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Leanna Harris Hires Criminal Attorney

MARIETTA — Leanna Harris has hired criminal defense attorney Lawrence Zimmerman of Atlanta to represent her, a source familiar with the case confirmed Thursday.

Public suspicion has fallen on Cooper Harris’ mother since police revealed she displayed few emotions upon learning of her child’s death last month and that, in an interview room at police headquarters the night of the incident, she asked her distraught husband,“Did you say too much?”

Leanna Harris’ husband, Justin Ross Harris, is behind bars while investigators continue to compile evidence to support the murder and child cruelty charges they have filed against him.

Many are wondering if Leanna Harris will soon be joining him.

Police will not discuss whether they consider Leanna Harris a suspect, though they have said they brought her into Cobb police headquarters off The Marietta Square for questioning June 18, the day Cooper died.

Joel Pugh, a Marietta attorney, said there are a number of reasons Leanna Harris would hire her own attorney at this point in the process.

“It could be as simple as her not wanting to talk to anybody and telling them to go through her attorney. It could be they have evidence that implicates her,” Pugh said. “It could be anywhere between those two extremes.”

Pugh said he knew Zimmerman, who he said once had an office just off the Square, from his days as an assistant district attorney.

“He’s a fine lawyer,” Pugh said of the man now reportedly representing Ross Harris’ wife. “He’s a nice guy.”

The fact that Leanna Harris has hired a lawyer to represent her is “not surprising,” Pugh noted.

“I think it’s a prudent thing for her to do, guilty or not guilty, at this point,” he said. 

“To be honest, I’m a little surprised that it’s taken her this long to obtain legal counsel.”

Also Thursday, police confirmed earlier reports that the toxicology report on Cooper Harris was negative.

“Although the results have been received, the autopsy report, the toxicology report and any subsequent reports will not be released until the entire investigation has been completed,” police said in a statement released Thursday.

Differing views of father

Online profiles believed to have been created by Ross Harris, 33, show two conflicting sides to the man accused of murdering his 22-month-old son.

Although his alleged presence on dating websites and sexually-explicit chat rooms was highly publicized in Harris’ July 3 probable cause and bond hearing, it appears he also posted videos and messages online revealing his love for his son.

An eight-minute-long video titled “Baby Boy Cooper” was posted on the YouTube account of “Ross Harris” on March 19, 2012, and it shows an ultrasound taken the same morning of Cooper, before he was born.

The video ultrasound shows Leanna Harris as the mother of the child, who was 19 weeks and two days old at the time, according to the ultrasound.

The description of the video, written by the account owner, is “First video known as Cooper!”

The video, under which other members of YouTube have written derogatory comments in the last few days, had 386 views at press time. 

One commenter wrote: “How could you kill that beautiful baby for your own selfish greed?,” under the screen name Danica Powell.

Dr. Gary Dudley, who founded a group of counselors, psychologists and social workers with an office in Marietta called the Atlanta Area Psychological Associates, said he thinks Harris must have been a happy father.

“I think someone that would post a video of a baby is pretty excited and happy about having a baby,” Dudley said. “He wanted his friends to know.”

During last week’s hearing, Detective Phil Stoddard, the state’s sole witness, testified Harris had frequented a Web page advocating a life without children he identified as “Child-free.”

The social media site Reddit, which Stoddard said hosted the child-free discussion page, has since removed that content.

A Reddit account believed to belong to Justin Ross Harris offers a window into what appears to be a normal, happy life.

“I am now in my dream job, have a beautiful six-month-old son, and love going to work everyday. I couldn’t be happier,” the user, suspected to be Harris, wrote over a year ago.

Posts thought to be written by Harris reveal his love of football, technology and his wife and child.

The writer makes several comments confessing his concerns about schools in his area and the safety of his family.

“My wife and I were a little worried about location since we don’t know (Atlanta) very well,” the person wrote in 2012 of the couple’s move from Alabama to Cobb. “I was especially worried about safety, since we’re bringing a little one into the world in August. I think I’m going to be happy with our choice.”

The user believed to be Harris said he and his wife were looking into moving to the Lassiter or Walton areas, and that he wanted to buy a house with at least four bedrooms.

Dudley, who has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and sees patients regularly as a therapist, said he thinks the behaviors online of the man believed to be Harris’s are typical of a father preparing for a child. 

“When the wife is expecting, lots of men go into panic mode, like ‘I’ve got to make a lot of money. I’m going to have to pay for this kid’s college. And, I need to make sure it’s safe,’” Dudley said. “That’s sort of characteristic of men when their wife is expecting.”

In some posts, Harris’ likely profile discusses his plans to introduce his son — and any future children “if we have anymore” — to the Alabama football traditions he mentions frequently.

Job history

Harris’ suspected posts contain references to his job as a Web developer at the Home Depot in Vinings, which the writer said he enjoyed.

“I timed it the other day,” Harris allegedly once wrote of the drive from his home to his office. “I can get to work in six minutes.”

The timeline of how long it took Harris to drive to his office on Cumberland Boulevard June 18 has been the subject of much focus in the investigation into Cooper’s death.

Harris has maintained he forgot his son was still in the back seat of his SUV somewhere between the Chick-fil-A where he and Cooper stopped for breakfast that morning and the Home Depot corporate facility less than a mile down the road.

Stephen Holmes, a spokesman for the Home Depot, confirmed Harris has been terminated from his position in the company.

“We don’t discuss the details of individual personnel matters,” he said in an emailed statement Thursday.

Harris was previously placed on leave of absence without pay after his arrest per company policy.

The Reddit account thought to belong to Harris describes the long path he took to end up in Marietta with his wife and son.

“I was 27, working in law enforcement in Alabama on the midnight shift and I just knew something had to change,” he is believed to have written in a lengthy biographical post. “(M)y wife and I were sitting at the dinner table one night, crunched the numbers considering our income would be cut in half, and decided that I would quit work and go back to school.”

The user believed to be Harris said he left his position in the police department in the summer of 2009 to devote more time to school.

At the probable cause hearing last week, Stoddard testified Harris had a background in law enforcement and used “cop language” when police questioned him the night of his son’s death.

The post believed to be authored by Harris said he was offered a Web development job in August 2011 that would begin in June 2012, upon his graduation from the University of Alabama.

Cathy Andreen, spokeswoman for the University of Alabama, confirmed Harris graduated from the school in May 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration.

Before he began attending the university, he worked there as a parking monitor and as a mail delivery clerk from 2001 to 2006, Andreen said, adding that he started classes at the school in August of 2009.

“Being the first person in my family to graduate college was nothing short of amazing, it felt great walking across that stage. So literally the next day after commencement, I moved everything I had, including a seven-month-pregnant wife, to Marietta, Ga., where we currently reside,” he wrote.

But the posts thought to be written by Harris also reveal he had amassed a pile of student loans while earning his information systems degree.

The writer said he realized he couldn’t afford his college classes after enrollment and discovered “loans were the way to go.”

“It’s been 100 percent loans for me because the income I was making barely covered living,” the post says.

Prosecutors attempted to draw a connection between two life insurance policies the couple had taken out on Cooper, their financial woes and the unexplained death of their child at last week’s hearing.

Warrants released over the weekend say Harris has contacted family members from behind bars as the investigation has unfolded, coaching them through the process by which they can collect on the $27,000 worth of insurance from Cooper’s policies.

Abortion and deafness posts

Among the hundreds of posts the user thought to be Harris wrote in the three years since creating his Reddit account are several impassioned attacks on abortion.

“Killing a person (in the sense of abortion) is selfish and malicious with the intent of only satisfying your own personal agenda,” the writer said.

Harris’ defense attorney, Maddox Kilgore, told a judge Harris was deaf in his right ear — the side that was closest to Cooper’s car seat — at the hearing last week.

While Stoddard testified police were never informed of Harris’ disability, posts from the account believed to belong to Harris detailed the incident that allegedly claimed his ability to hear on that side.

“I had a bottle rocket explode in my ear that was shot by friend,” the post reads. “It caused me to have vertigo/terrible balance and facial paralysis for long time, thankfully after two surgeries I have no outward issues, I’m just deaf in my right ear.” 

However, the person believed to be Harris went on to say he was no longer affected by his partial deafness.

“I really can’t tell anymore,” he wrote. “I think my left ear has compensated for what I’m missing in my right ear.”

An alternate lifestyle?

The site believed to be Harris’ Twitter page, silent since his arrest last month, makes little mention of his wife and child.

But one tweet dating back to September of 2013 stands out given the accusations Harris now faces.

The re-tweeted joke hails a “new invention” to quiet down noisy children: “snooze buttons on babies.”

“I’m going to be a billionaire,” the man thought to be Harris writes of the snooze button idea, adding a hashtag at the end that says “shut up and take my money.” 

While some of the online posts believed to be written by Harris paint him as a loving and careful father, his suspected presence on the dating service apps Skout and Kik may show proof he interacted with other women while he was married.

A profile on Skout, which features photos of Harris and is believed to be his, listed his relationship status as married, but says the user is interested in women. The Skout profile says, “Just looking to talk. Message me. I’m harmless.”

A profile under the name Ross Harris on Kik shows a profile name of “imsexy boy” and says the user is open to receiving messages.

Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring said Harris exchanged sexually-explicit photos and messages with six women on these websites the day his son sat in his car parked outside for seven hours on June 18.

“The evidence is showing us right now that he’s got this whole other life that he’s leading with other personalities,” Boring said at the hearing.

“It’s very probable that he wants to be a family man and meet other women. Those are not mutually exclusive,” Dudley said of Harris’ seemingly contradictory behavior. “They’re conflicting, but a lot of people live with a lot of conflict in their lives.”

Ross Harris’ attorney, Maddox Kilgore, objected six times to Boring’s accusations, but the judge denied his objections. Kilgore said he thought the details of Harris’ personal life were unrelated to his intentions the day he left his son in the car.

“That has nothing to do with anything,” Kilgore said in court.

The national media’s scrutiny of the Harris family in the weeks since Cooper’s death has caused Harris and his wife to pull down their Facebook pages and family pictures they had posted to the Internet.

Inga Meier, one of the Harris’ neighbors, said reporters continue to visit their complex in the hopes of learning new information about the couple.

She said the community’s property manager has since informed residents they can call the police if they see news crews roaming the premises.

“Everything is upside down,” she said of the community’s reaction. “Everybody is in shock and disbelief.”

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Source Leanna Harris hires a criminal defense lawyer 


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Mystery surrounds disappearance of pregnant military spouse Erin Corwin

Water district employee spotted missing Marine wife’s vehicle

Anonymous said...

Leanne Harris has left the state.

Dacea said...

Saturday a local man murdered an intruder. Here is an interview with him and his girlfriend who was also there. It's great for statement analysis for sure, especially his first statement. He doesn't feel bad and would do it again to protect his family. Direct. Brief. No apology.

Tania Cadogan said...

“I am now in my dream job, have a beautiful six-month-old son, and love going to work everyday. I couldn’t be happier,” the user, suspected to be Harris, wrote over a year ago.

Dang those pesky dropped pronouns

Lemon said...

Link for LH leaving state:

"The mother of the 22-month boy who died after being left in his father’s hot car for hours, has hired an attorney and has left the state."

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

PHOENIX – An Arizona woman convicted in her young son's disappearance nearly five years ago is out of prison.

Elizabeth Johnson was released early Friday morning from the Perryville state prison west of Phoenix. KNXV-TV ( ) reports that Johnson walked out of the prison and left in her attorney's SUV.

Johnson was given a more than 5-year sentence in 2012 for custodial interference and unlawful imprisonment in the 2009 disappearance of her then-8-month-old son, Gabriel. The baby has never been found.

A jury deadlocked on a kidnapping charge, the most serious count against Johnson, who turns 28 later this month.

Johnson maintained her story that she gave Gabriel away to a couple in Texas.

Johnson was credited for almost three years spent in jail awaiting trial and now faces four years' probation

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

George Zimmerman may have escaped prison time, but at least in lock-up he'd have a bed of his own.

Nearly one year after he was acquitted in the February 2012 shooting death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, 30-year-old Zimmerman is reportedly homeless, unemployed and broke - with less than $1,000 to his name.

The sad details of Zimmerman's life post-trial were revealed in court documents filed as he begins divorce proceedings with wife Shellie.

While the soon to be ex-Mrs Zimmerman supported her husband during the trial last year, the two separated just two months after the July 2013 acquittal when he left her and started seeing someone new.

According to the financial affidavit Zimmerman filed last month, he only has $650 in his bank account, and $14,000 in assets which is mainly his 2008 Honda pickup.

Brother Robert Zimmerman Jr says he doesn't have a home, but rather moves around sleeping at the homes of friends a supporters.

Despite that, Zimmerman manages to spend more than $3,000 a month, with $100 each month on vacations and another $200 to psychological counseling. He spends an estimated $350 a month on medical care.

That kind of spending is shocking since Zimmerman claims he is $2.5million in debt, most of which is owed to defense attorneys Mark O'Mara and Don West.

A legal defense fund that raised over $400,000 has a balance of just $300 today.

It's unclear how Zimmerman continues to fund his lifestyle, as the affidavit says he has no current income.

He did sell a painting last December on eBay for $100,000 but the document didn't say where that money went.

Read more:

Sella35 said...

I find it funny that a defense attorney used the words, "To be honest"... :) It made me smile.

jo said...

“I am now in my dream job, have a beautiful six-month-old son, and love going to work everyday. I couldn’t be happier,”

No mention of wife or happily married.

jo said...

Re: Elizabeth Johnson
If I were judge, I would make condition of probation that she not interfere with custodial right. So if she does not produce her son for visitation with his father, throw her right back in prison for 5 more years.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Harris usually texts 6 women a day. Or if this day, he was going for a major distraction. So he wouldn't have to think about what was going on in his car. I wonder if he thought about his precious baby scratching at his own face, banging his head, probably throwing up breakfast. I am disgusted and disturbed by what happened to this poor baby. I hope he thinks about it every minute of every day.

Kellie said...

Ross thinks the bullet casing cuff links are very fashionable.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Leanna didn't cry to see her son or ask about him. She asked about Ross. That says a f**k of a lot.

New England Water Blog said...

The DA will forgo the death penalty if Ross agrees to testify against his wife. They both will end up serving life.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they will testify against each other? I really don't know what to think, I mean so many cases like these and nothing happens.

Lemon said...


This is an interesting statement for SA :)

“I – I – I … I’m just telling the truth now. I don’t have to run for office again, so I can, just, you know, let ‘er rip.”

Lemon said...

PayPal to Refund Donors who Gave to Ross Harris

"ATLANTA -- The online payment site PayPal says it will give refunds to people who donated to a fundraising campaign for a Georgia family whose toddler died in a hot car.

PayPal spokeswoman Adriana Higuera tells The Associated Press the company will soon be issuing refunds to customers who used PayPal to donate to the campaign at, where a total of more than $22,000 was given." ...

Well done, PayPal. Well done.

Anonymous said...

No way the DA should offer Ross any deal. The death penalty was made for criminals like him. If they want to convict Leanna they should find another way.

Anonymous said...

OT Nathan O'Brien case:

Anonymous said...

Finally some friends are talking.

If Leanna had her way, Cooper would not be an only child, according to the church friend, who says as recently as last winter, Leanna told her she wanted more kids.

"She told me that she wanted an even number of kids, so each kid would have someone to play with," says the friend. "She said that she ideally wanted two boys and two girls, but whatever happened would happen."

But somewhere along the line, the plans changed.

"I think it was in May when she told me that 'now is not the time for more kids,' " says the friend. "I didn't press her to find out what had changed."

"He was socially awkward," says college friend Brett Wagner. "He was deep into chatting online, even back in college. He wasn't great around women in person, but he was pretty witty online."

Adds another college pal: "He always had a ton of computers, hard drives, all that, in his bedroom. He played online games and chatted with people all the time. That was his thing. But he was single when I knew him best. Single guys always use the web to find girls."

ima.grandma said...

The secret life of Justin Ross Harris, hot car death dad wanted to work for cops (snipped)

He had graduated from high school in 1999, and held a number of average type jobs as the years of his life went on. He has held two different jobs at the University of Alabama, one as a Board Operator, and another as an occasional DJ. When Justin Ross landed a web developing position with the national brand Home Depot, life began to change for the better for the Harris family.

In addition to being a man with a very active social life, information is coming out that Justin Ross Harris knows his way around law enforcement. Some of the Reddit's he has been accessing provide information and advice to people trying to get out of DUI arrests. Posts written by Justin Ross on how to avoid an arrest reads,

"Refuse to answer any questions. And ask if you are being detained. If not, leave…everything a police officer does during a possible DUI traffic stop means he is trying to build evidence against you. You should do everything in your power to prevent this."
The information that Justin Ross Hunter would have that would make him an expert in terms of counselling potential DUI arrests comes from his time as a police dispatcher. WIAT 42 News has secured a copy of the personnel file of Justin Ross Harris on July 10 from his employment period as a police dispatcher for the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

In that personnel file it is discovered that he has a history of drug use in 1997, and that he submitted to a polygraph before his hiring in 2006. It was also noted in this personnel file that Justin Ross Harris had expressed interest in working for the police in a long term way.

But having an interest in the police doesn't make one a killer either. Many law enforcement agencies like the FBI however do find that a point of interest when they are investigating suspects. Having an interest or history in law enforcement and/or military work is often noted as a key personality trait by the FBI and law enforcement when they are profiling suspects of crime. This is only one small part of the Justin Ross Harris profile.

Ben McRea who has known Ross Hunter for 15 years told WXIA 11 Alive today that he doesn't even recognize his good friend any more, and thinks of them as a monster. Before this happened, he thought of Ross as "fun to be around. He was very outgoing. He was the center of attention." He said,

"I never dreamed he'd ever hurt that girl [Leanna Harris] in that way."

Justin's former friend also told 11 Alive that Ross was very smart when it came to technology, and that he's actually quite surprised that he would "get caught" by the very thing he was good at.

"He knew simple things like a go clear your history and cookies and all that other junk, and it really blew my mind that he could be so careless. I mean, it's like he's just a different person. It would only take, a – I mean it seems like a monster."

ima.grandma said...

part 2

Justin's former friend, who was a groomsman at his wedding to Leanna Harris, has also been very vocal about what he thinks should happen next. He wants Justin Ross Harris to "get what's coming to him" and if Leanna is involved, he hopes "she's right there with him." Ben has taken to social media to express his disgust of the monster he knows today,

"Thank you God Ross and Leanna didn't have any more kids. I wish I never helped them meet. Am ashamed I ever knew Ross Harris it makes me vomit to see his face now. I loved you like family man how did you get so sick."
People Magazine reported on July 10 that Ben McRae isn't the only former friend of the Harris family that is speaking out. The Harris family were active in the Stonebridge Church in their community. One of the parishoners who preferred to stay anonymous spoke to People about her reactions to some of the peculiar statements that have come to light since the hot car death of Cooper Harris. She said,

"I would have imagined that they would have been more about Cooper than themselves. It's all so twisted. I can't make sense of it. We were shocked."
The churchgoer and friend of the Harris family also alluded to some earlier problems in the marriage between Leanna and Ross Harris. She said that Leanna told her that she wanted more children. People reports that the Stonebridge Church parishioner said,

"She told me that she wanted an even number of kids, so each kid would have someone to play with. She said that she ideally wanted two boys and two girls, but whatever happened would happen. Somewhere along the line, the plans changed. I think it was in May when she told me that 'now is not the time for more kids'. I didn't press her to find out what had changed."
Could it be that this is around the same time that Leanna found out her husband was cheating on her? And had been for at least a year?

Friend Brett Wagner also told People magazine how good Justin Ross was on the computer.
"He was socially awkward. He was deep into chatting online, even back in college. He wasn't great around women in person, but he was pretty witty online….he was single when I knew him best. Single guys always use the web to get girls."

Anonymous said...

I I I I'm. What does four I's say in SA? He's telling the truth NOW? Actually I don't think his is, and according to his own statement, he apparently never was. "You know." ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ben McRea thought of Ross as "fun to be around. He was very outgoing. He was the center of attention."

Friend Brett Wagner told People magazine "He was socially awkward. He was deep into chatting online, even back in college. He wasn't great around women in person, but he was pretty witty online…


He was socially successful, he was socially awkward...his own friends don't seem to know JRH.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous said...
I I I I'm. What does four I's say in SA?

Hi, unless the person is a stutterer, it usually represents an increase in anxiety. The higher the rate used, the higher the anxiety. It may also lead to a breakdown if the rate increases significantly. I think there is a scale on increased anxiety and the pronoun "I".

ima.grandma said...

Mr. McRea met Mr. Harris in 1996 during a youth group trip sponsored by the University Church of Christ, which both men’s parents attended. While Mr. Harris ultimately chafed at some of its strictures, his was a relatively gentle rebellion: He occasionally hung out in Tuscaloosa’s raucous college bars and, as an obsessive guitar player, he was not fond of the church’s ban on instrumental music during worship services.

Mr. Harris graduated from high school in 1999 and worked a series of jobs around Tuscaloosa, including as a police dispatcher and campus mail clerk. In 2006, he married Leanna, an aspiring dietitian.

She eventually prevailed upon Mr. Harris to return to college, Mr. McRea said. Mr. Harris enrolled at the university in 2009 and pursued a degree in management information systems. Mr. McRea said that his friend, as a 28-year-old new university student, began hanging out with underclassmen and falling back into the life of a college student, sometimes keeping late hours that his wife would nag him about.

During this time, Mr. McRea said, Ms. Harris “desperately wanted kids,” but the couple agreed to hold off until Mr. Harris finished his degree.

“They were waiting for the responsible time to have a baby and both wanted Cooper,” Julia Apodaca, a longtime friend of the couple who was a bridesmaid to Ms. Harris, said in an emailed response to written questions.

He graduated in 2012, and the couple made plans to move to suburban Atlanta, where Home Depot had offered him a job. Mr. McCleland remembers that they seemed happy and excited about their prospects.


Ben McRea outside his apartment in Gordo, Ala. The story about Mr. Harris does not match up, he said, with the carefree, but seemingly well-grounded man he grew up with. Credit Bob Miller for The New York Times
They rented a condominium in a handsome neighborhood in Marietta, Ga., near Mr. Harris’s new job, and Mr. Harris connected with a contemporary Christian church, where he played lead guitar.

Cooper was born in August 2012, and the couple bombarded Ms. Apodaca, who lives in Alaska, with photographs and videos of the child. Ms. Harris would even forward Cooper’s daily day care email.

“All I saw from either of them was love for that little boy,” Ms. Apodaca said.

About 13 months after Cooper’s birth, Mr. Harris posted a joke on Twitter originally posted by Andrew Osenga, a Christian musician based in Nashville: “NEW INVENTION: Snooze buttons on babies.”

The joke may have been innocent enough, but there were more serious signs of trouble for the family. Mr. Harris had apparently grown unhappy at his job. Before his arrest, he had been passed over for a promotion. He had also applied, unsuccessfully, for a job at Chick-fil-A, the chicken sandwich chain that emphasizes Christian values, authorities said. And during the court hearing, officials said the family was having financial problems, with Mr. Harris overcharging credit cards. The couple held life insurance policies of $2,000 and $25,000 for their son.

On the morning of June 18, according to Detective Phil Stoddard of the Cobb County Police Department, Mr. Harris and his son watched cartoons in bed. They went to a Chick-fil-A store for breakfast, and then Mr. Harris parked his car in his workplace parking lot. He went to work at 9:25 a.m., Mr. Stoddard said.

ima.grandma said...

snipped from my last post:
"Mr. Harris had apparently grown unhappy at his job. Before his arrest, he had been passed over for a promotion. He had also applied, unsuccessfully, for a job at Chick-fil-A, the chicken sandwich chain that emphasizes Christian values, authorities said. And during the court hearing, officials said the family was having financial problems, with Mr. Harris overcharging credit cards. The couple held life insurance policies of $2,000 and $25,000 for their son."

I wrote the following sentences commenting in Peter's post "Leanna Harris" dated June 30:
'Your words also caused me to think about the Home Depot aspect of negligence on their part. Perhaps he was not as happy with his employer as their charitable acts imply. Maybe he was having problems at work either in performance or promotion. Revenge could play a part.'

I wasn't able to put it together at that point but now I find this statement about JRH unsuccessfully applying for a job at Chick-fil-A. I am convinced JRH plotted the entire murder with every move choreographed to satisfy his selfish needs (most self-centered people believe they deserve everything they want and are outraged if they are denied.) This plan has been in development for some time, it wasn't a quick impulsive action to resolve overwhelming problems.

By murdering baby Cooper he would receive instant self-gratification through these end results:
revenge toward Home Depot
revenge toward Chick-fil-A
money from life insurance policies
donations from the public
start up income for new business 
a child-free life
positive socialized attention he was denied while growing up 

I hope to schedule time today to begin again with all of Peter's posts regarding this case and review with the knowledge we now have. Leanne's eulogy has so many clues! She is repeating her husband's justifications for erasing their perceived "money pit" also known as "Cooper Mills Harris" They were ill prepared for the time, energy, money, and SACRIFICE required to care for and raise a child. I wonder what the final straw was that moved a mindful idea into an "execution of a mission" 

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very good analysis!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Ima gramma, how would that be revenge at the two companies? I see in his actions and that of Leanna a pre-meditated murder, but I don't see how it has to do with revenge in your analysis?

Lucy said...

@ Anon July 12, 2014 at 12:37 AM:

"He was socially successful, he was socially awkward...his own friends don't seem to know JRH."

Showing different, conflicting faces to different people is one of the signs of a sociopath. He will be whatever person will best suit his needs in that particular situation.

Anonymous said...

Revenge in the form of bad publicity--- association to a child death is not an advertising positive.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine leaving town, while dealing with the loss of a child. Everyone is different, but I imagine packing up their things would be so difficult. Idk, are her parents from a different state?

Anonymous said...

" snot and tears in the dirt". This part of her eulogy stands out to me. It may be a socioeconomic class thing, but I can not imagine using the word " snot" in a formal speech to honor someone in front of a roomful of people. Most people do not reference uncontrollable body fluids during a eulogy even in reference to grief. Tears alone would be acceptable. " snot" references preschoolers who are unable to wipe their own nose and repulsion. Her sentence comes across as the trifecta of repulsion -- snot ( uncontrollable body fluid), tears ( uncontrollable emotion) and dirt ( uncleanliness). Little boys have a lot of all three. Also snot would run down the face to " full toddler lips" and a stuffy nose would cause mouth breathing at night.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon 10:08

Both company's now have their name/brand mixed up in the murder/death of a toddler. Will you ever think about Home Depot or Chik-fil-a again without being reminded of Cooper's death?

Even if things had gone as planned, and LE bought into JRH's accident story...both of those locations would be tainted, (at least locally) as the place Cooper died, and the place he ate before he died. Employees, visitors, and patrons, would think of the connection everytime they pulled into the lot, and drove past where JRH parked on the day his son died in his car. Negative connotations can be powerful, as people don't want to think of a baby suffering, nor a parent forgetting, or worse murdering, their child.

As it now stands, JRH has not only branded these businesses, but also cost them legal fees. Both chik-fil-a, and Home Depot must now cooperate with the prosecution of JRH, provide surveillance videos, and most likely testimony about JRH's actions the day of Cooper's death. Both will need to provide counsel to any witnesses subpoenaed, in order to advise them, and protect themselves.

MN L said...

Red Flag ? Re: Ben Mc Reas statement:

I never dreamed he'd ever hurt THAT girl [ Leanna]
in that way

I sense Ben may not like Leeanna for whatever reason or knows the "REAL" Leanna

The word That sticks out to me or am I reading to much in to it?

Unknown said...

*witnesses subpoenaed from their respective companies.

Unknown said...

Hi MN L,

I agree it's strange he call a Leanna that girl. What is more striking to me though, is that he focused on the infidelity, or impact on Leanna...when Cooper is the one who is dead.

When I read that sentence, I thought, 'do that to her, what about do that to his son?!?

Mn L said...

Yes, I agree. I was thinking that also.

Anonymous said...

I watched a case on dateline. One person was convicted of murder, the persons spouse at the time worked at the police dept.

The spouse stated the murder was confessed to them by their spouse. The other person denies this.

Later it was said the spouse that worked at the police station actually framed the other one.

Struggling to find a lot of statements when asked directly...

But the spouse that worked at the police dept passed a polygraph.

And in one video clip (unable to find full interviews just clips) was asked if they framed their spouse for murder.

Did you frame your spouse?
Reply: "no, absolutely not"

They appear to be nodding yes but the clip stops.

In a separate interview clip (again only a clip) was asked

Why should we believe you
Reply "because I told the truth"

Now I heard the second one and initially thought that was truth. But I'm not sure if the "unable to lie twice" means she had to lie right before this. Which we don't know since it was a clip and I don't have anything before that.

Thoughts from those more into SA.

I'll post the names later. trying to focus just on those statements for now.

I keep looking for more but it's an old case so limited.

And thoughts on the one passing a lie detector test. Being they work at a police dept....I know people can be trained to pass them.

Also was some rumors that the spouse was having affair with someone on the police force.

Anonymous said...

Leanna Harris has methadone eyes

Anonymous said...

Page Pate, a criminal defense expert, said Georgia law allows for attorneys to call spouses to testify at trials against their husbands or wives under certain circumstances.

"If the crime involves domestic violence against the spouse or if it involves injury to a child, violence done to a child or crime done against a child, then the court can compel a spouse to testify against the other spouse," Pate said.

Leanna Harris could invoke her right not to incriminate herself to try to get out of testifying.

"Leanna Harris, the wife, certainly has 5th amendment protection. She has a reasonable belief that she could be prosecuted," Pate said.

Pate added, however, "a judge can compel someone to testify even if they don't want to testify as long as the state gives them immunity for what they say in court."

Either prosecution or defense could call Leanna Harris to testify.

It is unclear which side would she help more.

"If she's not charged, and doesn't face the prospect of being charged, I expect we will see her as a witness for the defense," Pate said.

Pate said, on the other hand, Leanna Harris's testimony could hurt her husband.

"If she's not fully supportive of her husband, the prosecution would likely try to get her to take the stand," Pate said.


Anonymous said...

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
For three relentless hours, Ross Harris served as a prosecutor’s punching bag, his reputation leveled by one broadside after another.
By the time last week’s probable cause hearing was over, he had become one of the nation’s most infamous defendants — accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son in a sweltering SUV long enough to die.
But, while the public may have made up its mind about the baby-faced IT specialist, charged with felony murder and second-degree cruelty to children, legal experts say the case against him, while solid, is no slam dunk, especially if the charges are upgraded to indicate malice.
“Look at Casey Anthony,” said jury consultant Jeri Cagle, referring to the Florida mother found not guilty of killing her 3-year-old daughter despite what prosecutors thought was overwhelming evidence.
Harris, 33, contends he mistakenly left his 22-month-old son Cooper locked in his car seat for seven hours as temperatures inside the 2011 Hyundai Tuscon soared above 130 degrees.
The case has generated headlines worldwide, and with good reason. According to those who track the number of children who have died when left in hot cars, this is the first time a parent or guardian has ever been accused of doing so on purpose.
“This is unprecedented,” said Janette Fennell, president and founder of the advocacy group “I’ve examined over 700 cases in my career, and I’ve never heard of this before.”

(I will post more snipped info from this article and its link in part 2 of my comment under this's an interesting read)

Anonymous said...

Cobb Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring said at last week’s hearing that evidence presented “has shown this was intentional.” However, the charges don’t yet reflect that.
Veteran criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow said the defense should push the prosecution to make up its mind on the issue of malice.
“I would want them to take a stand,” Sadow said. “And, if they didn’t, I’d exploit that. If they can’t make up their mind, that indicates they can’t prove it.”
Upping the charges raises the bar on the prosecution. “I’d be hoping for that if I was the representing him,” Sadow said. Charging Harris with intent to kill would make the defense’s job a little easier, he said.
By doing so, the prosecution would, in essence, identify Harris as “a monster” without peer, said former DeKalb County District Attorney J. Tom Morgan.
“I don’t see any middle ground — he intentionally murdered a child or it’s a horrible tragedy,” said Morgan, now a defense lawyer. “If they show premeditation, that he intentionally killed that child, then (Cobb District Attorney) Vic Reynolds can do nothing less than seek the death penalty.”
And that would present another challenge for the state. Could they prove that Harris — who, according to friends and family, was a doting dad — is a cold-hearted killer willing to let his son suffer one of the worst deaths imaginable?
“You’d almost have to show he was mentally ill, completely devoid of empathy,” said Decatur defense lawyer Bob Rubin. “Proving this was a purposeful act is full of hurdles, unless there’s a smoking gun out there.”
So far, the prosecution’s case is almost completely circumstantial, although that’s not unusual, said Gwinnett defense attorney Christine Koehler.

CONTINUE reading here:

Anonymous said...

You won't hear this brought up in the trial it's a poor assumption. The other evidence is obvious and makes sense.

Anonymous said...

You won't hear this brought up in the trial it's a poor assumption. The other evidence is obvious and makes sense.

Anonymous said...

JUSTIN ROSS HARRIS' Life in danger in prison; he was threatened by other prisoners and he has been moved to the Mental Health Ward.

ima.grandma said...

Ummm... Ima gramma, how would that be revenge at the two companies? I see in his actions and that of Leanna a pre-meditated murder, but I don't see how it has to do with revenge in your analysis?

I see that several have posted suggestions as an answer with similar ideas. JenOw has worded it very well. I saw the negative attention towards these businesses as an afterthought target. His goal was to eliminate Cooper but as an added benefit, he threw in the businesses as pieces of his plot.

Daycare's may be liable for failure to complete absentee notification process - precludes possible negligence lawsuit.

If he couldnt get the extra money a promotion would bring then he could receive it from the Home Depot (HD) employee assistance fund: Homer Fund is the charity paid into by HD employees, upon hard times, this charity aids employees. 
He was well aware of this fund and its intended uses - he wrote much about it on the reddit site. This fund would provide living expenses, etc. during the grieving process. sympathetic employees would donate their paid leave benefit days to JKH during this time. i have worked HR for a state agency and I have seen generosity come forth for those peers who have had tragedy up to the point of contributed leave for up to six months.

The Obit of Cooper: In lieu of flowers, the family would like to give back to a very special fund that has chosen to support us during this tragic time. Please make donations to the Homer Fund.

JRH had to have knowledge of his benefits provided as a full time employee. per the HD website: Full time Employees benefits include: Life Insurance, adjacent to, separate benefit, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance (usually pay double benefits) Eligible dependents, may also be covered under most plans. I'd lay money Cooper was included.

Anonymous said...

From what has been revealed so far, Leanna had nothing to gain from her baby's death. What she has lost includes:
1. Her baby
2. Her husband
3. Her husband's income from his job
4. Her dignity/ respect in the community
5. Her own job/ income if she has moved out of state with relatives
6. Her husband's vehicle which she may be still paying for
7. Her home computer(s) that have digital photos of her baby and his life
8. Possibly her medical insurance if she was insured under his job
9. Some of her friends
10. Her privacy
11. Cooper's insurance policy which would be in limbo pending the case
She is gaining everything negative and tons of his legal debt if she stays married-- on top of his school loan debt, etc. I think her defense attorney should beg her to file for divorce. Ross clearly doesn't love her and would lie and implicate her in a heartbeat to save his own skin.

ima.grandma said...

Anonymous - this is true, however, narcisistic people (jrh) do not expect to fail. They expected to gain and only lose Cooper who is safe in the arms of Jesus per Leanne's own words.

ima.grandma said...

I believe they had every move planned including the funeral. I think the eulogy was rehearsed and explains Leanne's words ... I did not expect to be standing here (meaning she expected Ross to be standing there) and ... I am doing this for you, okay. Ross saying ... I'm sorry I couldn't be there ...

During the televised hearing, JRH looks more in shock than anything. Not in shock because he has lost his son but shock because he thought he could outsmart all and succeed.

Anonymous said...

OT: Is Amanda Knox planning to accuse Raffaele of murder?

Amanda Knox, the 27 year old woman who was re-convicted last January of the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy, is planning to accuse her ex-boyfriend of murder very soon, according to reliable sources close to the Knox family, the PR firm Gogerty-Marriott and close to the Amanda Knox lawyers.

Since Raffaele Sollecito changed his version of events during the night of the murder last week, Curt Knox has been very angry and agitated according to our sources. Amanda Knox is also furious. Raffaele Sollecito said on July 2 in Rome ”that the evidence showed Amanda was not with him at his home at the time of the killing of Ms Kercher”…The latest strategy from the Raffaele’s defense is basically canceling Amanda Knox’s alibi during the night of the murder, a move that infuriated Curt Knox and left Amanda without an alibi during the night of the murder.

So where was Amanda Knox if she was not with Raffaele?? Amanda felt she had to make a move, and she is making a move.

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

OT: Amanda Knox changing story/ cont.

The Knox camp is planning to compile some documents with some of the new information given by Amanda and will approach discreetly the Italian courts (Cassation) with these new elements. Our sources close to the new plan said that Amanda is now accusing Raffaele of murder and that they were both in the house during the murder. She now is saying that she went back to her house that night to buy some drugs from Rudy Guede. When she arrived home, Meredith was furious and angry at Amanda about some money which was stolen from her room. Meredith was apparently very very angry. Amanda then left – scared- and came back with Raffaele 30 minutes later.
Raffaele tried to calm her down but did not succeed. Meredith was becoming hysterical and violent, according to the new revelations by Amanda. Meredith became so violent that she started to attack Amanda, and then Raffaele stopped her. Meredith then grabbed a knife and fought with Raffaele. Then Raffaele killed Meredith with the knife and he also lost control in the process and slashed Meredith’s throat despite Amanda telling him to stop, according to the new revelations by Amanda. Amanda is now saying that she witnessed the whole thing from the kitchen and covered her ears at time because of the screams.

After the murder, Amanda decided to help Raffaele and clean up the whole scene. They both organized the set up and wanted to make it look like a burglary done by Rudy Guede. Still according to Amanda, she has been defending Raffaele for all these years because she was in love with him, and she was only a witness of Meredith’s murder but had nothing to do with it. Amanda is changing her story now because, according to our sources, she felt betrayed by Raffaele’s latest defense move.

Amanda said that she now wants to tell the whole truth about the murder committed by Raffaele and she does not want to lie anymore just to protect Raffaele.
Curt Knox and Amanda both came up with that new defense plan and they both want Raffaele to be brought to justice for the murder of Meredith Kercher. That is what they are expressing in the documents that they plan to send to the Italian courts.

Anonymous said...

After Marietta police heard reports that Ross Harris’ lawyer received death threats they had a detective contact the office only to be told they’d received many less than complimentary messages, but no actual threats of violence.

At the jail, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office handled questions about reports other inmates had beaten up Ross Harris, or that he’d been sequestered in the jail’s mental health ward — both a spokesperson said were not true.

Anonymous said...

Link for anon@3:19 article/comment:

Unknown said...

What do you mean? We weren't discussing what evidence would be brought up at trial.

The question at hand was how would JRH commiting his crime by involving chik-fil-a and home depot be revenge against them.

Unknown said...

Also, it's not a poor assumption, when JRH has a negative career association with both companies, and he just happened to eat at one, before he killed his son at the other.

Nobody said that was the motive, or the key to the case...but he chose the scene for some reason, why not revenge?

In my opinion, nothing is off the table with these two psychos.

Anonymous said...

Inga Meier, one of the Harris’ neighbors, said reporters continue to visit their complex in the hopes of learning new information about the couple.

She said the community’s property manager has since informed residents they can call the police if they see news crews roaming the premises.

“Everything is upside down,” she said of the community’s reaction. “Everybody is in shock and disbelief.”

"Upside down". She uses the same description for the trauma and turmoil the community is feeling as Leanna used for describing the impact Cooper had on her and Ross's life.

I'm curious if she was aware she was doing so..

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was Cow Appreciation day at Chick Fil A and several friends went and enjoyed a free meal, complete with fb phots. Not once did I think of Cooper or the Harris'. I have to go to Home Depot tomorrow and no, I won't be thinking about Cooper or the Harris'. The revenge against the companies angle and the belief that the murder of Cooper and the names of those companies will be intrinsically linked are way off track for me.

Juliette said...

I agree ima has an important and astute point, and what she says does help prove premeditated as it was JRH's mind-set at the time he murdered Cooper, whether or not it can be used as evidence in court.

ima.grandma said...

My intent of my original opinion is to recognize a premeditated plan designed by JRH to murder his son. In any plan, one must identify the steps required to execute the plan. The steps are then broken down into specifications such as when, where, how, etc.

My opinion attempted to explain his reasoning why he chose the specifications he did. He could have taken Cooper to MccDonalds or Grandy's, why did he choose Chick-fil-A? He could have left Cooper in the driveway all day while sending Leann out of town for the day, why did he choose his own parking lot where there are probably employees in and out of the lot all day long increasing risk of failure?

I'm not implying his motivation was to seek revenge on companies he felt slighted by. I'm not implying killing Cooper was one of the steps he used to achieve the goal of revenge. As he developed his plan he discovered additional perks (revenge) would result adding to the justification and thereby empowering him with guts to carry out his mission.

If indeed JRH really did murder his child do you agree he must be a sociopath? Narcissistic Sociopaths have specific traits and tendencies that include distorted thinking but their delusions do have patterns of reasoning and choices based on their individual experiences.

I post here to gain knowledge, to read others' shared thoughts, and to offer informed opinions. You may choose to agree, disagree, or agree to disagree. Any other choices not listed, well...peace out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so, it was just convenience. Jen Ow I have been coming to this site for a few years, your comments are always hmmmm.....gosh I don't want to say something too rude but your kinda overbearing.

Unknown said...

What exactly is 'overbearing' in your personal internal dictionary?

Is it overbearing to express an opinion, in response to a comment? (Apparently, not when you do it, huh?)

BTW- that was rude.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Jen OW be overbearing. She's to the point and honest, and isn't afraid to share her opinion. She's not overbearing or rude. I always like reading her comments. By the way, the abbreviation for "you are" is "you're". :)

Anonymous said...

The same can be said for anyone who commits a crime of any sort, but especially a crime against a child. The crimes still happen though, day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. I don't enjoy her comments, so I guess I'm truthful and not afraid of sharing my opinion. Let me guess what both of you look like and do everyday? Wow, no thanks that's really not interesting. I do respect Peter so I won't go and be an immature commentator.

ima.grandma said...

Jen, it's (inanimate) just (minimizing) that (distancing) unique (qualifying) friend (sarcasm) baiting (action) us (extra word)

:) keep smiling

Anonymous said...

I don't think he did it at Home Depot or went to Chick Fil A for any sort of revenge. I think he did it at Home Depot just because that's where he worked and it was probably easiest to go (have to be at) to work for an extended period of time and could use that as an excuse to forget. It was said that he went to Chick Fil A several times a month with Cooper for breakfast. I think it's disgusting that he himself could woof down some food, both then and at lunch, but I think it was him just trying to claim "routine, nothing out of the ordinary".

That being said, Ima has a right to her opinion and thoughts, and actually some people probably do now associate, in their mind, Cooper's death and Home Depot and Chik Fil A. You said you went yesterday and didn't think of Cooper, have to go tomorrow and won't be thinking of Cooper. You are though. Why else would you be mentioning it. And, how do you know ahead of time, what you won't be thinking about?

Anonymous said...

I think LH is accomplice to JRH and that the closer JRH gets to dp, the more chance he turns on LH and prove her part and role in Cooper's death if she seems to him to be 'getting away' with it.

He seems the type who will take her down with him when he falls, even if it seals his fate. I don't see him as man enough to take the full rap if she is involved.

I hope, if and when it comes to that, that her mom isn't another Cindy Anthony O.o

Anonymous said...

*you're :) What doesn't make sense about it?

Anonymous said...

What? Ohmyword the lack of logic and reasoning here makes me crazy. I was thinking of him in correlation to!tjose companies only in response to someone suggesting people will automatically link them. The idea was planted. Now I will likely think of this conversation and be irritated,

Unknown said...

OMG- My mind is blown right now!

My aunt Peggy lives in Louisiana, and she just posted on Facebook that one of her customer's walked into her shop earlier today, and brushed past her saying that she was in a hurry, and she only had '5 minutes' to pick out a coffee table, because her grandson was asleep in her car!!

My aunt said she was stunned, and offered to watch the baby while she shopped, but the woman refused, and said that she "left the car running, with the air on". My aunt said she was scared, and debating calling the police. The car could have been stolen, over-heated, or any number of things, and the parking lot is to the side of the shop, with no view from the inside.

My aunt asked in her post what she should have done different, and what she should do if it ever happens again. She has a 1yo grandson, and of course, she has seen all these car deaths on the news...but she said she felt helpless when the woman refused to bring the baby inside.

Most people said she should have called the police, or she should post a sign saying it's against company policy to leave pets, or children in the parking lot unattended. I told her that I would have asked Granny if the baby's mother would take issue with her intense urge to shop for coffee tables, at the expense of her son's safety.

Seriously, what is wrong with people! This woman clearly knew better, (since she put the air on) but she still left the baby in the car! As much as this topic has been on the news lately, it's inexcusable!

Unknown said...

Will do, and you keep smiling too!


ima.grandma said...

snipped: Zimmerman commented several times on the case as a legal analyst for WXIA-TV in Atlanta. Now that he represents Harris (Leanne) he says commenting on the case outside of his new duties, would be a conflict of interest.

But the day after Ross Harris was charged with murder, Zimmerman questioned the charges against him.

"This man is behind bars and they're saying it's willful... It sounds like it may be cruelty in the second degree possibly if at all," said Zimmerman.

During a probable cause hearing he downplayed the importance of testimony regarding Ross Harris' "double life." ... The investigator also said Harris had visited several Internet sites related to living a child-free life 

"We don't know if he had any conversations with anybody. If he was in a chat room saying I want to get rid of my wife, I want to get rid of my child," said Zimmerman.

Does anyone know if JRH really did say that? I wondered why the child-free reddit topic was the only shut down. You can view all the others JRH participated in.
snipped: "Clearly she's the subject of the investigation," said Ken Hodges, a former prosecutor. ... "With her going on these websites regarding leaving children in cars and if she went on the other websites regarding being a childless parent, those would all be strong indicators that she was involved," Hodges said.

Anonymous said...

I would have told the lady to get her grandchild out of the car and/or her to get out of the store and that I MIGHT then not call the police on her.

Unknown said...

Agreed! Please Lord, I can't take another Cindy Anthony, lying in the face of direct evidence, and assisting a murderer in avoiding responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Also, I do feel bad for your Aunt being put into that position. It's mind boggling, and you sometimes don't want to get into other peoples business. At this point in my life, I don't care anymore. If it involves the safety of a child I will speak up. Imagine that lady doing it that time, then thinking it turned out ok, so she keeps doing it over and over, for longer periods of time, until it's too late. She (sadly) obviously needs someone in an authoritative position to tell her what to do.

Unknown said...

I know right! My aunt said she was worried about being 'rude' to the woman, because she is a long-time customer!

Screw customer courtesy when someone is being so ignorant!

Unknown said...

At least if she stormed out of the store, the baby wouldn't be alone anymore!

Your right, who knows if she will be emboldened and think well I can run in the bank, store, pharmacy, gym, etc.

My aunt was also worried that it was her liability since the woman told her...if something happened, it would be on her too? I'm not sure about the liability, but it probably is a good idea to put up a sign.

(Then again, if she's stupid enough to do it in the first place, I doubt a sign would stop her.)

Anonymous said...

I have no comment on his guilt or innocence, a trial will hopefully determine the truth of it. I wonder how many people who are casting stones at his internet activities have some "interesting" ones of their own. Beware everything that can be used against you will be used against you, no matter if its out of context or not. I am hyper aware of where I visit on the net, and people could easily say "she's into some dark dark things therefore I think she's capable of murder." (I study crime). I realize this isn't the same as texting while married, however, there's nothing that ties that poor choice with murder either. He could have been very distracted by his sexting and/or anticipating sexting that he forgot his son. This case is not cut and dry. The death of a small child makes us want someone to pay and he's a perfect candidate for blame. It does not mean he's guilty. *If he didn't plan it he has terrible timing when it comes to internet searches. That said he's worked for the "force" and would know that they can do a forensic audit of his computer - he'd have to be very very stupid to do that search and not know it was going to be found. It's not going to be an easy case to win unless there's an 11th hour confession.

Unknown said...

I bet his attorney is regretting that comment about 2nd degree cruelty, lol!

That's almost as bad as Mark Garagos talking about how guilty Scott Peterson was...then taking his case and trying to defend him.

(I always thought that hiring him was a legal maneuver to give him fool proof grounds for appeal...Garagos was critical of him even in front of the jury with his comments about Scott cheating, etc.)

Unknown said...

Anon 7:41

Thank you for your impressive display of maturity.


Your friend Irony

Anonymous said...

I disagree anon 858pm...I think it's going to wind up being an easy case to win. There are too many factors pointing to JRH and LH's guilt, the sexting, the researches, the daycare details...then there is JRH and LH themselves, actions and words.

I think the state will win this one, and I think they will wind up with both JHR and LH behind bars.

Anonymous said...

I get the impression from all the articles and reports I am reading from links, especially in the Cobb County area, that at this point Ross's lawyers are trying to keep dp off the table more than anything.

Anonymous said...

OT, I can't believe the Elizabeth Johnson / Baby Gabriel case was 5 years ago... I can't believe she is getting off this easy. I remember reading that she texted Gabriel's dad to say he was blue and she stuffed him in his diaper bag. They searched the landfill. It was awful! How is a few years in jail and "probation" an appropriate sentence for this?!

Anonymous said...

Snipped from anon 8:58 p.m.

'That said he's worked for the "force" and would know that they can do a forensic audit of his computer - he'd have to be very very stupid to do that search and not know it was going to be found. It's not going to be an easy case to win unless there's an 11th hour confession.'

_______ end of snip____

JRH didn't think LE would be taking his computers and such; he thought he was going to walk out of this with a non-malicious intent...he's in a whole other ball game now...he's playing a whole different league than he and LH anticipated they'd be facing. If they seem sloppy in their crime, it's probably because they prepared for a different outcome, one which didn't involve the charges and dp he is facing.

I think it's easy to see they planned Cooper's death once you add up all the evidence that has emerged; I imagine there is a lot more evidence we haven't seen yet. The detective said they had only scratched the surface, I think he means there is lots more there.

MzOpinion8d said...

Was the child free reddit actually shut down, or just changed to a closed group? I have read both but "shut down" sounds more dramatic so it seems like that's what the media wanted to run with.

Kellie said...

Reddit with roscoeua aka Ross Harris

OP said....
A friend of mine had her car broken into last night at the Miley Cyrus concert. Her Macbook Pro was stolen and it had a lot of things that aren't replaceable such as pictures. If you see or hear anything that could help us please let me know.

[–]RoscoeUA 12 points 3 months ago

I will never understand why people take things like this to an event like that and leave it in their car.

[–]won_vee_won_skrub 75 points 3 days ago

Like their kids.

[–]wesleyt89 17 points 2 days ago

I don't think you're one to talk about leaving things in your car..

[–]Dtapped 3 points 20 hours ago

God I hope this never gets deleted.

The irony, the f****** irony.

[–]J_the_Assassin 6 points 1 day ago

Aint you the mf who left their kid in a car? Its a f***** up world already and we go through the same s*** every year and every year there is always some dumbass to do it.

[–]Guanthwei 2 points 9 hours ago

Wait, what?

[–]J_the_Assassin 2 points 9 hours ago

/u/roscoeua left his kid inside of his car. he was on the news and all. Let me find the link right quick

here ya go:

[–]NiceBreakfast 1 point 12 hours ago

You're an absolute waste of human life, sorry, human lives.

Kellie said...

Anonymous said...

He could have been very distracted by his sexting and/or anticipating sexting that he forgot his son.

July 12, 2014 at 8:58 PM

:/ Does anyone else find that statement soooo out of order?!

Juliette said...

Yes Kellie, I do! Out of order and disturbing...

Anonymous said...

The entire comment by anon@8:58pm was disturbed and disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:51 here. The fact people find my comment disturbing is amusing and adds weight to my message regarding misplaced judgement. My point which was clearly missed was there will be a defence I.e he was distracted by his poor character choices. (Horrific) The same information which is vilifying him today will be used to try and save him, For what it's worth I am a daily reader and am fascinated by the topic of statement analysis. I believe in it. I do not believe in armchair juries, if they were in place we'd have call in voting and this man and his wife would have been swung from a tree already.

Kellie said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:51 here.
My point which was clearly missed...

July 13, 2014 at 3:52 AM

No, your point wasn't missed at all and neither is your pomposity being missed. You are now doing what we call back-peddling. Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

People do look up weird things, but they're usually associated with something else they've been reading. For instance if you've been following a certain case, you may look up things associated with said case; this one, you may just look up how long it takes for a child to die in a hot car. The difference is, all your internet history and searches will show the association. If, out of the blue, you randomly look up, how long does it take a child to die in a hot car, then subsequently you leave your child in a hot car to die, there's a problem. What are the odds of a coincidence in looking up a very specific way for your child to die, and then it actually happens? Not even that it happens, but you actually did it yourself? Slim to none, but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

"I am hyper aware of where I visit on the net, and people could easily say "she's into some dark dark things therefore I think she's capable of murder." (I study crime)."

Are you capable of muder though? I'm going to assume not. There's a big difference between following crime, and studying it to get ideas on how to perform it. Yes, if you performed a murder in the exact way you had been researching, then it would not look good for you, and it would most likely show premeditation. Whether you agree or not, that's most likely what a group of your peers would think, because that's exactly what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

CAUGHT OUT - I believe the first paragraph of ima.grandma's post is a quote she is responding to.

"You're" welcome, btw! :)

ima.grandma said...
The Toronto Relationships Examiner previously reported on a phone conversation that occurred between Justin Ross Hunter at 4 PM that day and his wife Leanna Harris. Detective Stoddard testified about that call,

"Around 4:00, he [Justin Ross Harris] receives a phone call from his wife, Leanna. They play phone tag, he receives one, misses it, he calls her back and he calls her a third time and actually gets through to her. And they have about a minute – little over a minute phone call, phone conversation."

One of the questions raised since that testimony came to light was, what where they talking about? Ross had already been to his car that day.

Was it something important, is that why no voicemails were left, but instead transpired into an urgent play of phone tag?

Here is another question that everybody is asking, and pulling Leanna Harris smack into the center of this investigation. According to the Medical Examiner's report, Cooper Harris died by noon on the day of June 18, 2014. Phone records discussed on CNN Transcripts show that Leanna Harris and Justin Ross Harris had already had one phone conversation that day, at 4:00 P.M., after Justin Harris had already been to his car at least once, and after 12 P.M. on the day in question.

Stoddard testified that phone call lasted approximately one minute, but of course he could not testify to the content of that conversation because he was not a part of it. According to testimony, Leanna tried to reach Ross at approximately 4 P.M. and missed him. He calls her back and misses her, then calls her again and they spoke for one minute.

Ross had been to his car at least once since noon that day, which would have been hours after Cooper Harris had been sitting in that vehicle.

What were Leanna and Justin Ross Harris talking about?

Chances are, law enforcement and the State are going to allege that this conversation sounded like, "What is the story?" given that, as soon as Leanna Harris arrived to the police station the day her husband was charged, one of the first things she asked him was reportedly, "Did you say too much?"

At 4:16 PM video surveillance will show Justin Ross Harris leaving the Home Depot parking lot.

He also testified that while this was happening, Leanna Harris was arriving at the Apron Strings Daycare Center at 4:51 P.M. According to Detective Stoddard, this is what happened,

"Once she walked into the daycare, she walked into Cooper's classroom, where she ran into Michelle. And she asked, you know, what are you doing here? And Leanna is like, "i'm here to pick up Cooper." And they're like, "Ross never dropped Cooper off." And she's like -- just got really calm. And she's like, well, i don't know what to do. They walked back out into the lobby and, in front of several witnesses, all of a sudden she states, "Ross must have left him in the car." And they're like, what? There's no other -- no other reason -- no other explanation, excuse me. "Ross must have left him in the car." And they tried to console her. And they're like, "No, you know, there's a thousand reasons. He could have taken him to lunch or something. We don't know yet." And she's like no."

ima.grandma said...

Forbes Magazine published a review of the book "Spy the Lie" authored by former CIA agents who said the number one way they note that someone is telling the truth is that innocent people will always deny.

To date, Leanna Harris hasn't actually denied anything. Granted, most of the heat has been taken by her husband until recently, so what has she got to deny?

She has not been charged with anything either, so why should she deny anything?

Or, is this exactly how she planned it? So that she wouldn't have to deny anything at all?

To those that think that her lack of communication and stone-walled expressions mean nothing in the grand scheme of this case, they may want to think again.

According to the FBI, those statements and what they really mean are exactly the kinds of things that law enforcement looks at very carefully when key witnesses in a case are not saying very much. The FBI cites several points of research on their website that they use to analyze what key individuals are telling them "between the lines" of their interviews.

Could the stony face of Leanna Harris be giving law enforcement more information than we think?

According to the FBI,
"Statement analysis involves examining several aspects of someone’s words, including verbs describing communication and uncompleted action; changes in verb tense; minimizing, intensifying, and editing adverbs; extraneous information; unique sensory details; and statement structure, which identifies the person’s focus—on the incident or somewhere else."
In statement analysis of Leanna Harris, statements such as "Ross must have left him in the car" might be used as examples where someone "identified the person's focus – on the incident or somewhere else."

In another statement Leanna tells a lot about her situation without saying much when she says, "Did you say too much?" What are law enforcement thinking about that statement?

The same thing that the rest of the world thinks, that this is a suspicious statement. But one can not be arrested or charged on a statement like that alone. The biggest reason this statement is suspicious is not as harmful to Justin Ross Harris however, as it is to Leanna Harris.

In this statement, she attempts to deflect the focus off of her, and because she is doing the asking what she is basically doing is pointing the finger right back to herself. It was not Justin Ross that asked that question at the police station when the two met up together for the first time after hearing of the death of their son.

It was Leanna that wanted to make sure that he didn't.

Did that mean that she was just checking in with him, and that everything was going to plan for her? Was Ross just the puppet in this plan? That statement has been construed and analyzed by every legal expert on every media outlet from here to Alaska. That's just one theory.

ima.grandma said...

Part 2

It's why the cheating information is information that will be key in this case.

When did Leanna Harris really find out about it? And what did she really start doing about it? And, when did those "hot car death" searches really start happening, and how close was that timeline to the discovery of the cheating?

Do we know without any uncertainty whatsoever that Leanna Harris wasn't catfishing her own husband that day to frame him during what she knew would become a very crucial timeline for her?

No we do not. Is that crazy?

We're talking about a guy who has been accused of sexting a 17-year-old while his son baked to death in his car, and his wife's biggest concern was, "Did you say too much?" Leanna the mastermind is not such a crazy speculation, nothing is in this case anymore.

Unfortunately for Leanna Harris, if there is unfortunate information there for in the computer forensic analysis, there is nothing she can do about it at this time. In fact, even if there once was unfortunate information there for her, and she or someone else who lived there deleted that, it will turn up during the computer forensic analysis.

ima.grandma said...

JRH personnel file obtained through search warrant

Harris graduated from Central High School in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in 1999.

He went on to work at the University of Alabama’s TV station, WVUA, from December 1999 to January 2000, before he was asked to resign because “he was told by WVUA he wasn’t suitable for the job,” according to personnel files.

Harris was also working at Clear Channel Radio as a sound board operator from February 1999 to March 2000. 

After that job, Harris went to Coca-Cola, where he was a merchandiser from March 2000 to June 2001. 

From 2001 to 2006, Harris worked at the university as a parking monitor and as a mail delivery clerk, according to his personnel files. Cathy Andreen, spokeswoman for the University of Alabama, confirmed his employment.

After that, he worked at the police station as a dispatcher from June 2006 to May 2009, when he resigned. 

Harris went on to enroll at the University of Alabama in August of 2009, Andreen said. He graduated in May 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration.

Harris didn’t tell the Tuscaloosa police about his job at the TV station, but police found out Harris had hidden this fact from them during a lie detector test they gave him before agreeing to hire him.

During the polygraph test, Harris said he had gotten two warnings for being late to work at Coca-Cola.

On his application to work for the police department, he wrote he had been laid off by the company because of “cutbacks.”

Harris also revealed during the test he had smoked marijuana “once in 1997,” and he had stolen a T-shirt while working at Clear Channel Radio. 

John Mc Gowan said...


911 call from Alix Tichelman released in OD death

MILTON, Ga. -- A bizarre 911 call is shedding new light on the story of an Atlanta-area prostitute accused of manslaughter. Milton Police released the calls Alix Tichelman made in September of 2013 to report her boyfriend had overdosed.

"He won't respond. And he's just lying on the ground," Tichelman says.

The dispatcher responds by asking, "Are you with the patient now?"

Tichelman then hangs up. The dispatcher immediately calls back and Tichelman tells her she's sure her boyfriend, Dean Riopelle overdosed. She tells the dispatcher Riopelle took painkillers and had been drinking heavily.

Once again, she hangs up and now she doesn't pick up her phone. The 911 dispatcher calls back twice and each time the call goes to voicemail.

Tichelman told Milton Police that Riopelle had been on a bender, drinking heavily and taking prescription pills.

"At the time we had no reason to believe it was anything other than an accidental overdose and that's actually how it was ruled," said Captain Shawn McCarty.

Two months after her boyfriend died, Tichelman allegedly injected Google executive Forest Tim Hayes with heroin on his yacht in California. She's accused of standing by and watching him overdose.

Riopelle also had heroin in his system, which is why Milton Police are now re-evaluating his death.

One of Riopelle's friends, speaking with KRON 4 in San Francisco, says Riopelle was never a drug user.

"I'm a pot smoker and he would always get on me about smoking pot, it's not good for you, he was really health conscious and Dean, doing heroin? No freakin' way," said Allen Vine who was in a band with Riopelle.

According to Riopelle's sister, Tichelman and Riopelle had been dating for two and half years. Just 11 days before Riopelle died, Tichelman was charged with battery for biting his hand and tearing off part of his skin. She's still in jail in California.

Google Call Girl Linked To Another Drug Death
After a woman was charged in the heroin death of a Google exec, police are re-examining the 2013 overdose death of her boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

OT: Michelle Knight says fame comes with complications

Knight said her 3,911 days in captivity have helped instill in her a deep appreciation for what's good in the world.

"It's just the little stupid things, like picking up a phone or writing in a book or looking out a window or just seeing a bird fly by," she said.

These days, she waits her turn at a local bar for karaoke night. She's trying to write and record songs. While she has been befuddled by some of the new technology that didn't exist in 2002 — like flat-screen televisions — she has no problems pecking away at her oversized smartphone.

She also has a growing collection of tattoos, including an image of a pretty young girl on her left bicep. She said the tattoo represents the babies Castro killed.

"They are my little angels," she said.

Knight has an infectious giggle and is quick to smile. She has a few phobias, like always keeping her apartment drapes open after living in boarded-up rooms inside the Castro house. Having lived in filth for so long, she said she's become a compulsive cleaner.

The course Knight is setting means leaving her family behind. She said she forgives them but doesn't want anything to do with them.

snipped from/read more:

Anonymous said...

Of all the questions that have surfaced in the death of Cooper Harris in his father's hot car, the biggest is the most simple: how could Ross Harris not notice his son in the back seat? How could he forget him in the 2/10th mile it took to leave the Chic-Fil-A parking lot and miss the left turn to go to day care?

So the Fox 5 I-Team set out to repeat the day Cooper died, using the same model car and the same model car seat.

For the first time, you get a visual idea of how close Cooper was to what the defense claims is tragically a forgetful father.

LINK to article/video:

wreyeter72 said...

Re: the OT Michelle Knight comment - my heart aches to read she forgives her family but wants nothing to do with them. I can't imagine their pain nor hers in such a situation and pray she is in counseling and that situation does resolve in a happy reunion someday. Everyone needs a family to hold them dear. There mist be someone she can call family who isn't too terrible :(

H.L said...

People pass their judgements based on very strange things. Most puzzling are the judgements made on what people cannot control - the matter of circumstances that are beyond our control (such as color of skin, for example). I believe that the only thing that should be judged is what people choose to do and the actions that follow. That is what they are responsible for in this life. That is what they have control over. That is what they should be held accountable for.

This being said, I fail to see how "distraction due to sexting" manages to be a valid defense to explain this man's actions. Filtered through my special brand of logic, here's my conclusion: it's still a choice. He chose to show various women his penis over ensuring a vulnerable and dependent person - one who depended on him for their needs, for protection was safe. Logically, it fails to create a reasonable doubt or remove accountability for one's decisions.

I feel sad, very sad, when I consider Connor's death. To die alone? To die alone and trapped? To die alone, trapped and from the discomfort of heat exposure and suffocation? I wouldn't wish that pain, that terror on my worse enemy. It's the trapped bit that saddens me the most. It reminds me of little Benjamin Sargent who spent eight days strapped in his car seat in his crib until he died of starvation.

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying, but even though it's a sad situation, it seems like she's much better off without them. I don't think she would have regained any type of quality of life with them. I'm glad to hear that she seems to be doing well for herself.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just a few comments on the article:

Many who knew Ross Harris base his love for Cooper on the fact that Ross often either talked about how much he loved Cooper or put up videos with comments about how much he loved Cooper. Ross' friends tell how Ross talked often about his son.

It is the assumed and expected that parents love their children. It is the need to talk about them loving their children to others or "showing" the world, that red flags law enforcement and social workers. The need to tell/show others how much they love a child is self-serving to the parent. It's not about the child, but the parent. The child doesn't get attention, recognition, or respect by being "loved" in this manner...the parent does. Family, friends, co-workers, fellow Church members, etc. admire such a "devoted" parent and feed his ego with their admiration and praise.

It's the hallmark of a narcissist...even as Leanna tells Ross at her baby's funeral "I'm doing this for you.". It really is about Ross...Ross wanting to be free of parenting responsibility; Ross needing a woman to meet his needs (obviously he felt Leanna wasn't, 6 women); Ross wanting to be thought of as The World's Best Dad (videos, conversations and interactions with friends and Church members, Twitter entries, etc.); Ross portraying himself as a grief stricken father(driving his vehicle reeking of decomp to a public place to "discover" his obviously dead son, complete with audience); Ross portraying himself as completely innocent (telling responding LE it was "without malicious intent"); and Ross the victim (calling into his son's funeral service; using his single ear "deafness" to excuse no being able to hear his dying/dead son).

Ten to one he was jealous of Cooper because Cooper was baby-cute and got attention from everyone that Ross thought should be his. Can we say Pyschopath?

Anonymous said...


Adult Illegal Immigrants Posing as Children To Enroll in High School

ima.grandma said...

wreyeter72 and H.L:

I am moved by your thoughtful and considerate sentiments.

"Everyone needs a family to hold them dear." This brought tears to my eyes.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Thinking this through some more...

The funeral was about Ross too. It would have been both expected and perfectly appropriate for Leanna to eulogize Ross (talk about what a great man, husband, father, friend, Christian, etc. he was) if it had been Ross' funeral. It was Cooper's funeral though...or should have been.

In reality it was a sequel to The Ross Harris Show- See how much Ross loved Cooper. The implication being He would never do anything like killing his toddler in an oven on wheels. IMO, it was an overt attempt to taint the future jury pool.

Ross didn't wipe the hard drive or take extra measures because they had researched the basic scenario in most hot car-child deaths and knew that grieving parents are rarely prosecuted. They may be charged with negligence or felony child neglect, but rarely prosecuted. It makes for very bad Law Enforcement relations with the public. Police are perceived as "going after" grief-stricken "innocent" parents. Neither he nor Leanna ever expected to be suspected, much less arrested.

When Leanna says "This is not where I expected to be here today.", she's not kidding. They expected to claim this as an accidental death. Ross *simply* forgot. After all, its not an uncommon scenario(unfortunately). Ross did everything "right" as afar as the acting went. He established himself as a doting dad, he backed into the parking space (alibi building on why he didn't "see" Cooper), he talked about Cooper at lunch (if I read correctly),he "didn't remember" him until he left work, and he publicly display grief.

The computer history didn't catch him (though it helped). The drive time from breakfast with the toddler at Chick-Fil-A to his work did. That he cited the height & weight requirements for Cooper's car seat evidenced intent (he had known the seat was too small, visibly saw that the seat was too small, knew Cooper's head was over the top, and purposely strapped him in on the infant setting = child abuse). That he received an email from the Daycare re: Cooper's absence was another strike. That he got into the acrid car(much less drove anywhere) was another strike. That he chose a public place still further down the road to stop and did not immediately call 911 was another blow. The computer searches are just nails in his coffin.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Chick Fil A was used for revenge on the company as much as another way to convince of his religious beliefs. He was probably hoping the Christian company, hearing of the awful tragedy would make a donation.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update.

A year later, clues are few in search for Erica Parsons

ima.grandma said...

After much thought and consideration of my peers' opinions, I must edit my comments. My use of the word "revenge" should be exchanged for "purposeful" 

I stand by my statement with an addendum. I believe JRH to be a sociopath who saw this as a logical way of removing an obstacle to his desires. I attempted to bolster the allegation of premeditation by showing calculated moves within JRH's method of execution. Just as statements are analyzed, so are behaviors. Just as each word within statements have meaning, so does each movement within behaviors. I believed I was placing legitimate suspicion to personalized significance of his predetermined sequence of events.

If the difference between negligence and intent is knowledge, the evidence puts his statements and behavior in a different context. His design of the plot's actions includes each statement and behavior as sure and purposeful. The mindset of any suspected murderer is an important factor to determine his strategy to be one of premeditation.

My earlier opinion and subsequent explanation was poorly thought out and written as several perceived my point to declare revenge as motive. Group analysis is effective when members explore individual theories and ideas. This particular network of blog members generally promote and support one another and are able to integrate these differing ideas through respectful discourse and discussion. I appreciate all meaningful opinions whether in agreement or disagreement. I am unafraid to admit my errors and appreciative when arguments contribute to corrections and stronger conclusions.

John Mc Gowan said...


Still happening: Woman left kids in car, cops say.

Police called in similar cases in California, Georgia, New York, Florida and Tennessee in recent days
Woman handcuffed after leaving two children in car
3-year-old Logan Cox died after locking himself in a car with the family dog

John Mc Gowan said...

Bothuell daughter: Abuse allegations 'ridiculous'.

Cherrelle Bothuell, 23, calls accusations 'ridiculous'
Father had Cherrelle Bothuell run a mile every morning but says it 'wasn’t forced'
Father told Cherrelle Bothuell via text that after the FBI’s interview with 'little Charlie' authorities will make a decision on charges

The half-sister of Charlie Bothuell, the 12-year-old missing Detroit boy who was found in his father’s basement for 11 days is speaking out in support of her dad, Charles Bothuell IV, as he awaits the decision on whether or not he will be charged with child abuse in this bizarre case that has drawn national attention.

Cherrelle Bothuell, 23, is Charles Bothuell IV’s oldest child. She was his only child for almost ten years and as Cherrelle sees it, “if anyone knows him it’s me.”

Cherrelle calls the accusations against her dad “ridiculous” and describes her father as “tough” but “fair.” Cherrelle told HLN, “He made us run a mile every morning. There is a lot of Diabetes in my family, lots of people are overweight”, adding the running “wasn’t forced.”

Now that Cherrelle has moved away from Detroit to Grand Rapids, MI she lamented how she wished she kept up her morning routine, “I kind of hate that I fell off my regimen as now I am gaining weight.”

Court documents allege Charles Bothuell IV drove a PVC pipe into his son’s chest in an effort to discipline his son. Cherrelle has a hard time believing these allegations and reflected on the character of the man she knows. “I wanted to be a nurse. He was willing to help me. He got me into college, paid for the application. He was helpful, especially with academics”, said Cherrelle.

Cherrelle claims her dad told her via text that after the interview the FBI did with “little Charlie then they will decide whether charges will or will not be filed.”

Attorney Stephanie Carson wouldn’t comment on any of the allegations or possible charges but confirmed if Charles Bothuell IV is charged she would represent him. Sgt. Michael Woody of the Detroit Police Department told HLN that evidence in the case will be turned over to prosecutors as soon as some of it comes back from the lab which “could take a week or several weeks." Until then Cherrelle Bothuell waits patiently to hear what will happen to her dad prepared to defend him no matter what happens.

ima.grandma said...

Forgive me, please, for monopolizing this post. I am particularly sensitive to the abuse and neglect of children. Cooper's little face has inserted himself into my heart and has walked with me during my days. After reading the below recommended article, I have decided it is in my best interest to step away from this issue for a few days. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

This is an excellent must read article on hot car deaths in The Washington Post written in 2009. It is a lengthy article most worthy of your time. Prepare with a tissue, I needed a couple. 

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi ima.grandma,

I had to take a step back the other week from a case here. It was getting to me emotionally. I can empathize with you. ((big hug))x

trustmeigetit said...

Amanda Knox again changing her story is very interesting.

The only thing that really seemed to mess with any original stories is the "covering of her ears". So I think that part is true.

But beyond that I'm just not sure.

But if this is true...then Rudy was wrongfully convicted?

This chick is really like her birthday twin Jodi Arias. Can't not tell the truth no matter what.

trustmeigetit said...

I can't wait for Amanda to speak again about this new story. Very curious if we have any truth here. Outside covering her ears.

Anonymous said...

Lucy said...


Don't worry about posting too much - you've had good input. That is an excellent article, and only serves to point out how ridiculous the assertion is that Cooper's death was an accident. Accidental forgetting happens when there is a regular daily routine, and then one day that routine is broken. Like, mom takes baby to daycare every day but one day dad has to do it. Dad, sleep deprived, zones out and followed the routine that he follows every day.

Taking Cooper to daycare WAS Ross's normal, daily routine. If he was to zone out and go on autopilot, he would have made the turn to daycare like he did every single day. It was the route that he followed every morning. It's what he would have done. Skipping the daycare and going straight to work would have been the uncomfortable anomaly for him.

So even if you believe that he could have zoned out and gone on autopilot less than 45 seconds after putting his son into his car seat, doing so would have ended with him pulling into the daycare parking lot and reaching for his son. Just as he did every morning.

trustmeigetit said...


Myra Lewis mother speaks.

“Theres a struggle out here for me and my family right now. They just don’t know what we are going through out here. With OUR baby being gone and my children are with someone body else and not in the home with us. “

Long pause as she is seen with tears running down her face.

“I just want all of them, they just don’t understand what I’m going through. I just want my children. My life would be better. I just want them. That’s all I want. I just want them to come home to me. So, I can continue to raise them and help them be the….what they wanna be in life. I just want them to come home. I miss them so much, it’s been 2 months. I just want them so bad. I just want them.

What I find most interesting is she groups them all together. Myra was supposedly kidnapped yet she does not speak out for her. Her other kids were taken from the home, but that can be temporary. They are alive and she knows where they are. Myra is “missing” as far as we know yet she doesn’t speak out directly for her.

There is nothing either about what the kids may be going thru. Espeically Myra if she was
“kidnapped”. She only speaks for her. Which is still better than separating herself. But this article while it is short, seems she only cares for herself.

lgjproduct said...

Just wish to put my 2 bits in regarding various statements I have read regarding life insurance policies for little ones. As a mother, grandmother, and former insurance agent, I know there are many reasons to take out policies for youngsters/babies. The one I have for my grandson is through Gerber for $15,000. It will become his at 18 and will be eligible for cashing in or to use the cash value for college, or he may convert it as a policy for himself that will not require medical exams nor suffer an increase in premiums. I find it a great value & would be greatly offended were someone to infer that I am in any way betting against his life. In fact, I have made his parents the beneficiaries & they will be notified of a lapse in my payments should I precede them and can continue on with the $9 per month payments. I have a friend who came into her $10,000 policy at 18 years old and it was a good means for her to get a start in life.

trustmeigetit said...


Raffaele Sollecito is speaking on Anderson Cooper. Not sure how much his words matter being that English is not his first language.

And not sure if this is after Amandas new story as its dated for July 2nd.

Anderson Cooper is AC
Raffaele Sollecitois RS
Amanda Knox AK

AC: What do you say to that (re new allegations that he alone murdered Kercher)
RS: It is completely fiction. There is nothing real in what they described. I am completely…I am a stranger in this case. I have met (sounded like he started to say Meridith and stopped himself) Amanda for less than one week. I didn’t know Meredith. I met her once and I didn’t speak with Meredith. I had no reason to have any argue (a few words I could not understand) or have any participation.”

****It seems like at this point (:50) the clip is stopped and restarted so not what was maybe missed.

RS: I am really living inside the nightmare. And it’s very hard for me to go on. To live my life day by day with this burden (was hard to understand if he did say burden) on me.

AC: Amanda talked to our own Chris Como yesterday and I want to play you a little bit about what she said.


AK: Right now, me and Rafael together are fighting for our innocence. And, like I said, I truly believe that that can happen. Its only speculation that convicts us. Its evidence that acquits us.

AC: She says that you and she are fighting for your innocence together. Is that true, is that the way you see it? That your fighting together or are you now basically now trying to separate yourself, saying look… I wasn’t there, I barely knew Amanda, I didn’t know Meredith. Are you seeing it more as separate now?

RS: I am working by myself inside this tragedy in Italy. I am in Italy and she is very far. I appreciate her fighting also for me. But I am dealing with my lawyers and my legal team by myself.

****A Lawyer talked then to Anderson about the case. I didn’t transcribe this part.

AC: Do you have an regrets for returning to Italy to face these charges?
RS: Um no, as I already say, I came back because I have nothing to hide, I have a clear conscience, an open mind. There is REALLY nothing against me. I didn’t do anything wrong and have REALLY nothing to hide.
AC: Seven years of your life have been spent in this legal limbo. I mean it’s, are you able to have a regular life on a day to day basis or is this always in your mind, are you always dealing with it.
RS: I have always to deal with this. My family is completely destroyed. Psychologically and tragically inside their own lives. And my life is completely stolen. I cannot do, I cannot take a step farther because I am still in this situation. Just the future is only a dream. It’s not real.

Video ended then.

Still think it’s interesting he said Meredith once ate at his place….and that was at one point why there may be her blood on his kitchen knife – but now he has not met her, but then has once but didn’t speak with her.

And Amanda… you are fighting for your innocence? Really odd choice of words.

lgjproduct said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lgjproduct said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lgjproduct said...

As a mother, grandmother & former insurance agent, I want to say there are reasons other than personal gain for taking out insurance on youngsters. I have a Gerber policy on my grandson, with his parents listed as beneficiaries. When James is 18 the policy will transfer to him. He will be able to borrow against its cash value, cash it in for college, etc., or keep it for himself with no medical exam or increase in the $8 premium per month for $15,000. My friend used hers to buy her first car when she came of age. I am surprised that so many do not understand the benefits of such policies. I do agree that the Harris' are suspect as can be, but not because they had policies on Cooper. Periodically I am sent offers to increase the coverage for James in $2,000 increments. Just a bit of information if it interests you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Nathan O´Brien case, murder charges to be filed, Amber alert lifted.


Juliette said...

OT : BREAKING NEWS/ Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents were murdered, Calgary police say as they move to charge suspect

Calgary police say two charges of first-degree murder and one charge of second-degree murder are pending in the disappearance of a five-year-old boy and his grandparents.

Chief Rick Hanson says a man has been arrested but he can’t identify him because he has yet to appear before a justice of the peace.

Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents, Kathryn and Alvin Liknes, haven’t been seen since June 29 after what police say was a violent incident in the Liknes house.


trustmeigetit said...

A statement from the police during Justin Harris’s propable cause hearing about a text Justin sent….. This just adds to the alarming details that keep coming out about this man. Link of full video below.

Police Detective: Phil Stoddard = PS

Assistant District Attorney: Chuck Boring = CB

PS, “She says something to the effect of, ‘Do you have a conscience?’ “
CB, “And what was his (JH’s) response?”
PS, “Nope.”

trustmeigetit said...

More disturbing Internet activity:

Harris visited a subreddit about “people who die,” which shows videos of people dying (suicide, executions, war, etc.). He also visited a subreddit called child-free and searched the Internet for “how to survive in prison” and “age of consent for Georgia.”

“We’ve only scratched the surface,” said Stoddard in regards to the searches police have done on Harris’ computers.

sidewalk super said...

what are "methadone eyes" ?
This inquiring mind want to know !

And I thought the snot and dirt euology made the mother trashy...

Skeptical said...

When it was reported that Cooper Harris baked in the car, I didn't take it literally. Now I do. A pathologist described what happened to the little boy in the car. He said temperatures inside the car reached 160 to 172 degrees. Harris couldn't have been more cruel if he had literally put his little boy in an oven and turned on the heat.

Juliette said...

From today's news, a video/article which describes what happens next for Ross Harris in this case.

~mj said...

Thank you for this point of view.

Anonymous said...

Excellent catch! I thought it strange too, but couldn't put my finger on it. I think you are right-- she inadvertently revealed her resentment of Cooper.

I thought first it was a tasteless attempt at humor. Which came off sounding only flippant & mocking of grief.
Or perhaps it was directed at her critics (idk if she had any at that point, or perceived she did/would) Which is telling in itself if she was expecting the coming criticism.
The exceptions being police & her mom as influencing factors. The mom had already critiqued her heartless demeanor, when she delivered the tragic news by phone. Idk whether police had questioned her, or confirmed their suspicions yet.
Rather odd she'd worry what anyone was thinking of her eulogy or grief "performance," unless she had something to hide, or felt the need to convince of her innocense. Certainly wasn't the place or time for.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened to the cooper Harris murder or accident page? It disappeared yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement on your main stance. It's giving him far too much credit in being calculating with multi agendas. Where I can see the negative association for some as a result- Neither store was criminally negligent, or contributed to Cooper's death in any way.
I'm thinking his intent (premeditated) was only to follow the most mundane of routines, in trying to stage it as an oversight. Clearly they'd decided the car was their weapon of choice to eliminate their baby (horrid people!) And choreographed through LH going to the daycare for pickup, failing miserably in acting skills.
To break from routine, e.g., he'd taken him somewhere out of the ordinary to feign absentmindedness -- forgetting him would've been more suspect. It also would have created a limited timeframe to "leave" him (ugh). And voided the padded "alibi" of Cooper supposedly having somewhere else to be for the duration (while excluding both parents)
As for Chik-fil-a, undecided on whether it was part of plan, or a spontaneous to delay. An obligatory last meal, on death row, facing execution) Noting LE background. Sorry to suggest, but Yes, I think he is that twisted & evil. Either way he saw it as an opp to manipulate, by playing the doting father, prepping witnesses he was familiar to.
Regardless, a fatal error in judgement, as it was just a 1 minute drive from there to work. Further incriminating Bc it cancelled out his being in a rush. And attentive dad 1 min, forgetting son existed in the next -- contradictory! The short trip alone, likely raised LE suspicion. And given they ate inside, & JH had literally just buckled him back in. If not mistaken, he withheld even going there initially to police.
From another angle-
I was at a Chik-fil-a 4 days ago, per daughter's request. I personally avoid going myself, ever since the homophobic owner made such disparaging remarks. It's a bias, based solely on the Co's actions through ignorance. Practicing bigotry, is religious hypocrisy.
I don't recall the Harris case being triggered in connection. But admit, my preconception may limit my impartiality.
That said, I do not see either of these businesses in a negative light bc of CH/JH. In reality, their CCTV may help convict in being a voice for this innocent little guy.
I really think the locations were purely happenstance… It just so happened he worked at one, & he frequented the other most mornings for breakfast.
IMHO there was no ulterior motives directed at either store. They were just backdrops in a despicable plot, & pawns to build his alibi. Remember his false narrative was a tragic accident, fully intending to get away with the crime. He also chose to leave the HD-HQ lot to play out his "discovery & rescue attempt."
Bottom line, in speculative analysis, personal perspectives will vary, & influence hypothetical scenarios/motives.

Anonymous said...

Very informative on the Homer Fund.
I'd like to add to my prior related post, learning of this aspect of the program, seems pertinent. When connected to their alleged financial woes, further credence to the primary motive of monetary gain (life ins, HD, online donations, saving w/o child costs)
Sickens me to no end that any parent would willingly & purposefully sacrifice a child. In such a sinister manner- no words! I secretly had hoped tox screen would reveal he'd been drugged/sedated, if only so he didn't have to suffer so inhumanely. I have little doubt some family would have gladly & lovingly taken him off their hands.
Their secondary motive, freedom from the responsibility of their son.
He probably saw this as his time travel ticket to his former, pathetic, "child-free" life. To spend as an Online predator.
The She-devil to go along with, whether materialistic greed, or deranged- had to be somewhat to have ever dated him. As a mother of 4, I just can't comprehend her cold-hearted hatred for her baby.
-TXAnon/ CM

Anonymous said...

I don't think people were noticing her behavior as odd before the funeral. Her eulogy and lack of emotion at his hearing started people wondering. Her lawyer Zimmerman has now come out and said she is grieving in private. I think she finds excessive emotion negative/ repulsive -- that's why the public sees no " snot or tears" when her husband's sexting was revealed. I find it very unusual for a wife to barely react that her " wonderful" husband was sexting 6 women while her baby was dying.

rob said...

trustmeigetit- I'm think in the Myra Lewis case the mother is speaking about how hard she is having it, because with no kids-no benefits. No checks and food stamps coming in. Somebody got to go to work or whatever. That don't sit well with them.
She says her life would be better with the kids back and she is right. I hope she never gets them back.

Unknown said...

Hi sidewalk,

I haven't seen any footage of Leanna Cooper that was close enough for me to notice what the commenter called 'methadone eyes'.

That said, when on methadone, or any other opioid, the pupils will be 'pinned', (tightly contracted) making the eyes look vapid, and empty.

Also, I have always thought the excess of the colored part of the eye, and the tiny pin hole pupils, make the person look 'wild', or crazy...for lack of a better word.

Unknown said...

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