Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ayla Reynolds: Two Years

The following is an open letter regarding the two-year anniversary of Ayla’s disappearance .. source: 

With Christmas approaching and nearly two years passed since the Reynolds family last embraced our beloved baby Ayla, we are mindful of what we, and Ayla, are missing. This holiday season, our hearts grow heavy at the realization we won’t be bundling Ayla into a puffy snowsuit for her first sled ride down a majestic mountain she would grow up to realize was but a bump in the lawn.

Ayla is not here to share with Trista and her baby brothers the magic of waking to a blanket of snow. She will not run out the door in awe to catch fluttering flakes on her tiny tongue. She won’t stamp the snow off her boots as she reluctantly returns inside to warm her ruddy cheeks and tingling toes or melt the frost from her eyelashes. 

There won’t be cocoa ponds with marshmallow islands to giggle over or the allure of listening for jingle bells and reindeer hooves tap-tap-tapping on the roof.

We’ll never see her reach up with the utmost care to place her first shiny bauble on a pine bough or cry out in delight at the wonderment of Santa’s bounty. Ayla’s baby brothers won’t feel her tender assistance in tearing the wrapping off their holiday gifts.  Ayla will never know the joy of choosing the perfect present for mommy or the pride of putting her own pennies in the kettle for those without home and hearth.
To honor Ayla this December, we ask that you press for justice. Demand answers from the state. Why are those present in the house where Ayla’s blood was shed decorating their trees and hanging their stockings, while Ayla is out in the cold unknown for another Christmas? Why are they free to sing the songs of the season with their own toddlers when Ayla will never know Silent Night, Deck the Halls, or Joy to the World?  Where is the justice in the DiPietro and Roberts families building snowmen together or their children climbing on Santa’s lap for the iconic childhood photograph denied to Ayla and those who loved her? We want our authorities to bring our Ayla home and hold those who stripped her of all the joys life brings accountable for their heinous acts.  We cannot truly know the peace of Christmas while our Ayla is out there somewhere, alone, and her killer and accomplices are smirking in their confidence the law won’t catch up with them.

If you wish to give Ayla and her family a gift this holiday season, make it the gift of justice and sign our petition for Ayla: and keep a pink light in the window to show that your have.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish the best for you and your families this holiday season.  Jeff Hanson, Step Dad/Family Advocate

We have been informed of charitable donations being collected in Ayla’s name. Since Ayla’s maternal family is not affiliated with these collections, we refer you to the organizers of those collections for information as to their purpose and effectiveness.


Anonymous said...

Such a "from The heart"plea well said Peter.i echo Your sentiments*from across the pond*

Maggie said...

All I can say is Ayla's case tears at my heart the most. Utter one word, one phrase, one sentence Justin, Phoebe, Derek, Heidi: I'll analyze it as will everyone here. We'll figure out what you evil sadists have done with Ayla.
I hope Trista gets them to talk again soon, since Phoebe's (did Derek help her write it? We know how much he hates Trista) last public statement was so full of clues.

Gloria said...

Wow! I am surprised they have little more than 2500 signatures. I guess people don't care or don't think they are guilty.

Anonymous said...

Nobody deserves to vanish like Ayla did. Poor little baby.
There has to be one person who can break this case open. Do the right thing, call LE!

I wish MSP would announce a change in their tactic on the anniversary. Waiting on a miracle lead, and doing guess searches are not enough.

If MSP still thinks the 3 are witholding information from them, they should call them out publicly during the press conference, asking them to tell the truth.