Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Abigail Hernandez Home

CONWAY, NH — A 15-year-old New Hampshire girl who disappeared while on her way home from school nine months ago is safely home with her family, the state attorney general said Monday.
Abigail Hernandez was reunited with her family on Sunday evening, Attorney General Joseph Foster said.
Foster said the family has asked for privacy. He said Abigail’s mother, Zenya Hernandez, told authorities “today we are the happiest people on earth.”
Police said Abigail was last seen Oct. 9 after leaving Kennett High School in Conway. Police said she walked her normal route toward her house and sent several texts between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. But she never made it home.
Police did reveal several months ago that she had written home to her mother. When the letter surfaced, FBI Special Agent In Charge Kieran Ramsey said there was the possibility that Abigail had run away but that someone could still be coercing her into staying away from home.
“The long and short of it is, quite honestly, we are just happy that she’s home safe and sound right now,” Ramsey said Monday. He declined to discuss specifics of the investigation.
In a brief statement, Foster said the criminal investigation in Abigail’s disappearance will continue. Jane Young, chief of the attorney general’s criminal bureau, said the case required the kind of full-scale investigation that was launched.
“We said all along, this was a child who was missing and we marshalled all our resources and we can gratefully say that she was able to be reunited with her family,” Young said.
After Abigail disappeared, police initially said she made it home, but later said she hadn’t. Police also at first said she made a call about 6:30 p.m. that day but later said that, too, was wrong.
After she vanished, police consistently said they have no evidence to suggest anything suspicious and were treating her disappearance as a missing-person’s case.
The disappearance rattled the town of 2,300 residents in Mount Washington Valley, who were reminded of the still-unsolved killing of another young girl from rural New Hampshire three years ago: 11-year-old Celina Cass disappeared from her West Stewartstown home in July 2011, and her body was recovered a week later in the Connecticut River.
In Conway, rescuers fanned out for days over the heavily forested terrain that surrounds the townhouse where Hernandez lives with her mother. Police also searched by air, stopped traffic and handed out missing posters and used boats on the Saco River and Pudding Pond.


Anonymous said...

I wonder.whAt.it means when police report somethingandthen retract it.

TrishapatK said...

This is wonderful news. Thank you for posting this.

On another note, there is a relatively new case involving the death of a 29 yr. old woman, Jennifer Spillman Martello of Hamburg, NY.
It is presumed that her death was caused by a hit and run driver. Her husband has been interviewed. Could you check to see if it is worth analyzing?

Anonymous said...

Gerry McCann said on July 9th

"He or she or they may strike again," he said. "There's an unsolved serious crime and there's a series of other crimes against children which have come to light who have been on holiday so at the very least these people need to be brought to justice.

"We don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead but there is no evidence that she is dead and she is a missing child and she is completely innocent."

He hasn’t even learned to make this personal. He still generalizes this. “an unsolved serious crime”.

I HATE him and Kate.

They are so selfish.

Even with what they did they can still think its ok to sue.

But then Lance Armstrong did it. Its not the first and wont be the last.

But I will continue to hope they someday get what they deserve. I just don’t want the twins to be hurt in the process.

Buckley said...

HAMBURG N.Y. (WIVB) - Hamburg Police are working to find anything that might lead them to the person that injured Jennifer Martello just after midnight on Tuesday.

Her husband, Sam Martello, says she went for a walk just after midnight because she was upset about losing out on a job opportunity.

Someone saw her lying on the side of Big Tree Road unconscious but breathing around 12:35 a.m. and called 911. Police say she was around 450 feet from her home and suffered injuries to her head.

Sam says she died Tuesday afternoon, though police can’t confirm that information. Earlier on Tuesday, Sam asked for prayers on Facebook, but now he wants answers.

“This person destroyed my life,” he said. “If this person can come clean and show some accountability, then step up to the plate and do it; man up.”

The couple has been married for two years, and they have a 14-month-old baby. According to neighbors, they have lived on Big Tree Road less than a year.

A neighbor says she didn’t hear anything until Tuesday morning when she heard the husband screaming, “Why, why?”

“He was in the backyard screaming and crying and saying, ‘Oh my god, please let her live,’ over and over again,” a neighbor said.

Police say there were no witnesses. The sound from air conditioners in nearby homes may have covered the sound of a possible accident.

Police didn’t find any debris from a car near her but did collect car debris further up the road, which may or may not be related.

A more in-depth medical examination of Martello’s wounds and clothing will help police find evidence as they try to solve what happened to her.

Hamburg Police Capt. Kevin Trask said, “Her clothes, all her possessions are at the lab, Erie County Forensic Lab. They might be able to pull something off of that.”

Police are urging people who may know anything about what happened to call Hamburg Police at 648-5111 x0.

“Anyone with any information, no matter how unimportant you think it is, give us a call,” Capt. Trask said.

Buckley said...

Hamburg woman apparently hit by car was distraught over lost job opportunity
Jennifer Spillman Martello rushed out of her Hamburg home in the early morning hours of Tuesday, despite her husband’s objections.

Minutes later, she was lying in the roadway, fatally injured.

She was distraught and wanted to go for a drink after learning Monday that she had lost out on a job at a nursing home because she had not shown up in time to take a medical screening test, according to her husband, Sam Martello.

He told police he tried to stop her, but the 29-year-old woman headed outside and walked east on Big Tree Road. She had made it a couple hundred yards when she was apparently struck by a vehicle that fled the scene.

Though Sam Martello reported Tuesday on a Facebook page that his wife had died, she is being kept on life support at Erie County Medical Center so that doctors can harvest her organs for transplant, her husband confirmed Wednesday.

Because of that circumstance, an autopsy has been delayed, leaving police unable to definitely conclude whether she was struck by a vehicle, though they say there are indications she is the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Buckley said...


In an interview Wednesday, Sam Martello explained what happened just before she walked out of their home.

“She had not been accepted for a job at Elderwood as a certified nursing assistant. She’d gone for a urine test at Quest Monday afternoon, and they told her they were already shutting down the computer and were closing,” Sam Martello said of his wife. “She was upset about not getting the job and told me she was going out to get a drink.”
A neighbor in the duplex’s adjoining residence said that Jennifer Martello recently told her she was seeking a job at a nursing home.

A ruling on Martello’s cause of death will be made once the autopsy is conducted. Police hoped that would happen either late Wednesday or Thursday, but they were not certain because of the time it takes in the organ donation process.

Another element also needs to be addressed – the examination of evidence that was gathered from the section of road where Martello was found. Erie County Central Police Services Forensic Laboratory technicians are reviewing those items.

“Indications are that a vehicle was involved, but we can’t be 100 percent certain until we have the results of the autopsy and other tests,” Hamburg Detective Scott Kashino said. “We’re in a holding pattern and in the meantime doing other work on the case.”

He urged anyone who might have information about the incident along the 3600 block of Big Tree Road to contact police.

“Even if they are not sure of the significance, let us make that determination,” Kashino said, adding police can be reached at 648-5111, Ext. 2502.

Police believe Martello was walking eastbound, facing traffic on the north side of the unlit, narrow two-lane road near the intersection of Richcrest Drive and just past Eaglecrest Mobile Home Park when she was apparently hit by a vehicle. The scene was about 200 yards from the home she shared with her 34-year-old husband and their 14-month-old daughter, Amelia.

Some 2 miles farther east is a tavern at the intersection of South Park Avenue and Southwestern Boulevard.

The husband said his wife was the victim of a driver who did not stop.

“If you are driving and hit someone and drive away, to me it’s murder,” he said. “If you pull over and call 911, that’s a different story.”
Sam Martello said he has been keeping his wife’s friends up to date on what has happened by way of her Facebook page, explaining that she had many friends on the social media site.

“I want to honor her,” he said, adding that he wanted the media to be alerted to the tragedy as well.

As neighbors along Big Tree Road awaited more details Wednesday, they pointed out that cars often speed by and at night the situation can be hazardous for pedestrians.

“It’s pitch black out there, and I would not go out there,” said neighbor Danielle Sawyer. “I’ve lived here nine years, and there’s been a ton of car accidents with people driving out of the nearby trailer parks onto Big Tree Road. Jennifer was a tiny little lady, and if she was wearing dark clothing, she could have been invisible to cars that race along here.”

The Martellos had moved in a few months ago, and Sawyer recalled Sam Martello stopping by to introduce himself.

“Sam was holding his little baby girl, and she was so sweet,” Sawyer said. “He told us that he and Jennifer had been in a horrible auto accident and were recovering from their injuries.”

On other occasions, Sawyer said, she would see Jennifer Martello playing with her daughter in the backyard.

Sam Martello, a recent accounting graduate from an area college, said he is struggling to cope with the loss.

“I’ve gotten like two hours of sleep and now have to plan the funeral arrangements,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Probably had a baby and gave it up for adoption? Good news for the baby.

If anything criminal were involved, wouldn't the police say so?

Anonymous said...

"Probably had a baby and gave it up for adoption? Good news for the baby."

Maybe staying with an older boyfriend she met online? Something is amiss in this case, fershure!

I just cannot get over LE being so silent about everything. No investigative reporting by "journalists", evidently.

Anonymous said...


Kathy Obrian claims to be a victim of MK ultra, anybody want to do SA on her statements?
there's a lot of statements by her out there - his clip is just first one that came up on google, etc.

Suzanne said...

“Sam was holding his little baby girl, and she was so sweet,” Sawyer said. “He told us that he and Jennifer had been in a horrible auto accident and were recovering from their injuries.”

-Ok, I think this statement is weird. Sounds to me like some domestic abuse and when he met the new neighbors, he needed an excuse to explain her (and maybe his) injuries? It just seems weird to introduce yourself and right away mention "some horrible auto accident."

Anonymous said...

OT: Ex-inmate: Ross Harris showed 'no emotion'

COBB COUNTY, Ga. – A former inmate at the Cobb County jail who spent time with Ross Harris said that the man accused of leaving his son to die in the back of his hot car showed no emotion.

Mark Wilson was booked into Cobb County Jail on a DUI on the same day that Ross Harris was arrested.

RELATED | Judge denies bond for father charged in son's hot car death

Wilson wouldn't say much because he's under contract with the National Enquirer, but he did confirm the accuracy of the article and the quotes attributed to him.

In the National Enquirer article, Wilson says he met Ross Harris while they were both being booked into jail. Wilson says the accused killer casually chatted him up and did not act like a man who had just recently lost his son.

"There was no emotion whatsoever in his voice, attitude - anything," Wilson told the magazine. "There was just no sadness in how he was acting."

Wilson added, "I just don't see how someone, a father, could act completely normal and calm in a situation like that, especially like two, three hours after the whole thing happened. It was a little weird."

Wilson got out of jail the next day. It was only after he watched media coverage of the case that he realized who he had befriended.

Harris is being held without bond on charges of child cruelty and murder in the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper.

Last week, Ross Harris' wife, Leanna, retained the services of attorney Lawrence Zimmerman. Sources confirm to 11Alive that Zimmerman met with Atlanta attorney Lin Wood to discuss "some of the scandalous statements made by tabloids."

Wood represented Jon and Patsy Ramsey in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. He was Richard Jewell's libel and defamation attorney after the Olympic Park bombing


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

"Probably had a baby and gave it up for adoption? Good news for the baby.

If anything criminal were involved, wouldn't the police say so?"


She just happened to be missing for 9mos, and now LE is silent on the topic. She has the right to her privacy, and if that's what took place (pregnancy/adoption) then I can see her not wanting to have that information known.

However, LE should address the issue. Her story got national media attention. They should at least confirm that nothing criminal took place, (if that is the case) and say it's a private matter being dealt with by the family, or something generic like that.

Buckley said...

Martello's husband Sam said that his wife had went for a walk because she was upset and needed time to relax, after she did not receive a recent job offer.

"My last words were, 'don't go for a walk stay home,' I took her purse from her because she was upset," Sam Martello said.

Still husband's words but from a different article:

“She was upset about not getting the job and told me she was going out to get a drink.”

"Going for a walk" vs "Going out to get a drink" Is that a change in language?

And does anybody else think it's odd he took her purse? That would certainly explain why she didn't have it with her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Kathy Obrian claims to be a victim of MK ultra, anybody want to do SA on her statements?
there's a lot of statements by her out there - his clip is just first one that came up on google, etc."

I second this.

I would love to see SA of what she says.
Her allegations are ostensibly so outrageous--I think SA would be very helpful to get to the heart of the matter and lend credence or disprove them.


Buckley said...

I watched 2 minutes of the video and found her grating enough to stop. I'd live to look at a transcript but not up for listening to her voice anymore.

Anonymous said...


This is odd. They are looking for information from anyone who saw her (or someone wearing her clothes?) on the day/night that she returned.

I originally wasn't buying the pregnancy route, but I think it's a good possibility. Back when she went missing, after the mother received the letter, LE said they think someone could still be coercing her to not come home. I always thought it was so strange. Her name was kept out in the public, her face on billboards, but any actual searches (that the public knowd of anyway) seemed to come to a halt. Maybe LE found her and found out she was pregnant. I'm not sure of the exact laws, there's something about becoming emancipated upon a minor having a baby, idk if that's everywhere or all the ins and outs of it, maybe it's upon pregnancy though rather than actual birth? Although other speculation (not from me, idk enough information to guess yet) is that she was pregnant by an older male. I'm not too sure of that, because couldn't that be considered statutory rape? I don't know all the ins and outs of that either though. Do the parents have to press charges, or can LE or "the state"?

Who knows. We may never know. LE asking for infirmation from the public at this point is odd to me though. What's the point?

Buckley said...


Wow. Just. Wow. Pimped out by her father to Gerald Ford, numerous senators. Pimped out to Reagan and Clinton. She was sure abused by a lot of important people.

My question would be: if a "victim" truly believes a lie she perpetuates, would we even expect to find indicators of deception?

Kit said...

Don't be naive. Do you really think the newspapers are that accurate?

Anonymous said...

re: Kathy Obrian - I can't watch her talk too much either, mostly it's just upsetting to me. because overall - through research -- I expect she's telling the truth. there's TONS of articles on the topic on line -- her writing and other's talking on it, Jesse Ventura even did a special on MK ultra in the military.

kathy wrote a book. I'll try to find a transcript of a page or two.

Anonymous said...


I really wish the people who postpages about this stuff did it in a classier way -- it can look like weird trash when you first click on in, but if you root through it -- there's a lot going on, and I think at least some of it is based on truth.

Anonymous said...


this info ail be really anienating at first -- but if anybody wants to read anyway and share response, I find it super interesting.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon and thanks

Gerry McCann said on July 9th

"He or she or they may strike again," he said. "There's an unsolved serious crime and there's a series of other crimes against children which have come to light who have been on holiday so at the very least these people need to be brought to justice.

"We don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead but there is no evidence that she is dead and she is a missing child and she is completely innocent.

He just keeps giving.Firstly we have the distancing from his daughter, this is unexpected and a red flag given that a missing child is up close and personal for the parents, especially the motther.
"There's an unsolved serious crime
There not this?
Why the need to distance himself from such a serious crime?
it is his daughter allegedly abducted by a paedophile yet we see no closeness to his daughter, it is as if he is describing something that happened to someone else.

and there's a series of other crimes against children which have come to light who have been on holiday
ome of these crimes were reported, a great many weren't, which, given the propensity for the mccanns to buy or create false witness statements has to be taken with a pinch of salt.
In none of the cases were the children left allegedly home alone by their parents, nor were said children drugged or abducted.
Notice he says other crimes rather than similar crimes, the crimes being attempted sexual abuse of a child, similar to what he claims happened to Maddie although she was then also allegedly abducted by said paedophile.
nor did they have the twins checked out in a hospital for signs of abuse or sedation and even then drug tests were done months down the line by the mccanns , we were told they were clear but, since we don't know what was tested for, it means nothing.

"We don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead but there is no evidence that she is dead and she is a missing child and she is completely innocent.
This stikes me as very odd to say the least.

First, lets look at the first part of his statement:
"We don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead but there is no evidence that she is dead
This is an out and out lie since we have the reactions of a cadaver dog and a blood dog who indicated in the apartment in various places, outside the apartment in a flower bed, to items of clothing belonging to kate and also a red child t shirt and cuddlecat (Maddie's alleged favorite toy)as well as to the hire car rented 25 days after Maddie went missing.
This was initially explained away as kate dealing with 6 corpses (unconfirmed) nose bleeds, kate taking cuddlecat to work despite it being her favorite toy and only given to her as an early birthday present just prior to the trip, rotting meat, dirty diapers and sweaty sandals.
kate and gerry then claiming a false positive, the dogs were made to react by the owner and also they were wrong as per the eugene zapata case when dogs reacted and he denied it all only to admit the dogs had been right 30 years later (cue deafening silence from the mccanns)
We also have blood and body fluids in the apartment and hire car ( along with pink fibres)and a missing pink blanket and blue holdall.
All this is evidence of a death in the apartment.
What there isn't is any evidence of any kind of an abduction, no prints, hairs, fibres, skin cells or fluids of any unknown person.

But is used to negate, refute or compare the previous words, in this case the knowing if she is alive or dead.

and she is a missing child and she is completely innocent.
secondly we have the distancing again which is unexpected.
A missing child not my missing daughter or she is still missing.
Child is often used in cases where abuse has taken place.

Tania Cadogan said...

And, although not technically at the start of a new sentence here, indicates missing information.
It is an unnecessary addition to the sentence, a qualifier.

The sentece sounds better as "We don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead.T here is no evidence that she is dead and she is still missing
The extra words make the statement cumbersome and disjointed.

and she is completely innocent.
Why does he need to add that she is completely innocent?
It is extra information making it sensitive.
Given her young age, why wouldn't she be innocent, she is the victim here.
Not only is she innocent, she is completely innocent, the qualifier further weakening the statement.

Is this perhaps subtle demeaning. He needs to tell us this because perhaps her death was a result of her being naughty causing her killer to lash out in anger or oversedate her?
if she had been the perfect child then they would not have needed to sedate them or punish her/ lash out at her?

He needs to tell us this because in his mind she was anything but and basically got what she deserved?
By telling us he is telling himself and kate, and if they say it enough they will convince themselves since we , the public, would not presume her to be anything but innocent in this.

in each statement it is all about them, how they feel.
They are the victims in this not Maddie.

What is missing are the messages to Maddie that they are looking for her and to be strong, they will find her.

they are talking to everyone in the world except the one person they should be talking to, their daughter.

They don't or won't talk to Maddie because they know she is dead and will never see, hear or read it.

Anonymous said...

No more mk ultra please.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
No more mk ultra please.

MK Ultra admittedly existed, Clinton apologized for it, and there is no reason to think it doesn't still exist.
Au contraire...

If the posts bother you, you can surely skip them. I for one find them of great interest and relevance.

Anonymous said...


Buckley said...

I don't mind the posts, but for goodness sakes, pick a pseudonym.

JustSaying said...

Kind people donated $62,000 to Abigail's parents to find her.

JustSaying said...

Conway, NH has very rugged terrain. Numerous searchers risked physical injury looking for Abigail. Thousands of people gave $62,000 to Abigail's parents while she was missing. It's understandable that her parents might not want to disclose what occurred with Abigail, but it's irritating that they haven't issued a public thank you.

If LE determines that the parents knew Abigail's location, the parents must be charged with a felony for accepting donations. It's worrisome that missing children have become goldmines.

Rose said...

This whole thing is looking more and more like a hoax to me. As JustSaying points out, a public thank you would have been par for the course by now. You know who never says thank you? Hoaxers or people involved in a cover-up.

I think the arriving home in the same outfit she left in was done on purpose to increase interest and therefore increase the amount of money they will make off of this.

I am not buying that Abigail Hernandez was in any way kidnapped or held against her will.

Anonymous said...

A sketch has been released. Sorry I don't know how to post a link from my Kindle.

Rose said...


Here it is. This case is so super sketchy. Note the phrase "drove off with". LE obviously does not think she was abducted.

Abigail Hernandez is 15 not 5. She knows whom she was with these past 9 months and she knows where she was.

I cannot figure out why LE will only give very cryptic, very brief nuggets of information to the public in this case when they are enlisting public help. LE must realize that they royally mucked this one up and so they are now covering for themselves.

Anonymous said...

She may not know who her abductor was. Too soon you forget about the Clevland girls and others that were found after years of tormenting the victims family and false accusations.

The suspect sounds like a short, husky Hispanic male.

Too much money is made off these missing childrens cases. Even Celina Cass' murder brought out the extortion rings in my area-one leaving a science braclet ontop of a barcode cut from a box. It isn't enough to stalk and terroise me, they think I should have phychic powers and spew nonsense that they can sell as revelation.

They should leave the phychic powers to the dogs they hump with tin-foil wrapped around their two inch peckers.

Anonymous said...

She may not know.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they have some conspiracy nuts in New Hamphire like they have in my area.

Even when the Cass girl was murdered, one of the terrorist stalkers saw fit to leave a science braclet and a barcode piece of a box on my property. Guess they hoped to capitlise off the murder if I'll become a psychic for them.

They are better off wrapping tin-foil around their two inch pecker and humping the dogs of the people they stalk and leave mine alone. I don't want a psychic dog. I don't want them!

Anonymous said...

So where did the $62,000 in donations from thousands of people theory come from? I live in the area and have never heard that number mentioned.