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The Death of Ayla Reynolds by Peter Hyatt Part One: Behavioral Analysis

      The Death of Ayla Reynolds
                                                                       by Peter Hyatt

Part One:  Behavioral Analysis. 

From the very beginning, those who listen, knew. 

They knew that this was yet another false report of a missing child, and that Ayla Reynolds was, in deed, dead, due to mistreatment by those of whom the little girl would trust.  

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" is an age old truth.  As such, time cannot alter it, and human beings will speak from what they know, and what they feel.  Statement Analyst and investigator, Kaaryn Gough said, "the brain knows.  The subject wants to deceive, but the brain knows the truth" and the subject must work diligently from keeping the truth from leaking out. She said that the imagery she uses in teaching Statement Analysis is this:


Picture each word as a different marble, and that the brain is like a cabinet full of marbles.  The subject wants to deceive the listener, and has to open up the cabinet and choose just the right marbles to do so, but other marbles slip out.  This is "leakage."

A short example is found in a pick up bar.  

A young man attempts to flirt with a married woman.  In conversation, the woman will mention that she is married. 

"My husband, Bob, says..." shows that she uses the possessive pronoun, "my", along with the title, "husband" and his first name, "Bob" which, the young man instinctively knows, means he has come to a dead end. 

For a woman seeking the attention of a married man, "the wife", rather than "my" wife, is a signal that the married man may not remain faithful to his wife. 

Both may be playing the flirtatious game, but each, when speaking of the spouse, has revealed a status of the relationship.  The first, using all three elements of a "Complete Social Introduction" (LSI) tells us of a strong relationship, while the latter, using only "the wife", reveals a much weaker relationship and the possibility of infidelity. 

We all show such leakage, every day, all the time.  

When Baby Ayla was first reported missing, in these first moments, Behavioral Analysis began. 

When a child goes missing, even for just a moment, perhaps, at a supermarket, the parental instinct will be to call out for the child...without delay.  It is no different when a child is kidnapped. The parent will, by instinct, call out for the child...without delay. 

When there is a delay, or the child is not called out for, there is a reason. I liken this to a parent food shopping at Walmart with her toddler, who wanders off.  The parent knows the child has wandered off, but instead of stopping to search, she continues to fill her cart, goes to the checkout, pays for her food, and drives home.  

This is the unexpected scenario. 

This is what, in effect, Sergio and Becky Celis did right after they reported their 7 year old daughter, Isabell, missing. It is what Baby Ayla's father and paternal family did as well.  They completed their shopping, drove home, unloaded the groceries from the car, and began to prepare dinner; all before seeking Ayla.

Objection:  There is no textbook on how a parent of a missing child responds!

Answer:    Yes, there is.  It is written within the heart of mankind, as evidenced by King Solomon's appeal to the maternal instinct of the mother of the living child during his landmark custodial decision of long ago. 

The child goes missing and the parent immediately calls out to the child, caring for nothing but the child's welfare.  

Police know this.  

Prosecutors know this. 

TV commentators know this. 

Children know this. 

People like Cindy Anthony, or the Tudela family, defending Justin DiPietro, deny it, but all the same, there is no argument to engage in.  A missing child causes a parent to call after the child, with no thought for anything but the child. 

In the case of Baby Ayla, police offered to set up the most natural of events:  the father would speak to the kidnapper or kidnappers, and arrange for his daughter's safe return, via media. It is what you or I would do if our children were taken, and it is the natural, instinctive response. 

Someone has taken your child, and you will begin to negotiate with the kidnapper, for your child's return.  You will give anything, including your own life, for the sake of your child. 

When a parent refuses to call out to the child, and negotiate with the kidnapper, it is evident that the parent does not want the child found, no different than the parent who discovers her child is missing in Walmart, but decides to finish the check out and drive home, first.  

Yet, in the case of Justin DiPietro, a major weak spot was evidenced, yet not taken advantage of by police.  

He refused to call out for Ayla, showing police that the father does not want his child found, immediately bringing to the forefront of mind:  this is not a kidnapping, but a homicide of sorts.  Perhaps it is an accidental death and a panicked family, but whatever it is, it does not bode well for Ayla, and it is not a kidnapping. 

DiPietro, however, has a blaring weakness (among many) which was quickly picked up, and should have been used by police. 

He, like a classic abuser, has a raging ego.  

Liars, that is, those who regularly practice deception via the use of words to alter reality, hold the rest of us in contempt.  

Liars believe that they will get away with their deception because, they think, the rest of us are all idiots. 

Liars hold to the expectation that they will be believed because they are smarter than their audience.  A habitual liar, one who has learned to lie from childhood, thus hold the audience, that is, the world, in contempt.  As they speak, the contempt becomes evident. 

A liar's ego will cause an interesting response:

When a liar has told the truth, they will become indignant when not believed.  

This is because they lie so often that when they finally tell the truth about something, they will jump to their own defense.  It is the opposite of the LSI rule that "no man can lie twice."

"No man can lie twice" is the ancient belief that a liar will not look upon his lie, and lie about it!  It is a fascinating phenomena that I have never seen, nor even heard of, being violated.  It is why we turn a liar's own words back to him and ask the question, "Why should you be believed?" knowing that the liar will look upon his own lie and be utterly incapable of saying, "Because I have told you the truth."

The liar may say, "I don't lie" (and use various forms of the word "lie" in their defense" but will not be able to say "I told you the truth", with:

1.  The pronoun "I"
2.  The past tense verb "told"
3.  The word "truth."

The liar will look upon his lie, and avoid this simple sentence while a truthful person will, when challenged, say "I told you the truth" with an element of confidence that puts the burden of disproving the statement upon the audience.  There is a 'devil may care' type of dismissal that comes from the truthful . There is no need to wag the finger, or call upon a mother's grave to swear upon; that is the language of the deceptive. 

DiPietro was faced with a lie and it was this lie that triggered his response. 

Trista Reynolds, the missing baby's mother, complained that Justin DiPietro was not giving answers.  This was not entirely true and that fact that DiPietro suddenly saw that he was being lied about, was incensed and quickly ended his silence. His pride and ego hit, he rose, with 'righteous indignation' to defend himself, even offering to show the text messages to police!

He speaks!

DiPietro was "emotionally incapable" (so he claimed) of speaking to media, thus, showing that he cared for his "emotional health and wellbeing" more than whatever it was that Ayla was experiencing.  

Because DiPietro spoke, leakage took place. 

He referenced Ayla in the past tense. 

When a parent of a missing child slips out a past tense reference, it is a signal that the parent has either belief or knowledge that the child is dead.  

"My boys needed me"  Susan Smith.  

"Hailey wasn't allowed to go out by herself..." Billie Jean Dunn, mother of murdered Hailey Dunn.  

"She was a great woman.  She is a great woman..." catching his slip, correcting himself (Scott Peterson)

"Caylee loved the park."  Casey Anthony.

We simply ask:  Does the subject have a reason to believe that the child is dead? Have police revealed something so terrible that it would overcome all natural denial within a parent's heart to cause the parent to slip, even once, into a past tense reference?

In the case of Baby Ayla, there was nothing to convince, over and against his parental instincts, Justin DiPietro to believe his child was dead. 

Yet, there he was, telling us, that his child was dead. 

"Contrary to rumors floating around out there..."

I shared this with LSI founder, Avinoam Sapir, who immediately asked me, "What does the father do for a living?"

I said, "he is unemployed."

Mr. Sapir asked, "Yes, but what does he usually do?"

I had been told by those close to him that he was taking driving lessons to be a truck driver, but was chronically unemployed because of his personality disorder; that is, he is a minimum wage kind of guy who demands to be treated like a boss, and storms off his jobs incredulous that he is not being treated like a CEO.  

When I said that he was taking truck driver classes, Mr. Sapir said, "Uh oh.  That's not good.  Trucker drivers have their wheels firmly on the ground.  Better check water. That baby's in water."

This was long before the Kennebec River was the target of searching. 

Mr. Sapir knows, and teaches, that every word (or every "marble", thanks to Kaaryn) that the brain is choosing to use is important and chosen for a reason.  We should be listening.  He is the 'grandfather' of all Statement Analysis in the country, and can be reached via his website here.

When Caylee Anthony was "missing", Texas Equasearch founder Tim Miller moved a fortune of material from Texas to Florida to help find the missing toddler.  He went to the home of Cindy and George Anthony, and spread out a map and asked the mother, Casey Anthony, to point out where they should begin their search.  To his shock, Cindy ordered Casey to be silent and to go to her room.  Miller said that this was the first "missing" persons case in which the family did not cooperate, and could not understand why the family was sabotaging attempts to locate  the child. 

Do you remember the jailhouse video tape in which Casey said to her mother, "In my heart, Caylee is close, Mom..."?  They were putting on a show for the camera, feigning ignorance, yet even the words chosen, while attempting to deceive, gave us information.  When CNN commentator Mike Brooks said, "I can tell when Casey is lying, her lips are moving!" all the other talking heads laughed as they agreed that talking to a liar was useless.  Trained interviewers, however, could only shake their heads at such stupidity.  

Cindy Anthony was then challenged by Tim Miller who demanded to know why the family was hindering the search efforts.  

Cindy ordered him out of her house. 

Cindy then walked calmly to the microphones set up by the hoard of media and said,

"George and I don't believe Caylee's in the woods, or anything."

Caylee was found, in the woods, less than a half mile from the house.  

Cindy knew, and even while being deceptive, "leaked" out where Caylee was.  

"Contrary to rumors floating around out there..."

Trista got Justin to speak, something we later learned police were struggling with.  She was successful in getting him to speak by pricking at his ego.  He is a liar, and he learned it in childhood.  We saw his deception teacher on television, shaking her head, closing her eyes, and saying she "heard nothing" on the fateful night that Ayla met her demise.  It did not take us long to see where Justin got his training. 

But what of the polygraph?

The polygraph test is something that advocates for missing children, like John Walsh, counsel parents to take immediately, so that time is not wasted needlessly looking at the parent.  

Justin balked at taking it, a red flag itself, but finally did.  How did he do?

"I smoked it", he said. 

Lying causes internal stress, therefore, liars will go a long way to avoid a direct lie.  He did not say "I passed it" because he didn't.  Listen to what he says.  Note what he does not say. 

Objection:  sociopaths have no conscience.

Answer:   Stop watching reruns of Silence of the Lambs.  

The stress is not due to a tender conscience, necessarily, but more about not wanting to get caught.  Liars will go out of their way to avoid a direct lie, making lying via missing information the extreme majority of percentage of deception.  People will skip over, or withhold information rather than directly lie.  This is what makes the "reliable denial" principle so, well, so very reliable.

"I didn't cause Ayla's disappearance" would have been the simplest and easiest thing for DiPietro to say.  

He did not.

"I did not kill Nicole" would have been the shortest and easiest of sentences for OJ Simpson to say, especially given the volume of interviews he gave over the years.  

He did not.

"I did not take performance enhancing drugs" would have been easy for Lance Armstrong to say, over many years and many interviews. 

He did not. 

Michael Jackson said many things, but did not say that he did not molest children.  

In interview after interview, Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins both avoided denying killing Hailey Dunn, 13, who's body was found this year in the "ugly" fields where the mother said she refused to search. 

Kevin Fox repeatedly told his untrained and ignorant interrogators, "I did not kill my daughter" and when they brutalized him into a confession, his confession showed deception.  This is the nature of false confessions:  they do not come from experiential memory, therefore, they show deception. 

When Justin DiPietro's mother said that police claim that the three adults in the house are not telling all they know about what happened to Ayla, it was the perfect opportunity for her to say "they told the truth."

She did not.

We have a rule we follow in the world of analysis:

If the subject is unwilling or unable to say he did not do it, we are not permitted to say it for him.

Justin DiPietro was unwilling or unable to say "I passed my polygraph."  We are not to say it for him. 
His sister, Elisha DiPietro, was unwilling or unable to say "I passed my polygraph", even though she was asked the same question repeatedly; therefore, we are not permitted to say it for her. 

If someone is able to bring himself to say "I didn't do it", but actually did, he will be unable to say, "I told the truth" about his lie, when asked for a reason to be believed.  It will not happen. 

Behavioral Analysis showed that when Ayla was first reported missing, the paternal family did not want police to find her.  

This is the same as the family filling up their shopping cart at Walmart, knowing that their toddler has wandered off, but instead of calling after the child, they finished their shopping, checked out paying for the food, drove home, unloaded the groceries, put their feet up, and...

all while supposedly feigning concern for finding the child. 

The "Waterville Three"; that is, Justin DiPietro, his sister, Elisha DiPietro, and his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, conspired to hinder the ability of police to find Ayla. 

This means that they have a reason why they do not want her found. 

Given the fact that Justin DiPietro is a liar, and holds the world in contempt, police could have formulated a strategy that included bringing charges up against one of the two women present; charges which could have cost them custody of their own children. 

I do not believe their loyalty towards Justin would have caused them to remain in the conspiracy of silence. 

By going to the public in an attempt to persuade one of the three to come forward, by telling us that they are not telling all, police (or prosecutors) revealed their own lack of confidence in being able to prove the case.  

It was a tactical mistake.  

Next Up:  Part Two:  the Escalation and Desensitization of Child Abuse in Ayla's Life 

Part Three:  Motive Examined.  


Peter Hyatt is a Statement Analyst and he and his wife, Heather teach Statement Analysis and Analytical Interviewing; that is, interviewing based upon analysis.  He can be reached via Facebook for speaking engagements, and scheduling seminars for Human Resources and Law Enforcement. 


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Masquerade said...

My thought process is that Justin harmed Ayla early in the morning, when he was alone with her. I think he called a certain friend to help him clean up, still while no one else was home. That's a lot of work to get done, in a short period of time. Hence the late night loud noises.

I'm not saying that definitely happened, but if it was the case, knowing that 3 is the liars number when telling a story/lie, would a person gravitate to the number 3, when trying to actually act out a lie? Would he have gravitated towards wanting 3 adults in the home that night, when the next morning, he'd have to call the police and claim kidnapping?

It could have also been a coincidence, if Courtney was already planning on spending the night, depending if she "normally" did so, I suppose.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm about to die from stress. my blood will be on your hands...what have you done? LISTEN!!!!! Thou should have read the Bible.

Masquerade said...

Wow. Scary. What does "stalk me out of my job" mean?

Anonymous said...

Just look, one more murder....

I wondered if A had threatened you, or somehow made you fearful to talk to me, then I realized Fear is what makes you a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Should I publish the letter here? Are you comfortable with that option?

Anonymous said...

I can only assume that's Phoebe posting? She speaks of reading the Bible and being unchristian, yet she disposed of her grandbaby's little body as if Ayla were nothing. So much for those commandments...

Anonymous said...

Masquerade said...I emailed Peter about crimes I discovered after learning SA, he encouraged me to solve the Patsy note, then showed up at my work place in a FAT suit. He brought a criminal profiler who repeated stalked me at work. The crimes I learned about are huge, I was already scared, how scary? My heart was pounding (they continued stalking without identifying themselves) The day I left I saw the stalker(whose since identified himself) I thought he was a bad guy, he was obviously waiting for me and watching me.

Anonymous said...

The profiler you brought to my town has moved into my neighborhood. KARMA

Masquerade said...

What the heck? Yes, the nut jobs really are coming out of the woodwork. That comment that says "Masquerade said..." is not from me. :/

Masquerade said...

Well, can you stop making comments that look like they came from me, please? The one that says, "Masquerade said..." I'm following Ayla's case. I don't know what you're trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Grace - Take your meds.

Grace4Ayla said...

Whoa, don't bring my name into this! I didn't write those comments.

Anonymous said...

Then I apologize Grace. It sounded like one of your crazy conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...


Masquerade said...

There's another saying about marbles. I think it might apply here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Grace - Take your meds.

Is she sexier when she's quiet?

Anonymous said...

cute pics.

Anonymous said...

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, OR ANYTHING THAT BELONGS TO YOUR NEIGHBOR!!!!

The awful thing is that Peter and his slow ass crew covet the gift that God bestowed on me....they're stalking me because I'm good at SA. I can discern the truth. You can hide, lie, and ACT/DELETE as you choose, the truth is powerful, the truth will shine through your efforts to hide.

Anonymous said...

Snaggle tooth is doing it. Phoebe take your meds...

Anonymous said...

Peter, why did you travel thousands of miles to stalk me? Why didn't you greet me? Why did you hide your identity? you continued to teach me and encourage me to solve cases here on this blog!! Th FBI told me to stay here on this blog..I'm gullible ..I complied..Why are you bugging my house,car, etc? Then making rude comments here on this blog t let me know you're watching me?

Anonymous said...

I rue the day I found this blog, I regret trusting you,

God please have mercy on Peter Hyatt for bringing the "gaslighting" into my life. He looks slow minded..

Anonymous said...

It's clear you have something to say, so spit it out already and stop beating around the bush.

Anonymous said...

Your inept, inactions are oppositional to all the righteous rhetoric you puke out here n this blog. You're afraid. I saw, and felt it when I met your unidentified nervous deceit. I was worried about YOU!!!HAHAHAHA!! A stranger to me, I stood next to you and asked you if you were alright....OMG!!! How funny!! I'm half your size and a hundred times braver!!!! What is your problem?

Anonymous said...


Maggie said...

It's just the regular troll that calls everyone a turd. Hi, Mr Troll!

Anonymous said...

What have you done?LISTEN!

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Dipits supporters don't like this analysis very much. It must be too close to the truth. Cannot wait to read parts 2 and 3 Peter.

Anonymous said...

Peter you need to reread the Bible, there's up to 70% that you missed or were too stupid to comprehend. Have you asked Jesus to help you?

Maggie said...

If people are stalking you because you are SOOO good at SA, then please solve the Ayla case!

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Dipits supporters don't like this analysis very much...It's all me...I hate the murderers too. I'm sorry Ayla, I'm sorry Trista. I'm frustrated because the crime I reported is going uninvestigated. The FBI chooses to eves drop on me instead of interviewing me.....I do get hit on by the profiler often though. He's the other poster pretending to be confused.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Uh oh, someone let the trolls out. Bye bye

Anonymous said...

Maggie said...
If people are stalking you because you are SOOO good at SA, then please solve the Ayla case!

September 27, 2013 at 3:26 PM

I've offered my help, They told me to stop. Maggie, Ayla's life blood was found on Justins shoes, his truck, and inside the house. The case is solved. The Mystery with Ayla is in timid LE, and if Peter trains them....they're all a bunch of timid souls. Really useless.

Anonymous said...

The thing about being stalked is that the FBI told me to stay on this blog...they report what color underwear I'm wearing, make comments about conversations I'm having with my kids, they know if I sneeze. It's called "gaslighting" I've complained about it as I've felt the horrible effects of being stalked and complained. That;s how I met the profiler, he was kind enough to talk to me.

Anonymous said...

The FBI has suggested suicide. I think it's because they're embarrassed by my talent.

Anonymous said...

You've talked with an FBI profiler about this and you haven't been blue-papered yet? I find that hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

And what makes you so important that the FBI takes the time to check out your underwear? And why would Peter Hyatt have any control over that?

tired of the trolls said...

Hey, Anon @ 3:26 -----
I would love to drop some eaves on you.
In fact, I'd even drop a whole roof on you.....

go away turds & trolls said...

suicide for the FBI or for you?
or for the rest of us who have to weed thru all this BS to get to the real SA comments for this blog?

Turding Turders!!! said...

^^^^^^ stop pretending to be me!!!!!(original troll)TURD!!!!^^^^^

Sus said...

Come on everyone. There are obviously two trolls...the one who uses gross language. Ignore him/her.

Then there is the poor soul that's been on the past couple weeks, maybe longer. Look at that one's words. They say Peter is talking to them through this blog. The FBI is checking out their underwear. Peter and a profiler visited them, but Peter didn't look like Peter and he didn't introduce himself as Peter. Oh, and the FBI told them to commit suicide.

That troll is having visual and auditory hallucinations. They are very obviously in the throes of mental illness...schizophrenia??

Peter, if you can see that person's ip address, it needs called into their local police so they can help them.


stop_playing_dumb said...

Thank you Peter.

Another thing that floats is smoke. Maybe he burnt her body somewhere in the woods. Rumors floating and smoking the lie detector test. I wonder if there were gas cans missing from his garage. I seem to remember the garage being searched. Did the neighbors notice anything about the garage doors being opened and closed?

GetThem said...

Peter, can you help explain the the psychology of the grandparents of the missing child? I don't understand Casey Anthony's mother, and I don't understand Justin's mother. It's almost like they have a piece of their brain missing where they should care about their grandchildren. My kid couldn't even get away with lying about homework today, how can the parents of adult children cover for their Justin's and Casey's? I can't imagine duplicating their responses without feeling physically ill. Don't you think there is something emotionally wrong with these grandparents and if so, how do they manage to function with others in the workplace, church, etc. It doesn't seem possible? I hope you will please answeer. Thank you.

Maggie said...

I kinda think it's the same troll.
All he would have to do is google "gaslighting" and there are a couple nutty websites where paranoid people think the FBI, etc is stalking them, gaslighting them and sending weird signals to them.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Sus, I can't tell if that poster needs help or is just trunking to stir things up by playing with us. Aaron Alexis or someone who wants to mess with this blog?

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

I meant trying to stir things up. Stupid spell check

Anonymous said...

If it's a real paranoid schitzophrenic (sp) who is defintely off their meds, then they'll prob kill themselves soon. It's true. Once they are this paranoid it's not long before they freak themselves out so badly they kill themselves. I saw it happen 15 years ago and I will never forget it. The guy killed himself in the head with a nailgun in his garage.

Mainah said...

I think there are two different anon. too. I'm concerned about the persons state as well.

Maybe Peter could issue a reliable denial. It would ease the anons concerns?

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

The poster who seems delusional said

September 27, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Maybe this is person who lost their job because of Peter's HR SA? Maybe they are at the end of their rope and blame Peter and are ramping it up. JMO

Maggie said...

It's just the "turd" troll. My friend gets paranoia from bipolar and she thinks undercover cops are following her and when this happens she stays off of computers and won't talk about the "undercover cops" on the phone bc she thinks people are listening.
The "turd" troll thinks he is better at SA than everyone too. Just sayin.

Sus said...

I don't really know Peter except from what I read on this blog, but...

I'm fairly certain he does not dress in fat suits to stalk people.

I doubt he has control over the FBI.

What I do know is, Peter is a staunch conservative. That's bad enough without making up things.

All in jest, people. Just lightening the mood a bit.

Anonymous said...

"When I said that he was taking truck driver classes, Mr. Sapir said, "Uh oh. That's not good. Trucker drivers have their wheels firmly on the ground. Better check water. That baby's in water."

I'm not sure I get the point. If Justin were a lobsterman, then would the floating around out there reference not be considered telling?

Anonymous said...

Stop Playing Dumb- I think you may be onto something.

Sus, what a hoot!

Anonymous said...

What gets me is the blood on the shoes and Justin making statements like "being in my shoes" and "one shoe (or did he say foot?) in front of the other". Makes me think he may have kicked her to death.

Maggie said...

Sus--Lol that's funny!

Maggie said...

I don't know how telling "floating around" is. If any person w any job wanted to express the thought that rumors had been spreading how else COULD they say it? For real, what other phrases are available? Pleas someone answer this!!!

Masquerade said...

Usually when people use analogies, it pertains to something personal or familiar to them. I think, if I'm remembering correctly. It wouldn't be strange for a lobsterman to reference water. A truck driver would likely reference the road, wheels turning, etc. So yes, where Justin is not a lobsterman, it's strange for him to reference the water. It must be familiar/personal to him in regards to whatever he was talking about (Ayla's disappearance).

Trigger said...

"Makes me think he may have kicked her to death."

Phoebe has said that when Ayla first disappeared that Justin kicks things when he is angry.

What could a toddler do to make Justin kick her?

Cry, whimper, whine, ruin his partying career, be a responsibility that he didn't want, ruin his sex life, need cleaning, need regular feeding, need attention, need watching, need protection, need love, ask for mommy, non stop daily care, etc.

Masquerade said...

To me, that is true. It's a pretty common phrase. Hopefully Peter can clarify. I tried to, up a few comments, but you bring up a good point.

Mainah said...

:) Thanks Sus, I needed a good chuckle.

Maggie, I thought of:
spreading rumors
repeating rumors
spewing rumors
squashing rumors

You have a good point, Maggie. Not many ways to say that I can think of.

However, he could have called them "out-right lies", but he called them "rumors". Rumors may be true or untrue.

If he can't say they are lies, we are not permitted to say it for him.

Jen said...

Hi Maggie-

JDip saying that there are 'rumors floating around' is significant for reasons other than just the 'floating' reference (which was in his mind for a reason...rumors are 'passed' or 'spread' around).

JDip is attempting to distance himself from and discredit the information by calling it a rumor. The info that foul play was involved, that Alya was likely no longer alive, and that the '3 adults' held the answers all came from LE. Yet JDip tried to distance himself from the source of the info, and passively deny it, by labeling it as 'rumor'.. (making it seem like its origin and credibility is at question)

Anonymous said...

So I wonder how many of these "suspects" that are discussed here are the trolls.

Seriously people, your not making peter look bad, but rather just showing your own lack of intelligence.

Peter may need to start having people create accounts and verify their email address before they can even log in.

Anonymous said...

WOW, real intelligent contributors here.

JerseyJane said...

Sus, I agree with ur observations of the Anon that is saying bizarre things about FBI, underwear, Its better at SA (FBI wants me here), blah, blah, etc... I would like to add to that observation, Maggie appears to me to be one of the same person... If you look over the last three Ayla postings u will see she is the person that brought up 'Gaslighting'. Maggie refers to the Wayward one(above) as my friend and has telephone conversations with her, and knows her medical condition and habits pertaining to them...just don't sound right, nope...

The 3 M's appeared around the same time. Peter Hyatt threw a nice compliment their way and BOOM!!! The Wayward appeared saying peter is jealous of them and at the same time the 3 M's became very creative, smart, and are great SA analysts...
Not sure if it is just Maggie and Wayward or all 3 M's and Wayward as ONE... It doesn't matter just keep Wayward in check SA experts! You guys/gals are doing some excellent posting!!!!:-)
I'm using life experience(work) as my guide on this
observation... If I am wrong, life goes on, and to each one, I am sorry... I live and work in a very rough area and too many beep-beeps ha-ha! went off... Pardon me, if I am wrong, continue, you ALL have much to add...
In closing: The TURD is " The TURDMASTER." He is an orginial and flies ALONE!! Hahaha!

Trigger said...

"making it seem like it's origin and credibility is at question"

That is what Phoebe tried to do with Trista's information in Phoebe's written message to the media.

Invalidate the information coming from Trista, then accuse Trista of foul play to contaminate her public image in an effort to stop her from asking questions about Ayla to Justin and Phoebe.

Trigger said...

Phoebe's "message" to the media back fired and blew up in her face when she verbally attacked Trista.

When I saw Phoebe's immature, angry, lashing out, bully response to Trista, I saw a desperate woman attempt to make Trista go away and never come back.

I think that Phoebe blames Trista for all the problems that have resulted since the birth of Ayla.

Are people pointing the finger at Justin?


Justin can't run and hide forever.

bigmtn said...

I could care less about the trolls. Alive or dead I just skip over thier posts. It's easy. Try it. I think Justine kicked and beat Ayla to death alone in the car and in the house. Hence the shabby clean up. He really isn't that smart and he has watched enought tv to not say anything and reference a lawyer and call mommy after the deed was done. I think Pheobe is just a bad mom and will do anything at this point to make her kids love and need her. She knows that he son was abusive(broken arm) and perhaps he told mommy that Ayla had died by accident which is why she is standing by him. There is no doubt in my mind that Justine killed Ayla/beat her to death and then the coverup started. Perhaps the other 3 adutls really don't know anything about it. They do suspect what happened. Blood is thicker than water and Courtney has a drug issue and that may be the tie that binds them together. I also wonder why I am the only person who noticed how much Justine has changed since the origianl photos posted of him. The video and pictures of his last court appearance show a man at the end of his rope. yourself a favor, leave a suicide note detailing what you did to Ayla and wrap the rope around your neck and step off the chair. Save us hard working tax payers the burden of supporting your ass for the rest of your life. Whether in jail or not you will always be a draw on hard working taxpayers. I want to end with I think he knew he was going to kill her. I think the family never bonded with Ayla and found it easy to be abusive towards her. I am sorry Trista if you are reading this. I think you know! There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think of Ayla and Trista. The abuse started out slow and built up to a cresendo becuause she was not going to be around for long so why not abuse her. Shocking yes, but that is what I believe happened.

Jen said...

Just realized something thanks to 'stop playing dumb' comment...

-JDip 'smoked' his polygraph.

-JDip claimed that falling on Alya was 'burned' into his mind.

These references taken along with his 'floating''floating' comment, the evidence found in the house, car and by the river, seem to indicate an extensive effort, and possibly several different methods being used to destroy evidence.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this case a few days ago so forgive me if this has already been discussed. But why did Trista allow Justin to keep Ayla while she was in rehab? From the reports I've read online, Trista's father at least seems devastated that something happened to Ayla. And Trista's sister was less than happy that Justin would be keeping her. Why didn't Trista's family, who I assume had been in her life since birth, take care of her while Trista was away instead of a man who denied paternity until confronted with DNA results?

Anonymous said...

I just really hope the paranoid poster either has adult children who can ward off an attack from their unstable parent, or that he/she no longer has custody of them.

Sella35 said...

@anon 8:50 Welcome to SA! I THINK (stress I think) Ayla's mom went into rehab and left the daughter, Ayla, in custody of her sister. I think Justin (the father) took custody from the sister..... He then put a life insurance policy on the baby, Ayla. He then began his tweets of someone MIGHT kidnap Ayla to her mom, and then she,Ayla, suddenly disappeared.

I really have not kept up with this case. I do recall a few things like the mom was in hospital to get off drugs...and then the baby ended up missing...good questions from you. I should take more time to read the documents, as I have been a little missing in action on this case.

Anonymous said...

Jen and what you said along with Masq made me think of something. References often come from your trade and Justin is said by some to be a low level drug dealer. If that is true, burning and smoking are floating around may indeed be related to his business.

Masquerade said...

That's true. Good observation, I hadn't thought of that!

Maggie said...

erseyJane said...

Sus, I agree with ur observations of the Anon that is saying bizarre things about FBI, underwear, Its better at SA (FBI wants me here), blah, blah, etc... I would like to add to that observation, Maggie appears to me to be one of the same person... If you look over the last three Ayla postings u will see she is the person that brought up 'Gaslighting'. Maggie refers to the Wayward one(above) as my friend and has telephone conversations with her, and knows her medical condition and habits pertaining to them...just don't sound right, nope...

JerseyJane--I'm not the troll lol!
I did bring up "gaslighting", and then the troll started talking about gaslighting. I can assure you I am not the troll. I do have a friend who is bipolar and I was just pointing out that I did not think someone who was genuinely paranoid would be posting all that stuff on here. The guy was obviously not being serious (a couple of his posts were iffy but some were obviously someone who was making stuff up). The troll always criticizes my posts and calls them "turdwords".
I enjoy language and I do think I am pretty good at SA but not better than others. My impression of the troll is that he reads everyone's posts and then just criticizes because he thinks he is better than others. He attacks my posts and tells me they suck lol!
I have read this blog for a while and first came here because of the Ayla case and commented quite a bit back then. I do know the rules of statement analysis although I am actually not as good as most people here are at breaking things down and writing actual analyses.
I believe I am good at finding imagery within samples, and sometimes have an intuition for what type of imagery someone may have in their head when using certain words, mainly from a lifelong love of poetry, I believe I can offer that angle, and sometimes I am good at recognizing when a phrase someone uses is not natural or is out of context.
I also have studied psychology and have read about criminal profiling, which it seems many here have also.
I am not a very organized thinker, I admit this, my mind kind of jumps all over the place sometimes. I am impressed by how people here are able to write analyses. I realize my thinking might seem a bit eccentric on this case, but I do believe it is worth trying to "figure Phoebe out".
Everything that I said about "gaslighting" made sense. The troll is just grabbing onto that word to write his "pretend schizophrenia" posts.

Sus said...

It makes sense that Justin used the words smoked and burned. He pulled them from his pot smoking and drug dealing point of reference. Floating? How does it pertain to drugs? All I can think of is flushing drugs down a toilet. Lol.

Speaking of points of reference, Phoebe was asked what she thought when she found out Ayla was missing. Her first thought was that Justin would GO GET FRIENDS and kick down some doors.

She put GET FRIENDS first. We now know that is exactly what Justin Derek Tudela and make a road trip. Phoebe was leaking there.

GetThem said...

Masquerade said...

Usually when people use analogies, it pertains to something personal or familiar to them. I think, if I'm remembering correctly. It wouldn't be strange for a lobsterman to reference water. A truck driver would likely reference the road, wheels turning, etc. So yes, where Justin is not a lobsterman, it's strange for him to reference the water. It must be familiar/personal to him in regards to whatever he was talking about (Ayla's disappearance).
September 27, 2013 at 6:44 PM

Maggie said...

Masquerade and Mainah--thank you for your responses and for your ideas of different ways to say "spreading around rumors". It doesn't seem like there are that many ways a person could say it, but it is true, there are other ways, and I definitely agree with you Jen that it is the "rumor" part that is important.

I agree Justin is using "water" imagery as well as "fire" imagery with the "smoked it" and "burned into my head".

Phoebe's statement was interesting to me, because I was getting very strong roadway imagery, side of the road, ditch on the side of the road imagery and as Peter pointed out, the "box" imagery.
Phoebe's statement was actually quite vivid b/c of her mythological/biblical reference.

The only thing I am convinced of after reading her statement is that it is likely she (perhaps with Justin's help) disposed of Ayla, and that there was an interaction with another person that night who they either asked help from (directions, etc) or someone who offered them some kind of help ie. are you OK? Is your car broken down do you need help?
I believe the imagery of the "Good Samaritan" coming forward came into Phoebe's head because there is one person who saw her or them (if it was with Justin) and talked to them that night and acted in some capacity as a "Good Samaritan". I feel there is one witness somewhere, the one person who comes into Phoebe's mind who would have any kind of knowledge to offer up to police.

GetThem said...

Sus said...

It makes sense that Justin used the words smoked and burned. He pulled them from his pot smoking and drug dealing point of reference. Floating? How does it pertain to drugs? All I can think of is flushing drugs down a toilet. Lol.

Anonymous said...

When a life insurance policy is purchased on someone's life, and they go "missing" shortly afterwards....really, what's the mystery?

Just saying...sometimes the easiest answer is the answer.

Anonymous said...

bigmtn said...
September 27, 2013 at 8:22 PM


Anonymous said...

Maggie, you are sounding more like a psychic than anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it was, "Mom, what do I do?" And she helped him cover it up.

Anonymous said...

To anon, re: Why Trista allowed Justin to take Ayla while in rehab.

Trista never intended to keep Ayla from knowing her father and having a co-parenting relationship with him. She encouraged visitations, etc. Although she was beginning to have concerns, as he only took Ayla about 5 times during her first year and she noted bruises, for which he gave peculiar reasons for.

While Trista was in rehab, Phoebe and Justin showed up at the sister's house with a cop. Ayla did not want to go with them. The officer did not want to force the hand-off, I suspect he saw no eminent danger, but Phoebe called a DHHS/CPS worker who advised the officer that: Dads trump Aunts.

It has been said that Phoebe and the CPS worker are acquainted, both employed by the state of Maine.

JerseyJane said...

Maggie, Masquerade, Maniah, Sus, Jen, Anons,

Justin's full time job was DRUGS whether selling or personal use... Jenn u brought the drug connection up( I think, I can't see what I type or go back and reference others posts.)...
The "floating reference can also be drug(justin's job hehe) related ... Here me out... Someone please investigate.. Or maybe a medical or not pothead knows... When you smoke from a bong, does it involve the pot to be" floating" in the device???
These 3 personal (drugs his full-time job)references of Justin's may be all
related to the crime and very very close to Justin's
thoughts of what bothers him the most...

I am sorry about my thoughts above about u, Maggie. Clearly we share the original troll, and the other troll is, well, full of something quite different..

Anonymous said...

floating pretaining to a dealer could be he floated a bag.
Also, I know that waterville dealers have been visited by LE in the last 2 weeks. I was at my dealers house to get some medical marijuana and a sheriff showed up. I about had a heart attack. He told my dealer not to worry he wasn't there to bust anyone. He said he was working the Ayla Reynold's case and had questions about Justin Dipietro. I had no idea my dealer sold to him. Anywho, at least 10 dealers in Waterville have been visited by LE this week. As of right now, not one dealer is open for business.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how so many fail to observe the bare facts.

1. Phoebe lied to the media in her initial interview when she said it was a normal quiet night in the home when Ayla 'disappeared.'

2. Phoebe lied again after being caught in her first lie when she said she wasn't even there that night.

Why would you not believe the first lie but you believe the second lie?

A rose is a rose is a rose, and Phoebe is a liar is a liar is a liar.

won't tell you this time said...

"normal" night?

a Dope no more, but... said...

Jersey Jane-
nah, just the smoke 'floats' on the water in a bong.....but water is surely involved.

Anonymous said...

It seems Pheobe took control of that situation. Doing the first Tv interview, giving statements, getting a lawyer. Now at the courthouse confrontation her son ran away, she stayed and accused Trista again. What a stupid accusation after all the evidence against them. She must be the reason why the others are staying silent, she is keeping the lid on.

sidebar said...

what gives phoebe all this power?

is she a modern day "ma barker"?

Trigger said...

Ronald Cummings has a mother like Phoebe who "takes charge" when Ronald gets into trouble.

There are a lot of similarities with this case and the Haleigh Cummings case.

1. both were fathers who had custody

2. both were father's who abused substances.

3. both had violent behavior.

4. both had girlfriend's who were with the children the night that they went missing.

5. both had girlfriends who had family members who were vendors in the drug trade.

6. both had mother's who went to extremes to protect them from responsibility and accountability.

After all was said and done, Ronald went to jail for illegal drug sales, where he is today. His girlfriend Misty Croslin went down with him.

Ron's mother was unable to keep him free because his behavior was habitual.

Justin is habitual also, he will screw up eventually, like Ron, just give him enough time.

Anonymous said...

I think if we ever learned WHO is the daddy (or daddies) of Phoebes' kids; we might learn how it is that Phoebe calls all the shots around the court house and in all court related matters as it concerns her illegitimate kids and gets away with it, as they do.

There's more to the story that gives Phoebe all her 'power'. The revelation of WHO is the silent daddy of these kids would reveal a LOT concerning crafty Mz Phoebe.

Anonymous said...

is there a body of water near by that is known to have a fog(smoke) floating over it?

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how some relate so much inner depth to these deep theories about fog, water, smoke, floating and so on, with a bunch of people who don't have an ounce of sense. If they didn't have crafty Phoebe and their buds The Turd Family protecting them, they wouldn't have sense enough to bend over and tie their shoe laces.

Sus said...

Looking back over Justin's early interviews, I notice another language pattern. I am hoping we can discuss the significance.

Justin referenced "in and out" several times in every interview. As in " came in my home", "whoever had the courage to come in my home", "reach out", Nancy Grace can come see my "ins and outs", I was emotionally incanle of "coming out". There our more.

It may seem silly, but I caught that Mark Redwine used "up and down" repeatedly. Of course, his sons remains were found up on a mountain and MR spent that night and day going up and down the mountain.

Thus, I'm thinking that Justin was referencing in and out of the house. Or Ayla was in and out of her room. Why is it on his mind?

Maggie said...

JerseyJane, No need for apologies! I can understand with the troll's whole thing talking about gaslighting and I had brought it up first lol. The troll was actually freaking me out a little.
Excellent point!!! Justin's true occupation was drug dealing, so let's look at the floating and also fire references through that lense.
With a bong, I believe the smoke passes through the water before the smoker inhales it---giving them a better inhale.
That is interesting bc a bong is drug-related and involes fire and water.
"Burned into my brain" keeps coming back to me as somehow important.

Anonymous said...

I no longer like this site either and can barely read it anymore without getting upset; in fact, I rarely do. I watched it become rude, snarky and evil by one or two posters who were/are Peters' little pets and he allowed them to insult any poster they did not like for whatever reason, one poster in particular.

I also know FOR A FACT that Peter makes anonymous posts once in a while himself. In fact: A poster sent him a private email wherein this poster mentioned something of a highly personal nature that had never been mentioned anywhere else previously.

Later, Peter wanted to drive this well-meaning poster off the board, and what do you think!? He made an anon post to this poster referring to the private info that no one else had any hint of other than him! YEP, tis true; Peter makes some of these anon posts himself!

There are others issues as well, not bothering to list them. It took a long while and a lot of wasted effort and time, but I no longer have an ounce of confidence or respect for Peter Hyatt.

Maggie said...

Sus, that's really interesting about the "in and out"--VERY odd that he would tell Nancy Grace to come watch his "ins and outs".
Also Phoebe says she didn't want Justin to go "kicking in doors".
What you are saying is extremely important. I have the feeling Ayla was brought to a second location (house, building) after being taken out of the Violette Ave home. Maybe she is still there (deceased). Maybe they have even gone back to this home or building after leaving her there (Justin's reference to ins and outs)??? Could that mean he has gone "in and out" of a home/building where Ayla may have been left???

Maggie said...

Good question!

Anonymous said...

Sus, very intersting thought about the in and out. I keep on thinking about the statement, that she did not come to her demise down in that house.
Might have been another house where they took her in and out again.
I keep on thinking about the fact there was blood on the carset and vomit in the car.
Was that from the same night?
Plus, why didn't they clean that up?

Anonymous said...

Maggie, I just read your comment. Same thoughts here. If they did go to another house with her, that person had to be someone they trust and know well. Close friend, relative, etc. Did LE search any other homes/buildings in connection with Ayla's disappearance?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Darrel Tudela's telling reference.

Darrell Tudela said he believes DiPietro is telling the truth.

“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said.

Sus said...

I have always thought that Tudela's land should be searched, especially hunting cabins by rivers or lakes.

Derek Tudela was with him directly after something happened to Ayla. Derek has a cabin that Justin visited many times to party. Derek's wife mentioned it on her blog.

Sus said...

I need to correct an earlier statement of mine. Justin called Derek Tudela before he called his mother and 911. He did not make a trip as was earlier reported. Sorry.

Lemon said...

Observer @ 11:26: Still haven't left like you said you were going to ad nauseum, have you?

we love lemon said...

Evil "observer"has extreme nasal hair!!!!!!! XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

can't think of a clever name at the moment said...

Darrell Tudella said "get to the BOTTOM of it"???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:37 PM, do you mean Graham Ward aka Skeod?

Lemon, Observer/Anne/EyeOfTheNewt, et al not only continues to post here, but she is still constantly posting on the Haleigh Cummings Topix forum in spite of being under treatment for cancer.

Maggie said...

Phrases relating to "gifts"

(1) Pandora's Box (Phoebe)
(2) Unwrapped presents for Ayla (Phoebe)
(3) Derek Tudela says he approached Justin about life insurance policy on Ayla saying that he also has one on his kid and it is the "best gift" you can give a child

Sus--I also noticed Justin said

(1) he was emotionally incapable of coming "out"

Justin has asked the person who DOES have Ayla
1) to send a signal
2) to know what they are doing is not right
3) that they may think what they are doing is right
3) that Ayla belongs at home

Phoebe--Gifts/Good Samaritan
Justin--"In and out" as from a house/building
Justin--Signal/sending of a signal (where or how could a signal be sent--meaning does this hold any clue as to where Ayla could be located ie. near radio tower, train tracks (trian signal) other? )

Anonymous said...

what site is the website that defends Billie Dunn? why would anyone defend her?

Maggie said...

Oh, one more thing that could send a signal--a lighthouse??

Anonymous said...

maybe justin's reference to "ins and outs" to nancy was his way of telling her to go fuk herself?

Anonymous said...

yes!!! a lighthouse for the fog!!!! good job

John Mc Gowan said...

This case/topic is becoming Chinese whispers...

If i say "Boo",and by the time it goes round the block and back to me."Boo" is now,BooooooM explosion.

Sometimes less is more..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:37 PM, do you mean Graham Ward aka Skeod?


Tania Cadogan said...

It is interesting that justin uses the word demise. This tells me he knows she is dead otherwise why use it, especially if he and his supporters insists she is still alive.

If she is still alive she cannot have met her demise anywhere.

Lemon said...

Anon @5:13-


Maggie said...

I wonder if Phoebe physically abused Justin as child.
Why? She reports Justin's wrist had been broken in 39 PLACES in a snowboarding accident. This is very unlikely, but could her words be betraying that he had many breaks to his wrist in the past (possibly a result of child abuse)?
Also, it is odd that Phoebe was focused on Justin's alarmingly high number of wrist breaks and then Phoebe herself notices swelling of Ayla's hand and then later wrist (Ayla's injury turns out to be a break to the forearm.
After Justin and Ayla's fall, Phoebe runs into the kitchen and has said about this "Ayla was scared, OBVIOUSLY. I picked her up."
Isn't that peculiar? Phoebe must be psychic!
Also, Phoebe's use of the word OBVIOUSLY makes me think Ayla was not scared during a fall.
My opinion: Phoebe inflicted Ayla's arm injury.

John Mc Gowan said...


John Mc Gowan said...

Iv'e been following and learning S/A for about 18months or so...Now i'm no Avinoam Sapir..

Are some people that thick,and naive not to realise that every word,every letter typed is being analysed here..Including my bad spellling i will add..It is nice though to pick up patterns in their language,and then read another post from another anon pretending to be someone else..Its all practice..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think Justin's real occupations is rolling in the hay with young woman, so inclined.
The floating reference fits with this occupation. Them pesky sperms floating around.
Same with the in and out reference.
All connected to his preferred occupation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:16 p.m., Hailey Dunn Updates & Discussion Facebook was the Billie Dunn support site internet troll Skeod/Graham Ward administrated.

I think it may be defunct now, but a few cache pages can still be viewed if you Google the site name.

Anonymous said...

Baby Levon Wameling's autopsy revealed a 1inch skull fracture. Poor baby boy.

Jen said...

Hi John-

I agree it is good practice and it's hard to ignore once you notice obvious patterns. The most ironic thing is that despite their constant accusations and neverending belittling of Peter, and others...they can't take even a taste of what they dish out. If you dare call them out they get hateful, indignant, and demanding an apology (which they never acknowledge once its issued).

LEMON- promises,!

Jen said...

That is so disturbing. Bless his heart, he never had a chance.

Anonymous said...

Another meaning of in and out is in and out of consciousness.

I think if you look at what words/concepts they "alert" to, you get a good sense of their sensitivities in the case.

# 1- reports of a party in the house

If a baby is really missing who the hell cares if someone says there was a party in your house. Is THAT what's important? It's important to the DiPietros, though. Partying is sometimes used as a shorthand for using illicit substances.

What else?

ima.grandma said...

JerseyJane said...
Maggie, Masquerade, Maniah, Sus, Jen, Anons, ... I am sorry about my thoughts above about u, Maggie. Clearly we share the original troll, and the other troll is, well, full of something quite different..

always trust your gut instincts, jersey jane. i have strongly suspected this blog has its very own "sybil" for quite a spell. you are right on the money!

Anonymous said...

Angela Harry's letter: What she "alerts" to most in the letter is that "it WAS NOT AT ALL UNUSUAL for Ayla to be sleeping in the bedroom she shared with her cousin while the cousin slept in her Mom, Elisha's room.

Anonymous said...

In one of Justin's interviews, he "alerts" to the "morality" of the kidnapper--repeating the word "right" 3 times telling the kidnapper 1) what you are doing isn't right 2) you may think it's right 3) you have no right

Anonymous said...

Derek Tudela "alerts" to the benevolence of parents buying life insurance policies for their children saying 1) he approached Justin about buying one 2) he has one on his own child 3) it is the best gift you can give

Phoebe has "gifts" unning as a theme through her interviews--starting to think she suggested to Derek he sell Justin the policy (she prob paid) and we know she was behind the custody grab.
Search her words to see if you can find indicators of who killed Ayla. Her language already reveals that she disposed of Ayla imo.

Masquerade said...

I've definitely noticed Justin's ever changing appearance. I was actually wondering if anyone else had noticed it, but figured it wasn't a big deal, so I didn't say anything. I think he's at the end of his rope too. The way he physically ran from Trista and the media show that, I think. I think if Trista can keep pressure on him through the media, he might crack. Possibly even Phoebe too. Between Justin's display of fear and cowardice, and Phoebe's out of control angry outbursts, it's only a matter of time.

By "crack", I don't mean suicide though, btw. I can't, in good conscience, wish someone to commit suicide. Besides, I'd rather have them rot in prison for a very long time. Especially knowing how even prisoners don't take kindly to child abusers/murderers.

Masquerade said...

No problem! I hope I was on target and remembering correctly. Peter has had posts about this. If you search the site here, you could probably find specifics on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 theories.
1.) The babygate wasn't properly secured and ayla fell down the stairs. Would explain the blood splatter, sheet to clean up. Maybe ayla was holding her doll when she fell. Panic grips Justin, Courtney, & Elisha. It was an accident but one too many after aylas arm was broken. None of them had bonded with ayla, so they decide to try to hide what happened. The call Justin made to his bestie was to ask about the policy and the kidnapping. Justin puts ayla in a box and dumps it in the river.
2.) Ayla finds an oxycontin. Its not candy. Panic ensues......
The only difference is how ayla died.
The fact is no matter what happened Justin was supposed to be her dad, her hero. Not a weak coward.

Masquerade said...

"Justin's full time job was DRUGS..."


Anonymous said...

Masquerade, I have noticed his everchanging appearance--he goes from grizzly bear to clean cut J.Crew look. Seems he falls to pieces and then cleans himself up?

Masquerade said...

That's actually true. Good point. She is a liar, right from the get go. Who lies about such an important piece of information, when their granddaughter is "missing/kidnapped"? I'm thinking, not an innocent person.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:20--The baby gate is definitely sensitive, it gets mentioned twice in the Angela Harry letter I believe. In the 2nd reference it is when Justin "bolts through it" to go look for Ayla in her room after Elisha has already told him she is not in there.

Anonymous said...

The oddest thing about this case is that Ayla's "disappearance" does indeed happen the night after Trista files for "parental rights and responsibilites". So, it becomes harder to believe it was an abusive episode--does it not seem Ayla's disappearance had to be a reaction to Trista trying to get Ayla back or get access to Ayla? Well, that is, unless Ayla had already "disappeared" previous to the date when Trista filed. She must have. The timeline on this case is so screwed up, that's one problem.

Masquerade said...

I've been following Ayla's case from the beginning (I have changed my name a few times). And, actually, all the names listed above have been for quite a long time too, they are all familiar names to me, except for the Anon's obviously.

Masquerade said...

Maybe he has some kind of manic episodes? Idk. It's kind of strange to me. After Phoebe's outbursts, I think she has some mental health issues going on, and it's probably hereditary; passed on to Justin.

↑ I don't mean anything negative towards mental health issues by bringing this up though. I'm just thinking they may possibly have undiagnosed issues going on. I was also thinking this in regards to Phoebe having some type of paranoia regarding people watching her house. Or, that paranoia could be drug related too.

Anonymous said...

Masquerade--It is true that he lets his looks deteriorate and then gets back on track. Could be mania. I still haven't seen video w Phoebe's outburst--I will look for it. It could be paranoia w Phoebe thinking house was under threat or possibly her attempt to terrorize. It is very strange Justin shared abduction fears w Trista for a month. I'm willing to consider mania/drug-induced paranoia--maybe from meth? I also noticed in Phoebe's 1st interview she had this very thick ugly blanket up completely blocking the window--that kinda screams meth paranoia but actually could be any kind of paranoia.

Jen said...

I would say that Justin's extreme swings in hygiene and appearance are due to an ongoing addiction. Could be meth, but likely opiods, which lead to physical dependence and withdrawl symptoms that make it impossible for the addict to function normally.

ima.grandma said...

Anonymous said...
Imagrandma, I think you're right that there is one person pretending to be many but Maggie is not insulting people why would you think she is a troll and she seems to be trying to contribute.

i did not mean to imply maggie or anyone jersey jane specifically named is a troll. whomever the "double down" poster turns out to be, the blogger writes well, knows her stuff when it comes to SA and is tireless in her search to analyze and solve the mystery. i find maggie's posts to be similar in nature and certainly not mean or nasty. there is a difference in a troll and one who writes under several names, perhaps to avoid criticism for blog hogging. now i do see a problem with the aliases talking to each other, intelligently or not. that's just weird.

the only troll that consistently comes here is that idiot skeod. he posts under any name his pea brain can find in the "filthy and disgusting dictionary for perverts who can't get it up"

btw, to the poster who made some demands earlier:
i don't appreciate any commenter ordering me how to think and what to blog.

Shoppergalone said...

I seriously doubt that Ayla found an Oxycontin and took it. Oxy addicts care far too much about their pills. They would not leave them laying around. They are too precious, more precious than this beautiful child perhaps. I do agree, there is strange sensitivity to the baby gate. It is mentioned by Elisha also. There is something very sensitive about the baby gate being broken. Maybe Phoebe was sick and tired of Justin not taking care of Ayla and surely was not going to do so herself, so maybe she "helped" Ayla through the gate and down the stairs. I don't think Ayla falling on the gate would break it. She didn't weigh that much.

Sus said...

I ignore the bad language troll, but it's too bad he is ruining this blog. I want to learn and practice SA, not wade through his stuff. Oh, and thanks for clarifying who he is. All this time I thought it was Mark Redwine "alerting" to ...well, you know.

I still feel there is another troll who is delusional. Yes, bad language troll copied her on this post, but she is separate. She's been telling the same story about the FBI for at least a couple of weeks now. She began then by saying she let her son live with her ex and has now found out through SA her ex is in organized crime.

I feel compassion for and feel that troll may be a danger to herself.

Last comment about posting: I have left this blog and come back several times. I come back because I guess the pull of SA is strong to me. I leave because there are really rude people on here...people who make fun of others' post. I don't like some things people do here, but I don't feel the need to call them out on it. I take what I can use and leave the rest.

Ok, I lied...I feel like calling someone out on something. Darn John, don't you think we have any news service in the US?

JerseyJane said...

Ima. G.... thank you:-) it's alllll goood!!
I feel like I'm watching a one-man puppet show!!
Bahahahaha!! That's running out of fingers!

So many involved, this crime is hard to figure out;-) Nope. Hehe

John Mc Gowan said...

Sus Said.

Ok, I lied...I feel like calling someone out on something. Darn John, don't you think we have any news service in the US?


Why the dig at me?

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams

Busted said...

Be careful now Peter. You just told on yourself this morning. You have taught us well.

Anonymous said...

BTW Peter, you are wrong in saying that Michael Jackson never said he did not molest boys. I've heard him say it many times in different video tapes.

Obviously, I don't know whether he did or not, nor do you, since none of us were there watching. But you need to be a little more careful in making bold statements and accusing people, using words that you say they never said when they DID; e.i., as in the case of Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Jackson is guilty u stupid TURD

bigmtn said...

I just finished watching Inside Edition and lo and behold the major networks have picked up Aylas story. The first shot I see is Justine running away from Trista. In my opinion Justine is coming apart.

Anonymous said...

If peter doesn't deny it,we must not say it's not.

Anonymous said...


Sus said...


To the poster mentioning "in and out of consciousness", I wondered about that also.

I looked up aspiration since the saliva in the blood and vomit would be a sign of that. Lo and behold, the first sentence told how the victim of aspiration visibly sucks air in and out. That might be something Justin holds in his mind.

There may have been a lot of "in and out" of the house that night instead of the "normal" night of "watching tv", putting Ayla to bed at 8:00 and everyone sleeping till morning.

Then there is the possibility that paranoid Justin (and Phoebe) can't stand to think of all the LE in their home. He dwells on someone coming in his home. He even says they had the courage to come in his home. The people in his home are police and he hid from them in the bathroom. When he talks about coming out, it is to face the public. Maybe it's as simple as not wanting all the attention on his life.

Anonymous said...

That's why I said it was a THEORY. Children are curious and get into stuff they aren't supposed to get into. Maybe ayla didn't know she was getting into daddy's stash. And it wouldn't take much to fall through a baby gate if it wasn't properly installed/secured.

~mj said...

No worries John - most of us find your off topic posts useful and insightful (U4A blog speaks highly of your observations)

Quite often your "OT's" become "on-topic" in another thread because of you (and other posters that do this) bringing whatever the topic may be, to light.

You are always very respectful to label it OT before you post, and you keep in the same genre as SA :) Because you label them so well it makes it easy for me to simply scroll through to only the "on topic" comments, if I should ever desire. You're all good ;)

Sus said...

Look at yoir comments on this post. All three were belittling other posters and/or subtle digs.

Your comments also mimic others. I might say you join in the harassment mentality that reigns here. Allevidenced by your "why me" comment.

You seem to hide your insecurity by serial posting off-topic. When you do analize, you do it well. Put yourself out there. Risk it.

It is the bystanders, the witnesses to harassment, bullying, abuse (whatever you want to call it) who can change the situation. I decided to change it. Take it or leave it.

Masquerade said...

Would one pill cause such a reaction in a child Ayla's size? Or how many would it take? Also, would the vomit have been, or could it have been tested for drugs?

Sus said...

Addressing justin's use of the words "smoked", "burned" "floating" and his denials of a "party"...those are the words of a drug dealer.

I think the comment on floating = loan is onto something. All this time it was assumed floating was a leaked marble and meant Ayla was in water.

But what if floating was a leak that meant Justin was floated a large amount of oxys and Ayla, more exactly the life insurance policies on Ayla and Justin were collateral.? It wasn't long after that, Brianne Roberts was aressted in her house with all those oxys. The house she shared with Courtney and Justin visited often.

Maggie said...

Sus--Good thinking--Ayla's life ins policy could have been collateral for drugs " floated" to Justin/Phoebe.
From the Angela Harry letter, I feel someone did take Ayla out of her room that night "It WASNT AT ALL UNUSUAL" for Ayla's cousin not to sleepin the room they shared. Which tells you that it actually was quite unusual. Perhaps Phoebe instructed Elisha to have her daughter sleep in her room w her on a particular night (prob the night when there was a van spotted out front in middle of night). Maybe saying Ayla had been fussy from broken arm and needed to sleep alone.
The aspiration--maybe Ayla was drugged to keep her quiet/calm while they took her out of house and began vomitting from it?
One more thing, kind of ramdom: Am I right that Justin has spoken of Ayla in past tense but Phoebe has not? Very strange, not sure what to make of that since I am convinced Phoebe was involved.

sus is an evil turd! said...

ShUT up TURD!!!

Anonymous said...

To Sus at 1:50
Amen Sister! You tell 'em.





Tania Cadogan said...

this is a statement analysis site everything posted on this site including Peter's posts will be analysed, and if need be critiqued, spelling and grammar corrected and ignored as applicable.

The trolls who pay us visits leak much to us sometimes about the subject we are interested in, as in when we hit a sensitive spot in a case the trolls come out to play which is always a dead giveaway if you'll pardon the pun, and, rather than diverting our attention away from the sensitivity, are instead highlighting it. They also leak much about themselves in their posts which, in my case, have caused much hillarity :)

Busted said...

including Peter's posts. Exactly!

hobnobs an angry termite said...




Anonymous said...

That's why I left this blog,observer

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic and funny as heck

Riyadh (AFP) – A Saudi cleric sparked a wave of mockery online when he warned women that driving would affect their ovaries and bring "clinical disorders" upon their children.

The warning came ahead of an October 26 initiative to defy a longstanding driving ban on women in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

"Physiological science" has found that driving "automatically affects the ovaries and pushes up the pelvis," Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaydan warned women in remarks to local news website

"This is why we find that children born to most women who continuously drive suffer from clinical disorders of varying degrees," he said.

His comments prompted criticism on Twitter, which has become a rare platform for Saudis to voice their opinions in the absolute monarchy.

"What a mentality we have. People went to space and you still ban women from driving. Idiots," said one comment.

"When idiocy marries dogma in the chapel of medieval traditions, this is their prodigal child," wrote a female tweeter.

Luhaydan, a member of the senior Ulema (Muslim scholars) Commission and former head of the Supreme Judicial Council, said that "evidence from the Quran and Sunna (the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed) completely prohibit (women's driving) on moral and social background."

An online petition titled "Oct 26th, driving for women" amassed nearly 12,000 signatures, while access to it was blocked in the kingdom on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia is the only country where women are banned from driving.

Activists declared a day of defiance against the ban on June 17, 2011, but few women answered the call to drive. Some of those who did were stopped by police and forced to sign a pledge not to take to the wheel again.

Saudi Arabia imposes other restrictions on women, including a requirement to cover themselves from head to toe when in public.

The 2011 call, which spread through Facebook and Twitter, was the largest mass action since November 1990, when 47 Saudi women were arrested and severely punished after demonstrating in cars.

since the ovaries are in the torso and the womb is in the pelvis to a degree and protected by bone they are in effect fae more protected than the male whose testibollockles are hung in a small sack between his legs and are vulnerable to damage by potholes, fueltanks on a motorbikes, saddles and crossbars on bicycles, the sharp edges of desks, head butting by dogs, children sundry wildlife both domesticated and wild and a well directed knee by any woman or better yet a large handful and twistand pull (i once threw a man across a large kitchen table by his testibollockles when he came at me with a knife) Taking his statement to it's logical conclusion it is men who are far more at risk from injuries to his pride and joy from driving than any woman. (i so hope allah arranges for a camel train to walk over his credentials and no icepacks for days )

Maggie said...

The baby gate is very sensitive. Possibility of fall down the stairs. From Angela Harry letter, I am thinking it's main role may have been the one piece of simulated evidence that there was an "abduction"--Justin "bolted" through it (and broke it) in his "panic" searching for Ayla. Not sure.

Maggie said...

Any chance the "turd" troll is Justin?



Maggie said...

How about the Kyron Horman case--do you know something about that case. I notice you getting mad at people on those threads.

TURD^^^^^ turd said...


Maggie said...

Do you want to tell us a little about yourself or what brought you here to statement analysis?

just-a-spellchecker said...



The bus.

Sus said...

Since Angela Harry's account came from Courtney, with probable input from Heidi Tudela, I think they were fitting the story to the evidence. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear LE found a broken baby gate.

The account said Justin burst or crashed through the gate in his haste to check on Ayla. Phoebe said she was worried Justin would get his friends and kick in doors.

They both leaked the same thing...Justin bursting through to get Ayla.

They show that Justin raged so badly he burst through barriers to get Ayla. I hate to be this graphic, but I think this was an ongoing beating throughout that Friday and culminating in Ayla's death in the early morning hours of Saturday. I think Ayla was crying and noisy in her room that night because of her injuries. She may have even left her room and was rattling the gate to get downstairs.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the gate was staged. If it was why wouldn't they have staged other things as well such as a broken window where the kidnapper supposedly entered? I think the gate was kicked in a rage by Justin because Ayla was crying. Maybe, she wouldn't go to sleep, maybe she was already injured and bleeding. Whatever it was he was going up there to stop it once and for all. He would have never broken that gate in concern for little Ayla. He never protected her. He wasn't panicked or concerned for her when her arm was broken. He was only concerned with himself. He didn't want to take her to the hospital then and he wouldn't have that night either because he would be in trouble and he knew it. It would be obvious she was beaten. This wouldn't look like a fall down the stairs . Everyone in the house was drugged up so there would be that. It would be best to put her upstairs in the bedroom alone so she wouldn't disturb the other child with her whimpering. That would give everyone time to sober up and come up with a plan of action. She made it through the broken arm overnight last time so maybe she will this time. She just has a few bruises and a few teeth knocked out, right? Well, unfortunately Ayla had internal injuries and that wasn't going to happen this time. That became more and more apparent as the evening wore on. She was dying and they knew it.

Maggie said...

I don't think the baby gate was staged for LE, rather as part of the "performance" of "panic" by Justin for the rest of the people in the house (of course Phoebe is not there at this time).

TURD said...


Anonymous said...

Those with your 'pill' theory and your 'Phoebe took her' theory seem to forget that there was Aylas' blood all over that house AND in the basement! Don't you git it? Ayla was murdered in THAT house. She had lost too much blood in THAT house to have survived her injuries even if Justin took her off in the truck later or while in the last throes of death.

Anonymous said...

I weigh 123 pds and am 5 ft tall, female. I was administered a small dose of morphine by a Dr and had an allergic reaction (vomiting and hives). Ayla was just a baby.

TURD said...

T U R D S.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 4:58--Ayla could have been killed without any blood (ie from internal injuries).
The blood evidence shown by police is in many different parts of the house and Ayla's car seat. But LE's assertions about the blood are that it was more than a small cut would produce--this is not necessarily indicative of a murder scene. To play devil's advovate, a bloody nose could produce quite a bit of blood.
I believe Ayla was abused. I believe Justin did the "Chuckie Cheese" bruises and I believe he was a terrible father. I believe there are linguistic indicators that Phoebe broke Ayla's arm (this is from carefully looking at what both Justin and Phoebe said about the broken arm.
Angela Harry's letter indicates through SA that Ayla was not normally alone in her room but was that night.
I am leaning towards the idea that what happened was a preplanned "kidnapping" of Ayla masterminded by Phoebe and that Justin "cooperated" with this to an extent, but that Justin, himself is not exactly sure or informed of exactly what happened to Ayla. I believe Phoebe disposed of her and told Justin whatever story she decided to tell him but that Justin believes Ayla is probably dead. So, in other words, Phoebe is the sociopathic mastermind and abuser Justin her tool. Please consider that Phoebe has him set up to "go down" when and if LE close in, but not her, she hiding behind the wall of her attorney. Elisha, I believe does not know what happened but Phoebe has one attorney for her and Elisha just so it does not look too obvious why she herself has an attorney.

elf said...

Peter- I was wondering what the analysis rule is regarding the use of extra words in statements I.e. 'like, I got up to the bathroom and like I noticed the kitchen light was like on. Then I saw the back door was like open.' Is the excessive usage of one word repeatedly spoken an indication of deception?



Anonymous said...

just thought I would put this out there to the person that mentioned Justin making the signal comment. There is a T-Mobile call center that has a tower on top of the building. There is a walking area out across from the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

you can see per the video that the women in justins life are all control freaks and he is beat down. and if he was on dope that night, he may have no recollection of what happened and can only go by what he deducted happened from what those women have said, so he may very well believe alya is dead from day one. if he freaked out over the abduction story, but does not believe it himself, he surely thinks one of those women took her or killed her, but has no actually knowledge himself, but cant explain accusations away or make a solid denial because he does not remember the night because he was high.

Anonymous said...

to show my higher understanding of SA i will take the "like" question on.
simple, the language that is of, valley girl, its like you know like really like owning what you are like saying.
it is not deception or leaving it to the listener to decide what "like" means, because the word like does not mean the same as, it means like for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am leaning towards the idea that what happened was a preplanned "kidnapping" of Ayla masterminded by Phoebe and that Justin "cooperated" with this to an extent, but that Justin, himself is not exactly sure or informed of exactly what happened to Ayla. I believe Phoebe disposed of her and told Justin whatever story she decided to tell him but that Justin believes Ayla is probably dead.

I can go along with Justin letting Mama Bear Phoebe do all the thinking for all of them, but I can't go along that Justin is in the dark about what happened.

No way.

And what about Phoebe's alibi "friend". It's all so convenient. I see the need of some waterboarding in this case. Line up the usualy suspects!

Maggie said...

Anon @ 6:14--Thank you for this important information. In my opinion, this area you mention should be searched.
If Justin disposed of Ayla or even simply knows where she was disposed of (and keep in mind, he may have gone back to the spot--that is actually common behavior in these type of cases) the phone tower you mention would be standing out in his mind, and may have led to his choice of words--asking the kidnapper to "send a signal to show Ayla is alive).

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you are WAY off base. I believe you have a few lose marbles rolling around in your head.

Maggie said...

Oh, and you don't bore us all with your "turd" comments over and over again lol! You're a loser! You're probably involved in one of these cases. Or are you seriously just a big loser who come here everyday to call people smelly turds? I'll wait with trepidation for you to call me a smelly fart! YOU ARE A LOSER!!!!

Maggie said...

What do you think I am way off base about?

Anonymous said...

To date, no one has been arrested.

Here is the account given by a friend of Ayla's father. Analysis to follow:

"Ayla Bell Reynolds, 20 months old, disappeared about one week before Christmas 2011.

Ayla had been living with her Daddy, Grandmother, and Aunt and cousin in Waterville, Maine for just about 8 weeks before she disappeared in the middle of the night.

Those two months had been the happiest of her Dad's life. Justin still can't comprehend how his life went from being full of optimism and promise, to dark and hopeless literally overnight.

Justin had found out that he was a father when Ayla was 7 months old. He never even knew Ayla was on the way, so he didn't get to meet her when she was born. When he found out that he had a child, he was happy to be a Dad and he tried to learn things quickly. There didn't seem to be room for him in this little baby's life with the family she already knew, but he was determined. Even though there had never been a committed relationship between he and the mother, he was very willing to learn to co-parent. There were, however, some dynamics there that made it difficult. This isn't the appropriate place to discuss it, but it is important to note that Ayla has two parents that love her, who don't happen to have a relationship with each other beyond co-parenting. It matters because sometimes it sets the stage for people to understand the dynamics better and helps people not to create "if-then" scenarios that don't apply in this particular case.
Justin does have a long time girlfriend who also has a young child. Things had been going well for them and they truly were very happy. Justin's girlfriend from Portland, and her son were up for a visit which was normal on the weekends. They'd met during his 5 years in Portland where he lived with other single friends in an apartment. He'd recently had to leave Portland to have a better home environment for Ayla since he had just gotten custody of her and was working towards getting on his feet in Waterville- and out of the temporary room he had in the basement of his mom's house. His girlfriend's family and support network is in Portland where she also has a day job and continues her college education at night. She is currently working towards her masters degree there but spends as much time as can be spared with her baby boy as well as Justin and Ayla. Justin often feels like she doesn't give herself enough of a break, but also respects her drive. Things were going well in the big picture and the future was looking brighter.

Anonymous said...

The night of Friday, December 16th, 2011 was no different than most any other night for the two months he'd been back. Everyone went to bed, Ayla was checked on at 10 pm, and sometime after 8 am on that Saturday morning, people in the house started waking up and realizing that their entire world had just turned into a nightmare.

It was at about 8:30 that Justins sister, whose room is closest to the baby room, awoke and started moving about the house in her Saturday morning routine. That particular night only Ayla was in her room as her younger cousin had slept in her mom's room. That wasn't at all unusual for the 18 month old and her mom. Moments later the aunt walked into the babies shared room only to find Ayla not there. After a rushed trip down the stairs and the discovery that Justin did not have Ayla either, there was instant panic. He bolted up the stairs, knocking over the gate that was placed there every morning for the two little girls, and into her room. Nothing. She wasn't there. She wasn't anywhere inside. Outside- nothing.

I don't think any of us that are parents have to think too hard to remember a time when we thought- for a handful of seconds or minutes- that one of our little ones had toddled off alone. While on one hand you are panicking at what "could be" on the other hand you are keeping yourself in check because your logical mind keeps reassuring you that if you breathe, stay calm, and will find that little munchkin- probably in the tupperware cabinet again.

Only, in Justin's case, he's had to wake up to the same nightmare day after day without end. In those frantic, surreal moments the possibility that she could be in that house SOMEWHERE kept competing with the thought that someone had taken her. As the morning unfolded into what felt like an eternity...he just kept thinking that by the days end they would have found Ayla. The police would have put every officer within a hundred mile radius on the case and they would figure out who could have taken her. But night arrived, and Ayla did not.

I have to stop here because I simply can't find any more words that will fit on this page. My understanding of what happened from that day on, through many conversations, have forever changed me. The things that have taken place since then defy reason, to be honest. I can't believe that we still haven't found this precious little girl. It is more apparent than ever that if we don't round up the help of everyone we know and all of their friends too, Ayla could be waiting to see her Daddy for a very, very long time. He wakes up to this again and again, in the face of a foaming at the mouth public that is hell bent on making him the villian in a tabloid event. I pray for him daily, as I pray for his daughter's safety, well-being, and quick return."

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