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Arrest in Abigail Hernandez Case

Arrest made in Abigail Hernandez case

Nathaniel E. Kibby, 34, is seen in an undated photo released by the New Hampshire Attorney General's office.  Police in New Hampshire on Monday arrested Kibby on charges of kidnapping 15-year-old Abigail Hernandez, who disappeared from her small town in the White Mountains last fall and reappeared mysteriously last week.
New Hampshire Attorney General's office
Nathaniel E. Kibby, 34, is seen in an undated photo released by the New Hampshire Attorney General's office. Police in New Hampshire on Monday arrested Kibby on charges of kidnapping 15-year-old Abigail Hernandez, who disappeared from her small town in the White Mountains last fall and reappeared mysteriously last week.
Abigail Hernandez
Abigail Hernandez
GORHAM, New Hampshire — Police have made an arrest in the Abigail Hernandez kidnapping case.
34-year-old Nathaniel E. Kibby of Gorham, New Hampshire, has been arrested and charged with one count of felony kidnapping, accused of knowingly confining Hernandez on Oct. 9, 2013, in Conway, New Hampshire.
“Law enforcement officers have worked around the clock to ascertain the facts and circumstances surrounding Abigail’s disappearance and return. Abigail Hernandez provided the police with details of her kidnapping sufficient to warrant today’s arrest,” said Joseph Foster, New Hampshire’s attorney general.
Kibby will be arraigned at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the 3rd Circuit, District Division, Conway District Court, in Conway, New Hampshire.
Zenya Hernandez, Abigail Hernandez’s mother, said in a statement that her daughter is in “deteriorated health” and is still not eating solid foods.
Hernandez reportedly returned home last weekend. She was reported missing in October.
Abigail Hernandez issued the following statement early Monday: “I wish that I could personally thank everyone who looked for me. My gratitude is beyond words. It’s an incredible feeling to be home and I believe in my heart that your hopes and prayers played a major role in my release. Thank you all for the welcome home.”


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's home and safe now, whether she ran away or was kidnapped. Curiosity does have the best of me though, I really want to know what happened.

Anonymous said...

He appears to have some type of mental illness. It appears as if he has fashioned some sweat something (pants/hoodie) into a shirt. Extremly large eyes with far-away look. Large nose. Big enough to get him bullied as a child.

He looks nothing like the sketch! I'd be surprised if he's 5'4" tall, too.

Perhaps the son of Frankenstine?

Anonymous said...

You can tell he has a mental illness from his picture, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he doens't look all that mean. He appears disheveled. The fact she isn't eating solid foods yet makes me think he fed her something to make her sick, or didn't feed her at all. The scetch is so off, basically means her mind was not focusing on his face... if she even saw it more than the initial meeting.

Something bizarre happened. Perhaps not sexual though not ruling it out.

Anonymous said...

he had a great plan. a master thinker. Unfortunately, on eye is off (like many seen in homicidal maniacs photos). He may be bordering on a severe illness and still able to plan.

The mother said the girl had a look in her eyes that haunts her.

He may have tortured her. Very popular pastime among many these days.

Sus said...

Commentors in the local paper are describing him is mentally unstable and pure trouble even back in high school. I just read an editorial he wrote in 2008 or 09. Besides describing himself as a right-wing, anti-government Christian, he comes off paranoid delusional.

Anonymous said...

so many missing women turning up after a long time of being held captive.

makes it hard to conclude any missing woman is dead, given there's always chance its something like that.

Anonymous said...

just to throw this out there -- is it possible he's a patsy and Campbell shouldn't fall off our radar so quickly?

Rose said...

I still cannot wrap my head around this. The parents' statements all indicated that they thought Abby just ran away.

I can only think now that she ran off with this guy and he is charged with kidnapping because she was a minor.

Unknown said...

This is such a strange case.

As many have already pointed out the sketch does not resemble the suspect they arrested. The suspects face is long and squared, with prominent bulging eyes & eyebrows, a large nose, large mouth, long neck, etc. He is white, not 'darkish' skinned, and I expect he's pretty tall based on his head and upper body proportions.

The sketch has a round face, hooded squinty eyes, barely any eyebrows, the nose is non-descript, etc.

So, did she describe an imaginary person because she was scared, or threatened not to reveal her abductors identity?

Also, If he lives in a trailer, inside a trailer park, then I can't understand how she was kept captive for 9 mos. In most parks, the trailers are setting close to each other. Living that close it seems like neighbors would hear what was going on. It's not a dungeon, or a windowless structure where he could easily conceal her. (Maybe she was kept elsewhere?)

LE seems like they are winging it! Even with the arrest, they are vague about how he was identified, other than to say Abby provided the information. If she could provide the information all along, then why the sketch and request for the publics help?

Questions, questions!

Buckley said...

I think he's just pathetically insecure to criticism; we'd pick up on sensitivity and persuasion if there were a pea under his mattress.

Sus said...

Really? The Hernandez Family said they followed LE's advice to get Abby home safely. I think they were wise to do so.

Everything about Abby's disappearance screamed kidnapping. She was a good student involved in school activities. She only had the clothes on her back, no money, no credit card. Her phone and all social media went dead. That says "kidnapped" to LE.

Then came the letter home from Abby. That seemingly changed the tone of the investigation to possible run-away. Yet, LE and FBI stayed on the case in large numbers. That letter always bugged me. Now I think LE realized with that letter what type of kidnapper they were dealing with. You don't try to get LE off your trail if you plan to kill someone and move on, only if you plan to hold her awhile. They had someone who thought they could outsmart LE. LE's job at that time was to get him to feel complacent and at the same time keep the pressure on that they wanted Abby a runaway. It worked, didn't it?

News sources are now reporting, it seems Abby was kept in a soundproof storage box behind the trailer. Thank God she's alive.

Rose said...

Where is the news source about the soundproof box?

Anonymous said...

I don't buy it.

it doesn't hold water.

Campbell might return her if he felt he had messed with her head enough to get her to finger this other guy.

Rose said...

So the letter indicated she was a runaway, the mom and dad reading letters to her as a runaway, the sketch of someone else. That was all just an elaborate ruse? Huh?

Anonymous said...

Campell would have gotten Aby to send a letter home, knowing how the family would take it. this guy doesn't look like he would have thought of the idea in a million years.

Rose said...

In defense of this case, there was an article that indicated that in that past this guy had a thing about letters.

Sus said...

Thanks Rose. I was just going to suggest Anon go read some of "this guy's" editorial posts. I read the storage box info on twitter. I never can seem to get a tweet over here. Sorry.

Rose said...

This case has been the weirdest thing I have seen in a long time. People were angry and feeling emotionally manipulated. I see now why. LE was just jerking around with the public this entire time. I understand the reason, but it makes sense why people were not at all buying the story.

Sus said...

Anonymous said...

just read link, ' "this guy" '. to quote myself, does sound like a nutso sex offender capable of abduction. still I'll await more evidence he was infact her abductor.

Anonymous said...

I see the mention of letters, however I'd say that love letters, and possibly fictitious at that, are not the same as a letter home to persuade family she ran away,

maybe he's the guy. I just saw I lot of red flags w/ Campbell and I know i'm not the only one. so at this moment -- I'm a hold out for more evidence.

Anonymous said...

My thought is - whoever got her to write the letter home had to know her and her family well enough to know she wasn't embedding any clues into it, a stranger abductor would have a hard time being sure of that but somebody who knows her well might be very confident.

Anonymous said...

the arrested guy lived 30 miles from Hernandez.

certainly possible he was just out for drive, etc.

I still wonder WHY she went to store that day. it seems to me the kind of thing a girl does if she's meeting somebody. or needs to buy something specific. I can imagine the boyfriends dad saying meet me at the store lets pick out a present for you bf/his son. it would be a perfect explanation for why she only gave him a happyface, instead of an explanation of what she was doing.

I also think -- the dad sounding off about wanting the truth, so painfully early -- assuming she's all weak, etc. I think it could be him signaling to her -- you better pull your end of this release dead and blame the other guy pronto.

also -- it could have been a team effort between the two men. the dad did use a plural term about whoever did this

Anonymous said...

the guy they arrested - every other case he got busted for involved somebody he already knew -- If I read right.

hmm. just hard to believe it's open and shut.

Rose said...

None of it makes sense because law enforcement told lie after lie after lie.

New England Water Blog said...

Classic use of the liars number by a classic liar.

Anonymous said...

His history is sad; not dramatic nor tramatic. Simple incidents that point to potential trouble. However, getting locked up over threatening to harm ones self?. ..Sounds like you'd have to know him in person to determine the liklihood of his potential criminal behavior.

If he wasn't paranoid before, he is now. It would be interesting to read the letters he wrote. I couldn't find the link.

Starting in/around age 16 he started pushing women around. Reading about it doesn't sound too bad. It may have been one of those "you had to be there" things.

Glad she's home and safe now. Hope she gets help, love, and support from all her family and friends.

Hope he gets the same.

This should remind everyone that hope is still present. The New Hampshire police handled the case the way most states should.

The media is cruel and hope to prevent the return of these abducted people. Abby was one that slipped through.

Anonymous said...

are the police indicating that they intentionally lied so they could nab the real guy without alerting him he was a suspect? did they say that? that would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

She's a child. 15 years old. Your dirty minded suppositions say a lot about you, nothing about her.

Anonymous said...

He held her in a storage container? Is that correct? He must have been one of the SHTF people-preparing for econimic collapse because his particular candidate didn't get voted in. Seems these people are on both sides of the debacle.

I found the links to his letter writing. He seemed motivated by mainstream causes and moved by the media involvment in them. Fairly good debater and well written article for someone kicked out of school at 16.

His powers of persuasion may have assisted in the girls' disappearance as well as the letter written home to the mother.

He has been to court for trespassing, simple assualt, kicked out of school, kicked out of a mall, tried to restrain a girl he thought his girlfriend when a teen.

He must have become proficient at stalking. Snatch and grab perhaps in her case, but, I'd bet he had long term plans if things didn't turn out well.

I can only imagine being in a widowless container for 9 months would be like being in a dungeoun, jail cell, or something similar. No water, no light, no heat, no air. No nothing!

9 months is a long time to not see sunshine. Total isolation.

He's been planning this for quite sometime. Maybe not her, but for someone.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:26...
that is exactly what I got after reading it also occurred to me that the reason she was thought to have run away is perhaps she did in a sense, but then was kidnapped...if she met him online, lets say, and thought he was her age, then went to "the store" to meet him, perhaps he took her against her will after she realized he was not who he said he was...remember that kid who lured his victim out to meet him using a fake profile(belonging to an acquaintance), then killed and dumped her?
It also very well may be she had some sort of contact prior to being abducted, like at a store, and the guy stalked her first before snatching her off the street...only the two of them know right now...hopefully they will enlighten police soon, and I am glad she is home and alive...

Anonymous said...

I do not believe somebody can survive 9 months in a box without transformative phychological damage. we're talking prisoners of war level torture here.

Anonymous said...

these are speculations ; she ran away, he'd been planning it, etc.

but there's zero mention of that by cops and zero indication that running away was likely by anybody who knew her,

if he was the obvious "type" why wasn't he interviewd when she went missing?

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying it didn't happen -- but if she was literally kept in a box for 9 months, that's one of the most horrendous cases of survival on record.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear of rape charges; just kidnapping. He'll get 7 years or less and be ordered to stay away from the girl and her family. Great! Really great if he knew them before. Bet he didn't.

If he's paroled in three years, he'll be back at it. More dangerous, though. At least he won't legally be able to have a gun.

He'll go after someone else. They'll search and search and look for motives. There will be none.

Anonymous said...

how is she able to sit in a court room just feet from him,

Rose said...

I am assuming there will be more charges to come? This does not make sense to just have the one charge with a maximum sentence of 7 years. Surely this man raped her. What other purpose would a man have with a teenage girl?

Anonymous said...

it takes all kinds. who knows his motives. from looking at them in court room, tho - she does not look especially afraid of him. if somebody had locked me in a box and raped me for 9 months.I'd be going bonkers with ptsd. there's no way I could fix up my face and go sit there feet from him all focussed and calm like that. check out the courtroom footage. if that's really whats going on - if she just suffered 9 months of rape and being locked in a box - and has only had a couple weeks to recover - that girl truly has superhuman inner strength. why is she not in a hospital??

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:53

Rape was never mentioned. I didn't hear it anyway. Wanting to give her ptsd is telling of what you do trolling the web.

The nod he gave when they said (the judge that is) he could not own a firearm demonstrated my beleif that he was scavaging for the final apocalypse. What if he had to reproduce? What if there is no gas? (Bicycles hanging on storage cube)

These doomsday sayers get to alot of sane people. He was already having problems. I am surprised he hasn't done worse.

They write he has a lengthy criminal history. Tresspassing, assualt, buying pot...sounds like the run of the mill teenager. He isn't a teenager anymore.

Most of the people chasing these things have done worse and are doing worse chasing these things. Their goal: make people live in fear and terror. Make their eyes pop like this guy.

No way she knew him. No way she'll be on TV whining before the "experts."

Anonymous said...

how did you get I'm tryin to give her ptsd?

I was respondin the the commenter who mentioned rape above my post,

my point is she doesn't appear to have ptsd so it's more likely rape likely wasn't part of whatever happened to her.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps my comprehension skills aren't as refined as yours. Here's how I got it:

if somebody had locked me in a box and raped me for 9 months.I'd be going bonkers with ptsd.

Anonymous said...

I'm implying it doesn't look like that's the case in this case, "IF" is how I started that sentence. - meaning if that happened - but … maybe it's not what happened.

also -- I'm describing what I imagine -- would be the results for me. Im not attributing these qualities to her. I'm saying damn, if I went through any fraction of that I'd need some serious psychological rehabilitation.

props to Abigail for being super resilient. whatever she went through -- - she looks in great shape considering.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I see your point. Many on TV think of themselves first:
It could have been me. I have brown long hair and brown eyes.

I was thinking of the girl and her family. You were obviously thinking of yourself.

Hopefully you'll get the opportunity to experiene something so tragic you will be hospitalised for it. Wish you lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

She appears to be extremely depressed with a distant look in her eyes. Her lower lip protrudes as if she's fighting back the tears. Sinal sacks can be seen in one photo that shows the stress she's under.

I'd be interested in the criminal trespassing charge he had in March. Wonder what that was about? Was he stalking another? Scavaging for supplies? Or merely reigning pscho-terror over some unsuspecting victim?

Anonymous said...

In the arraignment today, the judge said he was facing a charge of "no more than 7 years." I looked up the statutes in New Hampshire and such a sentence indicates that he is being charged with class B felony kidnapping. This is good news because it means she was not sexually assaulted. Had she been sexually assaulted he'd be charged with class A. In any event, there's more to come and this case appears to be very different from other kidnapping cases.

Wreyeter72 said...

Photo of Hernandez in court ( how anyone cannot see this girl looks haunted I don't know) and information about the shipping container.

Buckley said...

To me, she looks angry and determined. Thinner, yes, but made to look nice, that and her countenance say "I am here. You did not beat me."

Anonymous said...

She was said to be kept in A shipping storage container behind his trailer. Supposedly soundproof.
I have to wonder per early reports that initial interviews with officers, got little or no information. Considering this with the sketch- which I noted the eyes being polar opposite of reality. Perhaps the police were releasing false info to mislead the actual creep.
As I would imagine he threatened her before releasing her/ her escape. Maybe to give him a false sense of security until they could pin down his location, so he wouldn't bolt? Hypothetically if she had given an accurate description, with those distinct eyes, his criminal record, he likely wasn't hard to ID on file.
Or my other thought was she out of fear for her life, maybe her family too, purposely gave the opposite descriptions of distinct features. And LE once getting the truth from her, kept that info confidential until they had him in custody vs. releasing to the public for same reasons above.

-TXAnon/ CM

Anonymous said...

"Had she been sexually assaulted he'd be charged with class A. In any event, there's more to come and this case appears to be very different from other kidnapping cases."

Anon, you are right.
It is very different from other kidnapping cases. Why did he take her? What was his motivation?
Deffinately a different kind of creep (who will be out on the streets again in max 7 years it seems)

Anonymous said...

Maximum of 7 years with an easily set 1 million dollar bond doesn't add up. Looks like more charges may come.

Anonymous said...

Within 7 years, he'll be doing it again. Convinced of his political correctness, stripped of his armory, he'll devise new and improved survival methods.


He claimed the first girl he stalked sent him 50 letters. Then in court he claimed he could never had restrained her where and when he did because he was working out at the gym.

He won't stop until he converts someone into him-a lunatic.

Most only think politicians and movie stars are hit by these people. That's becasue those people are the only ones the media is willing to "bring awareness" about the life threatening crime. It earns them no reward to help anyone else. Not to mention, many of them could easily be labled with this illness as well.

Buckley said...

Frog rom Boston Globe

Jesse Friedman, a public defender appointed to represent Kibby, outside of court would say only that Kibby is “mindful” of the charge, and “he’s not too happy to be in this circumstance, and I think you guys will find out a lot more on another day.”

Buckley said...

Check this out, note the date:

June 08. 2014 2:19PM
Possible attempted abduction in Gorham

GORHAM - Gorham police are investigating a possible attempted abduction of a teenage girl on Main Street in Gorham Thursday at 3:28 p.m. The suspect was described as a white male, clean shaven and approximately 50 years of age. He was reportedly driving a blue pick-up truck, without a cap, and possibly out of state plates."

Anonymous said...

May be a case of 'gee, I wish it were me that had been abducted.'

These people lend a hand to the erotomanics, stifling and attempts to put away the real perv and drawing others into the area.

Put one down, five more show up out of intrique.

Ertomania is not just for famous people:
This law student looks crazed not because of his bad hair day-his eyes give him away. Not enough to dismember his neighbor/fellow law student; he tried to commit the perfect crime by blaming it on the all beloved janitorial serial killer based on revered profiles.
This man takes the cake! It is because of him many rally around the real criminal especially if it has already gained noteriety. He had not;too bad,so sad.

An, of course, the old standby such as Terry Richardson whom no one questions because it's art!

This sad sack of n'eer do well will make excellent fodder for those whose life goal is to protect others among them.

Anonymous said...

There's no way she was kept in that container, at least not for the entire time, unless it was heated. It was mighty cold this winter.

I'm curious about her highlighted hair. Did she come back home with the highlights, or did she get them done after she got home (maybe to make herself feel a little bit better, or her mom wanted to spoil her a bit, idk).

Besides that, although I do question if she ran off with him, probably not knowing who he really was or how old he was, OR if they were just supposed to meet and/or get together and he essentially did kidnap her, or she went willingly but then he didn't let her leave, or something like that.

I will say though, regardless of how it actually happened, she was 14 years old, he well into his 30's. However and whatever happened, I do not blame her. The "grown man" I believe preyed on her, an innocent unknowing teen.

I would like to know what happened though. Besides to end all the suspicion, and my own curiosity (yes I know that's being nosey, it's none of my business etc.), it could potentially help other girls, teens, families, etc., to understand what happened, so the teens can hear first hand or so parents can try to educate their kids further regarding strangers, internet, what to do if approached, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'd also like to know if she had to escape, or if he let her go.

Anonymous said...

Wow creepy. Did someone bring this up as potentially related, or is it just something you stumbled upon?

Buckley said...

I found it as a link on a facebook comment in the find Abby facebook group.

But notice it's a month and a half before Abby returned. And it took place in the town where Kibby lives, in a blue truck, at roughly the same time in the afternoon Abby was abducted.

Anonymous said...

Union leader Oct 16, 2013

CONWAY — The father of Abigail Hernandez's 14-year-old boyfriend said his son received a text message from the missing teen at 2:52 p.m. last Wednesday, the day she disappeared.
James D. Campbell said Jimmy Campbell last saw Hernandez, 15, as the pair left Kennett High School that day, as Campbell boarded the bus and she headed for home.
"He said she was texting away on her phone as she was walking toward her home," the elder Campbell said.
At 2:52 p.m., as he was riding the bus home, Hernandez texted her boyfriend a heart, James Campbell said.
"That was the last he heard from her," James Campbell said.

July, 2015

He blamed himself for six months because he had seen her walking down the street the day she went missing and he was the last person to have contact with her.

'He had seen her at school. Everything was fine. They usually get the bus home together, but apparently she wanted to go to the store that day so she walked.

'He was on the bus and he saw her. They texted, she just sent him a smiley face and he asked the bus driver if he could get off to walk with her, but by law they are not allowed to let them get off.'

I'm confused about these statements. Aside from heart becoming smilie, it seems in one account, Jimmy saw her at school as he's boarding and kids are leaving school. In another, it sounds like he saw her at the time of the 2:52 text, and then asked to get off the bus, well after it would have departed the school. Why didn't Campbell mention the part about Jimmy's asking to get off the bus in the earlier interview?

Anonymous said...

Yes, all the similar details make it creepy.

Hopefully the girl can possibly confirm or deny if it was Kibby.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Campbells had anything to do with Abby's abducted.

I think he simply didn't publicly reveal the detail about wanting to get off the bus earlier, or possibly even whoever previously interviewed him decided not to print it. The father is relaying the information second hand, it's not coming directly from the son to the interviewer(s), therefore details may get relaying improperly, not necessarily purposely.

I don't know if its one commenter or more than one, but I think it's kind of a waste of time to be so obsessed with thinking they were involved. That's just my opinion though, so if you feel that strongly about it, then more power to you, I just don't see it, and no offense either, I just wanted to give my opinion on that.

Anonymous said...

sounds like there is a lot of info, known but not publicized, that will come out in trial.

Anonymous said...

Abby appears to want Kippy charged. I can see no sign she is conflicted on that - just from looking at her pic.

Anonymous said...

I was talking about Campell back a ways but not recently. now I just don't know. but I do think -- Campbell sounded suspicious until this other guy got arrested. And it's a reminded - even when somebody sounds suspicious, there's just so much we always don't know about.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what Abby "wants." Abby is a child of 14 and her mother is the one who makes the decisions on Abbys' behalf. Regardless, the state can charge him-and they did-for violating a law passed to protect children (and some adults)from being imprisoned against their will.

Since Abby did not know her abductor, it was the job of the state to identify him. They've done just that. It is for this reason Kibby is now bound for jail.

Regardless of what others might imagine, no one...enjoys the unwanted attention of an unknown idividual or group.

Anonymous said...

if they had the wrong guy Abby probably wouldn't want him charged. so I'd say it does matter.

Anonymous said...

Kibby has terrorised others starting as early as grade school. A former classmate claims he was an excellent artist-though often his sketches included young women with long, dark hair with their hands tied behind their backs- and, also very articulate.

To date he hasn't killed anyone. The terror is his thrill. That may change. I think it will.

Wonder how many people have been at his mercy? Any vandalised cars? Odd notes or letters? Dead animals on their property or their pets killed? Slashed tires? Sabatoged mechanical issues? Items missing and or rearranged inside home or work? Dead repetiles in the home? Excessive digging of personal information? Going through trash? Constant monitoring via electronic means?

This guy is more than a bully. He has a major problem that needs to be addressed. You can see it in his eyes.

His neighbors describe him as polite. No complaints at work.
He is intelligent.

Abby and her family were lucky. Others may not be so lucky in the future.

Bet there are people he terroised along the 30 mile tract he traveled.

Anonymous said...

Apparently investigators are asking neighbors if they've even seen him burning or burying anything, or digging, or if they think he could've dug a tunnel from his trailer to the container. Most of those questions, I can see asking, but should the investigators be able to tell, by you know, investigating, if there had been a tunnel dug?

One neighbor said, either he or people he knows, have been in the container. Supposedly they're saying is was sound proofed and split into 3 rooms/sections. That all seems so weird.

I'm still really curious about heating though, throughout the freezing cold winter.

Anonymous said...

There is clearly more here than we know. Lots of contradicting info. Abby's mom says Abby is malnourished, gaunt, and has haunted eyes. Yet in court she is healthy weight, sparkly eye shadow and highlights in hair, chewing gum, relaxed even when HE is brought in mere feet away from her. Also, odd that his defense lawyer is the one arguing for court docs to be UNSEALED & available to public...usually it is the prosecuting attorney who fights for that. I don't understand why reporters aren't digging around these things. Stop with the ' she is so brave". We have no idea what the truth is ...He looks more like a patsy than a mastermind. Am i the only one that thinks there is so much more here?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen where people turn these things into mini houses? It's pretty neat. Not that this is the situation

Anonymous said...

ah so it's not a tubberware coffin thing. ok - thats first step to more believable.

yes - I agree there's more to story. we haven't actually heard from her, as she's mode no statement. so I can't say she's being misleading.

but the impression we've gotten from the mom & news stories -- does seem to be - less full of a picture than what there is to really learn.

but even if it was a super cozy and roomy "container,' and the crazy eyed guy was actually helping her hide out cause she wanted to -- still crazy stuff

Anonymous said...

You may well be thew only one that thinks there's more to this.

Kidnapped girl
Dismantled container
Wild eyed man who has been troubled dating back to grade school.
History of wrongfully detaining,assualting women and criminal trespassing.

Beware of dog and no trespassing sign on his container. WTF? Why there? Did he keep the dog in it? Was the dog used to intimidate and keep her imprisioned?

They were probably questioning neighbors about digging because it may demonstrate future plans for a burial. It may indicate hidden weapons, too.

I'd look for similar properties in the area and see if he's been targeting other people. They may not know it's him.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree there is waaaaay more to this story.yea, the guy looks creepy, but we dont know all of the facts. It has not been stated by anyone other than the mom that Abigail didn't run away. Perhaps she did. LE ain't saying. He wasnt arrested for kidnapping specifically. So yea, i agree that maybe she went willingly ( met him online or whatever.) and then at some point things took a turn and he prevented her from leaving. She doesn't look battered or abused or starved or sun-dprived. And frankly, if she was terrified of the guy there's no way she'd be sitting in court all calm and chewing gum. Im just gonna wait for the facts to come out in court. My only wish is that justice is served. The whole thing is odd. And still go back to the father's public plea to Abigail. He said something about her home life being unhappy and that he would make things better if she came home. This whole thing is one big ball of crazy.

Anonymous said...

the police haven't confirmed anything about her actually being kidnapped/abducted. I think the truth about how she ended up with this dude is in the court papers which the prosectors requested sealed and which the court granted. Thats prob why Kibby's lawyer was trying to get them unsealed and public. If it was kidnapping, then why hide it. Oh what a tangled web we weave....anyway, she is a minor so they have to be very cautious. I just wish folks would separate fact from what is quoted in the media from the mother or family spokes people...or even the lawyers, his included. This is the beginning of a long and winding road. Yup. Odd doesn't begin to describe it. .

Anonymous said...

u people are all idiots and sleepwalking through your life...this girl WAS NOT abducted, she ran away... she sent her mother a letter in DEC .. hmm this evil (mentally ill) abductor mailed the letter for her?? really?? This guys life is ruined forever and already has been publicly hung by the media and idiots on this board... take a step back, hmm no comment from family or Abby on this kidnapping or a followup on Abby's boyfriend (who were seen on tape buying a pregnancy test together the day before she vanished) Theres a LOT more to this story, and shame on the media, police, and judgmental idiots that jump the gun and label this guy before he even has a chance to say ANYTHING... This mans life is ruined Forever when we dont have any evidence of anything -- funny how its not all over the papers and TV the last few days... hmm because they are getting the Truth and now the Media is gonna try to hope the story dies so they can save face

Anonymous said...

7 years and let out to do it again.... only next time he will know not to let them go home. others will learn from this also, kill your victim.

JustSaying said...

A lot of sheep are going to be shocked and angry when the details are released about Abby's "disappearance".

Anonymous said...

Think about it....why does her mom need a lawyer?and... If Abigail was " unspeakably brutalized" as their lawyer announced to media interviews tonight, then why is the charge remaining kidnapping? Lawyer says she didnt know him...that desnt mean she didnt meet him online...this whole thing is fishy. They've. Silenced the father. The mom and daughter cant get enough media attention. It is disturbing. kibby could turn out to be like Richard Jewel...accused and tried in the media and then found quietly innocent in the trial verdict, but with life ruined. kibby clearly is no boyscout. But i choose to remain neitral until facts -- and nd evidence -- not lawyers with micrhones -- come to light.

Brock said...

This reminds me of the Hannah Anderson case, where there's still a mystery of what exactly happened, and it's possible that the law enforcement closed the case to protect her (even if they think or know she had an involvement in the crimes).

I'm thinking this could happen here, where law enforcement closes the case not to shame the girl & her family, even though she may have something to do with her disappearance.

Maybe she got pregnant and got this guy to perform an abortion.

Maybe she ran off with this guy and he impregnated her.

Why is it so hard for them to find out (or at least that's how they make it seem) how she was abducted and what happened all this time?

They brought it to the public, so I hope the truth comes out and that they don't hide it in fear of hurting the family's feelings.