Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Kidnapping of Peter and Heather Hyatt

Please accept our apologies for the abundance of "troll" comments that have overwhelmed the blog of recent weeks. 

A cyber-stalker who has been posting incessantly has been reported to law enforcement locally, and in Anchorage.  

She not only posted repeatedly here, but called the local sheriff's department to request a "well person check" telling them that Heather and I had been "kidnapped" by Avinoam Sapir, who, she claims, is "spying" on her in Alaska.  To date, and to the best of my knowledge, we have not been kidnapped...


She was able to locate Heather's work phone number and by Tuesday, an Order of Protection should be in place.  Today, Maine law enforcement filed a report with Anchorage, and when the Order is issued on Tuesday, Anchorage police will serve her with what will be a written warning of no contact, including the blog.  

Besides this apology, please take this as a reminder that it is the same IP address that is not only posting the "spam" like comments under "anonymous", but many of the others using various names.  Do not respond to her posts, especially not copy/pasting it.  

She did this on Facebook as well. 

There are generally four people who work comments deletion and the spam filter generally catches the IP address after awhile, but it is not always an immediate success.  

Responding to her encourages her attention-seeking behavior.  

She has gotten her time of negative attention, but hopefully, her local law enforcement will be a stop to the behavior and her family will intervene with much needed mental health assistance. 

As a side, the post on the vets has a dual purpose:  Not only am I looking for analysis work there, but I am looking for any comments on experience with deception by vets.  It is more common than some might realize, as it has become a 'cut throat' business squeezing dollars out while using studies funded by the dog food companies.  Some of the advertising is very deceptive. 

There's more to it than meets the eye, but more on this later.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  It will be taken down as keeping with the "don't feed the negative attention" theme, but I did want you to know that we are cognizant of her disruptive postings.  She has been posting for quite some time, and is the author of many of the insulting posts, including making fun of weight, appearance, as well as name calling of other commentators.  

I apologize, again, for the posts that have slipped past us.  

                                       Yours, safely at home, and un-kidnapped,

                                                           Peter and Heather 


dadgum said...

so glad we don't all have to come to your beautiful state and tromp through the lovely fall woods looking for the two of you..

People who are nuts..mentally ill, evil..or all 3..can sure cause a lot of disruption, concern, and time wasting.

Hugs to you both,

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic and proof that justice will catch you up in the end BBM

NEW YORK – Police announced Saturday that, after an investigation that lasted more than two decades, they had arrested the killer of a child who was nicknamed Baby Hope by detectives after her body was discovered inside a picnic cooler beside a Manhattan highway in 1991.

During an interrogation early Saturday, the 4-year-old girl's cousin, Conrado Juarez, had admitted sexually assaulting and smothering her, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The child's name and the circumstances of her death had been a mystery for two decades. But earlier this week, police announced that a new tip and a DNA test had allowed them to finally identify the baby's mother, a dramatic turnaround in one of the city's more notorious cold cases.

Now they are also revealing the slain girl's name: Anjelica Castillo.

It wasn't clear whether Juarez, 52, had a lawyer. Police said he lived in the Bronx, but that the family had been living in Queens at the time of the killing. They also said Juarez claimed that a relative helped him dispose of the child's body.

Anjelica's naked, malnourished corpse was discovered on July 23, 1991, beside the Henry Hudson Parkway.
Detectives thought she might have been suffocated but had few other clues as to what happened.

The case became an obsession for some investigators. Hundreds of people attended a funeral for the unknown girl in 1993. Her body was exhumed for DNA testing in 2007, and then again in 2011.

In July, detectives tried another round of publicity on the 22nd anniversary of the discovery. They canvassed the neighborhood where her body was found, hung fliers, circulated sketches of the girl and a photograph of the cooler and announced a $12,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

At the time, former detective Jerry Giorgio, who had the case from 1991 until his retirement in June, said he was still confident that the case could be solved.

"I believe the people of New York want to know who this little girl is," he said.

I wonder if they will also charge the mom or other family members who must have known she was missing and yet failed to report it, could they face charges as accessories after the fact or possibly even murder charges as well.
At least now baby Anjelica Castillo can be given a dignified burial plus her true identity and not just a memory of being Baby Hope

Masquerade said...

At first I thought this was going to be a funny SA lesson.

Well, I'm glad you guys got it sorted out legally. Hopefully she'll leave you alone now.

Tania Cadogan said...

I would come over and have a tromp through the lovely fall country side but it's a bit of a paddle across the pond in cold wet and windy weather. ~ hands over excuse note signed by Vita, Lemons and Sherlock 'Gum~

Does this mean i gotta put away my Superhobs outfit of dayglo green tights (with reinforced gusset and run proof leggings) and flourescent pink unitard with the donut symbol of the front and my sooper dooper cape with concealed pockets?
I even ironed it in preparation for my superheroic appearance (at a wally world near you)
I even brought out my fluffy killer bunny superslippers complete with a variety of dentures from gentle nibble on the tootsies to tear your throat out from 200ft (It saves having to get the blood stains out my outfit ) Usually i keep them muzzled but for serious cases i wear them muzzle free and hope they don't fight amongst themselves or see any mailmen.

Super hugs you both tightly xx

Masquerade said...

Justice for Baby Hope!

I think the mother may be charged with something, Hobs. They included that her body was malnourished. :( Plus he has admitted to having help in disposing of her body. He will be turning on whoever helped him. Something for all the adults in the recent "missing" kids cases to pay attention to.

I don't know much about the case, but I'm sure there is a sigh of bitter sweet relief for anyone who cared for her, which sounds like a lot of LE came to care for her.

Justice is justice, I do hope we don't have to wait 2 decades for Ayla and all the other "missing" kids as of late, though.

dadgum said...

Agree about Baby Hope's mother. Malnourishment takes time.

Hobs..a mental image I shall treasure, forever!

Now I wish my son hadn't come back from Sheffield. It would have been a great excuse to run away from home for a week or two..

Speaking of runaways, did anyone hear if they found all the boys (9)missing from the boys' home? A 30,000 acre ranch for troubled boys in ??New Mexico??

BostonLady said...

Wow. I'm so glad you are both fine!!! Hopefully the actions taken will now stop the bs.

((( Hugs ))) to you,Heather and family

Jen said...

I'm sorry to hear how far this stalking has gone. Hopefully she gets the help she needs.

Also, am I the only one who has been dying to correct her riduculous 'sapir backwards is rapist' comments. First, the idea that someone's name spelled backward means something about them is laughable, but I didn't want to copy/paste her nonsense after being asked us not to.

Second, just for the record, Sapir spelled backward is RIPAS...not even close, lol

I feel better now ;-)

dadgum said...

The internet is a wondrous thing..

Searching for statements by the owner/manager.

Jazzie said...

I'm still malwared/hijacked/blocked from my computer to all Ayla sites. I do not do FB. I saw what happened to Tori and Vt lady. I will not deal with that level of invasion .

dadgum said...

lol Jen..I wanted to say that the other day..I was already hassled once, and don't want any more. I am too ill, and way too exhausted!

Hoping for better days ahead for Peter and Heather, and glad things are 'back to normal'.

Masquerade said...

Yes Jen! I noticed that too, I kept looking at the words thinking, what the heck, that does not spell rapist.

Jazzie, I'm sorry, I don't understand that. :( Is it just Ayla sites, or are any other sites giving you trouble? I understand your concerns. At least this site is safe though, as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Off topic. This is regarding Football player Adrian Peterson and the murder of one of his toddler sons by the boyfriend of the toddler's Mother.

Reading updates and I'm horrified by Peterson's reaction to the press.

excerpt:One of Peterson's sons, a victim of alleged child abuse, died Friday of severe head injuries suffered in the attack. The man charged in the case, Joseph Patterson, was home alone with the 2-year-old boy Wednesday and called 911 to report he was choking, according to police. Patterson was the boyfriend of the child's mother.
Peterson missed practice Thursday to be in Sioux Falls, S.D., where the boy lived with his mother and Patterson. He returned to the Vikings on Friday.

"Things that I go through, I've said a thousand times, it helps me play this game to a different level," he said after practice, about an hour after the child's death. "I'm able to kind of release a lot of my stress through this sport, so that's what I plan on doing."

This strikes me as jaw droppingly Sociopathic. Your child has been murdered and youre basically saying how it will take your game to another level ? Or am I reading too much into it ?

Jazzie said...

How can I post things that might help to find Ayla? Frankly I'm scared because I've been stalked by real people. People who hit me. And terrorized by my ex boyfriends off the charts girlfriend. Who happened to be a pathological liar!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I read in comments of one article that Adrian did not have contact with this son of his. It was not Adrian Jr that is being shown in pictures. Whether that is true or not, not sure but if he was not involved with the child, his death may not have as much of an impact.

Jazzie said...

That's why I don't trust people.

Jo said...

"Abby, please come home. We miss you so badly," she said.

Zenya Hernandez also asked for the public to report any and all tips to officials.

"To anybody out there who knows anything, or if you noticed any change in Abby, those kids who knew Abby, just come out and let us know," Zenya Hernandez said.

She uses Abby's name but then I noticed she used past tense.

Jo said...

"Abby, please come home. We miss you so badly," she said.

Zenya Hernandez also asked for the public to report any and all tips to officials.

"To anybody out there who knows anything, or if you noticed any change in Abby, those kids who knew Abby, just come out and let us know," Zenya Hernandez said.

She uses Abby's name but then I noticed she used past tense.

Masquerade said...

People are still following Ayla's case here, Jazzie. I do. I look for your comments, they are always well thought out, and heartfelt.

I can't imagine you've been actually blocked at the other sites. You've never caused any kind of drama.

I've been following Ayla's case from the beginning, back before the blogs, when pretty much the only discussion was here. I remember you talking of not doing fb for personal reasons, etc. You just do whatever you're comfortable doing. If it's here only, your voice will be heard.

Anonymous said...

Ewww... how frightening, that this fool was able to make contact with Heather at work. Dang. This is dangerous. I wonder what it would have been next?

I'm glad you finally found the anonymous culprit Peter, and are able to take legal action. I wondered how long you were going to tolerate this nut case.

Good luck to you both. Stay well. The former Observer

Jazzie said...

I don't know where is safe to post any more. Want to help. I just read a lot. Just me. That's how I gain knowledge.

Masquerade said...

Thanks Jo. I've been waiting for a statement from Abigails parent(s). It's weird how quickly the FBI was called in, and the secret service, as Mainah pointed out. Plus I saw that the mother was actually stopped from speaking in the media, which was very odd to me.

The past tense reference sticks out like a sore thumb. Most of her statement makes it sound like she thinks Abigail ran away - "come home we miss you", "noticed any changes in Abby". It seems like she thinks Abigail left on her own and has a choice to go home.

LC said...

Adrian Peterson just recently learned he was the father of the boy, after the mother wrongly claimed paternity on another man.
Peterson had plans to travel to meet the boy at the end of the month.
Instead, he met his son for the first time at the hospital as he lay unresponsive.

Jazzie said...

I am scared that someone's screwed with my computer. I can access internet by other means but not convenient.

dadgum said...

..just don't show up in these parts, stalker..I have an attack heifer(she'll sit on you, all 2,000+lbs), 8 tiny horses(stampede if they think you have food), 2 huge dogs(lick you to death), and guard chickens(henpecking). Beware!!!

(no wonder Peter and family have big dogs)

Masquerade said...

Jo, I found these statements:

‘‘Abby,’’ Zenya Hernandez said, her voice breaking, ‘‘I want to say please come home. We miss you so badly. We want you back with us.’’

‘We love you and we miss you and happy birthday, Abby,’’ she said.**~101113&z=0.3847196862773412&mb=1&

(That link looks weird to me. It's from in case the link doesn't work)


"I want to say" isn't the same as actually saying it. She wants to say it. Then follow the pronouns. She personally wants to say something, then changes everything she says to "we".

I'm not comfortable placing any knowledge on her at this time though. I'm just not sure. I wish she had said more.

Masquerade said...

Jazzie, can you do a "restore" on your computer, where it restores it to a previous date?

patrice said...

We love you Peter and Heather. Be safe!

Amaleen6 said...

I'm just glad neither you nor Heather is holding up today's newspaper.

Queenie said...

I am so glad that the 2 of you are fine and I pray that this woman gets the help that she obviously needs.

Lemon said...

A6's "…holding up today's newspaper". hehehe

Glad to hear no piggy banks need be raided for ransom :)

Shelley said...

So glad to hear this. And that you guys are safe! Lol

dadgum said... too Lemon!! good one, Amaleen..

JC said...

Have you read a book called "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker? Sometimes it is better to analyze a person's likelihood of becoming violent prior to taking action. That poster has shown some of the pre-violence indicators described in de Becker's work, and some of the steps you've taken are NOT recommended for dealing with a mentally ill person who is demonstrating pre-violence indicators. Please educate yourself on this; threat assessment is outside your realm of expertise, and I don't think you can afford to make any more mistakes in the way you handle this situation.

Jazzie said...

Got a Mac not PC. Have access to internet but not convenient because bookmarked stuff and saved stuff on Mac. Trying to fix problem.

Shelley said...

So today, I have water an interesting story on Natalie Holloway and read some additional transcripts with regards to Michael Jackson.

First Natalie Holloway. Now you often not how the parents the analysis that show deception fail to call out of actually look for their child.

Natalie Holloways case is one where we know 100% that the parents were not responsonsible.

So then to show was innocent parents do really do, which is search, this episode just backed that up.

Her parents are the one that not only tracked down Joren, but despite his denial that he knew her, they followed and hounded him until he came clean. They even went to his parents home and talked to them.

The dad had friends ce to
Aruba with him where they went to cracks houses and knocked down doors looking for any information. Even LE refused to do this and told them it was "too dangerous".

So all those doubters.... This is what innocent parents do!

Then Michael Jackson, I read the transcripts from McCullay Culkins testimony and not only did that convince me that he too was in fact molested by Michael, but (this may not be new information to everyone but was for me) Michael had a bell that rang when anyone approached his bedroom. Now why would a grown man need this? To me that confirmed any possible doubt that he was in fact a child molester. Why else would you need to be alerted that someone was coming into your room.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Peterson made that comment BEFORE the child died. Also, he had never even met the child, and had only recently learned he was the child's father. Please get your facts straight before calling someone a sociopath. The man just discovered he had another child and then the child was murdered before he was even able to meet him. Where is your basic human compassion?

Jazzie said...

Bottom line: more than one way to skin a cat. But involves more time and energy. It totally sucks. I'm not sure what happened. I thought it was due to my comments. But don't know where? Here or on J4A. Only 2 I post for Ayla. Once on MS I think. But long time ago.

elf said...

I'm glad your family and you are safe, Peter :) stalkers suck. Keep your eyes open and you head up.

Masquerade said...

Jazzie has been following Ayla's case from the beginning here. I'm surprised by your comments, Anon. She voiced her personal concerns along time ago. If you've followed all of Ayla's blogs, they could cause posters to become uncomfortable posting.

Anyway Jazzie. I've seen your comments. I highly doubt you were banned from J4A.

Anonymous said...

First I am glad you guys were not kidnapped and that sipar was just a figment and not a rapist as said.

To answer this@ Peter Quote, "As a side, the post on the vets has a dual purpose: Not only am I looking for analysis work there, but I am looking for any comments on experience..."

I grew up on a greyhound farm. We had between 2-500 dogs at a time. We cleaned their teeth, bathed all the runners after a run, we really treated them better than most families treat their own kids, anymore.

We would also have a vet come out and try to promote certain things. Including new drugs or teeth cleaning or anything that would make him money. I never understood it until I went to work in the medical field.

Our family doctors would only subscribe medicines that they gained money from, even when a better drug was available. Often times it would have to deal with month-3 month babies..and a doctor would say, "the baby needs..blah blah blah...formula"...then they would give the parent a "sample" and then she would buy the item ...simply because someone with authority said too....... it kind of reminds me of Obamacare...every will buy it because the one with authority said yes do it.

Lemon said...

What dadgum said @9:30.
Plus she has a scary Robot, so there's that too.

Masquerade said...

You're right. The blogs wouldn't cause someone to think they are being stalked by someone familiar in their life. They could and have caused people to stop commenting all together, due to bloggers sleuthing out comnenters personal life, real names, jobs, businesses, phone numbers, etc. Innocent commenters, just trying to seek justice for Ayla have been publicly "outed", just for speaking out for Ayla. It's sad and scary.

I'm just saying that in almost two years, I haven't seen any evidence of Jazzie being a "troll". I've only seen her mention a few times, a few personal issues with a past stalking incident and that causing her to not use fb as well as not reveal too much personal info. I think her own personal past is causing her discomfort level, along with the personal attacks and "outings" on some of the Ayla blogs.

Those are just my personal thoughts, I could of course be wrong.

Sella35 said...

I think Peter posted this so others would not post about possible trolls. I just got home and read .."so and so"..posted blah blah.... who cares?

Peter says they are safe and the authorities know to watch whom ever it is...please do not post your comments about "virtual names"... I think that Peter was trying to get us to ignore the people whom we might think is the troll.

Mainah said...

{BIG HUGS} I'm doing a happy dance! I'm glad you're safe and (hopefully) we are all free from the incessant harassment. I almost gave up. I do hope she will work towards getting herself well.

Sella35 said...

I highly doubt Jazzie was/is the troll. I think Peter is trying to re-assure us that, he is okay and not kidnapped...and that we might not have to suffer those turd/Sapir/Hyatt kidnap trolls... I did not read that he said Jazzie was the troll.

Let's get back on track now, and someone post a transcript to a case I want to read!:))

MizzMarple said...


Thank You for all you do ! I always look forward to your analyses.

I scroll past the "trolls" and ignore them.

Well wishes to both Peter and Heather !

Sus said...

I am happy to read you and Heather are safe. Stay that way by doing whatever you need to.

I'm will also be very glad not to see those comments anymore.

I do hope her family follows through with help for her.

Thanks for all you do, Peter and Heather.

OldPsychNurse said...

This woman may be more than a creep. Obsessed and delusional people can be dangerous and legal action won't stop their warped behaviors. Keep close track of the location from where her inappropriate comments are sent. I hope she remains far away from you and your family.

Anonymous said...

geez! not funny. but glad it's under control. mental health & the internet can be tough.


I have two requests..............if you would consider them. I posted this before but really wondering if you'd do statement analysis on Rudy Guede's skype conversation shortly after meredith's murder. it would be so interesting to see what in there is real or not according to analysis.

the second is the policestatements on hannah anderson -- for example saying she is a victim in every sense of the word -- seems like hyperbolie. and therefore unreliable.

hope so thanks! stay well!

Sus said...

I would love to see the Rudy Guede conversation analysed also.

Blitz said...

I'm often reminded by Manson's line on the internet. "Used to be being crazy meant something. Nowadays everyone's crazy".

Oddly, all of the internet crazies I've come across have been middle-aged women with some sort of developmental issue - they still act like they are 12 year olds and at the center of their universe or something. Either way, I find myself continually staggered when I realize that a troll is the same age as my mom. "What?! Really?? How can someone be so unstable all their lives and never realize how crazy they sound?!"

What I find fascinating is their other similarities. Crazies will die numerous times to garner attention or end a drama they created - that's what they like, you see? The drama they create. Die or end up in the hospital or threaten hilarious legal action and they always seem to be the unluckiest people ever, what with all their sob stories of WOE, OH WOE!

The crazies I don't have any sympathy for are the cruel ones - the ones that act like human pitbulls on steroids? Yes, those crazies. I've encountered only a few cruel crazies - one in particular stands out in my mind for her actions. Attacking, encouraging meat-world stalking by sharing a SLEW of people's personal information (name, phone number, addresses) and when that got too much work, she settled for hacking and spamming a variety of sites to close them down. She was silenced after she was reported using her computer at work (where she was a nurse - scary) to harass people on the other side of the world. I do hope she lost her job for it, she deserved no less.

Anyway, the point of this? Sometimes ignoring works for crazies, sometimes it doesn't - sometimes it unhinges them more than it fixes and you're left with one hell of a mess to clean-up when they explode. Usually, to stop a crazy for good, you need to ban them and remove all access.

I'd like to take this time to add that many proxy IPs are located in Alaska - are you certain that the IP is a real one and not a proxy? That was my first thought when I read 'Anchorage'.

Randie said...

Rudy Guede's own words:

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Is this the same troll as the "turd troll" ?

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi,Ive used capitals to emphasize.

Jo said...

"Abby, please come home. WE miss you so badly," she said.

Zenya Hernandez also asked for the public to report any and all tips to officials.

"To anybody out there who knows anything, or if you noticed any change in Abby, those kids who KNEW Abby, just come out and let us know," Zenya Hernandez said.

She uses Abby's name but then I noticed she used past tense.


Masquerade said...
Jo, I found these statements:

‘‘Abby,’’ Zenya Hernandez said, her voice breaking, ‘‘I want to say please come home. WE miss you so badly. WE want you back with US.’’

‘We love you and WE miss you and happy birthday, Abby,’’ she said.

Hi Jo,Masquerade,

This is from Peter's article on Amber Smith's Mothers Language:

We looked at the mother's statement while Amber was missing. It used the pronoun "I" and the possessive pronoun "my" repeatedly, showing up close and personal connection. This was explicitly missing from the language of Deborah Bradley, mother of missing Baby Lisa. In Bradley's case, she used "we" and "our", showing distancing language, and referenced Lisa in the past tense, indicating knowledge of death.

Yukari said...

Peter and Helen,
I am glad everything is alright with you. The kidnapping claims were an obvious sign that someone with a huge personal problem had it out for you, and some stalkers can resort to physical threats.
I hope the person will get all the help they need, and will stop bothering you.

John Mc Gowan said...

"Those kids who KNEW Abby"

The use of the word "KNEW" in this part of a plea does confuse me sometimes.My reason being,if i was good friends with someone many years ago and don't see him anymore.I then strike up a conversation with another friend who knows the friend i "KNEW",past tense.I use past tense because i don't see him anymore.

I then say,"Yes i KNEW xyz using past tense because i havn't seen him for ages".Although i know he is still alive i use past tense when recalling knowing him,so how does that fit in with past tense usage in this particular example ?.

I hope i explained that well,i got confused myself. lol

John Mc Gowan said...

To add ^^^could Abby's Mum be pleading to people who "Knew" Abby way back when, and is hoping they have seen her recently ?.

Yukari said...

Arrgh! That should be Heather, of course, not Helen. My apologies!!!

Apple said...

Thank you for this post. I am glad you and your family are safe.

Masquerade said...

John, maybe she's referring to people who knew her before "any changes"?

That kind gets into interpreting her words though, right? We're just suppsed to analyze them, not interpret them.

Skeptical said...

I am so glad the cyber stalker has been stopped. She was wreaking havoc with the blog and is possibly dangerous. The sensitive content of this blog is almost certain to attract people on the edge.

I came across this article on AOL today. An interesting new study from the University of Texas on the use of "I".

MizzMarple said...

Here is the statement from Sheriff Gore in the Hannah Anderson case:

Sheriff Bill Gore's full statement from Monday's briefing:

I want to emphasize that during our law enforcement interviews with Hannah, it became very clear to us that she is a victim in every sense of the word in this horrific crime. She was not a willing participant. She was in extreme duress from the time she was taken from Boulevard to the time she was rescued in Idaho. It was also during the interview with Hannah, that she was first told of the deaths of her mother and her brother. Hannah also revealed DiMaggio had a rifle and he fired at least one round prior to being shot and killed by the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). Our primary concern is the well being of Hannah and her family. We would appreciate your help in giving them the time to grieve and heal.

Hopefully, Peter can do an analysis !

MizzMarple said...

Here's another "choice" statement from Sheriff Gore about Hannah :

"I can't make it any clearer: She was a victim in this case. She was not a willing participant," Gore said at a news conference with Hannah's father, Brett Anderson.

Here's more from the above link:

Gore declined to address how Hannah's mother and brother died, describe Hannah's captivity or say whether she tried to escape. The sheriff also refused to discuss the rescue or how many times DiMaggio was shot, other than to say the suspect is believed to have fired first and that Hannah was nearby.

Gore said the crime was "not spur of the moment" but would not elaborate. Sheriff's Capt. Duncan Fraser said last week that investigators believe DiMaggio may have had an "unusual infatuation" with the girl.


Gore is very defensive ... Is it because the feds killed DiMaggio, without "due process" -- so "case closed" ? Or is it because LE screwed up by issuing an Ambert Alert for someone who was "allegedly" kidnapped when she was actually a willing participant ? LE can't take that back, can they, without looking like fools.

WHY the cover-up for this 16 year old female ? She is NOT a "child" or a "girl" -- she is almost of the "legal age of majority" !

Newsflash for LE : "minors" have killed their families and friends ...

This is my opinion but the reason they are letting Hannah get off on this is because they would have to investigate the feds killing DiMaggio. Of course, they don't want to admit they were wrong.

So they are going to let this "sleeping dog lie."

Anonymous said...

Anon *:47:

Blitz didn't say "these crazies are always women and generally of a certain age." Blitz said "all of the internet crazies I've come across have been middle-aged women with some sort of developmental issue." Blitz clearly explained that the reference was to the internet crazies Blitz "has come across," not all the internet crazies in the world. You misrepresented Blitz's comments and then tried to refute the misrepresented comments.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Peter, Its hear you Heather and family are doing well, and thank you for running this blog iv'e learned so much..


Thanks Masquerade.

John Mc Gowan said...

Nice to ^^^^

Anonymous said...

My apologies to Anon @ 9:03 and to Blitz. I stand corrected. Sorry, it wasn't my intention to misrepresent Blitzs' comments.

dadgum said...

MizM.. I agree, the victim talk is beginning to sound like protesting too much. We were stunned to find in NC that 16 was considered adult for prosecution. One kid had his name and address in his local papers for stealing cool-whip. Over $0.88. Teens do some stupid things. Taking a life, though, IMO people know what they are doing to another by age 8..or so.

Mainah said...

Mental illness can strike anyone, at any age, of either gender, every occupation, at any time...I was riveted by this story just this morning:

I know this man vaguely; I served on the town's budget committee and had met him several times. It was shocking to me.

Anonymous said...

my favorite manson related quote,
manson speiled on a rant about how the garbage, burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, polluting and generally not taking care of nature, would lead to global warming.

what i find funny about that, 4 or 5 years ago, a psychiatrist, listened to manson's 20 year old interview of him talking about that, then looked at the news reporter and said, "see he's crazy, lol."

and scientists are still claiming man is causing global warming and their reports are prompting our government to make changes in how we treat the earth.
crazy i say, just crazy.

Anonymous said...

hobnob, baby hope's mom knew about it and helped dispose of her, the mother died a few years back.

REK said...

She not only posted repeatedly here, but called the local sheriff's department to request a "well person check" telling them that Heather and I had been "kidnapped" by Avinoam Sapir, who, she claims, is "spying" on her in Alaska

sounds like schizophrenia.. the spying and kidnapping are common beliefs people suffering from it hold. please be thankful that the situation is now addressed. i hope she has family that can help get her on the right path

~mj said...

Baby Hopes mother is cooperating with police. It was a brother and sister that were cousins to Baby Hopes father that, one committed the crime and is saying his sister helped to dispose of the girl. Although, his sister is dead, so that can not be confirmed as of yet.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who was convinced our church members were watching her sleep, looking in windows, and stealing her flowers/plants. She took 3 young kids 'camping', and was found after a multi state search. Thank goodness they were ok, she thought of drowning herself, them first.

Tania Cadogan said...

In chat i and my staff often hear of a member dying, each time we do we always tell the member wait for the obituary before believing the death. Often we see a member being reported as having died ( usually of something unusual or interesting) and days later we see the same member (same ip is always a dead giveaway) under a new name carrying on where they left off. more often that not the member is a player having online relationships with multiple people sometimes both sexes, and dying when they realise they have been found out, wait a couple days and come back with new name and persona to carry on where they left off. What they don't realise is everyone has their own writing style online using certain words, emoticons etc all of which are as distinctive as handwriting, they whine when they get caught out ( after oft repeated denials such as they are a family member on the deceaseds pc, live in the same house etc)

notapirate said...

No one is truly anon..
oh, dang!

marietje said...

Who knows how many states are "patient dumping" psychiatric patients on other states?

BostonLady said...

So did Hannah play russian roulette with a rifle? the statement from the sheriff indicates she told them her kidnapper had a rifle and fired at least one shot. Well according to her latest interview he fired 2 in attempt to signal for help. I'm unclear why he wanted help if he was in the process of kidnapping Hannah and making his way thru the mountains.

None of this makes sense. LE cannot ignore the wild statements she is making. They very quickly declared her a victim. Doesn't seem enough time to have even gone thru the story a few times.

Nic said...

Glad to hear eveyone is well and safe.

The internet sure has evolved people's boundaries. Alaska to Maine. That's something!

Mental illness needs more funding and a higher profile. These people simply fall through the cracks and their "rights" (an excuse for authorities to not have to intervene,) keep them from getting the help they desperately need and deserve.


God bless.

dadgum said...'s more than 'jmo''s the truth. If you heard what I do in meetings with DHHS, you'd be sick. People being moved out of places they have lived for years, care facilities and group homes closing because state and federal funds aren't being paid (not just recently). People turned away, some simply because they were ever incarcerated, brain injury patients put in jail..cutting off future MH services. Lack of timely care for is a long and disheartening list..

Advocates are trying to make changes, but it does not look like things will change any time soon. Try getting services..a recent case was a teen referred to a skype appointment. Suicidal teens told to talk to a computer far away. Sadly, the teen left.

The way things sound, providers of all kinds cannot stay in business. Healthcare in general is going to suffer, mental health much more.

Carnival Barker said...

Sheriff Bill Gore's full statement from Monday's briefing:

I want to emphasize that during our law enforcement interviews with Hannah, it became very clear to us that she is a victim in every sense of the word in this horrific crime. She was not a willing participant. She was in extreme duress from the time she was taken from Boulevard to the time she was rescued in Idaho. It was also during the interview with Hannah, that she was first told of the deaths of her mother and her brother. Hannah also revealed DiMaggio had a rifle and he fired at least one round prior to being shot and killed by the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). Our primary concern is the well being of Hannah and her family. We would appreciate your help in giving them the time to grieve and heal.
The sheriff also refused to discuss the rescue or how many times DiMaggio was shot, other than to say the suspect is believed to have fired first and that Hannah was nearby.

I think the statements that I bolded above are the reason why the investigation is closed as far as LE is concerned. According to the sheriff, Pinocchio herself is the one that informed the FBI that DiMaggio fired his gun "at least once"; then he says DiMaggio is "believed to have fired first." Yikes!!

They shot this man 6 times. On the night of her ride home -- I mean rescue, the FBI spokeswoman said DiMaggio was killed because he shot at an FBI agent first. But now he is "believed" to have shot first, and this belief is based on their (super)star witness who has trouble counting gunshots beyond one apparently and was the one who told him to shoot his gun in the air in the first place!! According to Hannah's interview, DiMaggio was signalling for help; he didn't even know the FBI was there.

S + K Mum said...

Happy to hear you and Heather are not kidnapped!

Anonymous said...

sry hobnob, it was the man's sister who knew, not the mother of baby hope.
arresting a cousin for allegedly smothering the 4-year-old to death after raping her. Police said he and his sister, who's now dead, together devised a plan to dispose of her body in a cooler in the woods in upper Manhattan in 1991.

Mary said...

Peter & Heather,

I debated for a few days on whether or not to comment on this entry but after reading almost daily for years, it seems wrong for me not to share my empathy for what you both have been through. It's exceptionally frightening that someone actually called Heather's work place.

I'm sorry for what you've been put through, as well as having to spend your hard earned money to put an end to the stalking. I hope she will get the psych help she obviously is in need of.

God Bless & keep you both safe!


Mary said...


"The internet sure has evolved people's boundries."

I've never thought of it that way but what you say above is true. Also, I don't think so much has changed in the world, over the years, I think the internet has just made all news easily accessable, 24/7.

For example, studies have proven that US mass shootings actually haven't become more prevelent. Apparently, they're just more publicised. Sorry but I can't post links, being on an iPad, to show you at least one study.

I was shocked to learn of the number of mass shootings in the 70s and 80s that I never heard about, considering my dad faithfully watched the 6:00 news every night, during that time, and I was right beside him every night!

Mary said...


My apologies but I accidentally erased a VERY important sentence in my post above re mass shootings- all because I went back to correct a spelling mistake!

What I should have said was *excluding* the years 2012 & 2007, mass shootings have been prevelent, with *roughly* the same number killed over the last 30 years. 2012 & 2007 had off the chart numbers for those killed. Also, slightly more than half of those murderers were using an automatic weapon.

I'm not sure how I feel about limiting the # of rounds cartridges can fire from an auto weapon, but what I will say is I pray to God my family, friends & myself never run into a mad man firing 60 rounds from automatic weapon!

ima.grandma said...

We know what is right and we know what is wrong. Do the right thing. It is a simple message but contains a code that I live my life by. Continue the fight for our children who don't have a voice. Thank you Heather, there is no doubt you are a driving and supportive force in your husband's mission. Peter, I have lost my only two brothers to tragic deaths. I know they would have grown up with similar respect for women, as your words clearly show you also do. Thank you both for your shared concern.

Keep the Faith!

SKEoD said...

told you i wasnt a turd. i believe a few people owe me an apology.

JerseyJane said...

Thanks Ima.grandma for seeIng what I saw and speaking up.
When she(M) got busted for being a nasty-hater on Peter as an Anon, she jumped onto being hateful to John(troll was possible man-hater). The (M) was bobbing and weaving in and around 2 other M's which made it difficult to determine if she was one M or all three M's...She was very slick... There was a very evil dark side to this otherwise intelligent person, as we all saw. It's scary to think that this woman was so many characters and fought and answered back to herself..but that she did to keep the flow going.

I sound blunt or cold to many here but I have seen A bigger victim..the families. Many families suffer far greater watching the person they love become so very ill and out of control. The loving family becomes a hostage to this mentall illness also. God Bless all the families that live in this hell day after day, night after night, and may HE keep them strong and know and feel what peace is again. Amen

JerseyJane said...

SKEoD, it was a bunch of Anons. They can't pick a name when posting so highly doubt they would pick to apologize.
I remember those very very nasty comments directed at you. Glad you chose to ignore.
As you read in Peter's post, it became a very bad atmosphere in here. It may have rubbed off on some.

Examiner said...

Glad that you were not kidnapped. I read your blog frequently, with great interest.

Lemon said...

Jersey Jane-
You speak as one who knows. You make a good point.