Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Strange Disappearance of Leeanne Bearden

It seems that each day this story gets stranger.

Josh Bearden, husband of missing Leeanne Bearden said that she left on her own "free will", something that shows the need to persuade or report that it was his will that did not prevail.

"...take your time, Babe." as if permission to be out was needed.
He also said he would "never" and "ever" stop searching for her, without hope displayed within his words.  Some people searching for missing persons say that they will search until they have success.  A few have told us otherwise.  OJ.  John Ramsey.

He called for drones and money from the public to pay for a private investigator, yet now, with only $60 in her purse (do you know how much cash is in your wife's purse?), credit cards, and no cell phone, the family says she was "stressed" and has gone for a walk to never return.

Bearden is critical of those who question the story (and his quotes) calling it "hate" while searching the internet.

She has credit cards and without clothing or even a toothbrush, the $60 will not last long.  If she uses the credit card, it is instantly known.

                                There is missing information in this story.

Did Josh and Leeanne have a domestic dispute just prior to her leaving?

Did Leeanne have an elaborate plan (and need) to disappear and elude searchers for this long?

Do they want the public's help, or is any publicity bad publicity?

If I question the repetition of "free will", does it, somehow and some way, hinder search efforts?

If an argument took place, what shame is there in saying, "Hey, we argued and she stormed out, but I'm really worried, so please help get her name and photo out there..."?

Granted, it takes an unusual kind of person to sell one's possessions, and travel the world for two years, but such an adventure takes not only careful planning, but 'on the fly' thinking.

60 bucks and a few credit cards without a woman's personals does not make for careful planning.

If my wife stormed off in an argument, I wouldn't wait four hours to intervene.  I'd simply run after her and apologize, no matter who was wrong or right. If she is hurting, I am hurting, but then again, everyone's different.  Still...her own "free will"?  Really?

Something does not add up in this case.

No one has accused Josh Bearden of murdering his wife, and police have said that they have found no evidence of foul play (it seems like they have found no evidence, period), so there has been no one calling for Bearden to deny involvement, yet, as this story ages, the questions will eventually come, and soon enough, he may just feel the glare of suspicion increase its heat.

Police said that he is not a suspect.  I have yet to read to the contrary.  No one has, to date, called him a suspect.  He is not a suspect but he has sure caught the attention of the public with his statements.

The language suggests an argument took place.  When my wife goes for a walk, I have no need to report that it was on her own free will.   We all presuppose that anyone going for a walk has chosen to do so on her own.  The need to say this, if there were accusations early on, is understandable, but to offer it (and repeat it with emphasis) raises more questions.

This is a strange story and the public has cared enough to look into it and spread the word.  People care enough to pray for Leeanne's safety and well being.

There's no reason to be critical of those who dare exercise some discriminatory thought when they hear a strange story.  They listen with discernment, something acutely missing from our society today.  One ought not to condemn those who's critical thinking rises above bumper-sticker sloganism, or the stratosphere of the Casey Anthony jury.

We've seen fake hate of Charlie Rogers, and a few waitresses who sought to cash in on a lie.

We did our best to believe that someone hacked the account of disgraced former representative Anthony Wiener.  We really did.  We so very much wanted to believe him.

We've learned from Susan Smith, OJ, the Ramseys, and we've even learned to look past the pleading tears of Scott Peterson, who had a "glorious" marriage to the woman and pre born child he had murdered.

We've felt just a bit uneasy when Billie Jean Dunn talks about volunteering for "missing persons" organizations.  Just a bit.

And hence...

You'll have to pardon us if we feel that its wise to question whether someone is truthful or not; especially if he is asking for money, or want us to tattoo ourselves in memorial.

"...take your time, Babe..."   uses a term of endearment.

We flag a term of endearment in Statement Analysis, just as we do the phrase, "I love you."  Why?

For example, when someone gives a statement and says "I told my kids I love them and kissed them goodnight" it is more indicative of something wrong, then something right.


It is because we all say "goodnight" and "I love you" to our children.

Yet few feel the need to say so publicly, or in a police statement or in an interview when something very pressing, like a missing person, is at hand.

Just using a term of endearment to the press suggests to us the need to portray things as better than they may have been at that moment in time.  It actually suggests a dispute.  Like the long drawn out "love" post on Facebook to her husband, we've learned to keep the phone numbers of divorce attorneys in our iPhones, just in case.  It is the public need of such notice that suggests trouble in paradise.

We've not set up a paypal account to help feed the McCanns yet, but give us time.

We'll come around.

Leeanne Bearden survived for two years traveling the world.  This suggests to us a woman of intelligence with the ability to think on her feet.  To successfully do so, she would be a woman of planning.

Leaving the home "on her own free will" with $60 in cash, a few credit cards, no cell phone (something we are rarely ever separated from), and no plan of contact suggests something was very wrong.

To survive, she would need either supplies (which she was without) or contacts.  After being married to her all these years and alone with her to travel, the husband would know who these contacts are, and confirmation of such would be done in a matter of minutes.

Something is not adding up in this case.

Next up, Behavioral Analysis takes a look at this case.


floridamomma said...

did he make the "on her own free will" comment on his own, or was he being a smart aleck, repeating LE? and how (or does) that change SA?

Anonymous said...

When (and to who)did he say"take your tIme babe"? Thanks

John Mc Gowan said...

Clues Add To Mystery Of Leanne Bearden's Disappearance:

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


"WE just don't know what happened that day," he said. "WE know she left own her own, but WE don't know what happened to her after that."

Again we see here that her husband uses "WE" and not the expected "I"

"She was very anxious about coming back to America, but things were NOT BAD [between us], and I never in a million years thought she would leave," he said.

"Not Bad"

We take note of anything said in the negative as sensitive.

Not Bad [between us]

Was there something bad between someone else?

"Nobody has seen her since the day she went missing," he said."MY WORSE FEAR IS SHE GOT ABDUCTED"
All of us are fearing the worst right now."

Note the change of pronoun from "WE to "MY" when he fears abduction..Is he the only one who fears this? Do others fear differently?

If my Wife was missing my worse fear would be that she was found dead. Why is this not his worse fear.What gives him reason to fear she may have been abducted?.

Sus said...

Great points, John!
Notice with the change to MY, he does not fear she was abducted. He fears she GOT ABDUCTED. A subtle, yet telling difference...blaming the victim.

I'm beginning to wonder who actually was anxious about a little separation after traveling two years together, and who had trouble with "normal" life as the sister-in-law said...Josh or Leanne?

Anonymous said...

What stood out to me was: If she fled the area. Fled... did she have a reason to flee? strange.

Anonymous said...

let's make this a coined phrase, "take your time babe"

Anonymous said...

One thing I noticed in the Huffington Post article.

HIS backpack is missing.

His early statements...
"She didn't run off, she's out here somewhere."
(She was expecting a call in an hour when she supposedly left but) "I knew after THREE hours that something was really really wrong." "She could be ten miles away cut up say hey this looks like a really nice rocky drainage ditch and it's pretty and she could of slipped."

Ten miles away when she was supposed to be back in an hour?

Add that to the Youtube with the murder, and cat and mouse comments (not finding it now), did he take it down? He didn't like Peter's comment? Not helping him look any less guilty IMO.

He had to keep the cellphone on him because it's the one he was using for job interviews, but she was the one expecting the call ABOUT A JOB in an hour?

Leanne walked away from her life voluntarily, without a toothbrush, without any extra clothes or a coat, didn't take her passport, and took HIS backpack???

Check out their travel blog. Leanne ALWAYS looks well put together, nicely dressed, well groomed. And then look at him. Just saying.

Just from what I've seen on social media Leanne seemed more intent on finding a job than he was. She posted a "HIRE ME" cover photo December 27th.
Compare that with Josh's January 6th comment:
Josh Bearden Yup, I'm back in the good ol' US of A. In San Antonio. If anybody knows of any jobs lying around let me know. I think most of you know my background but if you don't send me a message.
January 6 at 9:11am

It might be interesting to know how much time he was spending actually looking for a job compared to playing games etc. Cause for argument?

Something tells me Leanne was the more grounded of the two.

He wants those that are looking at the case to pay for a PI when media reported prior to this that his dad already hired one. He wants Peter and his followers to pay for drones? Guess the little ones didn't work well enough? If what has been said by the Admin of the FB page and LE is working with Texas Equusearch, they have a drone; and it won't cost Josh a dime.

They’ve done a lot of fundraising, there’s even a friend in Austrailia raising funds. No details have been made public as to who is managing the money or where it has gone that I've seen, those that inquire on the FB page are told they will be sent a private message. WHY? Why not state it for all to see? How long will the money keep rolling in with so many questions surrounding this case?

Leanne was obviously a planner, and I'm not buying Josh's story. It just doesn't make sense.

Has Josh taken a polygraph? In my opinion, if he hasn’t and Charlie Parker hasn’t asked him to take one yet...maybe Leanne's friends and/or HER side of the family should hire their own PI.

What about Life Insurance?

shame on liar Sus said...

Sus has SYMPATHETIC views towards defends them.FUUCK U Sus.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at some of the blog postings from their trip. I have not found one where I see true affection between the two of them, When they are together, they always look like they are posing independently. And they were newlyweds. I had my suspicions before finding Statement Analysis, and now they are reinforced.

My current hypothesis is that they had wanted to turn their blog experience into jobs as travel reporters, but the narrative and images were so amateur that there were no takers. The disappearance is a final publicity scam to capitalize on their otherwise fairly empty 22-month journey.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there was planning on Josh's part to visit "both" families as a way to "get rid of Leanne" How do we know that she went missing on the actual day it was reported by Josh? Perhaps she went missing long before that? Why are we not being told the last person other than her husband who had communication with her. Was she actually "missing" in Texas at all? Was the search conducted by the "family" done so knowing she was not in the area, hence the laid back nature Josh seems to present? I agree that so much is missing from this case and I don't for one second buy the "story" that Leanne left on her own accord, as a possibility whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

The youtube video has been taken down, whether it was done so from Josh or LE, who knows, it is in fact gone. I wanted to watch it again last night. That was disturbing to watch Josh say he was going to kill Leanne, murder her. We all know who the mouse is. He referenced several times how he could "overtake" her with little to no effort. Shame it's no longer available.

Anonymous said...

well you being the ignorant hindering piece of shit that you are, i wouldnt doubt that you and some of the other rtards of this blog thought you were just so much better than everyone else that you took it upon yourselves to call the fbi with an, "omg did you see that video, he is guilty" and so the fbi took it down and confiscated it as evidence, or perhaps to prevent other fuktards like you from calling in with stupid worthless tips and wasting their time.

Anonymous said...

"WE just don't know what happened that day," he said. "WE know she left own her own, but WE don't know what happened to her after that."

Peter -

When someone uses "we" instead of "I" is that because it is an "easier" lie for the brain to tell? Like a loose form of the truth? He knows (hypothetically) knows that whoever else he includes in his mind as "we" (in-laws, his own parents, friends) don't know "what happened" so he can comfortably use the pronoun "we" including himself without saying "I". Because saying "I don't know what happened that day" would probably be a lie?

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

"She left the house on her own she absolutely did, but what happened after she left the house on her own free will i don't know"

Iv'e just watched the vt from the statement above.There is something missing in his body language that i would expect him to show, when he says "i don't know"

"I don't know"

When people say these words it is usually accompanied with a shoulder shrug. The shoulder shrug can be a sign of uncertainty, as we see here in the language he uses. It is easy to shrug your shoulders in a way of saying you don't know something or that you are unsure, however it is important to look at this in context.Here is telling us that he is unsure what has happened when she left..These words for the majority of cases should be simultaneously have a congruent shrug. However, we don't see this in his body language, which MAY mean he does know what has happened, and i would note this as a red flag.

Lemon said...

"There's no reason to be critical of those who dare exercise some discriminatory thought when they hear a strange story. They listen with discernment, something acutely missing from our society today. One ought not to condemn those who's critical thinking rises above bumper-sticker sloganism, or the stratosphere of the Casey Anthony jury. " - PH


Carnival Barker said...

Excellent, excellent post, Mr. Hyatt.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I will do a short "we versus I" 101 article...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Didn't anyone find the "And hence" comical?

Sus said...

I did, but I hope you don't think you're the only fat cat around.

Big Russian said...

More droll than comical. Those words are forever locked in my brain in association with Patsy.

floridamomma said...

yes, I nearly spit my coffee out this morning! ;)

Trigger said...

Did anyone see Dateline's program about David Camm?

He never gave a reliable denial about the murders of his two children and his wife.

I never saw him shed any tears although he acted grieved and concerned.

He was convicted twice, won two appeals, then acquitted at the third trial.

He is a former cop who used his work time to exercise his sexual prowess.

His friends in LE believe that he is guilty.

Trigger said...

"Take you time, Babe"

This sounds like a sarcastic good-by and/or a final good riddance from a satisfied mind.

Lemon said...

I agree with Big Russian.

Carnival Barker said...

This post seemed like it was directed at some anonymous visitors of late who have come on here to insult us and belittle the genius of Statement Analysis; and hence, I took it as a clever wink-wink to your loyal readers who get the joke. :)

Maggie said...

I dont know all the details of this case, but "left of her own free will"--it sounds like he either kicked her out of the house or kicked her out of a car if they were driving somewhere.
"Of her own free will": I am wondering also could she have been drunk and he kicked her out of the car somewhere? And knowing in that case, she would have been in a vulnerable or incapacitated state? Therefore, he would need to assert "oh hey, it was her own free will!" I just feel that this statement is covering up some action he took against her in a vulnerable/incapacitated state.

Maggie said...

Trigger--I saw the Dateline last night!

I noticed after the 1st police interview with Dave Camm, he did not give a reliable denial! My boyfriend was watching with me, I told him right then "this guy's guilty!"
Even when they introduced the Charles Bonet character, making it seem Camm was innocent I still maintained "Camm is guilty".
I believe Camm did kill his family with Bonet's help. Camm's deceased wife's father summed it up by saying he thinks both Camm and Bonet are lying.
I realized how much I've learned here that after hearing Camm talk to the police for 5 min I could hear wow this guy's not denying the crime--he's guilty.

lane said...

The video is set as private.

I noticed when I checked my YouTube history after I signed in.

Randie said...

In Statement Analysis if someone wants help for themselves and not the victim---we know the writer is the one who "caused" the disappearance.

"My entire existence is about finding her, and I need all the help I can get."


His initial comments were how she "left" "she just left"....

Peter isn't there an article you wrote on the word "left"???

Mary Kate said...

Long-time lurker from Chicago, I really enjoy this blog and the commenting discourse. Thank you, Peter, for your insight and dedication to the craft of SA. I have learned so much.

I just had to log in to acknowledge the "And hence," - it cracked me up.

Now, can we get back to the McStays?

P.S. We have a GSD, too!

Maggie said...

Randie--Good catch on him asking help for himself.

Sus said...

Welcome Mary Kate! From a downstate Illinois citizen.

Are you enjoying our latest round of snow? :-)

F said...

I missed the YouTube video before it was taken down/made private. Can somebody give a synopsis of the video (or if this has already been given, point me in the right direction)?

Amaleen6 said...

From Facebook:


If you are a private investigator with extensive training and proven track record, if you have rates that we can afford, if you know the case and think you can help without it dragging out, PLEASE contact the family, we have several professionals working on the case but we are looking for someone who can get the job done.
Also if you know of anyone that fits this description, please pass the info to them.
Thank you for everything you guys are doing and have done, because of the efforts of so many and the prayers that have been constantly lifted up for Heather and our family, we can keep hope and faith daily, we will never give up and we will never give in till we have Heather safe and home.

lane said...


AnonymousJanuary 28, 2014 at 4:21 PM

This video I find interesting as it has Josh and Leanne playing in bumper cars. Josh says he is going to murder and kill Leanne. Now of course it's in a context of entertainment, but I can't fathom using those words of choice when I'm having fun. Furthermore, he claims that he is the Cat and we all know who the mouse is. I found the video highly disturbing.

lane said...


AnonymousJanuary 30, 2014 at 8:31 PM
I watched video too. u have a point. iwatched their footage. walking down street in foreign city too. what struck me just listening to dialogue. leanne is more excited than josh. more into him than he is in responding to her. only time josh seems to have guenuine free flowing thoughts is when talking to camera about being cat and killing her. on its own that bumpercars seems kinda meaningless but in contrast to his less freedialogue with his wife. i picked up on possability he may have actually found her annoying and taxing.

lane said...

The Arrogant Chameleons: Exposing Fraud-Detection Homicide

By Frank S. Perri, JD, MBA, CPA, and Terrance G. Lichtenwald, PhD

Anonymous said...

Will you do a complete statement analysis of that creepy letter from the Canadian park? I know that post is a few weeks old, but I'd love to read your take on it.

Unknown said...

Me too!

Anytime I hear 'and hence', or even just 'hence', I think of Prissy Pasty!

Unknown said...

Good point Trigger.

The only time I can think of when I use a phrase like this, is in sarcasm.

Like...'take your time,sweetheart'!

(It's not like the five cars behind you are waiting on you to get off your cell phone, and go or anything).

Anonymous said...

Left of her own free will in the context of an argument might mean I didn't tell her to get the hell out nor did my parents. Wasn't it her inlaws' house she disappeared from?

Anonymous said...

As far as a husband knowing how much cash his wife has in her wallet, that could depend on happenstance. Did he ask her in the past day or so whether she had any cash on her because he needed some maybe? Did he run to an ATM for both of them and give her some cash?

Anonymous said...

Was she hiking or taking a casual walk? Reports say both. Some say she was wearing hiking shoes and hiking in rugged terrain. This doesn't make a lot of sense. People don't usually carry purses when they go hiking or go on a hike and plan to be back in an hour. A walk in the neighborhood, sure.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Peter, can you do a column on the open letter recently written by Mia Farrow's daughter regarding Woody Allen?

Also, can you find any statements of Allen's to analyze? I just read that he has been reticent over the years regarding the charges. I would think if you were innocent of pedophila charges regarding your girlfriend's adopted daughter, you would shout it from the rooftops, not maintain silence.

I am curious to see your analysis because in my mind, Allen seems guilty and Dylan's story sounds true, yet the internet is teeming with people defending Allen.

Thank you.

John Mc Gowan said...

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow:

summer skye said...

Only one person witnessed her leaving the house? Nobody else at all? Is this 'tree cutter' an honest fella, and not saying something because he has been made any financial promises etc?

It seems strange to me that nobody else has come forward in the neighbourhood, having seen her that day

Anonymous said...

"There's no reason to be critical of those who dare exercise some discriminatory thought when they hear a strange story. They listen with discernment, something acutely missing from our society today. One ought not to condemn those who's critical thinking rises above bumper-sticker sloganism, or the stratosphere of the Casey Anthony jury."

Note the plural usage of 'we' and inclusive 'our' in the following sentences.

"I am not Brenda Heist" is a direct denial.
No deceit detected.

What does 'Statement Analysis' say about direct apologies, or a lack of one?
No words to analyze.
Easier to delete a blog entry, and/or comment, than it is to analyze self.
- mo

Anonymous said...

The following pulled from the Our Friend Leanne... Facebook page:

Question by a Page member: "can you post a photo of the actual backpack that is missing?"

Josh Bearden "Hi Amy, I'll try to find a picture with just the day pack. It's my daypack (that's why we didn't notice it missing until several days later) and our laptop is still being imaged. As soon as I get my computer back from being imaged I'll try to find one. Thanks for helping!"

Why would he rather "try to find" 2x in this statement rather than just use someone else's computer and find the image of the back if it was so important to finding Leanne?

Also why is the emphasis of this statement on why he can't put a photo up? Couldn't you easily check the inside of the tag of the matching luggage he has and pull it up fast on google?

Big Russian said...

He is having "our/his" computer imaged? Am I correct in thinking this means having everything wiped clean?

OS said...

Presser today, comment of the now missing backpack. It is said to be RED. Press/Police and family members are desperately searching for the 33-year-old woman recently returned from a two-year, around-the-world trip who disappeared during a visit to relatives in Texas.

Leanne Hecht Bearden and her husband Joshua traveled the world for 22 months without a mishap but after returning to the U.S. Leanne Bearden has gone missing.

The couple was staying with Joshua Bearden's parents near San Antonio last week after returning from their trip abroad when she went out for a walk and never returned.
Bearden, a marketing graduate, left the house in Garden Ridge on January 17 wearing jeans and hiking boots and carrying about $60 in cash and some credit cards.

She also had a red backpack with her that reportedly contained several energy bars.

Also: The theory that the 33-year-old globetrotter took off voluntarily has been supported by evidence found on her computers by private investigator Charlie Parker.

Read more:

How much history would be on a computer/s that Leanne/husband back in the States for a short time. The word computer is ambiguous, a cell phone is now considered a computer, a laptop, a tablet, a desk top. He says our laptop, then says My computer, his response copied.

The statement of Josh, it was his, daypack why WE didn't notice it missing.

Josh Bearden "Hi Amy, I'll try to find a picture with just the day pack. It's my daypack (that's why we didn't notice it missing until several days later) and our laptop is still being imaged. As soon as I get my computer back from being imaged I'll try to find one. Thanks for helping!"

Their travel blog, in the section where it is written entries About us. We are fulfilling our dream of traveling around the world for 22 months! * We are traveling with only carry-on sized backpacks.

Link to their blog

There is countless photos of their traveling, this photo is of Josh walking with his now missing day pack?

On his body, a back pack that is accented in Red, it's though gray. Entry above photo with the back pack is, The life on the island is tranquil with no motorized traffic. Below back pack, We hiked around the island from north to south. The photo is 6th from bottom.

Title Bouncing Around Bolivia, entry dated Dec 8 - Dec 15 2013

Searching google images the name of their blog, Goexplore365
This image came up of both of them 3 backpacks on the ground, two are red and gray, one is green.

Photos of San Antonio, from their blog, photos of them with backpacks, hers is green, his red gray dated April 2012

Unknown said...

I'm dumbfounded by this addition of the 'backpack' to the story.

Be it his pack or hers, is Josh now saying in addition to Leanne leaving the house wearing jeans, hiking boots, taking $60, credit cards, and no cell phone to go for a 'short walk' (no longer than an hour because she had a phone interview), that she ALSO took a backpack with 'several power bars'?!

How didn't he, (and the supposed 'tree cutter' witness) notice her full park ranger outfit? Why did they have to wait to notice the backpack gone a few days later, if someone supposedly saw her leaving. That's a pretty prominent item for a woman to wear, and when picturing the whole outfit...she would stick out like a sore thumb.

The narritive has changed from, 'please help because Leanne left 'of her own free will', but she has no resources and may have come to, 'we believe she 'left of her own free will', and has everything she needs, even emergency food.


Anonymous said...

When i go on a walk i bring nothing but a cell phone, house key and WATER BOTTLE. Nobody has said she had a water bottle with her.

Anonymous said...

I can not decide if he killed her or if this is a scam they are in on together to get money. only thing certain is he is lying and does not want her found. most likely its murder.

Anonymous said...

You know the backpack is destroyed orburried somewhere with murder evidence in it.

Anonymous said...

Ifhed known she had several power bars in tow fir an hour long walk there would have been talk of this from start. nobody needs several power bars for a one hour walk.

Anonymous said...

having "our/his" computer imaged?
imaged = is a copy of all the data to another harddrive. the original will remain "untouched".
everything can then be picked through on the copy/image.

Anonymous said...

About Josh's comment: "Nobody has seen her since the day she went missing." Should we be concerned about this remark? How does he know that no one has seen her? (Of course, if he killed her & buried her or hid her body somewhere, then he'd be aware that no one had seen her since that day.)

It'd be one thing if he'd said: "No one in our family has seen her since the day she went missing," but instead he speaks more generally -- as if no one anywhere has seen her. Maybe I'm just being overly suspicious of the guy, but I've had questions about him since the first article I read about Leanne missing. I'll hope for the best for her but won't be surprised by bad news.

Thanks, Peter, for keeping this story alive.

mainah said...

Hello fellow foreign factioners! I'm still reading the blog but since getting a tablet I haven't commented "because" lol, it's stresses me out to type on it. It's getting easier as I get more use to it.

The backpack/daypack missing is disturbing. As well as all his "we's". Does he ever have an independent thought? This is unexpected.

Keep up the good work. I learn something new with each post.

Anonymous said...

Where is the timeline for Josh and Leanne the day she goes missing?

I have not heard any details of routine that helps to explain things.

I would love to hear from Josh or anyone who has heard him already confirm missing details of that day she goes on a hike.

We know they were together for 22 months.. and 24/7... Josh says this on an interview where he is asked if Leanne could have met someone else, but we don't know much about the days leading up to her disappearance other than staying with at his parents house when they are gone and him getting a haircut. Had Leanne Ever gone hiking by herself in this area before? Yes, we are reminded by Josh she is an adventurous person as if a would tour she took with him was not obvious enough. But never did I get the feeling she wanted to explore without him or she needed solo time. Why would Leanne want to go hiking in an area she did not know (but yet, Josh is likely to know the area well). I can't picture that moment where she casualty wants to go hiking without him and there is absolutely no detailed discussion about where she would go, or what she might do (in a video Josh says Leanne was seen heading North).

I guess what bothers me so much is Josh keeps saying we have No clues... nothing.. as if he can't be bothered to go into detail about the days leading up to the disappearance.

Example... If Leanne had taken 1 single previous walk, then this leaves huge clues where she might go a 2nd time. Did she ever go on a run vs. a hike as these are 2 different things and would change the distance and intention (like a jog would stay on the roadway vs. a hike might go off road to explore more). If Leanne always went hiking once a day to stay active or fit or just burn off some stress (of finding a job, or dealing with in laws), then this shows a history or pattern and other neighbors would have seen Leanne often. My guess is the hike by herself with no discussion of where/why she would go was out of character (especially without cell phone). Remember Josh did not know she took a backpack as this detail was clearly left out at first.. only after pack and 2 powerbars seems missing do they assume Leanne must have taken that with her. (btw did tree trimmer see with backpack or without?)

Josh on one interview gets asked about why she had no cell phone with her...and he explains that he needed it for the job interview process (and they only had 1). I guess that it makes sense, but if they are staying at his parents home, you would think they have a home phone and he could use that for any outgoing calls, so he could have let Leanne have cell for safety reasons. If my wife was expecting an important job interview call in 1 hour and she was going out for a hike for 1 hour, then beyond the safety issue of needing a cell when she was alone, she could have the phone to take the call just in case she was late. (no confirmation of if that job call came in, or what Josh did when it did and how this detail did not make him worry sooner, or check for her sooner).

Josh said on first video interview that she would not run away... but now the word being released is that she had anxiety and there is concern she left the area on purpose. I just want to know who (beyond Josh) talked to Leanne that day to prove she was alive at all that day. Yes, I do wonder if text messages or emails could be faked to be a diversion tactic.

Anonymous said... I would love to hear what Josh and Leanne did that day... Example. wake up at 8am, get a bite to eat... they made breakfast, talked about the job search, talked about flying home to Denver, then took a shower, checked some email, put the phone on charge, checked the phone messages, got a call from his folks confirming they would be back that night at 6pm. Uploaded some pictures to the blog from the camera... started some laundry and clean up a bit... called a friend in Denver to ask about job search..He was upstairs on computer, she yelled up the stairs that she was going for a Hike, did he want to join her... he said No, I am waiting on that call, she said she would be back in 1 hour, he said take your time babe... then he got distracted online and forgot about the time until the job call came in for her.. he got their number and new time to have her call back, he gehtn realized it was 2pm, got worried, got in the truck and drove around to find her. ETC..

Anyhow the basic problem solver in me is not happy with Josh's comments that there are just No clues.. as he seems to remain purposefully vague about habits or patterns like Leanne was always taking walks solo, or with him daily... she would often go for runs in the morning, but hikes in the day (or had never taken a hike before) or love to confirm Josh grew up in this area and knew it well and taken Leanne in the truck/car his folks left him to use when they were away to give a tour of the area, etc. Because maybe she said something where she was interested in that Lake nearby or Leanne was very fond of flowers, or anything..that might point to a direction or reason for the hike/location she took that day. (love to hear confirmation there was no fight that day or from dat before... no reason she took that hike to get away from him due to any argument)

I heard one person say Josh did report he drove around to try and find her in the hours before reporting her missing (but seen no video confirmation of that detail), so do they have video from a local store or person to confirm any of these details? Did he stop to get gas, or talk to a neighbor? anything to explain that time from 1pm to 6pm timeline?

What were Leanne's patterns related to Hikes or jogging when being at his folks house??

Anonymous said...

Take your time vs. job interview in 1 hour dont add up, your mind doesnt hold these two statements at the same time.

More appropriate would be... Im going for a walk babe, ok but dont forget your phone interview is in an hour and i am keeping the phone here to charge it up.for the interview when you get back. Ok thanks i wont be gone long just going up x street..the usual route.

Anonymous said...

So, if the interview was true for Leanne, then what was josh excuse she missed the interview? Did he answer the call?If so what did he say to them, why wasnt she available? This company needs to be interviewed and asked questions if they did talk to josh. Im curious about his composure...also i read she was reported after 4 hours past the time she left, well her not coming back for the phone interview within a reasonable amount of time is alarming and a huge indication something went wrong while on her walk.

Anonymous said...

I´d call it unexpected to use your wife´s disappearance as an interesting snippet on your self promoting resume. I´m eriously creeped out by this. Josh needs looking at very closely.

Anonymous said...

Also after reading here for so long, even without line by line analysis, when a story doesn´t add up, it´s cos it´s not true...

on the fb page looking for Leanne ´´we need your help to keep this story going...´´ yes Josh I suppose you do.

Anonymous said...

So.. I just did a quick scan of EVERY single photo I could find on their blog. I have to admit they have great pictures and they do seem to be having a great time and in love. I can't really find much tension or the comments they were not a good couple don't ring true for me (at least not from the pictures they took/shared on the blog). my focus was about What Leanne might take with her on her supposed hike. Note she had her wallet, with $60 in cash, some credit cards, Hiking shoes and wearing jeans (not good for a run/jogging). She now is said to have the red daypack and 2 power bars. She is wearing both her engagement and wedding ring. She did not have a cell phone and no passport with her.

#1 Did she have a watch with her?
Note that half the pics on the blog show her wearing a watch... half show her without a watch, so to me this is important because time was important day as she said she would be back in 1 hour and she also had call to take for job interview in 1 if no cell and no watch on her, then how would she be back in 1 hour??

#2. Why take the daypack with her? That pack is actually quite large and note she NEVER is seen in Any pic on the blog with his daypack.. not one pic. She is shown with her green backpacks a few times and mostly a small shoulder bike type bag (smaller than the daypack by a lot). So I find it odd she takes this big pack with her when she never took it before and it is just too big to be useful for a simple 2 power bars. Leanne always looks so well put together, she never had a hair out of place or outfit that did not match, so at least for the blog pics she was always in style. Also No mention of missing water bottles, yet detail of 2 power bars seems odd to me. Did she have lunch already, or miss lunch and now power bars makes sense this was her hiking lunch?

See how big the daypack is on Josh and imagine tiny Leanne with it for a quick 1 hour hike near his parents house.

#3. They detail she was wearing her 2 rings, but I see many pics with her "Explore" necklace on, so did she have that also? They go out of their way to detail 2 earring holes or piercings on left ear... yet no mention of necklace, or bracelets or watch

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one struck by the batterer vibe of the phrase 'of her own free will?' Maybe it is borrowed from the police, maybe its not. Knowing how much money she had in her purse, the violent suppositions, the dismissive ones, the hostile, 'take your time, babe,' Hubris. He thinks she can't live without him, maybe because she is no longer alive.
Left of her own free will. Allowed, unusual, disobedient??? Sounds like a batterer to me, not necessarily a physical one. This is a guy who was up in his wife's business. My husband never knew what was in my wallet .
He worked with DV perpetrators.

NoNwz said...

It’s been a few days since LE recovered Leanne’s body, and they say the case is closed, but several questions are still nagging me. Googling brought me to this site, and I’ve appreciated the insights here. Would love some feedback:

•If Leanne went on a "hike" with intent to hang herself in a neighbor’s backyard a few blocks away (so did she have a rope in that backpack?)...and the autopsy reports she died within an hour or so of leaving the house...then why would she have also taken a couple energy bars, credit cards, and $60 in that backpack? If suicide were her premeditated intention (eg. in taking a rope), then why would she have also taken a couple of energy bars or anything else for a longer trek?

•And still, why take HIS backpack instead of hers? Did she take her purse (with credit cards, etc.) AND his backpack? Seems an odd combination for an ‘hour’s walk’ and, again, completely baffling if she also threw in the rope for hanging.

•If she left written clues alluding to mental stress, why were those only found on ‘her computer’ (one also shared with her husband?)? Were there any clues left about her distress that were undeniably in her own voice or handwriting, or shared with her Hecht family members?

•The autopsy report stated "asphyxiation by hanging"...I'm does forensics differentiate between asphyxiation by hanging vs. asphyxiation by strangulation? Surely they don't just assume the asphyxiation was 'by hanging' because they found her body hanged (do they?)

•Josh states that he was out searching for her in his parents’ car but it’s also been said they arrived home shortly before 6 PM. (So I assume this means his parents have 2 cars?) Who put the call in to LE about her being missing?

Nadine Lumley said...

So he got away with murder dud he?

Garden Ridge Police Chief Donna O'Conner stresses that Josh was never considered a suspect in his wife's disappearance nor a person of interest. "I have no doubt from our investigation that this was a suicide," O'Conner said. The autopsy in this case, released April 17, confirmed the findings of the Garden Ridge police.