Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Poll on Sony Hacked: Who Do You Believe?

Sony has had a major hacking into their system.  Here is a snap shot of what appeared on their website.

What does the language tell us?

Is it that of foreigners, or those who wish to be seen as foreigners?

What is meant by "#GOP"?

Many of you concluded that this was not written by a foreigner, but written by someone who wanted to be seen as a foreigner.

Now, a high tech company says you were correct:  it is the work of ex-employee/hackers, while the FBI says it was North Korea.

Who do you think is responsible?

President Obama announced, days after the story broke, that it was North Korea.  The security industry said that this was way too early to know.

Eventually, the FBI met with the security experts and the twain did not agree:

The FBI is sticking to blaming North Korea, but the civil  investigators say that every North Korean lead was followed and was not true.  They believe the FBI is forced into this position due to the President's premature announcement.

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Sus said...

I don't believe it is North Korea, but there are hints that the writer's native language is not English. Maybe European..."determine what will you do" sounds Russian or Eastern European.

I may be in the minority here, but I'm questioning the expertise of these hackers, also. They seem like novices. The hashtag is simply to call attention to a tweet, get it to trend. So they weren't as interested in warning Sony as having the public see their tweet. They mention "internal data" rather than just data. They "obtained" it. And notice the space between the greetings and colons. That's from a device with autocorrect.

Yet, they punctuate correctly. A kid would not bother putting commas in the correct places. They also use words I wouldn't expect of a kid.

In summary, I think the hackers are first time hackers. It may have even fallen in their lap somehow rather than targeting Sony. They may be American citizens, but their native language is European or Russian. There's my take for what it's worth.

Tania Cadogan said...

What caught my eye in particular was the time used.
11:00PM (GMT)

Why use GMT and not another time zone perhaps one local to the country?

Was this not thought of when pretending to be a foreign country?

it is not something given much thought when writing fake notes, it is usually instinctive.

It also was not written using the 24 hr clock which would probably mean someone not using it regularly such as military, medical etc.

I use 24hr clock as a habit from when i worked in research and it continues for my pc , clocks etc.
It is natural and instinctive due to habit.
I also do the same when writing dates, as i work for an american company i use the american way of writing dates which is m/d/y and not the uk which is d/m/y.
I also tend to write american and also use americanism such as diapers, trunk, hood parking lot and sidewalk much to my bro's disgust :)

I did notice the bad writing.
This is a beginning and not this is the beginning.

We continue till our request be met not we'll/we will continue until our request is met.

We've obtained all your internal data including secrets and top secrets ( remember order is important)

if you don't obey us, we'll release data shown below to the world, not the data

Determine what will you do till november the 24th 11:00pm (GMT)
Decide what you will do, you have until november 24th (11:00pm (GMT)

it sounds as if someone is trying to sound ghetto.
There are inconsistencies we have the bad grammar yet correct spellings

John Mc Gowan said...

I am not going to commit just yet. Direct quotes are needed for myself to conclude one way or the other, and may yield, who is deceptive and who is not ?

Sus said...

Funny Hobs, I also picked up the ghetto vibe, but thought, "nah, can't be."

John Mc Gowan said...

Happy New Year everyone. May you all have Peace and happiness.

God Bless x :)

Anonymous said...

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Katprint said...

That it was probably written by hackers or disgruntled former employees of Sony does not rule out it having been written by non-native English speaking writers. Forcing a choice between either North Korea or "by someone who wanted to be seen as a foreigner" (i.e. a non-native English speaker) is a false dichotomy. It is certainly possible that it was written by foreign born hackers or disgruntled former employees whose native language is not English ESPECIALLY considering that Sony is a multinational conglomerate whose corporate headquarters is in Japan.

S + K Mum said...

My guess is it was the government who hacked Sony, to blame North Korea and Sony know this. Why? Well, time will tell....
Sending best wishes to everyone for the new year from Scotland. May it be a happy, healthy one! :-)

GetThem said...

I will stick to my original guess. That it is someone trying to sound like they were from N. Korea or trying to sound like someone whose first language is allegedly not English. That however, could be anyone.

Tania Cadogan said...

Happy new year to one and all. May 2015 be everything you wish for xx

Anonymous said...

Ask Edward Snowden. He knows more than you think he does. He's not your friend. Traitor.

Anonymous said...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I hope to put up analysis on Baby Lisa shortly.
Happy New Year.

Kellie said...

Happy 2015 everyone! :D

C5H11ONO said...

What does the language tell us:
The writer is trying to appear foreign, although they themselves are not from the United States. It is interesting to note that only in the United States do people refer to time as 11:00 p.m. I believe most people refer to it as 2300? At least in business, I have come across persons in South America and Europe that refer to time in that fashion – on a consistent basis. What is interesting to note is that they referred to 11:00 PM(GMT) which is Greenwich Mean Time in Greenwich, London. Also interesting to note is that they used the word “till” on two occasions. I grew up in the Unites States and was always under the impression that ‘til was a derivative of “until”. It is not so. “Until” came from “till” which is currently used in the UK. Some of the data links were to a University in Brazil known as Universidade Bematch and another site in Russia,, which is interesting as they have no connection to Sony. I guess the data they would leak was placed in these sites.

This was not the first warning Sony got as they indicated it above. They stated “this” being close is “just” a beginning. The word “just” is used to minimize. But they chose to say “a beginning” as opposed to “the” beginning. I don’t think they knew what else they would do or perhaps there was nothing additional for them to leak.

We continue till our request be met. They try to sound foreign here with grammar errors, but correctly used “till”. Request was singular. If they threatened previously they only had one request that they wanted.

They obtained their internal data including secrets and “top” secrets. Therefore they are able to distinguish between the two with the data that they have.

If you don’t obey us – This appeared at all Sony employee computers. Were there any threats that were personalized to Sony staff?

They state “determine what will you do” as opposed to determine what you will do. This would imply like someone that does have internal knowledge of the goings on at a place, maybe even present or have visual access. It is in my opinion, a taunt, like the Riddler for example. It reminds me of something from Batman. You know, like saying “round and round she goes, where she stops no one knows”. It seems like whoever would say this would know very well where it would stop. In this case, “determine what will you do” is similar.

What will you do “till” – used correctly again a second time.

I wonder if people at Sony were able to go to the sites and see what was uploaded to the sites? Or perhaps they were terrified! LOL!

For old timers # was referred to as the “pound” sign, but as of late, the # is now referred to as a “hashtag” and used in Instagram and other sites when you want to link something to it. They have referred to themselves as “Guardians of Peace”.

In the article linked below:
There is another hacked message to Soul Surfer where the #GOP states, “You, the criminals including Michael Lynton will surely go to hell. Nobody can help you”

Interesting to Note that Michael Lynton, Sony’s CEO, was born in England.

In order for me to believe who is responsible, I have to objectively look at what happened.
Sony was very vocal about the hack and the media took the story on. I find it odd, that a President of a nation became vocal about who was responsible, before the FBI even discussed the responsibility. It doesn’t make sense. He was so abrupt and sudden about the North Koreans being responsible that I believe the FBI has had to come forward to state it was North Korea just to save his face. I believe that whoever did this was young and in their 20’s. I believe they are in the UK and they have a grudge against Sony, not against the movie. It is reflected in their message. If North Korea was angry about the movie, then they would have threated the lives of the actors that were in the movie, but they didn’t.

C5H11ONO said...

Great info!