Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Texas Father Will Not Face Murder Charges

A Texas father will not face murder charges for killing a man with his own bare hands after he discovered the suspect raping his 5-year-old daughter in a remote barn.
A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to charge the 23-year-old father, whose name was withheld, in the June 9 death of Jesus Mora Flores, 47, citing Texas state law where deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault, the Daily Mail reported.

The jury also cut him a break for the 911 calls he made immediately after the attack.
Sheriff Micah Harmon said in June that he was not willing to press charges against the father, and rather the case would be presented to a grand jury.
“You have a right to defend your daughter,” Mr. Harmon told CNN at the time. “The girl’s father acted in defense of his third person. Once the investigation is completed we will submit it to the district attorney who then submits it to the grand jury, who will decide if they will indict him.”
V’Anne Huser, the father’s attorney, sternly told reporters several times that neither the father nor the family will ever give interviews, the Daily Mail reported.
“He’s a peaceable soul,” Huser said. “He had no intention to kill anybody that day.”
Authorities say a witness saw Flores “forcibly carrying” the young girl into a secluded area. Running toward his daughter’s screams, police said the father pulled Flores off of her and “inflicted several blows to the man’s head and neck area,’ the Daily Mail said.
Emergency crews found Flores‘ pants and underwear pulled down on his lifeless body by the time they arrived.
An examination of the girl found that she was indeed being sexually molested, the report said.
Residents of the small town largely supported the father through his legal troubles.
“[Flores] got what he deserved, big time,” Sonny Jaehne told the Victoria Advocate.
“I would probably do worse,” said friend Mark Harabis. “The family will have to deal with that the rest of their lives, no matter what happens to the father. Even if they let him go, he and his child will have to deal with that the rest of their lives.”


Jen said...

I remember hearing the 911 calls when this happened, the father was hysterical and upset because the responders were having trouble locating them...he screamed something like, 'this guy is dying on me'. Plus if I remember correctly, either himself or members of the family even attempted CPR on the man who just raped their 5yo. I can't imagine I would be inclined to do the same, especially after witnessing him in the act of raping my child. I shutter to think what this family has been through and I'm glad the father won't face charges.

Jen said...

Here is a video containing the 911 call..


shmi said...

My thoughts, exactly!

LC said...


Anonymous said...

Bravo for Texas Justice!

Anonymous said...

OT: Kyron Horman Update: Ore. mother calls search for missing son "successful" after multiple items found, report says


Anonymous said...

God I hope they find Kyron.

Anonymous said...

OT: 52-year-old convicted kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro was found hanging in his cell Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

While Michelle Knight was being held captive by AC, someone close to her family stole her identity to collect social security.


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad the b'stard didn't die while those girls were still chained and/or locked up in that house with no way out. They would have died too from starvation, nothing but skeletons by the time they were found.

S + K Mum said...

Good news that the father will not face charges. This family have been through so much already. I hope they are getting help to deal with it all.

And Ariel Castro - I do wish he had suffered at least 11 years in prison before he took his life.

Anonymous said...

I agree S & K. Too bad, Castro didn't get to suffer long enough in prison; as someone else said, at least eleven years. I do hope, in its' own way, that the three young women will be able to find some closure in his suicide.

I feel bad for the Texas father who had to kill the perv who was raping his little daughter. Thank God he was there to stop this madman before he could violate the child even more and kill her.

No way should he have been prosecuted. Even as it is, he (and the mother) will probably suffer for the rest of their lives for him having killed a man; as will the child for the pain and trauma she has suffered, and will, likely for the rest of her life.

So sad for them all. IF the pervs family doesn't decide to sue him for wrongful death, maybe now they can all put their lives back together. I hope so.

BostonLady said...

Thankfully the father won't face charges. I can only imagine how horrific it must have been finding his daughter being raped by this animal.

I hope that Kyron can finally be found. It's hopeful to see any news on his case.

Lastly goodbye to the evil Castro. He took the easy way out.

Trigger said...

Yeah, for Texas justice!

This time the perp succumbed to the assault on a child because the child's father got to the scene of the rape before the perpetrator could kill his little victim to ensure her silence.

All too many times the child dies in a crime like this, to ensure that the rapist does not get caught, so he can repeat offend anytime he feels like it.

Anonymous said...

This guy should not be charged, he should be given a friggin medal. Why should he feel guilty for this? He protected his daughter! He should feel proud of what he did. He protected his daughter from a rapist. He should be awarded a medal for killing that scum.

Trigger said...

Ariel Castro dead?

What a break for taxpayers in Ohio.

marietje said...

DeDe Spicher gives interview after being granted immunity. Passed polygraph. http://www.kgw.com/news/local/Dede-Spicher-terri-horman-kyron-immunity-222430021.html.

Anonymous said...

ORLANDO, Fla. -- George Zimmerman's attorney has told a newspaper that he plans to ask the state of Florida to cover $200,000 to $300,000 of his legal expenses.

The Orlando Sentinel says Mark O'Mara told the paper Monday evening (http://bit.ly/15rjlNR ) that because Zimmerman was acquitted, state law requires Florida to pay all his legal costs.

O'Mara said Monday that was going to make a motion asking Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson to authorize the payments.

The 29-year-old Zimmerman was acquitted last month of all charges including second-degree murder in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., last year. His murder trial lasted five weeks.

An after-hours email sent to defense attorneys was not immediately answered.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/26/3587844/lawyer-plans-to-seek-zimmerman.html#morer#storylink=cpy

Trigger said...

"State law requires Florida to pay all his legal costs"

I wonder how many times the state of Florida has paid out money for someone's legal costs?

Shelley said...

I am appalled that it even went to the grand jury!

To me, it should have been just done and over with.

That man was in the act of harming his child. It was not even after the fact.

Yet so many other cases were never even brought to the Grand Jury when there is clearly so much guilt.

And, in Texas!

Shelley said...

Anonymous said...
While Michelle Knight was being held captive by AC, someone close to her family stole her identity to collect social security.

That is just heart breaking. This poor woman never had a chance. Parents that seemed to have just moved on and gave up on her. And to finally get freedom and now will have to fight to get her identity back.

She needs something really good to happen. Yes, getting free was good, but I mean something to make her life from this moment on better. What ever that is for her. She needs it.

All 3 of them did but I feel like where the other 2 at least has family waiting with open arms, she was just left in the cold.

Unknown said...

Concerning Michelle Knight-how could anyone collect her social security when she is such a young person? How can that happen? And, as far as her family, I read that they were estranged for a couple of years before being kidnapped, and still had no contact with her after she was found.
Sheesh! How does THAT happen? That family sounds very broken. She also had a 2 yr old son that she left behind when she was kidnapped but it's never mentioned who cared for him while she was gone? I hope he was at least taken care of by a family who really loved him & treated him well. Too many children have sad sad lives in this day & age.