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Statement Analysis: I Love You

In the case of Ross Harris, the detective testified on 3 points which we have covered in Statement Analysis:

Praise for parenting

I love you

Kissing Goodbye

Harris told the detective what a "wonderful" father he was, and how he kissed his son and said, "I love you."

The detective was quoting Harris' statement upon arriving at the scene.

In Statement Analysis, we flag "I love you" being stated as troublesome.  This is a good example of why.

We all say "I love you" to our children at night.  Few, however, feel the need to make a statement about this to others, particularly to police.  It is this need that we highlight as sensitive, or problematic.

We find that abusive and neglectful parents are those who will praise themselves in the highest of terms.

"I'm a great mother!" said Billie Jean Dunn.

In this case, the detective testified that Harris praised himself as a "wonderful" father who even "kissed" his son goodbye.

In Statement Analysis, the principle remains the same:  The need to portray oneself as wonderful often indicates the very opposite in reality.

Also, kissing "goodbye" is sometimes the time of death, or near the time of death, as the guilty party wants to portray themselves  in  a positive light.

Harris kissed his son and then left him to bake in the car, until dead.

from CNN:

Stoddard also testified about how Leanna Harris acted when she arrived at a day care enter to pick the boy up and employees there told her Cooper had never been dropped off.
"Ross must have left him in the car," she replied, according to the detective. Witnesses said they tried to tell her many other things could have happened, but Leanna Harris insisted that Ross Harris must have left the boy in the car, Stoddard said.
He also testified that when Ross and Leanna Harris were in an interview room, Ross Harris told his wife that Cooper looked "peaceful" and that his eyes were closed when he was removed from the vehicle. He told his wife, "I dreaded how he would look," Stoddard said, noting how Harris had used the past tense.
The detective added that the boy's eyes and mouth were not closed when he was taken out of the SUV.
At another point in the interview room, Stoddard said, Leanna Harris asked her husband about what he had said to police.
"She asked him -- she had him sit down, and he starts going through this. And she looks at him, and she's like, 'Well, did you say too much?' " the detective testified.
'Nothing was weird'
While prosecutors painted Ross Harris as a terrible, in fact criminal, father, the defense called witnesses who testified on his behalf.
James Alex Hall, who worked with Ross Harris and had run a Web development company with him for the past two or three months, said Harris didn't act out of the ordinary on the day his son died.
"I would say normal as you could be. Nothing stuck out. Nothing was weird," Hall said.
Ross Harris was scheduled to meet friends for a 5 p.m. showing of the movie "22 Jump Street," according to Stoddard, but he told them he'd be late. He left work at 4:16 p.m., and it would have taken him about 10 minutes to get to the theater, the detective said.
When Harris didn't show up 30 minutes into the movie, Hall stepped outside to contact him. Harris didn't respond to texts, and phone calls went straight to his voice mail, Hall said.
Asked whether Harris was a guy who talked about how life might be without a child, Hall said he was the opposite: the kind of dad who talked about his child to the point that people were tired of hearing about it.
"He said he loved his son all the time," Hall said.
On cross-examination, a prosecutor asked Hall whether he was aware of allegations that Ross Harris had been sexting various women. Hall replied no and conceded that, if that were true, he didn't know everything about his friend.
In what might be a harbinger, the defense repeatedly asked witnesses if they knew Harris was deaf in one ear, perhaps indicating that Harris might not have heard his child in the back seat when he got out of the car and when he returned to it.
"He is deaf in one ear or mostly deaf," a friend testified about Harris. "I always have to go to the other side of his head to talk to him," said Winston Rowell Milling.
'It's easy to get distracted'
Defense attorney H. Maddox Kilgore said after several witnesses testified that he didn't feel anything presented at Thursday's hearing indicated that Ross Harris intentionally left Cooper in the car, which would be key to finding him guilty on the charges.
"It's not even criminal negligence enough to support a misdemeanor," he told the judge, asking him to dismiss the warrant. "It's easy to get distracted when you get behind the wheel. Everyone does it."
Kilgore said he himself had forgotten boxed-up leftovers, a comparison on which the prosecution seized. Someone might remember that they left spaghetti in the car after 30 minutes, said Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring.
But Harris not only forgot his child, he got an e-mail from his son's day care during the day and at one point went to the vehicle to place lightbulbs inside, never once remembering Cooper, the prosecutor said.
"I think it's remarkable he didn't stick his head in that car," Boring said. "He knew what he was going to find."
Cooper was buried Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
The Cobb County Medical Examiner's Office determined that the child's cause of death was "consistent with hyperthermia and the investigative information suggests the manner of death is homicide," according to a Cobb County Department of Public Safety statement.
The Medical Examiner's Office is waiting for toxicology test results before making an official ruling on the toddler's death.
At the boy's funeral, Leanna Harris said she loves her husband and stands by him.
"Am I angry with Ross?" Leanna Harris told mourners. "Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."


Anonymous said...

So sad, poor little boy. It seems he had two monsters as parents. The ones who were supposed to protect him murdered him in a horrible, cruel way. They also gave themselves a chance of freedom, avoiding punishment by setting up an "accident scenerio". They did not even care that meant a long suffering time for their son, before his death. Their research indicates premeditation, the mother's language shows no regret.
How can a parent do such a horrible thing? How can BOTH parents do?

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Search warrants reveal new info in case of missing Nashville woman

There is some chilling new information in the case of a missing Hermitage woman, and some of it is coming from the words of her own 10-year-old son.

Her son doesn't just think his mom is dead. He also thinks he knows who killed her, and it's all spelled out in search warrants.

Nikki Burgess has been missing for more than two weeks, and her friend Stephanie Blaney says she hasn't been able to sleep or eat much.

She was the last to hear from Burgess, when Burgess told Blaney by text message that the father of Burgess' young child, Caleb Cannon, was with her and that they were fighting.

After that there has been nothing but silence, Blaney said.

Last week, Metro police executed search warrants at Burgess' home then at Cannon's.

In Burgess' house, investigators found a sheet with blood, brass knuckles, cleaning products, an extension cord and string.

In Cannon's home, they found an axe, a nylon case, glass vials, knives and a loaded revolver.

And perhaps most disturbing was what their son told a friend, according to police. The child said he "might not be seeing his mom any more because she is probably dead," and that he was "pretty sure that his dad had killed his mom."

In search warrants, police say four trained cadaver dogs smelled human decomposition in Burgess' home while two other dogs sensed human decomposition in Cannon's car.

Neighbors told police they saw two people in the early morning hours unloading something out of Burgess' house and into a car.

That was on May 24, the day before Burgess was reported missing.

Investigators say they believe Cannon killed Burgess inside her Hermitage house, put her in his trunk and then dropped her off at an unknown location.

As of right now, there is still no body and still no arrests.

Police say the case is still ongoing and active. They are still working to put the pieces of the puzzle together and to find Burgess.

Nikki Burgess update: Why is this woman tearing down flyers?

Missing woman Nichole "Nikki" Burgess still hasn't been found, though it's believed that she was murdered, and her own son believes his father did it. Meanwhile, the search for her continues and flyers continue to go up in hopes of someone coming forward with information that brings her home. Now the loved ones of this missing-murdered woman are being caused more pain by a woman who is going around tearing down the flyers associated with her case.
A photo of this should be going viral, especially since many people believe this to be the mother of Caleb Cannon -- the person believed responsible for Nikki's disappearance. Why would this woman want to tear down Nikki's flyers? It's evident that she either doesn't want Nikki Burgess to be found or she's otherwise causing trouble, which is a distraction from searching for her.

Maggie said...
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Dacea said...

This little boy, Noah Reed(5), has been in a coma since May. It was alleged that he fell from a stool but now charges have been filed against his father and the father's girlfriend. The father (Chris) has set up a Gofundme page trying to raise $45,000 for his defense. The father wrote the description on the Gofundme page. Here is the statement:

Ok everyone I'm going to lay out the simple truth for you and hope you help me in the most desperate time of my life. As most of you know Noah (my son) had a very unfortunate accident in May. His recovery is going in the right direction and he's doing very well. However, San Bernadino County is pressing charges against me for Neglect. Anyone that knows me knows how loving of a Father and human being I am. If I truly believed Noah was in danger in any way then that danger would have been instantly removed from his life. I'm no good to him if I were to be prosecuted. This is a very serious charge and the attorney's fees are insane. The money I'm trying to raise will go directly to the lawyers for themselves or their investigative team to assist me in the matter. I thank everyone in advance for anything they can help with.

They are in Yucca, CA if anyone has anymore on the story. I don't know how to get access to the 911 call.

S + K Mum said...

So sad for Cooper :-( I feel so angry at his parents, they are vile creatures. Why do these despicable parents think it is their right to murder their innocent babies? Sometimes I wish vigilante justice was legal because they deserve nothing less than to suffer the same fate they have inflicted on a defenseless child!!

elf said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Dacea,

This is not much information out there. This is all i could find.


By Z107.7 News, on May 27th, 2014
A Yucca Valley woman was placed under arrest Thursday after investigation of a baby brought to the hospital with severe head injuries. The Sheriff’s Department said on May 18, deputies responded to the home of Hannah Thompson, 21, in the 8600 block of Palomar Avenue in Yucca Valley with Fire Department personnel, after Thompson called 911 to report that her boyfriend’s five-year-old son fell from a stool at the home. The victim sustained significant head injuries and was airlifted to the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Medical personnel believed the injuries to be suspicious for child abuse. After investigation, Hannah Thompson was placed under arrest for investigation of felony child abuse causing a coma.

John Mc Gowan said...

a few red flags to say the least?

Ok everyone I'm going to lay out the simple truth, for you and hope you help me in the most desperate time of my life. As most of you know Noah (my son) had a very unfortunate accident, in May. His recovery is going in the right direction and he's doing very well. However, San Bernadino County is pressing charges against me for Neglect. Anyone that knows me knows how loving of a Father and human being I am. If I truly believed Noah was in danger in any way then that danger would have been instantly removed from his life. I'm no good to him if I were to be prosecuted. This is a very serious charge and the attorney's fees are insane. The money I'm trying to raise will go directly to the lawyers for themselves or their investigative team to assist me in the matter. I thank everyone in advance for anything they can help with.

dadgum said...

The parents' affect was telling during the hearing Thursday. But when it was brought out he told his wife, in the police station, that he "dreaded" finding Cooper that way', I couldn't watch any more. He told her Cooper was "peaceful..eyes and mouth closed". No he wasn't. I have broken car windows to remove convulsing dogs. Feeling sick...

Nic said...

"I dreaded how he would look,"

past tense plus conditional future = planning

Is the mother being investigated? Given what is reported about what the mother said at the daycare and what parents discussed, it sounds like there was collaboration.

"Am I angry with Ross?" Leanna Harris told mourners. "Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."

Not to committed to the idea of attaching herself to him. Never doesn't mean no. Absolutely weakens "no". "If" is future non-committing. "wonderful" x 2 - weakens declaration to titles father, daddy and leader. Note she doesn't even mention 'husband', so I'm going with he wasn't much of a husband (sexting while his son is dying pretty much confirms this). "meant the world to him" = persuading.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad this topic was brought up. I commented about this in the last post. It seems, between his internet searches and constant thoughts of death, he was obsessed with death and/or the death of his son.

Most people do kiss their kids when saying bye. Not every single time they buckle them in the car, just in case they crash and die.

Kimberly Smith said...

I'm new to this blog and SA. Everyone's comments are very insightful. I'm learning so much that will be helpful with my 2 teenagers (soon to be 3 of them, really! lol.} Amazing stuff. Carry on...

Anonymous said...

The plan to go to the movie seems to be made prior to leaving work. It would explain why he wouldn't be picking his son up, and the mother would go to day care.

But the strange behavior of both seem to indicate alibi building I think.

Was the location where he pulled over en route to the theater?

Anonymous said...

Details about after work plans:
*Called to say he would be late at 3:45. . .
*Told police that he left EARLY to avoid traffic

"Later, Harris was supposed to meet friends at the AMC Parkway Pointe movie theater on Highway 41. The group was going to see “22 Jump Street” at 5 p.m. Stoddard said Harris told friends at 3:45 that he would be late. Though Ross Harris was heading toward the theater when he pulled into the Akers Mill shopping center, he was less than a mile away when he entered the shopping complex at about 4:15. He also told detectives that night he had left early to avoid traffic."

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal -

A normal person wouldn't be that distracted. . . For a person leading double lives, and sexually explicit ones. . . though it would be difficult to keep it all together. . .

Just thinking. . .If he got a particularly arousing message. . . perhaps the wrong "head" took over making it easier to "forget" his son. . . especially if he was compulsive about it.

But the mother's behavior points to prior knowledge. . . Did he find out his kid was dead at lunch time and try to plan with mom on the fly, thus the inconsistent and incomplete alibi building? Sounds like mother was acting, to "help" the accident story.

It is just difficult for me to accept a planned murder. . . either way this precious child deserved much much better.

sidewalk super said...

What kind of upbringing did the two parents of Cooper have, to produce conscience devoid behavior like this?
Somewhere in their backgrounds would be clues that were ignored.
Or is it part of the greater problem of isolation that technology is promoting?
So far, we hear nothing from the police about the mother, ought to come is my opinion.
Georgia does still have the death penalty, by the way.

Dacea said...

Thank you, John. It breaks my heart. I noticed some of those things you pointed out when I was reading it. Someone on fb shared the Gofundme page asking for prayer and help for the father. As soon as I read his statement I had some red flags. I am thankful that the police actually arrested these 2 though. Too many parents are getting away with it.

FlyLadyFan said...

How did his wife escape arrest???

ima.grandma said...

Welcome FlyLadyFan. You'll be amazed at how you will begin to listen differently. It's a fascinating study.

Hi John, any thoughts on JRH's body language during court yesterday?

elf said...

I agree that most parents often show affection to their children. Its the need to point it out to others that shows an area of concern.

FlyLadyFan said...
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Katprint said...

Re the wife's "no other explanation" comment:

I have been in three serious automobile accidents. (Yes, I know that three is the "liar's number" but I actually have been in two freeway collisions and one street accident where a guy driving on the wrong side of the road crashed into my car.) I have been waiting at a deposition and gotten a call from the other attorney's secretary explaining that he had been in an accident and was on his way to the hospital with a broken leg. I have been woken in the night by a telephone call to inform me which hospital my (adult) daughters were being treated at after a car accident. If people don't show up when/where they are supposed to, my first thought is, "They must have been in an accident."

I have also taken my children to the emergency room many times. They have fallen from trees, preschool playstructures, tricycles, beds they were jumping on, etc. Whenever my sons have friends over for playdates or guests are dropped off for birthday parties, I get the parents' contact information because there is no knowing if someone will fall and bite through their lip or break their arm or bonk their head or whatever. So, thinking that there must have been some sort of accidental injury requiring a trip to the ER would be my next thought.

Lastly, I have had to cancel a vacation trip and come home several days early when my eldest son was a 6 month old baby because he suddenly got very sick. (This was a bigger deal than it sounds like, involving hundreds of dollars to reschedule flights, blowing off prepaid hotel rooms, etc.) Kids get sick all the time. If my husband was supposed to take my sons somewhere but I discovered they hadn't made it there, and he hadn't called me about being in an accident or having to take one of the kids to the ER then my next thought would be that one of the boys must have gotten sick so they'd gone home instead.

That my husband would leave our kids in a hot car would literally not be something I would think of, same as I would not think that they had been sucked up by a tornado or bitten by poisonous snakes or hit by a falling meteorite.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi ima.grandma,

Iv'e seen a few clips where he flashes contempt. He also reinforce the contempt with a chin raise. The whole court appearance last 2 and a half hours.

In this short clip. He is listening to Leonard Madden an eye witness describing what he saw.

When Madden says two other people came to assist. Watch his eyebrows and the contraction of his forehead muscles. Whenever one feels either emotional pain or physical pain directly for oneself or indirectly for another via empathy - the central forehead contracts. Madden is reliving the scene.

Now look at JRH. We see a tear role down his face. There is no contraction of his browns and, or forehead. Some may say his hair is covering his forehead, and it is partially. However, he is also reliving the that day as Madden is.

Now, this is his little boy. Pain should be etched all over his face. He shows, in this clip anyway, no true emotion. (caveat) Botox limits muscle movement. I doubt though, that he has had it, but, you never know.

Notice too in this clip. He is directly watching Madden explain the events of the day. For me, this is very strange behaviour. I would have my head in (Both) my hands sobbing uncontrollably like a baby.

The only time that i can see any reaction from him, is when Madden says. "He was yelling hollaring and screaming" JRH, doe's whats know as eye blocking or prolonged eyelid closure. This is best explained here By (Dr G Jack brown)

Covering BOTH eyes with the hands, is significant of emotionally processing an event, either witnessed directly or experienced vicariously. It may also indicate a similar emotion of an anticipated event for the immediate or relatively near future. Some refer to this as "emotional blocking". The logical brain acknowledges what is transpiring - or is about to - yet the emotional brain is trying to catch-up and process what is going on. A variation of this is seen when people have prolonged eyelid closure - so while the hands are not covering the eyes, the eyelids are - and this is generally seen in lesser circumstances. It can be thought of as honest and non-sarcastic incredulity/disbelief.

So, apart from the eye blocking, i don't, in this clip anyway, see any strong emotion. Considering he is reliving it.

Kimberly Smith said...

Last two posts were not real me. Both the wife arrest comment and the troll comment. Not sure what's going on.

ima.grandma said...
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ima.grandma said...

This is the first time I've seen this information.

The officer also said that he clearly heard a phone call between Leanna Harris and her mother in which Cooper's grandmother was distraught over the news of the boy's death and asked her daughter, "Why aren't you crying." Leanna Harris replied, "I must be in shock," Stoddard said.

Interesting observations John. Thanks. There was at least once when JRH leans far back in his chair almost to the point of lifting the front chair legs off the floor. Any thoughts as to the meaning?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


its a single poster. Most of the posts get spammed out, but some slip through.

Don't be concerned as they are deleted.

I take this opportunity to remind everyone: don't respond to her. The desperation for attention eventually dries up when no one makes mention.

Happy Fourth!


ima.grandma said...

Whoops, I need to make a correction FlyLadyFan.

There WILL be an icon preceding YOUR registered google blog name. My apologies for the confusion.

Lemon said...

Your post highlights the "unexpected" nature of Cooper's mother's comment. She seemed adamant there could be no other explanation. I believe her statements point to her knowledge of her husband's actions.

Lemon said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Hi ima.grandma,

It could be said, it is a diluted version of a flight response, leaning away from what he is hearing.

My opinion is, that it is part of his contempt towards the court etc. How dare you not believe me. It would be interesting to see a clip of him doing that, and see if he has his chin raised.

It is also what some School children do when they are being told off by their teacher. They don't want to loose face in front of their peers, so, they lean back to look casual and arrogant.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with you on the assessment that those who feel the need to brag about their parenting to others are the ones who should not.

ima.grandma said...

That's a funny analogy about the school kids. It makes me smile :) I spent a couple of years substitute teaching once my youngest entered first grade and I needed to match their school year schedule. I saw that arrogant look many a time, mostly boys lol

Juliette said...

Justin Ross Harris talked to family about collecting son's life insurance in days after death, warrants show

COBB COUNTY, Georgia - The father of a Georgia toddler who died last month in a sweltering SUV talked to relatives about collecting life insurance on 22-month-old Cooper Harris in the days following the boy's death, according to records made public today.

The Cobb County Magistrate's Office today released 18 new search warrants in the case against Tuscaloosa native Justin Ross Harris, 33. Harris is charged with murder and child cruelty in the June 18 death of Cooper.

""Through the investigation Harris has made comments to family members regarding a life insurance policy that he has on Cooper and what they need to do in order to file for it,'' according to one of the search warrant affidavits.

In the warrants obtained by, this round focused on looking for evidence and information into the finances of Ross and Leanna Harris, and into any marital problems they might be having. Much of the information contained in today's warrants was made public during a 3-hour probable cause hearing held Thursday, at which a judge allowed the case to proceed to a grand jury and ordered Harris remain held without bond.

Read more here:

Also snipped from this article;

The warrants also focused on the car seat itself. "Harris was questioned regarding the car seat that the child was seated in. Harris knew the specific make and model of the seat and what the weight limit was for the child to be seated in it. When the seat was inspected the straps for the seat were set on the lowest level for a small child."

Leanna Harris was also interviewed by police on the day Cooper died. She made a similar statement that this was her worst fear. Investigators questioned her further about this, according to the warrant.

"Leanna stated specifically that her fear was that her child would be left in a hot vehicle, not the fear of losing a child,'' according to the warrants. Leanna Harris has not been charged with any crime.

Anonymous said...

As a mother who lost her baby boy I was "crumpled into a heap of snot and tears into the dirt". My faith in my God was strong but my human heart and legs couldn't hold me up. Am I being overly sensitive or is Leanna speaking condescendingly to truly grieving parents? I feel insulted.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Both the mother and father are sociopaths. This means they do not feel guilt. Sociopaths are predators concerned only for self-preservation. Picture a robot who is acting pretending to have feelings. That is how is how sociopath operates. They know that their "act" is a little off and therefore will say things which attempt to mask their inhuman response. This Mom is saying she is religious so is not responding as other humans would. You felt the condescension of it, it helps to understand it is a mask she is using to try to cover her sociopathic lack of emotion. I am very sorry for your loss.

elf said...

'I'm no good to him if I were to be prosecuted' sounds like he doesn't think he will be found innocent.

elf said...

I'm sorry. I wont comment anymore. Ok.

Baxtie said...

Sociopaths/psychopaths actually DO feel emotion. They have plenty of emotions... except one: Empathy. (Guilt relies on empathy.) They aren't robots so much as completely self-serving people who don't care what others think.

Anonymous said...

Baxtie, I didnt mean to directly compare sociopaths to robots as I do realize they feel emotion, however their range of emotion is limited. For example, they do not feel love which greatly narrows their emotions as many emotions spring from love. They do not feel guilt, etc. They do not feel many of the emotions that make us "human". Therefore I did ask anon to picture a robot pretending to feel certain emotions as sociopaths attempt to simulate love, understanding, compassion, etc. This is highlighted in this blog post where the father talked nonstop about his son and how much he loved him, an attempt at simulating love for his son. Sociopaths do not feel guilt. It has been debated whether they feel empathy which is quite different than guilt and simply means an individual can understand how another person is feeling. My opinion is they are able to feel empathy, meaning they understand when they see someone suffering as a result of the sociopath's maltreatment that the person is in pain emotionally and/or physically but they do not care or, in some disturbing cases, actually enjoy it. They do not feel guilt. This is the main thing to understand, so they will attempt to simulate any emotions that spring from compassion, etc such as love and caring.

~mj said...

One does not "feel" empathy if one knows what another is feeling and does not to care. That is exactly an example of someone not feeling empathy. Now the question would be, is the not caring wilful or compulsory? That would determine whether a sociopath can feel empathy or not.

Anonymous said...

I have seen footage of the mother present during the court hearing of her husband. Very cool and collected; casually chewing gum.

Amazing. Showing no emotions at all while having lost her child and buried him just some days ago, not to mention having a husband that has been accused of sexting with six different women.

Anonymous said...

I was so outraged by her showing no emotion! Not even fear. Who chews gum at ANY court hearing let alone one like this!? I'm surprised other people have not mentioned the gum chewing before. Anyone should know you shouldn't act like that in court. John is right on the mark about the father's behavior. These monsters disgust me.

Anonymous said...

MJ, Empathy means to feel what another feels. It means that a person understands what another feels. Empathy does not mean a person understands what another feels and feels any given response to that understanding, it simply means they understand what the other is feeling. In fact, there are sadistic sociopaths who know very well their victim is in pain, but simply do NOT care. Also, sociopaths know when someone else is happy. Sociopaths do not go through life never having a single happy moment. They would not be able to ruin the happiness of others if they did not understand the other person had happiness to destroy.
They understand what others are feeling, they simply do not care if a person is in pain or, in some disturbing cases, actually enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

@sidewalk supper

May not be the upbringing in today's society. Many become sociopaths on their own by, yes, technolgy,constant death scenes on TV, and the shroud the guilt one might have...there's alway religion as a cover.

Leading a double life? Explains the distraction. Perhaps they decided they should have waited until they sowed the proverbial oates.

Anonymous said...

I believe sociopathy is the result of severe early childhood abuse along with having a sociopathic model most likely a parent or another adult living in the home. In the case of Ted Bundy, I believe his grandfather (who he thought was his father) was sociopathic. He certainly was severely violent.
With this case, I am thinking it was money motive, could be Ross was spending lots of money on extramarital affairs? His wife had complained of his spending habits.

Anonymous said...

It's possible that Cooper died earlier due to the negligent actions of Leanna Harris, and that Cooper was already dead when he was placed in the car. Ross Harris may have concocted the car scenario to protect his wife. That would explain a lot about both parents' unnatural behavior.

Habundia said...