Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Type of Deception in Leadership

Leaders often deceive by steering conversations and lying by omission.


Often found in leaders.  This week, the $700 per hour lawyer Joe Tacopina saw the Balco arrest and declared it "good news" for Alex Rodriquez.  It was clever.  It is goofy, but like "if it don't fit, you must acquit" it counts upon the ignorance and lazy-mindedness of the audience.

Shrewd move on his part, like the many shrewd moves he has made over time.

Read the transcripts of interviews with Hermann Goering.  He was a master manipulator who could flatter, ask leading rhetorical concluding questions, and represent the view point of others.  Even with the 2nd language, it is still fascinating for analysis.

Hermann Goering may be the world's most prolific criminal in that he was involved in more crimes, of varying nature, than anyone I have ever read or heard of.  From murder to larceny to extortion to bribery to...

We'd need a longer post to list his possible indictments, and even then, we'd need the experience of prosecutors to help in just naming the crimes.

"I am sure that the American government, itself, would agree with me that..." which is speaking for another.  It is something that is allowed to sit in the minds of hearers, no matter how outrageous or false.  Note the comparison between Goering and Tacopina in the form of argument.

"Of course" is used to take, without question, what is said.  It can be frustrating in meetings, particular, when these types of liars have "broadcaster" voices, that is, good volume, confident tone, baritone sound.

Others will use softer voice inflections, with tremendous flattery, and then spring the deadly trap of a response.

Yet, everyone of us has a weakness.

You've got to listen for it.

Obama wears his insecurity on his sleeve.  "Russia doesn't produce anything" while being the number one producer of Europe's oil, and almost number one producer of natural gas.  This may be why he is at the golf course each time a crisis breaks, since reelection, and returns insults for insults.  The thin-skinned immature reaction is not well suited for politics, which is why, perhaps, he


We saw George W. Bush avoid arguments and often use the 'good ole' boy' response, also employing Goering's "agreement" arguments, "as anyone can see, we've got to..."

His father's famous, "Read my lips; no new taxes" showed the need for hyperbole.  This is what we focus upon and a Statement Analyst could have easily stated:

prepare for new taxes, in some form or another.

Recently, we looked at silence in the face of deception, which begs the question:

When do I speak up?

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

"which is why, perhaps, he"

Where's the rest of the sentence?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update.

Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons arraigned in federal court, plead not guilty

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The adoptive parents of missing Erica Parsons were arraigned in federal court in Greensboro Wednesday and both pleaded not guilty to all fraud charges.

Sandy Parsons, 40, and Casey Parsons, 39, were arrested last week, accused of committing tax fraud, mail fraud, theft of government funds, identity theft and engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the government.

Sandy and Casey Parsons are the adoptive parents of Erica Parsons, who was reported missing on July 30, 2013 by her adoptive brother.

The teenager reportedly has not been seen since November 2011.

The Parsons are also accused of receiving government funded adoption assistance, Medicaid, Social Security, and Food and Nutrition Services benefits for a dependent that did not live with them and used the mail to commit the fraud.

The indictment unsealed last week also alleges that Casey Parsons fraudulently used the identities of other people and used other false information when preparing federal tax returns.

Sandy and Casey Parsons are both charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud the government, 20 counts of theft of government funds and 20 counts of mail fraud.

Sandy Parsons is also charged with one count of aggravated identity theft and one count of false statement to a government agency.

Casey Parsons is charged with one count of false pretense in a health care matter, two counts of Social Security fraud, 15 counts of aggravated identity theft, two counts of false statement to a government agency, six counts of aiding in the preparation of a false tax return, six counts of wire fraud and one count of making false claim against the government.

Anonymous said...

what do you guys think about the birth certificate? I think it's a fake. nomatter what your politics are I think misspellings and the principles of how typewriters work - don't lie.

Anonymous said...

and I think whatever the reason it's a fake, - if he's really a manchurian candidate positioning us for takeover by the new world order - of he's just embarassed about his baby weight - I don't know, but - I challenge anybody to actually set eyes on the long form birth certificate posted on the white house web sight and say they still believe it is an athentic document.

John Mc Gowan said...


911 call: Twin baby boy left in hot car.

Michelle King charged with child neglect after police say she left 18-month-old baby in hot car for 4 hours
Police: Baby discovered in car by 6-year-old sibling, had body temperature over 101 degrees
Mom tells 911: 'I don't know how he got out of the house' and 'he's all sorts of hot'

Listen to a tearful young mom tell 911 her 18-month-old baby boy somehow got outside while she was sleeping with her other 2 children.

Michelle King says the boy crawled out into the backyard, but cops say the mom of 3 left her twin boy in his car seat in her SUV for 4 hours.

Sella35 said...

OT- father of missing girl previously investigated for molesting 8 year old step-daughter.

Anonymous said...

So many red flags in this for me. Lynn has been missing 30 days. This has been written by her husband. Note he distances himself from her and says her mother and sisters are worried. I loved this couple as they have been so helpful to those of us in the homeschool community in MO, but I'm getting more and more concerned the more he "talks."

Find Lynn Messer

Lynn – I love you with all my heart! 34 years is not enough, when you are in love!

My heart aches for you. It has been 30 days since you disappeared from our home. We don’t have a single clue what has happened and we are looking for you everywhere we can think of.

All we know is that the pain pills your doctor prescribed can have a severe reaction, causing you to be totally confused. We fear that you may not even know for sure who you are. This confusion can lead you to be fearful of people around you and cause you not to trust anyone. It can also lead you to go places without understanding why you are there.

Please ask anyone for help, especially any law enforcement officer! They will help you find your way back home. Or you can borrow anyone’s phone and call me privately and I will come get you. I can bring you home, or take you wherever you want to go. We could go see your father’s grave site again, the grass will be growing very well by now. I can help you understand what has happened and work through any questions you may have.

Together we will face tomorrow without fear and spend time going over all our pictures of our life together. You have so many happy and joyful times recorded in your scrap books and photos – our children, grandchildren, our many friends, your dogs, the cattle, and so much more!

If you are confused or cannot remember, you can call me privately on our home phone: 573-483-2007, or my cell phone: 314-971-2477.

You had a great time teaching the children in Vacation Bible School the Monday evening before something happened. And you were planning to babysit some of our grandchildren on Tuesday, and were going to take them to church with you later in the day, while I was going to cut hay.

Also know that the kid’s show steers did very well at the County Fair. They got their ribbons for the steers and rabbits, and made a good profit too! The steers had gained lots of weight and all three of them walked very well in the ring for the children. The 4-H folks loved the banner you put so much time and effort into making.

Your mother and sisters are concerned about what the doctor’s pain pills may have done to cause you to be confused. We will work this out immediately and help you piece your thoughts back together again. Note too that your friends in Ecuador are praying for you. I have your passport here and maybe we can go down there together to visit!

Lynn (Ma) - If you can see this, know that I love you and cherish the day we can be together again! May it be today! I so want to help you find yourself again! Call me privately on our home phone: 573-483-2007. Or call me direct on my cell phone: 314-971-2477. If anyone is prohibiting you from contacting us, know that we are not giving up until we find you!


Anonymous said...

July 2014 - husband speaks audio/video

Lynn Messer Missing

He: we we we, he not to use " I"

It was " like any other night" whatever it is - follow the pronouns.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Lynn Messer Missing Anons OT.

"If you own property in St Louis that you "Hunt on," don't wait till deer season please come to your property this week and search your property. My family and I are pleading that you help us find Lynn.

"Property" x three, making it very sensitive to him.

Is this alibi building?. Will she be found with a gun shot on someones "property". Thus then, blaming it on a shooting accident, or hunt that went wrong, a stray bullet etc?.

In another article we find this, which is not reported in the article, but is in the vt.

"I need to apologise first off. I have to have my prescription glasses to read my notes, and iv'e got tinting in them so forgive me for that".

We take note where someone begins their statement. It maybe the reason for giving the statement. he begins with an apology.

When someone says "I'm sorry" or I apologise in any form we take note, this could be the brain leaking guilt. Not everyone that says the words "I'm sorry" or "I apologise is guilty, but, must be noted.

He then goes on to say.

Snip from article.

“I want to start by thanking everybody involved. First off, the press and news agencies, I want to thank you for showing up. We need your help,” said Kerry. “I want to thank Sheriff Gary Stolzer for tremendous job that he and his staff have been doing and all the law enforcement he has enlisted that have been so responsive. The literally hundreds of search and rescue people with their dogs and with their expertise that has helped through a very difficult process of elimination. To go through property that is very difficult to search, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for their help.”

He continued to thank his family who stood with him during the press conference. He also thanked the countless number of people who have been helping with searching and the thousands who have joined them in praying they could find her.

Note he is praising police, investigators and search teams while they are unsuccessful. This is not expected.

Kerry then addressed his wife directly.

“If you can see this: We love you. I love you. I love you to the bottom of my heart,” said Kerry

“We are looking, we’re searching. We’re not going to quit until we find you. If you can respond in any way to let us know something, do so. If you’re in a situation where you can’t respond, don’t despair, we are not going to stop looking.”

Order is important:

He starts of apologizing for his glasses.

He then thanks the authorities. He uses 110 words in this eulogy.

He then makes a direct statement/plea to his wife, he uses only 51 words for this.

Has he been polygraphed? I would seriously consider him as a suspect, just on the order of his statement alone.

New England Water Blog said...

I've looked closely at the birth certificate and read the claims of experts refuting its authenticity. Its pretty clear that this document does not hold up to scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited someone can see beyond all that stuff. U don't know her but this has been laid on my heart I pray that it comes out soon.i think ur right! Do u know if he is being question?

Anonymous said...

So thankful u can see through it. Do you think they are checking into him further?