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Brittanee Drexel's Mother's Letter

The following is analysis of the letter Dawn Drexel, mother of 17 year old Brittanee, published in 2012.  Underlining, color, and bold type are added for emphasis with Statement Analysis in bold type.  Please note that much of this concerns Behavioral Analysis.  

Please share my announcement in honor of my daughter on what should have been her 21st Birthday….
This letter is being written concerning information that I am aware of that surrounds the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel, whom went missing in Myrtle Beach, SC. The past three years have been a heart wrenching experience, and I know someone has knowledge of what happened to my daughter.

The letter begins with the birthday, which is the occasion for writing, but the subject gives her own reason for writing:  "concerning information that I am aware of..." which is passive.  Passivity here suggests a varied source of information.  This is then shown in the letter, itself. 

On April 25, 2009 I received a call that no mother would ever want to receive, saying that my daughter was in Myrtle Beach and the caller could not find her; this is where my nightmare began. My frantic calls to her cell phone the days that followed went unanswered trailing straight to her voicemail.

Note the heavy use of the personal pronoun "my":

My daughter
My nightmare
My frantic calls

Yet, it is only "a" call, not "my call."  Note the closeness to the daughter, but distance from the call (emotional pain can cause distance). 

Note that she is not "our daughter" as the mother feels no need to 'share'; making this extremely personal and unclose for her. Follow the pronouns.  Compare this to letters by mothers suspected in the disappearance of their children and you will find very different pronoun usage. 
Once learning the identity of the people she went to South Carolina with on spring break, I began to make calls to them beginning first with Peter. I desperately sought any information from him concerning my daughter's whereabouts, and his reply was, and I quote, "I don't know and I am not her babysitter." I then requested if he could go out and search for her, again his response was negative. He refused to participate in anything concerning my daughter. I called Peter at least six or seven times that night, three different stories were told to me and never did I obtain any truth; I gave up.

Please note that "babysitter" is a disparagement of the 17 year old victim. 
Please also note that when the mother confronted Peter about the three different accounts, he did not respond. 

Disparagement of a victim is a red flag for guilt. 
As I found out more additional phone numbers of the people from New York Brittanee traveled with I called to no avail, those people would not answer my calls. In my frustration to get someone who could help, I contacted a friend of our family who was in the military hours away and requested of him to go there look for my daughter and to file a missing child report, and he did, immediately; I was already in route from my home with family and friends. 
Arriving in Myrtle Beach I learned Peter, a club promoter and his friends had left at 1:00 am to head back to Rochester, New York and that they had been asked to leave the hotel for remarks that were made to one of the hotel employees at the Blue Water Resort. He left his belongings and $100 deposit. 

please hear Peter's response about leaving at 1AM as he referenced "check out time" that was coming. 

Peter arrived in Rochester placing pictures on the Internet of him at barbeque and other fun activities, then he hired attorney, John Parinello. Brittanee had known him for five years and he displayed no empathy or concern of my missing daughter.

Dawn is referencing, quite naturally, Behavioral Analysis. 

-disparaged victim
-did not assist in search
-lawyered up immediately 
-showed no concern or empathy (see video)

In his appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, he was unwilling or unable to say he did not do it.  
The others who Brittanee rode with were still there, leaving two days later upon my arrival, but they only stayed that long due to the police questioning them. Not one person that was with my daughter helped me in any way, not one of them ever contacted me with concern or offered to any help, and not any of the  parents of these people to this day have reached out to help or console me in my grief. It was and still remains a hard thing for me to understand, most human beings have compassion for a total stranger, but not this group!
 I began to receive calls from my family and friends back in New York that these same people who were the last ones to see my daughter were posting nasty remarks about my daughter and mad because she ruined their vacation. 

Commentary:  It is difficult to believe that some can be this callous, but it is true. 

Their slanderous lies and horrible actions only aided the pain I was suffering along with all who love Brittanee Drexel

Note the use of the full name in context of defending Brittanee. This is very strong. 

But that is all they did, they have never told what happened or offered any additional help to my daughter's investigation, in my opinion. My daughter made mistakes and one of the largest ones she ever made was when she trusted this group of people with her life.

Brittanee was only 17 years old when she made this mistake; something that many of us, decades older, still make.  
I later found out that the girls in this group of people treated my daughter poorly and by Brittanee's text messages to her then boyfriend revealed how miserable she really was, Brittanee was also packed that day to leave.

Please note the context of contention and discord. 

 My daughter in well lit streets packed with beach vacationers from all over walked from the Bar Harbor to the Blue Water to get a pair of shoes she had left in a vehicle earlier that day. While walking, text messages rung in from Jenn wanting her shorts returned for the outing planned that night.  Then there is the infamous camera shot of my daughter entering the Blue Water and exiting, never to be seen or heard from again. My question is when she entered she went to the right, but the elevators were on the left? That has always bothered me because the only thing to the right is the hotel pool area.
Another item that has me concerned is supposedly my daughter went to the sixth floor to retrieve her shoes and that witnesses advised early in the investigation that they were watching the Red Sox Game and eating, but later I found out the game began at 4:10 pm that day ending at 7:45 pm this was way before my daughter went there. They claimed that was factual because Brittanee grabbed some food off a plate of an individual there. Brittanee was seen on the street camera in route to the Blue Water and the times just do not match up, period.
While my daughter was at the beach, her and this group visited a place called Club Kryptonite (now closed down). I fear only what may have gone on and many rumors over time have sent my imagination to some dark corners throughout my daughter's disappearance. Rumors alone have almost destroyed me at times. The fact that a body has not been found provides me a reasonable strength to press forward.
Did someone pick out my child that night? 

Please note the use of "child" in correlation to risk.  The word "child", (not "daughter") is connected with the risk of child abuse, and in context of mother, sadly, the "child" cannot be "protected", because she is missing.  This is the language of truth. 

Did the wrong person notice my beautiful daughter that night? Did a plan devise that night to take my daughter or a plan prior in place?  You see, this group of people had visited North and South Carolina before, Brittanee, although she wanted to think she was old enough, she was still just a child, not seeing the danger ahead.
How can my daughter arrive to a place and within sixty hours vanish? There were thousands of witnesses, yet not one person saw if she got into a vehicle, was forced against her will or even noticed her for the most part walking down the main road.
So many questions three years later that remain unanswered, leaving me and my family clinging to the hope that maybe after all the searches, all the media pleas and all the awareness campaigns, just maybe she could be alive? I am told to expect the worst, but how does a mother give up and not look for her child or ask the world to help her look.
Could my daughter be the next miracle story rescued from a human trafficking ring, or found by accident while being held captive by some freak or being used in some sort of sex slavery? Could someone with resources have taken my child on a plane or boat far away from the initial area and that is why no one to date knows anything of her whereabouts? These questions and a hundred more flood my late night thought and dreams.
Always note questions within a written statement. The subject may be asking herself this difficult question. 
Over the years I have had to deal with new announcements of what could have happened to my daughter; one year some local persons of interest possibly did something, to a registered sex offender possibility facing a clouded reality that my child may have been murdered.  No one can provide me facts, only possibilities. In any story the fact my daughter is missing is horrifying enough; the unthinkable projections eat at me daily. Some days I feel the need to be rescued!
In closing, I have to acknowledge through this horrible nightmare the one good thing is I have met so many wonderful southern community people, those who endlessly search for my child at the CUE Center for Missing Persons, all law enforcement agencies always giving countless hours in Brittanee's investigations, others that where total strangers, now almost like family (to all I am grateful for). My family and I could have never stayed the coarse with out each little and big act of kindness shown. I have been made aware that "good'' still does exist in the world.
But I want and need my child back, I am broken, my family and friends are broken, we linger in a constant trauma of the ugly "unknown" fate of a missing child, my daughter, Brittanee Marie Drexel.
Dawn Drexel
Mother of Missing, Brittanee Drexel

Note heavy use of the pronoun, "I"
Compare this to other mothers; specifically:
Deborah Bradley
Rebecca Celis
Billie Jean Dunn

These mothers clung to the pronoun "we" as strongly as Dawn clings to the pronoun, "I."

This is a truthful statement.  


lulu said...

I feel so badly for Dawn. She must feel so tortured not knowing.

Apple said...

This is a heartbreaking letter. It is unimaginable how selfish and cruel some people are.

Unknown said...

I agree Apple, it's so heartbreaking. I hope Dawn gets the answers she prays for.

It's also scary to know that even after Britnee had clearly fallen victim to something terrible, these teens still didn't 'get it'. Most people (with a conscience) would feel instant guilt, and sorrow, and wish that they had done something different...walked with her, been there to protect her, etc.

But not these kids, they are just annoyed that her disappearance 'ruined their spring break'.

Pathetic brat!

Unknown said...


trustmeigetit said...

This is such a great example of an innocent mother…

Compared to Becky Celis

BECKY: It’s a good thing.. It’s a thing that you know and you see them and you know that there are gonna.. they are trying um im hoping that what.. yah know that’s the thought that they are trying and trying to get what they need out of this and so it’s a positive but has a negative effect too, it does bring back the memories of the whole thing.

How anyone can not see the difference is beyond me.

But then I don’t think too many people out there think the Celis parents are innocent. I think it’s just more that there is no evidence to link directly to them.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon 3:33

I agree, but Britnee's mom didn't know she had disobeyed and gone to the beach until after she had already gone missing.

Britnee told her mom that she was staying the week with a friend in Rochester. Britnee's boyfriend knew she was actually at the beach, and he became concerned when during an ongoing text conversation, Britnee repeatedly failed to respond to his texts. He told Dawn that Britnee wasn't actually in Rochester.

It makes me wonder if Britnee's so called friends would have even reported her missing, or worried when she didn't show up that night, or for the ride home with them. If not for her boyfriend, it would have likely been days before Britnee was even reported missing.

Anonymous said...

is a parent guilty if the constantly say "our daughter" ?

Angelina said...

You can feel the pain in this mother's words. I also notice she is going over every detail she can think of in regards to the time preceding her daughter's disappearance. Any inconsistencies and oddities like her walking right instead of left to the elevators. I would imagine any innocent parent would ruminate and, in fact, focus in on these types of details hoping they will yield any clue. I also notice that most of her letter is dedicated to finding clues (questioning the behavior of the "friends" and going over details).
Could it be the one "friend" of hers who said he is "not her babysitter" harmed her?

Angelina said...

Anon, I think the constant use of "our" raises red flags.

John Mc Gowan said...


Bryan Singer sex abuse accuser names three more Hollywood bigwigs in lawsuits

Michael Egan III, 31, claims ex-NBC Entertainment head Garth Ancier forced him to have oral sex and both former Disney exec David Neuman and Broadway producer Gary Goddard also engaged in inappropriate behavior with him as a minor in the '90s. Neuman called the allegations 'completely false,' while Goddard's lawyer said they accusations were 'without merit.

Read more:


John Mc Gowan said...

"I just want everyone to know right now that the disgusting allegations made against me are COMPLETELY FALSE," (Capitals used by journalist) Neuman said in multiple Twitter postings Monday afternoon. "Also very shocking in that they don't just stretch the truth, they are whole-cloth lies with zero basis in reality or truth."

"I just want everyone to know

The word "Just" is used to minimize or compare.

Why would he want to minimize what he wants people to know.

In statement Analysis the shortest sentence is always the best. Yet he adds the word "Just" thus weakening his statement.

A better and stronger sentence would be "I want everyone to know"

"I just want everyone to know right now"

"Right now"

Why is that its only "Right Now" he wants people to know. Does this suggest that if the allegations were put forward in the past and the coming future maybe true?

"That the disgusting allegations made against me are COMPLETELY FALSE."

Here is a prime oppotunity to issue a reliable denial.

A Reliable Denial consists of the three components. Anything less or more than three is considered unreliable.

Reliable Denial:

1, I, first person singular.

2, Did not/Didn't.

3, Event specific.

In Neumans case.

I Did not/didnt molest Michael Edan.

Neuman said in multiple Twitter postings Monday afternoon. "Also very shocking in that they don't just stretch the truth, they are whole-cloth lies with zero basis in reality or truth."

"They don't just stretch the truth"

This for me suggests that there is some truth in the allegations.

He called the allegations "sickening, and very evil," and promised to "set the record straight."

Here is another opotunity to issue a reliable denial.

"promised to "set the record straight."

We all make promises but don't necessarily follow through with them. It will be interesting to see if this happens?

"I wouldn't wish it on any of my worst enemies, to go through what I went through as a child," Egan said at a press conference Monday"

He starts his sentence with the strong pronoun "I". Note the word "child" enters his statement.

We often find the word "child" within the language where possible abuse exists or is considered.

Egan goes on to say:

"You won't have another chance to hurt another victim," he told the Daily News Monday, addressing the men named in his lawsuits. "You won't have a chance to hurt another child."

Note the repetition

"You won't have a chance to hurt"

Anything repeated is noted as sensitive, and we see this in his allegations of abuse.

"You won't have a chance to hurt another child."

Again the word "Child" enters his statement, and again repetition is noted as sensitive.

I will be interesting to see how this pans out?


elf said...

If the parents are speaking together using the word 'our' is expected. For a parent to consistently use the phrase "our child/ our son/our daughter' and not use the child's name (ex:the Ramsey's) is a red flag and should be noted.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


good post.

Put yourself in the person's shoes.

If you were standing next to your husband, the father of your child, and speaking for both, you might say "our", though it will likely be mixed with "my" generously.

It is extremes we look for, including patterns where we might conclude "distancing language" in the statement.

Dawn is a powerful advocate and has not given up all hope for Brittanee, and I posted this to keep the case in the eyes of the public.

Peter knew exactly why he was on the Dr. Phil show and Dr. Phil even pitched him a softball to knock out of the park with "I didn't do it" but he would not.

Anonymous said...

When I read Peter's comment that he's not her babysitter I thought of the story of Cain and Able in the Bible. Cain murdered his brother, Able. When Cain was asked where his brother was, he responded Am I My Brother's Keeper? Thus, more than anything else, the similarity between the two leads me to believe that Peter knows what happened to Brittanee

Deejay said...

So there are only two possibilities- Peter knows what happened to Brittanee or he doesn't.

If Peter is knows, all his behaviors make sense - running off in the middle of the night, refusing to give info to the mom, getting a lawyer right away. In fact, the only behavior that is unexpected is bringing on attention by appearing on Dr. Phil years later.

If Peter doesn't know, his behaviors don't make sense- How would he have known to run off at 1am, leaving hundreds of dollars of stuff behind in the hotel? Why would he change his plans and cut his vacation short? If Brittanee was grabbed off the street by a random stranger- his behavior doesn't make sense.

Peter does seem spoiled, so being rude to the girl's mom is probably normal for him. (And - OK- he may have initially panicked after receiving her phone calls.) But it is now several years later- Peter is living under a cloud of suspicion. If he truly doesn't know where Brittanee is- what is the point of not co-operating now?? It would improve Peter's life to get whatever he knows out there if he is innocent.

So you have kids on spring break in an unfamiliar area- What could they have done and had time to do so that Brittanee hasn't been found? Were there local adults involved?

Does anyone get the idea that this burden is actually going to destroy Peter- or is he just to much of a narcissist?

CJ said...

It sounds to me that she doesn't do a lot of formal writing so she uses words like concerning, devise, and whom but uses them awkwardly. This is normal. It suggests a PR person or speech writer did not ghost write the statement.

I agree with your analysis of the use of the word child.

Regarding Peter, she doesn't like him and thinks he played a part in her disappearance. It gives the feeling that she's looking for any facts she can find to discredit him. I am not saying whether her suspicion is correct. It just seems like she has suspicion and she's looking for any negative facts she can find about it.