Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Statement Analysis: Barak Obama and Bill O'Reilly

Statistics from the Department of Heath and Human Services show that children raised in a home by both a mother and father, married, have, percentage wise:

1.  The highest grades
2.  The lowest occurrences of substance abuse
3.  Less likely to smoke cigarettes
4.  Will hold off on sexual activity until later age
5.  The lowest occurrences of law breaking activity
6.  Highest graduation rates
7.  Highest salaries as adults.

It is a fascinating study. The authors of the article summarizing the study stayed away from moralizing or political correctness.  They went with percentages.


 Percentages fall when in sequential order:

a.  lessened when the biological parents live together but are not married
b.  lessened next to children who's parents separated, but were actively involved in children's lives
c.  Fall further when there was only one parent in the home
d.  Step fathers are the single most likely person to sexually abuse a child
e.  Single mothers are the single most likely to neglect a child.

In other words, two parent, male-female, married homes produce the best opportunities for success in children's lives.  This is no surprise to teachers, nor to anyone else.  This is the traditional definition of "the family" and historical definition of "marriage."

There are more statistics to be examined, but eventually, this study may be cast aside as not being politically correct.  Somehow, the study will have to be replaced with two-transgendered parents, or, perhaps, three of them, and find that those who dye their children's hair purple, and lobby for more money for gender neutral bathrooms, will have the best grades.  Until then, however, we just have these stats.

Here is the transcript of the interview of President Barak Obama.  It is about the family.

Is his belief  a product of modernity; a socialist who believes government should be the parent of a nation?

What does he think of "the family?"

What does he believe about the African American family?

The by-passing of Congress including border-free actions (or inactions) as well as the deliberate disparagement of the US Constitution, combined with the disregard of us as a people of laws, is alarming to many.  The pummeling of free speech has moved faster than I thought possible.  Marriage has been redefined, and those who do not accept this, are under attack.  The IRS, one of the most feared organizations,  under this leadership, has attacked his opponents.  The socialism, once a curse to the American mindset, (remember National Socialism?) has become the accepted, and people of faith, particularly, Christians, have been targeted for "hate speech" for disagreeing with the government's new definitions.

Having all things "Islam" become acceptable, even to women's groups in spite of Islam's degradation of women, with America finally negotiating with Islamic terrorists, and freeing them, has been, for some, the 'last straw' of what no longer resembles America.

What cannot be accomplished via congress, Obama has said he will bypass congress, to use tyranny to simple order it to be done.  He has promised as much regarding immigration.

Government is "an opinion with a gun" that can enforce its opinion.  Our forefathers, knowing human nature, severely limited government due to the propensity of abuse.  Even if you like or agree with the government's opinion today, you might not like it tomorrow, when others will.  This is why it must be limited to the very things it was created for, and not beyond.  The more government, the less freedom and personal responsibility.

Tyranny is the end result.

The disregard for the rule of law, the socialism of the medical system, the deliberate destruction and redefinition of marriage and family, along with the betrayal of our allies, and the infusion of acceptance for Islam, show more than just misguidedness, but, as critics have said, perhaps a deliberate desire to destroy the America  that was built up, "redistribute wealth", which means theft of one, and entitlement to another, while we have become a welfare nation, who's debt grows until inevitable bankruptcy, unless there is a stoppage of the imbalance.  The "redistribution of wealth" is not only illegal and immoral, but also may be explicitly racist.  The education system now lags behind other countries, as we embrace one failed educational theory after the next, causing a growth in a population that will struggle to compete tomorrow.

In spite of a massive spiraling debt, the Obama administration has admitted encouraging aliens from Central and South America to come for its "freebies" as if there is no limit to the wealth of the nation.

BILL O’REILLY - One of my, uh, points on the Factor is that poverty is driven by the dissolution of the American family, that is the prime mover, okay. On your watch, median income has dropped seventeen percent among working families in this country. That's not a good record, it’s not all your fault, part of it was this terrible recession, we all know that. Everybody knows that.
Here, the subject asserts to the facts brought out:
The American family has been dissolved, and that due to this, poverty has increased. The assertion includes that it is not all his fault.  
This assertion may be due to the understanding of the studies done by government that I referenced above about children of married parents.  
O’REILLY - All right. But 72 percent of babies in African-American community are born out of wedlock.
This is also to assert the statistic. 72% of African American babies are born out of marriage; the institution that the government statistics defined as being a man and a woman, legally joined, raising children.  Earliest tax breaks sought to protect this institution as it was deemed best for the nation.  
O’REILLY - Why isn’t there a campaign by you and the first lady to address that problem very explicitly?
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Actually, Bill, we address it explicitly all the time. I-I’ll send you at least 10 speeches I’ve made since I’ve been president talking about the importance of men taking responsibility for their children. Talking about the importance of, uh, young people, uh, delaying gratification. Talking about the importance of, uh, when it comes to child rearing, paying child support, spending time with your kids, reading with them. So, whether it’s getting publicity or not is a whole different question.
The subject, like all of us, reveals himself in his own words.  The context is that a large percentage of African American children are born out of wedlock.  This was accepted by the subject. 
The word "actually" indicates a comparison of words.  
Note the stutter on the most easily and successful pronoun, "I", indicates a slight elevation of tension here (the anxiety scale). 
Note the pronoun change.  "We" address things, but "I" gave at least 10 speeches.  
Note the "talking" is the defense of self.  What is he talking about?
a.  "I've... been talking about the importance of men"   This is strong.  "I" goes with "men" in talking.  
b.  "Talking about...young people...delayed gratification" drops the pronoun.  It is a weak statement about "delayed gratification."
c.  "Talking about...
child support
spending time
are all weak.  It is interesting to note:
The word "with" is used.  He does not say "reading to children" but "with" children, which shows an increase in distance between the "man" who is reading, and the children.  
It may be that his own father did not read to him, and/or he did not spend time reading to his daughters. The distance is not expected.  Most people say "read to children..." and not "with."
He does not state any activity to help the African American family other than talking.  He then states the responsibility lies with what gets publicized.  
Please note that in the context of family, what caused him to say "pay child support" rather than "supporting your children", or something similar?  Is this due to the acceptance of the assertion?
O’REILLY - But —
PRESIDENT OBAMA - This is something that we focus on all the time.
Note the change from "I" (speeches) to "we", plural, particularly after the weakness of his statements.  
If the belief in the American family is not father-mother-married, raising children, instead it is two humans, of either gender, then the weak assertions makes sense and is consistent. 
It is something "we" focus on all the time.  This statement is not lost on the Interviewer who then asks why this is not something that is widely known, especially given the invitation list and limitations that this administration has put on the press: 
O’REILLY - Would you say it’s been a hallmark of your administration to make that issue, because I don’t believe it has. I know you’ve given the speeches, and I know you know — understand the problem, because you’re a community organizer from Chicago.
This is the problem with not only compound questions, but interviewers wishing to draw attention to themselves, rather than focus upon information gathering. 
O’REILLY - All right? But I don’t see the pressure from the Federal government to go in and say, this is wrong, this is — this is killing, um, futures of babies and children.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Well first of all, I’ve just got to say, Bill, we talk about it all the time, we’ll continue to talk about it, we’re convening, for example, philanthropists and business people, city by city, who are interested in addressing these kinds of problems at the local level. There is an economic component to it as well, though.
note the pause, "well" indicating a sensitive need to think. 
Note the pronoun changes:  he is not saying "we talk about it" but that "I've just go to say", making, even the sole activity of "talking" even weaker than it is.  
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Because — because what’s interesting, when you look at what’s going on right now, you’re starting to see in a lot of white working class homes, similar problems — when men can’t find good work, when the economy is shutting ladders of opportunity off from people, whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter. Then that puts pressure as well on the home. So you’ve got an interaction between the economy that isn’t generating enough good jobs for folks who traditionally could get blue-collar jobs even if they didn’t have a higher education, and some legitimate social concerns, uh. That compound the problem and so we want to hit both. We want to make sure that we’re putting folks back to work and making sure that they’re well-paid —
Note the introduction of race.  

The statistics were about African American babies.  Here, he changes the line of questioning away from his administration's failure to help African American families.  This should be seen as avoidance of the question (sensitive). 
Note next, although he introduces race with "white", his order is:
black, white, hispanic.  He does not say "Asian" in spite of the increase in percentage.  Why is "Asian" missing?  Statement Analysis listens to what one says, and what one does not say.  
Note "it doesn't matter" is in the negative.  
Note his belief that "we" have to put "folks" not only "back to work" but it is their responsibility to see that they are "well paid."
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - But this is —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - We also want to make sure that we’re dealing with some of the social issues that you’re addressing.

Note only "some" of the social issues are to be addressed.  Which ones are, and which ones are not to be addressed?
O’REILLY - The secret to getting a je — good job is education. And in these chaotic families, the children aren’t well-educated because it isn’t — it isn’t, um, encouraged at home as much as it is in other precincts. Now, school vouchers is a way to level the playing field. Why do you oppose school vouchers when it would give poor people a chance to go to better schools?
Note the use of the word "home" is repeated, making it sensitive.  The subject states that the job problem is education and the problem with education is the "home" 
The home is "chaotic", not "encouraging"

It would be interesting to learn what "precints" is, in his internal, subjective, personal dictionary. 
Note the Interviewer makes the statement that vouchers would be the solution.  
Voucher:  This allows the parent (s) to decide which government school to send her child to; which government school would receive the government money.  It is an attempt to create competition among schools, in order to provoke excellence.  Note that some private schools refuse the voucher system for fear that if they accept government money, they will be forced to accept government curriculum which has, in the minds of these educators, been "dumbed down" and politicized rather than produce learning. 
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Actually — every study that’s been done on school vouchers, Bill, says that it has very limited impact if any —
O’REILLY - Try it.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - On — it has been tried, it’s been tried in Milwaukee, it’s been tried right here in DC —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - And it worked here.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - No, actually it didn’t. When you end up taking a look at it, it didn’t actually make that much of a difference. So what we have been supportive of is, uh, something called charters. Which, within the public school system gives the opportunity for creative experiments by teachers, by principals to-to start schools that have a different approach. And —

note the difference is "that much"
Note "different" approach is to compare with that which already exists:  the government school.  
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - You would revisit that? I-I just think — I used be, teach in a Catholic school, a-and I just know —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Bill — you know, I — I’ve taken, I’ve taken — I’ve taken a look at it. As a general proposition, vouchers has not significantly improved the performance of kids that are in these poorest communities —

Note indicators of stress and importance:

1.  The employment of the Interviewer's name 
2.  the figure of speech "you know" shows an acute awareness of the Interviewer's presence in this question or topic (Catholic Schools) 

note:  Catholic schools traditionally  historically teach that abortion is murder, and marriage is between a man and a woman. 
3.  Note the repetition of the pronoun, "I", shows an increase in anxiety
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Some charters — some charters are doing great. Some Catholic schools do a great job, but what we have to do is make sure every child —

Note "some" reduces his assertion
Note also the word "but" to refute, or minimize, by comparison.  This is to unfavorably compare Catholic schools to charter schools because "every" child
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - I got three more questions.
O’REILLY - All right. Keystone pipeline, new study comes in, environmental impact, negligible. Forty-two thousand jobs. You’re gonna okay it, I assume.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Well first of all, it’s not forty two thousand. That’s — that’s not, uh, correct, it’s a couple thousand to build the pipeline, but —       

"Well" indicates need to pause
"first of all" indicates a sequence (logic) which causes us to look what comes secondly...
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] – Forty-two all told.   
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Well, that, bottom line is what we’re gonna do is to, uh, the process now goes agencies comment on what the State Department did, public’s allowed to comment, Kerry’s gonna, uh, give me a recommendation, uh —     

In spite of the figure quoted, and in spite of a recommendation to come, "we're" (weaker than "I") gonna "do it"   
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - All right, so I assume we’re gonna do that, after five years —
O’REILLY - Okay. I’ll take that as a yes. Little Sisters of the Poor, come on, give them the little waiver that they don’t have to —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - They have, you know —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Come on, the Little Sisters of the Poor? Give them what they want.
O’REILLY - Right now. Let’s-let’s just do this.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Bill, take, here-here’s the way this thing works. All they have to do is sign a form saying they don’t — they are a religious institution —
O’REILLY - And then they get what they want, right?
PRESIDENT OBAMA - And — and they get what they want. What they — the problem is they don’t want to sign the form —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Well, we’ll —
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Because they think that that somehow, uh, uh, makes them complicit.

Note the introduction of the word "complicit" in the language of the subject.  The overwhelming use of this word is associated with crime or guilt
O’REILLY - I’m happy now that the Little Sisters are going to get what they want. Uh, now. Um. FOX News. Uh, I can’t speak for FOX News. All right, but I’m — I’m, you know, the table setter here [INAUDIBLE] -.
O’REILLY - Do you think I’m being unfair to you, do you think I’ve been giving you —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Absolutely. Of course you have, Bill. But, I like you anyway, Bill.
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Okay, but — give me how I’m unfair.
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - It-it-but — look —
O’REILLY - Give me how I’m unfair. Come on, you can’t make that accusation without telling me.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Bill — we’ve just run through an interview in which you asked about health, uh, health care not working, IRS where-where we, uh, wholly corrupt, Benghazi —

Note the order, along with the heavy sensitivity of employing the Interviewer's name:

1.  health care not working
2.  IRS wholly corrupt
3.  Benghazi

None is rebuked by the subject.  
O’REILLY - All right.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Right, so the list of issues that you talk about —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - But these are unanswered questions —
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Yeah, but-but-but they’re defined by you guys in a certain way. But this — look, this is okay. This-this is —

always note stuttering from a non stutterer.  Note also that this can be caused by interruption; the feeling that one will struggle to get his voice heard. 
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Do you not —
PRESIDENT OBAMA - If you want to — if you want to be President of the United States, then you know that you’re going to be subject to criticism, and —
O’REILLY - But if it’s unfair, I-I want to know if it’s unfair. Is it un — criticism is criticism. It’s my job to give you a hard time.
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Here — here — here’s what I would say. I think regardless of whether it’s fair or not, uh, it has, uh, it has made FOX News very successful.

Note the reduced commitment of what he "would" say, rather than stating it. 
Note the weakness of "I think"

O’REILLY - But if I’m unfair, I want —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Here’s what — here’s the thing you guys — here’s what you guys are gonna have to figure out is what are — what are you gonna do when I’m gone? I’m telling you —
O’REILLY - Ah-ha-ha — ask President Clinton. Ask President Bush. I gave President Bush a real hard time. Are you the most liberal President in US History?
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Probably not.

O’REILLY - Probably not?
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Probably not. That’s-that’s fair to say.
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Who-who would be?
PRESIDENT OBAMA - You know, the truth of the matter is, is that when you look at some of my policies, um, in a lot of ways, Richard Nixon was more — more liberal than I was. Started the EPA. You know, uh, you know, started, uh, uh, a whole lot of the regulatory state that, uh, has helped make our air and water clean. Um.

Note "started the EPA" missing pronoun.  
O’REILLY - That’s interesting — Nixon — that’s interesting. I thought you were gonna say FDR.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Well, FDR — Johnson. But I tend not to think about these things in terms of liberal and democrat — or liberal and conservative because at any given time, the question is what does the country need right now? And what — right now what the country needs is, uh, roads, bridges, uh, infrastructure, we-we got 2 trillion dollars worth of, uh, unmet needs. We could put — be putting construction workers back to work right now, folks that you like to champion. Why aren’t we doing it? That’s not a liberal or conservative agenda —

Is he truthful?
Note he tells what he tends "not to think" in terms of:
"liberal and democrat"
"liberal and conservative"
3 of the 4 are liberal democrat.

This weakens his assertion of how he does "not" think

Note the question within the statement.  Is he speaking to himself?  Why isn't he putting the contraction workers back to work?
Please note that the new jobs data, shows new positions going to immigrants, not Americans.  
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Well, why-why aren’t we funding it? The, uh, when it comes — comes to something like basic research to keep our innovation edge. That’s the thing that sent the man to space, that’s the thing that created the internet. Why aren’t we — why aren’t we funding —

"That's" the thing that send the man to space.  Note "the man" and not "man"
Who is "the man"?  John Glenn?  
It would be interesting to explore the expression, "the man" with the subject to learn who he calls "the man"
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Because we have a seventeen trillion dollar debt. We can’t do these things.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - No, the uh — but the reason we don’t do them is because we’re not willing to make decisions, for example, uh, our tax code is rife with loopholes —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - That’s true, you can’t —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - And for us to close those loopholes, we could put people to work right now. Is that a Democrat — is that a Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal thing? It’s neither. It’s common sense. That’s what we should be doing.
O’REILLY -All right.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - In fact, you and I, if we sat down, we could probably agree on —body posture = increase tension   they "sat down"; 
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Well, I’ve said that on air. We don’t disagree on —
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Raising the minimum wage, something that you —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - But one — one thing we do —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - I support this.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - I know. And that’s —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - You have to do it.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - And that’s —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - You want to get people off welfare, you raise the — minimum wage.
It is not known if this is a question or a statement.  
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - That’s not a liberal or a-a conservative agenda.

He does not say if it is his agenda to get people off welfare.  Please refer to the admission of promised welfare to immigrants by the administration.  These are benefits that must be paid for by someone.  
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - No, fine. But I think that you are much more friendly to a nanny state than I am. I’m more of a self-reliance guy, you’re more of a big government will solve your problems guy.
O’REILLY -That’s it.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - And I disagree with that because I think that what used to be considered sensible we now somehow label as-as liberal. Think about this — Social Security, Medicare —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - But you pay into that. It’s the freebies that are the problem.
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - Is it? What-what freebies are we talking about? Welfare, actually is worth less now than it was 20, 30 — it’s worth less than it was under Ronald Reagan. And the uh —

Note the word "freebies" is the language of the Interviewer
Note the word "we" continues in his language regarding himself and the Interviewer
Note the introduction of the name, "Ronald Reagan" who has been severely disparaged for advocating for self reliance and not reliance on government.  Reagan said that no one got wealthy on welfare and sought to end dependence upon it.  
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Take a look at the disability explosion. I mean, it’s insane. The workplace isn’t any more dangerous now than it was it was 20 —

Recent report:  More Americans collecting Disability than the population of Greece. 
O’REILLY — years ago, it’s through the roof. You know people are conning you.
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - You know, Bill, the point is, we have not massively expanded the welfare state. That’s just not true. When you take a look at it, actually, that-the-the levers of support that we provide to folks who are willing to work hard, they’re not that different than they were thirty years ago, forty years ago, fifty years ago. You and I took advantage of certain things. I don’t know about you, but I got some loans to go to college.

Note he does not say that "we have not expanded the welfare state" but "massively"
The Interviewer should ask the subject to define "massively"

What "certain" things did he take advantage of?  A loan is something that must be repaid.  
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - Nah, I painted houses, I didn’t get any —

"I painted houses" is, by its structure, very likely to be truthful.  
PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] - The, uh, well, I, no —
O’REILLY [OVERLAP] - See, that's who I am. I —
PRESIDENT OBAMA - I painted houses during the summer too. It still wasn’t enough. So, the, uh, so my point is is that that’s not a nanny state. That’s an investment in the future generation. G.I. Bill — is that a nanny state? My grandfather came back for World War II, you’re about to write a book on World War II. Smartest thing we ever did was make an investment in the American people. When those guys came back from war, that’s what created our middle class. We-we suddenly trained up and created skills for folks. We gave ‘em subsidies so they could go out and buy homes. Through the FHA, those things weren’t giveaways. We-we understood that what that would do would create a base middle class of folks who were able to, uh, work hard and get ahead.

"I painted houses" is to enter the language of the Interviewer, reducing reliability.  

please note that it is widely accepted that WWII generation refused welfare benefits as shameful and the opposite of hard work and self reliance.  That particular generation was socially against it.  This is not lost on the Interviewer: 
O’REILLY - The work ethic was different then than it is now.

No reply, only a pause.  
O’REILLY - All right, last questions.
PRESIDENT OBAMA -We’ll have to improve the work ethic.

how would more "freebies" improve the work ethic of 18-28 year old males who refuse to work, collect benefits, and play video games all day long, while fathering children?  
This is the culture I live in.  I have interviewed hundreds of young males who, when asked how they planned on supporting their children, have repeatedly answered, 

O’REILLY - And here’s something that you and I agree on.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - What’s that?
O’REILLY - And I’ll tell everybody. You helped the Veterans. Now I believe the VA should be doing a lot more than it’s doing. But you, I have come to you four times, and every time you have, uh, done what I have asked, and we have raised more than twenty million dollars for wounded veterans and their families. And I — you know, so when they say that you don’t care and all of that I know that’s not true. But fundamentally, the self-reliance thing in America I think is going down, and the nanny state is going up. Last word. You get it.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - Here’s-here’s-here’s what I believe. First of all, biggest honor I’ve ever had and will ever have is serving as Commander in Chief, and when you meet our military families and our men and women in uniform, they-they, uh. They are so outstanding. You just have to want to help. And you have done great work, Bill, uh, on behalf of our veterans. Number two, I think self-reliance is alive and well in America. I think the problem is people don’t see as many opportunities to get ahead. My job as President, as long as I’m in this office, is to give them the tools to get ahead. They gotta work hard, they gotta be responsible, but if they are, let’s make sure that they can make it in America. That’s what it’s all about. That’s how you and I ended up sitting here talking.

Note the topic that caused the most stuttering.  (military)
Note the word "but" refuting/mimimizing/comparing that which preceded it:

"they gotta work hard, they gotta be responsible" is refuted with "but"
O’REILLY – Mr. President, thanks, always a pleasure to talk with you.
PRESIDENT OBAMA - I enjoyed it, Bill. Thank you very much.


ima.grandma said...

Our daughter (divorced) lives with us along with our two young granddaughters. My husband and I have been happily married for 47 years. We have another married daughter and two single sons who help provide a strong support system with one another. We are not sure where our family situation would fit in the statistical study. Our granddaughters have lived with us for most of their lives. Our youngest granddaughter recently told us she had one of her classmates tell her that he was so excited because he was going to go on vacation to visit his grandma and grandpa. She matter-of-fact told him she lived with her grandma and grandpa and gets to see them all of the time. He and another classmate jumped in and told her how lucky she was. We could tell by the look on her face while telling us that she was so proud. After learning she was the only one in her class that got to live with grandma and grandpa, she now feels extra special (she already feels special because we spoil her like all grandparents have the God-Given right to :).

Although it is unfortunate her daddy is not in her life much, we feel living with extended loving family greatly contributes to her self worth, happiness and security. Family is #1 and we promote that bond. Could you consider our situation and mark it on the study scale?

Unknown said...

Oh yes...'WE' have to work hard and be responsible!

After all, SOMEONE has to pay for all of the unvaccinated, uneducated, non-english speaking, no tax paying, criminals and their 'dreamer' offspring who he is ushering across the border!

ima.grandma said...

I second JenOw! I co-sign her statement. Every single word. Way to go sister for calling him on the carpet. Our elected officials MUST be accountable.

Unknown said...

Hi Ima-

Can you tell I'm not a fan? LOL

It's impossible for me to view Obama's actions as anything less than a calculated plan to destroy the U.S.

He's running our country into the toilet. HIS policies are detrimental to us all. Our freedom, which we are all about to celebrate in a few days, has been compromised by HIS agenda.

Whatever your chosen political affiliation, the numbers don't lie. It's data. Objective evidence, that HIS policies are failing. Household incomes are down, unemployment is soaring, our national debt is multiplying, along with welfare, food stamps, and disability.

Then of course, we have the disaster known as 'Obamacare'. Illegal and defunct before it ever began, along with hundreds of millions of American tax dollars paid to a CANADIAN company for a dysfunctional website.
I say HIS policies, as he has illegally forced his agenda on us all, bypassing the officials we elect to represent us. His actions are exactly what our country was founded to escape, and our Constitution was drafted to prevent. As I celebrate Independance Day this weekend, my prayer will be that our country will be restored...and Obama will be tossed out of office on his traitorous butt!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Jen Ow!

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Obama fan either, but this crap started long before he was elected.

I can't stand it when women use the " but I am a single Mom excuse",when most of them get free food, housing, medical care, and child support. A lot of times they have at least 4 grandparents that are usually available to care for the children when Mom has better things to do. They should be ashamed of themselves. Plus, they get every other weekend off. Married couples with children do not get most of these things. So, play the single Mom card with me and I will do absolutely nothing for you.

Anonymous said...

Of course Obama isn't going to say a whole lot about this disgusting situation. These are his voters.

sidewalk super said...

Even when the socialist in the White House is talking to a very aggressive manly man, O'Reilly, he still exudes arrogance, he both doesn't know what's going on and he lies, his faux common experience is sickening, this creep has been pandered to all his life and now he's turning the screws on all of us.
What is startling is these idiots (the ones from broken families, welfare, government program babies, dumbed down public school products whose history lessons don't jibe with reality, etc.) think he's their black man. And they do not listen, do not think.

Jen, you are sooo right!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:39pm, I agree with you. I was married when I got pregnant and my husband left. I never used federal or state aid of any kind and I chose not to go after child support.

Having no formal education, I had to sometimes work 3 jobs in order to provide for my daughter a good life without any help from welfare or child support. The state actually tried to get me to use the resources they have. I declined.

One job I worked was one that you hear people say, "Only illegals would work doing that.." WRONG, I did it, I did it along side of mexicans whom I could not even speak, too. I am sure if I was willing to do those jobs others in the USA are, too. I almost didn't get hired to sort the tomatoes because I was not illegal/mexican. I had to beg the owner to give me a chance. I also roofed houses and painted buildings, I cleaned offices at night.

Raising children alone as a single woman can be done, without aid. Is it harder work than having a husband/family support? YES I would think so. My daughter graduated with honors and rec'd scholarships for college. She is still in school and working on getting her education completed.

Anonymous said...

I third Jen Ow!

Apparently BO is prepared to enforce executive order regarding immigration. Great.

Jen, you seem well informed on politics, so hopefully you will know the answer to a question I have. Assuming, we the people, vote in someone who is actually FOR the people, will the next president be able to repeal (idk if that's the correct word for this) some or any of the things BO has done? Obamacare and immigration stick out as some of the things I'm wondering about.

Who knows what he's going to do with immigration. As it is now, something that wasn't even passed, is what is being enforced, as well as misunderstood, as far as I can tell. Didn't this originally start because he wanted it to be that those already here could possibly stay, then it unraveled out of control? It's my understanding that, that isn't even in law (yet)? WHY are the current laws not being enforced? Why is the border not secure? If there's not enough border patrol, well there's some more jobs. Building the fence or whatever it's supposed to be, there's some more jobs.

I can not understand how he, and other people, think this flood of illegal aliens is a good thing; an "opportunity". Why can't the people who want to live here, permanently, do so legally? I just read some statistics on illegal aliens being provided some type of driver license in Nevada (it's not being called a license, but I guess they can drive with it, so why would it be called something else?). This among so many other things I just can not understand at all. If someone is here illegally, how can they be getting/having/being provided with things that are for citizens? To me, that in itself is not legal.

ima.grandma said...

@Anon 2:54 - you should be so proud of yourself for showing your daughter how important a good honest strong work ethic is. You might notice in my earlier post I did not refer to my daughter as a single mom. I'm not sure why I never do but it might be because the term has a negative connotation of as someone who is lacking or different from regular moms. My daughter works full-time as a preschool teacher in a private Christian school. She doesn't make a lot of money but receives family health insurance and free tuition for my granddaughter as part of the employee benefit package (that alone would be worth the it.) She doesn't receive any government benefits and $0 child support from that lousy excuse for a father. I do realize not everyone has the familial support we are fortunate to be able to provide them and we as a society should never allow children to suffer.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I expected, upon writing, a number of angry responses.

what I did not expect, however, was that I would conclude what others have been saying for years: the President of the United States is a racist who's personal animosity is leading him to attempt to destroy the fabric of the country in order to see it rebuilt, in the language of the radical 60's black activist vision.


Heather is my second wife, so in a divorce, we also fit into "another" category, and my ex and I and Heather have all worked together for the best for the kids. We have Christmas and holidays together and do the best we can to make life good for the kids.

There are many single moms who are success stories, and the best support is family, not government.

It does not take a village, it takes a family. This belief is as far from socialism that we can get.

Many people do not see how dangerous socialism is. They laughed when NYC "banned" large sodas (since shot down), and did not mind that in some counties, white people were only 3/5th of a person for voting purposes.

They do not see that the state is well suited for some things and should stick to those things, but not running our lives.

The champions of free speech have all gone silent under Barak Obama.

I just finished a course on Bullying, which was made up of mostly statistics. They want to say that we are more aware of bullying now, then in my day, but they do not come out and say it because it is not true.

Bullys have always existed, but today, it is different.

Their belief system that focused upon self esteem became cult like. A generation has now esteemed themselves better than anyone and everyone else, and entitlement has run wild. Kids are bullying each other because it was that which was taught to them in the government school.

Suddenly, therapists who could not survive in the private sector were making money telling kids that they were better than everyone else.

Hollywood joined in too.

Who knows more about love?

A. The teenaged girl?
B. The father who has lived 5 decades on this earth?

They taught our kids their opinion, and parents had no choice in the matter. Parenting was disparaged and "experts" were needed.

Locally, the welfare system pays $400 per hour for "med management"; that is, someone comes in and says, "I have trouble concentrating" and is given a pill.

The State pays for it...

Another walks in and says, "I'm nervous" and gets a pill.

Still another says, "I am unhappy" and gets a pill.

We have become a nation that does not rely upon hard work.

Teachers are blamed by parents, who do nothing.

This has been happening since FDR, but hiccuped during the Reagan years, and has spiraled downward since, with Obama truly the "first man" or "first person" of the nation, telling us that we need government to "do it."

As a nation, we spend more than we take in.

How long can that go on without a major problem?

I don't know.


Unknown said...

Hi Anon 2:59-

The short answer is , yes. Obamacare, or the 'Affordable Care Act', can be repealed, or defunded, and I expect it will be.

It is a farce, and nothing more than theft by taxation. We have all been illegally taxed for years to fund the program, and received nothing in exchange but excuses. The last I heard the website had accumulated a price tag of over 600 million, and was still not operational.

Even without the website problems, it is an unsustainable plan. It was never researched, or proven, and it weakens our medical system.

I am encouraged by the HOR lawsuit, and the SCOTUS rulings over the past few weeks. They seem to be trying to reign in his overreaching, as demonstrated by the EPA, and Hobby Lobby rulings.

ima.grandma said...

One of the most common phrases used by us once our children moved into adulthood was "you must live within your means." These are words we taught them to live by. We are hopeful they will pass it along to the next generation. Responsible spending has to start somewhere.

I appreciate your feedback Peter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply Jen. :)

Anonymous said...

Some people are blindly following him, simply because of the color of his skin. Or because they like one or two views he has. They are not paying attention to everything going on.

If you oppose him, for any of his many shortcoming, you're either racist, or conservative - conservative referred to in a negative manner.

I used to think Democrat was for the people, and Republican was more for business/wealthy. I'm not seeing that anymore. Maybe it was never true. That's what I was taught.

Obama has changed my view on politics (political parties), and it's not in his favor, or those he is representing, and those that are allowing him to represent them.

Anonymous said...

Here's an opinion article with unnamed sources regarding the children crossing the border, and their health.


Anonymous said...

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.

ima.grandma said...

I eat with a family of wolves.

john said...

O/T family of elves eat shite farts www.tits.com

Anonymous said...

Blogger ima.grandma said...

One of the most common phrases used by us once our children moved into adulthood was "you must live within your means." These are words we taught them to live by. We are hopeful they will pass it along to the next generation. Responsible spending has to start somewhere.

I appreciate your feedback Peter.

July 1, 2014 at 5:00 PM
LOL So she and her children are living with you!

Anonymous said...

I bet all of you divorced Christians got married in the church. Took the vows, in sickness and in health til death do we part. Promised God you would do so in front of witnesses and probably both times!

ima.grandma, I wouldn't be so proud of your daughter. A lot of grandparents can't or won't help like that. Your daughter is mooching off her parents just as some mooch off the government. I bet she and her children get mostly free room and board and free childcare.From you! She is not living within her means.She is living within YOUR means!

Anonymous said...

Although it is unfortunate her daddy is not in her life much, we feel living with extended loving family greatly contributes to her self worth, happiness and security. Family is #1 and we promote that bond. Could you consider our situation and mark it on the study scale?

Since this is a statement analysis site-ima.grandma, you said your daughter has 2 daughters, then you said her loving family gratly contributes to HER self worth, happiness and security. You have a favorite grand daughter, don't you? HA

Anonymous said...


Lemon said...

" It would be interesting to explore the expression, "the man" with the subject to learn who he calls "the man" " - PH

Yes, it would.

audpaud said...

It's a shame Our President felt the need to interact with a buffoon like Bill O'Reilly.

ima.grandma said...

@Anon 9:16

I'll take that bet and raise you one!