Friday, July 25, 2014

Judge Delays Sentencing Due to Facebook Post

Ex-Alabama teacher Jennifer McNeill, who pleaded guilty to having sex with a teen as part of a plea deal in May, has been ordered by a judge to explain the origin of a Facebook post declaring her innocence.CHILTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICEEx-Alabama teacher Jennifer McNeill, who pleaded guilty to having sex with a teen as part of a plea deal in May, has been ordered by a judge to explain the origin of a Facebook post declaring her innocence.
Did you or didn't you?

That's the question a judge has given an Alabama teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with a teenager as part of a plea deal before allegedly taking to Facebook and declaring her innocence.

"IF I were guilty and IF there were ANY evidence then I would be in jail right now. The plea was the best decision for my family," read the post from Jennifer McNeill's Facebook account,according to

Statement Analysis:  We look for a reliable denial. Here, the writer of the post allows for the possibility of guilt.  

The message appeared one day after the former Throsby teacher pleaded guilty to rape and sodomy charges involving a 14-year-old boy in May.

"Those of you that understand the law know exactly what I am talking about," the message continued. "The truth will eventually come out. A lie can't live forever."

Why make us wait until "eventually"?  Why not tell us the truth now?

The post was written under the name Jennifer Henry, which prosecutors showed during Wednesday's court hearing is the name listed on McNeill's driver's license, the Clanton Advertiser reported.
McNeill's attorney, Angie Collins, said McNeill denied posting the message and instead told the judge that the victim and two of his relatives had access to McNeill's Facebook account.
That family has reportedly denied such claims.


John Mc Gowan said...

"The plea was the best decision for MY FAMILY"

John Mc Gowan said...


Was Abigail Hernandez KIDNAPPED?

Police release sketch of man believed to have driven 14-year-old schoolgirl away nine months ago
Family reunited with Abigail on Sunday after her unexpected return
Detectives investigating where teenager was kept after going missing


Anonymous said...

This will be one to watch, there has been no reliable denial et.

John Mc Gowan said...


Alix Tichelman called 911 as boyfriend overdosed two months before Google exec’s death, police say

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The copy and paste from news articles can look a bit rough. It was the short statement that I found interesting especially since it impacted a judge.

weirder by the moment lately....


Statement Analysis Blog said...


something is very wrong with that case!

Keep looking and update me on anything of interest.

Unknown said...

Hi John, you beat me to it!

I was logging on to post the Abigail update.

What do you think about that sketch of the supposed abductor? It's generic and vague, in my opinion. If she was with this person for any amount of time, (someone had to be supporting her, and paying her way the last 9mos) then why can't she tell investigators exactly what he looks like, his name, where she was, what she did, who brought her home, etc?

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Peter, Jen,

I agree, something is very wrong with that case.

Unknown said...


She said he had 'darkish skin', and was 'slightly taller than her', with 'black stubble beard', 'slightly overweight', etc.

It seems like she should be able to tell LE if he was white, mexican, black, mixed race, etc. Also approximately how tall he was, and how much he weighed.

(She is 5'4 according to the article, so most average height men would be quite a bit taller than her.)

Her description seems intentionally vague, there is no real information to obtain from it.

Anonymous said...

John Mc Gowan said...

Nine months is a very long time, and, i would think that, the alleged kidnappers face would be etched in her mind. I do understand that trauma can distort reality. However, as Jen said, the drawing of the alleged kidnapper is very vague. It will be interesting to hear what her parents have to say, in the free editing process.

Unknown said...

As for the child molester above, I hope the judge and the Prosecution yank her plea deal, and sentence her to a long stay in prison.

If she didn't have enough impulse control to keep herself from posting a negation of her plea on FB, then why should we believe she will be able to control her desire to sleep with 14yo kids?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Abigail Hernandez, I really think she ran away with someone, ans it didn't "work out". Luckily he let her go home, instead of, well God knows what the other alternatives could've been. I could be totally wrong, but I don't feel that someone would have kept her captive for 9 months, then just released her back home. I guess there are tons of other options that could have happened, but I think she took off, and is now afraid to say so, which, trying to think like a teenager, kind of makes sense I guess. I'm happy that she's home safe, no matter what. I do think LE is and has handled the case very strange though. I believe way back, wasn't the FBI and even the Secret Service (or some other major agency) involved, very early on? Then the letter to the mother. Then upon her return home, them asking the public if they saw anyone who was wearing the clothes that she was wearing.

Well, I guess stranger things have happened. Look at the 3 girls who were held captive all those years. The difference is, usually (I think) people who are held captive, usually have to escape somehow. They're not usually just released.

off with her head said...

This reminds me of Jessica Pomerleau (Maine) having sex with her teenage student. What is wrong with these old horny broads?