Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fake Hate Mother?

Yet another case of Fake Hate?

This one is from the Boston area and the prime suspect of the "N" word is...

Mommie Dearest!

Lunenburg hate crime that targeted high school football player may have been committed by own mother: reports


Lunenberg High School football player Isaac Phillips was the subject of a hate crime when someone scrawled racist graffiti on his family home.

The prime suspect believed to have scrawled racist graffiti on the house of a Lunenburg High School football player is well-known to the boy.
It’s his own mother.
Massachusetts police have listed Andrea Brazier, the mother of 13-year-old Isaac Phillips, as a “strong suspect” in the November hate crime, according to reports.
But now it has been revealed that investigators are zeroing in on Phillips' mom, Andrea Brazier (right), as a 'strong suspect.'


But now it has been revealed that investigators are zeroing in on Phillips' mom, Andrea Brazier (right), as a 'strong suspect.'

State and federal officials have been investigating the incident where an unknown assailant scrawled “Knights don’t need N----r” on the side of the Phillips’ home.
Phillips plays for the Lunenburg Knights football team.
Brazier had stopped helping investigators and offered several different accounts of the incident, according to a police affidavit obtained Wednesday by CBS Boston.

A portion of the hateful message, which, in full, read "Knights don't need N------"


A portion of the hateful message, which, in full, read "Knights don't need N------"

“Andrea just kept answering ‘OK,’ and that she wanted everything to end and that we did not understand,” Detective Jeffrey Thibodeau of the Lunenburg police said in an affidavit.
In a stunning turn of events, a police discovered spray paint cans while searching the home Tuesday, according to reports.
“Most of the leads that we have followed up throughout the investigation have led back toward the house,” Lunenburg Police Department Lt. Mike Luth told the Boston Globe.

The bigotry rocked the Massachusetts town. Lunenberg officials denounced the hateful message and hosted a candle light vigil in support of the boy.


The bigotry rocked the Massachusetts town. Lunenberg officials denounced the hateful message and hosted a candle light vigil in support of the boy.

The racist graffiti shocked the Massachusetts town. Lunenburg officials denounced the bigotry and rallied behind Phillips, hosting candlelight vigils and canceling football games until the person was apprehended.
Isaac Phillips is biracial. Andrea Brazier, who is white, first reported the graffiti. On Nov. 18, police found aerosol cans in a fire pit in the backyard of their home. Her husband, Anthony Phillips, who is black, offered three different accounts of where the cans came from, the Boston Globe reported.
Originally members of the football team were believed to be the culprits, but the recent revelations have put the mother in investigator’s crosshairs.
The school went as far as to cancel football games in response to the controversy. The school said it would postpone games until the assailant was apprehended.


The school went as far as to cancel football games in response to the controversy. The school said it would postpone games until the assailant was apprehended.

Lunenburg Public Schools Superintendent Loxi Colmes said on Wednesday that she “never imagined that something like this could happen in our community.”
“I am grateful that the football players have been removed as suspects,” Colmes said in a statement. “The highly charged emotional environment would have made it unsafe to play.”
The Phillips family has placed “no trespassing” signs on their property. The Phillips father declined to comment when reached by the Globe.
Students expressed disbelief that Andrea Brazier mother could have perpetrated such a heinous act against her own son.
“It’s pretty shocking, if it’s really his mom,” Sam Sargent, 15, a sophomore who plays on the varsity basketball team, told the Globe. “If it’s true, she didn’t just put her son through a lot. She put this whole town through a lot.”


Unknown said...

Oh, geez Louise, lol!

Could we all just make a pact that we won't ever donate money to alleged victims of 'hate crimes'! If these liars stop getting windfalls of donated cash for claiming these things, then they will have no reason to pull these copy-cat stunts.

Lemon said...

Shouldn't faking a hate crime BE a hate crime?
I say yes.

Anonymous said...

I think these phony hate crimes should be prosecuted. It's sickening. Like phony "rape charges" it hurts those who experience the crimes.

Anonymous said...

It was really nice of the young mans' team and the community to stand by him and they are to be commended for it. BUT, if the mother actually did this, WOW, what kind of whiplash is that! What an evil and unimaginable thing for a mother to do to her own son.

What kind of hate emotions was she trying to stir up in her biracial son? And why? What point was she trying to make? Poor boy, will need counseling after this and likely already did.

rob said...

I guess mama was just needing some christmas cash. I agree with Lemon, faking a hate crime, should be a hate crime.
If it is proven to be the mother, think of how that will impact the son, he'll be embarrassed to go to school. The teasing will never end.
Like so many things these days, it's all about the money.

Anonymous said...

So sad but true Rob. Tragic, I had not thought about the humiliation this poor young man will have to endure at school, in the community and likely for the rest of his life. My God. How could a mother do something like this?

Jeff said...

Lemon, I agree with you wholeheartedly. In addition, I thought this was going to be the outcome after first reading about the incident. I didn't necessarily zone in on the mom, but I figured it would be either the boy himself or somebody close to him.

S + K Mum said...

I agree with Lemon and others that fake hate should be a hate crime!

I hope Isaac has supportive friends because his mother has put him in an awful position with his peers. We all know how cruel kids can be to each other. If he wasn't a target before, there is a strong chance he will be now. Poor boy :(

Anonymous said...

Incomprehensible how a mother could do that to her own. Her son must feel so unloved. He will be deaing with this for the rest of his life.

Also, spray cans should never be burned in a firepit!

Anonymous said...

This lady sounds mentally ill. I feel bad for her son.

There were problems in Lunenburg of a racial nature, in fact there is a separate investigation going on which involves the football team. At a game in Worcester not long before this incident, players from Lunenburg used the N-word against players from Worcester. A ref heard it and ended the game.

In that context, mom correctly assumed that the community would be quick to believe the football team was to blame for what allegedly happened at her house.

Anonymous said...

The mother seems great!!! Leave her alone u racist tears.

Tania Cadogan said...

if it is the mother as it looks like it is i wonder what her motive is? She is white her husband is black, i got to thinking how is the marriage doing? Is everything hunky dory is are there problems?

How better to vent ( and leak marbles) than to spray paont racist terms on her house.

She can then claim the racial hatred blah blah caused her marriage to break up.

I suspect this isn't just about 'donations and support' there is something else going on in the family a well

Anonymous said...

The dumbass. She should have thought about all that before she married and bedded a black man. Or, whichever came first.

Trishapatk said...

I'm glad the police thought to check the property thoroughly. I wonder if they suspected anything or if it was just routine investigation to see if they could figure out anything about the perpetrators of the crime. It would be interesting if Peter could find some statements made by this mother. I see her standing there at the vigil - secretly guilty but probably enjoying her success at getting attention for her and her family. I think she was just taking advantage of societies sensitivity to hate crimes. It seems like there has been a run of this lately. I wonder what she hoped to gain from it or what any of them hoped to gain. I see some of you mentioning money - I realize that the waitress who claimed that the lack of tip/hate crime and Charlie Rogers both had money thrown their way because of their lies but was there money donated to this family because of this? They sure got attention - I wonder if that is what most of them wanted the most anyway.

Mimi said...

I think that the whole family was in on it

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The lesbian waitress accused of falsely claiming a couple left her an offensive note instead of a tip has started paying back well-wishers who donated thousands of dollars to her, it emerged today.

Dayna Morales, 22, seems to finally be doing the decent thing in returning the cash she took from unsuspecting supporters after her claims made national headlines.

Morales, a waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro, in Bridgewater, New Jersey, claimed a couple dining at the restaurant had left her a note saying 'I cannot tip because I don't believe in your lifestyle' instead of a tip.

But the former marine's story fell apart just days later when the couple came forward with their copy of the receipt showing an $18 tip.

Then former friends of hers joined the chorus claiming that she was a compulsive liar who had pretended she had terminal cancer and even that her father had raped her and killed her baby by throwing it down the stairs.

She even said she was the sole survivor of a bomb blast in Afghanistan. But it then transpired she had never seen action overseas and in fact had been dishonorably discharged.

That was not before many who had been moved by her tale of prejudice stepped forward to donate money to her, which Morales had previously said she would give to LGBT charities and Wounded Warriors, a charity founded to help injured servicemen.

Yesterday, Wounded Warriors said they had received nothing from Morales.

It seems Morales has instead decided to return the donations instead of pass it on to the charity.

Today, people have come forward to reveal she has in fact apparently seen the error of her ways and started to return the cash. Some estimates of her total haul were around $3,000.

It is not known if she has refunded the entirety of the cash.

Ann Farnum-Messano posted on Have A Gay Day's Facebook page - the same organization that advocates for tolerance that Morales used to first broadcast her tale of woe.

She said: 'I just got a refund from Dayna Morales. I hope she gets some help.'

Another woman, Vivian S. Bedoya, posted that she too 'received a PayPal refund' and felt she had been taken for a terrible ride by the duping server.

'When I saw the name I knew it didn't bode well and found out how gullible I am.'

Meanwhile, MailOnline has independently confirmed through an interview with a Gallop Bistro co-owner that there were massive cracks in Morales' story.

The co-owner, who only gave his name as Jack, said that after the family came forward to claim Morales was lying, the waitress changed her story again.

He said: ‘The next day news is so big, and I tell Dayna “You need to talk to me. Talk to the manager. It gets so big. And she said, “I put in the $18 dollar tip.”

‘“What the reason,” he asks Morales. “Talk to me.”’

But Morales seemed incapable of explanation. ‘She says to me, ‘Everything is blown, blown so big.’

But asked point blank if Morales would be fired if she was found of wrongdoing - Jack said nothing was certain.

‘You cannot say that,’ he said. ‘You have no proof that she did wrong and can’t assume that she’s wrong. You have no proof.’

Tania Cadogan said...

Morales has since been suspended and retained a lawyer, MailOnline has learned, while the restaurant have hired their own lawyers. Their investigation is due to be completed next week.

Michael Knote, founder of Ohio-based Have A Gay Day told MailOnline that he was disheartened but Dayna Morales' lowball tactics.

'I feel let down,' he said. 'That someone would have the ability to just lie like this.

'I'm in a little disbelief that she didn't donate to the Wounded Warrior project, but I'm happy people are getting their money back.'

But for some of the people who came in-person to leave cash--the fate of that money remains in question.

‘Some people dropped by cash,’ Gallop Asian Bistro co-owner said. ‘They come here and dropped a lot of money,’ Jack said. ‘I saw at least three or four people come here to give her cash and they will never come back.'

Read more:

Unknown said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's strange that people donate money to all these people who claim prejudice or 'hate'?

I mean if you saw someone say something racist in person, you wouldn't walk up to the victim, pull out your wallet, and slip them a $ it would erase their hurt feelings!? So why do people do it for case like these!

sidewalk super said...

Another female who should have never had children of any ethnicity.
Her own life as a child must have been awful. Poor woman. Miserable wife.
Pathetic mother.
Keep her away from that boy.

Anonymous said...

@ Jan Ow- quote "Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's strange that people donate money to all these people who claim prejudice or 'hate'?"

I agree...what is wrong here, it reminds me of people voting for Obama, to PROVE they are not racist.

Anonymous said...

Pakistani lover during his BO's college days? I read that a while back.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that she did it out of some warped sense of helping her kid. Just like Charlie Rogers she wanted to 'make things happen' to bring attention to an issue that didn't even exist--yet. Or she may have felt there were actual racial issues needing to be addressed but nothing big enough to warrant action from the school. Sort of like a psycological munchausen syndrome by proxy. Bat crap crazy no matter how you slice it! Anon J