Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Justin DiPietro, Father of the Year Arrested...Yet Again

Father of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds arrested for bail violation

    PORTLAND, Maine — The father of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds was arrested Friday on a charge of violating the conditions of his release from an arrest earlier this summer, officials with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Monday.
After his arrest, Justin DiPietro was taken to Cumberland County Jail, where he was held without bail pending a court appearance scheduled for Monday. During the appearance, bail was set at $210 cash, a jail official confirmed. DiPietro remained behind bars as of 6:15 p.m.
DiPietro’s arrest occurred on Broadway in South Portland, after DiPietro was pulled over because of an expired inspection sticker on the car he was driving, according to South Portland police Sgt. John Sutton.
He said Monday evening that when DiPietro’s license information was entered into the law enforcement database, police learned that he was out on bail. As such, he was subject to release conditions that included he not use or possess alcoholic beverages, and he submit to random searches and testing.
DiPietro was arrested after alcohol was found in the vehicle, Sutton said.
“He was not consuming it at the time,” he added.
Friday’s arrest was DiPietro’s second since July 6, when a Portland police lieutenant reportedly saw him grab and push a woman with whom he was arguing at 88 Spring St. The police announcement at the time described the victim as a 25-year-old ex-girlfriend of DiPietro. The woman was not injured in the alleged assault, according to police, and DiPietro was released on bail.
When he failed to show up for an initial court appearance on July 25, Cumberland County court officials issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant was revoked after he appeared later that morning to plead not guilty, a county court clerk’s office spokeswoman said in a telephone interview at that time.
The alleged July assault was not associated with the disappearance of Reynolds, who went missing in December 2011 at 20 months old from the Waterville home where DiPietro was living at the time. That case remains unsolved.
Last month, the mother of the missing child announced on her website that she will hold a press conference this month to release information in an effort to have DiPietro prosecuted in connection with the girl’s disappearance.
Trista Reynolds will release information given to her earlier this year by Maine State Police detectives on Sept. 24 on www.aylareynolds.com, according to information posted on the site. Reynolds also said that she will hold a press conference in Lincoln Park, located across from Cumberland County Superior Court, on Sept. 25.
The press conference will be held after the scheduled court appearance of DiPietro on the July assault charge unrelated to his daughter, according to information on the website.
DiPietro has not been charged in connection with the toddler’s disappearance, and around theone-year anniversary of the crime, police stated that they had “renewed communications” with DiPietro and his family members after previously saying they did not believe DiPietro had been forthcoming about the night of Reynolds’ disappearance.
State police officials stated in May 2012 that they believed it would be “ highly unlikely” that they would find Reynolds alive. That revelation came four months after police confirmed the child’sblood had been discovered in the basement of the Waterville home, and they had ruled out abduction in the case.
DiPietro is not the first family member of Ayla Reynolds to face unrelated charges since her disappearance, which attracted nationwide media attention. In late May, Portland police were allegedly forced to use a Taser to subdue the child’s maternal grandfather, Ronald Reynolds, after charging him with threatening a family member with a knife.


Anonymous said...

Cnn had a hour long special in the Hartley case this weekend, it was very interesting. I was impressed how much they questioned her story vs the other media taking her word as fact.

John Mc Gowan said...


Hear the full Shellie Zimmerman 911 call..

Plus Transcript.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

is the hartley case online? I would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

maybe this is it... http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1309/07/se.02.html

Shelley said...


Not that I ever belived her story... Mainly just because they were very aware of how dangerout this area was. Cartel do NOT let people live. They torture them. And knowing he was a manager at a oil company I am sure money could have been a big motivator....

A part of the transcript that caught my attention


GRIFFIN: But there was some unfinished business, one last adventure David had long talked about but never got around to. He had heard of a church partially submerged in Falcon Lake on the Mexican side in an abandoned village called Old Guerrero, perfect for a couple who loved their jetskis and loved adventure.

T. HARTLEY: I'm just, like, OK, let's go see it.


I'm just, like, OK, let's go see it.


This never happened.

She didnt speak of this event as a past tense event.

Story telling.

Slowly starting to pick up on these little things...

Tania Cadogan said...

Me as well, I wonder if she is still BFF with sigi :)

John Mc Gowan said...

(on camera): Did you sense it was getting more dangerous?

T. HARTLEY: You could. Yes, you could sense it. You hear more about it.


This question is directed at T/H,yet she uses distancing language by using the pronoun "You".

It is common for some people to use "You" in the second person,but this is a unique event and should be very personal to her.

I would expect hear her say:

"I" could. Yes, "I" could sense it. "I" hear more about it.

Yet she shy's away from taking ownership of her words.

Shelley said...

On Hartley again...

Aside from SA etc... The on part that I always had the biggest issue with was this:

T. HARTLEY: He was thrown off the jetski, and I couldn't pick him up and get him on mine!

Ok, you are on a jet ski, you dont need to pull him on it, just drag him. I would NEVER be able to just leave my husband. I would grab his life jacket or part of the straps and drag him...

Mainah said...

Another paper reporting his bail at $210,000 not $210 :) It makes more sense - he is still sitting in jail days later. I hope he gets to stay there for a very, very long time.

P.S./OT: Peter, and all, thank you, once again, for all the work you do on here. I think it's going to get me a big financial payoff as I listen to contractors and window installers proposals this week. Some basic SA principles are good to know before handing off a $10k +/- check to a stranger.

Jazzie said...

"Merrill asked, “State police say you know more about Ayla's disappearance than you're telling them."
To which DiPietro said, “OK.”
Merrill: “What do you say to that? Is that true?”
"Absolutely not," DiPietro said.

DiPietro said he’s still living in Waterville with his mother. He said he is still looking for Ayla and said he doesn’t exactly recall the details of his last contact with state police.

"My answer's going to be the same thing for everything. You know what I mean? I've told the people that need to know what's going on what's going on and that's that. You know what I mean? If you keep asking me, you're going to keep getting the same answer, man,” DiPietro told Merrill.

State police said the search for Ayla is still an ongoing investigation.

DiPietro is due back in court to answer to his assault charges on Sept. 25.

Read more: http://www.wmtw.com/news/maine/portland/justin-dipietro-pleads-not-guilty/-/8865266/21160106/-/3uvbijz/-/index.html#ixzz2eXvFo0qf

Jazzie said...

"Police have said there Ayla's blood was found in DiPietro's home, and that it is more than a small cut would produce. Reynolds said police showed her pictures of Justin's room, where there was blood. His shoes had blood on them. His truck had Ayla's blood in it, and there was saliva mixed with her blood in some places. She said it shows that Ayla suffered, and there was enough blood that she feels it's clear her little girl has died. But it doesn't show a cause. Reynolds believes what she's seen is enough to prosecute DiPietro for something, even if it's child endangerment.

Reynolds said, "When you have a truck that has blood in it when you have things of Ayla's when you have a whole basement with all different things with blood you tell me you don't have enough to prosecute?"...

"We reached out to Justin DiPietro, who is in the Cumberland County Jail for allegedly violating the conditions of his release on an unrelated domestic violence charge.
DiPietro said "no, thank you" to our request for an interview."


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't SA Trista's words in that interview...

Anonymous said...

don't SA Trista's words..K
State Police still classify Ayla as a missing person. That stinks.

Anonymous said...


Mainah said...

Trista Reynolds on evidence:


Shelley said...

So... I listened to the interview.

Trista stated that the police had Justins shoes and pants with Aylas blood.

I am at a loss here still that nothing has been done.

I hate that the truth drug is illegal.

It should ALWAYS be allowed in a missing person/murder case. I dont get why someone is allowed to "plead the 5th" in these types of cases.

I know it will never change, it protects too many people including a good majority of our government.

But it would sure bring justice where it was needed.

Anonymous said...

The article stated his shoes and truck, not pants, had blood on them according to Trista Reynolds...and a whole basement of things with her blood on them too...and I have seen another statement that her blood was found within the house, not just the basement, so...that's a lot of blood for one child to lose...

Anonymous said...

Is there any doubt in anyones' mind that this poor baby was violently killed in that house? How annoying her whining and hysterical screams were to the doped up druggies in that house. The poor baby was in pain and whining with her broken arm, wet and hungry. She was interfering in their buzz.

With every blow to her wracked body, every time she screamed out in pain she was slammed again and again until finally her screams were hushed with the final vicious blows to her head on the basement concrete floor.

Phoebe was called, what to do, what to do? Clean up the mess, get her the hell out of the house. Quickly she was hauled out to Justins' truck for the midnight ride while he and Phoebe concocted where might be a good place to dispose of her, while the two 'ladies' stayed behind and sloppily made attempts to clean up the mess.

All they ever needed to do was deny deny deny. What could the cops do about it if they just stuck to their stories? Obviously nothing.

Wouldn't you imagine that something like this is more than likely the way it went down the night precious angel little Ayla met her final doom at the hands of her dope head daddy and his co-conspirator women?

Anonymous said...

IMO, the smallish life insurance policy had precious little to do with it the night Ayla was murdered. The life insurance policy was a scheme that Justin had on the back of his mind and planned to use somewhere down the road in the not too distant future; however, this night Ayla was insanely killed in a drug induced frenzy by her father.

Even a dope head would know that you should have better sense than to file a claim on a life insurance policy when the evidence of the murder of the victim lies within your own home. Too bad Justin DiPuke hasn't attempted to file a claim on the policy, and never will, as right there insurance investigators would determine how Ayla met her death at the hands of the policy holder/beneficiary, Justin, with the three women in his life and his brother all being co-conspirators. Case solved.

IMO, it's a waste of time to harp on the life insurance policy which is useless in this situation. What one intends to do and what one actually does are two different incidentals, UNLESS Trista was named as a secondary beneficiary, which I don't believe she was. With Justin being the owner of the policy, and since Justin killed his daughter, which makes the payout of the life insurance policy null and void; unless he can prove to State Farm that he didn't kill her nor does he know who did, therefore, the insurance policy would become ineffectual. (Which he cannot do). Understand now?