Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Statement Analysis of 911 Call Missing Newborn

Statement Analysis of 911 Calls comes from the teaching of Avinoam Sapir ( in which students are taught to line up "The Expected versus The Unexpected", with analysis dealing with the 'unexpected' as cause for pausing. 

Here is a call regarding four day old Caden. 

What is expected from the mother making the call?  What will the priority be?

Recall the 911 call of Misty Croslin, when she reported that 5 year old Haleigh Cummings went missing.  Analysis of the 911 call showed that Misty Croslin's priority was to establish an alibi for herself, rather than report a missing child. 

As in the 911 call of Sergio Celis, father of missing 7 year old Isabel Celis.  His priority was to clear himself, and his call showed "guilty knowledge" of what happened to his daughter. 

Here is the transcript with Statement Analysis in Bold type.   The conclusion of the analysis is also in bold type. 

GRACE: And tonight, to Wisconsin suburbs. A four-year-old baby, baby Caden, snatched from his 

little bassinet by a woman who fakes pregnancy with a fake pregnancy belly. She`s got a fake stroller,

 she`s got baby clothes, but then after she steals the baby, she abandons the baby and leaves him for 

dead in freezing temperatures. 

GRACE: Straight out to Dan O`Donnell, anchor at WISN. Dan, what happened? 

DAN O`DONNELL, WISN: Little Caden`s mother, Brianna, woke up in an absolute panic to find that Caden was missing from his bassinet, an almost unspeakable, unbelievable occurrence. She called 911 immediately. 

GRACE: Let`s take a listen to that 911 call. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rock County, 911. Where is the emergency? What`s the address? And what city? 

The question is not "what happened?" but "Where?"

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Beloit, Wisconsin. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that Beloit Township? 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s going on? 

This is the open ended question that allows the subject to speak for herself, indicating her priority.  Where one begins a statement is often the reason for the statement, and often indicates priority. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My son is missing

This is the expected. 

Note "my son" is possessive pronoun, taking appropriate ownership.
Note priority:  "is missing", not "I was sleeping"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. How old is your son? 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s four days old. 

Note direct answer to question.  


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s four days old.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Four days old? 


And there was a knife laying next to my bed. 

We note the posture of the knife is given.  Please note the article, "a" in "a knife", which shows that the knife is not recognized.   Often when an inanimate object's posture if given, the question should be posed:  Did the subject place it there? 

The articles, however, are used correctly.  Guilty subjects sometimes confuse articles, which, like pronouns, are instinctive. 
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There was a knife laying next to your bed? 

He correctly uses her language rather than introducing his own. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there any blood on the knife? 

A natural question. Remember, time is short for this interview and the 911 operator does a good job. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. I picked it up and seen it was a knife and then I threw it back down 

and looked over and my baby was gone

Note the order:

1.  I picked it up
2.  Seen it was "a" knife ("the knife" is one already recognized)
3.  Threw it down
4.  Looked over 

"my baby" is not "my son"; both taking ownership.   She has introduced him as "my son" and here, the vulnerable "baby" is used.  

What is the difference?

In the former, it is an introduction.  While being "gone", in the latter, he is a "baby"


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you just please have the police here? 

Exasperation which is recognized by the operator: 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re not slowing help down by talking to me, I`m just trying to get more 

information, okay? Is your boyfriend the child`s father? 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. All right. Why is he yelling? What`s going on? 



There is naturally questions about how a mother could sleep through her baby's kidnapping, and substance abuse should always be explored.  

The call does not indicate guilty knowledge, and the priority indicates the missing child's wellbeing.  


Apple said...

There is naturally questions about how a mother could sleep through her baby's kidnapping, and substance abuse should always be explored.
This was what I was thinking while reading the 911 call. Four days old?? I have an infant and a toddler so I understand tired. However, I don't understand how this took place. If I remember this case correctly, the perp was a *friend* staying at their home. I hope mom makes better choices in the future.

elf said...

I can see a new mom not hearing anything especially with a 4 day old baby. A crying baby will most certainly wake up its mother but there's also a good possibility the baby didn't cry when it was abducted. With my first daughter I was a teen mom and I never heard my mom come in in the mornings to get the baby and let me sleep in (my mom would get her out of bed before she started fussing for her morning feeding) . I had my second baby in my 30s, a c-section required me to take pain meds for a few weeks and even though I would wake up the second my son whimpered I could sleep right through his alcoholic dad stumbling in from the bar or stomping through the house lol if the baby wasn't crying - I was out for the count! I'm still that way. I can still sleep through anything except my kids.

Unknown said...

Hi Apple-

According to NG, it was her step sister. The step sister had been faking a pregnancy with a prosthetic belly that was found after she was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

I also find it hard to believe the mother and father slept through the abduction. I have wondered from the beginning if they knew the step sister came in the the room and picked the baby up (feigning to 'help out', with a feeding or diaper change so Mom can get some rest)...but they obviously didn't know that she would kidnap the baby. If that is the case maybe that is why LE zeroed in on the sister so quickly and arrested her a few hundred miles away.

It blows my mind that this woman stole a helpless 4 day old baby, and then left him in a storage tote to freeze to death in -13 temps, rather than face the music. She didn't reveal where she dumped him, even after being arrested, and he was outside in the plastic tote overnight! She is selfishness, and evil personified. Thank God for the police officer who found him in time.

Unknown said...

True, Elf-

If the mother was medicated, I could see her sleeping deeper than usual, and new dads are not always known for being super responsive to baby wimpers.

My husband used to fuss at me to relax, but I would jump up every time I heard a noise. Most times my son wasn't even awake, but he had a rough start with lots of stomach issues, so I was honed in on every snort, gurgle or grunt, while Daddy sawed logs all night, lol.

My husband is getting his fair share of rough sleep now though, when little man crawls into the bed and asks to 'share' his pillow. (His idea of sharing is definitely NOT a 50/50 division of pillow, but who could say no to such a sweet request!)

Anonymous said...

"seen it was a knife and then I threw it"

"then" so she left out information, did she "know" or immediately suspect what had happened?

"and looked over"
why add this to her story, is this the same as brushing your teeth? wouldn't it be assumed that she looked over.

"Is your boyfriend the child`s father?"
when was a BOYFRIEND introduced?

elf said...

Lol most men sleep right through a baby crying (they say). Hell at 4 days old, and if the mom went through natural child birth she may have still been exhausted :/
maybe our angel ayla was looking after the lil tyke :) its a miracle that he was recovered safely. If only all cases ended so well....

Apple said...

Hi Jen Ow,
Thank you for clarifying who the perpetrator was. I remember the news of the newborn being found outside in a bag in frigid weather. It is something I wish I never heard. Btw, I hope you are doing okay.

I agree post operative medications could numb a the hyper vigilance that a mom of a newborn has. Four days into having a newborn isn't even close to the exhaustion a mom can expect. That's what makes me wonder if medication or drugs were involved.

Anon 11:36,
Good question about the boyfriend.

Unknown said...

Your so sweet Apple, thank you! I am doing pretty well. Glad to see you commenting!

Anonymous said...

I didn't leave the hospital until my son was 3 days old. Had a c section and was sent home with pain medicine. Medicine that might be enough for someone to walk in and out of my room without waking me especially with having just been released from the hospital where this happens a lot.

Red Ryder said...

What a contrast to the 911 calls of the guilty who hem and haw and hang up when the operator goes off "the script".
I was amazed the police found this infant alive after being out for hours in a plastic tote in freezing temps. His kidnapper got "lucky" or she would be facing murder charges too.