Monday, November 18, 2013

Rocky Denies Using "N" Word

Enough of the N Word stories!  There is no statement of denial for analysis...

Sylvester Stallone accused of using racial slur at paparazzi, denies allegations 

The 67-year-old said in a statement via his rep that he did not use the N-word towards any photographers.



Sylvester Stallone and a few friends out and about after having lunch at Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills, Calif.  on Thursday.

Sylvester Stallone is putting up a fight against the paparazzi.
In a video obtained by TMZ, the "Rocky" actor allegedly snapped at photographers when leaving Caffe Roma in Beverly Hill on Thursday by hurling a racial slur at them.
"This f--king n---er here, this f--ker," Stallone was accused of saying.
Sylvester Stallone seen here chatting with Andrew Dice Clay in Beverly Hills on Thursday, the actor was accused thta same day of using a racial slur towards photographers.


Sylvester Stallone seen here chatting with Andrew Dice Clay in Beverly Hills on Thursday, the actor was accused thta same day of using a racial slur towards photographers.

There were African-American photographers snapping photos of Stallone, but it's unknown if his heated words were directed towards them.
While the clip is very hard to hear, a female's voice clearly says, "Why the racial slurs?"
A rep for the 67-year-old star denied the allegations to TMZ saying that Stallone claimed he said "f--king as---le," not the N-word.
His rep also said the photographer that asked the racial slur question was not talking to Stallone directly and only made the comment to make the video more valuable.


sidewalk super said...

Oprah would call him a racist

TopixNut said...

I've read that he is a total ass everywhere he goes.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think there is a price for such talent as actors have, and agree with the studies that show many, if not most, have severe personality disorders.

Anonymous said...

Well, if all the world's a stage and we are the players, then everyone has their personality disorders.

Besides, these people aren't the only talented people in the world. There are many talented (most) people who are just as talented and never get their chance to express themselves or prove their acting abilities.

Finally, there are just as many, more actually; negative, hateful, and rude old people who hassle and offend others all day every day. All you have to do is get in their way one time to discover the nasty language they can spew.

Anonymous said...

If the "N" word is so harmful and hurtful to blacks then why do they use it all the time. Why does it only hurt/racist if it is a white person using it?

Black people sold black people into slavery. Now black people are again enslaving black people by using a term towards one another that is deemed derogatory, by public opinion... the classic "N" word.

I am so sick of being told we should and should not use certain words. I was at a state fair and saw a man with a t-shirt on that said "F-you"... it bothered me for my daughter to read. i explained to her just because people can say something does not mean they should say it.

Same for any race or word that hurts...just because you can say the "N" word, because you are black, does not mean you should.

Same for white people, you can say words, that does not mean you should. However, we should have freedom of speech.

The "celebrity" ego is too mighty too handle. They tell us who to vote for...they spout off about paparazzi who made them famous, and they gripe and moan when they do not get certain brands of water delivered by a foot-servant at a certain time.

I have met plenty of celebrities in my past profession and can tell you not all are diva-idiots. Unfortunately, many are.

trustmeigetit said...


trustmeigetit said...

I totally agree with anon that blacks use this term all the time. Its only a problem if a white person says it.

But still, this is the big problem? All the hateful, vulgar violent things said and done in this world… often that are praised, rewarded etc..

It’s like with Paul Dean. Now I am not saying its ok. But they threw the book at her.

Lil Wayne stopped on the US flag. Didn’t affect his record contract or sales.
Charlie Sheen as insulted just about everyone and got his own show that basically highlights this behavior and the ratings are high.
Jamie Fox said “I kill all the white people in the movie, how great is that?” But I guess this is just funny?
Priests have molested children for centuries yet have been and still are protected.
Too Short has lyrics in a song that encourages “late middle school and early high school” kids to go past trying to get a kiss from girls and “go straight to the hole” virtually telling young kids to just do as they wish to the girls. Yet he didn’t lose his record contract.
The video game “Grand Theft Auto” gives high points for “rape” and not only has it remained on the market, sales have been record breaking
And for those regular blog followers…
Billie Dunn and Shawn Atkins can have child porn and walk free.
Madeleine Mccans parents can leave toddlers alone so they can dine out and instead of having at the least, charges for child neglet and endangerment… they instead have made millions. The father of missing Madeleine McCann has received a standing ovation at an awards ceremony for Britain's bravest police officers. Kate becomes the ambassador for missing people.
I can go on and on…..
But yah, lets worry about one derogatory word that Sly or Paula say. That’s where they need to put their foot down.

Unknown said...

Come on already!

It seems like accusing someone of using the N word, has replaced sexual harassment as the go-to method of scandalizing a celebrity's name.

I watched the video twice, and I didn't hear Stallone saying anything! He was inside stores for 90% of the video to get away from the paparazzi, and the rest of the time his voice was hard to make out.

He was being harassed by the paps, who were also mocking him with lines from Rocky, (gee, I wonder how sick he is of that, lol) and also the homeless guy, who was way into his personal space, begging for money, and waving his hands in his face. Yet he never interacted with the paps and seemed to be prodding his shopping companion to try to get rid of them, and ducking into the stores to get them off his back.

These vultures get paid for licensing rights to pics or footage, so I'm always skeptical of their motives. It's a boring usless video that would likely never be viewed unless they add in an accusation of something inappropriate.

Nice job paps, what a huge contribution to society.

Carnival Barker said...

I agree with you. The only thing I took away from watching this video was sympathy for celebrities who are stalked and hunted down like game. It reminded me of a National Geographic episode where a buffalo is stranded all alone just getting a drink of water and then you see the lions peaking out from every direction and stalking closer...and ...closer...until they viciously pounce all at once.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

APOPKA, Fla. – Officials say George Zimmerman has been arrested in Florida.

A Seminole County Sheriff's Office statement says Zimmerman was arrested Monday afternoon after deputies responded to a disturbance call at a house in Apopka, about 15 miles northwest of Orlando. Zimmerman will be transported and booked into jail.

The statement provided few other details, and it was not immediately known what charges he faced.

Monday's arrest was just the latest legal trouble for the former neighborhood watch volunteer, who was acquitted earlier this year of all charges in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman and his estranged wife were involved in a domestic dispute in September. Police said no charges were filed against either of them because of a lack of evidence.

That dispute took place just days after Shellie Zimmerman filed divorce papers.

Unknown said...

Hi Carnival Barker-

Exactly! The paps mock and incite the celebs in order to get a reaction, and then exploit it. The celebs can't win, no matter what they do, if they ignore them (as Stallone seems to) then they make something up...if they engage and get angry, then they cut the footage of all their harassment, and only show the celeb seemingly flying into a rage.

I especially feel sorry for the kids (often present with their celeb parents) that the paps have no respect for. A few weeks ago, I saw a video where one of the paps called 5yo Suri Cruise a 'B!TCH', because she was covering her face and yelling for them to go away as her Mom walked her to a car! While the other paps chided him for speaking like that to a child, he continued calling her names and saying he didn't care about 'a rich little brat'. Her Mom just kept her head down and continued loading her into the car. I can only imagine how I would react to someone attacking my child like that...I'm sure it would be a very valuable video!

Unknown said...

Some people just never learn, do they?!


Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking to see what he's done to his face--he would have aged so well naturally.

sidewalk super said...

anyone get the feeling that George Zimmerman will be hounded by people watching his every move, following him, hoping to provoke a reaction?

Anonymous said...

OT, Peter can you please do statement analysis on Sandy and Casey Parsons? I have been waiting and check your blog all the time but you haven't posted but one news article about this case. Thank you

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Do you have any statements by them? I have not heard of them.


Anonymous said...

No one will have to hound George Zimmerman. He will continue to dig his own hole. Maybe it will be as deep as the one he created for Travon Martin the night he shot Trayvon in cold blood. THEN lied and got away with it.

Have at it George. You've got it coming.

Unknown said...

Hi Peter-

The Parsons have made a ton of statements, and they are perfect examples for SA. They appeared on a 2 part Dr Phil so that would be a good transcript to use.

A little background: This family is from NC. Their oldest son called police and said that his parents abused and killed his younger adopted sister, Erica. The parents, Sandy and Casey Parsons claim that they were contacted online by a woman who claimed to be their adopted daughter Erica's bio-grandmother (paternal), and that a short time later they started allowing Erica to go visit this womam they call 'Nan". Then, (ala Casey Anthony) they claim they dropped off Erica (2 YEARS AGO) at a McDonalds to go for a '3' week visit with 'Nan'. They claim that a few days into the visit, 'Nan' called them and 'uninvited' them to Erica's birthday party, and told them Erica wanted to live with they just let her stay, and they haven't heard from her since! Now Erica has been missing for nearly 2 years and her adoptive parents cannot provide an address for 'Nan', nor a phone number or any phone records/evidence to back up their claims that Erica is alive. The adoptive mother also falsified emails/texts from 'Erica' to her bio-mom during the time she has been missing.

The parents story is utterly ridiculous and they were both offered a polygraph on the Dr P show. The mother agreed, but then refused claiming to be in pain, and the father failed. (Both parents refused to be present for the reading of the results).

Anonymous said...

For those sympathetic bleeding hearts who don't know, this is the fourth time George Zimmerman has run afoul with the law since he was found 'not guilty' in the trial of Trayvon Martin.

Two patrol stops for speeding; one 911 call by his estranged wife for threatening she and her father, then she decided not to prosecute (mistake of her life!); and now the domestic violence charge by his live-in girlfriend yesterday for breaking up her stuff, pointing a gun at her and shoving her outside the door and locking her out of her own home when she asked him to leave.

Wonder why these women aren't paying attention? This man is a hair-trigger cold bloodied killer and will kill again. His family needs to put this half-witted lunatic somewhere for the protection of others and for his own safety.

Shelley said...

I am livid!

There are some new developments in the death of East Toledo toddler Elaina Steinfurth. New documents, uncovered by the I-Team, show that a plea deal could be in the works before anyone has been charged in her death.

Anonymous said...

This is just wrong, wrong, WRONG Shelley.

We might as well face it; our innocent helpless babies no longer have any value to the courts, or prosecutors, or the investigators involved in their pitiful cases, OR the judges who oversee these disgusting deals.

Everything is all about CYOA and the highest fees the attys can rake in.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of statements and interviews available for analyses. Casey keeps on changing parts of her storie and a lot of contradictions. I have been able to look at her statements and find tons of red flags. She has used the words dead end and other sentences containing death with Erica. She has blamed other people for Erica's disappearance, she has even blamed the reason Erica has not returned on her son. If you google their names along with Erica's you will find tons of statements the couple has made mostly Casey. Sandy has been hiding behind Casey in most public appearances, his body language and muteness speak a different storie than what they have told.

Shelley said...

I just found a VERY interesting interview with the Mccanns. I think we could even have some leakage.

It is with Sandra Felgueiras. I like her!!! She has questioned them many times. "Did you drug you kids". Tell me about the dogs. Did you think that was safe? She calls them out. I am sure they do not like her.

This one sure takes the cake....
Gerry's reply is unreal.....
Sandra: "Now, when you look back, do you realize it could have been dangerous for Sean and Amelie to be left behind?"
GERRY: "i don't think that's right... and certainly in medical training, the first thing you get taught in an emergency situation is to get help
Really Gerry, did you just say "medical training". This is supposed to be a kidnapping. Now you are talking about medical training in an emergency situation.. This is alarming...
Sandra: "It never crossed your mind, Madeleine wouldn't be able to cross (hard to understand this part clearly) the door just looking after you, alone?"
Kate: "If I can just explain what I found, the shutters....which had been down all week.... And when I went in... and there was a gust that blew the curtains open, that's when I noticed that the shutter had been pulled off"
So Kate does not answer the question. Refocuses to how she found her. But is not speaking in complete sentances either. And the shutters were pulled off?

Gerry said they were broken. Now Kate says they were "pulled off"


Shelley said...

So true. Justice no longer seems to matter.

Nic said...

When the kids were really small I watched Oprah Winfrey. However, there was an incident/reveal that resulted in me permanently tuning her out of any and all programming in my house. Why? She bragged about having a "white gardener"! She said that a dream of hers was to have a "white gardener" and that if she ever had one, then she knew she was "rich".

Being as well read as she purports herself to be, I found it remarkable that she didn't comprehend the fact that she revealed herself to be racist against white people when she said that. Her "sharesie moment" was deplorable and inexcusable. In hind sight, I find it interesting she didn't get tossed out the door like Paula Deen did. Could you imagine a white TV host saying on live TV, "I know I'm rich because I have a black gardener!"

She sometimes used the 'n' word/ghetto schtick with some of her black guests. Obviously people she was overly familiar with because I couldn't imagine her calling Sydney Poitier the "n" word. In any event, she pointed out that it was okay for black people to use it between themselves, but not okay for white people.

IMO, if the black community identifies the 'n' word as being racist, then intolerance should exist throughout the whole black community. Not just between rich black people.

Nic said...

It they want to call each other these names then fine, so be it, it is not up to us to judge what they call each other.

IMO it's not fine. Racism by definition is to "distinguish" someone as inferior (or superior if you're the one launching the vitriol). There is nothing in the definition that says "unless you are of the same race."

Shelley said...

Some Erica Parsons statements...

SANDY PARSONS, ERICA`S ADOPTIVE FATHER: Erica is fine. I don`t have a doubt in my mind.

CASEY PARSONS: Erica is not missing. Erica is with Nan.

SANDY PARSONS: I told my wife not to worry.

CASEY PARSONS: This would all be over if Nan or Erica would just pick the phone up and call.

I wasn`t worried. I knew Erica was safe. I understood that Erica was probably scared I would bring her home. I wasn`t concerned about Erica`s wellbeing. Nan had always held her word. And this was a mutual agreement. It`s not like Nan took her and ran. I told her OK.

DR. PHIL, HOST: The difference is, you thought you knew where Erica was.

CASEY PARSONS: I did know where she was.

DR. PHIL: Well, no, you don`t know where she is. If you know where she is, then we could go get her.

CASEY PARSONS: She`s with Nan.


CASEY PARSONS: They asked me did I kill her. I honestly believe she`s still in Asheville with Nan.

To me, she`s still not missing. She`s not missing (INAUDIBLE) know who she`s with. I still believe she`s with Nan. I think she`s scared and maybe (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No one has seen or heard from Erica Lynn Parsons. Rowan County deputies say she disappeared from this Salisbury home she shared with her adoptive parents.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She (INAUDIBLE) earlier this year, I talked to Erica on Facebook. She had a Facebook page and she had talked to her and asked her, How are you doing? And she replied, I`m fine.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I cannot find that Facebook.

SANDY PARSONS: I told my wife not to worry.

CASEY PARSONS: This would all be over if Nan or Erica would just pick the phone up and call.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: It got the public`s attention right from the start. A teenage girl missing for nearly two years but only now reported as missing. And not a lot of folks seem to know 15-year-old Erica Parsons. Adopted by Sandy and Casey Parsons when she was a baby. The girl was home- schooled and gone by the age of 13.

CASEY PARSONS, MISSING GIRL`S MOM: We had done nothing to this kid, our Erica. Nothing. And even though she -- read in the paper, we had nothing.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: What did the police say when they showed up?

C. PARSONS: That Erica -- it`s reported that Erica -- we had killed Erica and buried her in our backyard.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: It`s been a year and a half. Why did you not call the police?

C. PARSONS: Because she`s not missing. She`s at Nan`s house. And the last time we talked to Erica, in February 2012, she was fine.

Anonymous said...

Nic, you can look for all the excuses in the world but all you need to worry about is how YOU treat black people and/or people of color, or demeaned them; NOT how they treat each other. It is YOU and YOUR tongue, you will give an account of before God as to how you have treated others, NOT someone else and how THEY treated each other or someone else. You will find you have no excuse.

Anonymous said...

These are some great statements that show so many red flags and they even speak of Erica past tense. Did you see the article where Sandy Parsons first spoke with police about Erica's whereabouts? It is the first time they questioned him after Jamie reported her missing, Sandy told the police that Erica was at a Jonah's concert! What a big web of lies! Then he said he doesn't deal with the parenting hmmmm... Odd thing to state especially when your trying to convince the courts to give back your two other children in family's custody.

Anonymous said...

Sly looks pretty danged good for his age. Nice skin, good bone structure, good face work too!

Nic said...

Anon, what excuses? I'm providing an opinion. Opinions aren't excuses.

You're talking about racism being a personal responsibility and that's where it begins and ends. Such as, if you witness it, it's not coming from you, so you're down with that because it's not you inflicting it (just enabling it via apathetic "response").

IMO, apathy is the disease that perpetuates racism ugliness.

I think people are personally responsible for their actions ****and should held personally accountable. ****