Thursday, July 3, 2014

Justin Ross Harris: "Wonderful" Father Life Insurance Policy

In Statement Analysis, we flag hyperbole in parenthood as a warning for child abuse.

For Justin Ross Harris, we now learn that the prosecutor is alleging that Justin wanted a "child free" life and was "sexting" while his child was slowly dying in the hot vehicle.

He did searches on how long a child  can survive in a vehicle, as well as how to survive prison, perhaps anticipating that he might not get away with his plan.

"During an interview with Justin, he stated that he recently researched, through the internet, child deaths inside vehicles and what temperature it needs to be for that to occur. Justin stated that he was fearful that this could happen," the warrants said.

We looked at his statement of "I've killed our child" using the unexpected "our", which is not the norm for a biological parent to use.  It signaled possible need to share guilt.

He may have had a teenaged girlfriend, to whom he was sexting.  When he was told he was being charged, he said, "But there was no malicious intent."  This may be the language of research.

They had a $25,000 life insurance policy on Cooper, who was not 2 years of age.  A second policy was also purchased which would have given an additional $2,000 to the Harris family. 

He was cheating on his wife, and she knew this, even while she defended him during the funeral in her bizarre statement. 

He sent a picture of his privates to his 16 year old girlfriend, while his son was dying in the car.  He had at least 6 different women he was corresponding with.

This is the man that his wife called "wonderful" and hid behind religious language.

When he pulled over with the child, police arrived.  He was told by an officer to get off the phone, but refused twice, cursing at police. 

I expect that she will face charges as well, even as she publicly showed her support for him.  She is alleged to have said, "Did you say too much?" when he was arrested.

When the child was not at Day Care, Leanna said,

"Ross must have left him in the car. There is no other explanation.  Ross must have left him in the car."

Most people could think of other explanations.

Police learned that he went to the car during the day from surveillance video.

When he arrived at work, he backed up his car, so he would have had to use his rear view or side view mirrors and turned around.  He sat in the vehicle for 30 seconds before exiting.

The child was alert and fine when they stopped for food.  30 or 40 seconds later was the stop light to turn to the Day Care.  He said he "forgot" because the child fell asleep.

This means the child would have had to have fallen asleep in 30 to 40 seconds from being "alert" and eating.

Leanna Harris also researched the same topics online. 

Thus it appears pre-mediation, wanting to be free of having a child, as well as profiting on his death, with two polices totaling $27,000.  


TopixNutt said...

Just read on NBC the parents had two life insurance policies on him.
I've known a few to do the Gerber life for their wee ones. I can't imagine getting two, maybe I'm a poor planner but it just seems wrong.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

One for $2,000 is common.

The second was $25,000.


JenB said...

I am in shock. Maybe because he is hideous to look at, I never dreamed he was going to be involved with a bajillion women... The life ins thing -- I am not sure how much the Gerber things are for, but at various times we've had multiple life ins policies on our kids -- one thru my husband's employer, one thru mine. It is so cheap that we just signed up for coverage for each member of our family. Also, thru our credit union we once were offered very cheap life ins and had policies. I wonder how recently the $25k policy was taken. So, Leanna's comments sound like she totally knew he was planning this, asking, "Did you say too much?" Did he honestly not believe police would look at his web searches? Again, I am in complete shock. Their poor families. What a a horrendous person he is! His poor little boy.

Lemon said...

The new information is disturbing. LE should continue to investigate Leanna. Her comment regarding her husband as the "leader" comes to mind.

Tania Cadogan said...

continued live blog of court hearing

4:00 p.m. ET: The defense has called another one of Harris’ friends, Winston Milling, to the stand. He also went to lunch with Harris on the day his son died and says everything appeared normal.

“He loved showing Cooper off to everybody. He liked picking him up, bringing him around. He was always happy, Cooper was always smiling,” Milling said.

When asked about Harris’ deafness in his right ear: “I always have to go to the other side of his head to talk to him

4:02 p.m. ET: Defense attorney Kilgore is now arguing why Harris shouldn’t face charges.

"There’s no evidence Ross was aware that child was in the car. Why in the world would he bring his colleagues right up to the car? It makes no sense at all," Kilgore tells the judge.

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Kilgore: No connection between 'fantasy texting' and knowledge of leaving Cooper in car.
9:07 PM - 3 Jul 2014 Marietta, GA, United States

4:08 p.m. ET: The defense addresses the prosecution's sexting allegations from earlier:

4:13 p.m. ET: Kilgore says the sexting information was only introduced to “publicly shame” Harris: “It’s not like his family hadn’t been through enough alread

Peter , my apologies for the long and continuing posts.
it is revealing a lot more info than we knew before and it does not look good for any defence.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I appreciate the flowing info.

To others who post links:

I find that this blog is where I go, first thing in the morning, for news stories because of posters putting the types of stories that Statement Analysis can be used for, along with updates, each night and morning.

I appreciate the efforts.


Nic said...

The better investment would be for an education fund. Funeral homes will help families to bury their children by waving costs if the parents can't afford to. This sounds like a pay day. Poor Cooper.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


Didn't you think he had the Hollywood good looks to get the attention of America's finest?



Statement Analysis Blog said...




Though I think it may be a type of displacement. She may have been the leader, and he may have challenged her authority with his affair (s)


Tania Cadogan said...

4:18 p.m. ET: “It’s easy to get distracted when you get behind the wheel. Everyone’s done it. His mind is already skipping ahead to the rest of the day,” Kilgore said. “We forget things in a moment – that’s how we forget things.”

Kilgore says people forget their kids in the car, which is why the governor has instituted a “look again” campaign.

“The results of that forgetting… were absolutely catastrophic,” Kilgore said. “But an accident doesn’t become a crime because the results were catastrophic.”

Harris is visible crying as Kilgore speaks.

Victor Blackwell CNN ✔ @VictorCNN

Kilgore done. ADA Boring: "that was a good bit of theater." #HotCarDeath

4:22 p.m. ET: Prosecutor Chuck Boring is now addressing the judge telling him “the evidence is overwhelming.”

4:24 p.m. ET: “I found there’s probable cause for the two charges contained in the warrant,” Judge Frank Cox tells the court. They're now moving on to the bond part of the hearing

4:27 p.m. ET: The defense calls Randy Michael Baygents, Harris’ brother, to the witness stand.

“He was a loving father,” Baygents said about his brother, getting emotional. “He loved his son very much. We went on family vacations together and he was a good dad.” Harris wipes his eyes. << live streaming as of now currently their pastor is speaking

Tania Cadogan said...

Bonf fenied based on murder charge.

madatory life sentence min 30 yrs and a possible death sentence.

Defence wanted £50.000/

Prosecution said no bond given his behavior, no compassion etc.

Tania Cadogan said...

His pastor said she only knew him from a church setting and didn't know about his sexting, his sexually explicit photos etc.

They seriously need to question his wife, she is leaking marbles all over the place

Tania Cadogan said...

4:35 p.m. ET: The defense has called Penny Harrison, a children’s pastor at Harris' church, to the witness stand. She says she has known Harris and his wife for about two years.

“I knew him to be at typical, loving father of a toddler,” Harrison said. She says he has support at church and that she believes he would show up for court if he were released on bail.

The prosecution asks her if she knows he was sexting with other women. She says no and that "I know him in a church setting and that's all

4:36 p.m. ET: The judge has denied the defense’s request for bond. Harris is led out of the courtroom as everyone is dismissed.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Harris was sexting numerous women while baby was in car. Leanna told day care her husband must have left baby in hot car before she had even heard from her husband that day. Harris also googles articles on life without kids AND watched videos of animals dying in car - more than once.

well there's a guilty verdict

Anonymous said...

I want to know how that Russell guy is doing., wonder is autoposy came back yet

Lucy said...

So he BACKED UP into his parking space and didn't see his son? Mmmhmm... And I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale.

Lucy said...

And no, he didn't have a back up camera. He had to look behind him. Where his son was.

Jo said...

So was wifey looking to be free also or is she so competitive/desperate that she will defend him to win him back?

Anonymous said...

Dad Charged With Son's Hot Car Death Could Face Death Penalty

Anonymous said...

that's good ? Jo, I wonder same thing. she seemed very much on board with the murder plot, tho I'd doubt she's as aware & on board with his sexting other females. I bet he had her in dark on that part. maybe she's kicking herself now -- he's a baby killer - and a philanderer??!!? / and here I thought he was a baby killer; my one and only. there's a lesson in there somwhere.

but you can bet she's kicking herself -- cause that dude LOOKS like the kinda guy who makes a girl think she can relax - and not worry about him cheating, --- sucjs.

Anonymous said...

why are people even allowed to take out insurance policies on children? I thought purpose of life insurance is to support loved ones who and financially dependent on deceased, like a husband can support spouce for some time in death etc. but nobodies getting money from a baby, unless they are a child model or something -- how can they asses monetary value? makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

dunno why this is happening,

Anonymous said...

I wonder after her statement with the daycare, what her reaction was? Did she immediately call her husband? Did the daycare call him? I would have panicked thinking about other reasons like possible car accident, maybe he took off with her son etc.... But she quickly assumes he left Cooper in the car, that's an odd first assumption.

Anonymous said...

It might be that they have some kind of swinging lifestyle which would explain why the wife is in on board wanting the kid out of the way. Or perhaps the hubby is some kind of “sex addict” and she was willing to dispose of the kid to try and save the marriage. Either way, they have certainly bungled the whole thing spectacularly. Vile people.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any question that she was in on the murder plot. exactly why - that seems unclear. perhaps the money and pleasing her husband was it -- but there's got to be more reason -- Im interested how did these two psychos found eachother in first place?

BostonLady said...

The father is a creepy pervert. The wife appears desperate and will do whatever he wants to please him. I don't understand why they haven't arrested the wife yet. Her statement to the daycare when she found out her creepy freak of a husband didn't drop off their baby leaks (or really screams) guilt. The first thing she thinks of is that her husband must have left the baby in the car???? No way would that be the first thought any non guilty parent would have. And then to find out that creepy father received an email from the day care at 1:30 and that still didn't rattle his brain about his son in the car???

Lock the both of them up. Make sure they are in a Georgia prison that has no a/c. It won't equal what they did to their son but it will make them suffer .

Baxtie said...

This case makes me sick to my stomach. It's just awful -- everything about it. Who videotapes animals dying in cars and posts them? Why aren't they arrested for cruelty? And what type of sickos watch these things?? Then to turn around and do it to your own child?? I don't have kids but just the idea of even minor harm makes me completely sick. Layer on the sexting and the collusion of the wife... the whole story makes me despair of humans as a species. I can only imagine that the husband is a psychopath to have such a cold, cold heart.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Cooper depended on his parents for love, care, and safety.

What he got was a sexually deviant father who had no qualms with taking his life...and likely a similar mother.

ima.grandma said...

The speaker tells what the money donated at is designated for.
Click on the 6/22 link.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I'm just reading about all of this now. How awful! :'( I mean, I was pretty sure it wasn't an accident, but the details are horrendous. I hope he gets the death penalty, or gets "abused" every day in prison. He's a sick disgusting excuse of a man and father. The wife needs to be charged too! I agree with BostonLady on her opinions of their personalities.

So, the daycare called both of them? The mother said he must have left the baby in the car? Any word on what the father said to them, and any word on what the daycare said regarding the mothers response?

My first thought would definitely not be, oh jee he must have been left in the car. Wtf?

What IS the legal age in GA? Will he be facing further charges? I hope in the least, the girls parents pursue some type of action.

That gut is a complete sick! His son was dying a slow horrible death, and he was sexting?! He was feeding his face. Searching sick child death things on the internet.

I'm sorry, I'm so mad and disgusted! If the wife was innocent, she would bw too!!

Also, the fresh cuts on Cooper is so sad. Possibly from when he was suffering? :'(

Anonymous Mom said...

I read on another site that this was not the first time Justin had left Cooper in the car.

This might explain why both parents had done online searches (i.e., after a previous event rather than before the current event).

It would also explain Leanna's seemingly bizarre comment in response to notification of non-attendance by daycare (since it had happened in the past).

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the typos, I'm so mad and upset. :'(

Anonymous said...

Omg, that would make it even worse! How many times could one person forget or "forget" their child in the car?

Anonymous said...

Being interested in the "child - free" lifestyle, and seemingly wanting to hang with the crowd that thinks bringing children into this world is a bad bad thing...coupled with that horrid speech his wife gave at the funeral.....seems they did have this planned.

25,000 insurance policy.....guess that's better than getting a divorce when nobody wants the kid, but maybe after earmarking how to spend that money they figured they best get another policy with just enough coverage to pay to bury him.

Anonymous said...

Omg, it said Cooper had outgrown his car seat, and his head would have been seen over the back of the seat.

Those are not parents. They're monsters! I can't and I don't think I even want to imagine what Cooper went through.

Anonymous said...

I expect most child murderers are as sick or worse -- just not stupid enough to leave their recent internet searches for police discovery.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a guy who liked visual assistance for his fantasies. to think he watched animals die in cars. I had thought he killed his son that way out of some passive need to do the lease violence. but --- it's like he wanted to fantasize about the horror his son was going through. or like peeking in oven while baking. i hope they cook him to death for his punishment.

Anonymous said...

Omg so sick, I sadly agee.

Anonymous said...

It is really weird considering his computer/IT training and experience. Do you think he just thought they'd consider it an accident, and that would be the end of it?

Anonymous said...

Gerber Life Grow Up Plan converts to cash spending account for use when they are an adult for college or other needs. . . according to Gerber link.
Many parents get this because it is advertized A LOT and easy to do without need for research.

Elizabeth said...

I wonder if Harris and wife were arguing about his sleazy life choices and he threatened to hurt Cooper in order to keep her in line. That could explain her reaction at the daycare. It almost sounds like she realized he had followed through on a threat and now she feels guilty for not taking it seriously and not getting Cooper away from him. Sadly, she might also feel guilty for not "obeying orders".

I know that's reaching and all along I've thought both of them were guilty of killing their kid but now I'm wondering if this is a case of a raging narcissist and his subservient wife.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was hoping his coworkers noticed at lunchtime, then he could have started his "show"? Idk, the guy is clearly a sicko. Why else would he need to be brought to his car to put lightbulbs in it? The whole thing is just so odd and unbelievable.

Child Advocate said...

If they didn't want precious Cooler anymore why didn't they put him up for adoption? My heart is breaking for this little angel. I don't understand.

It makes me wonder how many of these accidents of leaving children in cars are not really accidents.

Child Advocate said...

My phone auto corrected Cooper.

Anonymous said...

the way that she keeps talking -- she's not upset -- she's surprised at her own ability to not care. I think she was in on it, but not privy to how her husband was cheating on her too, at least I'd doubt she was,

heartbroken said...

Good to see Georgia has balls enough to charge the murdering father. If this was Maine baby Cooper would have no Justice like Baby Ayla!!

ima.grandma said...

John, I hope you were watching so you will be able to share your insight as to body language of both ex-parents.

I guess Home Depot will soon be re-writing their policies regarding employee use of time and company owned computers as well as daycare notification procedures.

Thanks for the updates Hobs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he said he was going to leave her, and she said, you're not saddling me with this loser and his full toddler lips.
They are both disgusting. She needs a cell next door. I don't care if it is a men's prison.

Anonymous said...

So, he got an email from the daycare during the day. I'm curious to see if he opened it, and if he opened other emails, before and after that one.

The mother actually went to pick up Cooper from daycare, that's when she said that he must have left Cooper in the car. Huh? That would be a strange first thought to have, THEN to actually have it be true. I wonder what time she went? He had been gone from work how many minutes, then called her when he pulled over. That seems pretty planned out by both of them to me. She just happened to arrive just after her left?

MzOpinion8d said...

PETER: Could her "full toddler lips" comment be leakage in her language because she knew of the sexting and inappropriate photos?

Anonymous said...

"Did you say too much?"

"He looked peaceful"

"I was worried how he would look"

I think they were both "in on it", and I wonder if she actually originally suggested it.

Not significant, but if you click on the link and look at his pics from court, what's wrong with his left ear? Is that a defect, or is it from an (possibly pulled out) earring? I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

Maybe of his underage affairs and/or texting?

BostonLady said...

Another horrific piece of this is that the police officer stated when he looked in the car, there was a horrendous stench. There is no way that the murdering piece of crap father didn't notice it when he got in. But, he then drove to the shopping parking lot and then started his show.

I also read that from Chick A Fil to the turn off to the day care was 30 or 40 SECONDS. He forget his son was in the back seat in that short time??

I hope they attach the death penalty to his crime. This was horrific.

New England Water Blog said...

Why would the wife pick up Cooper anyway when the father was the one near the place? Did he have some other destination planned instead of going home that would have precluded his picking his son up, (that is if he were not a murdering piece of filth)?

This is a case where mustering a plausible and viable defense seems all but impossible, at least for the husband. Will we see his disgusting wife betray her leader for a lighter sentence? Will the DA allow either one to deal any of this away or does he have such a well defined case that no deals will be made?

I feel nothing but sadness as well for the friends, family and co-workers who trusted these people, their lives are all damaged by these vile people.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments that the mother needs to be investigated more. Why didn't she immediately call her husband the second she found out her baby wasnt at daycare? She speaks of leaving him in the car like a person would leave their keys in the car. More analysis of the exact conversation at the daycare is needed. It is heartbreaking to strangers, so why is the mother so stoic?

trustmeigetit said...

I have a policy from work. It's just part of the package. But I would never go out if my way to have life insurance for my son.

Anonymous said...

Old school Mormon? Plural marriage?

trustmeigetit said...

Anon regarding autopsy in Russell case....
Me too. I checked for updates yesterday and there is nothing.

trustmeigetit said...

I wonder if it's true that he left Cooper in the car. Sounds more like supporting the "accident" theory. It's not the first time I forgot him.'s an accident.

Russell Lindstrom said something similar. That the girls had gotten locked in the car before.

I'm calling BS on that.

Anonymous said...

It's very sad to hear the part when Copper kisses his dad, then his father Ross kisses him back. How could he have done this to his son!! These two people must be EVIL.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm wondering - about the timeline of when he left work, she went to pick up Cooper and he called her. Looking at witness statements, did any specifically say whether he called someone, or someone called him? The "perfect" timing is just too coincidental to me. He left work and was pulling over at the exact time she was picking Cooper up? It did say in one of the court related articles that he texted her during the day and asked "when (or what time, I'm not sure of the exact word) are you picking up my buddy?". Then when she arrived there and was told Cooper wasn't there, her immediate response was that her husband must have left him in the car. That's crazy! It seems planned by both of them.

New England Water Blog, he was supposedly going to meet friends for a 5:00 showing of 22 Jump Street, and he apparently told them he was going to be late. Late?!? I wonder whose idea the movie was and when it was planned.

Something else that's bothering me. We see all the time, friends, family, acquaintances, etc., always claim he/she is such a wonderful person. People being questioned were asked if they were aware of his sexting and underage sexting. It seemed like they weren't too distressed about it. One lady said she just knows him on a church basis, after she just claimed what a wonderful father he was. His brother said he wasn't aware of that, but that he should still get bail. Really? I would have been shocked and disgusted, I don't care the relation.

Anonymous said...

:( True.

I can't stand that both fathers names are Justin. :/

Anonymous said...

It said that he kisses him every time he buckles him in, in case they crash and die.

Why was this guy so obsessed with death?

I guess the thought could be there, but I don't think it should be so prominent in his thinking and mind. I kiss my kids goodbye, but I don't have death on my mind when doing so. Sure, if God forbid something happened, at least my last memory would be a nice one, but that's not why I kiss my kids goodbye. And I don't have constant thoughts of crashing and dying. It can happen, but it seems obsessive to be thinking it every time you get in your vehicle. Actually upon typing, I realize, although I do kiss goodbye, I've never kissed while getting in the car "just in case". I don't think it's even comparable actually.

Unknown said...

I knew it would be bad, but Good Lord. I can't fathom how TWO people can be so evil and heartless. My heart is broken for Cooper and what he went through. I can't help but think of him crying in vain, waiting for his mommy or daddy to come to his aid.

Bless his little soul....and damn his parents!

sidewalk super said...

I think the reason the now jailed father made lunch plans with his work friends and then had them drop him off at the car with his dead son was that he might have hoped to be able to go through his song and dance about the dead boy in the company of those friends earlier in the day.
Driving here and there with a body and it's deceased odor after work while he looked for a stage among strangers not necessarily sympathetic to him probably was not his first choice.
But not one of the lunch friends looked and saw the dead child or even the car seat when they dropped daddy and his light bulbs
off after lunch.
And I can just imagine how much Home Deport likes having one of it's employees spending company time sending and receiving lewd pictures. Was he not supervised?

And, Good for Cobb County PD for a job well done! This is one of our discussed crimes that is being handled correctly and well. Unlike the other $25000 insurance case of the dipetro child.

Sella35 said...

"He was cheating on his wife, and she knew this, even while """she defended him during the"""" funeral in her bizarre statement."

Yes I added extra quotations..... This reminded me of Casey Anthony and her brother.How he stood up for her on the stand and gave the cryptic messages to her...How sick are both these parents? I am sorry I mean birth vessel and sperm provider... can you imagine, how his car smelled when he got in it that afternoon..I seriously hope if they are guilty (and based on SA, they are both guilty) they both rot in prison.

Sella35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ima.grandma said...

I'm sorry to publish on repeat lately. I now empathize with those who have much to say & choose anonymous ( I just cant bring myself to do it) to avoid monopolizing the blog, but the world is becoming so bizarre. I don't understand how mothers and fathers can commit these atrocities.

"Her chosen word of Cooper not sleeping, Struggled."
(This is the same as saying "Cooper was so cranky that THEY couldn't get any sleep. Mom and Dad were also struggling - struggling to get him to go to sleep. One or both of them probably held him down while he struggled to release himself until he finally cried himself to sleep. Once he was out, mom stares at his poor little red tear-streaked face and feels nothing but relief. It wouldn't surprise me if he had marks on his little wrists too.)

Several injuries were found on the toddler’s body: “Marks on the child’s face. It would have come from the child or a scratch being made while the child was alive & then not healing or scabbing over or anything after that, soon after he passed away.” There were also abrasions to the back of the boy’s head.
(these marks may have been a result of forcibly restraining Cooper to wear him out while crying or screaming until he fell asleep from exhaustion.)

His excuse was he fell asleep," Stoddard says the boy seemed to be alert and fine at Chick-fil-A. Harris described how he would strap Cooper into his car seat & how he "always gives him a kiss in case he gets into a car accident and dies." Harris told investigators he wanted Cooper's last memory to be that daddy loved him.
(this remark is almost a sick confession?)
Defense now calling Harris friend Alex Hall to stand. They had lunch at Publix together the day Cooper died, with 3rd friend
(what time did they leave for lunch?)

After work that day, Harris was planning to go see a movie with friends -- "22 Jump Street,"
(was this plan for the movie date spontaneously made at lunch with these same friends, one of who testified?)

During the day, Harris received e-mail from daycare: "He received a group email from his teacher, Cooper's teacher...that email came in around 1:30 p.m.,"
(was Leanne included in this group email? why didn't Ross pick up msg?)

Harris texted wife @ 3:16 p.m. that day and wrote, " When you going to get my buddy?"
(this was an attempt by Ross to throw mom a clue that deed was done? or was it included to enforce his alibi? Why didn't he ask about where baby was as group email came beforehand?)

The couple would split picking the boy up in the afternoons. Mom worked from home. 
(if they did alternate pick-ups, mom would surely be on group email list. especially if she worked at home?)

Leanna Harris, the mom, went to pick up Cooper from daycare that day. They told her he was never dropped off. On her way out, she told witnesses: “Ross must have left him in the car… there’s no other explanation. Ross must have left him in the car.” They tried to console her but, “She’s like, ‘No.’

He made no calls from scene. Cell records show three attempted calls including 6min call to daycare.
(why did he call daycare? he must have spoken to daycare if 6 minutes? is mom's phone -cell or landline- one of the attempted calls? Was mom @ daycare when Ross contacted her to tell her of Cooper's death?)

Lead detective in Ross Harris case said Cooper was likely dead before noon. Police described stench from car, even hours after body removed

Ross is self centered, JEALOUS of time mom spent taking care of son, his excuse for extramarital activity. I'm not sure how long they were married before Cooper was born, but Ross is NEEDY and felt excluded and received little attention. Mom was willing to pledge allegiance to the "leader" by vetoing Cooper's existence and toggling back to default.

I am sickened by that evil stupid looking man and his gum-smacking wannabe follower.

Sella35 said...

@SA - Peter- I agree, SA is bookmarked for me..I check it with my coffee in the mornings then read FB sometimes to see if Hobs,Julie, John or Nanna has anything to add, or new in life... I then close out my day with SA site... I am grateful that I can read it in the AM and PM.

Anonymous said...

Sidewalk Super I agree. They probably thought his buddies would've noticed when they dropped him at his car. Could be the reason for the text to his wife asking when she was picking up his "buddy". In other words, plan A failed, switch to plan B.

sidewalk super said...

Cobb County PD was impressive at the hearing today. If it's there, they will find it.

Anonymous said...

How did the coworkers not see Cooper when they went at lunchtime? Or smell anything coming from the car?

sidewalk super said...

one was preoccupied with his cell, one was driving, don't know about the third. The father could have yelled to draw attention but he might not have been sure his boy was dead.

I think this guy will be in jail for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I disagree, why would she ask him if he said too much? Hmmm... That is not something a sad, shocked, and grieving mother would say.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it strange -- and notable -- that the "now 17-yr. old" female he was sexting with was still 16 on the day Cooper died? Was she the same "sexting partner" who asked him if he had a conscience? (To which he reportedly replied, "Nope.") Was this timing pure "coincidence"? Or does this also have something to do with his search inquiry re: "age of consent in Georgia" -- ??

Anonymous said...

I know and then too maybe be aware and alert in distress and pain when his father returns to the car.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been following the car case too closely but to the anon who posted the link to Heather Elvis story, sounds like they are not dropping the case against one of the guys. I said a while ago they should take a closer look at both of the fake texters as some of their behaviors fit the profile of post perpetrator behavior. This doesn't mean they are perpetrators, but their motive for doing their own investigations along with falsifying evidence seems dubious to me, along with possible post perpetrator behavior.

ima.grandma said...

Since I'm already being a blog hog (I'm sorry, I'm trying to wrap my head around this) I'll respond to Anon@11:43. I had that same lurid information floating around my brain but didn't form a complete thought until you put it into words. I think you're onto something that may have come into play. Who knows? He's a freaking psycho! I'm sick about this. I'm grateful for a safe place to process this tragedy. I read all the comments and it's comforting to share. Thank you all for being so smart and thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

According to Stoddard, Harris made statements that police felt were strange, including "I can't believe this is happening to me" and "I'll be charged with a felony."
"It was all about him," Stoddard said. "'Why am I being punished for this?' It continued. It was all very one-sided."
The detective said Harris talked about losing his job. He testified that messages between the Harrises indicate the two were having financial problems.
Ross Harris had recently been passed over for a promotion, and the couple had two insurance policies on Cooper, one for $2,000 and one for $25,000, the detective said.
Stoddard also testified about how Leanna Harris acted when she arrived at a day care enter to pick the boy up and employees there told her Cooper had never been dropped off.
"Ross must have left him in the car," she replied, according to the detective. Witnesses said they tried to tell her many other things could have happened, but Leanna Harris insisted that Ross Harris must have left the boy in the car, Stoddard said.
He also testified that when Ross and Leanna Harris were in an interview room, Ross Harris told his wife that Cooper looked "peaceful" and that his eyes were closed when he was removed from the vehicle. He told his wife, "I dreaded how he would look," Stoddard said, noting how Harris had used the past tense.
The detective added that the boy's eyes and mouth were not closed when he was taken out of the SUV.
At another point in the interview room, Stoddard said, Leanna Harris asked her husband about what he had said to police.
"She asked him -- she had him sit down, and he starts going through this. And she looks at him, and she's like, 'Well, did you say too much?' " the detective testified.

Atlchanel said...

This piece of S*** didn't cry once in court for that poor baby. He sat there listening to the detective talk about the condition of Cooper's lifeless body. There was a scratch on his face possibly from clawing himself while suffering and contusions on the back of his head, maybe from banging it against the car seat in pain and frustration. The mother sat there smacking her gum and looking defiant during the testimony. Harris only managed to squeeze out a tear for himself when witnesses testified how upset HE was at the crime scene. The camera pans over to Leanna and she is visably upset also about her poor husband. No emotion for her baby, but emotion for that monster.

Unknown said...


I feel just like the cop who said this case shocks the conscience! The mother should be arrested too. Everything she has said screams that she was an active participant. She may even be the mastermind. Maybe she thought that without Cooper, she and Ross could 'regain intimacy', get a windfall of cash, buy a home, and have another kid one day. Or, maybe she knew the marriage was all but over, and didn't want to be saddled with raising Cooper alone, while Ross moved on with one of his 16yo girls. Whatever her motivation, it's sickening!

I'm so glad he researched how to survive in jail, lol. I hope his fate is 100x worse than anything he can imagine, or study up about online.

Atlchanel said...

Did the friends actually get out of the car? I don't remember.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How did the coworkers not see Cooper when they went at lunchtime? Or smell anything coming from the car?

July 3, 2014 at 11:22 PM

I believe it has been reported that Harris backed his car into the parking space. With the car being backed in, and the seat positioned to rear facing, it's not surprising that the co-workers wouldn't notice the child in the car- especially if they had just pulled up in front of it while Harris hopped out and dropped off his purchase. Cooper wouldn't have been in direct line of sight for them.

Lemon said...

Sidenote: The prosecutor ADA Chuck Boring has an unfortunate last name...

Deejay said...

The jury probably won't know this- If you are deaf in one ear, a car is where you can hear best. Small space and hard surfaces reflect sounds well. It is outside in the wide open places that it is harder to hear.

Deejay said...

Is there an accidental death policy?
Those are usually higher

Anonymous said...

He was supposed to be going to see a movie with friends. He called the to tell the. He would be late at 418, the movie started at 5. It was said that he was only 10 minutes from the theater.

Anonymous said...

*he called the friend to tell them

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it either. I don't believe you'd make that "mistake" twice. Maybe he experimented previously.

JenB said...

Re: the underage girl - I think what they've saying is she was 16 when he started "sexting" her, but had turned 17 by the day of Cooper's murder. I am sure she is the reason he searched "age of consent," but I don't think they're suggesting C was killed so JRH could be with this girl. Too many other sexting partners - JRH is just too much man for any one woman! Or any dozen women, apparently.

Last night I thought about why I am SO shocked by this case. I determined it's bc we see lots of cases where the child died from horrendous abuse, but in those cases the parents didn't pre-plan a murder. Then there are murder-suicides, and cases where we just never know for sure what happened... But this is mind- blowing bc these seemingly loving parents researched and planned how to murder their child, in such a cruel, slow, agonizing way.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. He made no calls, or he attempted 3 calls including a 6 minute call to daycare? Why would he call the daycare, I don't get it. He called to tell them that he left his son in the car all day? I could see calling his wife. AFTER he called 911, which he didn't do. But that's why I've been trying to figure out the timeline of events and phone calls from the time he left work, including when the mother went to pick up Cooper.

Anonymous said...

I did notice that. I think it's 2 seperate individuals though. One was 16 and one was 17, then there was also 4 others. He was sexting with 6 different people I think I read.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense too. I was thinking one was 16 and one was 17, plus the other 4. I thought they were just describing one of them as "being 16 at the time". What is the age of consent in GA? Could he be facing further charges because of his perverted sexting with a minor? Was it "only" sexting or was it physical too?

JenB said...

Did you guys see this? Apparently new warrants were released this morning. The article below mentions that he talked a lot to family about how to collect Cooper's life insurance, and also that he knew a lot of detail about Cooper's car seat (which he had outgrown), but that the shoulder straps were set to the very lowest setting -- like where they'd be for a little baby.

I think I read maybe yesterday? that Cooper had been turned forward-facing in the months prior to his death, but that the new forward-facing car seat was found at their home.

Anonymous said...

It was stated that he had outgrown the car seat. Investigators placed a mannequin, the size of Cooper in the seat, and the head could be seen over the back. Also, he had been turned to a forward facing seat, but that was in the mothers car.

Anonymous said...

First of all, this guy is an ugly piece of shit and I find it SO hard to believe ANYONE would not be repulsed by being sexted by him.
Why was the mother upset by his spending habits? What was he doing with the money? Gambling? Prostitution?
Secondly, this guy is obviously a sociopath which means he has no conscience. Therefore, he simply does not feel guilty about killing his son. Frightening, sickening, horrifying, but in the sociopath's mind it is simply an equation of whatever it is they wany, they will do whatever they can to get it and hope they will get away with it. There is no conscience, no guilty feelings, only self-preservation. This explains why the guy researched how to survive in jail. Sociopath=predator.

Juliette said...

Justin Ross Harris talked to family about collecting son's life insurance in days after death, warrants show

COBB COUNTY, Georgia - The father of a Georgia toddler who died last month in a sweltering SUV talked to relatives about collecting life insurance on 22-month-old Cooper Harris in the days following the boy's death, according to records made public today.

The Cobb County Magistrate's Office today released 18 new search warrants in the case against Tuscaloosa native Justin Ross Harris, 33. Harris is charged with murder and child cruelty in the June 18 death of Cooper.

""Through the investigation Harris has made comments to family members regarding a life insurance policy that he has on Cooper and what they need to do in order to file for it,'' according to one of the search warrant affidavits.

In the warrants obtained by, this round focused on looking for evidence and information into the finances of Ross and Leanna Harris, and into any marital problems they might be having. Much of the information contained in today's warrants was made public during a 3-hour probable cause hearing held Thursday, at which a judge allowed the case to proceed to a grand jury and ordered Harris remain held without bond.

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

The warrants also focused on the car seat itself. "Harris was questioned regarding the car seat that the child was seated in. Harris knew the specific make and model of the seat and what the weight limit was for the child to be seated in it. When the seat was inspected the straps for the seat were set on the lowest level for a small child."

Leanna Harris was also interviewed by police on the day Cooper died. She made a similar statement that this was her worst fear. Investigators questioned her further about this, according to the warrant.

"Leanna stated specifically that her fear was that her child would be left in a hot vehicle, not the fear of losing a child,'' according to the warrants. Leanna Harris has not been charged with any crime.

snipped from:

Chris said...

I hope that the police uninstall the carseat and thoroughly go over the car -
I read that his carseat was installed rear facing. Having a child rear facing, it is definitely possible that you would turn around and not see them.
If impressions from the seat showed that the carseat had previously been installed front facing, the rear-facing install on the day of the death would be another piece of damning evidence...

Anonymous said...

I can relate to kissing my kids for all reasons. Cos I love em to bits...just cos....and most definitely just in case too because it's always in my mind. Whenever I leave them anywhere I kiss em...the very thought of some tragedy happening taking me from them I can not even imagine how absolutely terrible life would be immediately after my death it would be for my wee wuns. Not just that, I even email then from time to time detailing any major life experiences and my love for them for when they are older and JUST in case Im not around to tell em myself. Then I have stuck the email acct and pw on the wardrobe in sight so anyone can log on for them. I am crazy I think like this so negative and sooo in fear but that's the transformation I got from having my first baby....I fear losing them every single day in absolutely any way possible. I have never left my babies in the car without them being in my line of sight just incase someone spots them and steal them from me. They are now 3 and 5 and I dont even stop for petrol with them in my car....just in case cos petrol stations are dangerous. But I have never kissed my children just in case THEY die...I kiss them just in case I die and I haven't kissed them goodbye. This news of cooper breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. How can they do this its just beyond my neurotic mind. Sooo horrendous and u can't forget a 22mo unless u are blind and death. My car pumps baby music always my kids will be singing along...I will be singing along giggling together with em and when we're not singing we're talking ESPECIALLY if I'm taking em to day care. I will absolutely be talking it up all the there. I still sell the fun factor of daycare to my 3yo everytime even my 5yo to kindy always selling how cool school is. You just dont stop talking in the mornings as a parent until they reach puberty and all you can get out of them is a very unmotivated grunt!...if we're lucky. These parents are guilty as and I am absolutely heart broken that this has happened to such a happy normal healthy baby. I mean he wasnt highly special needs or sick and even then it would've been monstrous. These guys need to be both cooked in their car to death.

Kit said...

I'm a former criminal defense attorney, but I'm new to statement analysis. I've got a few thoughts. Do they make sense?

- Harris texting wife and asking "when are you going to pick up my buddy"

He was supposed to be going to a movie. Why would he ask that? OTOH, an innocent father might text this as a diplomatic way of reminding the mother to pick up the kid. Supposedly he took the child to work and they alternated picking him up.

JRH at the funeral: "I'm just sorry I can't be there."

He says it all. The only thing he's sorry about is that he's in jail and can't be there. Not sorry that he killed his kid.

JRH at the funeral: "Good life."

As in the child had a good life. All 22 months of it. JRH is justifying his actions. He's saying they weren't so bad as parents -- thanks to him and LH, Cooper had a good life. They're burying the child he killed and he's patting himself on the back for giving Cooper a good life.

LH at the funeral (to JRH): "I'm doing this for you."

Exactly. She's doing this (covering, justifying, going along with the murder, speaking at the funeral) for him. She sure isn't doing "this" (speaking at the funeral) for Cooper. She hardly said anything about Cooper. Nothing about his developmental milestones, cute things he did, nothing, just full toddler lips and he slept between his parents the last two nights because he was fussing. Oh, and that he's lucky because thanks to his father he's dead and won't have to go to middle school.

LH at funeral: [paraphrase] Coooper was and is perfect.

Cooper is dead. That's perfect for her.

LH at the funeral: [paraphrase] Ross was and is and will be a wonderful father.

In her eyes, she is speaking the literal truth. He seemed to have been a doting, loving parent so he WAS a wonderful father. Then he killed the kid according to plan and he's the one in jail, not her, so in her eyes he IS a wonderful father. And she seems to have an idea that they'll have more kids, which he'll probably treat pretty will (if the pictures of Cooper prove anything), which means in her eyes he WILL BE a wonderful father.

LH at the funeral says she wouldn't bring Cooper back if she could.

Of course not. She wanted him dead, why would she bring him back?

I never even imagined a case like this. They seem so normal in their pictures, but they are like aliens masquerading as human. Aliens among us. I keep asking myself 'how could they?' but the normal human mind simply does not have the structure to conceive of an answer.

Anonymous said...

@Chris Hugh great insight! We all know she acts so stoic and her statements are mind blowing but, your analysis of it is perfect! I think you are on to something. The clock is ticking. I give it two weeks tops and a warrant for her will be served.

Anonymous said...

So sad. Poor little boy. Did mom frame father by not picking baby up from father's car after having agreed to or did dad try to frame mom by suggesting [with the text about when was she going to pick up his buddy] that she had agreed to pick up baby from his car. Was it all a big misunderstanding/accident ... that seems a stretch.... or a murderous conspiracy? It looks very bad for the parents. I hope is the are innocent they can prove it.

Anonymous said...

maybe the baby was not dead yet when the dad had his friends drop him off at his car after lunch...spoiling the opportunity to find the body while with friends.

Unknown said...

I hope prisoners in jail do justice to this sex pervert beat the living shit out of this perv and make him suffer this bastard father need to suffer slowly what he he did his son is disgusting .