Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Language of Mark Redwine Analyzed: Part Two

"Dylan, my prayers are with you and I love you very much. He was the light of my life and he meant everything to me."  

Mark Redwine, shortly after Dylan Redwine, 13, went missing. 

In the above quote, we see the first glimpse into the mind of Mark Redwine.  

2 principles stand out:
1.  The word "with" when found between people, indicates distance
2.  The past tense verb used describing his missing child, very early in the case. 

Mark Redwine did not initiate the call to 911 about his son, but did so in a response to Dylan's mother, Elaine's call.

When asked about the 911 call, Elaine said, "Well, there has been debates about that, I called the Police after he texted me and apparently he called the police right after I called them."  

This is consistent with his behavior.  

There is no controversy about the 911 call:  Behavioral Analysis shows this:

*When a child goes missing, the innocent parent does whatever necessary to help find the child;
while the guilty parent does only what helps build a defense.  A guilty person will do the minimum possible to avoid being seen as guilty.

An innocent parent seeks to have a never-ending source of information flow, to help find the child, while the guilty parent:

*seeks to control information
*seeks to limit information
*seeks to hinder information
*does only what is necessary to alleviate pressure and concentration.

This will come out in the language.  

After reporting his child kidnapped from his home, Justin DiPietro was given an opportunity to plead for his daughter's return.  Instead of taking the microphone, he said he was "emotionally incapable" of doing so.  He would go on to fail his polygraph, and a trail of blood would be announced, from his basement, to his closet, shoes and truck; blood belonging to Baby Ayla. 

This is like a parent losing a toddler while shopping at Walmart, and instead of calling the child's name, the parent decides to check out, pack the car, drive home, unload the groceries, and then think about calling out to the missing child. 

Behavioral Analysis:

When a toddler wanders off, the parent calls out to the child and will search.  When the parent does not, it is the "unexpected."

The guilty person cannot help but say "we need to keep the focus on the child" whenever the spotlight turns to him.  This is said in a variety of ways, but it is said repeatedly.  It is, in fact, the "expected" among the guilty:

Attempt to keep the focus off of the guilty party, while making a 'peace treaty' with guilt; that is, accepting the fact that people think he did it.  The innocent care for nothing, including their own reputation, because they can think of nothing but what the child is going through.

Tangents are a guilty person's best friend.  He will embrace them and run with them whenever he can. 

If you were on national television about your "missing" son, would you have the wherewithal to renew an old feud with someone else, unrelated to helping locate your son?

Our language gives us away.  All of us.  "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

Mark Redwine:  concern about being disrespected on television, by his 21 year old son instead of being concerned about finding Dylan. 

DiPietros:  lots of concern about what Justin was going through, without a word of what Baby Ayla may have been going through.

Celis:  concern over media scrutiny and not over what Isabel might be experiencing.

Statement Analysis shows that the guilty parent's words reveal this very thing:

"And that's all I know..."
"I've done everything possible..."
"I searched everywhere."

These words  (and words similar) should recall such parents as Lena Lunsford (Aliayah), Misty Croslin, Sergio Celis, and so many others.  These are common statements of guilty parents:  if that is "all" that is known, there is no need to ask more questions, because the parent doesn't know anything else.
"I've done everything possible" indicates that there is nothing else to be done, so just stop.
"I've searched everywhere"; therefore, let's stop searching because there are no places left to search.

On the contrary, the innocent parent loses sleep in an attempt to replay, as it were, any and every detail that can be recalled, in order to remember even the smallest detail that might help police.  Police often find that the innocent parent will 'pester' them with any and every minute detail that comes to mind.

Mark Redwine has reacted, from the beginning, in a consistent manner.  He has consistently sought to control, reduce, and hinder the flow of information that would be useful in locating Dylan.  Baby Myra Lewis was more than 4 hours missing before police were called.  She was only 2.  

Mark Redwine did not report Dylan missing for hours; and even then only did so because of Elaine.  Then, he quickly scrambled to cover himself.  

He did not assist search efforts. 
 He did not make appearances. 
 He did not call out for Dylan, instead choosing to nap, stay inside, and when challenged, give only weak answers which only showed his contempt for Elaine.  Alone, he has consistently used plural pronouns.  Christopher Dillingham's research shows what parents of teens know:  the need to share guilt.

He stood alone: 

There are too many people sitting at the computer trying to play Nancy Drew and Nancy Grace,” he said. “It’s not bringing us closer to finding Dylan.”

On public television, he said he would take the polygraph. 

"We're going to take the polygraph."

Those of us listening said, "No, he won't."  When he failed to say "I", it showed the weakness.  He was bluffing.  There was no way he was going to take the polygraph for Dr. Phil.  He had too much to lose and he did not posses the bravado to think he could beat it.  

When challenged, he found a way to dig at Elaine's emotions, further indicating what conflict it was that befell Dylan at his hands. 

From the Durango Herald:  "The senior Redwine said there is a “history” with Cory, but he said he thinks his son’s anger toward him is reflective of his mother’s hatred toward Mark."

The constant hatred for Elaine is as consistent as Mark Redwine's deliberate hindering of information. 

Innocent parents pass polygraphs.  Guilty parents "smoke" it.  

Some people do not like media and cameras make them nervous, but as Cory Redwine, all of 21 years said, you do whatever it takes to get your son back, in reference to the lack of effort by Mark Redwine. 

Family friend Denise Hess said, "I hate public speaking, and I hate cameras, but I want to bring Dylan home."

She cares not for her own personal comfort level because Dylan is missing. The word "but" refutes what came before it:  she uses the stronger pronoun, "I", than Dylan's own father. 

Mark Redwine's behavior is what brought suspicion upon him initially, but when he did finally speak out, we knew why it was he had avoided the camera.  Statement Analysis shows that he is deceptively withholding information about what happened to Dylan.  Even in late November, Mark Redwine refused to speak out for Dylan, even when challenged by Elaine.  He finally did speak out, however, and by going on the nationally televised "Dr. Phil Show", he allowed the nation to see what a deceptive man sounds like, as he was consistent in avoiding answering questions, much to the frustration of Dr. Phil, the polygrapher, and the audience.  The polygrapher finally said that Redwine avoids answering questions, instead choosing to answer questions not asked.  This is a clever technique, one of "control abusers"; those who will not suffer 'defeat' in a debate.  They are like the smug schoolboy who says "I know you are but what am I?" repeatedly, smirking as if he has just bested his opponent.

This video shows deception in his statements and in his body language

Dillingham's research echoes that of the SCAN technique where we carefully follow pronouns and note when the expected singular is absent in exchange for plural.  Do you recall the case of the missing child in Maine where Dennis Dechaine (in prison for the murder of Sarah Cherry) claimed to have been alone but slipped out, "I was sitting down among the trees.  We were losing daylight..."?  The prosecutor did not miss its usage.  Pronouns are some of the most common words we use, and we use them from childhood.  They are reliable and trustworthy in analysis.  A guilty party likes the feeling of sharing guilt, even as a child does when he says, "but we were all doing it.  Everyone was doing it" as if this alleviates guilt.  It is, Dillingham explained, a desire to spread around guilt, in order to lessen its impact.  Mark Redwine uses the plural so frequently, he reminds me of listening to Deborah Bradley avoiding using Lisa's name.  (see analysis of Baby Lisa case)

Q.  What's it been like?

Mark Redwine:   "Well, you know, it's been a tough time for all of us...we're doing everything we can to try to find Dylan and we want to keep the focus on finding Dylan.  

Note the needless emphasis of "all" added.  
Note that if "we're doing everything..." there's nothing else to be done. 
Note that "everything we can" limits what "can" be done.  Innocent parents do not use these words until they have come to the point of utter exhaustion and acceptance; the final grieving step in the process that many of us go through.  

Then he attempted to make himself sound as if he was in cooperation with law enforcement.  Note that he repeats this, indicating its sensitivity.  

Note that he does not say "everything we can to find Dylan" but gives even further distance by inserting the word "try" to find Dylan.  This changes the focus from finding Dylan to the attempt, itself, of finding Dylan.  It distances the effort and changes the end.  It is not about finding Dylan, but instead, it is about the attempts being made.  He is more concerned about how the search goes, rather than finding Dylan. 

"I'm doing everything I know how to. "

When asked about accusation:

"Well, you know, he, it was, he was last seen at my house..."

Here he self-edited, making it important.  

Was he about to say "it was at my house that Dylan..."?  

I believe "it" did, with "it" being a dispute, first about friends, then about where to eat, then about friends again, and then, finally, Mark Redwine blamed Dylan's mother (as he did on Dr. Phil when claiming Cory was disrespectful) and Dylan received the full wrath of Mark Redwine, on the couch, unable to be revived. 

I don't believe the death was intended, that is, premeditated, but came, as Dr. Phil suggested, at a moment of temper being lost.  Redwine has a history of it.  He has a history of perversion, which may indicate shame and rage.  At a single moment, Dylan paid the ultimate price for Mark Redwine's hatred of Elaine.  

"One of the things we're trying to do is unite together..."  The key word "together" is unnecessary for the sentence; making it 'doubly important' to us. 

Interviewer:  Do you have anything you want to say to Dylan?"

This was a good question as it allowed the parent to remind the child that he will be found.  Instead, Mark Redwine gave us information, just a week after Dylan went 'missing':

"Dylan, my prayers are with you and I love you very much. He was the light of my life and he meant everything to me."  This said, as he shook his head in the negative, right to left.  

"I want him home, just like everybody else does."
As if there could be anyone who does not want him home??

"I don't want the focus to be on me."

How long until Mark Redwine is arrested in the death of Dylan Redwine?  This question has come and gone, and frustrations have given way to despair.  Yet, the case is not closed. 

"Dylan, my prayers are with you and I love you very much. He was the light of my life and he meant everything to me." 

We know that at this time, police gave no indication that Dylan was dead.  We know at this time a natural denial exists within parents, as hope springs eternal. 

"He was the light of my life" but is no longer. 
"He meant everything to me" but no longer.  

This is a perfect example of a guilty use of the past tense reference of a parent of a missing child, similar to Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Billie Jean Dunn and others.  It is an indication that Mark Redwine knows or believes that the child is dead.  If police or circumstances have not indicated death, it is a strong indication of guilty knowledge. 

In this case, by speaking out, Mark Redwine, on this date, told the nation, including the police, that he knows Dylan is dead. 


Anonymous said...

I've noticed on many occasions,suspected child killers often have beards,hats,sunglasses.shifty rats.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
I've noticed on many occasions,suspected child killers often have beards,hats,sunglasses.shifty rats.
March 30, 2014 at 12:31 PM


if you discount generalizations, is there any merit to this post?


I will withhold my comments and let others weigh in first.

Anonymous, choose a name.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I don't hink anonymous means that since I wear a hat and glasses and at times, a beard, that I am a child killer.


Deejay said...

Let's ask the County Attorney to prosecute all the adults in the house on child endangerment for Ayla's untreated broken arm. I think the other adults, faced with losing their own children for any amount of time, would turn on Justin DiP. A Maine jury would not let him go- Maine is not Florida...

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I agree.

Turn the clock back.

A child went missing and police PUBLICLY stated that the other adults, both parents, were not honest.

THIS, alone, is enough to begin to institute child protective intervention, which would have meant that the two mothers would have been interviewed.

Let's say that the interviewer of these two mothers had training.

Let's say both mothers feared losing custody of their own children.

Let's say the flow of information came rushing out, in self interest.

I think Ayla would have been found, and justice would have begun.


John Mc Gowan said...

Hi peter, are you referring to me in your post.? Confused?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


your thoughts on what someone wears when they know the camera is going to be on them?

Hobs, do you have an opinion?


John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Peter,

I cant get it to play.

Hobs will it play for you? It maybe that were are in the UK?.

John Mc Gowan said...

I it is a general question on the attire someone chooses when put in front of a camera, it depends on the situation they are in.

Ie. In court. When someone is up for a murder charge the defence will be advised on what their client should wear to make them appear easier on the eye to a jury.

The Menendez brothers appeared in court looking like innocent college boys. Wearing pastel colored sweaters etc. And we all know what they done.

Jodi Arias appeared at times looking like an English School Teacher from the 50s, just short of twin set and pearls.

Mark Redwine's photo as far as i can remember, he has always appeared on camera looking like that. Apart from the Dr Phil show, were he was suited up, tie and all. This is to look respectful honest and trust worthy, and was more than likely was advised by someone.

To say "I've noticed on many occasions,suspected child killers often have beards,hats,sunglasses.shifty rats", As Anon has posted, is like saying all serial killers live in the cellar being looked after by their Mothers.

We only have to look at Ted Bundy. Charming, good looking and well educated, and as we also know, he was a serial killer.

Stereo typing went out in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

I read here every day, never commented before. My take on the hat, sunglasses and beard...the person seems to be hiding themselves. Hat is a covering, of sorts. Sunglassses and beard are to hide behind. Im probably way wrong, but its what i get from it.

Anonymous said...

Edit: themself rather than themselves.

Kellie said...

Anonymous said...

I've noticed on many occasions,suspected child killers often have beards,hats,sunglasses.shifty rats.

March 30, 2014 at 12:31 PM


Faulty logic!
Your comment is an over-simplified characterization and the sort of thinking that constitutes a prejudiced mentality.

Anonymous said...

I only commented. I didn't debate. Now I feel like an intruder. I'll slink back into the shadows and continue to read daily. Kitt

Anon said...

Anon 7:03, I don't think there is anything wrong with your comment. I was just surprised that initially the comment was taken seriously because it just seems like the person who wrote it was not being serious when they wrote it.

GeekRad said...

Great post Peter. Thank you.

GeekRad said...

The initial comment appears to be serious. I think Mark is guilty.However,he looks like the residents and tourists in that area. No suits and ties I leave my makeup and heels home when I am there. A wear a base cap.this is not a city, it is people away from the art race. Huge generalization in that post.

Anonymous said...

Male psychiatrists and psychologists often have beards to hide their emotions and exprssion so to appear neutral ie to hide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I agree

Jo said...

"Well, you know, he, it was, he was last seen at my house..."

Isn't this admitting he was last person to see him? If he thought he walked to his friends house, passing motorist or his killer would have been the last to see him.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi John the link played for me, it could be your settings if you can't view it. since it is a youtube video if you click on the youtube link on the bottom of the picture it will open in a new window and play.

Regarding beards hats etc, personally i love a man with a beard and moustache as long as it is fairly tidy, i also love a nice smooth bald pate (in calgary there were a couple good looking guys sitting right in front of me and my friend,one had a fresh shaven head and the other a super short cut. I couldn't reist and after talking to them for a few mins asked if i could stroke their heads to which the agreed. My friend simply shook her head and made the excuse to them that i was british. It also explained why everyone around us kept feeding me to hear my non accent :).

Anyhow, appearance.

A lot of people don't trust anyone with a beard, especially a full or scruffy one as it has a tendency to hide the mouth and thus what the man is saying. I don't know about you but when someone talks to me i pretty much focus on their mouth, glancing up to their eyes.

People are swayed by appearance which is why the defendant invariably dresses smartly in court.
There was a recent case where eric millerberg had a major makeover for his trial for murder he went from scruffy to ubersmart

He was found guilty.

Jodi arias was madeover to look like the librarian/secretary harmless type of woman, even to the extent of mirroring her attorney.

Casey anthony was dressed in oversize clothes and her seat position lowered to make her look vulnerable.

We judge people by appearance which can be good as well as bad for us which is why conmen do so well. If you dress the part half the work is done.

I don't agree with the generalisation that most suspected child killers have beards , hats or sunglasses (for one how do you explain female child killers?)

It can be explained though as if they are hiding behind something, putting a barrier between themselves and the world especially in press conferences.
A good example was the mom of Kiesha abrahams who murdered her daughter.
She did a presser and hid behind huge sunglasses and a wad of tissues in her hand so literally nothing could be seen of her face as she pretended to cry.

Straight away i picked up on the hiding and fake distress way before she even said anything.

I think we trust a clean shaven man moreso than a hairy one, most politicians are beardless or stick to a tidy moustache, a hairy face is perhaps seen as more masculine or strong or even criminal and perhaps to be feared in this day and age.(think hells angels) some facial hair is accepted as long as it is tidy hence designer stubble or goatees, it is seen as showing masculinity yet harmless or non threatening (metrosexuals like Beckham)

Anonymous said...

"Pete Townsend""The Who"convicted for downloading child porn*beard/cap/shades*

Anonymous said...

"Pete Townsend""The Who"convicted for downloading child porn*beard/cap/shades*

Anonymous said...

'Dave le Travis'a radio star"beard//hat//Sun glasses"on trial in great Britain 're child abuse/sex assaults".I agree with anon 're "traits".

Anonymous said...

I love your views :0)

not naming myself on this post. said...

Please continue to comment kitt. I kinda feel the same way about men who have beards. I think my distrust is rooted in my childhood, though. After my dad died, she met a man named Mike, he had a big red beard. He convinced my mom that life would be better if she moved us to Kansas city with him. He was really nice at first. When we got to Kansas city, away from moms family and friends, he started beating my mom. The neighbors had to have heard but did nothing. After he hurt my mom he would put me and my little sister to bed. Then he would do stuff to me. His beard would scratch my face and my legs and it smelled like beer. He said if I told my momma she would hate me and leave me like my dad did. Because I'm bad.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I am wondering if guilty suspects feel a psychological need to 'cover' oneself, with a hat, for example, when being interviewed.

Growing beards for a purpose can be traced back to barbarian attempts to put fear into an enemy.

I thought this might provoke interesting discussion. I don't think original poster was tongue in cheek.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon March 30, 2014 at 12:31 PM.

My apologies if my post came across insensitive , it wasn't meant to be.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT tongue in. cheek,I'm serious.

John Mc Gowan said...

HI anon OP.

People wear hats, sunglasses and beards for all sorts of reasons.

It maybe that they have scars and they don't want people to see them. It maybe that their partners like them. it maybe that they are lazy and unhygienic, there could be a myriad of reasons.

If they wear a hat, it maybe that its sunny out and they don't want to get burned, or to keep the sun out of their eyes, they maybe cold. They may have issues with going bald etc.

If they wear glasses they may have sight problem, or it maybe sunny out, and they want to be able to see.

Yes there are people who hide behind the mask of all the above and don't want to be recognized. It could also involve shame or guilt not wanting people to see them.

The complete opposite also apply's. These heinous people come from all walks of life, be them vagrants or top CEO,s, and that was my point. You posed an interesting question and is a good talking point, as we are discussing.

Please stick around, your opinion like everyone else here are respected and valued. This is how we all learn.


Angelina said...

I disagree that there is a link. Look at some of the most heinous killers (ie Ted Bundy clean-shaven, Dahmer clean-shaven).
Basically, a person would have to be ashamed to try to cover their face and it doesn't seem that many killers are ashamed. Mark Redwine's appearance I attribute to lack of grooming caused by alcoholism.
A close friend of mine thinks men with beards are "trying to hide something". I disagree.
I actually think it is strange when men are clean-shaven because, in my opinion, it looks kinda feminine unless they have very thick dark beard shadow, then they don't really need a beard.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I don't see a link. It is more that I am just wondering, aloud for discussion purposes, if Redwine, perhaps, felt the need for physical covering, while being interviewed.

I don't think a direct link will be found.

I wear a NY Mets cap sometimes, and have grown a beard too.

Anonymous said...

Peter Sutcliffe(killer of womern)BEARD!!So so many.

Deejay said...

The police looked in Coyote poop for bones- Amazingly, in a huge area with 100s of sq. miles of wilderness they found bone fragments. So they must have known something about what Redwine would do and where he would hide his son's body. Why no arrest?

Sella35 said...

@ Anon- 12:31pm-
Anonymous said...quote
"I've noticed on many occasions,suspected child killers often have beards,hats,sunglasses.shifty rats."

This makes me think of the old, "Lincoln and Kennedy" coincidences:

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.

Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

Both were shot in the head. Etc.,etc.,etc.....

Even though they had much in common, they had more things not in common. I think there are 2 other presidents with as-much-or-more in common. I recall hearing how Ronald Reagan would be assassinated, since any president elected every 20 years was killed..lucky for us, he foiled the "preconceived notion".

I hate to admit it, but men with bowl-cut hair styles remind me of paedophiles because that is what I associate with them. Yes, I do profile. I think it is smart and helpful (ONLY MY OPINION).

This reminds me of naming my child. I was offered several names from family and friends...but when I would hear a certain name..I would say, "NO, I knew someone with that name and YUCK!" My daughter would still be wonderful with any name I would have given her, but I wanted a name that I did not associate with someone else. (except her middle name, which was her great-grandmas name).

Good discussion. Sella

Angelina said...

I agree, it is a good point, Mark Redwine does look very covered up and I remember he was in hiding mode on Dr. Phil especially with the polygraph. He also seemed hung over. I will say I believe Redwine is guilty and he also seems dumber than even DiPietro, so it is mind-boggling he has evaded prosecution.

Unknown said...

I would think that anyone that went out of their way to obscure and obfuscate their appearance with collars to hide how long their neck is, glasses to hide their eyes, wigs or hats to hide their hair, trying to not be recognized.
Is this indicative of a criminal? Possibly. It could also indicate a famous person that doesn't want to be hounded when out grocery shopping. Or a shy author.

Unknown said...

Hi Sella-

Your post about names made me laugh. My sister is a teacher and she has a list a mile long of names she 'would never name her kid', due to bad association with former students. She named my first nephew with family names, and now she jokes that she is out of approved boy names, so she better have a girl next time.

Also, my neighbor just had her baby girl last Friday. They named her AGNEW! (I think my face when I heard the name told them what I really thought, lol!)

It's a strange choice for a girl name, in my opinion...but she's precious!

Unknown said...

Sella there is such a thing as facial profiling, and it's been scientifically studied. It's shown that actual physical features are genetically tied to things like "the kindness gene". This could be why, when something goes "wrong" and a psychopath gets a kind face that they are so very dangerous.

We are programmed by our DNA in many ways that people don't like admitting to. So there may very well be a "typical child molester's face"......and I would say a child molester might like to keep his or her face as bland and indescribable as possible, but other people would have innocent reasons to try and hide their normal appearance.

JoAnn said...

Mark Redwine has made many statements that reference "respect" and "disrespect." Even after Dylan's bones were found (10 miles from his home), Mark Redwine commented that he wanted Dylan to have a proper burial and to receive the "respect that he deserves."
I think that Dylan wasn't interested in a "sit-down meal" with his father, opting instead to eat a drive-thru burger, and then his father recalls "specifically" that he was texting - Redwine strikes me as the kind of man who would feel "disrespected" by his visiting son's lack of enthusiasm for a meal together and his texting. I believe he harmed Dylan that night, and one of his "errands" the next day was disposing of his son.

ima.grandma said...

Hi all.

A common symptom of depression is loss of interest in personal appearance; and in men this might cause them to quit shaving resulting in an unkept appearance. Beards makes them seem older, angrier and more aggressive. 


Bearded men are often perceived to have a higher social status, command respect and send a signal of masculinity to other males.
Excerpt from essay promoting recidivism reduction written by Criminologist, Shad Muruna -  

"When ex-prisoners asked him how they can overcome the stigma they face in society and prove to people they have changed, he recommended that the easiest thing they could do was to grow a beard and wear thick glasses. Graying beards and thick glasses are signals that the wearer is old, fuddy-duddy and not in "the game". He would be considered unthreatening though they may secretly be a pedophile, political radical or internet creep, but they would not convey an immediate threat of violence."

Eyeglasses are "one of the most important artifacts used in the courtroom."

...positive characteristics are associated with eyeglasses (e.g., intelligence, honesty, decreased propensity to commit a violent crime.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter. I believe that the last paragraph is very telling and his words in one of the initial interviews was chilling. Immediate past tense usage and prayers. Most people would say "my prayers are with you" to an acquaintance that has recently suffered a loss, not their missing child.

"Dylan, my prayers are with you and I love you very much. He was the light of my life and he meant everything to me."

We know that at this time, police gave no indication that Dylan was dead. We know at this time a natural denial exists within parents, as hope springs eternal.

"He was the light of my life" but is no longer.
"He meant everything to me" but no longer.

This is a perfect example of a guilty use of the past tense reference of a parent of a missing child, similar to Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Billie Jean Dunn and others. It is an indication that Mark Redwine knows or believes that the child is dead. If police or circumstances have not indicated death, it is a strong indication of guilty knowledge.

In this case, by speaking out, Mark Redwine, on this date, told the nation, including the police, that he knows Dylan is dead