Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Upcoming Ayla Reynolds Announcement

The maternal family of Ayla Reynolds is planning to release to the public the evidence that Maine State Police have shared with them.  I hope to interview Trista and her step father, Jeff, shortly afterwards.

In reviewing the evidence revealed, as well as Statement Analysis. you will also question the prosecution team's refusal to either bring this to a Grand Jury, or simply have arrest warrants sworn out.

This is not a complicated case.

Prosecutors attempted to dissuade the family claiming that it will embarrass the Maine State Police.

Imagine saying this to a family while a baby is dead and the killer (s) are holding society in contempt.

I had cautioned the family about hearing about prosecutorial experience.  If someone says that they have 25 years experience in prosecution, it may be that they've been overlooked by the private sector for the past 20 years.

In this case, the family was told that the prosecutor had 35 years experience.

The family is beyond frustrated.  They are unable to understand, given the abundance of evidence, how there could be no arrests.

I am unable to understand, as well.

A child goes missing and the parent tells a whopper of a lie about what happened is not new...

Baby Lisa comes to mind.

But this case is different.

The amount of evidence demands action.

Now,  the family is going to take its case to the public, anticipating outrage on behalf of those who hear the news, and will seek to get the prosecutor's office to take action.  They will even ask the governor of Maine to get involved.


Shelley said...

"Prosecutors attempted to dissuade the family claiming that it will embarrass the Maine State Police"

How dare they say that!

That their embarrassment would be more immportant than justice for this poor child.

They would not feel that way if this was their child.

Anonymous said...

All you people who claim to "know"why dont u go to the police????? Show them What you have!!!!! I agree with you!!!! Just do it or SHUT UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet you could substitute many states in the "Maine" case..."Prosecutors attempted to dissuade the family claiming that it will embarrass the "Maine" State Police".......... I still think of a case in Oklahoma that was not prosecuted (Or I never heard it being charged) a 9 month old baby was found raped, jaw broken and hips broken from someone raping her...(I know they had DNA) but not a soul was my knowledge. She is probably 8-10 years old now.

Bigmtn said...

Poor Baby. Only 3 comments. That'why the police can just let a case like this slide. How soon we forget. Well I for one will not forget and I will be there for Tristas statement.

Shoppergalone said...

I can't wait to hear Trista's statement and I think that the 3 plus Lance should all be made to sit in the front to listen. This baby killing has to stop. The police have to take a stand and they have to stop it. More and more, we are seeing baby killers proudly walk the street, enjoying their constitutional rights, their freedoms, with heads held high. What is there to discourage people from murdering babies? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They don't want vigilante justice yet they refuse to prosecute. Where are their rights, Baby Ayla, Baby Lisa, HaLeigh Cummings, Hailey Dunn, and the list goes on. Until the law enforcement takes a stand, this will continue to happen. Why not? There are no penalties. I'm personally completely fed up with it. They will send somebody to prison for a marijuana cigarette yet they let baby killers walk free with no charges. Ok, I'll climb off my stump now. Sign me ... one pissed off lady!

Nic said...

I'm at a loss as to why nothing has progressed in this case.

Not just this case... I'm at a loss as to why US tax payers haven't completely given up on their justice system. It's sickening when you read about the missing persons cases and what has evolved regarding them whether a body has been found or not.

My observation has been that there is no justice for the victims. None. It's beyond sad.

Nic said...

The US justice system's apathy makes me believe that there is an underlying corruption which has taken control.


Anonymous said...

"Prosecutors attempted to dissuade the family claiming that it will embarrass the Maine State Police."

Why on earth would it embarrass MSP?
What did they do or not do that would be embarrassing?
Shouldn't it be the prosecutor that is embarrassed?

Dee said...

I too am at a loss as to why no charges have been filed. This is not a mystery. We know who done it. Come on Maine. Get your prosecutors to work.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Trista already attempt to pressure Lepage via a petition? Remind me what his response was, I've forgotten.

Anonymous said...


The neighbor accused in the Breeann Rodriguez murder will be back in court today
Sep 19, 2013 -- 4:31pm

The neighbor accused of killing 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow for a hearing.44-year-old Shawn Morgan of Senath is charged with 1st-degree murder, child porn possession, and child kidnapping. The jury trial was to begin last year, but the public defender requested a new judge, and Judge Stephen Sharp has been assigned to begin the trial November 18th. Morgan allegedly suffocated Rodriguez with a trash bag after finding her near his pool August 6th, 2011. Police recovered her remains and her bike in a floodway 10 days later. Morgan is in Dunklin County Jail without bond. The jury selection will come from Phelps County. Defense for Morgan rejected a request for a psychological evaluation this month.

John Mc Gowan said...


JonBenet Ramsey Case:

Lawsuit Seeks Release Of Ramsey Parents' Indictment In Slaying.

Trigger said...

I'm not surprised that prosecutors have attempted to thwart justice for the murdered child of a drug dealer.

The prosecutors face embarrassment for their lack of action and integrity because they fear Justin's lawyer.

Fear seems to be the dominate factor in this case. The prosecutors do not want to take on a drug dealer who murders his daughter for insurance money and his attorney.

Why bother them with a child's murder case?

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

I can't wait to hear the interview and to hear LE's explanation. And waht about hailey Dunn? The FBI still has relaesed her remains to family. So what are they doing? What do they expect to learn from the remains? Why no arrests, no statements,no arrests for child porn. There have been at least 5 arrests for child porn in this area discovered after the porn found on Shawn's electronic devices. My FBI and Texas Ranger contacts are no longer here so i can't get any more information. So frustrating.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

I meant still has not realesed the remains. Sorry- in a hurry.

Shelley said...

How does Justin have enough money to afford high priced attorneys? I mean, if he took out a life insurance policy on his baby, he clearly needed money.

Then the link posted about the Ramsey Case.... this is the first paragraph.

While I would love to see them haul Johns a@# to court and make him face this FINALLY I for some reason feel like it will just fall in to the same crack everything else keeps falling into.

Its like these cases that seem to have hope just never seem to proceed.

There was even a case about a missing little girl from Florida. Jennifer Marteliz who disapeared in 1982. A PA woman called the police and told them that she belives her neighbor at the time (she was a child then) possibly was involved. The car he drove matched the car that was seen speeding away and despite living in PA and Jennifer was from Florida, that man had another home in Florida just minutes from Jennifers home.

The story from this woman was that her creepy neighbor had returned from a trip to Florida, took a large black garbage bag from his car and buried it in the land by the homes. Police did search but there is alot of land and the haulted the search and said they would return in the spring as cadavour sents are stronger then and they would bring in the dogs. Spring has came and gone and I have seen no updates.

The man has since passed but when media talked to his son about it, the only thing the man (Lester Vinosky) would say is below. Anyone wish to analyze? I felt like he didnt issue a reliable denial. Also, for all of us SA lovers, there was another man that was a suspect. This man told police he had a psychic vision and that the little girl was kidnapped by 2 men. A younger and older. He later said he was not serious. Well, interesting part was that Avinoam Sapir reviewed his statment and stated that he was in fact being totally honest. So when i read about there being 2 men, a younger and older, and then this man would have been older, it was quite interesting.

A press advocacy group, along with a reporter from the Boulder Daily Camera, have filed a lawsuit against Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett that seeks the release of the secretly-voted-on indictment of the Ramsey parents by the grand jury in the 1999 slaying case.


Visnosky's son, Lester, 63, of Pennsylvania, said in an interview Thursday that he had visited the Florida home many times. He did not want to comment on the search, but said that many of the details reported in the affidavit "are just not true."

Lester Visnosky said police should be wary of the tip, and of Cummings.

"The only thing I can say is consider the source, consider who emailed you," he said. "Because I know the family well."

Shelley said...

Just interesting reading:

Language Analysis Reveals...
Words from John Ramsey's own mouth damn him as the molester and murderer of his adorable little daughter JonBenet, says a top expert.

Avinoam Sapir, who teaches FBI agents how to detect criminals from the words they speak, has analyzed the Jan. 1 interview John, 53, and Patsy Ramsey, 40, gave to CNN in Atlanta just six days after JonBenet's cruel killing.

He told GLOBE that the Boulder businessman's choice of words show he is an abuser and knows who killed his daughter.

"The two major points that tell you most likely that John Ramsey did it are: Number one, he doesn't want to know what happened or who did it," says Sapir.

"Number two is switching from the word 'child' when JonBenet is alive in his mind to the word 'daughter' only when she's dead. This fits the profile of a child abuser."

Sapir pointed to the CNN interview, where Patsy said: "..if anyone knows anything, please, please help us. For the safety of all of the children.. we have to find out who did this."

And Ramsey said: "Because we've got to go on. And this, we can't go on until we know why. There is no answer as to why our daughter died."

Explains Sapir: "There is a major difference between the two parents. The mother said WHO and the father said WHY. The father doesn't need to know who did it - because he already knows. Why does he need to know 'why?' Well many people would like to be able to explain or know why they did harmful or bad things even though there's no doubt they have done them."

Ramsey reveals he's an abuser by the way he avoids referring to JonBenet as his "daughter," says Sapir, a criminologist and psychologist and head of the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation in Phoenix.

"Generally, abusive parents cannot use the proper title for a child because they cannot admit to themselves they would abuse their own 'son' or 'daughter.'

"The only two places this father uses the term are when he said, 'there is no answer to why our daughter died,' and 'we wanted to get our daughter buried.'

"Both times are when she's already dead. However, when he refers to JonBenet being alive, he says 'child.'"

Private Investigator and speech analysis expert Roy K. Dudley also finds Ramsey's statement about the police investigation into JonBenet's death revealing.

Ramsey said: "If we don't have the full resources of all the law enforcement community on this case, I'm going to be very upset."

Says Dudley: "If he truly wants all of law enforcement resources used, why are the Ramseys handicapping investigators by not providing evidence, and why are they not clearing themselves by submitting to a formal police interview or polygraph?

"Why are search warrants necessary for their homes in Boulder and Michigan? These actions don't fit in with this very definite statement."

Dudley told GLOBE he, too, found it disturbing in the interview how few times Ramsey referred to JonBenet as his "daughter".

Shelley said...

I can not find the original site link but this was what I previously shared here.

This was back on the Jennifer Marteliz case where Thomas Wilnicki has his "psychic vision" and what Avinoam Sapir had to say.


It was all there, hidden in black and white, according to Sapir's analysis.

Welnicki had been talking about himself when describing the killers in his story. The linguistic evidence was everywhere if you knew what to look for.
For example, Welnicki specifically said Jennifer put her left arm around the killer's neck. Those kinds of details usually indicate the subject has memory of the incident, Sapir wrote.

Most mistakes made by deceptive people being interviewed happen in the first 10 to 15 minutes. As time passes, they learn to fix whatever slips they made, according to the report. After his initial setup of the tale, the report indicated Welnicki made a slip: "The, ah, man takes, tells her to go inside the house...".

At first, Welnicki said Jennifer ran into the house by herself and jumped into the cross-dresser's arms. But Jennifer had been taken inside the house by her killer, if the report was correct.

At another point, Welnicki talked about the older man who supposedly killed Jennifer, saying: "He looks at it like, ah, I could get in trouble for it and I, ah, you know, I, ah, but it doesn't really."

The report pointed out that the first person is used and the interviewee stops in mid sentence. It concluded that this is a quotation from the murderer.

It also said that Welnicki seemed to defend the young man.

"He didn't have any part in the killing, so he's, he's beginning to take the position that, that he, ah, he, he's guilty but he's not really guilty. He didn't, he didn't mean for her to get killed," Welnicki said.
The report concluded that because the details are sketchy on the house where the murder took place, the killing must have occurred at the interviewee's home.
References to Jennifer's mother during the interview made it likely that Welnicki felt rejected by Kathy, it said.
The young man Welnicki spoke of liked kids. In this case, "like" is loaded with sexual connotations, the analysis insisted. It also pointed out that Jennifer told the young man she liked him, that he was a nice man.
Jennifer's words may have been seen as an invitation for the killer to initiate sex with her, according to the report.
And it was through the report, that Hoyer could answer a critical question: If Welnicki was the girl's murderer, why would he jeopardize himself by giving information, even as a psychic?
The question was answered by the killer himself, the report insisted.
"He may come in for some other reason or give you some other reason why he's here," Welnicki said. "Say he knows somebody that did it or, or, knows, has some information about it but he's doing it because he wants to be, he wants to be relieved of this burden that he has on him."

Shelley said...

Peter any updates on this post from January?
“I am thrilled to announce that Avinoam Sapir, the father of all Statement Analysis in our country and internationally, has completed the SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis) of the Book of Genesis, from the Bible.

Tania Cadogan said...

the mccann libel trial sept 20th

my analysis of a quote from one of their 'witnesses'

Jerry Lawton@JerryLawton1h

Kate #McCann spent "many days in tears sobbing about the injustice being done to Madeleine' by people who should have been looking for her"

This is a true statement if you look only at the words used rather than what you think she meant.
The key words are "by people who should have been looking for her"

Do you see it yet?

She is leaking a huge marble here, her guilt is writ loud and clear if you look at the obvious.

Who should have been looking for Madeleine?

Her parents kate and gerry mccann.

Who never physically looked for her because they were busy working hard?

Kate and gerry mccann

Therefore the injustice done to Madeleine Mcann was done by her own parents kate and gerry mccann

kate has just admitted this to the court and the world.

John Mc Gowan said...


RE:The Ramsey case..

Mark McClish..

Jen said...

OT- and not because this is about the most nototrious unprosecuted child murder case.

Dr Cyril Wecht just slayed the Ramsey's and DA Alex Hunter (plus Jane Velez Mitchell) on HLN's report about the newly filed lawsuit. JVM was spouting nonsense (in defense of the Ramsey's) about the 'newly discovered' male DNA, (guess she wants to rewrite history since it is anything but new) and the pathetic face-saving apology offered by the prosecutor. Wecht called in to put her to shame, as he walked thru the evidence and how absurd the idea of an outside intruder really is. JVM started yelling over him..'then why did the prosecution APOLOGIZE to the Ramsey's'? Wecht's answer was flawless and left me cheering like I was watching my Steelers score a TD!

Wecht said: "Well, Alex Hunter would have been a great public defender, Alex Hunter had a 98% plea bargain rate that indicated clearly that he WAS NOT into prosecution...and I myself am not a very prosecution biased individual, but Alex Hunter's record was ABYSMAL...there was only one murder that had taken place that entire year in Bolder county, and one the year before. They were totally inexperienced, totally inept, and when somebody talks about...number 1 the DNA evidence, and I have also discussed this with Dr Henry Lee...that was definitely a contaminant, you can get that on any packed material that you buy. Number 2, just've got somebody who comes Into the house, he gets the little girl, he takes her downstairs, has his way with her, with his perverse sexual pleasure, and then he decides to wack her on the head. But then he decides you know what...I'm going to make it a profitable evening too...I'm gonna spin a ransom note, but oh gee I forgot pen and paper..but I'll find it in these people's house"..(he gets interrupted and trails off).

Question is asked: So Dr Wecht, what do you think we will learn if this indictment is unsealed, what kind of bombshell info do you think is in there?

Wecht: "All of these things will be in there, No evidence of an outside intruder, a phony ransom note.. 'We represent a small foreign faction' demanding 118,000 dollars...there's a nice round number right? And then a practice note, because when the guy started to write it he thought gee its not very good, and one day it's gonna be discussed..I'll start again and leave the note and oh by the way he forgot to take the body".

Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself!

rob said...

Why, like in the baby Elaina case, (I believe in Toledo), the mother and boyfriend are in jail, for not assisting LE in the investigation of the child. But in all the other cases, where it appears there is much more evidence, nothing, the people are left out in public, seeming to be daring LE to touch them. Lock their azzes up, and someone will usually talk. No one wants to go down for something, if they didn't do it. Give them an incintive to talk.
I truly believe if the three at home that nite had been arrested, children placed in state custody, this case would be resolved now.

bigmtn said...

Alya Reynolds gone but not forgotten.. by just a few.

Anonymous said...

I hate when posters go OT. It takes the focus off the original this case AYLA. Focus people...FOCUS. This is about AYLA.

Chipmunk said...

Ayla there are many people that will never forget about you. I stand behind Trista, and if the police are embarrassed, so be it. They have no one to blame but themselves. The prosecutor and DA in this case should have paid attention to the baby Elaina case in Ohio. They threw the mother and her boyfriend in jail for obstruction of justice. The boyfriend talked and told police where to find baby Elainas remains. The same thing should have been done for Ayla. Ayla, you are not forgotten, nor will you ever be forgotten by me.

poodlelady said...

Yes let's hear it Trista. I find it hard to believe there's not enough evidence to at least make ARRESTS in this case. Let a jury decide guilt or innocence

Jazzie said...

Please read:

Jazzie said...

"The MSP determined that the samples of Ayla's blood exhibiting a spray pattern could
not have been the result of any cut.

Some samples of Ayla’s blood contained saliva, indicating to MSP that Ayla had been
coughing up blood from internal injuries.

MSP concluded that Ayla’s injuries were both “internal and external.”

Please read this account and compare:

"Brown-Barrett's arrest warrant includes a hospital report explaining that the baby had bruising on her stomach and marks consistent with being punched.

He initially told doctors that Taiasia had fallen off the bed, but later changed his story to say the baby was whining so he punched her in the stomach and left her on a bed, according to police.

Brown-Barrett told police he punched Taiasia because he had lost his patience.

When he came back a while later, she wasn't breathing and was bleeding and foaming at the mouth, according to the warrant for his arrest.

The warrant said he never called 911, and instead used a neighbor's phone to call family members and ran to his cousin's house for help. His cousin flagged down someone driving by to take Brown-Barrett and the baby to the hospital."

Jazzie said...

Steve McCausland - March 11, 2012:
"We felt it was important that the public understand some specifics of the investigation. We felt it was important that the public understand the magnitude of this investigation and that some of the blood was Ayla’s,” he said.

"We felt it was important that the public understand the magnitude of this investigation"

The words: "magnitude of this investigation" was a red flag.

Does this case involve more than AYLA REYNOLDS blood? What caused this missing child case to become an investigation of "magnitude"? A child's blood + Drugs, Politics, DHHS corruption?

Or does the "magnitude" of blood evidence speak for itself?