Wednesday, December 4, 2013

POLL: Waitress Gets No Tip for Being Lesbian: Fake Hate?

In the previous article, "Setting the Table" you were challenged to look within yourself and ask yourself if your views will interfere with your analysis.

Now you get to put it to the test:  
Tipping a waitress is purely voluntary. But a waitress in New Jersey was stiffed by her customers, and they left a note saying why, because she's gay.
It happened in the Somerset County Town of Bridgewater.
Dayna Morales is used to serving.

She served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

She's been serving tables on and off for the last 10 years.
Good service is her hallmark; she's always punctual, professional, and precise.
But Wednesday night at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, New Jersey where Dayna works, one family skipped the tip and they left behind a legible explanation.

"I was rather offended, mad. I didn't know how to react to that. I never thought that would ever happen," said Dayna Morales, a server.

Please note the distancing language of the word "that" in her statement.  Was this insult something personal, therefore, unclose?  What causes her to distance herself from this?

If someone had insulted me (and gipped me on the tip) I would be angry.  She lost $20 in tip because of it...a waitress who relies upon tips for a living.  

Note that "rather" is a comparative word, when considering something else.  What else might she have been thinking?

Dayna says she knew it was going to be a problem the moment she introduced herself.

"Normal introduction. 'My name is Dana . I'll be taking care of you.' Right away the mom looked at me and said, 'I thought you were going to say your name was Dan,'" Morales said.

Note that she began with a broken sentence and employed the word "normal" regarding her introduction, yet she does not say that she gave a normal introduction. Is this a signal that her introduction was anything but normal?

"My name is Dana" is very straightforward.  

She said that the mom "looked" at her.  This indicates that there was face to face communication and is important.  

Side note: If you view the story, look at the picture of the server.   Remember, instead of just reporting what the mom said, she added that the mom "looked" at her.  It was important enough to enter her speech, therefore, it should be important for us to consider.  

Could the server be seeking to look like "Dan"?
Could someone have been making a joke, howbeit, in poor taste?
Did the mom really say this, to insult her?
Did the mom think she was a male?
Did this really even happen?

We always flag the word "normal" as it enters someone's vocabulary as a signal that something very much out of the "norm" took place.  Even early readers know that when someone says, "It was a normal day like any other..." that something special is about to be told in the..


Still she served the family of four with no problem.

But when it came time to pay the $93 bill, the family told Dayna they weren't leaving her a tip.

They said it not to her face, but on a piece of paper.

"It says, 'I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life,'" Morales said.

Note that she said, "it says" and not that "they wrote" or "the mother wrote" or "one of them wrote"

"It says" is passive.  Passivity is often used to conceal identity or responsibility.  Since there were only four there, one of them, in particular, the mom, would have authored it.  

Why the passivity?

This is not a strong indication that she is telling the truth, but causing us to question her account.  

Note that in quoting the mom, she adds extra wording: 

She does not say, "I don't agree with your lifestyle" and end it there, but adds "and how you live your life."  

Why the extra wording?  

What is the difference between her "lifestyle" and how she lives her life.  This is significant. 

Also note the words "I'm sorry", wherever they appear, for whatever reason, as the subject could be addressing her own guilt. 

Dayna kept the note that was written on the receipt and shared it with friends on Facebook and a few blogs provoking supportive responses.

Dayna is openly gay but she never shared that with the family.

Dayna says her sexual preference has no connection to how she serves a table.
She says she did her job and deserved a tip.

She can defend democracy overseas as a Marine but can't get a tip in New Jersey in this instance because she's gay.

"It wasn't he said, she said. They actually wrote it, proof they said it," Morales said.

Note that it "isn't" but "wasn't"
Note that it wasn't "her word against mine" but uses the phrase "he said; she said"
Note the word "actually" is added, which means that she is comparing two or more thoughts.  What is she comparing "they writing" it to?
Note that she feels the need to tell us that this is "proof" they...

"said it."

Not that they wrote it. 

What has caused her to change her wording?

If it was written, why now say they "said" it?

Of course Eyewitness News wanted to know who the family is but that's something the restaurant couldn't share because it's private.
Meanwhile, Dayna says if she were to see the family again, she wouldn't say a word because she doesn't respond to ignorance.

She has responded to the news.  

Having now heard her words, what saith you?  

From what I have written, you know that I conclude deception indicated, but do you feel the same?  why or why not??

Vote and leave your comments. 

Statement Analysis conclusion:  Deception Indicated. 

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Suzanne said...

"Dayna says her sexual preference has no connection to how she serves a table.
She says she did her job and deserved a tip."

Umm, if she did her job, she only "deserves" a paycheck. A tip is a totally voluntary gift and should be appreciated but not expected. I wonder what else she thinks she "deserves."

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I can't tell.

Anonymous said...

The couple came forward and showed the original receipt, with the tax line filled in and no writing on it. They also submitted their visa bill with the charge highlighted.

It looks like she ran a copy of the receipt and had someone else write it on there. I am even betting that she agreed to split some of the money with the person that wrote it.

Her friends have come forward and said that she is a complusive liar, so maybe she did it all alone.

Anonymous said...

sorry, tip line* filled in.

Jo said...

I saw that reported also. Couple came forward with their copy and credit card bill showing tip was included. Waitress was confronted and said - “All I know is what I’ve been saying.” Not what is the truth - what she has been saying.

Jo said...

Here is link, she has been suspended while investigating.

Anonymous said...

Great analysis.

One note:

"I was rather offended"

In this sense, I believe that "rather" is not a comparative.
It just means "somewhat".

"Rather" can be a comparative, as in I'd rather be fishing".
But in this case, it is not.

Colleen said...

This article updates both this incident and the earlier situation where the waitress accused a couple of writing the "N" word on the receipt instead of a tip. It appears that the waitresses in both cases were lying to scam money from people with good hearts.

In the first case, the waitress received over $10,000 in donations. I think it's likely the other waitress read about this and decided to stage a similar stunt.

I think BOTH should be prosecuted for theft by deception and made to pay full restitution.

Link to article:

Unknown said...

I saw this a few days ago, and it appears that the waitress is indeed lying (about this, and many other things). As another poster mentioned, the family she accused came foward with a copy of their receipt with a 20%+ tip, and no written message.(their copy of the receipt was printed at the exact same time as the receipt in question). They also submitted their banking records to confirm that the amount of the bill AND the tip was charged to their card.

When the reporter confronted her, she replied, 'all I know is what I've been saying', (which also convinced me that she was just 'saying' this happened). The reporter pressed her, saying that the family is upset because she is obtaining monitary donations based on a lie/scam...and Morales replied that she was going to be donating all of the 'tips' she received (more than $3k according to her) to the wounded warrior project 'anyway'.

It seemed to me like she was trying to excuse the fact that she lied and scammed people out of money, because she was 'donating it ALL anyway'. (What do you want to bet she already spent SOME, since she emphasized that she was donating it ALL, like that absolves her of wrongdoing!)

The reporter also confronted the restaurant owner who at first defended the waitress, but after being shown the receipt and banking statement stated they would be investigating the accusation, and he didn't want to answer any more questions. I felt bad for him because the restaurant apparently just opened a few weeks ago, and I'm sure he doesn't want this kind of nonsense being associated with his business.

Anonymous said...

Peter, it would be interesting if you would analyze some of the Newtown 911 calls. There are conspiracy theorists who say that Newtown never happened -- or that it was staged. Maybe you can convince them otherwise.

BostonLady said...

Liar Liar pants on fire. This waitress has lied about more than just this tip. I think she might have something wrong with her because she appears to lie about everything.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt get served by a hiv/aids person.They should have no role in modern society.It would spend its "tip"on hobnail boots anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scared of dykes said...

Id hate to be in the same room as this butch dyke.

Observer said...

How many people has this thing offended?I saw her tv show on Nbc last week,she is a fame hunting evil cow,Did you know she has over 20"lovers"Typical of her species.Im glad Nbc has dropped her show,and will no longer honour her contract.Did Omprah give her advice on how to"screw"the system?these evil bitches give NORMAL women a bad name,Observer

Anonymous said...

she seems to have wanted to get attention - after the supposed slight, they had an influx of people coming in and leaving her "the tip she should have gotten" - however, it all started to blow up when they found the couple who are definitely not anti-gay, in fact they support gay marriage and had proof they left her a very generous tip - the wife said the supposed double take was because they thought they heard their server was Dan (not Dani) and made a comment that they were expecting a man from the name they thought they heard - unfortunately once again people crying wolf totally invalidating people who have a real issue/case

Anonymous said...

Stop being anti gay u cock worshiping satanic hog.

Anonymous said...

"She"looks like Prince William(another queer/gay).

Anonymous said...

Any"same sex"lover is a freak,they always lie,they're scarey deseased animals whos only intent is SEXY TIME.God protect us from these dirty sweaty aliens.Their parents are perverted oinks.

Randie said...

She uswd the word SORRY like Casey Anthoney and others have done!

Unknown said...

Also, according to Morales' former co-workers and friends, she is a 'pathological liar'. If the things they said are true, then she is a deeply manipulative, and disturbed woman.

They claim she shaved her head and accepted 'help & support' from co-workers after saying she was terminally ill with cancer, snd she has supposedly claimed to have cancer several times. They say she told them she was 'blown up by a bomb' while fighting overseas, yet she was never deployed, or even active duty military.

They also say she told them her father raped her, and fathered a child with her as a teenager. Apparently she told some friends that her father later killed the baby by throwing it down the stairs, but she told others that the baby died from cervical cancer which she had, and spread to the baby!?

After telling lies like those, I'd say this fake hate crime was no big deal to her. The article reports that SHE posted angry rants on LBGT support websites about the people that she accused of writing the hate message on her receipt, citing her military service, and that their children were being raised in hate. Therefore, she not only 'responded' to the alleged 'ignorance' (as she called it), she advertised it, and sought sympathy/respect by mentioning her former military service. (One article states that she was given a dishonorable discharge due to failing to report for drills.) She sounds like a sick woman!

Anonymous said...


When should normal be flagged and when shouldn't it?

The SA of Michael McStay's statement did not flag normal even though he used both "normal" and "normally."


charlotte from denmark said...

I wish Peter would do a SA of Lee Harvey Oswald. He shot the president, and still his answers are not those a guilty person.

(And for the record, I do believe he shot Kennedy, so I am not being rethorical here)

Here are the questions from a reporter when Oswald is being led into questioning:

-"Did you shoot the president?"

-"No, sir, I didn't"

-"I see your eye is bruised, what happened"?

-"A policeman hit me".

-"Why were you at the book depository"?

-"I work there"!

He is lying, but he sounds like he is telling the truth. He does not include a "because" in his last answer either.

If only Jack Ruby hadn't killed him..

John Mc Gowan said...


Anon @ 3:07.

The Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald

An analysis by Mark McClish .

Anonymous said...

He was innocent,you communist twat.

S + K Mum said...

Sounds to me like the waitress has some serious attention seeking issues....all of which gain sympathy and possibly financial donations. I hope, if she is lying, she gets prosecuted. Perhaps the accused couple should file a lawsuit against her, if only to stop her and get her the help she would clearly need if her friends accounts are true. It is repulsive to claim to have cancer when you do not :/

Anonymous said...

I second the request to analyze the 911 tapes from Sandy Hook!

Anonymous said...

The hi v lesbians shouldn't touch our food,they should just clean gardens and not fondle the pets.

whipping bigbutts elf yummy said...

I'd say she's definitely lieng.

thrash elfs butt said...

Why do homosexual women look like men????????:::::::??????.This homo woman looks like a male.He even has a man's face.he's telling viiscious lies.

Anonymous said...

Women often lie as their weak,feeble,penisless,idiots.Apart from cooking women can only yap moan and act angry every 4 weeks.lesbian "women"are even worse,they have pierced stubby breasts hairy stubby sweaty ones.

Lemon said...

"It says, 'I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life,'" Morales said.

The "I'm sorry" stands out to me in the note. It reminds me of flagging the same in 911 calls as sensitive. Is Dayna leaking guilt here in what she wrote herself on the note?

Tania Cadogan said...

How would the customer know how she lived her life??

Anonymous said...

The waitress said"allo guvnor,giz a kiss darlin"while playing"the sound of music"on its iPhone.also she has a friend called"Dorris".

Anonymous said...

Waitress in question has been let go.