrific crime, or on top of it, blaming the grieving mother?

Justice will eventually come, and for those involved, that justice will continue for all eternity.

Masquerade said...

DiPietro also faced a charge of assault related to the incident in July with Roberts, but that charge was dropped Wednesday because Roberts had changed her story since filing a complaint.

Masquerade said...

"I am Ayla's grandmother and I believe that she's alive," said Phoebe DiPietro, to which Trista Reynolds responded, "And I'm her mother."

"Yes," said Phoebe DiPietro. "Then believe that she's alive and tell us what you did with her."

↑ That doesn't even make sense. Phoebe is not making sense. If Trista kidnapped Ayla, why would she have to "believe" that Ayla is alive? Phoebe knows Ayla is not alive. :/

Masquerade said...

From the same article:

Prosecutors dismissed a July assault charge, saying the victim was no longer cooperative.

There's only 2 reasons I can think of for her to change her story and not cooperate - either she was threatened further by Justin, or she's afraid to be involved in any of this; the court proceedings, etc., because she's guilty or has guilty knowledge on Ayla's case.

The only other reason would be the pattern of DV, with him apologizing, her accepting, etc., but that doesn't really fit here, as they are no longer a couple, as far as I know.

Trigger said...

The Dip's have been avoiding Trista and responsibility for her daughter Ayla's life.

Trista shows up at the court house with cameras, videos, and microphones then confronts Justin and Phoebe.

Both of the them act liked like cockroaches who run and hide when the lights come on while feeding covertly in the dark.

Courtney was smart, she avoided court and exposure by doing nothing to prosecute Justin.

Trista should keep up the accusations and public exposure of the evidence against the Dips.

What are the Dips going to do about Trista's public pleadings for justice? Sue her in court for slander?

I'd love to see a civil suit initiated in this case, like a wrongful death action by Trista's family.

Subpoena all the adults who were in the house that night, get them deposed, and let them lie under oath, let them get defensive, let them be cross examined, and let them fear public humiliation.

The leakage will be easy to analyze and the truth will come out.

Trigger said...

The cover up is the worst part of this crime.

It's the part that continues to sting again and again because it protects the guilty and deadlocks the hope of justice for the victim, so hope is sequestered indefinitely.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sad."

Anonymous said...

If the televised confrontation by Trista did nothing else but expose the true nature of Phoebe, it was worth it. The growling response she gave Trista is what she is, not the sweet, demure, wet-eyed grandma she portrayed during her TV interview when she lied about being in the home the night Ayla disappeared.

What a corrupt and immoral family.

This is truly

John Mc Gowan said...

If i had any doubts that Jdp was NOT worried about being held accountable for Aylas death and disappearance they have been quashed in this short clip.

@1:25 When being confronted in the courthouse.His eyebrows are raised and pulled together, there is little doubt that fear is felt here.It would be very rare for this expression to be shown and fear not to be felt.Note also the massive gulp he takes at the same time,and we have a man/mouse on the run.This next part shows the intensity growing.

@2:31,When they are walking through the car park,the fear in his eyes is almost palpable..Freeze it @2:32,and you will see it.His eyebrows are again raised and pulled together,but this time we have the tightening of the lower eyelids and the raising of the upper eyelids giving the impression that his eyes are popping out.This only increases the levels of fear/Terror/stress anxiety Etc...He also starts doing self comforting gestures.When we are under stress we have a tendency to stroke our selves to ease the discomfort we are feeling.Anything from touching our arms/holding our own hands/stroking our thighs..However,when we start to raise our hands towards our face/head, this is a sure sign of increasing anxiety,which we see him display here.

Believe me, he is gong through it,and rightly so..

This Vt is full Body Language tells,i just chose to pick on him.

Going by his body Language in just these two short clips,IMO, i wouldn't be surprised if he try's to commit suicide....That is terror i see in his eyes..

John Mc Gowan said...


Amanda Knox: The Untold Story

This documentary is on at 10:00 pm UK time on CH5,or you can watch it on demand the next day.

David Wilson offers insight into excerpts of Amanda’s diary.(This part sounds interesting)

The documentary takes an in-depth look at both the evidence that led to Knox’s 2007 conviction and her subsequent acquittal, including an exclusive interview with Patrick Lumumba, who Amanda originally accused of the murder. Dr Roger Summers, a former Director of Forensic Science for the police gives his revealing expert analysis of the forensic investigation, while criminologist David Wilson offers insight into excerpts of Amanda’s diary.

The programme also hears from the Knox family about their struggle through these times.

Mainah said...

John, Thank you for doing that BLA of JD. I know it takes time, which I appreciate.

As you pointed out, I can now see his fear, but as well, a little arrogance too, but it's like he's faking the arrogance, and the fear is real.

I noticed he put his hands up over his head and looked over his shoulder when Trista touched him. It reminded me of basketball players, looking for the referee to call a foul.

I'm usually a peace-lovin' hippy, but NO way I could have restrained myself, face to face with Phoebe like Trista did yesterday. I'd woulda taken her to the ground and I would have pummeled her with both my fists until someone dragged me off to jail. I don't like having to admit that about myself, but it's the truth. I own it.

Anonymous said...

mom asks him where is she, then says i know you care.
she knows him well enough to know he cares, imo, she also knows him well enough to know he knows where alya is.

Maggie said...

I think I have figured this case out. An idea just came to me. I'm going to write out a scenario I believe may have happened, I need a few minutes though.

Frannie said...

It is heartbreaking to see the torment Trista and her family are going through. The restraint of both her and her father when confronting the Dip's is outstanding. I know I would not be able to be so.

Maggie said...


An idea just came to me, and I wanted to run it by you guys.

Let me precede what I am about to say by saying that I do believe Justin is a child abuser and spouse abuser. However, I do not think Justin killed Ayla or disposed of Ayla, but I believe Justin thinks he may have killed her.
Bear with me for a second.

I believe one of the most interesting parts of this case that Peter examined quite closely, is the "telegraphing" of Ayla's future "kidnapping" to Trista by both Phoebe and Justin.

Phoebe's statement to Trista was (paraphrased): 'The house is being watched but I have a gun."

Justin's statement to Trista by text (paraphrased) 'I am afraid someone is going to take Ayla, it is weird because I always thought you would be the one to take her from me."

Phoebe's statement is assertive, she knows definitely the house is being watched, and the danger is great because she may need a gun to defend against it.

I now believe Justin's statement is genuine. He believed the house was being watched and was genuinely on edge/afraid that someone wanted to take Ayla. Who told him this? Phoebe.


Gaslighting is an extremely potent form of mind control, something which Phoebe most likely had been doing to Justin since he was a small boy. Messing with his perception of reality, making him believe dangers existed where none did, etc.
In Phoebe's 1st TV interview she says paraphrased 'It is very creepy to know someone's been watching the family's activities'.
She also tells the interviewer about 'several "oddities" she noticed in the house right after Ayla went missing. You know who I think created those oddities? Phoebe. She probably moved things around, etc. to make it appear an intruder had been there. This is also a common form of gaslighting to mess with someone's ability to trust their own perceptions of reality.

(I am posting this in a few different parts so it doesn't get cut off.)

Shelley said...




John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Maina,

I think the reason the two of them didn't come to blows is all in the fingers.

When Trista goes over to confront Phoebe @2:10,she is pointing to the floor as she is saying"You cant look me in the eyes"etc.

Then we get the reaction from Phoebe.

"I am Aylas Grandmother"etc.She too is also pointing downwards,although not as low as Trista,she is pointing at her but down to her waste.

We all know that pointing at people is a bad move when arguing with someone,it usually ends up messy.Given that Trista and Phoebe DON'T directly point at each other(Towards the face area)is one of my reasons they never come to blows..My second is,going by this clip,i feel that Trista is afraid of Phoebe.Look at the venom in Phoebe's face,that is some anger people.Now look a Trista,her face is a lot softer,there are no real anger expressions on her face.Ie,tightening of the jaw,thinning lips,eyebrows pointing downwards and in,eyes narrowing etc,compared to Phoebe.

Now i think about it.With the none finger pointing,and Trista's lack of facial anger all added to this just being a argument..I believe,Phoebe,and Trista have subconsciously read each others facial expressions and this as added to them not fighting.

Maggie said...

Part 2 of my Thoery

This theory explains the life insurance. Phoebe gaslighted Justin into believing it was a near inevitability whoever was "watching the house" would take Ayla and that therefore, he should get life insurance for her in case the "house watcher" took her.

The night of Ayla's disappearance, here is what I propose happened:

Justin, his girlfriend and Elisha are drinking heavily, smoking pot etc. They all pass out around midnight. Phoebe is out on a date. However, Phoebe returns to the house in the early morning house (1 am, 2 am, 3 am) knowing everyone will be in a deep sleep from drinking/drug use. I propose that at this point, she killed Ayla OR possibly, hid her in her car or something. Phoebe woke Justin to tell him that one of 2 scenarios had happened. Either 1) the "house watcher" must have come into the house, trying to take Ayla and Justin had tried to kill the "house watcher" but had accidentally killed Ayla (perhaps she told him that he tried to shoot the "house watcher" but missed and shot Ayla). Oh, he doesn't remember, he must have blacked it out. Phoebe could have told Justin she discovered Ayla dead when she came home from her date. Phoebe may have told Justin not to worry, he was just trying to save Ayla and Phoebe has gotten rid of Ayla's body, so that Justin won't get in trouble.
Either that or a similar scenario where Phoebe says she came home and found Ayla dead because of Justin's negligence ie. she fell down the stairs, but she tells Justin don't worry she Phoebe got rid of the body so Justin won't get in trouble.
Phoebe instructs Justin to wait till morning, let the others discover Ayla gone, and then call it in as a kidnapping. Then Phoebe leaves for the rest of the night.

ME said...

Great work all!!! This blog is So informitive!!!

Maggie said...

Part 3 of my Theory:

My theory explains why Justin has no lawyer but Phoebe does.

She may be telling him that it is her, Phoebe that is in great danger of going to jail since she is the one who "hid the body" and telling him, you did nothing wrong, the death was an "accident" or "trying to protect her against the house watcher".

Anyway, it is worth looking at that there is a strong possibility Phoebe had been gaslighting her children, or perhaps just Justin, since early childhood.

1) telegraphing of "house watcher" who wants to take Ayla, and who has been watching family's activities

2) "oddities" noticed by Phoebe after the "house watcher" supposedly took Ayla (This kind of gaslighting of moving furniture around, etc. or disturbing things, moving things, etc. is a common form of gaslighting and was also done by Charles Manson's crew who would break into people's houses and just move things around just to mess with their heads)

John Mc Gowan said...

Just to add..Bare with me..

When i said they read each others facial expressions this is what i meant.

Trista has seen the venom in Phoebe's face,and subconsciously has thought Oh Oh,and this is why we don't see anger in Trista's face.This has actually helped to diffuse the situation although she doesn't consciously no it.
Because Phoebe has subconsciously read Trista's soft none-threatening facial expressions and thought,she is no threat,thus backing off as we see in the Vt.

Anonymous said...

I think an innocent person's response to an aggressive query like "Tell me what you did with my daughter," would be to say, "I didn't do anything to your daughter."

The fact that the grandmother's response is instead an avoidance of answering the charge, or even proclaiming one's innocence shows that she's using a "best defense is a good offense" strategy. It allows the person to defend herself without actually lying.

Think about it this way: If your spouse came home and said, "Tell me who you're cheating with," and you weren't cheating, your response wouldn't be, "Tell me who YOU'RE cheating with." Your first reaction would be to profess innocence, not accuse.

Masquerade said...

She definitely avoided Trista's question. What does SA say about answering a question with a question?

Trigger said...

A most interesting comparison theory about Phoebe Dip and Charles Manson's murderous followers concerning the manipulative behavior of "gaslighting."

As long as Justin is dependent on drugs and alcohol to make his life worth living, his mother will be his source of security as his primary enabler.

Justin displayed fear when he was confronted by Trista, whereas Phoebe displayed seething anger when confronted by Trista.

Justin probably sneaked into his home when he thought it was safe to do so, and got high after his scary confrontation.

Phoebe probably called his doctor and got a prescription refilled to sedate him later on.

Justin's life is unraveling. He can't make a move without someone watching him or asking about Ayla.

Masquerade said...

Maggie, I believe she could have been gaslighting him, to a point. I definitely wouldn't put it past her. I don't think she could have killed Ayla is such a secretive manner, with 3 adults and 2 kids in the house though. Just because of how "messy" it was, what with Ayla's blood, vomit, and saliva all over the place, on his bed, his shoes, etc., most of if down in the basement.

She could have done it when no one else was home, and blamed it on him not caring for Ayla/leaving Ayla with her, then told him to "take care of it".

I'm leaning more towards Justin having done it when no one else was there, calling his bff for help, then allowing the others in the home that night to unknowingly become suspects. Although the thought of Phoebe knowing it happened too, is in my mind, and she too let even her daughter become a suspect.

Tania Cadogan said...

When i watched the video John my first thought was baboon.

Having worked with a variety of primates including baboons ( big bitey canines and a bigger attitude)

I saw the same look in his face as i have seen in a baboon in a stressful situation.
There is the fear as seen in his eyes and the self comforting, there is also agresssion (chin jut)
He is torn between fear of trista (males fear a pissed off momma) he is also trying to not look scared of what he sees as a mere female, his machismo is trying to exert itself.

If there had been no witnesses i suspect his fists would have done the talking like they always have.
Since there were witnesses he couldn't hit her ( raising the hands up to indicate no threat/submission) and then running away from the threat.
he wasn't even looking over his shoulder since to do so would let him see a pissed off momma bear and allow others to see him as weak.
His sole intent was to run away from the situation/temptation.

You can bet he was swearing and badmouthing her in his mind and under his breath and venting once back home.

he will claim setup, they shanghaied him, it is he who is the victim not Ayla.

Anonymous said...

Why would Phoebe be so angry? Did she not see the same slides that were shown to Trista? IMO her reaction is of someone who does not have displaced anger (ie towards Justin) but someone who is involved. I suspect she had something to do with the disposal which is why her initial interview was sketchy about her whereabouts that night.

She had a reason to lie in her initial interview, and has a reason to act defensive now. She hasn't actually denied anything. Perhaps she should brush up a bit before she releases another statement so she can choose her words carefully.

rob said...

I think Phoebe is in deep, but I can't help but think JD is the actual killer. That blood spatter on the wall, came from force, the baby being forcefully kicked or punched ( God help her) into the wall. And JD getting rid of the body, getting blood on his shoes and all.
I wish I could tell Trista, she and Ayla will get justice, just maybe not in this lifetime.

Tania Cadogan said...

Don't forget blood was found on his sneakers

Mainah said...

That does make sense, John. (But I still woulda socked her right in the mouth if I were in standing Trista's shoes yesterday.)

Maggie, you had me with the gaslighting thing, but, nope, I don't think Phoebe was there. I have known for Phoebe for 20+ years. Not pals and not well enough to call, visit, etc. We would recognize each other and say a friendly hello, ask about the kids, though I had not seen her in several years. My kids babysitter lived nearby her and because Phoebe neglected her own kids, they were most often at my babysitters house, or other kids houses in the neighborhood. I never witnessed or suspected violence but she was neglectful, self-centered, lazy, loud, and an adamant man-hater with a preference for married men and one night stands as opposed to a long term loving relationship.

I think she scares Justin still to this day. I think that is why Hidey and the other skirts pity Justin. They know what he has been through with her as a mother-it could have been pretty.

It could be that he called her in the morning and said something happened and Phoebe took care of it for him before they called the cops. I could see her protecting him in that way, but, she didn't premeditate, plan, and do the deed whilst everyone slept through it.

Mainah said...

sorry, mean to say "-it could not have been pretty."

Shoppergalone said...

They are a violent bunch, no doubt about it. My theory is this. Ayla was in the biting stage. She had already bitten one of them, don't remember the details. But, if they were sitting around getting high and drunk, and she came up and bit one of them on the leg, I can easily see them letting their fists do the talking and "teaching" her that she is not to bite them again, reacting violently before realizing they were. Knocked her seven ways to Sunday by punching her in the stomach/abdomen. And Phoebe wasn't about to pay child support for 18 years. She IMO is the one that had this planned out from the beginning. Justin will believe anything she says.

Maggie said...

You guys thank you for considering my theory. I am going to think about everything that was said, because I want to thoughtfully respond and also unfortunately won't have the time for several hours. Thanks for all of the input.

sidewalk super said...

to Mainah,

So, which of phoebe's married men would look at justin, say to himself "that's MY boy" and make up his mind to protect justin from life changing legal problems?

Anonymous said...

The incident involving Ayla biting someone was when she was removed from Tristas sister and mothers care. It was written up in local Waterville papers. I don't have a link handy. It was reported that Ayla bit the police officer that removed her from the home and that she was crying. Poor Ayla was most likely scared and confused to being taken from familiar relatives by a stranger(police officer) I know he was quoted as to saying he felt badly about the removal(paraphrased) but had to do his job because DHHS stated Father trumps Aunt in custody situation. This occurred early in the case when Trista was in rehab.

Anonymous said...

I've been taking a look at interviews with Phoebe and Justin regarding how Ayla's arm was broken. I feel a lot can be learned about the psychological dynamic between the 2 with larger ramifications about the way in which they are lying about the case and what may have happened in the case. I am not convinced Justin is the one who broke Ayla's arm after studying these interviews, but I am continuing to carefully look at them and will post more in a little while.

Maggie said...

Sorry, I accidentally hit the anon button but the post about Ayla's broken arm is from Maggie.





we bring freshness we are anti chimp said...

Baboons are chimp.

we bring freshness we are anti chimp said...

Baboons are chimp.

Maggie said...

One thing I have noticed in the interviews about Ayla's broken arm is that Phoebe is the "clarifier" of the story of what happened.
Phoebe is the one who discovered that Ayla's arm was swollen and called Justin in from the driveway to tell him to come back and look at Ayla's swollen wrist. She then advised him to go to his class and put off medical treatment.
Phoebe has said that when Justin fell on Ayla that Justin hurt his own wrist and that Phoebe was more concerned about Justin because Justin had previously broken his wrist in 39 PLACES during a snowboarding accident.
Phoebe claims to have witnessed the fall.
Justin says that his fall on Ayla is "burned into his brain".

I propose a possible scenario:

Justin did fall with Ayla while carrying groceries or perhaps even while intoxicated. Ayla may have been frightened but not seriously injured. Phoebe may have then injured Ayla and blamed it on the "fall".
This would point to her gaslighting behavior.

Anonymous said...

My theory also is that Phoebe masterminded the clean-up and dosposal. She may have been called from work on that Friday morning or afternoon of the 16th to help Justin with the clean-up and disposal after Ayla was hirt and bleeding.

In my theory, Phoebe disposed of Ayla's body so no one will ever find it. She is probably more intelligent than Casey Anthony and wouldn't have buried Ayla close to home. Maybe down an abandoned well or septic tank that she knew of. Phoebe owns other property in another town in Maine.

I don't think Justin could be trusted with anything so important as hiding that body. He's still a child. Mama took over and would leave nothing important for Mr. Wussy,Justin, to carry out except some of the clean-up, which it appears he did badly. But it may have had to be done hastily that dsay before someone else arrived at the house. Elisha? Courtney?

Meanwhile, after the hasty clean-up, the body was hidden in the shed or the garage... until Phoebe came back from her "date" in the middle of the night to properly dispose of it. Neighbors heard loud bangs from that house around 3:30.a.m.

Do you wonder how efficiently Phoebe's alibi "date" was questioned? I surely do. her "date" may have helped Phoebe with the disposal.

I don't believe anything these people say...when they do speak, and that's little enough.

Anonymous said...

Looking closer at the broken arm incident,
Justin uses an unusual phrase to describe his memory of falling on Ayla that never quite made sense to me in the context he used it (regardless of whether one believed he was telling the truth or not): He says his falling on his daughter is "burned into his brain".
I asked myself, since the phrase seemed out of place in the context Justin used it, in what context have I heard this phrase used?
Answer: School. I remember a teacher saying they would drill the class on something until it was "burned into our brains".
I just googled the phrase. The dictionary of idioms defines it as "to implant information into someone's mind".
So, like the teacher said, he would "burn the info into our brains" so we wouldnt forget it, wouldnt get it confused, etc.
This would make sense if Phoebe was gaslighting Justin. Maybe Justin fell with his daughter, but did not actually fall ON HER; well, that is until Phoebe injured Ayla herself and kept emphasizing to Justin about how she saw him fall ON AYLA.

Maggie said...

Sorry, very tired, post about Ayla's broken arm is by Maggie

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's a more direct connection like Phoebe coaching him to say that because what really happened to Ayla can't be mentioned. That's what I've thought without thinking about those odd words (which did always strike me as odd too) and now you've made the words fit.

BostonLady said...

Phoebe was like an angry animal darting around Justin to get between him and Trista. She was protecting her cub. Her growling, literally, response to Trista begging to tell her where Alya was , was so intense that it leads me to believe Phoebe is very involved. This is more than protection of Justin. Phoebe openly lied on the tv interview saying she didn't hear anything that night and she wasn't even there !!!

This really puts a whole new light on who is involved. Why did Phoebe strike out first when they were in the courtoom? She spit out a curse word at Trista's dad to which he turned and yelled at her that they killed Ayla. But SHE started it.

Phoebe. Is involved. Justin is weak. He is bossed about by women. The way he ran like a baby from Trista was pathetic. Keep up this public pressure. They are going to break.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 10:46--That is a good point about it could indicate Phoebe coaching Justin. I am glad that the phrase stood out to you too and seemed odd, so I know I am not crazy lol.
The portrait that is emerging is of Justin as Phoebe's student.
I am wondering how "deep" did her teaching go--how much control did Phoebe have over his mind and over the manipulation of scenarios?
Boston Lady--I agree with everything you said. Phoebe was very involved.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who grew up with a narcissistic mother (medically diagnosed NPD, not just an adjective). reading comments about gaslighting specifically brought back some tidbits of memories my friend shared with me.
I have no doubt Phoebe THINKS she is "in" on Ayla's disappearance/murder. I have no doubt Phoebe wants to be front-and-center, which makes this habit of Justin hiding behind mommy's apron seem less like him putting her on the front lines and more of mommy saying "sit down and shut up, I'm getting the limelight."
She wants attention, in her initial interview she said she was there that night (put herself right in the middle of it) and was found to be lying. When confronted by Trista she did not show fear or righteous indignation physically or verbally. She essentially said, "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME" and turned the suspicion back around onto the mother (which to anyone following the case would know to be ridiculous). The absolute authority in her voice definitely gave me pause. This is not a woman used to being questioned.

Anonymous said...

I get the micro-expressions for the seven emotions and their associated FACS coding. The title of this article says 'cowardice'. Is there a FACS coding for that? Is it a combo body-language and micro-expression? Is there any science around the display of 'cowardice'? I can't seem to find much research.


Sus said...

Anon 12:43 am. YES! Phoebe screams NPD. I've been rereading some articles tonight, and it is obvious she looked at Ayla as her possession. She tells the "abductor" to " bring her back to ME", "I want her back." etc. Ayla was like a toy to her.

Which leads me to believe Phoebe was in on the plan to get Ayla from Trista. She wanted her own baby because her daughter, Elisha, had one. Narcs are notoriously envious and want all the attention.

I don't think Justin was that gung-ho to raise Ayla. He'd never made effort before. It took him awhile to get her after Trista entered rehab, and even then he had Phoebe and her DCS friend to push him.

It's known now that Justin spent most of his time in Portland while Phoebe seemed to care for Ayla. I think there came a time where Phoebe got tired of raising Ayla. Narcs tire of their toys easily. And she pushed Justin to take over Ayla's care.

As we know Ayla didn't fare too well under Justin's care. I believe Phoebe just stood back and watched him be the loser he is. Now she has stepped in to "fix it all" thus proving she is all powerful, all knowing and he will always be indebted to her.

Justin's part in next post.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Mike,as far as i'm aware there is no one body Language movement or facial movement/Micro expression that we can point to to say that it is cowardice.We can pick up on fear in a given situation,but it must be in context.Cowardice is basically lack of courage..Were we have Fight/Flight or freeze we will find that the Coward will choose one of the latter,mostly flight..

Sus said...

Justin's part is two-fold. First, I believe he had plans to move up from selling a little pot around Waterville to more profitable drugs. His girlfriend's family allowed him to gain access. But when you deal with that kind of cash flow, you need somewhere to launder it. Courtney's family has loads of real estate. Justin bought a life insurance policy on himself.

And he bought that policy from his bff. That way he wouldn't have a lot of questions on why he suddenly needed life insurance. Whoa, and that nice friend of his even suggested he get one on his daughter who he'd never given a darn about before. Hmmm.

Then Justin could sell his oxys, put the cash in life insurance, and visit Ayla once in awhile. All looks legit.

But...Phoebe wants her baby and Justin, being a narcissistic abuser himself, can't stand that Trista has any say in raising his daughter.

He can't stand for Trista to one up him and that includes telling him he can't have Ayla. And once he has her, he can't stand to let Trista have her. It's all a matter of possession to he and Phoebe.

Justin abused Ayla and the abuse escalated when he had to care for her more. She cut into his party and sleep time. He more than likely beat her to death the night he got home from Portland and was tired and coming down from a high.

After he hid her body, he called his trusty pal to run some drugs to Portland, to get them out of the house. Oh...and discuss insurance.

Courtney possibly hadn't arrived yet. But why isn't Elisha telling what she heard???

Anonymous said...

When Phoebe bellows out, "I am Ayla's Grandmother and I BELIEVE she is alive.", I get the distinct feeling of bad acting. The look on her face screams, I don't even believe what I am saying. She is aware of the cameras and that was grandstanding.

sidebar said...

.....inquiring minds want to know who fathered the drop kicking stud of courtney.....the inquiring minds figure that phoebe has had help with her drug dealing spawn.........

re a comment about phoebe wanting Ayla for herself, what?

GetThem said...

Phoebe's response was shocking even for her. You would think she would know better and keep her mouth shut like Justin. I guess he wants someone to speak for him, since he refuses to speak for himself or... Ayla. Phoebe really pisses me off. When she speaks, she lies on camera, or she spews out hateful comments like this video. She too can't speak for Ayla with those eyes. I want these people imprisoned for life. That is even too good for them.

sidebar said...

..inquiring minds see that phoebe is way, way, more involved in the death and disappearance of Ayla than we might be led to believe.....

Anonymous said...

after reading here, i think someone lit my farts on fire(gaslighting) it is so controlled by emotional women.

ruby32 said...

Justin has lied about numerous things. And so have the others in that house. Hence why Law Enforcement has said, "doesn't pass the straight face test"
Lie: Ayla had bruises on her face from the ball pit at Chucky Cheese. She got into a fight with another kid. Truth: There is no ball pit at Chucky Cheese.
Lie: He fell on Ayla in the RAIN on November 17th. The rain made it slippery Truth: No rain was recorded in Waterville on that day.
Lie: Took an poly and either smoked it OR police didn't tell him the results. Truth: Police did not tell the public the results BUT did say that they did let Justin know his results.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt you are a liar! I trusted you, I thought you would give the letter to the FBI (you implied you worked WITH the FBI) Instead you traveled to my town, to my place of employment, you brought criminal profilers to stalk me at work, you failed to identify your FAT bloated self and when I left work traumatized by the stalking, you moved our LE friends into my neighborhood. They gleefully "gaslight" me.

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