Friday, June 27, 2014

Missing Boy's Father Off Camera

"Would I lie and go on the Nancy Grace Show?"

Please note that liars have, indeed, gone on the Nancy Grace Show in order to propagate a lie and attempt to control information.

The father's denial of knowing his son down in the basement is close to reliable.  The hesitation to state that he is reliable is due to reflective language.  He appeared to say it with ease. If this is in the Free Editing Process, it means he did not know his son was in the basement with more than 90% likelihood.  When he answers the question with the same language of the Interviewer, it means it is Reflective Language.  We cannot call it reliable.

The step mother has refused to take a polygraph, according to reports.

When the father spoke about his wife, he qualified some of his answers.  He was not able to say that his wife "knew" but only that she "would" not have kept this from him.

As we are all giving opinions on this case, it reminds us that if journalists had better interview training, even on the fly street interviews, more information would be gleaned.

Nancy Grace and the barbecue "grilling" is her form of leading questions.

Let's remember Billie Jean Dunn who appeared many times on the show, lying, while attempting to control information.

People do go on the Nancy Grace Show and lie, and experts will say just how much they believe the lying subject.

Solid open ended questions get to the truth.

We can tell if someone is lying from the transcripts, without even seeing the body language, based upon the language itself, by applying principle.

Recently, Dr. Paul Ekman said he won't conclusively say if someone is deceptive any longer, unless he, himself, conducts the interview.

In the SCAN technique, all we need is transcripts.  The Scientific application of principle (even handed) should produce the same results no matter who does the analysis.

See LSI for more information and online training.


Katprint said...

"A 12-year-old Detroit boy who was missing for more than a week before he was discovered in his own basement told investigators his stepmother sent him there, according to a court record obtained Friday by a newspaper.
According to the Free Press, the document says Charlie Bothuell V was placed in the basement behind boxes and totes by his stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, and told "not to come out, no matter what he hears."

Although Dillard-Bothuell knew her stepson was in the basement, she did not bring him food, according to the petition, which also says: "Charlie reports sneaking upstairs to get food when everyone left the home."
The document obtained by the Free Press also says Bothuell disclosed on Monday that he disciplined his son with a PVC pipe.

The petition says that after Charlie was taken to a hospital for treatment, a doctor observed a half-circular scar on the boy's chest. Charlie says the scar was "a result of his father driving a PVC pipe into his chest," according to the petition, which also says the child had old scars on his buttocks from being hit with the pipe."

Anonymous said...

What he didn't say is just as telling. He never once asks if his son is okay or where is he now. If my child was missing for that long I would have been up and out of there that second, not giving some lame excuse about why I didn't have my cell phone. Add that to the fact that we see some of the worst acting ever when he gets the news it is a no brainer. Also, how many times does he say "searched my basement"? Sensitive much? Does the guy have a basement the size of like Carlsbad Caverns or something? The whole thing stinks like old fish. Anon J

Gambler777 said...

I agree with anonymous, what the father didn't say says a lot. As well it sure looked to me that he was acting. (After seeing his performance, I thought to myself he should be up for the 'Razzie Award For Worst Actor.) Another thing that stood out to me was how calm the Father was the first night he was on Nance Grace.
As for the step-mother hiding Charlie in the basement without her husband knowing, that sounds questionable, unless he never ever would go in the basement?

After hearing Charlie didn't live with his Mother, I thought maybe the father and step Mom could've injured Charlie(black eye for example) and didn't want his Mother to know, so they let on he was missing and hid him away (I didn't think in his own house though) to give him time to heal.
How they thought this would fly is beyond me. Looks like one or both must have thought it would.

I find it hard though to think the Father would go to all the bother of going on national TV.


Lara Martinez said...

The problem I had with his interview on Nancy Grace was that she said "I am getting reports that your son has been the basement."

If I was the parent who knew that the FBI searched the basement, the cops searched it & I searched it, I would assume that she meant that a body had been found.

He didn't ask any details, he didn't ask how the boy was, did he have any injuries, etc.

This may be some ploy to sell a story--a missing child, or some plan on the part of the stepmother.

I can't figure out why she would send a child to hide in the basement. Strange.