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Abigail Hernandez Case: Letter from Father

Abigail Hernandez's father, Ruben, issued his first public statement about her disappearance. It was posted on a site dedicated to bringing her home.

Father asks missing N.H. teen to contact him

Abigail Hernandez’s father posted a letter on Facebook pleading for the missing Conway teenager to reach out to him and let him know she’s OK.

My Dearest Abby,

We don't know if you ran away but if you did, it's important for you to know Sweetheart that nobody is angry with you, and you are not and will not be in any trouble. I just need to know that you are OK.

I am very worried that you are out there in the cold, because I don't know if you have a jacket. I am also worried that you may not be eating. I am hoping and praying that you are safe, warm, and that you are eating.

Please Sweetheart, if you are able; find a way to let us all know that you are OK. It can be a simple message like posting your favorite Bible scripture (Book, chapter and verse.) It's the one that you also used as your password. Dad remembers what it was. You can post is on Facebook, Twitter, text it, or however you wish. Or you can phone it in to anyone that you trust. You can phone it in or fax it to the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5785 Fax 356-8837. Or you can call the Jackson Police Department at (603) 383-9292, fax 383-8150. You can also call the dispatch number at (603) 539-2284.

It doesn't matter if anyone answers or if the call goes to voice mail. If you don't want to say anything just say the Bible scripture. If you don't want to do it yourself maybe you can get someone to do it for you. Or use whatever method you wish. It doesn't matter how you contact us, but please Sweetheart find a way to let us know that you are OK.

You probably didn't anticipate all the media attention that you are getting, and we understand that it can be overwhelming and a bit frightening. But please know that I promise that I will do my best to keep the media away from you, and no one will embarrass you. For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out. No matter what it is.

Please know that I am praying and trusting in God, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they are watching over you, and will return you safely to us. And I hope that you are also staying in prayer, and having faith. Please stay strong Sweetheart.

In the last letter that you wrote me you ended it by saying…."I love you very, very, very much and that you will always be my dad." Well darling let me also say that I love you very, very, very much, and that you will always be my daughter.

With Love,


Here is the same letter with emphasis added

My Dearest Abby,

We don't know if you ran away but if you did, it's important for you to know Sweetheart that nobody is angry with you, and you are not and will not be in any trouble. I just need to know that you are OK.

I am very worried that you are out there in the cold, because I don't know if you have a jacket. I am also worried that you may not be eating. I am hoping and praying that you are safe, warm, and that you are eating.

Please Sweetheart, if you are able; find a way to let us all know that you are OK. It can be a simple message like posting your favorite Bible scripture (Book, chapter and verse.) It's the one that you also used as your password. Dad remembers what it was. You can post is on Facebook, Twitter, text it, or however you wish. Or you can phone it in to anyone that you trust. You can phone it in or fax it to the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5785 Fax 356-8837. Or you can call the Jackson Police Department at (603) 383-9292, fax 383-8150. You can also call the dispatch number at (603) 539-2284.

It doesn't matter if anyone answers or if the call goes to voice mail. If you don't want to say anything just say the Bible scripture. If you don't want to do it yourself maybe you can get someone to do it for you. Or use whatever method you wish. It doesn't matter how you contact us, but please Sweetheart find a way to let us know that you are OK.

You probably didn't anticipate all the media attention that you are getting, and we understand that it can be overwhelming and a bit frightening. But please know that I promise that I will do my best to keep the media away from you, and no one will embarrass you. For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out. No matter what it is.

Please know that I am praying and trusting in God, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they are watching over you, and will return you safely to us. And I hope that you are also staying in prayer, and having faith. Please stay strong Sweetheart.

In the last letter that you wrote me you ended it by saying…."I love you very, very, very much and that you will always be my dad." Well darling let me also say that I love you very, very, very much, and that you will always be my daughter.

With Love,



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Anonymous said...

Seems real to me.

ulla said...

No mention of mom?

Anonymous said...

Ulla what's she got to do with HIM????

Anonymous said...

His letter seems (more or less) real to me too; however, his entire letter 'assumes' she has run away and makes no mention of the possibility that she may have been abducted. THIS is a major concern to me; as if he already knows she was not abducted.

Although there are occasions when a molester will use romantic words towards the young lady they are molesting (or have), that are normally used for a wife or girlfriend; I'm not yet so much into his usage of sweetheart and darling as my own father used those expressions of affection to me, as did my many uncles, including being pulled onto their laps for hugs, and I was never once molested nor was any overtures of such a thing ever made towards me. But these were old fashioned country gentlemen who would rather have cut their tongue out than offend a young girl.

Today, I see it a little differently as in accordance with SA, these words can be highly suspect in relating to child molestation; George Anthony comes to mind, who also gave other indications of having molested Casey, as do several others who became known child molesters that we've discussed.

AS this point, I'm somewhat suspicious of this father until other factors come to light that might indicate he has no knowledge of her whereabouts or did not molest her.

Dane said...

It doesn't sound right to me about him saying for her to have someone she knows leave a voicemail of her favorite scripture passage for the police. Like maybe Dad could have a friend of his leave the message and then say..."Oh, she's ok because she had someone leave that passage."

Masquerade said...

I don't understand why they think she ran away. Who, besides an adult, would she have "run away" with? If she had been talking with someone online, wouldn't LE have proof of that?

Is it just easier for the parents to think or hope that she ran away, rather than got kidnapped?

I don't see any pleading or speaking out to a potential kidnapper. Not that I think her father or mother are involved in her disappearance (I don't), I'm just not getting why the predominantly think she ran away of her own accord. I don't think it's possible for a 14 year old to completely disappear themselves, with no trace.

Masquerade said...

I also don't understand telling her she could fax proof that she's ok. Who would fax something like that, especially a teen?

Anonymous said...

That's a possibility I hadn't thought of, Dane, in my post at 10:15; however, such a call could be traced by LE which would lead to it being a hoax, which would lead straight to daddy and his buddy. Right?

Randie said...


Marvelous piece!

I read everything. Again, you found things I didn't...ugh!

I found a few things:

*** "Dad remembers what it was."

a. The mother wrote this.

b. "was"... This is past tense. Does she know she is deceased...OR is it that the girl chose not to have fav scriptures anymore??!

*** "our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they are watching over you,"

a. Reference to God or Lord watching over a loved one means reference to their knowing she is already dead. Cindy Anthony did this in a letter to Casey about her grandbaby.

*** The religious overtone is disconcerting...

*** "In the last letter that you wrote me"

Sounds like the girl has tried to communicate her feelings..."writing letters.."

Anonymous said...

Masquerade, partially wrong. It is possible to successfully run away at her age. I ran away at 14, again at 15 and for good at 16.

The first two times I boarded a bus and went to relatives in another city, lied about my age and got a job, but got sent back home both times after a few weeks. The final time I went to a different city where I had a friend that they knew nothing about and this time they did not find me.

Eventually I reconnected with my family to let them know where I was, that I had a rented room in a private home, a job and was going to school. For me, it ended well and my parents never again tried to force me to come back home.

Oh yeah, a young girl who is determined enough can successfully run away and even carve out a successful future for herself. I know, I did it.

Dane said...

I just can't see believing an anonymous person leaving a scripture message as "proof" that my daughter was fine and well. I would want HER to leave the message and say "This is Abagail and I am fine and well and I chose to run away."

Randie said...

Abby's Time Line:

Anonymous said...

LIAR!!!! YOUR LIES scream out .grow up idiot!!

Anonymous said...

No normal 14 year old likes"scriptures"the fathers a dweeb.

Anonymous said...

I agree!good point chubby chops-

S + K Mum said...

Why doesn't her father ask her to contact him?
If it was me I would be begging her to call me or text me to let me know that she is ok, I would be desperate to know first and as soon as possible.
Does he know she wouldn't want to contact him - or can't contact him?
Is this a set up so someone can call in a scripture on her behalf making everyone think she is alive and well?

Anonymous said...

Me would trace it,idiot!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why fabricate such a tale?you lie badly.

S + K Mum said...

Her father tells us that he knows her password (same as the scripture) so if anything appears on her facebook or twitter it could have been him that put it there? Is it odd that he makes it public knowledge that he knows her passwords, I just find that strange but not sure why.

S + K Mum said...

Anon @ 10.58

Yeah but they could trace a call to her father aswell surely?

Anonymous said...

The FATHER seems innocent DESPITE evil thoughts by "Dave"(obviously not a parent).

Anonymous said...

DAVE u are evil,and obviously not a FATHER.

Randie said...

*** "It's the one that you also used as your password"

This is "past tense"!

Anonymous said...

"This"=NOW not"past tense"how are you allowed to write????? Get a dictionary slow brain!

Anonymous said...

Good point :) my bad.

Randie said...

Thank you...S + K Mum,

There are now 2 past tense words.

"It's the one that you also USED as your password. Dad remembers what it WAS. You can post is on Facebook, Twitter,"

Her settings have been changed.

Why past tense? Did she change her settings after she ran away?

randy slow brain said...

Slowwwww brain!

Randie said...

"will return you safely to us. AND I hope that you are also staying in prayer"

AND means missing information.

Anonymous said...

Rancid randie.slow brain.

Anonymous said...

Eh???????"and means what???? Hahaaaaa ffs!!

Anonymous said...

Slow brained PIG.

Randie said...

I find this comment odd:

"IT DOESN'T MATTER IF ANYONE ANSWERS IT or if the call goes to voice mail..."

True, the principle behind it is good. However, I wouldn't say it to my missing duaghter.

Anonymous said...


Randie said...

October 19, 2013 Peter wrote in an article on Coveralls:

"It is vital for you to understand why "so, since, therefore, because" is so very sensitive.

It shows that the subject is anticipating being asked, "So, why did you...?"

It is on their mind and it is why Avinoam Sapir has given the reason "why", in an open statement, the highest level of sensitivity in the color coding."

*** The letter to Abby, as Peter marked in BLUE, has the word "because".

"I am very worried that you are out there in the cold, because I don't know if you have a jacket."


Nic said...

we - not I

sweetheart - akin to "darling" endearment usually reserved for girl/boyfriend/spouse. Sweetie/sweetie-pie/honey is usually an endearment for kids.

dad refers to himself in the third person "call dad", not "me" = distancing

He's worried *because* he doesn't know if she is wearing a jacket? And *also* safe, warm and eating. References to being warm x 2. Safety is not paramount. Warmth is. Being exposed to elements.

password - secret Why is hearing from her via a secret (religious) message the only way to connect with "us"? Why not publicly any way/means she can? If password is secret why does dad know her secret?

Why say which police departments? Why not any? Is she cold and without basic necessities of life between Conway and Jackson?

Religion throughout letter. Does he think she is in heaven? Without basic earth-bound life comforts/necessities that are not required in heaven? (Jacket, warmth, food.) Is he wondering if she is "safe" with God?

sweetheart/us = distancing

I/my/me = change in pronoun and reality. He promises to keep her from being embarrassed/keep media away. Was he not able to keep the promise of being embarrassed before she went missing? Embarrassed of what?

very, very, very - weakens statement.

A lot of prayer and religion throughout. If he believes her to be alive, why so much God and scripture, distancing/third person reference, plural pronouns in his letter to his daughter?


John Mc Gowan said...

Look for the expected ?.

Nic said...

* If password is secret why does dad know her secret

They share a secret?

Masquerade said...

I think it could be done, but like you said, you went with relatives, who apparently let you lie about your age, or they didn't know you very well and didn't know your age, and presumably didn't have close contact or relationship with your immediate family. The final time, you went with a friend that your immediate family didn't know of. Each time, you were with other people, and the times you were with family, you got sent home within a few weeks.

I'm not sure of your immediate family dynamics, or Abigails. If my 14 year old daughter ran away, I don't have any family that would hide her. If it was a secret "friend", I'd contemplate filing kidnapping charges. You can't just take in runaway juveniles. But like I said, that would probably depend on the family dynamics, to begin with.

I'm curious of the time frame of when you ran away, in regards to cell phones, technology, gps, and social media, as well as if you were posted nationally as a missing child. That would probably play a big role. If your friend saw your picture, name, and story posted all over the news, tv, and internet, that person or their family might have not wanted to harbor you any further out of fear of legal action.

I appreciate you sharing your story and thoughts on this, as it sheds a new light, for me anyway. If the questions are too personal, I understand if you don't want to answer, that's perfectly fine. I'm just wondering if "times have changed", or if this happened to you more recently, with all the new technology in place. I think it could make a difference in understanding Abigails disappearance, and her family presuming she ran away, if it was more recently for you.

Masquerade said...

I don't think her password referred to in past tense equates to referring to her in past tense. It might not still be her password, yet something (maybe the only thing) that he can think of that only him and her (maybe her mother too) would know. I find a lot of his requests and statements a bit odd, but I don't think the password reference actually refers to her in past tense.

Past tense is ok, if it is actually something that happened in the past. It's when the person themself is referred to in past tense.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding past tense references though. Maybe someone can explain better.

Maggie said...

I'm going to look at the letter more closely, but on first read, it looks like the mother from Steven King's "Carrie" wrote the letter.
Totally nutty how he keeps saying she should write her favorite Bible verse. Why the need for this "code"? Seems like the Dad wants to let everyone know how religious the family is more than he wants to find his daughter.

Maggie said...

Also, it sounds like he's setting things up so that he can write a fake letter to himself with Bible verse which will then "proove" she's alive.
Something about it reminds me of the Fritzl case where the demented Dad forced his daughter he was holding captive to write letters to her mother saying she ran away with a cult and didnt want to come home.

Randie said...

The "religious overtone" is disconcerting.

I think the past tense is used for the password....I think it was CHANGED AFTER she ran away or was abducted.

I wonder if the parents tried to tap into it and found the password didn't work anymore.

Randie said...

Listen to the words used. Analyze the words.

"It's the one that you also USED as your password. Dad remembers what it WAS. You can post is on Facebook, Twitter,"

How do they know it was the one she used to use? Because it has been changed.

By whom?

Sus said...

This looks like a letter the father was asked to write by LE "just in case" Abby ran away. I think LE asked him to include contact info and a way of identifying herself. LE told him to tell Abby she isn't in trouble. Again, all just in case she ran away.

The rest of the letter is the father's and it shows he and Abby were not close, or he had trouble with her growing up and pulling away from him.

Are the parents divorced? Separated?
There seems to be a lot of competition with someone (Mom) for Abby"s affection.

Calling her sweetheart repeatedly. He is speaking to her as someone very endearing to him.

"I don't know if you have a jacket."
unnecessary. A given. It comes off accusatory like he wasn't there to make sure she had a jacket. Did Mom?

"Dad remembers what it was." (About the scripture/password)
He's talking about himself? Well, look how wonderful Dad is...he knows your favorites.

"I will do my best to keep the media away from you."
After "we" and "us", it's Dad to the rescue.

" know deep in your heart that you can always come to me as you have in the past..."
Deep in your heart means not apparent. As you have in the past is how longer ago?

"I hope you are staying in prayer..."
He and the mom do not stand together on the religious issue. He switches to "I" when talking of it.

"The last letter that you wrote me..."
Kind of sounds like a break-up. Did she write it to him when her parents separated? Are they separated?

" will always be my dad."
Why did Abby have to ensure him of this?

" will always be my daughter."
A given. It seems something was amiss between father and daughter to tell each other this.

Randie said...

Good points Sus!

Lemon said...

The unexpected: What 15 year old "anticipates media attention"? Is the father leaking marbles?

Also unexpected: The lack of an appeal for a 15 year old to COME HOME! The father just wants to know his daughter is ok, leave a message, back to life as normal?

"Media" is mentioned twice, making it sensitive. Why?

Anonymous said...

'Used', is past tense

Not Another One said...

The obvious is missing- "Come home" (if runaway) or "bring her home/let her come home" if kidnapped.

"Sweetheart/darling" sounds like what a guy would call his girlfriend- possibly sexual abuse would explain why she would run away if she did.

"You are out there in the cold"- sounds like he knows this for a fact, possibly her lifeless body.

"Because"- needs to explain the obvious. Why would be not know if she has a jacket or not? Check her closet. See if all if her jackets are accounted for.

"I love you very, very, very, much."- troubled father/daughter relationship.

All the religious babble is suspicious. Holiness and godliness can be a cover for a narcissist and his bad deeds.

Not Another One said...

"We don't know if you ran away"- alibi building. First sentence, and in this case first few words, are important. "We"- sharing the blame". Also, pay attention to what's said in the negative.

Sus said...

" one will embarrass you."

This is a subtle way of blaming the victim. It implies she has something to be embarrassed of.

Jen said...

I find this letter very strange.

He doesn't urge her to come home, he includes all of these other phone numbers or options for contact....why not contact HIM? (or simply call 911, instead of all these different obscure departments?)

I also find his request that she post or leave her 'favorite scripture' very strange. First there may be others who know what her favorite scripture is, (obviously he does) so that is not a very good way to authenticate her contact. Second, he acts like if she just sends word that she is ok, by posting this scripture...then its all good, end of search, etc.

He talks of his concern for her warmth, and eating...but, why doesn't he mention fear of her being held against her will. That should be his biggest fear, that she hasn't contacted them because she can't due to being held against her will, or worse.

I look foward to Peter's analysis!

Dear Abby said...

SA Question: why pay attention to what's said in the negative? Is it unlikely to be true? Thanks in advance.

Mouse74 said...

It's possible that he is aware of her NOT HAVING A JACKET. He introduces it to the dialog. It is unnecessary information, as that is already assumed. "Eating" is repeated twice...also assumed from any parent of a missing child. She is cold and alone somewhere, and he knows it. There is an element of sexual abuse. You are "still" my dad/daughter? Something about this seems odd. What occurred that would somehow blur this line of father/daughter?
The password issue, a reader hit the nail on the head, he is aware that the password has changed, which means he was aware of it's original setting. A father that knows his daughter's password? I'm not sure if this is odd, I'm not a parent, but I am a daughter. I was a "daddy's girl", yet I never let him privy to something as personal as Facebook or Twitter, that would include sooo many things any daughter would not want her father to be in the know about. Close relationship or not. Something is weird about the password, and he knows it has now changed. I would love to ask more questions regarding the password.

Sus said...

"It doesn't matter if anyone answers or if the call goes to voicemail."

1. It doesn't matter? A father isn't pleading to hearing his daughter's voice.

2. "IF" explains. Sensitivity around when Abby calls.

3. "Anyone answers" We know the LE numbers he gave will always be answered. My guess is "anyone" is himself at his phone.

4. OR IF attention to what hes about to say. It is important to him.

5. THE CALL ..."the" makes it specific to him. He seems to be expecting a call...

6. GOES TO VOICEMAIL..."goes" is passive like the call is making it itself, not Abby calling. Also, someonecan let a call "go" to voicemail.

Randie said...

@ Jen,

When I read: "I also find his request that she post or leave her 'favorite scripture' very strange. First there may be others who know what her favorite scripture is, (obviously he does) so that is not a very good way to authenticate her contact. Second, he acts like if she just sends word that she is ok, by posting this scripture...then its all good, end of search, etc."

I said: "Oh, omg I didn't see this! End of search, all is good. Forget everything cops...everybody go home, she's ok"

Good one Jen!

Randie said...

" Dad remembers what it was. You can post..."

The Mother wrote this not the Dad.

22 times the word THAT is written!

0 times the word THIS is written.

THAT seperates

THIS brings/wants the situation close. The person writing shows he/she takes it "personal".

Randie said...

There is a change in a word. Help me to figure out if there is a change in reality, idk....

"Or you can PHONE it in to anyone that you trust. You can PHONE it in or fax it to the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5785 Fax 356-8837. Or you can CALL the Jackson Police Department at (603) 383-9292, fax 383-8150. You can also CALL the dispatch number at (603) 539-2284.

Phone = trust
Phone = Conway Police

Call = Jackson Police
Call = dispatch

Sus said...

"If you don't want to say anything just say the Bible scripture."

1. IF...explains.

2. YOU DONT WANT TO SAY ANYTHING...he makes an assumption she wont want to talk, or say...

3. ANYTHING...thing is singular and specific.

4. JUST SAY..."just" in this case narrows what he wants to hear from Abby. The scripture, not Anything else.

5. THE BIBLE SCRIPTURE... that would be the scripture only Dad and Abby know. Nice set up.

Randie said...

More info here:

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the point is if she has access to a computer to type her favorite Bible verse on FB or on a phone why couldnt she just type "I am fine"?
The Bible verse "code" is unnecessary. This guy's hiding something. Remember Justin DiPietro asked the kidnapper to send a "signal". This is the same thing. The daughter is told to send a "signal". Cause my guess is she isnt out there to send the code just like Ayla's kidnapper isnt out there to send a signal.
What the heck is the letter the daughter sent the Dad saying she loves him very, very, very much? Where was this letter sent from, just a random letter to her Dad in the past?
This guy's full of it. Unfortunately, it sounds like he has harmed his daughter.

Maggie said...

Just getting a "Carrie" vibe.
Evil, disturbed making themselves out to be beyond suspicion.
Sounds like possible incest was occurring.
Even w the invasiveness of Dad knowing her password which so wonderfully is a Bible verse also.
I think her body is out there without a coat.

Randie said...

Google this:


"Zenya Hernandez confirmed that her husband has two homes, one in the Conway area. When asked where his second home is and the status of their relationship, Zenya said, "I can't talk about that part."

randie said...

"My Dearest Abby,
We don't know if you ran away but if you..."

This is a contradiction:

"For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away..."

Randie said...

"For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away..."

Why not just say: "For whatever reason you might have ran away"


Masquerade said...

"For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away..."

This makes it sound like she definitely ran away, and that there were reasons.

"I just need to know that you are OK."

Is this expected? Is this the only thing a parent of a missing child would need to know? Not where the child is, how they are, how and why the got there, and most importantly, wouldn't the parent want the child home?

I agree with a past commenter about the father asking for a signal, and it mimicking Justin DiPietro.

Why would you only want a signal, that could really be faked by anyone, or she could be forced to send a signal?

Sus said...

"If you don't want to do it yourself maybe you can get someone to do it for you."

1. IF...again all sorts of explanations around Abby calling.

Said in the negative. I would bet if they hear from Abby, it will be a "friend's" voice.

3. WANT...want is a soft word and the second time he uses it. And it's all unnecessary and unexpected. He should simply be saying "PLEASE COME HOME OR AT LEAST CALL."

4. DO IT...another word for call and phone. He is changing his reality on Abby calling. He doesn't see her calling.

5. YOURSELF...added word. We already know he means Abby...why emphasise it?

6. MAYBE...such a soft word is unexpected here.

7. CAN GET..."can" is about ability. Does he picture incapacitated.

8. SOMEONE...I wonder who "someone" is to him. It is singular and specific. In the rest of the letter he paints himself as the rescuer.

TO DO IT FOR YOU..."do it" means call and only say the scripture he knows. "For you" so someone else will say the scripture only he knows.

Maggie said...

For some reason, I feel the oddest part of the letter is where Dad/Mom specifies she must include "Book, chapter and verse". So, if she simply wrote her favorite Bible verse this would not be good enough--she needs to all cite "Book, chapter and verse".
Well, how could anyone EVER suspect these people who have made their daughter memorize the exact Book, chapter and verse???
Also, the part about the daughter writing "you will always be my Dad". Why would there have been any question about him being her Dad? Maybe the daughter found out this guy wasn't her bio Dad (wife cheated or something?) and the "Carrie" Mom went psycho on the daughter bc she found out she had "fornicated"?
I do believe there may have been incest but I get the feeling the Mom went psycho on her.

John Mc Gowan said...

Seriously, i'm no Peter Hyatt, Kaaryn Gough or Avinoam Sapir, which by the way i would love to have their knowledge..Maybe in twenty years and some, i will be just be a smidgen closer..

Take emotion out of the equation. Stand back..Read the letter without having our SA head on..Line by line, word by word. Comma by comma, pronoun by pronoun.

I'm going to put my head on the block and say her Dad is not involved..If i am wrong i will post here my apologies,and i will not have learned anything over the last 2/half years about SA, and i will delete my profile..

Sus said...

Ok, about the scripture / password. I don't think he means to say the whole verse..maybe I'm wrong. He means that at least one time her password was something like Psalm 23:5.

I also don't find it funny that her parents (or dad) knew her password at the age of 14. They should! Parents should monitor all online use at that age.

I do find it funny that the father goes to such lengths to explain how Abby should call in.

Masquerade said...

Oh jeez Randie. Do you have a link to this? I've been wondering about the father, where he lives, etc.

Why can't she say if she's with the father, separated, divorced, or what? What the heck is the big deal about that?

Masquerade said...

I agree Sus.

I'm wondering if the father is actually mas or upset that she changed her password. He thinks she ran away and changed her passwords.

Maybe this is what's bothering me. I think I'd be way more concerned about getting her home, than talking about the changing of passwords and announcing numerous different fax and phone numbers, etc. "Call 911" would suffice, I think.

Trigger said...

My dearest Abby,

We don't know if you ran away

Who is "we?" No formal introduction before "we"

"don't know if" negative

"you ran away" subtle disparaging and alibi building

Carnival Barker said...

Would a jacket be considered a "covering"?

Just like we don't need to know that you towel off and then got dressed, we don't need to know we're afraid you're cold because you don't have a jacket. That is already understood.

We all know what introducing a "covering" is indicative of.

Trigger said...

"you can always come to me...and will return you to us. And I...etc."

Unnecessary changes in pronouns.

He implies that "they" will return you to "us" when referring to his daughter's current missing status like she is a captive, but then states that she can always "come to me" and uses first person pronoun like she has a choice to choose him.

Trigger said...

How does her father know that she doesn't have a jacket?

Trigger said...

Why doesn't her father call her Abby?

"Please stay strong, Sweetheart" sounds odd. Like she has gone to the dentist to get a tooth pulled.

"Please stay strong, Abby" sounds more direct and firm, considering the seriousness of her missing status.

Nic said...

John said:

I'm going to put my head on the block and say her Dad is not involved..If i am wrong i will post here my apologies,and i will not have learned anything over the last 2/half years about SA, and i will delete my profile..

Why? We're all learning.

Aside from right and wrong, was it here that I read loved ones want to wrap their loved ones up to comfort them? I remember pulling the covers up around my dad after he died of lung cancer and kept making sure he was "comfortable" and "warm" until the funeral director came to pick him up. (Sounds so weird typing that.) Anyway, when I read that, I thought, yup, that's what I did.

I'm half wondering if the dad's wonderment about his daughter being "warm" and with/out jacket has something to do with that.

Anonymous said...

Masquerade, to answer some of your questions; I grew up in a very strict and religious home. The only entertainment we knew was going to church and any friends were those at church. Times are different now than they were when I ran away starting at age 14. We lived in the country, my parents had no phone, neither did the neighbors, so it wasn't so simple as calling 911 and reporting me missing; there was no LE agency within miles.

The nearest town was a very small town, no LE, no newspapers, no cell phones and no internet back then. Communication was done via mail. My relatives did not try to hide me from my parents and wrote them immediately that I was there; they also did not know I had lied about my age to get a job. They thought they did the right thing to put me on the bus and send me back home; but what that proved to me after the second time was that next time I got my chance to leave none of them would know where I went.

The final time was not made through a family that took me in. I had met an army pvt at our church, home on leave, whose family attended there and we started writing to each other. I wrote him that I wanted to leave and it was through our letters that we made plans that I would take the bus to the town where he was stationed.

He made the arrangement for me to stay the first night in a hotel and from there I was on my own, found a room to rent on my own and got a job right away. Always, of course, lying about my age. I made sure to keep my contacts few and far between as I was afraid of being found a run-away. I was good at covering my tracks, determined that I would never go back and no one would find me.

Today it would be very difficult for a young girl to do what I did. There are pimps, drugs, abusers and gangs everywhere, and with gangs of young run-a-ways as young at 10-12-14 yrs old on the run and bunched up on streets in many cities, hiding, going hungry and selling themselves just to survive. (Many of these kids are running from foster homes that no one reports missing, or just turned 18 and were put out with no place to go).

However, if this girl wanted to leave on her own badly enough, she certainly could do it without being found. It is SO easy to do.

Trigger said...

"you probably didn't anticipate all the media attention"

This sounds odd considering that a missing 14 year- old girl is media news because of all the dangerous predators on the internet that try to lure clueless kids into a trap.

I would expect a father to say something like, "all this media attention is helping to get the word out and encouraging others to look for you."

Why didn't Abby's father go in front of a camera and make his statements and call out to her personally, by name?

Is he hiding from the questions that the reporters might ask?

Anonymous said...

The letter starts in a weird place, talking about what we don't know rather than simply reaching out to her with assurance of love a plea to communicate if possible.

The concerns seem contrived. He's worried that she's out in the cold and might not have a jacket. For one thing, the last witnesses to see her can probably say whether or not she had one. Even if she did, when the mercury drops at night, a jacket is only moderately helpful. She needs a lot more than a jacket to be safe in the cold night.

He talks about hoping and praying but doesn't say what he is actively doing to find her. It sounds like he is sure she has not been taken against her will.

Overuse of "Sweetheart" instead of her name is concerning. It sounds like he has some weird fixation on her.

The tone of this sounds like he is trying to build a reputation for himself, not find his daughter. The last paragraph seems to be for show. All the FB and favorite Bible verse likewise. I'm a good dad because i know all this stuff about my teenager.

The two paragraphs about communication methods sound like a walking dictionary of deceit. He could have said contact us in two simple words but he spent two paragraphs describing various methods and making excuses for some of them.

Who is he talking to/about when he says you probably didn't anticipate all the media attention you've been getting... Why would he think this would concern her? If she was kidnapped it would be a good thing for her if she learned of it to know people are out looking. If she ran away, does he think she is somewhere watching tv? Chances are she would be on the streets or hiding in the woods or something...

He contradicts himself, first saying he doesn't know if she ran away, later saying whatever caused you to run away...

"For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out. No matter what it is." To me this is an admission they have a troubled relationship. It sounds like there has been trouble before and he has persuaded her to do as he wanted.

Most of this letter is fluff and pointless, suggesting that his purpose is not to find Abby.

Anonymous said...

If you ran away – leaving possibility that something else has happened to her

If you are able – leaving possibility that she is unable to call

What is missing – he does not entertain the possibility she was taken against her will, or plead with the abductor, even though he allows for the fact that she might not have run away and may be unable to call. The only other possibility is that she is dead.

The jacket and eating comment sent a chill down my spine, and this is why: he does not use the word “hungry.” He is not concerned by her hunger, but rather by whether she is eating or not. A living person would be “cold and hungry”, but in his mind Abby is “cold and not eating.”

Nic said...

Trigger, it's true. He doesn't call her by her name. Just endearments usually used by adults for each other.

He doesn't say "I" miss you, it's "we" miss you. And he loves her "very, very, very much". Which is right up there with "sure".

I don't know any details about this case, I'm purposely trying to just look at this letter and analyze the words. IMO, kids run away FROM something. Additionally, as an earlier poster pointed out, why does he just think she ran away? Why doesn't he ask her to come home? He only asks her to call and/or leave a message? Why not try to appeal to his daughter's possible abductor just incase? Such as, "OR, if anyone has taken ABBY, please let her go, etc. .... "

It appears that he knows "no one" took her, he doesn't ask her to come home, only to "find a way" to let him know she's "safe". It appears hinky.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Nic, i just think that people, not all i may add, and myself included. look for deception in everything we read that is posted.

I love SA, and learning,however, i would like to learn more on how to discern the truth in SA, and then learn deception within the truth. As Peter says..We always accept what is said is the truth..We then look and analylize the unexpected.

Nic, personally, i think i would benefit more if i knew how to see the truth within words, and then look for xyz.

Trigger said...

"They (God and Jesus) are watching over you."
Like where, in Heaven?

Why not say, " I am doing all that I can to find you."?

Trigger said...

"I am praying...that they will return you to us."

A pronoun change from first person singular to plural.

Also, how can God and Jesus "return you to us" as it implies that God and Jesus have withheld Abby from returning. Doesn't make sense unless Abby is absent from her body.

Randie said...

@ Masquerade,

Info on the two house thing with the dad.

Shelley said...

I don't why dad seems so sure she ran away.

Either hes not telling us part of the story (possibly there was a fight between the parents) or hes trying to convince us she did.

also do we know if the parents are still married.

Trigger said...

"It is important for you to know that nobody is angry with you, are not in trouble...etc."

This is the most important thing to this father that his missing daughter needs to know?

All I can think of is how much "angry" and "trouble" this missing "sweetheart" has experienced from "nobody?"

Big red flag, when order of importance starts with "nobody is angry" as if this was change from the normal course of things.

Randie said...

@ Carnival Barker,

You brought up good point.

I found an article from October 24th that Peter wrote. This is a snip about coverings.

"We have previously learned that sexual abuse victims often speak of 'coverings' of sorts, like towels, or blankets.

For example,

"I got out of the shower, toweled off, got dressed and went to work."

It is not necessary for the subject to tell us that he dried himself off with a towel. No one is likely to think he got out of the shower and ran around his backyard naked until he was dry. Yet, for the subject, it was important enough to enter his language.

We find that coverings of sorts enter the language of sexual abuse victims, but we also find it enter the language of PTSD sufferers, such as those who were on heightened alert (elevated hormones) in combat. They sometimes "need" to feel "covered." Another example:

"So, I went to bed, pulled up the covers, and went to sleep."

As an interviewer, when I find 'coverings' enter the language, I am on alert for possible sexual abuse concerns, and/or PTSD. It generally does not take much to get to the reason why a 'covering' entered the language.

With people who continue to suffer, like a PTSD victim, language can show the pain continuing. Sometimes, in extreme cases, they can even slip into present tense verbs, but that will be for another article."

Randie said...

Does anyone know if this is confirmed:

"The last call made on a missing New Hampshire girl’s cellphone was last Wednesday about four hours after she was last seen. It was used about two miles from her home at a spot near Cranmore Mountain, a ski resort popular with tourists."

Trigger said...

"Well darling, let me also say"

This is the worst nightmare of a parent, a missing child!

Abby's father calls her "darling" like she's a wayward girl who needs reassurance that she's loved and needed after being reassured that nobody is angry and she's not in trouble.

This is like a fairy tale come true. Abby's father has covered all the important things that Abby needs to know.

Randie said...

Good God, they don't even know for sure the Dad wrote the letter.

"Ruben Hernandez has not returned messages asking for comment. But his wife confirmed that to the best of her knowledge, he posted the message.

"That was his writing, those are his pictures," Zenya Hernandez said.

Zenya Hernandez confirmed that her husband has two homes, one in the Conway area. When asked where his second home is and the status of their relationship, Zenya said, "I can't talk about that part."

On the page, Ruben Hernandez lists three friends, one of whom is from Houston, Texas, one who lists a Massachusetts high school on her page, and one man who does not give a home location on his Facebook page.

FBI Agent Kieran Ramsey said law enforcement paid close attention to the online vigil and took note of Ruben Hernandez's post.

"I CAN'T confirm that it was him, but we are aware of the post," he said.

Ramsey would not comment on the relationship between Abigail's parents or Ruben Hernandez's whereabouts.

"All I will say is what we've said before, we've interviewed all the family members and they have been cooperative," he said."

They can't confirm it was the Dad and they WON'T talk about his whereabouts??!!!


Randie said...


Sus said...

I think the letter shows Abby and her dad were not close. My guess is she did not live with him to be writing him letters. And she had to assure him he would always be her dad.

Now, I think there is another possible purpose to this letter. The more I read it, the more I wonder about FBI involvement. Is that the "we"? Is that why Dad uses third person?

It may be that they have reason to believe Abby was kidnapped and they are reassuring the kidnapper..."media attention ", "maybe you can get someone to do it for you", etc.

The dad is making it nonthreatening for someone...possibly a kidnapper.

Just a thought.

Masquerade said...

Thank you! I appreciate your further explanation. I can see how you were pretty easily able to run away now. I have a better understanding of how it happened and how you did it.

Masquerade said...

Zenya Hernandez confirmed that her husband has two homes, one in the Conway area. When asked where his second home is and the status of their relationship, Zenya said, "I can't talk about that part."


That part of what?

They're being referred to as husband and wife. Is that media assumption, or was media informed that they are married? If they said, "does your husband xyz?", I think she'd correct them if he wasn't her husband.

He has 2 homes, not her, not we. Was there a recent break up? Maybe Abigail was upset about their breakup (whether recent or not). Why would they be writing letters back and forth? Do people still do that (kind of kidding, kind of not), with the easy use of phones, cell phones, text, email, fb, what have you. He seems to really be trying to overcompensate; overly portray his love for her and vice versa. I think there's something about that in SA. They are father and daughter. Unconditional love is expected (very, very, very much), it doesn't need to be over accentuated.

This case has been handled quite strangely from the begining. LE, of different agencies, were called in very quickly and the house was taped off very quickly, which is good, don't get me wrong, but is that the norm for a teen runaway?

Then after that, everything was extremely hush-hush. The mother was stopped by the county attorney (idk if that's the correct term) from speaking out. Then when she did, she too mostly seemed like she thought Abigail ran away. Now the father finally speaks and he mostly thinks she ran away.

Maybe there are reasons why, maybe directed by LE, but why wouldn't the parents do a more open, from the heart, not prepared letter/statement for their missing child? Why not answer questions about her? I'm sure the media could be a real pain, but in the case of a missing child, I'd think they'd be your best option to get as much info and awareness out there for your child.

Randie, thank you for the link. As far as her cell phone, they originally said it was last used that evening (I don't remember 5-6 o'clock), but that was retracted. It was then said that the last use was of her texting a heart <3 to her boyfriend, and it was quite a bit earlier, 2:52 pm.

Trigger said...

Is it correct that Abby's parents are estranged?
Is there a divorce pending? or a custody suit pending?

Is Abby another child caught up in a feud between mother and father?

Is Abby telling her father that she has chosen to live with her mother over her father when she writes that " I love you...etc. and you will always be my father?"

Maggie said...

It's the tone of the letter, the strange terms of affection like someone is writing a love letter, the striking overemphasis of religious knowledge.
The Dad knowing the FB password--yes I think that is creepy. I think it is overinvasive. Why can't he just ask her--can I look at your facebook page? So then he can see who her friends are, etc. Knowing the password means he wants that password so he can read personal messages sent to her. I think that is no different than listening to her phonecalls--like in the old days when there would be two phones in the house and someone could "eavesdrop". I think this family sounds like a bunch of religious posers.
I think these parents sound like a bunch of creeps for all of the reasons mentioned above

1) religious posturing
2) overinvasiveness
3) strange tone in reaching out to the daughter: it's kind of a patronizing tone "I don't if you're cold because I don't know if you have a coat." Well, uh, I would these parents would be heartwrechingly expressing that they are so worried to know is she alive, is she kidnapped, etc.?

Instead it is this mamby-pampy kind of tone "oh we don't know if you have your favorite jacket could you please just contact anything twitter facebook or anyone's phone it doesn't matter if they pick up and just say your favorite bible verse you know the one Dad uses when he snoops on all of your personal email? You can just have a friend say your favorite bible verse if you don't feel like it. I love you very very very very very very very very much!"
I will be VERY surprised if one of these parents is not involved in this girl's disappearance.

Maggie said...

Oh, and also the salutation of the letter "My Dearest Abby"--didn't Casey Anthony's mother or father begin their letters to her in prison this way? I think it was the mother.

Anonymous said...

Ok here's my wild theory. I think Abby confided in her dad about a problem she was having with someone. Possibly someone in law enforcement? The whole letter sounds like he's talking in code to her. If this is true then she would feel like she can't contact anyone for help if she ran away. Including her dad because LE could be monitering his phone, PC etc. I don't buy it that the FBI, LE don't know if the letter came from her dad. They know. Count on it. I think the scripture verse is more than a password, I think it's the code Abby set up with her dad if she ran away, to let him know she's ok but the situation got too bad to stay. He tells her to phone who she can trust. She can't trust the ones he told her to call.

"Or you can phone it in to anyone that you trust. You can phone it in or fax it to the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5785 Fax 356-8837. Or you can call the Jackson Police Department at (603) 383-9292, fax 383-8150. You can also call the dispatch number at (603) 539-2284."

Maggie said...

"Please know that I am praying and trusting in God, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they are watching over you, and will return you safely to us. And I hope that you are also staying in prayer, and having faith."

--This is interesting. Having been raised in a strict Catholic household, for some reason it strikes me as odd how he appeals to BOTH God and Jesus and refers to them as "they". I've never heard it. I've never heard these 2 aspects of the trinity referred to as "they". I am just drawing purely on word usage--I just have never heard the word "they" used to refer to them.
--But since he is, let's look at it: 1) God (who is heaven watching over all) and then there is 2) OUR Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (who is more connected to humanity and the earthly plane but this girl's father appeals to Jesus after God to "watch over her". Usually one doesn't appeal to Jesus to watch over anyone. It is more one would appeal to God or Mary the Queen of Heaven, not Jesus.
I think it's strange.

Masquerade said...

Well, this is interesting. Although I'm not sure if Abby's parents are still married (or even were married, who knows), but she has a bf of 4 years, who is in the Navy. He reached out, and spoke out for Abby. His statements are more "expected" than that of Abby's own father. I'm sorry to be so judgmental of her fathers letter, but it's coming off as strange to me.

Also in the same article are some statements by Abby's bf's father. I've read some of his comments on fb early on. Although somewhat abrasive, he seems to care for Abby, and also a lot for his son, and he's quite upset over Abby's disappearance and how hurt his son is. Like I said, he's abrasive, but seems to honestly care, and spoke out a lot for Abby. Idk if he has recently, as I haven't checked his fb page in quite a while.

Buckley said...

Yes, Anon @ 9:50, I'm getting a sense of something like that too. Not the part about her not trusting LE. Perhaps, it's Dad that doesn't want her to report to LE. You "can" contact them with meaningless info. Don't tell them anything. "you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me"

To me, what's hugely missing is an appeal to come home to US. Furtively let us know you are OK. In the middle of paragraph 5, he says " For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out. No matter what it is."

The rest is you "can" phone or fax (fax? wtf?- this seems contrived.) "stay" strong- "stay" is NOT a word I'd expect but we see it twice in a paragraph:

"...are also staying in prayer, and having faith. Please stay strong Sweetheart."

I don't think he wants her to do any of those "contact" things except, come to him as she has in the past. Share the secret, and I don't necessarily mean "divulge".

In the places he uses "sweetheart" are primarily imperative sentences, issuing a command; "Find a way" follows "sweetheart" twice. In the other two "stay strong sweetheart" and "it's important for you to know Sweetheart". The last is more sensitive and not quite the imperative "know Sweetheart nobody is..." but close.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 9:50--I agree with what you wrote. The letter absolutely does sound like he is requesting she communicate in code to get around LE. The letter has more of a tone like he is "helping her hide out".
There is, in fact, no other way to interpret the bizarre request that she provide Book, chapter and verse except that it has been communicated between them previously that he will "help" her elude authorities and just give him a "password" "codeword" to let him know she is OK.
Unfortunately, I feel there is a lot in the letter that points to posturing and what is very disheartening is the intensely patronizing/condescending tone of the letter. These words "patronizing/condescending" are not really accurate--I just can't think of a better word to describe it. The letter has a strong tone of falseness about it, as if he is not actually concerned about the daughter, her condition, her whereabouts, or even whether or not she makes contact, because the emphasis is entirely on the "codeword" she is to use when making contact. This points to fabrication of emotion, fabrication of scenario (daughter running away), etc.

Anonymous said...

"and no one will embarrass you."

This is odd.

Anonymous said...

obey thy father

Maggie said...

"It's the one that you also used as your password."

She "ALSO" used this as her password.
What else did she use it for?

Or is she NOW using it for something else?

Is there any possibility these people are hiding her somewhere against her will?

Something about this letter does remind me of the Fritzl case in Austria where the daughter was forced to write letters and even make a phone call to the mother when the father was actually holding her captive.

Creeper Dad said...

The dad's letter is creepy and doesn't communicate "the expected". Mom, Mom's bf, Abby's bf's dad, etc. communicate "the expected".

Sus said...

Thanks for the link, Masquerade.

I wish Peter would post the letter from Mom's boyfriend as an example of how a parent should react to a missing child.

I believe I see now why I felt a tone of competition in the dad's letter. The boyfriend seems to have had more daily contact with his daughters. And Mom's boyfriend took time to speak out and beg for info while the dad was too! Does this sound familiar?

One strange note...Mom's boyfriend left October 3 for his duty. Abby disappeared 6 days later. Was someone waiting till he was gone?

Anonymous said...

Another thought...could dad be in jail or prison?

Anon 9:50

Maggie said...

It is weird the way he expresses his concern about whether or not she is eating. It is said like he is worried she is REFUSING to eat food, rather than her not having food to eat.
I am getting somewhat of a "prisoner" vibe from this letter.

1) he hopes she's eating like he is worried about her possibly refusing to eat
2) the fixation on the password/codeword--bizarre.
3) he hopes she's "staying in prayer"--this is something said to prisoners

Anonymous said...

Why would it be odd to pray that Jesus, the Christ, watch over someone, but be acceptable to offer prayers to a completely mortal Mary? Mary isn't part of the Trinity. Nothing in the Bible speaks of praying to people. You say "they" sounds odd, and follow with "them" yourself. I am confused.

Sus said...

Quotes from David Velasquez, nephew of Ruben Hernandez.

"Abby and Sarah (Abigail's older sister) were maybe even closer to (Rubens Hernandez ) than she was to her mother..."

"My uncle is so heartbroken right now; there's no way he can talk about it; he wouldn't be able to talk about it yet."

The nephew says he and Rubens "pray about this everyday."

"Everyone on this side of the family is devastated, too."

Abigail is a "wonderful, sweet girl" who has an especially close relationship with her father.

Not quoted, but the article states Ruben H. splits his time between NH and Texas. He is an architect. The girls last visited and saw him in person last Christmas in Texas.

[From me...that's almost a yr ago. I'm not buying that's a close relationship. ]

Jen said...

Wow Anon! Good call...I glazed right over the fact that he didn't define her not eating as 'hunger'. But you're right, when I am running late and worried about dinner, I worry about my son being hungry...not about him not eating. (which I associate more with a refusal to eat, or as you said, it could mean unable to eat).

Sus said... of this article: November 5! More than a month after Abby disappeared!

CEC said...


I missed that, too, about his usage of "not eating", vs. being hungry, and how it could mean she CAN'T eat. My initial thought was that she might have an eating disorder and that "not eating" was something the family was worried about.

Sus said...

I'm with you guys. I couldn't figure it out either. But it is definately the unexpected.

Lemon said...

What I find odd, or unexpected, is that the father is concerned about her "not eating". If my daughter was missing, I would be much more concerned about…a lot of other things.

Psshhh said...

Anonymous said...

Me would trace it,idiot!

November 9, 2013 at 10:57 AM
Anonymous 10:58 AM, don't call Cookie Monster an IDIOT! Please!

Anonymous said...

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exhausted momma said...

curious, peter... assuming this parent was legit, worried... would the time frame since the child was missing have a role in any possible leakage? for example, at first I'd be worried and just want my kid home but after a month i might have deep concens of her well being but barely admit such a fear even to myself. i hope i am making sense?! would such fears leak out and make me appear suspicious?

Anonymous said...

I squeeze lemons.

Anonymous said...

Stop saying"leak"and"leakage"Ur all stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if it's true that Abby last visited with or saw her father last Christmas, then he couldn't have been molesting her, abused or disposed of her, right? Unless he made a sneaky trip to pick her up that no one knows about? My guess is this is highly doubtful and far-fetched.

As to someone (or several) expressing their doubts that a girl this young would be involved in memorizing Bible verses and quoting them; wrong. Guess again. There has been a youth Christian movement sweeping this nation for the last ten years. There are many of todays' youth involved in their churches and Christian youth ministries and camps. Not EVERY kid is on dope on running with a bad crowd.

Also, it is not uncommon for young people to change their passwords many times, even sometimes forgetting what they were and creating a new one, or become suspicious that someone else might catch onto their password.

Lighten up. John is not wrong to tread lightly over falsely accusing people over a few misspoken words, or lack thereof, who might be innocent without giving them the benefit of the doubt before pointing the guilty finger at them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LEAVE john alone you repugnent turnip.

Jen said...

Hi Exhausted Momma-

To answer your question, and while I find this letter very strange, there can be a lot of innocent reasons for sensitivity. Like you said, it could be his underlying fears leaking out, or it could be knowledge of a reason why she would want to run away, (that he has been asked not to share) such as a fight with her mother, bf, etc.

Sensitivity may be due to any number of things that have nothing to due with guilty deception. If her father really hasn't seen her for nearly a year, then I think that explains some of the strangeness regarding her not having a coat or not eating, because those would not be things he would oversee on a daily basis, but would be left up to her Mom/caregiver. We shall see!

Masquerade said...

That's now what I'm wondering - some sort of competition or jealousy from the father.

Yes, I noticed the 6 day difference and wondered too if someone waited until he left.

Masquerade said...

They're really pushing the close father/daughter relationship. I'm thinking that's why his letter comes of somewhat strange. Maybe he feels guilt over their relationship, idk.

It's not uncommon for the parent/child relationship to change and evolve as the child grows into teen and young adult years. It seems like he's still pushing for the same relationship from when she was a little girl. If he see's her infrequently, it might explain his misunderstanding of how the parent/child relationship changes over time.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with some of you people? It is not competition or jealousy when a father is trying to make contact with his own daughter, in whatever way he can!!!!

Is he not supposed to speak up concerning his OWN daughter???!

In fact, what the hell right does the mothers' bed partner/boyfriend have that outweighs the fathers' rights? NONE.

How do you know that the b/f isn't responsible for Abby's disappearance? You don't. These mothers move any man they chose into their bed and home for their young children to live with and tolerate through no choice of their own, no matter HOW the two of them treat the children.

You have the copy of the letter from the bio-father, which you have analyzed up and down, sideways and beyond; now I suggest you start taking a closer look at the mother and her boyfriend and THEIR lives!

Masquerade said...

I think the sensitivity might be coming from trying to portray a close relationship, but in actuality, he hasn't seen her in almost a year. I think his view on their relationship is skewed, or he even knows they aren't thar close (anymore), but feels guilty about it.

Masquerade said...

I don't understand your anger.

His letter comes off as over the top, pushing the relationship, with his overuse of terms of endearment for a 15 year old girl, as well as no concern that she may have been kidnapped. I don't know why you're so angry to see other peoples opinions. You have a right to yours, as does everyone else.

The mothers bf is in the Navy and was on active duty when Abby disappeared. His letter is more of the expected, as opposed to the fathers, which is a lot of unexpected.

And the mother has been with her bf, for reportedly, 4 years.

Your anger of others opinions is causing you to cast blame on to the mother and bf. Why?

Nobody here said the father has involvement in Abby's disappearance directly. His letter just has sensitivities.

Trigger said...

I don't believe that Rueben Hernandez had a "close" relationship with Abby.

He is too patronizing in his letter to Abby.

"Nobody is are not in one will embarrass you." It's a you have nothing to fear pitch "if you ran away."

Sus said...

Anon 9:49,
Actually the dad's words do show that he does not have a close relationship with Abby.

His words also show that the dad does not live with the mom...which we found to be the case throughout the discussion.

Last, his words, and his nephew's, show some sort of competition /displacement in his life where Abby was concerned.

At this point, I would not venture to say the dad is involved in Abby's disappearance. But if I were LE, I would keep my eye on him for the following reasons:

...waited one month to speak out for his daughter
...still hasn't faced media and public to beg for her return. Wrote a letter.
...his letter does not beg for her return as much as it attempts to display him as a great father

Anonymous said...

Masquerade, I am not angry. It's clear that this fathers' letter has been torn into little shreds and there's nothing left to demolish, so why keep belaboring over it even including off the wall suspicions that aren't even in the letter?

Now, not being able to find anything else wrong with the guy; he is being accused of not being close to his daughter just because he hasn't seen her since last Christmas, but how do you know that he wasn't calling her and sending webcams to her every other day or so? How do you know that he wasn't providing financial support, possibly even charge cards to her? How do you know that the mother and/or her b/f weren't deliberately scheming to keep Abby away from her father? You don't.

There are other ways to try to be close to ones' child other than seeing them on a regular basis; e.i., fathers (and mothers) who serve in the military and are gone for months at the time. Are you saying these fathers and mothers aren't/weren't close to their children either?

Hey, I don't know whether this guy is guilty of anything or not; but I AM saying why not look in other directions as well?

Sus said...

Anon 10:17,
"...why not look in other directions as well."

Because this is a statement analysis blog, and we are analysing the father's statement.

Anonymous said...

I just remember you all did the exact same thing to Sienna's mother for weeks and weeks, questioning if she had fought with her daughter, whether they were close, how the b/f treated her; her mothers' every word, look and gesture, even her standing in the middle of the road giving out flyers;

when it turned out she had nothing (nor did her b/f) have anything to do with her daughters' disappearance, until finally it turned up that the girl WAS picked up at the end of her driveway and murdered by a stranger that early morning.

It's just that sometimes some of you are so hell-bent to make someone guilty that you don't even consider other possibilities nor can you find anything right that the person might be doing that you are so sure is guilty.

This is why I admire Johns' stance on stepping back and making a fair observation PRIOR to the possibility of convicting an innocent party. When we don't know the whole story, sometimes things are not as they might appear to be. At LEAST allow some room for doubt. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sus, you all are good at blaming everything on statement analysis, including when it turns out that you were wrong.

Sus said...

I don't look at it as right or wrong. I look at the statement and go where it leads me.

This father's statement shows sensitivity in closeness to his daughter, competition with someone about his daughter, and calling out to bring her home.

The reasons for the sensitivity can be varied. 1. He may feel guilty he wasn't there to protect her. 2. He may be directly involved. 3. He may know or suspect who is involved. 4. He and LE may have facts we don't know of so he is not invested in calling out to a run away daughter. 5.????? I'm sure there are others.

I lean toward no. 4 right now.

Anonymous said...

Your showing GUILT your a bad parent.

Masquerade said...

I actually said that I didn't think the parents were involved, Anon. His letter has a lot of sensitivities though. It would/could be important to figure out why. One of the reasons it could be important, is because the sensitivities may have absolutely nothing to do with her disappearance. Not all questioning is done in a malicious manner; in trying to place blame. It can be done for the opposite reason as well.

You don't like the tone of questioning his letter, yet you jump to want people to question the mother and her bf. The bf was serving in the Navy during Abby's disappearance, and his letter contains much more of the expected. The mother has had limited publicity. I question why she assumes Abby ran away as well. Her statement seemed to be pre-prepared, IIRC. I'd rather hear something direct, from the heart.

I've actually thought right along that Abby was kidnapped or coerced to go with either a stranger, or someone she thought she knew and trusted. Idk. Hopefully she'll be found safe and sound, and we won't have to question anything or anyone further. Until then, I'd like to see people's statements who know her.

Mouse74 said...

I sure miss the days when only people interested in SA commented.

Anonymous said...

No Mouse 74; what you really miss is all those that rubber stamp your every idea as to your distorted versions and opinions of guilt; many that don't carry an ounce of merit in the long run.

But did it ever occur to you that there are some who ARE interested in statement analysis who just might be a little more intelligent in questioning some of these blatant accusatory statements than you give them credit for, and have every right to do so?

exhausted momma said...

mouse, i agree! i hoped that peter had elimi.ated the problem. some are clearly desperate for attention. ohwell.

Masquerade said...

I don't think it's unexpected that he told Abby that she's not in trouble. Teen's think that way. Should could have not returned because she thought she'd be in trouble. What I do find weird is that he over explained that, and took it to the extreme. Yet, he doesn't get into any possibility that she was kidnapped. No concern over a kudnapper, and not one word spoken to a potential kidnapper. If I saw both concerns (run away and kidnapping), I think I would view it less weird.

Anonymous said...

Sus said: "I look at the statement and go where it leads me." Not necessarily so Sus. You go where you WANT the statement to lead you based on your preconceived ideas. You could just as easily take the statement in the other direction if you had a mind-set to do so. Or explore every angle. But you don't.

BTW, I did not say that there were no sensitivity issues in this fathers' statements; but again, they could be misread either way with the limited knowledge one presently has in the circumstances surrounding Abbys' disappearance.

Sus said...

This is the letter and other quotes from Abby's mom's boyfriend. He calls out for Abby.

Anonymous said...

You have guilty feelings,did u fail as a parent???? Plus u fear women.

marietje said...

The thing that is disturbing about this case: She was extremely active on social media as are almost all kids her age. As we learned with Hannah Anderson. Social media is the overwhelming focus in their lives. It's the first thing they check, they're addicted to it. They can't live without it. And hers has gone dead silent. Leads me to believe she is no longer with us or has been abducted into sexual slavery. Human trafficking and sexual slavery is huge in this country as my town of Portland Oregon recently learned. Drug dealers have now moved to human trafficking because it is much more lucrative.
I couldn't get the link from Oregon to work so google this: Problem of child sex trafficking in Portland backed up by new numbers.

Anonymous said...

CREEPY! that guy is soooo creepy. I sure hope she ran away and thats all. but this guy is creeeeppppyyyy/ why would he say what her password WAS??? - to the public. And that he remembers it!!!!!!

ewwww. the way he talks allover is super creepy. ugh. how horrible fathers can be.

he's not really talking to her -- he's talking to the public -- and to himself.

Anonymous said...

why would the daughter write a letter saying -- I love you very very very much? if she was not countering it with a complaint for how he was treating her. --- she wouldn't. there was a problem coming from him. -- she was afraid.

mountain mama said...

I don't think this father thinks his daughter ran away. We all know that the most dangerous possibility is that Abigail was abducted and I'm sure her father knows that too.

What some may see as fake Christianity to me appears to be sincere. There is a term/act of "standing in faith" in Christianity. I think this father and his family are trying to stand in faith that Abigail was not abducted even though everything points in that direction. Some may see that as denial but it goes deeper than that. If this family is standing in faith that Abigail will be found safe and come home, to speak of the possibility of her being abducted is considered wavering in their faith.

If you read Abigail's comments on her face book page, you will see that Abigail is struggling with her own Christianity. Christianity is clearly a part of her life so why wouldn't she have a favorite scripture verse and why would we assume that her father's Christianity isn't sincere?

I also think that Sweetheart is more of a nick-name than an endearment. Notice the S is always capitalized like a name but the endearment darling is not. If Abigail could speak to us, I think she would say that's what her dad called her.

Sorry so long. To be continued...

Carnival Barker said...

I just read the letter again and something subtle jumped out.

I agree with posters upthread that calling her "Sweetheart" made my creepy-alert sound, but let's just assume for the moment that that is his nickname for his daughter. I understand why he would use her nickname in this appeal; HOWEVER, then why is he throwing in but ANOTHER nickname, i.e., "Darling"? Usually parents call their children either by their name or the ONE nickname they have for them. Usually it's a cute, playful moniker.

If he is sending her an appeal and trying to assure her she's not in trouble and "Sweetheart" is his nickname for her, I think it's reasonable that he would say it, as a way to comfort her and to express closeness. But then calling her "Darling" after that makes me feel that they are not close AT ALL and he's is simply trying to make it appear to everyone else that they are.

Anonymous said...

Oh for heavens sakes. Not every term of endearment from a father is a signal of molestation. I've already stated above how my own father and my many uncles called me sweetheart, little darling, also baby doll and other pet names, and were constantly pulling me on their lap for hugs; bringing me sticks of candy and chewing gum, sometimes a new dolly or something.

Never, not once, did a single one of these men EVER say or do the slightest thing to me that would be offensive or any way suggestive. Some men value and cherish little girls and treat them like little princesses.

These gentlemen would have rather die first that ever insult of molest a little girl. They are not all child molesters.

Randie said...

@ Mouse who said:

"I sure miss the days when only people interested in SA commented."

Me Too!!

We've had trouble with trolls since Billie AND her cohorts got on here to antagonize Peter.

Carnival Barker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randie said...

Abby's Mom:

"We've been up and down sometimes we've been very down and sometimes we're very hopeful and very optimistic. A week ago actually I was just devastated. Like devastated. But we are very hopeful and as much as there is technology and everything else we really rely on individuals and people and what they see. And there's somebody who either saw something that they just don't think it's important and so that's why they're not reporting it. Or maybe somebody saw something and they're afraid. But I do want to say that I DON'T believe Abby left voluntarily. I do not."

Carnival Barker said...

@Anon 2:14,

I think you missed my point. I'm not editorializing about the meaning of the nickname itself, I'm saying that if he is calling out to his daughter in an appeal that is as important as this one, and "Sweetheart" is his nickname for her, then I think it's appropriate and expected that he would call her that in the letter. But to then call her some other equally generic nickname says to me that neither one of those are a nickname for her at all and his use of them makes me feel like he wants to give the appearance of a close relationship, that they are so close he even knows her passwords.

Maggie said...

I came from a family of fake Christians, so I recognize this guy is insincere in his "faith".
Also, he is hypercontrolling forcing the daughter to memorize exact Chapters, numbers, etc.
It is odd to ask Jesus to "watch over" her. Jesus is normally called upon to help (his presence is more on the earthly plane). God is the big guy in the sky. Mary (no she is not part of the trinity) however she is the Queen of Heaven--she watches over and can intercede in earthly matters. Calling on Jesus to watch over her, to me, suggests she is not here on the earthly plane but rather the Dad pictures her in Heaven where Jesus is seated w God.
I agree w others--the daughter prob did have an eating disorder.
There is nothing wrong w nicknames like sweetheart, but in the letter is written as if it is a love letter. "Darling" is NOT an appropriate nickname.

Sus said...

You are missing the entire point of the discussion.

A father should be concerned, and alley concerned, with getting his missing daughter back. He should be frightened FOR HER.

Instead, Rubens H. seems more interested in showing the world he and Abby were close. He is more worried about how he looks than his daughter's safety.

Try to follow along.

Sus said...

alley should be only. I really dislike autocorrect!

Anonymous said...

Who's "alley"????

sus always drunk said...

SHE always always drinks!!!!!!!!

Carnival Barker said...

Peter didn't underline it, but I think that addressing the letter "My Dearest Abby" sounds like he's writing to a wife or girlfriend, not his daughter.

Anonymous said...

can't find anything in the Bible referring to a Queen of Heaven. I don't think how he asks for prayer makes any diference. The use of so many adoring nicknames is odd in my opinion. It makes the relationship questionable, does he really know her well?

Anonymous said...

Your a twisted fu*k!!!

Anonymous said...

I think someone contacted the father and asked for ransom. They told him not to talk to LE. He is trying to relay to them a way to let him know she is alive........


Maggie said...

Anon @ 3:51--Just google "Mary Queen of Heaven"--You will see that Mary was, in fact, crowned Queen of Heaven.
I do think the way he prays makes a difference.
Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven but he can also come down to earthly plane. There is just something about the way he asks God and Jesus to "watch over her" it's like he's picturing her in Heaven or purgatory not on earth bc Jesus could come come help not just "watch over" if she were on earth.

Masquerade said...

Peter underlined DAD, because it's in caps. I know in general, caps can mean the person thinks the word they used caps on is of more importance than the rest of the non-caps words, or it can portray yelling (which I don't think would be the case in this instance). What importance is caps to SA?

How about his closing, "With Love"? Is that expected from a parent to teen/child? I'm not sure, so I'm wondering what others think.

I saw on Abby's bf's fathers fb page, that he was pretty upset over how long it took Abby's father to come forward. He insinuates that her father was estranged from her, and that they weren't close. He questioned why the father just opened a fb account to post the letter as well as questioned if he actually wrote the letter himself. He also mentioned something briefly about possible abuse. This coming from fb/social media, I'm not sure what's actual truth, just passing along what I read. I don't know what Abby's bf's father knows for sure about Abby's father, and he could be upset and looking to blame someone while looking for answers, idk, but upon reading his posts, I thought, ok Abby and her father must not have been close, like he's trying to portray. Maybe that's where the sensitivity comes from. Maybe he's misinformed and Abby and her father were close. Who knows.

Maggie said...

This letter was written by a woman, most likely the mother. It's pretty obvious the Dad didn't write it when the writer of the letter refers to "Dad" in the 3rd person.
This changes the creepiness of the nicknames since it is the Mom writing it. But there is still the invasiveness of Dad knowing the daughter's FB password.
My guess is that both Mom and Dad abused her, hid behind the "good Christian" facade and were involved in her disappearance.

Maggie said...

With the "DAD" being all in caps, what is interesting is that in the preceding sentence "Dad" is in ALL lowercase letters "dad". Within this context, I feel the all capital DAD could point to the writer overcompensating with the all caps in an effort to convince that it is really Dad writing the letter.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked into the father of her boyfriend? He does not miss a chance to get before the media and from a profile standpoint, sounds more and more more like Susan Powell's father-in-law.

Masquerade said...

I don't think the mother wrote the letter. They aren't together, and he seems to be estranged.

Also, the only thing I see coming from the bf's father is caring deeply for his son, his sons hurting, and caring for Abby. I could be wrong though.

mountain mama said...

Suzie at 4:29, I thought the same thing.

Anon at 5:10, I agree.

Anonymous said...

"Purgatory' isn't in the Bible either. Why ascribe a belief which may not be his? Martin Luther, 530 year old today.

dadgum said...

the 'Gum household are all wearing our 'zum geburtstag' tee shirts today. Happy Birthday, Martin, and happy Reformation!

The names bother me. My granddaughter picked upon a birthday email that was not written by her dad. Too many nicknames, and they were stilted and strange. Turns out he was out of the country, and an uncle had written it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:21, you are absolutely correct. The word 'purgatory' is NOT in the Holy Bible. Neither is any such wording about the 'queen mother', or whatever. In FACT, we are told by Jesus NOT to pray to any heavenly figure, not to call on their names or call upon the spirits of the dead; to pray only in the Name of Jesus.

Jesus was and forevermore will be. There is none other. Jesus was before the foundations of the earth, before there ever was an earth. He taught clearly, "go ye therefore baptising them in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit." Now just whose do you think that name was? Let's put it this way:

Say you have a husband, his name is Leroy. Leroy is also somebodys' son, Leroy is also somebodys' father. Leroy has a job and works for somebody. They call him Leroy, not employee. His name is clearly Leroy. Would you call him father, son, husband, employee? NO, you would call him LEROY.

The name of the father, the son and the holy spirit IS JESUS. Therefore, you baptize in the Name of Jesus and that is the only name you call upon. This earth and everything thereon has been given to Jesus, not anyone else.

Maggie you need to find yourself a good Bible believing church and get your hiney in there and learn from Jesus, The Word of God. This earth is His footstool. Do not deceive others. You will give an account of it, as we all will. Bow the knee to no other than Jesus.

_kim_ber_ly_ said...

Hi Peter, Here's a video AND full transcript of Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito, who has been accused of bullying and making racist/violent comments to his teammate Jonathan Martin. Would love to see your analysis:

Religiosity said...

Anon @ 6:45- get a hold of yourself. You give "Bible beating" a whole new meaning.

I don't think Jesus is wringing his hands in anger over people asking his mother to intersede on their behalf.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Don't sweat the small stuff"?

Get a grip!

If you want people to see your way of thinking, be a "good Chistian", by acting like one, rather than preaching "the letter of the law" like a Pharisee.

Lemon said...

Sus said@ 10:24-
Anon 10:17,
"...why not look in other directions as well."

Because this is a statement analysis blog, and we are analysing the father's statement.


Vita said...

If this is " indeed" a case of Runaway and or Abby is in the hands of someone that she entrusted, that turned out opposite. The father his words are of levels, he to reach out to her his way. Reading his letter, this is a dismantled family where role confusion is sensitive. He is writing to her powerless, without authority. He to know she is sensitive to him attempting authority unto her. He on eggshells.

His letter salutation father to daughter, " My Dearest" Abby;
My being personal as in possessive mine. Dearest, his chosen for her ? or for himself? They have been estranged for a length of time prior to her vanishing. Dearest is traditionally in written letter form between romantic partners, who are apart, distanced. His chosen my dearest, in Spanish is Mi Amor. Mi Amor said or written to a person Is of love, for the person reading or listening. No romantic conveyance. This as I ask was this his chosen for himself? His written My Dearest Abby is of his love for his daughter to read.

His intro is personal to Abby, yet he is not I. WE, is he is writing on behalf of another, with himself included. Sweetheart is his memory of her, to her she is his little girl? they to have a falling out that she had the power? He is last in significance compared to WE, 'I' I just need to know you are OK.

I am very worried THAT
you are out there
in the cold

Because I don't know
you have a jacket

I am also
worried that
You may not be eating
safe warm eating
*someone here wrote in their comment, possibly Abby having an eating disorder. As he wrote it, first he is using calming language it's important that you know that nobody is angry with you. ED's withholding oneself from eating can cause a myriad of paranoias and guilt, as this is self harm. As ED's are not about food, yet of controlling one self within a world felt out of control. His first is to connect with her psyche,mind. 2nd his to connect with her, being her welfare of her physical body. Please sweetheart if you are able, this is a plea that is of negotiating. He to present her with ample options, not choices.

Why many options? she remains in control. She to make the choice to respond or not. Their family or within she and he, they have been rock bottomed before. This is theirs. Personal between he and she, of the bible, this why it is foreign to who reads his words. Its not for us to understand.

Half way on my comment - I am praying she is to be found safe, unharmed by another.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 5:21--You're kidding right? The Earth is Jesus' footstool? I'm just going to assume you're joking around bc nothing you're saying makes sense.
I used to go to church everyday when I was a kid. Christians are allowed to pray to Mary! What do you think The Rosary is and "Hail Mary"??? Do you not think you're praying to Mary when you say a "Hail Mary"???
I dont know what kind of church you go to if it's some kind of snake handling church or speaking in tongues and that's all good but Im just talking about mainstream Christianity lol!!!

sidewalk super said...

I think dad is finally writing the letter at the prodding of someone who has told him it might help (possibly law enforcement?) And he's not that close to his daughter but is using the stilted terms of endearment.
I'm also thinking he believes she is dead and is skirting around by pretend parental fussiness, coat, eating, etc.
The whole letter has an awkward tone and the bible verse, password, dad knows, all of that is more to show a familiarity with the daughter which really is not there.
And why couldn't mother talk about dad's second home? sounds just like billie dunn, justin dipietro, et al, to me. She is not being entirely upfront, but why?

Maggie said...

Vita--You make a good point--it does sound like the Dad is "walking on eggshells" in the letter. I had said condescending or patronizing but you have gone to the heart of the matter--it is like he is "walking on eggshells".
His concern about her eating does sound like he is worried about self-harm through food refusal.
Who made her disappear? Dad or Mom? There is a "Carrie" type vibe throughout the letter. Did Mom talk to Dad and tell Dad how "messed up" the daughter is (pathologizing her)? Hence, Dad walks on eggshells particularly about requesting communication, eating and also warmth with the coat. It is as if someone gave him a report along the lines of "she is so impulsive, still struggling w eating disorder, left without coat, changed password on FB (this seems to be implied). Could there have been an argument about food prior to her disappearance? Could she have been refusing to wear a bulky winter coat out of image concerns (this ties in w eating disorder)?
Someone is painting her as unstable to the Dad. I do feel this letter was co-written by 2 people--prob over the phone--one writer is female.

Maggie said...

"We don't know if you ran away but if you did,"

What is said in the negative is important. This line says it all. They know she didnt run away.

Maggie said...

" no one will embarrass you. "

" For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out. No matter what it is."

I get the feeling she was pregnant before she disappeared.
She was ",embarrassed". They were "embarrassed".
His reassurance we can work it out whatever it is--I just get the feeling this is a pregnancy they were not happy about.
The emphasis on eating--he hopes she is eating. Eating disorder or she needs to eat bc she is/was pregnant or both?
"Stay in prayer"--what is the issue she needs to pray about?
Was she harmed for being pregnant?

Vita said...

Has anyone read in pressers if Abby suffers from bouts of depression? as Dad words are below.

Dad: For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out.

As you have in the past, she has run away before? or she has come to him, contemplating running, they to work it out, by communicating?

Dad: In the last letter that 'you' wrote 'me' you ended it by saying…."I love you very, very, very much and that you will always be my dad.|Well darling let me also say that I love you very, very, very much, and that you will always be my daughter.

There is great depth of emotion in his words. He to add her contents of her letter she wrote to him. This conveys to her, I paid attention then and you've my attention now.

His: Well, Darling let me also say that I love you very, very, very much, and that you will always be my daughter.

In this moment of him writing he may have been crying, as he was finalizing his letter, he speaking to her, he to hear himself while writing, as if she was reading along, could hear him. I feel deep empathy in his words for her. He using social media as his only way he could possibly reach her personally.

From what I have read her cell phone has not been recovered and has been inactive since the day she poofed.

Her Dad's writing in his closing as if he was speaking to her, her voice mail greeting, he leaving a message to her, via mobile cell phone verbally. Well, Darlin or Darling, is not a flag to me.

My own dad to have different names for me, depending upon his emotions, the topic shared between us, he while speaking and or writing to me.

Mom, Zenya posted this today on Bring Abby home:

Abby, we love you so, so, so much and we miss you. We pray that you are home soon
Love Mom and Sarah

Abby wrote to her Dad:
I love you very, very, very much
He to write it back to her on his pleading/written to her.

Mom to Abby:
We love you so, so, so, much.
This is their personal family what is shared between them as their own created language.

Conflicts within the family causes reactions within Teens who feel nothing makes sense. They wanting to be alone, take a walk, just be. Find someone who " gets them" that is not close, that they do not have to worry, they this person will tell all on them. What they are not capable of understanding, that their inside feelings felt, radiates out of their exterior to nefarious persons, " like a beacon'.

She looks vulnerable. Where it be she in person walking and or a photo posted on media. These the predators who walk amongst us. They to hunt, manipulate and lure teens, as they easily mirror them into their confidences. Hey I know how you feel, I feel the same way too sometimes. I am no different than you are. Why not us go and we can... or not even bother exchanging " words".

Snatched for the taking. Amber Dubois's abduction crops within my reading Abby's missing, as she poofed, without a trace.

These predators once a worry in public places, they're everywhere once your/our Teen friends them. They added to their media via apps onto their cell phones. These scum in their own maintained playground 24/7 via technology, on the prowl. Technology being 100 times more sophisticated than humans.

Predators 100 steps ahead as they use technology meant for positive "Apps" in the negative. Sweep your teens phone, what is exactly loaded on your phone, what is this? that? -show me, educate me how it works and why you are using it. Praying for Abby to be found Safe.

Anonymous said...

This father loves his daughter and is sincere in his letter and his love. I respect SA and most of you but seriously, if this was your child what would you say.? Hoe would you feel. When we our comments we need to think not just jump to a guilty conclusion. And yeah, I know, anon at whatever time this posts, you are stupid, go away, I disagree. Go for it attack me if you feel better. Respectfully, Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case. You can tell it is me from my no spell-check.

Anonymous said...

Try to follow along. ? wtf, we have to go with your conclusions and not find our own? how many times have you been right?

"watch over her" people ask jebus to watch over when they cannot, such as being long distances away.

"Dad" in the 3rd, i am "daddy", my kid was 7 before he even knew my real name, lol. daddy loves ____. and he will say, ______ loves daddy.

so catholics are the gods of christianity? ok

her being prego... that may be the problem.
abby, trust me, i know, you have believed your parents are good godly people and totally respect them. you also do not believe in abortion because of your upbringing. you also think you have or will destroy what is left of your family's name and community standing. well let me tell you, none of that matters. they will fudge their belief in a heartbeat when they find out they are going to have a grandchild. keep in mind, they do not believe in abortion either. they will love that baby. they will still love you just as much as they always have. they are your parents, they will be there for you always, no matter what they might have said in the past, that talk is just hoping that things are better for you than they had. all the people in your life will be there for you and help you. you will not be an outcast. so come home.

Maggie said...

Noone else thinks it's weird Dad refers to himself in 3 rd person? "Dad remembers it". Obviously Dad is not the only writer of the note. This just seems clear. It's like a Christmas note written by the wife but she signs both names. Does Dad have a girlfriend who could have written the letter for Dad?
Something is not right.
Is Abby hiding out bc she's pregnant? I doubt it.
Was she kicked out of the house for it? Maybe.
One thing is sure: "Dad" knows she "out there" without a coat and "Dad" expresses his concern about food in an odd way, as if he worries she may be refusing to eat.
Was food withheld from her at some point? Was she refused food and this is now "projected" onto her that she refuses food?
There is a lot of sensitivity here.
Why can't "Dad" find out if she took her coat with her?
This may be way off, but the Dad's way of stating his concerns about food make me picture a prisoner who is not eating the food given to them.

Vita said...

I found, and typed here the letter sent to Parent/Guardians from the Conway Schools, Administrative Unit - on Oct 18, 2013

On Bring Abby home, her mother is posting on: Abby's Story

Abigail Hernandez has been missing since Wednesday October 9, 2013 when she was last seen leaving Kennett High School in North Conway, NH at 2:30 PM. Abby is 5’4 and weighs 118 lbs She has long brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing black leggings, a grey and black striped sweater and black boots when she was last seen.

Please call 1-800-CALL-FBI or the Conway PD at 603-356-5715 with any information to help find Abby and bring her home. No piece of information is too small, please call if you know anything.
Sent out 8 days post her missing

Letter dated: Oct 18, 2013
Dear Parent/Guardian

The Conway School District is deeply concerned not only for Abby Hernandez, but for the welfare of all our students. We want to address concerns and assure you we are acting with care and support for our students and staff. If you have any specific concerns about your child, please contact the school ( principle, guidance counselors, teaching staff).

In such an incident students are affected in a variety of ways. We ask you to keep a close eye on your child, listen to them, and talk about any concerns they have.

It is important to make sure they are eating correctly, sleeping enough, getting exercise, and making healthy choices as they process this uncertainty.

It may also be helpful to monitor, social media, text messaging, and limit exposure to coverage of anxiety increasing movies, news and other media sources.

We continue to offer our schools as a resource, as needed, while we work as partners, to support our students, schools and community.

Conway School District Admin and Staff
I find their letter worse for ware than Abby's Dads written. The school dist has zero liability. This letter is telling. There is an active investigation within association the school district. This as written is An indirect yet directive letter sent to the parents. Parents need to be told to feed, water and walk their house plants, and if you do not comply? consequences are?

Q: Is there a teacher and or person over age of 21 in connection with " known dysfunctions" recorded, non reported via Abby's school?That this person wasn't reported the 1st, 2nd, incident. Open question, not an accusation.
Somethings not right, this letter appears as a disclaimer, sent out to C. O. Assets in case of. Why? fear, that this investigation coughs up a POI in Abby's missing, that is connected to her school? and or grounds, one employed by the district? as this is written the Risk IS present, not post, not under control.

This is written alike a Pre-nup to parents, not written based solely upon " Abby's" vanishing.

She is not the subject nor is her missing the reason of the letter, as SHE is the side bar. Interjection not even. Abby who?

Sus said...

I don't think that most of us are jumping to a guilty conclusion. I feel attacked by posters telling us we shouldn't analyse the letter.

This letter is the first I heard of Abby Hernandez. It was apparent from the letter that the father feels some sort of estrangement /competition over Abby.

My and other's research has born that out. Abby's mother, sister, mother's boyfriend, and her boyfriend's father have all been active in speaking out to bring Abby home. The father waited one month to do so.

The entire letter points to, I AM HER FATHER AND I KNOW HER BEST, when this should not be his top priority. Bringing Abby home should be.

Sus said...

Maybe so. I noticed in one article that a janitor from the school was a witness to Abby not getting on the bus, and saw her walk down the power line.

It sent up a red flag for me. I wondered why a janitor was watching who gets on the bus. But then again, it could be personal to me as I was harassed and stalked by a janitor when I was in high-school.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Sus,

Coming to the Statement Analysis blog and telling people not to analyze a statement is like going into a restaurant and telling people not to eat ... ESPECIALLY since Peter himself put the letter up and invited our comments with underlining and coloring all the parts we need to pay special attention to.

You did nothing wrong. Some people come here with their own agenda, whether it be to troll, to incite, to exonerate, or even to kidnap Peter.

Just ignore and arrow down; that's what I do.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:21 simply stated a truth. Purgatory is not in the Bible. He/she said nothing re "Jesus' footstool".

In any event, I suppose mainstream protestant Christians are "allowed to pray to Mary". But they won't. That is one of the differences between Protestant and Catholic beliefs. Protestants don't hail Mary, or any other human being. No offering flowers or candles to statues to get favors.

Am I correct in understanding from your post that you attended Catholic mass as a child, stopped attending, and have never been to, read about, or discussed church with a Protestant? Look it up. What were the Protestants protesting 500 years ago? The grip the Church had financially on her people, selling indulgences, and putting themselves between God and humanity. Christ is our mediator, not priests. The Catholic practices are nice, but are not in the Bible. Neither is the Pope, nice fella that he is.

I don't know what Abby's dad believes, nor does it matter. His requesting a verse as 'proof' is way out there.

Vita said...

Video of Abby, she made, she uploaded Dec 2012

Site with comments posts on her case

Anonymous said...

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John Mc Gowan said...


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Anonymous said...


I say this with the most sincerity, after reading the first ten comments I could bit stomach reading the rest which saddens me as its my favorite part. Can you please get rid of the troops bickering about nonsense? Reading the comments feels like I'm in forth grade and brings your site down so much. Being a kidnapped and rape victim I am g compelled to follow certain sires but these trolls have taken your comment section and made it a joke.

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