Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sony Pictures Hacked

Sony has had a major hacking into their system.  Here is a snap shot of what appeared on their website.

What does the language tell us?

Is it that of foreigners, or those who wish to be seen as foreigners?

What is meant by "#GOP"?


C5H11ONO said...

"We've already warned you"
--Were there other warnings prior to this one?
"This is just a beginning"
--It isn't "the" beginning, but "a" beginning. I believe that because of the use of "a" they haven't really done much planning. I don't think they even know what their Step 2 is yet.
"We continue till our request be met"
--Request is singular. Did they make only one request in the past already? This note identifies that what they want is for Sony to "obey us". Sony is referred to as "you" which is interesting since it is a corporation comprised of so many individuals. Who in particular do they target?
"Determine what will you do till November the 24th, 11:00 PM(GMT)
--It's not a European faction that's for sure. I believe it's a domestic group or at least more than one person involved since they consistently referred to themselves in the plural. But, in Europe everyone refers to time differently. 11:00 p.m. would be 2300. Also, in Latin America as well.
"#GOP" - They could identify as "GOP" - since that would be the Republican party, Grand Ole Party. The pound sign/ or hashtag that is currently used by people is something I would say young people do a lot of on Instagram and Twitter. I don't think its older people.
At this time I am inclined to think it is young local kids from their late teens to early 20's that are computer geeks/wizards that were able to hack into Sony's website. I'm curious to know what other previous warnings they did that maybe didn't go noticed.

Anonymous said...

it was a 19 american year old kid who they had hired to hack their sysyem for fool proofing, but when he did it too well and got in too deep they sent him to jail -= wheh he got out of jail he hacked for revenge,