Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Honey Boo Boo Mother Mama June on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil claims that "Mama June" can't tell the truth...

Statement Analysis shows deception on her part, regarding the most recent scandal.


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

'The last thing I remember is him taking off his robe and climbing on top of me': Supermodel Janice Dickinson claims Bill Cosby lured her to his home with TV offer and then drugged and raped her

Supermodel Janice Dickinson is claiming in a new interview that she was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby
Dickinson says the incident happened in Lake Tahoe, California, in 1982, and that the actor gave her a pill with a glass of wine, causing her to blackout
She says she woke up the next morning 'with her pajamas off, in pain, and with semen between her legs'
This comes as two other women have recently come forward to say they were raped and drugged by Cosby
Cosby has yet to respond to any of these allegations

Interview and vt below.


Kellie said...

Mama June's response to Poodle's accusations.

Throughout her response she uses strong ~I~ statements EXCEPT for the first statement. If I'm reading this right she is distancing herself from the action. Also saying what there was NOT. Also not taking possession of the statement. Comparing this first statement with the rest, I believe shows deception.

(She also conveniently loses things that one would think would be extremely important to her attempting to prove her innocence.)

"There was no checking into the hotel with him (Mark McDaniel) at all. I’m still trying to find the email. I don’t know what folder I put it in."

I didn’t tell Pumpkin what to say. I didn’t tell Sugar what to say. They spoke what they wanted to say.

Pumpkin is Pumpkin’s own self. I don’t tell her what to say.

He (Poodle) is very mad because the show ended. He told Sugar Bear that he didn’t receive money and said he was going to make my life hell, and he has.

Lee (Poodle) doesn’t know the truth from a lie anymore. It gets real in his mind.

I do not have any ill will towards TLC or Lee (Poodle). I chose not to talk to him because he’s constantly putting stress on Sugar Bear.

Pretty much the whole family has cut him (Poodle) off. Now he’s trying to come up with every excuse to make people feel sorry for him, and I’m tired of it.

Maybe I caused everything because I met with Mark that one time. I owned up to that mistake. What the hell else do you want me to do?

It’s over with him (Poodle). It’s like beating a dead horse."

Unknown said...

Uncle poodle was given a lie detector test at the end of his interview with dr phil and he passed with flying colours.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm playing catch-up after a 'weekend remodel' project. (that has so far stretched into day 7)

What did 'Poodle' take a lie detector test about? I tried searching YouTube with no luck.

Thanks in advance for any info!

Anonymous said...

Look at those eyes. In the photo above this article, Dr. Phil looks like he hasn't slept in four-five days. Also looks and speaks like hes' been off and on a dope binge. Wow... the eyes with the heavy lids. Yikes.

Unknown said...

Jen Ow - it was on the end of this dr phil episode (32 mins in) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNciFERoXzE

GetThem said...

I agree with Dr. Phil. This is nothing new.

Casandra said...

Dr Phil: So do you think they canceled this show because of your relationship with a registered sex offender or not?
June: I’m thinking that had to be a part of it but I don’t think that was the full extent of why the show got cancelled.

This is the moment where mama June implicitly admits her relationship with a registered sex offender.