Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Actual Statement Analysis of The Robbery Statement

The robbery statement was published for your consideration.  A second posting was the robbery statement with emphasis added, to let you check your analysis and prompt you towards certain important portions of the statement.  Here is some analysis principles for you to further consider when comparing your results in the comments section. 

On Aug 6 at 4:45 AM I got up, from there I got dressed, brushed my teeth did my hair and
make-up, then sat around until 5:15 AM had a smoke, started my car and left for work.  I
arrived there at 5:25 AM and open the doors.  turned on my lights & pump pumps, then took
my numbers to do my Shift Check after that I open the safe and began to do my paperwork
form the day before, my stepfather came there at ruffley 10 to or 5 to 6:00 AM and I stood
there and told him we I didn’t start the coffee yet and then left for work them went back to
doing my cash, When I felt to someone touch me and say give me the money I have a family
to feed to and said don’t turn around and then I froze.  I bundled the money and passed it to
the man.

Some principles:
1.  Personal Hygiene:  "brushed my teeth"

Personal hygiene, in a statement, is often an indication of missing information, of a personal nature, later on in the statement. 
This is the principle. 
I have found, personally, that the missing information is often related to domestic violence. When a woman is in a relationship of domestic violence, it is not the violence that controls her, but the threat of violence. She lives life "negotiating" her way around the violence. Therefore, in the morning, while "brushing her teeth" or tending to her personal hygiene, she may lock the door, and for a few moments in the day, feel safe and as if she has a semblance of control over her life.  

2.  "Left":  The leaving of a place

The word "left", when used as a connecting verb between two places, is indicative of missing information.  70% of the time, this missing information is due to time constraints, rushing, traffic, and so on.  30%, however, is critical information that is withheld from the statement.  When we find this word in this use, it is highlighted, by the SCAN technique, in the color coding of "blue", representing the highest sensitivity (along with the word "because", when used to explain "why", when the subject should only be telling us "what happened" to her). 
When we find two or more "blues" close together, it is called a "cluster of blues" representing very sensitive information.  It is often the "answer" we seek in analysis.  

3. Pronouns:  Pronouns are reliable in analysis, as they are intuitive.  Following pronouns, alone, can yield the conclusion of a matter.  Pronouns, being instinctive, are never "wrong", as they are 100% trustworthy for analysis.  We use pronouns millions of times in our lives, and are experts at them.  When you find a pronoun "error", you are likely looking at deception.  Note the change of pronoun, emphasized.  

4.  Doors Opening and Closing are sometimes an insight into a subject who experienced childhood abuse, particularly, sexual abuse.  This is especially seen in descriptions where doors are not necessary for the statement. 

5.  Articles Don't Lie  We know to say "a man" until he has been identified, and "the
 man" once identified.  hmmmm

6.  Verb Tense If someone switches from past tense to present tense, there is a reason.  This often highlights deception for us. 

7.  Possessive Pronouns show ownership.

8.  Soft Language  Would you "pass" money in a robbery?  Does a hold up "say" or does he "tell"?  The soft language is truthful:  she knew the thief and he did not scream, threaten or use demanding language as this was previously agreed upon.  

Did you know that the concealed information contained within the robbery statement is that the subject knew the man she gave the money to?

How do you know?

9.  Social Introductions   In a statement for police, (strangers) social introductions tell us the quality of a relationship WITHIN the statement.  

Specifically, this can indicate discord within a relationship over a particular topic (context) while seeing, under another context, the relationship "restored."
Remember:  we do not analyze people, but statements.  The "subject is dead; the statement is alive" (Sapir)

An Incomplete Social Introduction can indicate a problem.  

A complete social introduction : "My wife, Heather" consists of three components:

a.  Possessive pronoun "my"
b.  Title, "wife"
c.  Name, "Heather"

This indicates, within the statement only, a good relationship.  

Note "my stepfather" is incomplete, with the name withheld. Remember the context:  a police statement.  Names are important. 

10.  Body Posture often indicates an increase in tension.  
"My boss told me to be at work at 9."
"My boss stood and told me to be at work at 9" shows an increase in tension for the subject, at this point in the statement. 

11.  Additional Information which is unnecessary, is very important, often "doubly important" to the analysis work.  Even a diversion is seen as necessary making that which the departure has taken place from, very important.  Even the word "coffee", when it enters a subject's language, is often (not always) an indication that the subject was not alone.  Coffee is often a social drink.  The interviewer (therapist, journalist, etc) should always flag "coffee" and ask, "Were you alone?"

12.  The Reason Why is not always evident if the subject does not use "so, since, therefore, because"; as here, we have an explanation as to why the thief needs the money, making it very sensitive to the subject.  This is an indication that the subject knows and has sympathy for the one receiving the "passed" money.  

13.  Began but not completed?  Always note when someone says that they began something, rather than having done something.  Questions must be asked. 

14. Opening/Closing (the safe) may also indicate childhood abuse.  I say, "Tell me about you growing up?" and listen for signals of abuse.  In a case like this, it would show that the subject, having been abused, was comfortable taking orders and followed orders from an older male in this situation.  This is relevant for trust issues, particularly in businesses that survive on trust. 

15. Emotions in a statement can indicate an artificial placement if they are found in the logical or "perfect" part of the account.  Humans take time to process emotions.  Story telling places the emotions in the main event.  "I was walking in the woods and my heart began to pound..." but the overwhelming number of truthful accounts have the emotions placed after the main event. 

Remember that we do not conclude deception on any single indicator of sensitivity nor deception.  It is the skill of the analyst, with many hours experience, that is needed to draw a conclusion.  


Anonymous said...

Because "the man" was standing by the pumps when she "told" her step-father there was no coffee yet.

LisaB said...

"I have a family to feed to (sic)." This implies that he knows SHE has a family to feed.

C5H11ONO said...

Was her boyfriend/husband the one that talked her into stealing the money and giving it to him? Was her poor relationship with her stepfather the reason she felt it easier to steal from him? Was the stepfather the culprit of any past abuse? This is an example of someone in a really bad situation making things worse for themselves.

Buckley said...

We then take the one left and use Statement Analysis on page 5 which asks the subject to write out what they did from the time they got up until the time they went home.

Now, the person who stole the phone writes out, on page 5, everything they did from the time they woke up, until the time of this writing.

That's from an earlier lesson.

If a subject is asked to "write about everything they did from when they woke up" wouldn't we be likelier to find the inclusion if things like brushing teeth, showering, etc. He or she will feel compelled to find some ritualistic details that seem inconsequential to the crime, and brushing teeth or showering are pretty typical "what I did after I got up" details. So, do we take that into consideration? Would we be more likely to see them in a "from when you woke up" statement than a more general "tell what happened" statement where bathroom rituals would be more unexpected?

John Mc Gowan said...


Husband of missing Dundee woman Jennifer Huston: 'This is totally unlike her

Flanked by her parents and other friends and family, the husband of a missing Dundee woman fought back tears as he answered questions Monday about the search for Jennifer Huston

After days of working with law enforcement, sharing photos on social media and posting fliers around the Yamhill County community and beyond, Kallen Huston said it feels as though they've exercised every option they can think of to find her.

Jennifer Huston left her home Thursday evening to run errands, with her husband taking care of their 2- and 6-year-old boys, and never returned.

"Look off to the left and to the side of the highways," he said. "Her car is very large. It would wipe out any shrubs or small trees. I have a feeling she's in a ditch somewhere."

Police said Monday at a press conference that Jennifer Huston was caught on surveillance video at a Newberg bank about 10 minutes before surveillance cameras again captured her at a gas station.

Her cell phone appears to have been turned off or disconnected at some point in that time frame, according to investigators, because it stopped sending signals.

Police said nothing from the images or witness statements leads them to believe anyone else was in the SUV with her. The SUV is a 1999 Lexus LX 470 with Oregon plates WXH 011.

Officers describe this as a missing person investigation, stating there is no evidence a crime has been committed. Kallen Huston and other family members have been interviewed by detectives.

"I'd like to also stress this is totally unlike her," Kallen Huston said. "She's a devoted mother. She's just a very good person. For her to do something like this is completely out of the norm. All of her friends would agree."

SLIDESHOW: Photos of Jennifer Huston
RELATED: Press release from Newberg-Dundee Police Department

Kallen Huston said they have friends from Texas to Japan and he's reached out to all of them to see if they've heard from his wife.

He said they've been together for 17 years and have a 10th wedding anniversary on the horizon.

Kallen Huston noted his wife had complained about persistent headaches for three days prior to her disappearance, but he said it wasn't something that concerned either of them enough to go to the doctor.

Kallen Huston said they are working on putting together a fund to offer a reward for Jennifer Huston's safe return.

"Any lead we can get, big or small, we'd ask they call the police department," he said.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update.

Abigail Hernandez Kidnapper Arrested Twice While She Was Held Captive

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling she's in a hotel somewhere in Washington state-trying to sleep off a terrible migraine.

elf said...

I caught some of this case on jvm last night. I thought it odd his mentioning his feeling that his wife is in a ditch and that he'd stressed that she'd had a three day headache. Odd.

Anonymous said...

Migraines typically last about 3 days for those who get them frequently, but some become persistent daily migraines. It is hard to drive with a pounding head-- her husband may feel she ran off the road while doing errands due to the pain. I'm surprised police haven't looked at more surveillance cameras in the area for her car.

John Mc Gowan said...

Jamie Parsons on parents' arrest: 'Momma knew they were coming'

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

WICHITA, Kan. – Prosecutors have charged a Kansas foster parent with murder in the death of a 10-month-old girl who was left in a hot car.

Seth M. Jackson made his first court appearance Wednesday to hear the charges against him. A criminal complaint shows Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office is charging the 29-year-old Wichita man with first-degree murder. An alternative count of second-degree murder charge has also been filed.

He is being held on a $250,000 bond. His defense attorney did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

The girl died Thursday after being left for more than two hours inside a sweltering car. Police say Jackson had apparently forgotten about her until something on TV jogged his memory. Temperatures in Wichita at the time were around 90 degrees

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the detailed analysis. It's helpful.

Buckley said...

“It’s been eight days,” Kallen Huston said at the beginning of his brief remarks, “and we still have no clue” where she might be.

“We really need to find her car,” he said, adding there is a “soccer ball-sized U-shaped crack” in the window as an identifying mark on the 1999 Lexus SUV.

“Jennifer,” he said, making remarks directly to her, “if you could see this or hear this, I love you. You have a ton of support from the community. If you can come home, please do. The boys need you. I need you. I love you.

“We’ll never stop looking for you.”