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Sidney Moorer's Public Response to Tammy Moorer

Taking their love "public" indicates a very troubled relationship, Sidney Moorer replies to Tammy Moore's post.

They have a need to have their marriage seen in favorable light, indicating the deficiency within the relationship.  It is difficult to separate the posting of husband and wife without factoring in the murder.

Sidney Moorer's reply.

Well here are 8 of the reasons I love you. SORRY I had to one up you...haha

1. You are an amazingly STRONG woman

2. You have stood by me through so much, when other people back away you walk right into it with me.

3. You have always given it your all even when it gets tough.

4. You put up with my many flaws and still love me.

5. Duh, you're the most beautiful, sexy woman I have ever met and the way you love me makes me feel so good. That's why I can't exist without you. You make me whole.

6. You are the best mother and wife anyone could ever ask for and I am lucky to have someone so awesome to help raise our kids.

7. I'm not a rock star but you have always treated me like I was and no one ever has done that for me.

8. You are my best friend and I could never thank you enough for being an amazing one.

Happy Valentines Day 
I Love You

We learn much by the order in which someone speaks or writes, as it often indicates priority. 

1  "You are an amazingly STRONG woman" has Tammy Moorer's "strength" as his number one priority, and he uses the emphasis of capitalization of the word "strong." This is to confirm prior analysis of Tammy Moorer being the dominating factor in this bizarre and twisted marriage. That she is a "woman" and not a "person" indicates the sexuality of the relationship.  Her strength "amazes" him, revealing his expectation is misplaced.  

3. Frightening words in light of what we know now. 

5.  "Duh" is similar to "of course", and it appears that he brought up physical appearance as an afterthought.  

It is only 5th that her physical appearance enters his statement.  This may help us understand Tammy Moorer's fury towards the beautiful and much younger Heather Elvis. 

Sidney "broke" away from the domination of Tammy, for a season, when he entered into an affair with a younger woman.  The punishment for this was swift and powerful. 

Did Sidney Moorer have the hopes of leaving Tammy for Heather?

If so, is it that Tammy Moorer made certain that this could not happen, by murdering her 'rival', Heather?

6.  The "best mother" only "helps" raise the kids, and not "raises" them for him.  This is another indicator of his subordinate confused role. 

7.  Rock Star Status.   Tammy was said to be a "groupie", that is, a sexually promiscuous woman who gives herself sexually to strangers who happen to be musicians.  That which is stated in the negative is important, as he is "not" a rock star, but she treated him as such.  How does one treat a husband in the manner of treating, sexually, a stranger?  

Note the word 'that" distances himself from what he claims.  

Take the word "not" as sensitive, and the word "that" as distancing language and we have a man who may be complaining about his physical relationship with his wife.  That "no one" has ever done that may suggest that Sidney has tried to get others to do "that."


JoAnn said...

"I am lucky to have someone so awesome to help raise our kids"
Whether Sidney or Tammy (I suspect Tammy) wrote this, it's probably a good indicator of the weird dynamic in their marriage. She is the strong, dominant partner who felt a need to mention in her list that Sidney hasn't lost his temper, hit her or hurt her. Is this because she has done all of those things to Sidney? Sidney is a "great chef." Does Tammy say this because Sidney has been assigned the task of caring for the household (cleaning, cooking). At some point, someone badly neglected their chores & I think it was probably Sidney, who, as the submissive partner in the relationship & the crime, fell apart during the turmoil. Tammy was starring in her own Disney movie in her head, and may have felt that mundane chores were beneath her, or couldn't bring herself to clean up dog feces in the yard, as it might be seen as relinquishing dominance. Tammy describes herself, or Sidney does it for her, as one who "helps raise" their children. Were the primary child-raising duties also Sidney's? Did Tammy "help raise" the children by providing discipline, the same way she disciplined her husband when he stepped out of line?

Lemon said...

6. You are the best mother and wife anyone could ever ask for and I am lucky to have someone so awesome to help raise our kids.
mother, then wife - order is important

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

5. Duh, you're the most beautiful, sexy woman I have ever met and the way you love me makes me feel so good. That's why I can't exist without you. You make me whole.

Anything said in the negative is noted as sensitive.

If SM is the more submissive and weaker of the pair, and given that there is a high probability that they are going to be found guilty and put away for a very long time, never to see each other again.

Is there a possibility that SM may try to take his own life?.

I understand that his reason maybe only a figure of speech. I do wonder though if he make take this literally?. Or maybe TM had contemplated this in the past, and
that's the reason he mentions it on his list?

In other words, don't do it.

Sella35 said...

#2 is spooky to me... anyone have that link to her disney forum? I lost it..tia

Sella35 said...

Also, I do not know if this is a new link... but wanted to share as it says updated a couple of hours ago.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks for that link Sella35.

With all the confusing information that was coming from the court and reporters tweeting in dribs drabs. The summary in your link is a lot clearer, well for me anyway. :)

MemphisPat said...

I firmly believe that Tammy wrote all the Facebook posts attributed to Sidney. Hard to type when you're handcuffed!

Apple said...

I am going to go reread my valentine's day card.. :)

Nic said...

.Well here are 8 of the reasons I love you. SORRY I had to one up you...haha

"of the" implies that there are more/other "reasons" but does not share them with her. Withholds affection.

Sorry followed by laugh. Contradictory - not sorry for withholding.

when other people back away you walk right into it with me

where would a "strong" woman like her go, that nobody else would. What is "it". A place? A situation?

Nic said...

The anti up tells me that he thinks he is better than her and plays to her insecurities.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Even subtle attempts to bring more pain to Terry Elvis will be deleted as will all responses.

If one wishes to post disparaging comments to add to his pain, they may do so, but not here.

Peter Hyatt

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Nic,

How do you put your writing in bold?. I'm not that savvy with things like that?


S + K Mum said...

It would seem the Moorers have listed all their issues on Facebook. It's as if they had decided to try again at their marriage and these are things they will do in future. Although I don't think Tammy needs to remind Sidney of her previous rockstar conquests!
I see on my Facebook a couple who have serious issues and are the unhappiest couple I know, but on Facebook they constantly declare their love and tell everyone how wonderful life is. If it was, they wouldn't need to try to convince amyone (or themselves).

Anonymous said...

I was not subtly attempting to inflict further pain, please accept my apologies. I was curious to how it relates to her and her choice to do this. No further discussion. TY

Anonymous said...

John, to bold or italics, place
< b> (less than symbol b greater than symbol) in front and in back of item you want bolded. Use "i" for italics. I hope that worked - I added a space hoping the symbols would show up and not bold the text.

Anonymous said...

in the back of.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Peter Hyatt said...
Even subtle attempts to bring more pain to Terry Elvis will be deleted as will all responses.

If one wishes to post disparaging comments to add to his pain, they may do so, but not here.

Peter Hyatt

March 19, 2014 at 11:15 AM

You mean like you did to Josh Bearden? Just trying to understand what is and what is not allowed. Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he was not handcuffed 24/7, he sent texts to Tammy's sister while she was at her house so he must not have been cuffed AND had use of a phone to do so. The texts were shown in court.

Anonymous said...

add a / in front of b for the second set of symbols.

Picked a Name said...

Peter, it's interesting to note that your own internal dictionary - and internal value system - are coloring your statement analysis. You have a clear, some would say old-fashioned, view of gender relations and gender roles, and it comes through in your analysis from time to time. It did here, at least twice (about "the male" not being "allowed" to do something - would it be ok if it were "the female"?, and about "helping raise" the kids rather than raising them "for him."). You're entitled to your values and ideas, we all have our own, so I wonder what your thoughts are about how they play into your analysis of a statement.

deejay said...

Give PH a break here. There are only three choices for a person's description about raising their kids:
"We are raising" = equal parenting
"You are helping"= speaker primary
"You are raising" = other parent primary
Well I guess there is also "kids raising themselves" yikes.

Anonymous said...

I can't comment too much on this article because of all the sexism lol, but I just do want to point out that Tammy does not use ellipses in any of her writing I have seen. However the two menacing texts she sent Heather contain constant use of ellipses. Reading down Sidney's love list I do see that he did use an ellipse and since this is a list, I wonder if he uses them more frequently when writing multiple sentence/paragraph structure. I know Sidney claims to have been handcuffed for 6 mos, but I am wondering if there is any possibility he wrote the texts.

Anonymous said...

"Well here are 8 of the reasons I love you. SORRY I had to one up you...haha"

The above sentence you can see Sidney uses an ellipse. Tammy does not use them at all that I have seen even in lengthy writing samples.

In this short writing sample in list form from Sidney, you see the one sentence that was not part of the list, he throws in an ellipse.

I myself do not use them. Never. And so it wouldn't matter what I was writing, I never use them. And so, if Tammy does not use them it is extremely odd that in the two menacing texts there is constant ellipses use.

JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 12:58
What in the heck are you talking about? Ellipses?

JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 12:58,
Oh, you mean the use of an ELLIPSIS?
Meaning the .......

Anonymous said...

Joann, yes the use of .....

Check out the 2 texts presented to the judge about beatdowns, etc and then compare with Tammy's lengthy facebook post.

The extremely quick time at the dock that her assaulters managed to get her in the truck or even kill her and dispose of her, I wonder if the 2 men arrested for fake texts might have helped.

When I look at their mug shots, one of them, particularly, I see the face of a thief.

In their fake texts, they talk about "money", I wonder if it could be a "marble leaking". Could they have been paid by Sidney to help kill her, but then once she was killed, they tried to turn on Sidney, put all the guilt on him so they would not be looked at?

Could they have been involved in her murder? Could they have helped Sidney harm her at the dock?

Perpetrators often "insert" themselves into a case. As they did.

JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 1:43

This is my opinion. Each scenario you present either leaves Tammy out of the picture or places more blame on Sidney than on Tammy.
Both Moorers are in this up to their eyeballs. I think we will see much more evidence at trial, we can't know yet what LE has found.
I think you are getting sidetracked, or trying to distract others, with this ellipsis business & bringing these two men into the crime, based on nothing.
I am left with the notion that you are either a friend, relative or supporter/advocate of Tammy Moorer, or that you identify with her on some level that just doesn't let you see her culpability for this crime, but instead has you casting about for reasons NOT to believe that police have arrested her and charged her & prosecutors are taking her to trial because they have compelling evidence that she committed first degree murder.

Anonymous said...

Joann, No I don't know Tammy or support her.
I did not mean to sidetrack with the ellipses. I just notice things like that. It is very odd for someone to change styles like that. I did not point it out as a way to say "look folks, see, she had nothing to do with it". I just noticed it and i do think it is odd, and I don't know what it means.
The two men who faked texts also conducted their own investigations, etc. This is behavior often seen in perpetrators of murder.
Initially, when the story broke, I thought, well, maybe they just wanted the Moorer's convicted so chose to help things along by faking the texts. But if you look at their mug shots, it is very difficult to discern "caring" in their faces, as well as they did display suspicious potential perpetrator behavior.
I could be wrong, it could be nothing, I just do think the style change in the texts coming from the Moorer phone is odd. And again, I don't know what it means.
Many others are commenting on how quick the Moorers were able to either kill and dispose of Heather or kidnap her from the dock location. Thinking about what these commenters are saying, it also makes me wonder if there were more than just the Moorer's there. If they drove there in a pick up truck, there could have been another indivudal or indivudals hiding in the back of the truck.
Maybe I am wrong, my gut feeling just says there is a missing piece somewhere with this case. But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

well who knows what happened, because the truck went from the moorers to the landing and then right back to the moorers, i would guess Sidney didnt get what he went there for. pulls in, and doesnt see heather, car locked up, so he goes back home.
could be someone had grabbed heather and drug her into the woods, probably disabled her phone to keep it from ringing while they hid from sidney as he looked around for heather.

Rachael said...

Thank you to the poster that gave us TM's disney post of extreme self indulgence earlier, it gives a good amount of insight into her narcissistic, histrionic dreamworld.

From page 8, a post by a reader, not TM:

"Your report will be dug up over the months and years to come and will help and enlighten people---thanks again!"

Oh, how true, just not in the manner intended...

VioletBaby said...

You are likely wrong. LE has not arrested anyone else in connection with this. I think people need to cool it with the wild speculation. LE had enough evidence to bring Murder charges on these two. I don't get why some on here refuse to accept the logical conclusion of the evidence that has been revealed to the public thus far.

Tania Cadogan said...

John when you want to bold text or italicise it you need to place an open tab at the start of the sentence < > with the appropriate letter in between, B for bold , i for italic. make sure no spaces. Then you have to close the tab at the end of the sentence using < / ? with the approriate letter after the forward slash , the same as in the opening tab b or i again no gaps. It should look like this without the gaps < b > < /b> if you don;t open or close the tab correctly when you post you get an error message saying what the proplem is such as no opening tab b or no closing tab. often it is a typo where you forgot to hit the shift key for the bracket (in my case ). below the post a comment box it shows you what tags can be used. to close add the / after the first < and hey presto :)

John Mc Gowan said...


John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Hobs and Anons :)

Nic said...

Anonymous at 1:43

LE have been very careful about saying Heather's phone/Sidney's phone. They don't say them specifically when saying who wrote what. You could be right thinking there is more than one author and/or whatever has been written hasn't been by whom we believe it to be.

I believe Tammy wrote both lists. I believe she had the p/w to everything that was Sidney's and she was being thoughtful/pondering/pausing/making it up (ellipses) as she went along, as opposed to pounding out a "statement of fact" in rage.

If she wrote Sidney's list, then it goes to her believing that there are many reasons to love her and that she is "more lovable" than he is (8) and that she thinks he thinks he is better than she is. jmo

The more I read and see, I believe that Heather was followed, lured, overpowered and then killed. Sidney partook because it was the only way to "prove" to Tammy that he loved *her* and put her and the kids "first".

There was an amount of cash ($5k? $10k?) found at the Moorer's while they were executing the warrants. There was also something presented at the bond hearing regarding mis-representation of their finances.

Why would they have that much cash on hand? For what/who would they be paying a round figure like that? Let your imagine run wild. Mine is.


Nic said...

John, you're bold. ;0)

Nic said...

** To above. Cash could be for running away, too.

From what, I wonder?

John Mc Gowan said...

I'm a geek now lol. :)

JoAnn said...

Nic said,
"Why would they have that much cash on hand?"
Two things come to mind: disposal and departure
It will be interesting during trial to learn if this money cleaned out their account, which would point to departure.

Anonymous said...

Nic, that's a lot of cash. It does illustrate they had money to pay someone to help them. It is surprising to me that police are not looking more closely at the 2 fake texters as possible conspirators with the Moorers in the murder of Heather. It is VERY common for murderers to insert themselves into invistigations, to "assist" with searches, etc.
What was their motivation for "assisting"? Did they care so much they were willing to create fake accounts, and conduct their own personal investigation? Was it caring and kindness or was it about themselves and the role they (may) have played?

Kellie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kellie said...

Why did they have that much cash on hand?

Receipt of cash payments for services rendered. ;) A lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money for sexual services.

And depositing those cash payments into a bank doesn't bode well for those involved in food stamp and welfare fraud.

Kellie said...

A lot of people are of the opinion that Sidney is a victim to Tammy. I disagree. He is the willing participant in a Female Dom Male Sub relationship. Calling him "bitch" and chaining him to a bed for "probation" isn't a new idea that just suddenly occurred to them. I expect to hear they are involved in the sex industry and possibly included children.

Anonymous said...

Just to explain, one reason why I would caution against the cartoon that is being created of the SM and TM relationship is that I believe it is causing people to underestimate how diabolical Sidney may have been and what he may have been capable of as far as executing a hideous plan against Heather.
Tammy, the brutish, blood-thirsty villain towering over the cowed abused Sidney as his heart pines for Heather: I doubt this is accurate. People seem to be overlooking that Heather was murdered after going on a date with another man. Who is more likely to have been enraged by this, Sidney or Tammy?

Beans said...


You've made your point, if anyone agrees with it, they will let you know. I understand it's important to you to have your opinions validated, but repeating the same thing over and over then complaining that no one is addressing it only leads to people ignoring it. It's not the message, it's the delivery that's the issue. Your "Listen to me! Validate my opinions! Why won't anyone agree with me?! No room here for opposing opinions!" persecution complex approach is a turn off and will become a self fulfilling prophecy. JMO.

JoAnn said...

Police have arrested the two people they believe are responsible for this terrible crime. They are not looking for two other men, or any other men at this time.
I don't think anyone is excusing Sidney for his role in murdering Heather. Pointing out that he was probably the submissive partner in a kinky, twisted relationship with a domineering wife is not seeking to excuse him. Tammy's own words have shown that she is a dominant, controlling woman who raged against a young woman. Her behaviors (handcuffing, taking phone away) show that she is dominant, most likely sadistic. Sidney, for whatever sick reasons, allowed her to dominate him. They are equally responsible for the crime they committed together.

Unknown said...


The two men who created fake social media messages were ARRESTED and charged with Obstruction. They are on LE's radar. LE is aware of their existence AND the content of their messages. However, they were NOT charged with Kidnapping and Murdering Heather, Tammy and Sidney Moore were.

Why do you feel that reading a portion of a messages (as even you admit that you can't see the whole thing) leaves you more qualified to just their possible involvement than those in LE, who are privy to ALL OF THE EVIDENCE in this case?

Unknown said...


JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 7:40 said,
And now I rest my case.

I'll believe that when I see it. smh

JerseyJane said...

a Shout-out)))))))))))))

Who misses Im.grandma?? I do! I do!
I'm sending you some "feeling good bandaids" for your aches and pains, honey!! God Bless!!

A Welcome to Beans!
Aren't you just the cutest thing!?! LOL
You kills me, Beans!!!!
^ it's allllll goood!!!! LOL

JoAnn said...

Yes,Jersey Jane! I miss ima.grandma. She knows how to say what I want to say, only better :)

ima.grandma, if you're reading this, you are missed. Sending good thoughts & wishes your way.

JerseyJane said...

7:40pm Anon

One of the 2 men arrested for Obstruction was a friend/ acquaintenance of Heather's dad.

Run with it!

JerseyJane said...

Yes, quite a wise lady!!! She can put a paragraph of thoughts into 2 sentences and be done!! She deserves the best of everything!! And right now, it's some feel-good healing! If we can send out enough of feel-good, we can take the pain away and make her better in no time!!

JerseyJane said...

Joann, thanks for the giggle!!

How did I miss that? Slow day upstairs in my knocker!! Hehe! I rest my case, too!........

Im.grandma is not bored!! Dizzy-feeling from the post action here but not bored!! LOL

Lily said...


If it is true that Tammy controlled Sidney's facebook, and actually wrote this herself, would that change the analysis?

Could you read this as an "anonymous" and apply the same techniques to seevif a female wrote this? It would be interesting to see if that would support Sidney's attorney's claim from the bond hearing!

JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 9:20
Do you seriously think the prosecutor would stand in court and state that Sidney was handcuffed & his phone was taken away, if these were just wild, made up stories by the proven liar & accused murderer? Your arguments are silly.
If you think being able to physically "overpower" someone is the end of the story, you need to do some reading! How many cases of big, hulking guys completely dominated and horribly abused by itty bitty women? More than you can count.
Get a grip. Insisting on something so outlandish with no regard for facts doesn't make it so.

Beans said...


Your childish temper tantrums are bizarre. Stop freaking out and getting upset because no one validates your speculation. You keep "threatening" to leave, yet you never do. The emotional investment you have in this particular blog is seriously unhealthy and unnatural. Start your own blog, write it all down, get those demons out of your head. If you feel "victimized" by the author/readers of the blog, the healthiest thing to do for yourself is to move on. Be proactive! Sever ties with this abusive relationship! You won't though because you live for the attention.

*Cue the endless bizarre freak out responses from the aliases and angry trolls for the rest of the night*

See ya tomorrow! (and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that...)

JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 9:54 (and all the other times)
You took the high road on this one. (sarcasm)
If you bothered to read any of my previous posts, you would know how strongly I advocate for all abuse victims. Clearly, someone who thinks the image of a physically big guy being dominated and controlled by a physically tiny female is ludicrous has zero understanding of the dynamics of abuse. To insinuate, however slyly, that I am " unintentionally belittling" (if such a thing were even possible) victims of abuse will light my fire, and not in a good way.
You cannot ruin this blog, but you are giving it a go, you and all of your Anonymous friends. My suggestion to you, rather than pick a name, would be to...find a blog where you can enjoy like-minded individuals such as your anonymous self (selves).

JoAnn said...


Beans said...

See ya tomorrow!!! : )

Atlchanel said...

I have seen a relationship where the man was dominated by his wife up close. I'll never forget the time we were at the house for dinner and he said something she didn't like. She ordered him to the bedroom in front of us, closed the door and reprimanded him as though he was a child. She constantly let everyone that she was the breadwinner in the family because she made the most money. She belittled him in public every chance she could and he took it. It made me very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Beans, you're so cute and funny! That was so funny all the things you said! You tell people off so good! I bet she'll be terrified to come here tomorrow!

Beans said...


I know, people tell me that all the time!!!

Looks like Ol' Beans struck a nerve there. Why else would you come back 10 mins later posing as another anonymous to say that? Leakin' those marbles all of the place!

Beans said...

*all over the place

JoAnn said...

Yes, Anonymous, I should get a grip. Mean and disrespectful words are the result of frustration, nothing more. I am not so much "protective of this blog" as I feel protective toward the victim of the crime, Heather Elvis. There was a beautifully written article in the Horry County News that described Heather as the community's daughter. Heather could be anybody's daughter, mine or yours. Maybe because I have a daughter, this becomes a more emotional case to me. I admit that I identify with her family, and feel empathy for them, in fact, my heart breaks for them. I admit that I feel nothing but disgust for the two jailed Moorers - don't mistake my feeling that Sidney was dominated & controlled for sympathy - he has been a willing participant in that relationship. I believe that you can still analyze someone's words as long as you are aware and have some insight into the emotions you are bringing to the table.

JerseyJane said...

Beans u forgot to add

DO YOU THINK I LOOK FAT IN THIS DRESS? No, no, don't answer my question it's against something. Something big.


JoAnn said...

Hi Altchanel,
Thank you for posting that. I can't imagine what you say at the dinner table after that! Except, excuse me while I go home and shower?!
Domination & control has nothing to do with size and gender. There are people who refuse to believe something if it doesn't line up with their notions of how things work, though.

Beans said...

Oooooh, you're fired up I see! I really did strike a nerve! Still here after a half hour has passed pretending to be different "anons". You're really sticking with this replying every 10 min interval format, huh? Try switching it up a little more "Anonymous". I don't worry about you not coming back, you're a dedicated troll if nothing else. You'll be back tomorrow, bright and early with a new formula to divert all attention to you! What minutiae will you have us focus on tomorrow?! I can't wait to find out!!!!

Sus said...

I just popped in to check this post and see you're all wishing ima.grandma well. ME TOO! Hope you're back soon. I need your smiles. :-)

I don't know who you are or why you started coming here, but I freakin' love you!

JoAnn said...

You're a trip! :)
Let's hope tomorrow's minutiae will not be a return to the "ellipse," which is actually an ellipsis. I (stupidly) spent some time looking in those text messages for an elliptical shape! (Slaps forehead)

Sus said...

I apogise...Beans, not Bean. Lol

Beans said...


Why must you be such a tease?!

Let's not play this game....must you toy with my heart like that? We both know you'll be back, switching up your writing style, sticking with the anonymous moniker, playing the victim but always with your obvious "tells". It's like a long drawn out romance, you shun my advances but you're always by my side! It's like you're winking at me from across a crowded room. You love my attention but you can't bring yourself to commit to our relationship! I can't quit you! You love it, I love it!

JerseyJane said...

Hey Pitbull Beans:
I got a Boxer named "Frank".
He can help guard with you, "Beans"?
Frank N Beans to the rescue, known to clear out the room of Anon gas!! LoL

Beans said...

I'd be honored JerseyJane. Though it's weird to be labeled a Pitbull, I've always thought of myself as more of a NYC dirty water dog. We could be Frank² (squared, in case the symbol didn't work)

JoAnn said...

Pitbulls & boxers! Two of my favorite breeds, they can guard me any time. I could tell you about a pitbull I had who was dominated and controlled by an itty bitty Pomeranian, but wait! That's not possible! Everybody knows an itty bitty female dog couldn't dominate a big burly pitbull. That image is ludicrous. Not only that, it belittles all the other dogs who truly are victims of male dog domination.
I have sunk to a new level, yes I have. But it felt good.

JerseyJane said...

Beans just BEAN DIPped Anon as he romanced her, up there in his post.^

Beans, you know Anon has you sized up as a stud calling you a hulky pitbull and all. LoL Anon he heard u, hon..... Folks, what will tomorrow bring with these two?

Beans said...


I feel that Beans is a catharsis for everyone here that has politely and silently endured the raging lunacy of "Anonymous" the past few weeks. Beans speaks for the silent, emotionally drained majority that can take it no more. Beans is for the people!

Viva la resistance!

JerseyJane said...

Ooooo, JoAnn u kill me!! Bahahahaha!!
But u are very informative which goes go with giggles!!

Beans said...


It was so obvious she was flirting with me, I mean she did say I was cute and funny. I don't want to read too much into it, but do you think I have a chance? Fingers crossed!!! i hope I didn't blow it by coming on too strong.

Ashlee said...

Come follow the Moorer trial with us! We are a group seeking justice for Heather Elvis. #teamheather

JerseyJane said...

Yeah, Frank squared cuz one
((((((((((BEANS ENOUGH)))))) that's what the Anons scream!!!

Unknown said...


AGAIN, The punctuation you are placing so much emphasis on has been typed/transcribed by a second party. I saw that you were also commenting on the strangeness of the 'To Heather:' heading, and it likely being written by a child, or something? That was not written by TM, it was added by the Prosecutor to identify the texts recipient, just as 'Heather's response' was added to identify her response.

If you look at the picture of the slide showing the texts, you can see they are only identified by the date, and 'to'/'response'. The incoming/outgoing time for each text is not listed. Given that reports state DOZENS of harassing texts and calls were outlined, it's possible that the ellipsis were used to present a multiple text conversation more cohesively.

Below is a link to an article with a picture of the slide showing the text messages (#16, I think). If you also look at the slide with the timeline (#3)you will also see the use of ellipsis within that slide.

I hope this puts to rest the 'smoking gun' of inconsistent punctuation. It is likely not even attributed to TM, but rather the person preparing the slide. But even if it were written by TM, I'm lost as to what that is supposed to prove about Heather's murder.

JerseyJane said...

Beans I said you were cute first. Break my heart!!!

One thing is good, her name is a popular one. You won't forget it! LoL

Not too strong, and something tells me, she will be looking for u, this time, every 10mins!! LoL

Unknown said...

I also hope you are doing well Ima! Feel better!

JerseyJane said...

Soooo excellent, Jen Ow!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jersey, Joann and Beans

You guys are cracking me up.

Also Joann, my neighbor has a HUGE very intimidating Rottweiler. The first time I saw him I froze, his head is as big as a bear, lol. (that is his name)

He still thinks he is a puppy, and wants to sit on your lap and play rough, etc. They also have a grumpy old cat named Scout that stays outside. She does NOT enjoy Bear. All she has to do is hiss or hunch her back up and Bear runs off, tail between his legs, yelping. It's so funny! My neighbor's daughter said that when he was a puppy, the cat got ahold of him a few times and he still remembers it, lol

JoAnn said...

Hi Jen Ow,
Excellent story. Made me smile :)
And "the smoking gun of inconsistent punctuation." Lol, gives new meaning to the phrase grammar police.

Doty said...

Yes the anons wild speculation is silly, but the major stroke-fest ya'll got going on for calling him/her/them out is rather curious too, and doesn't reflect well on ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Does anyone think that it could be possible that Tammy and Sidney may have had help at the boat landing? The last couple nights I have been wondering if they could have had someone waiting there in a boat to kidnap Heather and maybe the boat could have went to another boat landing in the area where they had a vehicle waiting so that Heather could be brought some wheres for Tammy to confront Heather. I just cant see Tammy showing up and killing Heather in a few minutes. Tammy strikes me as a woman who wanted revenge and would surely do great bodily harm to Heather before killing her. More like torture!

Barjupiter :)

Laughingmyassoff said...


Bwahahahaha! Oh my God I almost spit my coffee out through my nose! That is exactly what their drivel sounds like Beans!

Trigger said...

As I read Tammy's list, I wondered what kind of childhood she had.

She must have felt so much loss and anger in childhood.

Was Heather "the target" that Tammy needed to maintain the lie that she was still in control of Sidney and could keep him faithful? With Heather dead there was no need to handcuff Sidney or take away his phone anymore.

Was Heather's murder the "defining act" that Tammy needed from Sidney to make her feel loved and needed? Would this "secret" between them keep Sidney from future dalliances?

BBB said...

I read the posts from both pages before the FB pages were taken down, and from the first moment, thought it obvious that they were both written by the same person - the wife. SM's FB web address was something like '2 Disney Kids Forever in Love'. What guy would use a name like that? Most men wouldn't bother to enter a special name, they'd just go with the default fB name, not some girly lovey-dovey fantasy moniker. And the '7 reasons' '8 reasons' posts clearly seem contrived -- she wanted to make it look as though they were so crazy about each other that they couldn't possibly have even known the victim. And what man posts ad nauseum about how fabulous and wonderful his wife is every day? I have lots of friends on FB who are male; they might post something like that on a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day, but not every day, or every post; mostly they post about sports, or work, etc. So the statement analysis herein, imo, should come from the view that SHE wrote both pages, and she said what she wanted him to say about her. And if she'd been handcuffing him to the bed, I doubt seriously he'd be waxing about how lucky he was to wake up next to her. He'd be wishing he were anywhere else but handcuffed to that bed. What, did she diaper him, too, to keep from having to get up when nature called? Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog, and truly appreciate your insights.