Saturday, July 5, 2014

Politics and Deception: Benghazi and Liars

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, attend the funeral service for Hawaiian Senator Daniel Inouye
Perhaps one of the most popular and unwise of all phrases is, "All politicians lie."

It is generally used when a reader of partisan leanings sees and agrees with the analysis of statements in which his or her party's politician was caught in a lie.  In short, it is a way of dismissing the fact that the politician lied and cannot be trusted.  It is a way to 'macro view' life as if nobility and integrity are inside jokes among the political elite, and evasive notions of the pollyanna crowd.

Even in the jagged world of politics, deception still matters, right down to the very bank account and liberty of you and of me.

Broken Promises

"If elected, I promise to..." is not necessarily deceptive unless it is, when spoken, the subject did not intend to do what is promised.  Many good intentions are thwarted for a variety of reasons, some beyond the subject's control.

I've lifted a line from Mark McClish in teaching Statement Analysis and Analytical Interviewing:

"There were two frogs sitting on a log.  One decided to jump off.  How many frogs were left?"

I enjoyed watching which investigators would not follow the crowd in shooing up the hand to be the first to answer.  I noted those who paused, as always in the minority.

It is not a trick question, either.

The answer is:  We do not know.

One frog made the decision to jump off, but we do not know if he followed through with his decision.  The statement is important as it allows me to get the attention of the audience, and teach them to listen to what one says, rather than interpret.

I then take a statement out from a nurse involved in arson.  In it, the now aware investigator can flag what one "normally does" in the course of the day, versus what one states without qualification, what one did during the day of the fire. It is an important tool in discerning deception.  People use intentions in a way to deceive by employing it when they should have stated what they actually did.

What should you look for in politicians' lies and deceptions?

The single most important factor in applying Statement Analysis to a politician is the same principle in which we follow for everyone else, except that it is magnified by the power and authority the politician seeks:

Look for deception where deception was not necessary. 

This is for politicians and for non politicians.  It is indicative of habitual liars, or what some call, "congenital liars."

These are those who are well rehearsed from childhood.  It remains an open debate within religious circles if this person can "change" and stop lying.  The narcissistic strain within the habitual liar is a powerful statement of "me first", in all things.

Among politicians, this is extreme and the language shows an inability to put others first.

I will use Hillary Clinton as an example, particularly, in Benghazi, to highlight this principle, in upcoming articles.  For a timely example, let's look at the speech given by President Barak Obama at the funeral of Daniel Inouye, in which he eulogized Sen. Inouye.

In spite of a prepared speech, Obama frustrated his advisors by, what they called, his penchant to "overreach" for himself.  The setting was a eulogy, delivered by the President of the United States.  This is the context:  to speak of the deceased in an honoring way.

The White House, itself, posted the transcript.  What they did not count on was that not only would the public see the narcissism, but that even the counting of his pronouns was widely done:

"Now, here I was, a young boy with a white mom, a black father, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.  And I was beginning to sense how fitting into the world might not be as simple as it might seem.  And so to see this man, this senator, this powerful, accomplished person who wasn't out of central casting when it came to what you'd think a senator might look like at the time, and the way he commanded the respect of an entire nation I think it hinted to me what might be possible in my own life.
This was a man who as a teenager stepped up to serve his country even after his fellow Japanese Americans were declared enemy aliens. A man who believed in America even when its government didn't necessarily believe in him. That meant something to me. It gave me a powerful sense -- one that I couldn’t put into words -- a powerful sense of hope.

“I think it’s fair to say that Danny Inouye was perhaps my earliest political inspiration,” President Obama said.
And as I watched those hearings, listening to Danny ask all those piercing questions night after night, I learned something else. I learned how our democracy was supposed to work, our government of and by and for the people; that we had a system of government where nobody is above the law, where we have an obligation to hold each other accountable, from the average citizen to the most powerful of leaders, because these things that we stand for, these ideals that we hold dear are bigger than any one person or party or politician. 
And, somehow, nobody communicated that more effectively than Danny Inouye. "

In the complete eulogy,

"I" was used 30 times.
"my" 21 times.
"me" 12 times.

He is honoring the late Senator by showing the impact the Senator had upon himself, therefore, making the senator "great" because he had an impact upon one "great."

The narcissist will lie when it comes to "self", putting "self" above others.  Body language analysts have talked about "the Obama chin", that is, lifted in arrogance as he lectures others.  Bill Clinton often complained that when Obama was unable to win an argument, or that his audience (including advisors) did not agree with him, his insecurity raged and he would either walk out, or be silent, only to be scolded by his wife to "get back in there" and attempt to displace Clinton's place in a room.

It is not broken promises where deception is easily seen.  Many may begin with intentions but either change, or are derailed, with not necessarily intended to deceive.  When one intends deception, it can show up in the language.

"I will paint your house for $3,500."

This is a straight forward statement.

When the homeowner gets the bill for $4,200, it may be that the painter intended to paint for the original price, but then changed due to factors of repair, or other conditions.  It does not show, in the language, his attempt to deceive  in the original statement. Of course, he will have to justify his pricing.

"I guarantee you, 110%, that I will paint your house for $3,500."

This statement makes me want to say to the homeowner, "I guarantee you, 110%, that there will be overruns in the cost from this painter."  I don't know how many homeowners would catch the irony of my words.

Barak Obama's statement, "you didn't earn it" is not a slip of the tongue, or a "mis-speak" as some have claimed.  When at the Democratic Convention when Bill Clinton blamed "big government" for many of American problems, Obama was furious with him, as Clinton's "centrist" view is antagonistic to Obama's core beliefs.  He believes that government is the savior of mankind, as does socialism. Like Woodrow Wilson, he believes his political enemies are not simply "wrong" as did Bill Clinton, who would then work out compromises, but that Obama's political opponents are "evil" and "to be ignored", or even utterly bypassed via Executive Order.  His language indicates this and his belief that the U.S. Constitution, written by white males, is also wrong.  His belief about America is very different than most, and it is only that which has taken years to unravel that the truth is just beginning to surface.  We must listen carefully to what he says, even in prepared speeches.

Narcissism and self protection necessitate the use of lies. Those most skilled at lying are those most proficient at propelling their own agenda above others.

When the terrorist attack at Benghazi took place, there was no way Barak Obama was going to admit that a terrorist attack took place on his watch, nor would he allow Islam to be vilified yet again in the United States.

He and his team came up with a cover story:  it was a spontaneous reaction from a crowd due to a video depicting the "prophet Mohammad" in a disrespectful manner.  Obama, with his hyperbolic John Wayne best, vowed to punish the videographer. (We saw this same machismo threat against Vladimir Putin in which Obama put him "on notice" with threats.  June 6, 2014, he was forced to not only see the date of his threat pass, but forced to see Putin a D Day memorials in France.  These types of threats are the bane of the weak, as seen when Obama negotiated with terrorists, something President Reagan told a weary nation in 1979, we would never do, in response to the Iran hostage crisis of the weak Jimmy Carter.

Obama would not allow a "terrorist attack on my watch" happen.  Even as the wars have produced chaos and death, he continues to blame others and Benghazi is a perfect example of how a liar cannot take responsibility for anything.  He had to have a cover story.

But this?

A spontaneous crowd of protestors with sophisticated weaponry and discipline?  On September 11th, no less?  Concentrated and disciplined yet Muslim world wide?

Obama tried out the lie on the United Nations.  It became a joke that he was forced to retreat from.

"A crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.  There is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy."

Note the passivity of the second sentence, which follows the attempt to portray this as widespread throughout the "Muslim world."  Where, exactly, is the "Muslim world" in the personal, internal, subjective dictionary of Obama?

Obama's advisors told him the lie would not float  and they were correct, so they begged that he order  Hillary Clinton to go on the Sunday news talk show circuit and float the lie, to protect both the Obama administration and Islam.

Bill Clinton "forbade" her from doing so.  She was quoted by a  close friend using the f bomb over the phone to her husband, who at the time was racing through the streets of Los Angeles in a sports car chasing women less than half his age.

There was a quid pro quo element that Hillary sought to cash in on:

Take the fall for Obama, and he would back her for president, 2016.

"We can win without him" urged Bill.  "We don't need him."

Hillary eventually made the decision to go on television after first refusing the President.

Bill Clinton threw every argument he could against her going on.  He was quoted as saying, "If you go on those Sunday shows, the clips of you lying will be used by the Republicans in 2016  endlessly in attack ads against you."

As Secretary of State, she would not only propagate the lie, but also have the State Department, that is, Hillary herself, blamed for not giving security when it was begged for.  Bill even tried to tell her that Obama may end up not backing her for president in 2016 as he has shown that he lies to both his enemies and his friends.  Bill said, "Eventually, Obama will dump you."

Hillary was quoted as saying, "He'll never do that."

Hillary finally  informed the President's advisor, Valerie Jarrett, that she could not go on and lie for the President. Jarrett tried to get National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to do it, but he refused due to the silly nature of the lie.

She then tried CIA Director David Petraeus but he refused. He called the lie a "joke" and that it was "utterly useless" to portray the organized local Islamic terrorist attack a 'protest.'

Susan Rice, however, was willing to make a go of it, as she still fumed over being by passed for Secretary of State in place of Hillary Clinton.  She felt that Hillary Clinton had zero experience in foreign affairs and that she, having been a world traveler, understood foreign policy better than anyone else, and this would be a chance for her to show off that ability.  She thought this would be a great audition to take Hillary's place.

Bill said, "I'm almost sad to see Susan take the fall."  Hillary said that she was not, as Susan Rice was on Hillary's hate list because she supported Obama over her in 2008.


What pronoun would you expect to hear from Susan Rice while propagating the official lie, to the nation?

Answer:  you can bet that the pronoun "I" will not be prominent in her answer.  This is a natural distancing from guilt.

She used the two very things you would expect in deception:

The pronoun "we" to spread out the guilt;

and the use of passivity in language; to remove herself from responsibility.

When "Face the Nation" asked her if she believed this was a well organized Islamic terrorist attack that took months to plan, she said,

"We do not.  We do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or pre planed. "

"It was like watching a train wreck" Hillary was quoted as saying.

"I'm just glad it wasn't you" Bill was quoted as saying.

But why did this not impact voters, especially since it caused such a stir among politicians?  We have since learned deception within the mainstream media:

In September, less than 24 hours after the attack took place Obama sat with his favorite journalist, Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes."

The interview aired on Septmeber 23, as the election drew closer.

But the portion of the interview in which President Obama refused to call the Benghazi attack an "act of terrorism", was missing.

This was met with calls of partisan politics, yellow journalism, and outright deception.

CBS stalled and finally said it would release the video before the election.

They did release it.

Not on "60 Minutes" but on their website.

Far fewer Americans saw it.

It took weeks, but the President finally admitted it was a terrorist attack, but only through the White House spokesman, and only when his team agreed to add that "the video was an excuse to violence", so that "video" would be kept in the equation.

Liars hold the rest of us in contempt.

They do not like to back down.

They do not like to be seen for who they are.

None of us knows how far a liar will go to protect himself.

Liars are capable of perjury, even in capital cases where the ultimate penalty can be assessed.

If you feel that you no longer recognize the United States as it is now, you are not alone.  Politics have always been a high stake game of liars and poker players, but the misogynistic ways of belittling women with a wink, and then on to a frat boy president, seemed to be as low as we would go before recovering our self respect.

It was not.

 We have gone deeper into debt than even the many dire predictions seem to suggest.  The once hated "socialism" has become not only accepted, but praised.  The very system that denies human nature and bankrupts societies, has us in a place where more people are on disability than who populate some European countries, and the vilification of successful people, the very ones who support those on disability, continues with increasing venom and volume.

The basics of mathematics are suspended.  The "new math" where taxes increase in some of the most colorful and creative ways, is no longer questioned.

What will happen if the math imbalance continues?

What would happen in your town if, for example, bankruptcy meant that, one week, no food stamp cards were distributed,or that they simply did not work at the grocery store?

What would happen?

What has happened to the principles of hard work, and praise given for honesty, self assertion, and diligence?

The rich, who employ the rest of us, are demonized in the language of larceny where "the distribution of wealth" is no longer whispered in cafes of beatniks in the 1960's radicalism, by those who's resentment of hard work and delayed gratification had to stay 'underground' and away from main stream.

It is now spoken openly in the White House of the United States of America.


Tania Cadogan said...

as a matter of interest i noticed this
raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.

Order is important, if he was born in Hawaii wouldn't that make Hawaii more important?
if asked where i am from i say i was born in yorksire and i have spent my split between north devon and corby.
I pinned down to specifics then i was raised in devon, i moved to corby when my parents divorced as mom had family here, i then moved back down to devon before finally moving back to corby when my landlord sold their properties and i couldn't find anywhere else i could afford.

Nic said...

Socialists don't seem to 'get' that government is not in business to make money. They spend it. That is what they are all about. Spending money. Where do they get their money from? Tax payers! Who are they? A small MINORITY work for the government. The rest DON'T. If everyone is on welfare, who's left to support the slackers? Oh, right. Obama will just print more (monopoly) money and take it for granted that other economies will keep them afloat else the world economy tanks.

Liars hold the rest of us in contempt.

They do not like to back down.

They do not like to be seen for who they are.

None of us knows how far a liar will go to protect himself.

No truer words have ever been spoken. I thought that being part of this community I would keep liars from invading my life. Nope! There are just as many of them. I just see them much more quickly these days... and they know I see them so what 'honest' friends I do have, the liars isolate them from me because they know I know what they're up to and see/know how they manipulate the people around them to get what they want/need with little to nothing in return.

It's just easier to drop them altogether.

Politicians we'll never be rid of. Good politicians are a rare bird, indeed. jmo

BostonLady said...

When Obama was given the Nobel peace prize after only being elected as President, it was clear an agenda was set. He did NOTHING to be awarded this prize. Just as he did NOTHING when he was a junior senator from Illinois. Obama came out of left field (Literally) and became President. His promises have not been fulfilled but he blames that on everyone else, not himself. Obama has now announced that he will go it alone to change the illegal issue because congress will not work with him. Since when does the president make his own laws???

Benghazi is a disgrace. The men died in a horrific manner. Obama did nothing. Now we are watching Iraq fall to the enemy and he will not accept that we cannot leave.

We are in a heap of trouble.

Anonymous said...

The terrorist they have in custody should be tried as...a terrorist. Why he's not, I don't know. I guess like you said, no terrorist actions on his watch.

BostonLady, he's been doing it right along, and getting away with it. No one's stopping him, so why should he stop.

I want to know why the immigration laws are not being obeyed now. If there needs to be some reform, it's not something to be taken lightly and done in haste, like how Obamacare was handled. BUT, he thinks he can do whatever he wants, and he has been. I find him rude and cocky, on top of it. "So sue me." He blames every single thing on Republicans. It's like he can not WAIT to bad mouth them, every chance he gets. I'm so sick of hearing it, it's like a little kid. Most of the politicians do go back and forth against the opposing party, but it seems like he's overboard, plus I feel like he, as the President, should at least pretend to be slightly above all that. I feel like he should be trying to bring the parties together for the common good, not purposely and blatantly be driving them apart.

shmi said...

I saw a video recently on AP where a senator asks for the border to be fenced and protected.
In the same section of videos was Obama praising some "smart people" for getting their immigration status.

Where does Obama stand on immigration now? Has his view changed since the influx of children from Central America? I don't know what his views are. He is so boring I can't watch. He hems and haws and backtracks so that I can't get a grip on what he is trying to say. Maybe all that distraction is to deceive, or convolute his speech enough that you can get what you want out of it. Maybe he is counting on people not being discerning enough to be able to think through his non stance.

I hate what he has done with Islam, or not done, and I hate the
fact that he has made being on welfare so common. He had a chance and blew it a long time ago. Why, oh Why was he ever voted in a second term?

Nic said...

shmi - because the apathetic eligible voter (not necessarily one who is plugged in and aware of the issues) like a rock star. They can't related/want to learn about the issues, but they connect with "charisma" and they can get excited about that. He's also a direct product of the Oprah effect. Eligible voters who didn't vote before, "bought into" Oprah's endorsement of BO, just like they do every year when she publishes her list "favourite things".

Interesting that he wants to tax the rich, yet it's the rich that put him in his seat (and lobby to obscenely tax...the rich! (them!))

Also, Obamacare. Wow, nothing like branding yourself. IMO, the name of the "health care program" speaks to his ego. It's interesting that young tax payers who are healthy are being forced to pay excessive premiums for a very large, aging population's health care (baby boomers). It's a tax disguised as a benefit. Many baby boomers never saved. The state is being left holding the bag. How else to subsidize the public health care system than by taxing healthy, young tax payers who would otherwise "waste" their disposable income each month on investments (retirement/house) or fun (cars, trips, restaurants), etc.

He is not what he pretends to be. jmo

Shmi said...

Hi Nic
Thanks for your input. I disagree with the charisma , but everything else sounds right. I think if he had charisma then I could listen to his speaches. Do you know where he stands on immigration now? I have heard him say he is going to make a decision without Congress approval, but I have no idea what he means to do!