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Prosecute the Killers of Hailey Dunn!

Enough already, just prosecute the killers of Hailey Dunn!

The case of Hailey Dunn was not a mystery of "who done it?" but one of obvious facts and a powerful case of circumstance.  The only mystery was where the body was dumped, though it was known for a long time that the body would be found:

Within the perimeter of Hailey's home and Shawn Adkins trek that fateful morning and...

in an "ugly" field area, that Billie Jean did not want searched.

This mystery came to an end when a concerned citizen, out walking, found her remains.  Curtis Lloyd then was silenced by prosecutors, so as not to 'taint the case.'

What case?

Curtis knew that the remains were Hailey's and what he saw, even without a trained eye, told him he saw a homicide victim.  It was enough to turn his stomach, and ours, collectively.  The anger should have fueled the prosecutors, filling them with resolve. 

From the beginning, we knew.  We knew what was the truth of the disappearance of Hailey Dunn, the little girl who had no chance in life for happiness being born to a sociopathic mother, who's boyfriend de jour, happened to share her lust for blood.

When Hailey's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, first went on the Nancy Grace Show (she just couldn't resist) she did what every liar does:

she talked too much.

In the very first moments of the case, astute listeners and readers here knew:

Hailey was not missing, but dead and...

Billie Jean needed an alibi.

Billie Jean Dunn was in cover-up mode and had researched a case where a little girl went to a sleep over and was murdered, and used the same story.  Like Tiffany Hartley dreaming of Leo DiCaprio in Titanic to describe her dying husband, Billie Jean eschewed fiction for the true crime account, forgetting that the story was in Nancy Grace's own online library.  Nancy Grace ain't the sharpest, and it took a few appearances to catch on, but eventually she did.  But in the beginning of the story,

Nancy Grace asked how far Hailey had to go to the sleep over.

Billie Jean Dunn said, "Oh, four or five blocks."

Not bad.  She answered the question, which is what truthful people do.  This is called staying in "bounds" of the question.

Except that deceivers are always a bit on edge, and always feel the need to persuade, so...she went further, and we in the world of analysis remember:

"The brain knows what it knows" so if the person speaks, the info will sleep out.

"She wasn't allowed to go out after dark..." said Dunn, showing the need to be seen as a good mother.


She did what innocent mothers of missing children will not do, right out of the pages of Solominic wisdom:

She spoke of Hailey in the past tense, as if deceased.

It is one signal, the need to be portrayed as a good mother, that indicated guilt as a 'good' mother, but it was quite another to actually reference a missing child in the past tense.

Ms. Grace missed this point, however, and kept on going.

"Tell me what happened..." to which Billie Jean Dunn told us something different:

"She went missing while I was at work."

This is called "out of bounds" of the question.  The question was not, "When did she go missing?" but simply, "What happened?"

Asking one "What happened?" and "what happened next?" are the two best questions a journalist or seeker of information can ask.  The question, "What happened?" allows the subject to choose exactly where, in the story, the subject finds most important.  It speaks to priority.

This answer is "out of bounds" of the question, which to the Analyst, is considered very important information.

Billie Jean Dunn needed to establish that whatever it was that happened, happened while she was at work, so don't you go thinking that she had anything to do with it!  This need to persuade that she did not have anything to do with it, itself, points to guilt.

In just the first few minutes of the appearance, we knew that Hailey would not be found alive, and that the mother has guilty knowledge of her death.

Of course, Billie Dunn went on to reveal her drug abuse (tooth ache) and perversity, along with boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

They were into drugs, violence, sexual violence, deviate sex, bestiality, and, alas, child pornography.  With a bonanza of sickening pornography found, famed attorney and frequent appearance on the Grace show, Ray Guidice said that this could have, simply, handed over to the feds who would have prosecuted Shawn Adkins.

Adkins, the man behind the mask, is scared of his own shadow.  Billie Dunn was the brains of the two, who made up the account and orchestrated the dumping of the body.  Shawn hid behind her for as long as she could tolerate him but, as her nature showed, she was not someone who would be in a steady, long term relationship with any man.  Her family had 3 generations of them locked in cages, keeping society safe from them, while Adkins' family could only look at the indulged monster, see him fail a polygraph, and go into defensive, quiet mode, perhaps blaming Billie Dunn, while excusing their son's behavior as the young man was under the older woman's spell.

The fearful Adkins would have done anything to save his skin from being a child pornographer in prison, and Hailey's remains would have been given up a long time ago, but still...

just prosecute.

You said we had to wait until you found the body, and now you have the body.  You have the cell phone pings and you have a mountain of circumstantial evidence.  You've got a defense attorney who's lust for all things public will cause him to trip, if you build the case to the jury slowly, step by step.

Begin with the life style we have come to know so well:  depraved indifference to human life, especially children, exploited for sexual gratification.  Next, show the jury a few puppies or kittens or other animals being brutalized for the perverse pleasure of Dunn & Adkins.

Next, break out the homemade porn, the blood lust videos, and then introduce the numbing of the soul through drugs.

Let Billie Dunn's own words bring her to the gallows.

Then take her story, and poke hole after hole after hole...that is, if you even get to this point.

Why wouldn't you have to get to this point?

Because by the time the jury sees all that she and Adkins were in to, no matter how much like a school Marm her attorney attempts to make her into, the disgust will be to the point where body language analysts watching will see:

the jury will not be able to make eye contact with Billie Jean Dunn, due to the bile rising in their stomachs.

At that point, you'll see her begging for a plea bargain.

If you don't wish to travel down this road, than HAND OVER THE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CASE to federal prosecutors and let them HAVE AT Shawn Adkins.  You think you now need a confession?

You'll get your confession.

He was into masks because the evil he did eroded his soul, and whatever's left of it, shivers in the night, as he lives his life waiting for the other shoe to fall; the knock on the door, and the day of reckoning.

Not so much with Billie Jean Dunn who's soul was long gone before she ever gave birth to Hailey Dunn.  Hers was stolen, before age four, during critical brain development, by sexual perversion and violence.  She did not ever have the part of the brain developed that shows empathy, boundaries, and human attachment.

She won't confess unless it is in her best interest.

The longer you wait, the angrier the public grows, and the confidence once afforded you, erodes.

Prosecute now!

Take what you have and give it your best.

If not, it is time to send the child pornography over to the federal prosecutors.  Take your slice of humble pie and just do it.


Lemon said...


Turtle said...

Now that I think about it...Billie Dunn is crazy to sit and wait for them to arrest her, ALL of her dirt will be played out in court for the world to see. We all saw how Travis, an innocent man was drug through the mud because of Jodi, what does she think they are going to do to her a child murderer???

She ran to Austin with her accomplice to get away, but this time she won't escape. She tried to threaten people, but that won't work either. It will all be put out there and she can't do anything about it.

All the videos, conversations, etc. She has no idea what is coming down the pipe when they get her. She should save herself the embarrassment and tell what happened, or she will really be trying to commit suicide again. It is going to be ugly in front of the entire world.

My opinion only!

shelley said...

Its is time.

They do not deserve their freedom.

Hailey deserves this.

They have a body.

Proof Shawn was near the location thaloneains were found.

Proof both lied about Shawn being at a work the day Hailey disapeared.

Child porn and beastility in the room they shared.

Billie spoke of Hailey in past tense.

what more do they need?

If they do not prosecute then there is some deep dark secret that is being protected.

There is no excuse.

Justin Dipreto needs to be next.

stop letting these monsters get away with it. It just means more will hurt thwir kids as the watch others get away with it so easily.

Then next the world needs to ask Scotland just what motives they have. They can not be that stupid that the Mccans leaving babies alone is not reason enough? You have not protected any other parents to this level who co, kited a crime im another country. How were they even allowed to be involved or haveany power? The truth needs to come out!

What can be done to force LE to do the right thing?

shelley said...

Sorry for typos. On cell phone typing this

John Mc Gowan said...

"If you don't wish to travel down this road, than HAND OVER THE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CASE to federal prosecutors and let them HAVE AT Shawn Adkins. You think you now need a confession?"


Missing in Milwaukee: Where is Kelly Dwyer?

Kelly Dwyer seems to have vanished into thin air. The 27-year-old Milwaukee woman was reported missing on October 12. Her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information.


The last person known to have seen Kelly, her alleged boyfriend Kris Zocco, has since been charged with multiple counts of child pornography possession and drug violations in unrelated cases. Currently free on $250,000 bail, Zocco has said he last saw Kelly at his apartment on the morning of October 11, according to Dwyer’s mother.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Teenage kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson has said she's not planning to waste her money on 'that crap,' speaking about a book in which her great aunt labeled her behavior since her mother and brother's horrific deaths as 'downright disturbing.'

The 16-year-old's great aunt, Jennifer Willis, told the author of the book River of no Return: On the Trail of Hannah Anderson and Jim DiMaggio, Chelsea Hoffman, that the family 'hasn't seen her grieve at all.'

‘It’s not the Hannah we know. It’s downright disturbing,’ she said.

Anderson has been criticized for her behavior on social media, which includes selfies posted the day of her mother's and brother's funerals and hotel robe-clad twerking on the day she was interviewed about the events on the Today Show, for a seeming lack of grief in the wake of the murder of her family.

On a revealing social media account,, Hannah Anderson responds to questions posted by members of the public.

When asked if she was planning to read the book her great aunt was involved in, she said, 'No I'm not gonna waist [sic] my money on that crap.'

Another person asked what Anderson's father thinks about her great aunt being involved in the book, to which she responded, 'No comment.'

Other users pointed out that her apparent lack of grief was disturbing to the public.

'The public wants to see at least an iota of grief, do you not get that???? You cant be this dense..' wrote an user.

'I do show grief but not to media because I don't trust them,' Hannah responded.

The account also includes answers Anderson gave to questions about the events the day her family was killed.

When asked what things she lost in the fire, Hannah Anderson responded matter-of-factly: 'My family. Phone. iPod. My dog. My ID some money.'

In an earlier post, she was asked about her mobile phone.

'Hannah, please help me out here. Police said you turned your phone off when you got picked up from cheer [practice, by DiMaggio] 3 August. Did your battery die or did you turn your phone off?'

'I turned it off just on the way up there because he always got mad that I was constantly on my phone. So I didn't wanna be tempted to go on it,' she wrote.
According to police, both Hannah Anderson and Jim DiMaggio turned off their phones at the same time.

Anderson's great aunt says she just wants answers to the questions that have haunted the family since the tragic events.

'I did talk with Ms. Hoffman,' Willis told ABC News.

'My intention was not to hurt Hannah or cause her any distress – but to get more answers to so many, many questions which have not been answered. I love Hannah and I loved my dear Tina and little fishing buddy Ethan. That's all I care to say on the matter.'

Anderson's conduct in the months since her rescue from the family friend who kidnapped her and allegedly murdered her mother and brother has been the subject of intense scrutiny.

Mrs Willis was so close to her niece Christina that the women were, she said, ‘more like sisters.’ Revealing her own profound pain in the aftermath of Christina and Ethan’s killings she said: ‘I can hardly breathe most of the time.’

She and several other relatives admitted to being deeply troubled by Hannah’s apparent lack of grief and string of outlandish, often sexually precocious, postings on social media, according to Hoffman.

On the day of her mother and brother’s funeral she tweeted pictures of herself and a friend, fingers posed like guns, with the hashtag ‘true-thugs’.

Tania Cadogan said...

And the very day that the teenager spoke fully for the first time, reliving the ordeal of being forced to play Russian Roulette while hearing her brother crying from another room - on the Today show, she posted images of herself with a male friend, pouting, giggling and ‘twerking’ her New York hotel room.

While Hannah was there, she excitedly posted pictures on her Instagram account, including several close-ups of Miley Cyrus' live performance.

Two days ago she boasted online that her grandmother, with whom Hannah now lives, allowed her boyfriend to sleep over and pictured him shirtless and making her scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Speaking to MailOnline Miss Hoffman, 29, said: ‘It is very clear from the family members I’ve spoken with that this is not a family united in their shared grief at all. It’s sad but it’s a family very much at odds with itself.’

Only last week Hannah tweeted: ‘My family still can’t get along. Wtf?!’

According to Mrs Willis there were often tensions between Christina’s side of the family and that of Hannah’s father, Brett.

But in a poignant admission she revealed that Christina, who was estranged from her husband, at the time of her death, had harbored hopes of a reconciliation and of ‘having her family back together again.’

Instead all hopes ended in a scene of utter devastation

In her book Miss Hoffman examines Hannah’s own account of the events that lead up to that day and its aftermath and the book points to what Miss Hoffman considers to be a myriad of inconsistencies and unanswered questions by which some of Hannah’s own relatives admit to being troubled.

The burned bodies of Christina Anderson, 44, Ethan, 8, and the family dog were found by fire-fighters in the charred remains of family friend Jim DiMaggio’s burned out home in Boulevard, California on 4 August.

Christina’s mouth and neck was wrapped tightly with duct tape and her ankles bound with plastic cable. She had been viciously bludgeoned to death.

Investigators were not able to determine Ethan’s cause of death as his body was almost completely consumed by fire. But what little remained suggested extreme suffering and violence.

The grim discoveries marked the beginning of a massive FBI manhunt as it quickly transpired that DiMaggio, believed to have time devices to ignite at his home, had abducted Hannah.

Seven days later DiMaggio and Hannah were traced to a riverside in a stretch of Idaho wilderness called No Return when four horseback riders who had encountered them on the trail returned and raised the alarm.

DiMaggio was gunned down by six snipers in the rescue that followed.

Tania Cadogan said...

By then a disturbing portrait had emerged of the family friend, as a 40-year-old man with inappropriate sexual feelings for the teenage Hannah. DiMaggio was Hannah’s father, Brett’s, best friend and had known the teen all her life. According to Hannah in the weeks before her abduction, DiMaggio had admitted to having a ‘crush’ on her.

The public instinct was to embrace Hannah as a teenager who had survived an unimaginable trauma only to be told that the mother and brother she thought were waiting for her, were dead.

But as investigators worked to establish the nature of Hannah’s relationship with her abductor troubling details began to emerge which sparked a change in public opinion.

Authorities have been adamant in their assertion that Hannah is ‘a victim in every sense of the word.'

But many have struggled to square the teenager’s online persona and postings with this tag.

Hannah and DiMaggio exchanged 13 phone calls on the day of the killings before both phones were switched off simultaneously.

In addition to this officers executing a search warrant at DiMaggio’s home found letters written from the teenager to DiMaggio in which she shared grievances about her mother with whom she was not getting along.
It was revealed that the pair took trips together. One eye-brow raising tweet posted just weeks before the abduction, showed Hannah on one such trip. The picture, taken from behind, shows Hannah in cut-off denim shorts.

It was taken by DiMaggio and was tagged by Hannah ‘when you got the world in your hands nobody can stop you …#bye #Hollywood #bye #Malibu #hello #river’

In relating how it was that DiMaggio overpowered her Hannah has said that he gave her a pill she now believes to be Ambien. She has said she was unconscious from that moment until waking in Idaho and has no recollection of even being put in his car.

But video released from security checkpoints on the route shows Hannah, apparently wide awake and seated in the passenger seat next to DiMaggio, according to Hoffman.

The author also focuses on how Hannah has claimed that she hurt her left knee during days of grueling hiking through inhospitable terrain, during which she carried two 50lbs backpacks for DiMaggio and tweeted pictures showing her heavily strapped leg.

Pictures taken later the same day show the leg brace on her right leg. When online commentators picked up on the strange switch Hannah initially claimed the pictures were taken on different days.

When it emerged that they were taken on the same day she retorted that one knee had been injured in Idaho and the other had arthritis due to an old sporting injury.

Miss Hoffman said: ‘There are so many unanswered questions in this case that it’s my sincere hope it is reopened. What happened was so shocking and what’s come after it is just very sad.

‘Hannah is letting off steam through social media and has cut herself off from some of the people who care for her and who are going through their own profound grief.

‘Jennifer is one of them. She sees the way Hannah is behaving and she just doesn’t understand what’s going on – this Hannah is not the little girl she helped raise.'

A spokesman for Hannah and her father, Brett, declined to comment.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

OT: Woman viciously beaten in south St. Louis in possible "knockout game" attack

(KMOV) – A 23-year-old Metro East college student said she was viciously punched in the face along a south St Louis sidewalk Monday.


All the student knows is that it happened as she walked along Arsenal at Brannon early Monday morning, trying to get to a waiting vehicle. She and her boyfriend were giving a friend a ride from a local bar.


She wondered if she was victim of the so-called “Knockout Game” – when a stranger attacks someone at random.


(from, originally posted on November 19, 2013 at 11:08 PM)

Mr Hyatt: Because of what you have taught us on this blog, last month when this story first broke I predicted that this was a hoax even though others naively believed her suggestion that she was a victim of the Knockout Game. Now it comes out she was lying to protect her abusive boyfriend (see

Thank you for your gift to us and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hailey Dunn needs her JUSTICE..

Anonymous said...

anon 6:09, the knock out game is one blow to the back off the head at the base of the skull, not a punch to the face. lmao.

shelley said...

Why the Police just wrote Hannah off as a victim and that is disturbing.

Does Name LE even know what they are doing anymore?

We have a bunch of random unintelligent (often drugged out/drunk) people doing unspeakable crimes and fooling intelligent trained police offficers? REALLY?

Sounds like we have too many peopl in LE that do not TV bekobg there. Like the LE in San Diego and well, all of Scotland Yard..,.

I mean with the technology and tools today, why do they not see what is so obvious to so many.

Hannah has shown no greif. The bull about how people all react different is true yes.... But she is acting the way someone involved acts. Not an innocent victim. Period. She is not upset.

The #hello river tag was deeply disturbing.

Her stating the 13 calls were tests because "he didn't know the address or what - like, where I was. So I had to tell him the address and....." was such a HUGE LIE. That man was at all her games and practices and often drove her to school. Yet she says she needed 13 texts to communicate and address and LE finds that answer acceptable?

Then I've seen comments that Hannhah is just an kid... do people not watch the news? Kids kill. Teens kill.

I think Hannah was involved and possibly even dealt one of the blows to her mom.

Her actions prove there is no sadness or greif. A normal innocent person does not need to try to convince people she is greiving.

Guilty people do.

Hannah is guilty. LE is just apparently not qualified to figure it out.

Sounds like we need to start firing incompetent LE and hirr those that can solve crimes,

Anonymous said...

I agree and the sad truth of it is that the police do this quit frequently its a corrupt system we are living in

elf said...

I disagree that hailley had no chance at happiness. Before Billie and Shawn murdered her she had a chance at happiness. They took that away from hailley.
Hailey the tom-boy.
hailley the soft ball player.
Hailley the cheerleader.
Hailley the girl next door.
Hailley the back yard scientist.
Hailley the best friend.
Hailley the dreamer.
Hailley HAD a chance at happiness.

loulou said...

Elf... and while she was being all those things, I wonder what else she was being exposed to.... abuse? Drugging parents... porn in the home.... a happy exterior doesn't mean she was happy on the inside. Her only chance of happiness was becoming of age, getting the hell out of there, dealing with her childhood and breaking the cycle. That bitch evil mother of hers never gave her a shot at happiness. Imo.

elf said...

Hailley wanted to rise above all that. Billie and Shawn stole it from her. Maybe I'm.just an.optimist but until that day in December hailley had a chance of happiness. She could have had more. I don't see why those stupid cops down there in Texas can't see what's in front of their faces.

elf said...

I don't think its fair to say she never had a chance for happiness... its like saying the tragedy is less somehow...

Anonymous said...

hannah anderson case handled by sheriff Gore.
one day says hannah was a willing PARTICIPANT, next day says she is a victim in every way and orders Jim killed.
Gore... you may know him from,
saying the McStay family left on their own.
Hannah is innocent.
that one lady hung herself over her balcony.
and ordered the murders at Ruby Ridge.

he is a moron.

Kellie Sue said...

Amen! Peter.

Unknown said...

I hate to say this but as an obsever from across the pond I realised as time stretched on after the discovery off the remains.

Thememorial came an went an stkill no movement or sign of imminent arrest.

Ipso Facto ther will be no arrest not now not ever.
Just as we were all expecting an arrest after the discovery of indecent images of peadophilla beastiality an more sordid depraved photos images you could download In a tyhousand hours of not stop trawlimg downloading an storeing .

An yet no arrest was forthcomeing for the porn then or now?

This Is another case like Jo Bennet Ramsey or Hailigh Cummings

Were the guilt of Misty Ron an both the Crosslin an Cumminggs can et all ware gilty as Sin In the Wee Girls Murder AS WERE jO bENNETS pARENTS AN THE iRWINS AN THAT WOMAN WHOM MURDERED HER HUSBAND ON THE Mexican SIDE OF A LAKE AN TOLD US STORY OF SHOOTING PIRATES IN BOATS.




This was shown more recently with the aquitall of blatant child murder an all round unstable wife beating woman beating gun toting an threating menace to society.

I know billienotdunnothing an seanscabbyskin will not face arrest or consoquience for the murde r of Hailey.

As they would have been arrested sans haste after the body remains were officaly found to be Hailey .

They weren't an nothing has changed since then or even before.

L E we everyone all knew Hailey wasn't kidnapped by a stranger.

We everyone L E All realised she was dead murdered.

So when remains are found that's just confirmation.

Stus Qou remains the same on an on no arrest weeks into months into seasons into years into decades into deep deep cold storage.

sidewalk super said...

The cretins who pretend knock-out is a "game" are lost to this world.

Useless protoplasm.



Anonymous said...

Yes there are a lot of these sick people running free, but thank goodness there is not a time limit on murder charges. Maybe one day those babies will get justice, even if it's several years later

One girl waited 10 years to tell police what she knew about her sister's disappearance because she was very young when it happened and was scared. Hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Something really stinks in the case of Hailey Dunn. It appears there is one massive cover up going on but WHY?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing exactly how I feel. Hailey deserves Justice.

Turtle said...

So Anon 1:19 you want Hyatt to burn in hell because there is not any PHYSICAL EVIDENCE and he still states his opinion?? Let me guess you are really Billie posting aren't you?? Geez I wish they could prove it was you on here. You are not innicent, they just do not have PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to lock you up.

Turtle said...

Anon 1:27 how in the world do you come to the conclusion that Christians are Nazis because they want the people who did the crime to pay?? A young girl was murdered, remember her, Hailey Dunn.

Lemon said...

Referring to the locale as "c-city" points to a poster who is local.
"Everyone n their mom" is an interesting phrase...

turtle said...

"wants in on this" is interesting too, to me it shows someone close to what is going on.

Lemon said...

"this" is close. Excellent observation.

circumstanceISevidence said...

if Tiffany Hartley murdered her husband at the border w/Mexico in the lake - - then why were there No remains found of either the hubby or the jet ski?

somebodyDUNNsomebodyWrong said...

if PillBilly & SA have been ruled out as suspects - the world would surely hear about it, Anon@2:18

Anonymous said...

What evidence was found at the crime scene has not released, so that is a false statement anon 2:18

Anonymous said...

Stanley Woods is a very angry man, how close is he to Shawn, since he obviously hates Billie.

Small Town said...

hahaha....Billie whether you like it or not....YOU are small town too. ps....wash that dirty mouth!

Small Town - wrote by John Mellencamp
Well I was born in a small town
And I live in a small town
Prob'ly die in a small town
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All my friends are so small town
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Educated in a small town
Taught to fear Jesus in a small town
Used to daydream in that small town
Another born romantic that's me

But I've seen it all in a small town
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Got nothing against a big town
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Well I was born in a small town
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Gonna die in a small town
Ah, that's prob'ly where they'll bury me

Nic said...

IMO, something else will have to happen, arrest wise, (different case/ring) for "Hailey's House of Cards" to come crumbling down.

I still believe there is a "ledger keeper" keeping all those balls in the air. It's just too incredulous that nothing has happened with all that has been played out.

Blackmail is a powerful thing. Especially when you're looking at a small fishes/small town swimming in a big pond.


Nic said...

There was a video of BJD in jail being videoed by reporters and she "told" the chief or whomever was on duty (called him by his first name) to put her back in holding so that she wouldn't be "harassed" by the media any longer.

That is what you call the tail wagging the dog. Prisoners don't "tell" police what to do unless they are in a "position" to do so.


Anonymous said...

anoy 8:15 agree

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Ecossie Possie, my intent is not to be mean, but your horrible spelling and faulty sentence construction make your posts AWFULLY difficult to read!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A New Jersey waitress who received thousands of dollars in gratuities after claiming she received a homophobic note in lieu of a tip has been let go by the restaurant at which she worked.

Dayna Morales, a 22-year-old former Marine, claimed last month that a family of four who racked up a $93.55 bill at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Branchburg, N.J., left her no tip, only a note saying they couldn’t leave any extra cash for her service because they “do not agree with your lifestyle.”

Morales quickly emailed the story to a gay advocacy website and later posted a photograph of the purported check on her Facebook page. The alleged incident made national headlines and resulted in thousands of dollars being donated to Morales, who said she would send all proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

But Morales' credibility has come under heavy scrutiny since, and the family who allegedly stiffed her has disputed her story.

The restaurant announced on its Facebook page Saturday that it had conducted its own internal investigation, and although it was "inconclusive," the eatery said it had come to a mutual agreement with Morales that she no longer work there.

"In light of the investigation and recent events, both Ms. Morales and Gallop Asian Bistro have made a joint decision that Ms. Morales will no longer continue her employment at our restaurant," said the Facebook post, which did not specify the conditions under which she left. "We wish her well in the future.”

The decision comes after reported Friday that three people who sent money to a PayPal account set up in her name say their donations were refunded.

At least one man who sent cash to Morales at the restaurant told he has not gotten the money back. Morales did not respond to requests for comment from the station.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Florida-based Wounded Warrior Project could not confirm Morales had made any donations as of Wednesday, Bridgewater Patch reported.

A representative for the nonprofit group that caters to veterans returning from overseas checked for donations by Morales’ name and within the ZIP codes for Bridgewater, N.J., where she worked, and Bedminster, where Morales said she lives, and was unable to locate any correlating donations. The donations may have been made from a different ZIP code or by a third-party, the representative told the website.

The couple accused of leaving the note for Morales has since denied doing so, telling NBC 4 New York they did in fact leave an $18 tip on the $93 bill. The unidentified couple also provided the station a credit card statement that indicated the tip, according to the report.

NBC News has also reported that a Pentagon source said Morales was dismissed from the Marine Reserve Corps in May because she was not attending drills and that she was discharged under “less than honorable” conditions.

Several of Morales’ acquaintances also since questioned her credibility. Kristina Calamusa, who described herself as a former friend of Morales, told The Daily Caller late last month that the waitress claimed to her that she was “blown up by a land mine overseas.”

But, according to Calamusa, that story was false; Morales was never on active duty. The Journal News of White Plains, N.Y., has also quoted acquaintances of Morales who say she lied about her military service and that she suffered from brain cancer.

Anonymous said...


Suspicious said...

To the anon stating there is no physical evidence. Circumstances can create inferences about an accused's guilt in a criminal matter, including the accused's resistance to arrest; the presence of a motive or opportunity to commit the crime; the accused's presence at the time and place of the crime; any denials, evasions, or contradictions on the part of the accused; and the general conduct of the accused. The same can be said with scientific evidence. The Martin MacNeill conviction for example. Justice for Hailey Dunn!

Unknown said...

@ To what ever anon mouse wrote this..

Ignorant response to a perfectly valid posting by an erudite non anon mouse poster..

Anonymous said...
anon 6:09, the knock out game is one blow to the back off the head at the base of the skull, not a punch to the face. lmao.
December 7, 2013 at 8:46 PM

Did you actually laugh your arse of ?

If so you are obviously a some what uneducated an young person .

Whom as of yet has not become aware of the reality that there Is nothing new under the Sun.

An what you claim exact rules an a premise for some thing to qualify as a genuine contender as qualify for the K. O . Game Is not just a blow to the back of the victims head.

An even more location specific a blow to the base of the bathe head.

With what pray tell?

A Baseball bat a Lead pipe a Monkey Wrench?

An If said victim moves or turns an you miss the specific target.
The Base at the back of his head .

Does that not register a score/point.

In the K.O. Game Is there an Independent referee?

My friend the K.O. GAME as you state Is nothing new an it has no rules or regulations .

Its just bored Kids with no respect for there elders bags of resentment though an enough hate to open the gate to Hell.

Thirty years ago more than likely before you were even a twinkle. In your Fathers eye we in the UK Had the exact same type practice .

Called It HAPPY SLAPPING the name was a misnomer though.

Certainly the people dishing out the violence were very elated an HAPPY with themselves .

So the Happy part was correct but the slapping was the misleading part.

No slaps were delivered no jaw breaking sucker punches of both males females O A P s no one was immune from receiving a happy slap attack.

An Its never gone away Its just that each generation growing up experience teen angst rebellious urges .

Think they no it all an there Parents an Elders are just Stupid don't under stand don't get it.

And besides History didn't even start not before you entered the stage.

An they grow up an another generation come along calls it yet another variation .

Random Ramp for rampage deck a sucker punch.

An they all came up with it independently.

As I stated nothing under this Sun.
As far as Human actions an customs an youths disenfranchised rage.
At society taken out on random totally innocent victims Is novel or new.

Same with fashion. Music .sex .in fact same with every thing.

When it comes to life ideas as you mature .
You will realise when the scales of youth an ignorance .

Fall from your eyes that when it comes to anything you experience or think you are creators of.

Your Elders have been there done that .
Not only bought the postcards but bought the T Shirts .

An sent them Home along with photos an home movies.

won't tell you this time said...

this time around, because of the racial component, it is thug activity, question is "Why do these criminals have so much free time for havoc?

S + K Mum said...

It is a disgrace that no charges of any kind have been brought in Hailey's case.

If they won't prosecute then they have to tell the world why they won't prosecute. That would be interesting. Have BJD and SA outsmarted everyone? I doubt it!

It is very sad that Hailey's remains are found and nothing has progressed.

S + K Mum said...

Some questions....

Is Billie Jean Dunn pushing Law Enforcement and harassing them to find out what happened to her beautiful daughter? Is Billie in the media asking for information and desperate for the person(s) responsible to be apprehended and prosecuted with the full might of the law?

Or has she just skulked off into the background?

Monday said...

Billie is now a big time admin of a defunct facebook page. Have a looksie at her morbid, thoughtless, cold, distancing posts

Monday said...

She wrote on Haileys picture 'closed eyes, heart not beating but a living love.'


Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

The FBI in Dallas has been investigating the child porn for something like two years. I will say again, in spite of what Patrick Tombs said, I do not believe there was child porn. If there was everyone with access to those devices would have been arrested. We see child porn arrests all the time in this area. As for the murder investigation, you've got me. Hailey's remains have not been released and the investigation seems to be no where. It frustrates the heck out of me.

sidewalk super said...

How many of the officials in charge of the Hailey Dunn's investigation slow-down are elected?
What are their names?
So when are they next up for re-election?

What are the local newspapers who should be following this story?
How can they be contacted?
Why aren't the involved newspapers more interested in follow-through?

elf said...

I don't think there's a 'big cover up' or that Billie has any leverage or power regarding any law enforcement officials. I think law enforcement fucked up the case. They dropped the ball.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

They did drop the ball Elf. They at first treated the case as a runaway and thereby likely were unable to collect crucial evidence. There is plenty of circumstantial eveidence, and, I am guessing, a reluctant prosecutor due to limited or no hard evidence. And too many agengies involved. I think that delutes taking a lead on the case.

Anonymous said...

the key word is fubar.
two heads are better than one, but there were too many chiefs.
"that sort of thing doesn't happen in this town" attitude was the biggest mistake made. cops should have listened to Billie when she told them someone took her daughter.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

You hit it on the head anon at 12:23

Lemon said...

Somebody needs a nap...

Kellie Sue said...

....and a straight jacket.

Anonymous said...

Hailey, Sky, Dylan, Ayla, Cody Lisa
How can all these people get away with this?? so sad.. Thank you for keeping their name out there peter ~Desiree Cody Haynes' cousin

Anonymous said...

Billie agreed with a searcher who hugged both she and Clint as she was leaving that fateful dinner before Billie and Clint. H said to them that she watched the two as they had to watch the ahe and the other searchers walk through the ugly, dirty, fields and red dirt as they looked for Hailey and she couldn't do it anymore, hugged them both and left the dinner. Clint got Billie and said they had to go too. Neither could handle anymore. When asked why she was leaving she used the same words the searcher had used.....does this suddenly mean the searcher was involved? No one could see beauty in those videos. There was none. They were searching for Hailey and not a living breathing Hailey as Marc Klaas said and we all used, but a dead Hailey. It was necessary and Clint and Billie were and still are grateful to everyone of the searchers. I just thought you may want to know the coined phrase of dirty, ugly fields in the red dirt came from someone else, not related to Hailey.

Cain said...

See, Anon at 11:50, Billie has an answer for everything. It's never her fault, she is always the poor victim. She has a "story" for everything. It's amazing to me how some people will accept the stories they are told as gospel. Aren't we all taught critical thinking in school anymore? Sorry for the rant..

Sparkle said...

I second that.