Thursday, July 3, 2014

Judge Dismisses Murder Charge Against Robert Cox

In using Statement Analysis, we have seen that Robert Cox did not deceive but was truthful when he talked about how he acted in self defense, and the witnesses have also been truthful, in the case where he and members of his dinner party were attacked.

In a bizarre twist, the prosecutor filed murder charges against him, 6 months after the attacker died from hitting his head falling backwards, one year after sending him a letter saying no charges would be filed.

A judge has now dismissed the murder charge.

Justice of the Peace Janiece Marshall also ordered that $100,000 in bail money be returned to Cox

This did not satisfy the prosecutor, who remains undaunted in his quest to prosecute Robert Cox.

Cox is a youth pastor, and it raises the question if this prosecution is driven by bias against a person of faith.

He and his dinner party were attacked by a very large drunken man, Link Ellington, cursing and threatening them.

The witnesses have all given statements .

There is a video of the attack.

It would seem that there is nothing more to go by, and apparently, the judge felt this way.

Yet, the prosecutor has refused to tell the public why he filed murder charges.  In spite of a having a judge throw out the charge, the prosecutor now is taking it to a Grand Jury.

Is this persecution?

Robert Cox heroically stood up to the much larger bully, as he should have, but not according to the prosecutor.

By taking it to a judge, the prosecutor, a lawyer himself, entrusted the judgement of a fellow lawyer, who would likely have at least as much education as the prosecutor.

Since this did not work, he is going to go 'downward', perhaps, on the scale of education, to a Grand Jury.

The prosecutor is Robert Daskas, who has steadfastly refused to tell the public why he is doing this.  A judge has heard what testimony there is.  He likely has a reason for withholding the information as his charge did not hold up before a judge.

When asked for comment on the decision,  Daskas continued his silence.

In October, before Ellingson died, Cox received a letter from prosecutors saying he would not be 
charged for the fight, his attorney Warren Geller said. But after Ellingson died, the Clark County 
District Attorney’s office filed a formal murder charge.  There was no explanation given for this action.  

This appears to be a prosecutor on a mission, but what that mission is, remains a mystery.    

The public needs to be aware of Robert Daskas, whether or not they are people of faith, and demand an explanation as to why, given all that has been released in this case, did he file charges, and why he has not accepted a judge's decision.  

If this is not malicious prosecution, Daskas needs to say so, and tell the public why he has filed charges.  

If eye witness testimony and video tape do not clear Cox, what would?


trustmeigetit said...
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trustmeigetit said...

Where are these over zealous prosecutors for Hailey Dunn, Isabel Celis, Ayla Reynolds. Seriously I do not get why the guilty walk free but someone who acts in self defense is being pursued.

Katprint said...

Do a quick google search about the "victim" Link Ellingson (the deceased man who attacked Robert Cox.) You will see that he "was employed for several years with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce" and that he "was actively involved in professional and community organizations. He was compassionate, accommodating and quick to move into action. Always able to build a consensus, Link seemed to be the person smack dab in the middle of things, working to get things done."

Another quick google search reveals that the prosecutor Robert Daskas is a well-connected ambitious lawyer who raised $584,000 to run for Congress in 2008 before dropping out of the race due to “family considerations.”

One reasonable inference is that a certain amount of political back scratching is going on behind the scenes. Robert Cox is not only from out-of-town, he's from out-of-state. He has no local political or business influence in Las Vegas or the State of Nevada.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic, It just gets better and better

Italian prosecutors are preparing to use Amanda Knox's alleged links to a cocaine dealer to extradite her to Italy, it has been reported.

Police papers allegedly show calls had been made between the 26-year-old American and a drug dealer in the days before and after the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Knox has vowed she would never 'willingly' return to Italy, where she and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were reconvicted earlier this year of the killing of 21-year-old Miss Kercher. Both Knox and Sollecito are appealing the verdict.

Now, prosecutors are looking to use the information allegedly linking Knox to a drug dealer to extradite her back to the country, The Mirror has reported.

According to the paper, local media has claimed numbers found on her mobile phone also helped lead to the discovery of a drug ring.

Sollecito and Knox were originally sentenced to 25 and 28 years in prison, respectively, for the murder of Kercher in Perugia and served four years before being released on appeal in 2011.

On January 30, an Italian appeals court reconvicted the pair of murdering Miss Kercher - a ruling the pair are again appealing.

Rudy Hermann Guede is serving 16 years after a separate fast-track hearing in 2008.

On Tuesday it was reported Knox could no longer rely on Sollecito being her alibi after he denied she was with him the whole of the night on which Miss Kercher was murdered.

Knox and Sollecito have always maintained that they were together the evening of the brutal 2007 murder after which Miss Kercher was found half naked her throat slit in the cottage she shared with Knox.

But Sollecito's lawyer Giulia Bongiorno said that 'for the entire first part of the evening, they were not together. It’s this first part of the evening that’s new [to his defence]'.

Sollecito has pointed to phone records that show that Knox was away from his house for part of the evening.

In a dramatic change of legal tactics that he announced in a press conference in Rome he has now claimed there are ‘anomalies’ in Knox’s story

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Authorities are scouring a California national park for any signs of a missing 19-year-old pregnant woman and military wife who was last seen leaving her home Saturday.

The San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department said Erin Corwin, of Twentynine Palms, Calif., disappeared under "suspicious circumstances," after her car was found abandoned, The Press Enterprise reported.

Her husband, Jonathan Wayne Corwin, a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, told investigators that his pregnant wife left their home on the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base at 7 a.m. on Saturday, according to the newspaper.

Jonathan Corwin said his wife was headed for Joshua Tree National Park, authorities said in a press release. Her husband reported her missing the next day.

The sheriff's department said Erin Corwin’s car -- a 2013 Toyota Corolla with California license plate 7CJX519 -- was found on Monday, but declined to give the precise location where the vehicle was located.

Authorities also noted that Corwin has no known medical or psychological issues.

The Corwins, who have been married for a year in a half, are originally from Oak Ridge, Tenn. Jonathan Corwin told police his wife planned to visit the park to scout out a desirable location for a family outing during an upcoming visit with her mother, reported.

After an extensive ground and air search earlier this week failed to locate Corwin, the sheriff’s "Specialized Investigations Division-Homicide Detail" joined the investigation.

"The specialized division was asked to assume the investigation because they felt that there were definite suspicious circumstances," sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Bachman told the newspaper. The division is skilled "when it comes to investigations that involve the possibility of foul play," she said.

Corwin is described as 5 foot, 2 inches tall and 120 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on Corwin's whereabouts is urged to call the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Specialized Investigations Division-Homicide Detail at 909-387-3589. Callers who wish to remain anonymous should contact the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-27463 (1-800-78-CRIME).

Click for more from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department's Cristina Corbin contributed to this report.

ima.grandma said...
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ima.grandma said...

Peter, for your consideration:

Posted January 21, 2008
The campaign of Robert Daskas, the Democratic former prosecutor hoping to unseat Rep. Jon Porter in November, figured it knew where to find a lot of Henderson Democrats last week.

Stacks of Daskas leaflets were handed out at a Friday night rally featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton at Greenspun Junior High School on Valle Verde Drive.

At least 5,000 people crammed into the gymnasium to see the Clintons, while the cafeteria was filled with an overflow crowd listening on speakers and still more were turned away.

The fliers, Daskas' first campaign literature, show the candidate in a courtroom with a giant fingerprint on a screen behind him and the words, "A Prosecutor Makes the Case for Change in Washington." A campaign insider said the fingerprint was not Porter's.

The flier touts his record of 32 convictions in 33 murder trials. "The people of Clark County counted on Robert to protect their safety and he delivered," it says.

On the back, Daskas stands next to the letters "JUSTICE" etched in marble and readers are urged to "Examine The Evidence On Robert Daskas," including a supportive quote from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.


A national religious freedom group has asked the IRS to investigate a Las Vegas church whose pastor endorsed Obama from the pulpit last week.

The executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, the Rev. Barry Lynn, said a Review-Journal report about the Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ in downtown Las Vegas clearly indicated the church violated the terms of its tax-exempt status.

"The pastor clearly stated that Obama should be elected, and he did so from the pulpit during Sunday services," Lynn said in a news release. "It's impossible to see this as anything but an endorsement."

Pastor Leon Smith told parishioners, "I want to see this man in office." The tax code forbids nonprofits, including churches, from engaging in political activity, such as endorsing or opposing particular candidates.

A spokesman for the group, Rob Boston, said the report of the remarks circulated on the Internet and "raised a lot of eyebrows."

"This was a clear case of a stated endorsement," he said.

In recent years, the IRS has been cracking down on political activity by nonprofits with a special initiative. In most cases, warnings are issued.

"There are other types of entities that are designed to be political," such as political action committees, Boston said. "Tax-exempt funds are not supposed to be used for political purposes. People go to church to connect with God, not to get a list of candidates to vote for."

Americans United takes some positions that aren't always popular, Boston said, such as opposing the use of "In God We Trust" on currency and government-funded "faith-based" social services. But "we find strong support for our position on this one," he said. "People don't like politicized churches. They don't necessarily know it's against the law, they just feel in their gut that's not what church should be for."

Violations cross party lines, Boston said, with fundamentalist churches sometimes crossing the line by endorsing Republican candidates.

The church couldn't be reached for comment last week. The IRS keeps its investigations confidential, so it's not known whether the agency is looking into the complaint.

Tania Cadogan said...

I first wonder how long he was expecting her to be gone for, what he did that day and why he only reported her missing the next day. If this was an over nighter then i can understand the delay, if it wasn't, why did he wait so long?

Did he attempt to call or text her and was there any reply?

When was she last seen by an independant witness?

As a matter of course, the husband needs to be polygraphed to be cleared.
often in such cases where the woman is pregant, it turns out the husband/boyfriend is the culprit.
Often it is down to he didn't want to be a dad/had doubts about paternity/was having an affair or a multitude of other reasons.

I can't find any statements from the husband as yet, it will be interesting to see the distance between the base and where the car was found, where the husband was the day and night previously and the whole of that day, any problems in the family such as financial etc.
It will be interesting to see what the husband says in relation to calling out to his wife to come home, what tenses he uses etc.

I am a suspicious little Hobs

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic and this is why he is facing murder charges

12:24 p.m. ET: HLN's Vinnie Politan is outside the courthouse. Check out how close today's proceedings are to Harris' church:

12:43 p.m. ET: "About 45 people are gathered outside the courtroom waiting for the doors to open. It is a mix of media and a few court watchers." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance

12:44 p.m. ET: The hearing is expected to start at 1:30 p.m. ET. HLN will bring you live coverage from inside the courtroom.

12:46 p.m. ET: Just confirmed: The prosecution witness who will be testifying at today's hearing is Phillip Stoddard with the Cobb County Police Department.

12:54 p.m. ET: Have questions about the #hotcardeath case? Tweet them to @HLNonthecase

1:04 p.m. ET: "Courtroom is open and almost filled to capacity. A court deputy says the front row is being reserved but would not say for whom." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance

1:05 p.m. ET: "Leanna Harris (the toddler's mom) has entered the courtroom. She is in the row behind me along with other family members." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance

1:09 p.m. ET: "Leanna is holding hands with the woman sitting next to her. Appears as if it could be her mother." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance
Clark Goldband ✔ @ClarkGoldband

Show regular @PeterOdomEsq is here in courtroom observing...tells me he's never seen a turnout like this @NancyGraceHLN

HLN On The Case @HLNonthecase

Justin Harris HAS arrived at courthouse! Hearing should start in the next 15 min. Watch #onthecase for complete and live coverage.

1:15 p.m. ET: "A lot of security in the courtroom. Six deputies. Local attorney says it is usually two, sometimes three." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

observers, potentially some Harris supporters, now FAR outnumber media types on courtroom for #HotCarDeath PC/Bond Hearing.

Tania Cadogan said...

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Many in the gallery seem to know one another. Possibly members of Harris' church, Stonebridge Church, which is right across the street.
6:13 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

Clark Goldband ✔ @ClarkGoldband

Multiple deputies take a seat behind the table where dad #JustinRossHarris will be sitting @NancyGraceHLN @VinniePolitan @HLNTV @HLNNowTV
6:21 PM - 3 Jul 2014

Vinnie Politan ✔ @VinniePolitan

Will Justin Harris get bond? Former Assistant D.A. Philip Holloway answers. #onthecase #hotcardeath

1:29 p.m. ET: Harris is in the courtroom and the judge reads the charges against him. Harris' wife, Leanna, appears emotional, according to producers inside the courtroom

1:30 p.m. ET: Detective Phil Stoddard is on the stand. He says the cause of Cooper Harris' death is hyperthermia and the manner of death is homicide.

1:33 p.m. ET: There was nothing out of the ordinary on the day Cooper Harris died: "The child was doing great," Stoddard said. He also tells the judge that Justin Ross Harris normally took the boy to daycare, so this wasn't out of his normal routine

1:35 p.m. ET: Stopping by Chick-fil-A is also not out of the ordinary for Harris and his son: "Justin stated that this happens two or three times a month. It’s daddy/son time – a special occasion to them," Stoddard said.

The distance from Chick-fil-A to work is 0.6 miles -- "Not even a mile," says Stoddard.

1:36 p.m. ET: After work that day, Harris was planning to go see a movie with friends -- "22 Jump Street," according to Stoddard.

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Stoddard: Harris told me he made no calls from scene. Cell records show three attempted calls including 6min call to daycare. #HotCarDeath
6:45 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

1:41 p.m. ET: When Harris pulled into a parking lot after leaving work, witnesses described seeing him pull in at a high rate of speed, tires squealing.

"He seemed upset, his behavior was considered erratic," Stoddard said. "He would be yelling and screaming, 'Oh my god what have I done, my child is dead.' And then he would stop and he’d just have a blank look on his face."

A bystander started CPR on the toddler and described Harris as "messing around.

1:43 p.m. ET: "His excuse was he fell asleep," Stoddard said, referring to Harris. Stoddard says the boy seemed to be alert and fine at Chick-fil-A. Harris described how he would strap Cooper into his car seat and how he "always gives him a kiss in case he gets into a car accident and dies." Harris told investigators he wanted Cooper's last memory to be that daddy loved him

Tania Cadogan said...

1:45 p.m. ET: It took 30-40 seconds for Stoddard to get from Chick-fil-A to the stoplight where Harris would have had to turn to go to daycare instead of work. Harris told investigators he had no distractions (like a phone call) on his way to work, according to Stoddard.

1:49 p.m. ET: Harris backed up his car when he arrived at work (before parking), according to Stoddard, who says Harris didn't have a backup camera and would have had to use his rearview and side mirrors (or turn around). Harris reached over the center console to grab his laptop in the passenger seat, according to Stoddard. Investigators used a mannequin in the car seat and found that the boy's head would have been visible over the top of the car seat. Harris sat in his car for 30 seconds before exiting the vehicle

Clark Goldband ✔ @ClarkGoldband

#JustinRossHarris briefly closes his eyes during testimony about going to car with lightbulbs #HotCarDeath @NancyGraceHLN @HLNTV @HLNNowTV

1:51 p.m. ET: Harris didn't tell investigators he returned back to his car during the day, according to Stoddard. Investigators made the discovery when reviewing surveillance footage. He made a quick stop at the car to drop off light bulbs.

1:53 p.m. ET: During the day, Harris received an e-mail from daycare: "He received a group email from his teacher, Cooper's teacher... and that email came in around 1:30 p.m.," said Stoddard.

1:57 p.m. ET: Stoddard describes Harris' demeanor following the incident: "He started off trying to work himself up... He’s walking around, rubbing his eyes. It looked like he's trying to hyperventilate himself... no tears, no real emotion coming out except for the huffing as I would put it." Stoddard says he never saw tears from Harris when he talked about his son.

1:59 p.m. ET: Leanna Harris, the mom, went to pick up Cooper from daycare that day. They told her he was never dropped off. On her way out, she told witnesses: “Ross must have left him in the car… there’s no other explanation. Ross must have left him in the car.” Stoddard says they tried to console her but, “She’s like, ‘No.’

2:02 p.m. ET: Harris became emotional when he was with his wife at the police station: “It was all about him: ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me. Why am I being punished for this?’ It was all very one-sided,” Stoddard said. “He talked about losing his job… ‘What are we going to do? I’ll be charged with a felony.’”

According to Stoddard, Leanna Harris later asked her husband, "Did you say too much?"

Justin Ross Harris also described Cooper as peaceful with his eyes closed, when this wasn't the case, according to Stoddard. He allegedly also told his wife: "I dreaded how he would look."

2:09 p.m. ET: Stoddard said several injuries were found on the toddler’s body: “Marks on the child’s face. It would have come from the child or a scratch being made while the child was alive and then not healing or scabbing over or anything after that, soon after he passed away.” There were also abrasions to the back of the boy’s head, according to Stoddard.

During the day, Harris was having conversations with up to six different women, according to Stoddard, who said explicit photos were being exchanged.

“We’ve only scratched the surface,” said Stoddard in regards to the searches done on Harris’ computers.

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Stoddard: Harris sent picture of his erect penis to then 16-year old girl while son was in car. #HotCarDeath
7:10 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

Clark Goldband ✔ @ClarkGoldband

Defense becoming audibly and visibly frustrated by sexting details in court #HotCarDeath @NancyGraceHLN @HLNonthecase @HLNTV

Tania Cadogan said...

2:16 p.m. ET: One of the girls he was texting with asked him, “Do you have a conscience?” and he responded, “Nope.”

2:17 p.m. ET: The couple had a $2,000 and a $25,000 life insurance policy on their son. Harris’ wife “was complaining about his purchasing, sporadic purchasing or overcharging credit cards.”

2:20 p.m. ET: Harris visited a subreddit about “people who die,” which shows videos of people dying (suicide, executions, war, etc.)

He also visited a subreddit called child-free: “They advocate not having any more children and adding to the biomass I guess is the best way they put it,” Stoddard said.

Harris also searched “how to survive in prison” and “age of consent for Georgia.”

When Stoddard told him they were charging him, Harris allegedly responded by saying, “but there’s no malicious intent.”

2:24 p.m. ET: Harris said he was afraid of leaving his child in the car and told investigators he was an advocate of the "turn around" program. Stoddard viewed a video twice where a veterinarian sits in a car and shows how hot it is. He watched it five days before his son's death.

2:25 p.m. ET: The prosecution has ended its questions related to probable cause. They’re now addressing the issue of bond and whether or not Harris is a flight risk. Stoddard says yes: “He’s got this whole second life that he’s living with alternate personalities and alternate personas which would also make him a flight risk and harder to keep track of if needed.

Clark Goldband ✔ @ClarkGoldband

Through all twists and turns revealed in court #JustinRossHarris remains stoic staring straight ahead @NancyGraceHLN @HLNTV @HLNonthecase

2:26 p.m. ET: Harris said "F**k you" to a police officer who asked him on the scene to get off his phone

2:28 p.m. ET: The child was likely dead before noon, according to Stoddard. The defense has begun it’s cross-examination of the detective.

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Stoddard: some witnesses at scene saw Harris attempting CPR and some did not. #HotCarDeath
7:35 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Stoddard: witnesses at scene did not all tell the same story. Some said he was hysterical, dazed and screaming. #HotCarDeath
7:34 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Stoddard: child cruelty charge was changed from 1st to 2nd degree because medical examiner report showed boy died from neglect. #HotCarDeath
7:32 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United State

Tania Cadogan said...

Retrace dad’s footsteps day of hot car death

Editor's note: HLN will bring you live coverage of Justin Ross Harris' court hearing on Thursday starting at 1:30 p.m. ET.

The Georgia father whose 22-month-old son died after being left in a hot car for hours last month heads to court Thursday for a preliminary hearing in his case.

Justin Ross Harris is currently behind bars, facing charges of second-degree cruelty to a child and felony murder. He has pleaded not guilty.

Read more: What to expect from Thursday's hearing

Harris said he forgot to drop his toddler, Cooper, off at day care on June 18, accidentally leaving the boy strapped in his car seat while he went to work.

Prosecutors are expected to call their lead investigator to the stand and lay out their case against Harris during the Thursday hearing. The judge will then decide if there is enough evidence to hand the case over to a grand jury, which will decide whether to return an indictment -- the ultimate charging document -- against Harris.

HLN is live-blogging Thursday's hearing. Read below for the latest updates (best read from the bottom up):

2:38 p.m. ET: Stoddard agrees with the defense that a grieving father could show a “range of emotions from outrage to blankness.

Tania Cadogan said...

Leanna Harris, the mom, went to pick up Cooper from daycare that day. They told her he was never dropped off. On her way out, she told witnesses: “Ross must have left him in the car… there’s no other explanation. Ross must have left him in the car.” Stoddard says they tried to console her but, “She’s like, ‘No.’

This sounds to me like she knew what he had done.
Why would she automatically assume the father had left their child in the car rather than perhaps taken them into work or something else?

Stoddard: Harris sent picture of his erect penis to then 16-year old girl while son was in car.
Now we have sexting and sending indecent photographs to a child, things were definitely not right in the household, what else was going on as we also have signs of injuries on the child. how much is down to him trying to escape and how much is down to something else?

The couple had a $2,000 and a $25,000 life insurance policy on their son. Harris’ wife “was complaining about his purchasing, sporadic purchasing or overcharging credit cards.”
Now we have a possible motive, living beyond their means either one or both parents and a total of $27,000 life insuarance.
As a matter of interest when where these policies taken out and by whom?

Harris visited a subreddit about “people who die,” which shows videos of people dying (suicide, executions, war, etc.)
This just gets worse, this reeks of premeditation, how will the defence explain this away?

He also visited a subreddit called child-free: “They advocate not having any more children and adding to the biomass I guess is the best way they put it,” Stoddard said.
Buyers remorse?
This would fit in with the moms speech at the funeral, he was perfect till he hit nearly two and then he wasn't perfect any more?
If the world was broken for him , why would it not be broken for any further children?
Would they be different?
Would they be perfect and stay perfect thanks to their leader?
Were there health issues?
Now we have money issues, relationships issues and visitng living child free.
pre meditation all the way

Harris also searched “how to survive in prison” and “age of consent for Georgia.”
Who researches how to survive in prison unless one is expecting to go to prison.
Who expects to go to prison unless they know they will commit a crime where prison is guaranteed?
Child murder fits the bill nicely.

Why was he researching age of consent in Georgia?
He is married, it wouldn't be relevant unless of course he is having or planning to have an affair with someone young such as a teenager and they were of an age where consent might be an issue such as 16.
Is he also attracted to underage children along with being a killer?

When Stoddard told him they were charging him, Harris allegedly responded by saying, “but there’s no malicious intent.”
Note he says no malicious intent rather than there was no intent (if it was purely accidental)
I would ask what he means by malicious intent?

Given he claims he forgot in less than 3 mins (the liars number - Mark McClish) which is soemthing i simply cannot believe, how does he speak to the searches done in the days prior to the death of Cooper?
His changes in behavior?
The words spoken by his wife?According to Stoddard, Leanna Harris later asked her husband, "Did you say too much?"
Is she fearful that he may have incriminated her, like she has incriminated herself already at the funeral?

Tania Cadogan said...

continued from live blog

2:38 p.m. ET: Stoddard agrees with the defense that a grieving father could show a “range of emotions from outrage to blankness.”

HLN On The Case @HLNonthecase

on Defense cross: Detective said that occasionally Harris would drop Cooper off first before going to Chick-fil-a #onthecase

Clark Goldband ✔ @ClarkGoldband

#JustinRossHarris slightly tips head back...wouldn't be noteworthy normally but hasn't moved much in 1hr @NancyGraceHLN @HLNTV @HLNonthecase

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Dad's hearing was expected to last 90 minutes. It's going over. #HotCarDeath
7:55 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

3:00 p.m. ET: Harris is completely deaf in his right ear, according to his attorney, Maddox Kilgore. Stoddard says Harris didn't tell him that.

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Stoddard: it appears that Harris deleted conversations with women from some device(s) and not from others. #HotCarDeath
8:02 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

3:07 p.m. ET: Harris searched "dozens and dozens and dozens" of topics on the Internet, according to his attorney. He asks Stoddard if he has any evidence that Harris typed in a search for "child free," and Stoddard says no, he doesn't (Harris got to the site somehow but Stoddard's not sure how exactly). "How to survive prison" was a specific Google search, but Stoddard isn't sure when it was made (he doesn't have the dates yet).

3:09 p.m. ET: Harris' wife "is still attentive during this questioning. She is also chewing gum." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance

3:15 p.m. ET: The couple bought a forward-facing car seat a few weeks before their son's death but the mom had it in her car at the time. The detective earlier testified that Cooper had outgrown the limits on the rear-facing car seat he was in when he died.

3:20 p.m. ET: The defense has finished its cross-examination of Stoddard. The judge wants to know how long between the time Harris left work and stopped to pull the boy out of the vehicle. Stoddard says five or size minutes. The judge also wants to know the normal morning routine. Stoddard says Harris would take Cooper to daycare in the mornings. The couple would split picking the boy up in the afternoons. Mom worked from home.

Tania Cadogan said...

3:26 p.m. ET: The defense has called a witness to the stand, Leonard Madden.

"When I got closer, I thought it was a doll. And about three or four feet away, I noticed it was the body of a toddler. Right then my heart dropped because I saw this precious boy laying there lifeless," Madden said. "The father, Mr. Ross, had just given his child CPR and about two other people came near to assist. As I got closer, you could just hear his cries and his desperate for his son to be revived. He was saying, 'Oh my god, oh my god. My son is dead. Oh my god, my son is dead.' It sounded as if he was saying it out of hurt and disappointment, desperation. He was yelling, he was hollering, he was screaming."

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Ross Harris wiping tears. #HotCarDeath
8:24 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

3:28 p.m. ET: An officer told Harris to step back, according to Madden. Harris allegedly told the officer to "shut up." The officers put Harris in handcuffs.

3:29 p.m. ET: "I felt his pain. I even wept and mourned his son and I’ve never even met him," Madden said, describing Harris' reaction as "genuine" and "organic." The prosecution is now cross-examining the witness.

3:34 p.m. ET: Madden admits that he has watched media coverage of the case before testifying. He also said it took police 20-30 minutes to arrive but the prosecution says police arrived immediately. No one else has questions for this witness and the judge excuses him.

3:36 p.m. ET: Harris has leaned over three times during Madden's testimony to wipe his eyes.

3:39 p.m. ET: The defense has called another witness to the stand, James Alex Hall. He works with Harris, the two went to college together and they also own a business together. Hall drove to lunch with Harris on the day his son died. When asked how Harris was acting that day: "I wouldn’t say abnormal in any way. I’d say normal as you can be. Nothing stuck out, nothing was weird."

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Hall: nothing unusual about how Harris asked me to drop him off at his car after lunch. #HotCarDeath
8:41 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United State

3:41 p.m. ET: They bought light bulbs during lunch and Harris dropped them off at the car before returning to work.

“I drove as close as you would reasonably to drop somebody off at their car,” Hall said

3:45 p.m. ET: “He said he loved his son all the time. He said his son was very important to him,” Hall said. The prosecution begins its cross-examination and asks Hall if he knew that Harris was sexting women all day. Hall says no.

"You don’t know everything about Mr. Harris, do you?" Hall shrugs.

3:46 p.m. ET: "I saw a tear go down Ross's cheek as witness described how much he loved his son." -- HLN producer Natisha Lance

3:47 p.m. ET: There are no more questions for Hall. The judge says court has been going for two hours now and dismisses everyone for a five-minute recess

Nic said...

The first time I read about this case, I commented that maybe it was about the prosecutor generating PR for himself/running for election. This kind of opportunist turns me right off.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

trustmeigetit said...
Where are these over zealous prosecutors for Hailey Dunn, Isabel Celis, Ayla Reynolds. Seriously I do not get why the guilty walk free but someone who acts in self defense is being pursued.
July 3, 2014 at 11:42 AM

Well said!

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thank you for the research. I will use it. Please continue.


Katprint said...

"September 10, 2013 · Las Vegas, NV

Ok, Link had a good day. Physical rehab in wheel chair then we went outside and looked at the pretty flowers. I was told that he would be placed in wheel chair 5xper week! Yea, we need more of that! Now I have to figure out how the hell to get insurance, attorney, detective department to get with the picture and see that my husband needs their help ! This world is so cruel and sad. Really horrible things happen to really good people. I am so frustrated tonight! It seems that every turn we take we have to jump over another hurdle! God, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for my wonderful family and friends. I need strength!"

Then, in the comments:

Dana Jacobsen Randall
Love you angel...did you get attorney yet? Do you want to call my friend? Let's talk...there are bad people out there Marie, but have faith that there are MORE GOOD people...concentrate on those people ....karma will take care of the bad! Love you much, and please call me with anything I can help you with! xoxo Big loves your way....

Marie Ellingson
Oh thanks Dana, I'm still waiting on this attorney to get things going. She thinks it will be very difficult! I will keep that in mind. I have a feeling the detective will be giving this case over to the DA's office and then it will be dropped for lack of evidence. Even if they make an arrest, the guy would bail himself out and not show up for his court date. I really have faith but yesterday I was getting it from all sides! I had to let out some steam! Today was good, Link did HBOT and got back and peed on CNA's foot! LAUGHING!!!!!"

Based on the above, it looks to me like Link Ellingson's wife Marie believed the case against Robert Cox would be "dropped for lack of evidence" so she hired a (female) lawyer to "get things going." Also, if they were contemplating a civil lawsuit against Cox and/or the church, a conviction -- even on charges plea bargained down -- would help that along in a big way.

In a relatively small city like Las Vegas, the attorneys tend to know each other. Many would have gone to the local university -- the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (UNLV) -- and the local law school -- the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. This would be another potential path of influence to persuade prosecutors to pursue an unlikely case that really should remain "dropped for lack of evidence."

Katprint said...

Per the Nevada State Bar, Robert Daska graduated from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law (in Sacramento, CA coincidentally about 1 hour north of Manteca where Robert Cox is from.) He was admitted to the Nevada State Bar in October 1993.

Robert Daska was initially admitted to the California State Bar in December 1995 but then went inactive in January 1996. So, that's a little weird.

Anonymous said...

om suspicious of corwin as well. neither can i find any statements from him.
harris I think should be left in a hot car himself ....