Monday, November 18, 2013

Carnel Chamberlain's Attorney Challenges Murder Charge


Sadly, this was another case in which Statement Analysis indicated deception over a 'missing' child, who had been murdered.  This case also had shameless attempts by the family to profit off of Carnel's death. 

BAY CITY -- The lawyer for Anthony Bennett, the Isabella County man accused of killing 4-year-old Carnel Chamberlain wants the murder charge dropped.
Bennett's attorney, John Shea, filed a motion seeking dismissal of the charge claiming the grand jury indictment is "unconstitutionally vague" and that it violates Bennett's due process right to "adequate notice as to what constitutes the offense."
According to Shea, the indictment against Bennett alleges three different theories of first-degree murder: that it was premeditated, that it was allegedly committed while Bennett was abusing the child, which makes it felony murder, and that it was committed as a part of a pattern of prior assault.
Shea said he is challenging the third theory.
Chamberlain went missing on June 21st in Chippewa Township. After search efforts came back unsuccessful, police focused investigative efforts on Anthony Bennett, the child's mother's boyfriend. Police said Bennett had not fully cooperated with the investigation, saying "he was playing games with authorities."
Chamberlain's body was found under the porch of his home. He had been badly burned.
Bennett was originally charged with assaulting the 4-year-old, to which he pled not guilty and was denied bond.


Anonymous said...

Please post another story to get that awful video of Ford to go away!! It starts playing as soon as I come to the website, and plays continuously.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Another one who will get off on some kind of lawyer story and a stupid jury. Just wait, Casey Anthony jury syndrome. Please let that not happen again.

Anonymous said...

He has neck tattoos. People will not overlook that!

Anonymous said...

this makes me so mad. Just what kind of mother lets this scum NEAR her baby??????

Anonymous said...

NO Please NO. He did it, he needs to pay. What a vile "human."

Anonymous said...


Any statement analysis on Michael McStay?

He appeared shady from the start. Red flags on his recent statements after the Joseph McStay family bodies were found. I learned today Michael McStay lied from the beginning of this case,he went into the house and removed Joseph's computer. That was not all he took, started helping himself to the money in Joseph's account. LE demanded he return the computer immediately cause he was interfering with an investigation.

Hope it's ok to put a link here. Tricia's show. Great details from investigative work done by Mr. Baker:

Anonymous said...

what do you think of Brintey Murphy's mother on 911 call?

Brittany Murphy's Mom's Frantic 911 Call Released - YouTube

there are new suspicions that she poisoned her daughter

sidewalk super said...

It is pitiful that this evil piece of protoplasm and his enabled girlfriend have not already been sentenced to pay for torturing and killing little Carnel.

Pitiful and disgusting.

Where have we heard of this attorney, john shea?

Excruciating Headache said...

Off topic, but George Zimmerman, neighborhood hero, is being unjustly accused of violence AGAIN! Why is everyone out to get him?

Thank goodness he called 911 and left a little material to analyze.

Dee said...

sidewalk super...Shea was involved in the corruption trial of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. He represented Kwame's father Bernard who was a co-defendant. It's the only time I've heard of him before.

marietje said...

Thanks for this update. However, to be clear, Carnel Chamberlain was the innocent child victim of torture and murder in this case. And it is Anthony Bennett's (the accused) attorney who is challenging the murder charge. There are many, many good things going on in Native America, but there are many, many bad and evil things that have crept into our traditional ways. I suggest if you want to read some balanced news google: Indian Country Today. There are good and bad from every background. For instance, many once believed in AIM leadership as heroes who now know they are thugs who usurped a movement and Leonard Peltier is exactly where he belongs.

John Mc Gowan said...


George Zimmerman 911 Call:

Girlfriend Samantha Scheibe Details Alleged Shotgun Incident (LISTEN).

Vita said...

Thank you PH for posting. Carnel is not to be forgotten. My posts will continue, to be in parts, as I have a lot to say. I do.

Many missing children cases have been topic here. Statement Analysis upon persons statements relative to the cases. Persons who are not necessarily named a POI by authorities. These persons to leak their deceptions, truths, within their statements. While the case were/remained open, some continued to speak, the missing not found. In Carnel's case he was found.

Carnel Chamberlain, 4 yrs old, reported missing on, Thursday, June 21, 2012, late evening. His mother Jamiee Chamberlain, calling authorities reporting Carnel missing. After she returned home, from her work place, Soaring Eagle, Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

For who isn't aware, PH provided and continued extensive analysis on the statements made by Jaimee Chamberlain. Her first press interview was Saturday June 23, 2012. PH covered her statements, as brief as they were, her words said a lot. Many persons contributed in that single post of breaking news, Carnel yet another missing and exploited by his own mothers neglect, her statements shared, he was a victim by her, hers, he not an innocent missing by random, nor stranger.

The child’s mother, Jaimee Chamberlain, 21, said she had just gotten home from her job at Isabella’s restaurant at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Thursday when she learned that Carnel was missing. She looked around her yard, and “knew something happened” when he wasn’t near the house.

“My son’s not a wanderer,” she said. “I always thought I’d have one of those kids you almost need a leash for, but he never went far, he stuck close.”

Carnel's egg donor, I will not dignify her with title of mother. Jaimee Chamberlain was phone interviewed by Nancy Grace. The show aired on, Friday, June 29, 2012. The intro of this airing, came with a disclaimer, this episode has been pre-recorded. I watched this airing, and it was the most difficult interview for my listening, in the history of my watching NG. Jaimee Chamberlain her responses were chilling, she telling us who she is.

Within the first part of the show, a ticker ran across the bottom of the screen. Carnel Chamberlain was found deceased, under the mothers house, porch. Press released the day of of the June 29th, Carnel's charred remains had been found, recovered.

I followed Carnel's missing case from day one, as many did. On Sunday, June 24th 2012. Michigan State Police arrived onto the property of Tomah Road, they to bring cadaver dogs, their experts. The pressers to offer light that this was the first day, MSP was allowed to investigate, as this was Tribal property, Tribal jurisdiction. The reports and videos by local MI media, it is compelled yes to believe, Carnel's remains were found by MSP K9's on Sunday June 24th. The interview of JC with Nancy, pre-recorded, Carnel was found, and JC's agreed to be interviewed for her own benefits, her alibi building, yes to save her own axx.

JC was aware that Carnel's charred remains were found, as she whined to NG, her replies, responses. It was that he was burned beyond recognition, it took that week to determine if it were 'human' remains found, to be said affirmed by LE, indeed it was Carnel. These charred remains located by MSP K9 cadaver officers, 6/24.

As too was found on JC's property, by MSP K9's, surrounding her home, countless charred remains of animals, both wild and domestic. Animals who suffered torture, as Carnel suffered the very same, water torture, speculated scattering, he burned beyond recognition. Carnel's justice present day is unpredicted.

Unknown said...

Hi Peter-

You asked about statements from Sandy and Casey Parsons (Erica Parsons) for analysis. Here is a link to transcripts of several interviews including the Dr Phil show, and their local media outlets.

Vita said...

Tommy Chamberlain the only family member to come forth to give Carnel a voice. Tommy, JC's bio brother. He shared that Carnel was taken by JC from his maternal grandmother, last wk of May 2012. Maternal grandmother attending a family funeral out of state. This became JC's in. This in JC's own statements, vicious abuse had been inflicted on to Carnel, the last week of May, (her first recall of Child abuse) by her live in Man Boy, Bennett.

JC did not have custody of Carnel, he was in and out of MI foster care, since infancy, he to be placed back within the authority of tribal officials. Carnel did not live with his mother.
Press: Carnel’s mother, Jaimee Leona Louise Chamberlain, 21, at one point told a probation official to take Carnel out of her custody because she did not want him, according to an abuse-neglect petition filed in Isabella County Trial Court in February 2008.

She to gather him from his maternal grandmother, Grandma, without the ability to make a judgment call, as it was her Mother I believe had died, she in Tx. She leaving Michigan for her mothers funeral.

Tommy's paraphrased, she gaining Carnel, was for tribal monies she would receive, Carnel reported residing with Bio donor JC. He to estimate between the two JC and Bennett they were receiving combined up to 10k+ a month in cash, in tribal benefits. Jaimee to obtain the part time waitressing position at the Soaring Eagle, AFTER she gained Carnel into her house of horrors. She to permit the ongoings within her home, property. She not to report, failure to protect?

No, my belief as is others, she enjoyed Carnels' abuse, as she participated. Her own statements are that she did participate, condone Carnels' torture.

Jaimee's statements to authorities, FBI interviews, that Carnel sustained endless abuse inflicted upon him, from the last week of May, until mid June 2012, his vanishing. This to be dates matched, Tommy's saids written online. The FBI doc, interview JC.

He was from day one, once in her care to become a punching bag, free entertainment, Carnel abused mentally, physically, he humiliated, treated less than animal. Link to FBI interview, statements of JC:

JC to post photos of Carnel on her myspace, he with bruises, injuries sustained in the 5 short wks, he with she and Bennett. She and Bennett smiling widely like cats that ate the canary. She to name Bennett over and over as the abuser, AFTER Carnels missing. Bennett arrested for Carnel's murder. The twist here, that this is not the State of Michigan prosecuting Bennett. No, this is a federal case, as Carnel was residing and murdered on Federal land, Chippewa tribal land.

Dominick's Law does not apply. Carnels' case had it been State of Michigan, I do believe that Ms. Chamberlain would have been arrested on a myriad of charges, including assisting per-missing premeditated murder. Bennett is to appear in Bay City Federal Court today. His first atty is no longer, he now has new council, Federal. His atty Oct 2013, motioned the Federal Court to dismiss all murder charges, Carnel not to exist. He to outcry the charges unto Bennett, Murder 1 and the associated abuse charges, were unconstitutionally vague.

Oct Press:

Unknown said...


Looks like another missing family has been found:

This family was featured on 'Disappeared'. Their truck was found with their dog locked inside days after they went with their young daughter to look at a remote plot of land they wanted to buy. A large amount of money (I believe 40k) was found in their truck, along with purse, wallet, phones, etc.

Unknown said...

Hi Vita-

I am infuriated everytime I think about poor Carnel, and pathetic mush-mouthed Jamie C and her fake forced cry voice answering NG's questions while her son lay beaten, drowned, burned, and buried under her own porch. She should be facing the same charges as Bennett!


Todays headlines are horrifying! Both of these stories have sickened me. What is happening to the world?!

This monster posted on FB about, and then murdered his toddler daughter, and shot himself to get back at his ex-gf for leaving him.

These two sub-humans were found with their 5-6yo little girl in a cage EATING her own skin, and another child buried in their back yard, when police came to search for items they stole from a neighbor.

Vita said...

Oct 2, 2013 MI Press:

The first three charges are related to the death of Carnel Chamberlain, reported missing June 21, 2012, while the latter four stem from conduct that prosecutors say occurred against Carnel’s mother, Jaimee Chamberlain, and others before the boy’s disappearance, Shea states in his motion. The latter four counts, Shea writes, “are not of the ‘same or similar character’ and are not ‘based on the same act or transaction, and are not parts of a common scheme or plan.’”

“The murder case is entirely circumstantial, and indeed a cause and mechanism of death may never be determined,” Shea writes in his motion.

“The child abuse allegations are entirely dependent on the word of the child’s mother, who was herself a ‘person of interest’ for many months during the murder investigation, and whose statements have been wildly inconsistent … in connection with Defendant’s relationship to Carnel Chamberlain.”
The atty's quoted, first ever in print, JC was a POI within the murder investigation. Bennett's atty, it is her wildly inconsistent statements, proof? she equally responsible, her intent, her participation within her/his joint acts, her engaging in the abuse that led to premeditated Murder. She certainly did nothing to prevent Carnel's savage abuse, preempting murder premeditated. Why wasn't she charged? arrested? if this atty is hell bent representing Bennett? He motions using Federal laws of 2003, to dismantle the charges of Murder 1 against Bennett.

She was not charged period, related to Carnel's abuse nor murder. She walked away unscathed.
How could this be? was it by her association of ? that her blood ties, her to who? her employer?
The revolving, her involvement, which afforded her to be protected? which appears to be, what is the held most sacred. Money Profit. Her not to be saw, to be of, her to become disconnected, not remain connected to the reputation of the Soaring Eagle. The tribal who are in the powers of, being JC's Uncle.

He spokesman, JC's bio Uncle, Kevin Chamberlain, who is Chief of the Soaring Eagle Casino, he to replace ? Jaimee Chamberlain's voice. She never spoke a word to press after it was confirmed Carnel was found.

He to become the verbal communicator representing who? Carnel? Jaimee? or the Soaring Eagle? the tribe itself? he to provide statements to the press, of Jaimees' behalf, not Carnel's. He next breath, I don't know where she is, I have not spoken to her.
She isn't hiding, even so I cannot tell you her whereabouts.

Carnel found, next came, Kevin, with the selling of Tshirts, mugs, with Carnel the poster child, donations are needed for the Chamberlain and Francis families. Francis is bio dad of Carnel, who was and is at present incarcerated, non related to Carnel's murder. Which was bitterly sweet, it went from donate to the families, recreated, to creating a Memorial fund in Carnel's name to be announced. Carnel is still for sale

His words: a year later 4/2013 “People are just not ready to talk about it,” Chamberlain said.

A year later, Carnel you remain anonymous to your own people. No face, no name, no body, no justice. We buried you, when? as Carnels' remains are where? present day? in a FBI locker? as present day, and in the last countless months, not one person has stood spoken on behalf of Carnel from his blood family. Not ONE. Carnel came into this world alone, and his spirit remains in limbo,not at rest, 11/2013.

Vita said...

Family of Chamberlain, who have become silent. Not to speak. Not to be a presence. Jaimee not to say a word. The stoked created by Kevin Chamberlain, " Carnel to gain who's attention, for the tshirts, the profiteering off of, Carnel's abuse? seemed like a good cause?

Carnel wasn't provided a voice, he has no one backing him, no one fighting for him. As the pressers are of zero mention of Carnel the victim, all is what Bennett is enduring within the Federal Justice System, as if Carnel is a byproduct. Why? either the family Chamberlain, is not present, and or is declining to be in the press. Why? why no presence as today Bennett was again in court.

The trial of Anthony M. Bennett, 21, was to begin with jury selection the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 19, before Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran. The proceeding has been adjourned, as prosecutors indicate Bennett is to accept a plea offer. The plea hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Details of the plea offer were not available. Link:

Is he going to walk? no Murder Charges, upon a Federal Law, that allows him a loop hole out? He is to accept a plea, which is lingo of, he will be afforded a deal.
This is what happens when a victim has zero advocates to step up for them. This not personal, no one is standing in way of, therefore it is business. Plea, in exchange for a lesser sentence, that he will not have to stand trial. This isn't straight forward he to PLEAD Guilty will afford him anything, as Murder 1, federal is automatic Life. Federal law too instates Death Penalty, this NOT a term used associated to Bennett. This has NOT been a highly sited case in the press, why? because it's not about Carnel. The most to become in light, since Oct 2013, Bennett being the media center not Carnel. Carnel for months in press wasn't even dignified to have his name in print, he was referred to as CC.

Carnel's HOPE for Tomorrow FB created on June 21, 2012. Which I find disturbing, since he was reported vicariously missing by JC, post 10pm on June 21st 2012. As this facebook was not created for Carnel, it was created to hitch a star, to sugar coat, the self loathing of the mod himself. This his, that he isn't willing to stand against. As he has made his feelings well pronounced in media, his past, his life on the Res, after Carnel was found.

Today it to be dormant, nothing, no following, no updates,who is moderator: Kevin Chamberlain

His written upon Carnels' Hope for Tomorrow Fund page, is his or Jaimee's truth not to be told. Next.

sidewalk super said...

could this plea have anything to do with the drug trade that Carnel's hideous mother is involved with?,
and, by chance, does the soaring eagle and kevin chamberlain have anything to do with that distribution? Just asking...

Sooner or later the terms of the plea will come to light, yes?

Vita said...

We, the Chamberlain family, believe a shroud of secrecy |we further believe this dark shadow is what led to the circumstances surrounding Carnel’s abuse and death, Kevin. Interesting blaming themselves, yet no accountability. It is our own admittance, yet we are of no arrest, no charges to be brought. As we are above this. No charges against Jaimee from the tribal, as we cannot afford the bad publicity. Confession as written in black and white, upon our story of, epic failure, disconnect, abuse rampant as it is permissed, as it continues. WE the Soaring Eagle(?) are exempt, Chief of, being Kevin Chamberlain, the Tribal, have priorities over and above Carnel, that are met yearly. As we are a charitable org to whose pockets we line, for our own gains in the future.

Carnel, the poster child of our tomorrows Hope, some day, not to be designated, nor determined. A save face account created, to make us apparent, that we are transparent. Proven.

My posts, I have one more after this one. Not why me, why not me. Carnel affects me deeply. That within his face, I see family, my own tree. My not yet proven factual, may never be, if there are no documents. My childhood, my dad to instill, you are Cherokee, this between he and I. He to embrace his known, to share with me, that I should be proud. This learned wasn't researched nor asked nor spoken, within who held the answers. It was unspoken in his family. Why? it was shame, according to his mother. She my paternal grandmother shamed me privately, my first recalls when I was Carnel's age. She not to subject me in front of others, as it was out right abuse. As I was physically exterior a reminder of her ancestry. The very ugly names I was called, I will not type, that she repeatedly called me, as Monsters do not allow witnesses. It was my word at age 4 against hers, a no win. Carnel, who was too shamed, yet not in the 1960's, 1970's, but in year 2012. I am here not for me, I write for Him that people do not forget him, as his core people have. Carnel himself by one sentence he is said to say, his own words, he to say this of his free will. In mornings, no matter who's home he awoke, he to ask the adult nearest, "How did you sleep?"

Profound words of a 4 yr old. He who is family to all of us, as we are all related. He of once life, of promise, his promise is still here. Carnel was born, his purpose exists, it is he was a tree so precious, that he was cut down, as his family provided him a sick toxic environment, he could not survive on his own. For his life to go on, as it was intended, he was sacrificed in the cruelest of wagers waged. Carnel born, he was and is a natural born leader, this why he was destroyed, not kept safe, not vested within. As he would have AROSE, he as a young man, to become water, rain. His, he to rain upon his people, cleansing the dirt from their eyes, to make them see the world that they have maintained for too long. A soured environment, they repurposing their young based upon greed and entitlement. This not of nature, nor Natures law, as Carnel represented at age of 4 great wisdom. Carnel is not missing, he is found, he his body, not respected, not claimed. Until he is claimed, respected, within this, his closest will continue to fail, wither, self destruct.
As this is their chosen not his.

* Carnel, Carnelian, the natural gemstone meaning: Carnelian is an energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they can come into their own. It is said to increase the appetite.

His given name appropriate. Inspiring increase of appetite, as he provided me appetite to research knowledge, I have learned, and continue to learn my ancestry. Myself to no longer feel shame nor hear the ugly words of my grandmother, how she defined me. I let go. Carnel to inspire me, to seek, to learn. My granddaughter born July 2013, who too I believe is a natural born leader. Pls listen:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic BBM

A smiling George Zimmerman was released from jail on Tuesday, hours after his first court appearance on domestic violence-related charges.

Zimmerman, who allegedly pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend's face Monday, was charged with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, as well as battery and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors. He was released after posting $9,000 bond.

Judge Fred Schott ordered Zimmerman to stay away from his girlfriend's house and wear a monitoring device.

Earlier in the day, Zimmerman, 30, was served with divorce papers from his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, amid fresh claims from a prosecutor that he choked his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, in an unreported incident.

In this latest scuffle, both Zimmerman -- acquitted earlier this year of criminal charges in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin -- and Scheibe each called 911 and provided dueling descriptions to police dispatchers about the argument.

Scheibe, 27, accused him in a 911 call of pointing a gun at her, smashing a coffee table and then pushing her outside. Zimmerman also called dispatchers, flatly denying pointing a gun at her and blaming her for the broken table.

A prosecutor said Tuesday that Scheibe revealed that she was choked by Zimmerman a week and a half ago, but the incident was not reported to police.

The prosecutor said Scheibe was in fear for her life because Zimmerman mentioned suicide and said he "had nothing to lose." Zimmerman's public defenders said after the hearing that he didn't appear to be suicidal.

Schott also ordered that Zimmerman must stay away from Scheibe's home and cannot possess guns or ammunition.

Schott said that Zimmerman's previous brushes with the law weren't a factor in the conditions he was imposing. Zimmerman will appear in court again on Jan. 7, 2014.

Defense attorneys said after the hearing that they expect him to be out of jail on Wednesday, and they're confident he'll eventually be acquitted.

Public defender Jeff Dowdy said Zimmerman's family has been supporting him.

"I would think it would be difficult for George Zimmerman to get a job in central Florida," Dowdy said.

Dowdy and another public defender, Daniel Megaro, said Zimmerman wasn't suicidal despite what the prosecutor said.

"He doesn't appear to be a danger to himself or a danger to anybody else," Megaro said.

Police responded to a disturbance call at Scheibe's house in Apopka, Fla., about 15 miles northwest of Orlando, shortly before 1 p.m. Monday after she called 911, Seminole County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma said at an afternoon news conference.

After fleeing the house, Scheibe gave police a key to the front door, which she said Zimmerman had barricaded with furniture.

Scheibe claimed Zimmerman had smashed a glass table, threatened her with a shotgun and ultimately pushed her out of the house she rented.

Scheibe told deputies the ordeal started with a verbal argument and that she asked Zimmerman to leave the house. Her account in the arrest report says he began packing his belongings, including a shotgun and an assault rifle. She says she began putting his things in the living room and outside the house, and he became upset. At that point, the report says, he took the shotgun out of its case.

Zimmerman told his girlfriend to leave and smashed a pair of her sunglasses as she walked toward the front door, the report says. Scheibe told deputies he pushed her out of the house when she got close to the door.

"You point your gun at my fricking face," Scheibe is heard telling Zimmerman on a 911 call. "Get out of my house. Do not push me out of my house. Please get out of my house."

Tania Cadogan said...

Seconds later, she told the dispatcher, "You kidding me? He pushed me out of my house and locked me out. ... He knows how to do this. He knows how to play this game."

Moments later, Zimmerman called 911 from inside the barricaded house to tell his side of the story.

"I have a girlfriend, who for lack of a better word, has gone crazy on me," Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman then said he never pulled a gun on his girlfriend and that it was she who smashed a table at the home they shared. He also told the dispatcher that Scheibe was pregnant with their child and that she had decided she would raise the child on her own. When Zimmerman started to leave, "she got mad," he said.

Seminole County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma said at a news conference that Scheibe wasn't pregnant.

Deputies used the key provided by Scheibe to unlock the door and they were able to push through the barricade of items, Lemma said.

"She was very concerned for her own safety, especially having the weapon pointed at her and then being pushed out," he said.

Once inside, police found an unarmed Zimmerman, who did not resist arrest, Lemma said.

"The easiest way to describe it is rather passive," Lemma said. "He's had the opportunity to encounter this before."

Police were not sure what the argument was over, though Zemma said authorities believe it involved "some type of separation in the relationship."

Police were searching for at least two weapons in the house, Lemma added.

Zimmerman was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, battery and criminal mischief, Lemma said.

"Just when you thought you heard the last of George Zimmerman," said neighbor Catherine Cantrell. She said she had twice seen a man who looked like Zimmerman get out of a truck that's been in the driveway for nearly a month. The truck parked there Monday appeared to be the same one that reporters have seen Zimmerman drive previously.

"I'm in absolute shock. He was never outside. It's not like he was out flaunting around," she said.

Zimmerman was acquitted in July of all charges in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The death of the black teenager, who was unarmed, touched off a nationwide debate about race and self-defense. Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, has said he shot the 17-year-old to defend himself during a fight in February 2012 inside a gated community in Sanford, just outside Orlando.

He wasn't charged until 44 days after the shooting, leading to protests nationwide from people who believed he should have been immediately arrested. The case sparked accusations that Zimmerman had racially profiled Martin, and demonstrations broke out again after his acquittal. Federal authorities are now reviewing the case the see if Martin's civil rights were violated.

Zimmerman has had other brushes with the law since his acquittal.

Zimmerman and his estranged wife were involved in a domestic dispute in September just days after Shellie Zimmerman filed divorce papers, but police later said no charges were filed against either of them because of a lack of evidence.

Zimmerman has also been pulled over three times for traffic stops since his acquittal. He was ticketed for doing 60 mph in a 45 mph zone in Lake Mary in September and was given a warning by a state trooper along Interstate 95 for having a tag cover and windows that were too darkly tinted. He was also stopped near Dallas in July and was given a warning for speeding.

Tania Cadogan said...

In 2005, Zimmerman had to take anger management courses after he was accused of attacking an undercover officer who was trying to arrest Zimmerman's friend.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

What caught my eye was this little nugget

"He doesn't appear to be a danger to himself or a danger to anybody else,"

When i stopped snickering i saw the qualifier APPEAR
Appear weakens the statement, i think his attorney is seeing how his behavior is escalating, hence the weakening of his statementin regard to zimmerman being a danger to himself.

Danger is repeated twice making it sensitive.

Order is important, damger to himself then a danger to anybody else.

What his his definition of danger since there appears to be two types.
There is danger to zimmerman, and, danger to anybody else.

The expected would be zimmerman is not dangerous to anybody.
Anybody would include himself.
Why is his danger not the same as anybody elses' ?

Giving his killing of Trayvon Martin, regardless of i f you think murder or self defence, his previous criminal history even though the cases were dropped, they show a propensity for his violent behavior, the arrests since his not guuilty verdict, all of which include violence or threats of violence, and onclusion of guns, it is clear he is a damger to the public and himself.
Is is looking for death by cop?
Does he think himself untouchable ?

Nore also the order of importance, danger to himself then danger to anybody else.

Zimmerman will kill or seriously injure someone, possibly in the near future.
He is escalating and one day he will take offence at some perceived slight and shoot.

Self defence or stand your ground won't help him next time.

Anonymous said...

Your words about Carnel shook me up. He was 4! No one to stand up, protect him. He was worthwhile, he was an angel.

I am so mad at the Indian nation that let this go. His death should be a wake up call. His death should be punished. Let something good come out of a horrific situation. I am so angry now. I am ashamed of my own Cherokee background.

Vita said...

Carnel Isaiah Peter Chamberlain was born January 16, 2008 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. He was our cousin, nephew, son and grandson. We often called him our “Grasshopper”. He lived most of his short four years of life on the Isabella Indian Reservation located in Isabella County, and was a member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. Carnel was tragically taken from this world on June 21, 2012.

Carnel had been the victim of severe physical abuse by those who should have protected him. We, the Chamberlain family, believe a shroud of secrecy has for many years been covering multiple types of abuse within our community, and further believe this dark shadow is what led to the circumstances surrounding Carnel’s abuse and death. Over the past several years, too many children and young adults have left us as a result of substance abuse, suicide and murder. We believe our community is failing our youth.

Carnel’s death has opened our eyes and we vow, with the help of this fund, to honor his life and his legacy by bringing all forms of abuse to the forefront. Secrecy will not help anyone out of the depths of their despair and torment. The Carnel Chamberlain Memorial Fund has been established to support the efforts of organizations in Isabella County that seek to address physical, emotional, sexual, and/or substance abuse. This fund will be HOPE for victims, HOPE for those suffering, and HOPE for those who feel they have nowhere to turn.

We believe that this is forever Carnel’s HOPE…for tomorrow.
-The Chamberlain Family

The above written is the explained of who we are as a family, we collaboratively allowed, condoning not stopping the abuse upon Carnel. A confession. We VOW with the help of this fund. Not we VOW to Fund this Fund. We ask you to donate monies, for us to save face. The monies donated will be for undefined, non directed, as this is how this fund site works. Isabella County Services ie: State of MI loosely written. This wasn't thought out, I say this in soft voice, without malice. It was a path to least resistance, as this was a forced to do, by who was collecting earnings off of Carnel memorabilia. The public wanting to know, where all the dollars were going, within the tshirt sales, mugs, as they were sold on line, after Carnel was found. :(

Kevin Chamberlain speaks the day of Carnel's held memorial at the Soaring Eagle, July 15, 2012.
Jaimee Chamberlain not to attend Carnel's memorial. His personal reflection of why she did not attend, or she was instructed that she should not attend. As she isn't innocent, and he knows it.

He to paint a broad brush, it's a white elephant of all our tribal women, abuse, that has been tip toed around for countless years, his watched, he has watched his entire life within his People.

This fund will change the world, change the face of abuse. He does not say Carnel's name. Once, only for reference purposes, the "Carnel Chamberlain Fund" as this is what is MOST significant to HIM the day of Carnel's memorial.
Kevin speaks:

He is a talker, as he is a spokesman. He is not emotionally involved, he is a watcher of ongoing abuse. His said that of JC, people wanting her jailed, held responsible for Carnel's abuse, as if it was obtuse. His spoken of the abuse active on the res, as he has felt it first hand. He to know the horrors of child abuse, he an abused child. He has stated in press. To face his own demons, he would have to point a finger at his abusers? it would become real. Reality hurts.

The Bakers, they speak for their grandson, murdered 4 yr old, Dominick Calhoun, linked below. They offer no mincing, nor protection. Jaimee Chamberlain who is same shoes worn as their daughter, as both cases mirror each other. Major similarities. One monster yet free. JC is destined for prison on her own accord. Karma

Vita said...

Sidewalk, good questions, tomorrow the 20th, more news will come.

The plea, the deal, it will be stated by media, as Court resumes for Bennett 11/20/2013.

Valid questions you ask. V

ima.grandma said...

Dear Vita, I am a fan, truly. I have been since you began writing here. Your unique writing style drew me in instantly. I enjoy following your story as I find myself focusing on your style to understand your passion within your words.

I am part Choctaw. My folks grew up in small town southeastern Oklahoma. My aunt was the Indian Princess when she was young. I remember seeing and hearing the stories about the "Indians" across the railroad tracks.

You wrote your life experience with such sincerity. It is profound. Thank you for sharing.

Camel is proud of you. I am proud of you.

ima.grandma said...

vita, my apologies I didn't correct the spellcheck.

Carnel is proud of you.

Carnel Isaiah Peter Chamberlain

marietje said...

Vita, thank you so much for keeping Carnel in our hearts and minds. I understand completely everything you say. We as Native people understand the difference between the Great Law and the Great Lie.
"Today, as incomprehensible as it may seem the nations face their own version of carpetbaggers...everything is viewed through a prism framed by dollar signs, and greed is the singular motivation with no concern for the damage done. The history of the nations' warriors has been to protect and defend, not just the tribe, women and children or the land-but the things we believe in, our ceremonies and traditions. Let a thief steal anything from us personally and we are angered and looking to recover it. Whether it’s a tool, a cell phone, or anything else we may have acquired-yet we tolerate the theft of things a value cannot be affixed to and wonder why our communities falter, why families are racked with the destructive elements of alcohol and substance abuse, why our children are lost to gangs, or women and children physically and sexually abused." Read more at

Vita said...

Ima.Grandma ((Thank you))

News out. Anthony Bennett was in court earlier today 11/20/2013.
Judge rules within his atty's pleading, lack of memory got him a deal.

Plea: BAY CITY, MI — A Mount Pleasant man is prison-bound after pleading no contest to two felonies stemming from his attack on Bay County Jail employees while being held on federal charges related to the slaying of his girlfriend’s son.

Anthony M. Bennett, 21, appeared before Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran on Wednesday, Nov. 20, and pleaded no contest to single counts of assaulting a jail or prison employee and assaulting, resisting or obstructing police. By pleading no contest, Bennett did not state his guilt and Sheeran had to rely on police reports to enter convictions on the record.

Bennett’s attorney, Doris M. Day-Winters, said her client pleaded no contest for reasons of possible civil liability and because he lacked memories of the incidents.
Carnel is not mentioned within the No Contest pleading today. The charges Bennett faces Carnel's murder, his atty remains active attempting them to be dropped.

Atty representing Bennett today is quoted, and I am disgusted by her chosen words.

After pleading, Bennett agreed to be sentenced on Wednesday as well, waiving his right to have a pre-sentence report.

Sheeran treated Bennett as a habitual offender and sentenced him to concurrent terms of 32 months to four years and 36 months to 10 years in prison. The judge gave Bennett credit for 453 days already served and ordered him to pay $5,000 in fines and costs.

*** Day-Winters leaking her marbles, they know they are going to gain the Murder charges dropped. He to be of a smack on the hand with his bad boy jail behavior, he to be out on the street eventually - he has a lot of ahead of him, he's got some really big fish to fry. As he is not only charged with Carnel's abuse, murder he is charged with Animal Cruelty. Her words, she knows he is a menace to society, it's not personal, it's about the Laws. The federal laws they are implying, Murder 1 to be dismissed, abuse charges to be dismissed, these laws his ACE cards? This federal court, the leniency and soft language is as if Bennett blew a stop sign. He's soweee, he can't remember, pwease be nice to him, he's a victim.

“Mr. Bennett has taken full responsibility,” Day-Winters told the judge just before he imposed the sentence.

“Mr. Bennett … is remorseful, he’s sorry for what he did. He did it out of frustration. He has a lot on his plate. This young man has a lot ahead of him and he’s got some really big fish to fry, as they say.”

Video at link, I have not watched it in its entirety, Judge is reading, head down, not looking outward at Bennett. Bennett begins to tilt his head, he then begins swaying rocking his caster chair, turning his body, left to right, as if it were his head, body language, No, No, No, No, as the Judge reads. How casual of Bennett as the Judge is reading his sentencing. I'd call his body language, not remorse, but buyers remorse. POS.

The motions will be ruled Dec 4, 2013, charges against Bennett, Carnel. As they are separate charges, from his behaviors after he was arrested, ruled on today.
He atty confident, the charges of Murder, Child abuse, Animal abuse, will be dropped. this is WRONG! it's not about Justice, it's the laws and loops that will set him free. Carnel who?, he isn't a victim in the eyes of the court, as this not about Carnel. Carnel faced his trial court and jury, as his remains are held at the M.E. unclaimed. Carnel didn't join the Caylee club, as it seems this membership is growing. Kids who murder themselves. No need to prosecute anyone.

Vita said...

Marietje, thank you for sharing your blog. I am reading. V

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

BUFFALO, N.Y. – An upstate New York man has been charged with murder in the 1979 killing of his wife, who was stabbed 108 times and left on a grave in a Buffalo-area cemetery.

The Buffalo News reports ( ) that Michael Rodriguez was arrested Wednesday. He is scheduled to appear in state Supreme Court.

The body of 21-year-old Patty Rodriguez was found in April 1979 on a grave in a Lackawanna cemetery. She was last seen leaving a bar with Rodriguez, her estranged husband.

He told the newspaper in 2004 that he wanted the killer caught.

State police reopened the case in 2009 at the request of Lackawanna police.

The newspaper reports investigators took a second look at forensic evidence, used technology that did not exist at the time of the killing and re-interviewed witnesses.

The number of stabwounds indicates a rage, a hatred, this was intensely personal.
He would have been covered in blood as would the crime scene.

Justice may move slowly, it will however catch up with you

Vita said...

Going backwards in this process of Bennett's prosecution, lack there of. He was provided a Atty, this his first council. His name Anthony T. Chambers. He was dismissed for disciplinary, he removed, he not able to practice law, 180 days. This Non related to Bennett. Anthony Chambers was said to have substance abuse issues, mental health concerns, he in court, IMPAIRED, he no longer to practice. Within this debacle, it was Anthony Chambers law office that had all files, all exams, all evidence, in possession related to the charges, federal charges: Carnel

Chambers did not follow procedure. The new appt Atty from Ann Arbor, Shea, to state he did not receive the files timely, that all court scheduled proceedings postponed. May, 2013: Court records show that Shea received over 1,600 pages of discovery and more than 20 audio or video discs.
Nov 2012, the Grand Jury Indictment, Bennett w/o atty?
The seven-count superseding indictment charges, among other things, that on June 21, 2012, Bennett, a member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, committed the premeditated murder of a child, identified in the indictment only as C.C. Officials were not immediately available to clarify the child's identity.

Bennett is alleged to have killed the child during the perpetration of child abuse and as a part of a pattern or practice of assaults against a minor, according to the indictment. Bennett also committed additional assaults against the child, according to the indictment, assaulted another individual with a baseball bat, recklessly caused the death or disfigurement of an animal and attempted to prevent others from communicating information related to the commission of a federal offense to law enforcement.

*The case has been investigated by special agents of the FBI, officers of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Department, the Isabella County Sheriff's Department and the Michigan State Police. -- the above NOV 2012. Carnel, officials not available to determine his identity. Press ran the response of the Chamberlain family, as they did not attend.

Kevin Chamberlain response, indictment, "We're relieved that the charges were brought, but we also realize that this is probably going to get uglier before it gets better. We'll have to delve into the case deeper and hear the specifics of the case."

Who is we? Tribal LE? that will have to delve into the case deeper? Carnels' of no identity to Chamberlain? We need to hear the specifics of the case!? why not ask JAIMEE, she had a front row seat. Carnel's name, is his person. Within the indictment, he not proven to exist. He not to have an identity, he labeled CC for lack of ambiguity.

The list of officials who were involved in responding, who actively searched, investigating, locating Carnel's remains. NOT ONE appeared in court, to authenticate Carnel as the identified victim, human being? a 4 yr old, reported missing, he exploited, murdered. No need to follow up, I thought you were going to appear, no, you were to appear, this is no longer our jurisdiction. OCT 2012, FBI HAVE NOT identified the remains found, as Carnel Chamberlain.
Oct 2012, Bennett's actions while in jail, press to explain, this of State of Michigan, no federal charges, which was todays hearing.

Federal prosecutors allege Bennett in May and June choked, punched and dragged Carnel, the son of Bennett’s 21-year-old girlfriend, Jaimee Chamberlain. Bennett was living with the mother and son at the time.

* Oct 2012* The FBI is handling the investigation into Carnel’s disappearance and has not confirmed the recovered remains are the boy’s. The Chamberlain family has said the body was Carnel’s, however.

No Body No Case? had Bennett not gone whack while in jail, acted up and out, would he be incarcerated at present? Carnel, doesn't exist, this is all technicality and it will be, Dec 4, 2013, the ironing will commence. He will walk (?)

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi, Vita iv'e just watched that clip.

I have two trains of thought on this.

Swinging side to side in his chair:

1. It could be said that it is similar to the self righteous head wiggle (SRHW), but in the seating position, swinging side to side.

The Self Righteous Head Wiggle (SRHW) is extremely reliable indicator of a highly confident, self-assured attitude and even smugness. The SRHW is displayed in people who feel they are a relative alpha in their environment. In conversation, when there is a more dynamic disagreement, the SRHW is sometimes seen with a pulling-back of the head & neck. In these cases it is often seen clustered with a facial nonverbal of disgust or contempt. It would be interesting to see a head on clip of this Vt to watch his facial expressions.

My second thought on this is, it may be a self comforting action. When feeling stress, anxiety etc, we tend to stroke our arms legs head and even hold hands with ourselves amongst other things to release tension. All of these actions replace a parent or loved one, who would in times of high anxiety comfort us. They are not around so we perform them ourselves.

The swinging side to side in the clip could be said, it is like being rocked or cradled in our parents arms to comfort us, swaying from side to side as he does in his chair.

My guess is it is example No 1, smug arrogant, and a POS.

Vita said...

Reposting Open letter written by Tommy Chamberlain Julyish 2012 Carnel's uncle. A petition created for the arrest of J.C. petition org site, he shared his feelings.

this is so sad. the week before carnel died he shaved carnels head. jamiee is my sister were native american and white. alot people dont look into the reason on why she got a job. the house hold made 7 to 8 thosand dollars a month, without no job. so why not stay home and live life with your family? why get a small time job out the blue. plus my mom took care of carnel. carnel died only a month in my sister care.

he set my nephew up and got him really for his demise. and its also funny carnel died in june. that is when our casino gives out the kids check. people should ask what happen to that money? you can get loans for 10grand and percap evry two weeks is 4 grand with anthony and jamiee and my nephew made 3 grand. so alot of money to just say i want a job time . jamiee has a blank stare in her eyes there is no brain in her head. jamiee and anthony both were just babysitters. my mom is the one who took care of him. so understand carnel did not suffer his whole just about three weeks.

he whole time we was looking for carnel she was high on drugs. and i dont think jaimee can read. and my sister doesnt care about the lost of her son. she cried for a second and then it was on with her life. jamiee never took care of carnel. the only reason jamiee had carnel was because she and our mom got into a fight and she took him back. that was her way to hurt my mom. we were in the same house with him.

i went looking and my little girl was there and we had no clue that anthony was a killer. jamiee did not ask him anything. it was almost like she knew deep down. and i can never love my sister. she is dead to me like carnell. why dont you go see her and talk to her. she is mad right now because my mom want to burn that house down. she is ready to move back into the home were her son was murder. she will sleep in that devil house with no care at all. jamiee lost her soul and what it is to be a human along time ago. she was also mad when my mom tossed anthony devil pitcure to the ground. i seen more anger for that piture that anthony made then i did for her own son

that lets me know that anthony set this up before hand. because I found hair that night. he was like no , no, no, it cant be carnels I shaved his head. it was almost like he was proud or somthing like he knew.

I mean we found picture he made of demons and skulls very sick! hung up next to my dad who also died in that house. I'm still sick that my sister got mad when my mom tossed to the ground. she said it the point! like don't come in my house and disrespect my stuff. I'm like jamiee this kid killed your son and worried about his pictures he made?

at the moment anthony is being charged with only carrys a term of five years or a 200 thousand dollar fine. i believe it will change . i think this is just to keep him in there for now.

i feel this was a plan murder. from the fact jaimee just got a job and was very strange with percap alone... my nephew ,anthony and jaimee made about 7 grand a month without a job.

plus carnel had a shaved head and never liked his hair to be touched. so sick! this kid was sitting on the porch and no one thought anything of it until this. he did not care even was sleeping in the house with all them cops around.

weeks before hand he killed a cat in the bathroom. someone gave a statement to police that was also staying there who seen it. and I also seen with my own eyes dead animals in a fire pit at the house of where carnel came up missing at. I have heard two storys that day about who was passing by.

Rest In Peace Carnel

Anonymous said...

OT: Attorney Jose Baez: State dropping bullying charges against 12-year-old client

Attorney Jose Baez says the State of Florida is dropping charges against the younger of two girls charged in the bullying death of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick in Polk County.
Baez made the announcement at a late afternoon news conference outside of his law offices on Wednesday, saying the Polk County State Attorney's Office is dropping charges because there is "zero" evidence of stalking in the case. "I did not believe there was any evidence of criminal behavior," he said.

Read more:

sidewalk super said...

today's news is disgusting.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

South African Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius has been formally charged with two additional gun-related offences.

He was served with new indictment papers today containing two extra charges believed to allege that he recklessly shot his gun out the open sunroof of a car last year and fired someone else's handgun at a restaurant weeks before he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

The double-amputee Olympian has already been indicted on a main charge of murder for the February 14 shooting death of Steenkamp and another firearm charge for illegal possession of ammunition in his home.

He now faces the two additional charges relating to firing guns in public.

Pistorius will likely face all four charges at his trial starting in March, although his lawyers can argue against the new gun charges being added to his current indictment as the offenses are alleged to have taken place in Johannesburg - a different court jurisdiction to Pistorius' fatal shooting of Steenkamp at his upscale villa in the South African capital, Pretoria.

Pistorius' lawyers were served with the new papers, according to South Africa's national prosecution spokesman Nathi Mncube.

'What happened today is ... Mr. Pistorius was served with a new indictment,' said Mr Mncube.

'We have to advise him (of the extra charges) to accord him with enough time to prepare his defense.'

Mr Mncube declined to give the exact details of the new charges, only saying they 'relate to the contravention of the firearms act.'

He also said there had been no indication from Pistorius' lawyers if they would challenge the adding of the charges to Pistorius' indictment for the trial.
Prosecutors sought special permission to include the two gun charges against Pistorius on the indictment because they did not fall in the same jurisdiction. Permission was granted by South Africa's director of public prosecutions last month.

It's reported in South Africa that the new charges relate to two alleged incidents where Pistorius recklessly shot a gun in public: The first when Pistorius is alleged to have fired his own licensed 9mm handgun - the gun used to kill Steenkamp - out the open sunroof of a car in Johannesburg while traveling with friends last year.

In the second in January this year, and just weeks before Steenkamp's shooting death, Pistorius is said to have accidentally shot a friend's gun under the table at a Johannesburg restaurant, apparently while admiring it.

For both alleged offenses he could be charged with public endangerment and damage to property.

The multiple Paralympic champion, known as the `Blade Runner,' is world-famous for his carbon fiber running blades and for becoming the first amputee to compete on the track at the Olympics.

He already faces a possible life sentence with a minimum of 25 years in prison if he is convicted of premeditated murder for fatally shooting Steenkamp.

Pistorius says he shot her by mistake thinking she was a dangerous intruder in his house.

It will be Pistorius' 27th birthday on Friday and he was photographed by a newspaper this weekend while out at a Johannesburg restaurant with family, according to the paper.

The City Press published photos Sunday of Pistorius in the restaurant wearing a white T-shirt and with a short beard, smiling in one photo and with a black baseball cap pulled down near his eyes in another.

The newspaper also quoted Pistorius as saying that he was 'anxious' about his upcoming trial.

'I feel calm. I now spend most of my time with my family and I enjoy their company,' Pistorius said, according to the newspaper, in rare public comments.

'They are wonderful and their support is incredible. But, I must say, at the same time I am also anxious about the upcoming court case.'

Read more:

Vita said...

Thank you John for your body language analysis, POS Bennett.

Reading back on MLive News, the FBI not able to confirm Carnel's body, his identity, may this be Anthony's smugness today in court.
This too shall pass, for him, he given credit 453 days. He could be out in less than 10 months on good behavior. If the atty's are as confident as they contain, dropping all other charges off the fed docket. His sentencing 11/20/2013, State of Michigan prosecuting: (Judge)Sheeran treated Bennett as a habitual offender and sentenced him to concurrent terms of 32 months to four years and 36 months to 10 years in prison.

The judge gave Bennett credit for 453 days already served and ordered him to pay $5,000 in fines and costs.

Nov/Oct 2012: The FBI is handling the investigation into Carnel’s disappearance and has not confirmed the recovered remains are the boy’s. The Chamberlain family has said the body was Carnel’s, however.

I found this last year, and did post it here. This is Carnel's maternal Grandmother, her case. She to be horrifically abused by her partner, estranged husband (it is not clear) The top linked on the page, is the pdf to her case. It is 57 pages. She reported in 2001, her case took 5 yrs. He was arrested in his home, after the assault took place. He plead guilty, of sexual battery ie: r*pe, two counts, both felonies. He, last year remained in Michigan prison, he is out at present. The 57 pages is 70 percent, Laws on land, ownership, distinguishing if the Assault was committed on Tribal or State land. Who he was to be recognized as, as an accused person. Not the crime, of what he did, but of who he is to be represented by, he being Chippewa. Ms. Chamberlain is noted in record to be W, he is I.

Her case:

Link: actual court documents, all pdfs' Anthony Michael Bennett, his charges, last updated 8/2013. The most recent documents are of Shea's Motions active within the present, his motion denied to change venue.

28 DCT Order Denying Motion
8/27/2013 | this the pdf of most important, as it does include ' the only victim' Carnel, 17 pages.

The pdfs Bennett, the written through out is Jaimee Chamberlain is who stated the allegations, continued abuse Bennett inflicted upon Carnel. Bennett is 1st person written in the legal docs, it Is Bennett's belief,,, Jaimee Chamberlain. A he said, she said. When is he going to throw her under the bus? to save himself, She is his leverage and witness. Or he cannot? that she is named victim in his federal felony charges, scheduled 12/4/2013.
If she doesn't show up, she will be contempt of court? idk.

6/2/2012 Bennett, Counts
Murder in the first degree: "On June 21, 2012 Bennett killed a child listed as "C.C." with premeditation in the perpetration of Child Abuse.

Assault of a child resulting in substantial bodily injury: "In June 2012 he assaulted "C.C." causing injury.

Assault of a child: "In June 2012 he assaulted "C.C."

Assault with a dangerous weapon: "In June 012 he assaulted Jaimee Chamberlain (Carnel Chamberlain's mother) with a baseball bat"

Animal cruelty: "In June 2012 he committed a reckless act he knew or should have known would cause harm to an Animal."

Witness tampering: "On March 23, 2012 Bennett attempted to intimidate, threaten or persuade Russell Hutchinson with the intent to prevent him from communicating information about a possible criminal offense."

Witness tampering: "On March 23, 2012 Bennett attempted to intimidate, threaten or persuade Diamintina Shaffer with the intent to prevent him from communicating information about a possible criminal offense."
Diamintina is his bio sister

Pineapple said...

Off Topic and on the Martin MacNeill case. They Kraken (Misterss) Awakes (Provides Statement for Analysis)

Willis said she was never suspicious of MacNeill, and to this day, doesn't believe he killed his wife.

"I knew him before the death of Michele and I knew him after," she said. "I saw the conflict in the family and I never believed that there was a possibility that he killed Michele."

Willis said she was "absolutely horrified" when she learned prosecutors were alleging that she was MacNeill's motive for killing his wife.

"I never, ever, ever thought that it would -- it would come to such a thing," she said. "Martin had me any time he wanted. I do not believe that was any kind of incentive."

MacNeill and Willis met while chatting online, which eventually turned into an affair. Living two counties away, Willis said she and MacNeill would see each other "a couple times a month."

Willis said she found out that Michele MacNeill was dead after Martin MacNeill sent her a text message. At the time, Willis was a nursing student. She said MacNeill was distraught after his wife's death, and after she offered to help, he asked her to move into the family's home as the nanny about a week or two after his wife's funeral. Willis said she refused at first, but then eventually agreed.

"I thought that it would be better if things had -- everyone had had time to regroup and that sort of thing," she said. "He was rather insistent that he needed help and that I would be a great support to him and his life."

But now in hindsight, Willis said moving in after Michele's death was a "huge mistake."

"I only wanted to come and support the man I cared for in whatever way I could," she said. "And it was it was a bad choice."

Pineapple said...

Taken from

Tania Cadogan said...

"I never, ever, ever thought that it would -- it would come to such a thing," she said. "Martin had me any time he wanted. I do not believe that was any kind of incentive."

She knew ans was involved to some degree,

Never doesn't mean didn't.

never applies only if you are asked did you ever...?

Qualifiers weaken a statement, A qualifier is a word that when removed doesn't change the intent of the sentence.
Here we have 3 qualifiers, 1 never and 2 ever's, the repetition making it doubly sensitive.

it would -- it would come to such a thing
here she stops herself, self censors what she is saying in the process of free editing, what was she going to say after it would... ?

She doesn't say would come to murder or even Michelle's death, she can't bring herself to say it so she avoids it with the words such a thing.

Since she doesn't tell us what she thought it would come to, i can't assume.

Anything in the negative, she tells us she never thought it would come to such a thing , what then, did she think it would come to?

"Martin had me any time he wanted. I do not believe that was any kind of incentive."
This is to my ears unexpected.
I would expect to hear martin could have me anytime he wanted, it sounds more fluent.

"Martin had me any time he wanted.
This sounds like he forced himself on her, this makes her sound passive. He had me is a sexual term, you have a woman, it doesn't mean it was consensual.
Was their relationship based solely on sex o wonder?
He demanded she let him have his way.

I do not believe that was any kind of incentive."

I do not believe allows for others to believe otherwise.
This is close that is distancing, she distances herself from him being able to have her anytime he wanted was any kind of incentive.
For there to be a that, there has to be a this.
If having her anytime he wanted wasn't a kind of incentive to murder his wife, what was the kind of incentive that would make him murder his wife?

I wonder how much she knew (and she did) whether she gave him any ultimations as many mistresses do.

It's me or her.

Divorce is expensive and he doesn't want to hand over any more than he has to if anything, divorce is a good incentive to kill your partner.
A demanding lover is also a good reason, out with the old, in with the newer fresher model ( except the mistress becomes the wife and history will repeat itself.

If they can be unfaithful once they can be unfaithful again and 2nd wifey knows this.
Meanwhile wifey #2 sits back and watches the carcrash slowly unfold.

Tania Cadogan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tania Cadogan said...

Meanwhile wifey #2 sits back and watches the carcrash slowly unfold.

I'm sorry it should read wifey #1