Saturday, January 10, 2015

Steven Pollard Tweet: "Every Single Jew I Know Has Left Paris"

from the daily mail

'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris': Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital 

  • Stephen Pollard says terror attack on Kosher store in Paris is no 'fluke'
  • 'Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave', he said
  • Experts believe that more than 100,000 French Jews have left since 2013  
  • France's Chief Rabbi has said after a number of attacks on Jews in the past year: 'Jews murdered were targeted specifically because they were Jewish'
  • Policing stepped up across British Jewish areas, community body says 
  • Mayor's office has announced closure of shops in famous Jewish area
Warning: Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, says that Jews are fleeing France and this will increase because of today's terror attack 
Jews are fleeing terror-hit Paris because of growing anti-Semitism in France, one of Britain's most influential Jewish journalists said today.
Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, spoke out after an Islamic terrorist took six people hostage and held them captive in a Kosher supermarket in the French capital.
This afternoon police ordered all shops in a famous Jewish neighborhood in central Paris to close.
The mayor's office in Paris announced the closure of shops along the Rosiers street in Paris' Marais neighborhood, in the heart of the tourist district and less than a mile away from the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed on Wednesday.
Hours before the Jewish Sabbath, the street is usually crowded with French Jews and tourists alike.
Mr Pollard said today's terror attack in Paris, linked to the massacre at the office of Charlie Hebdo, will force more French Jews to flee the country.
Many are moving to Britain or to Israel, according to a report published in the newspaper last year. 
He said the fact that a terrorist had chosen to target a Jewish store was no 'fluke'. 
In a series of tweets he said: 'Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave'.
'So, it's a fluke that the latest target is a kosher grocer, is it?
'What's going on in France - outrages that have been getting worse for years - put our antisemitism problems in perspective'. 
The hostage situation in the Porte de Vincennes part of the city is ongoing today.
But amid fears the terror attack may be linked to anti-Semitism police have also demanded that shops on Rue des Rosiers, in the Jewish quarter of Paris, to close early 'as a precaution' in case of further violence.  
18 months ago France had around 500,000 Jewish residents - the largest population in the EU - but this may now be below 400,000, Mr Pollard's newspaper said.
Mr Pollard said: 'It is the largest emigration of Jews anywhere since the war. That's a simple fact.
Last summer the new Chief Rabbi of France, Haim Korsia, admitted there was a mass exodus of Jews leaving the country for the UK, other parts of Europe, Israel and North America.
New threat: The scene today where around six people were being kept hostage in a Kosher supermarket, which was not chose by 'fluke', Mr Pollard said
Mr Korsia said this was a 'warning signal' for France. 
He said: 'Jews have been killed and there were the shootings in Toulouse and in Brussels. In general, Jews feel vulnerable in our society.
'The Jews who were murdered were targeted specifically because they were Jewish. 
'This means France hasn't found the words and actions necessary to reassure them.'
Joel Mergui, lay chairman of the National Union of French Synagogues, added: 'At some synagogues, whole benches are suddenly empty.'
Strasbourg-born banker Myriam Amsellem left France for London because the UK is 'safer and freer' than her home country, where she claims Jewish traditions were stopped.
She told the Jewish Chronicle last year: 'We feel a lot more comfortable here. I look at France now and I know I would not want to be there.' 
Today police across Britain were stepping up security in Jewish areas after the terror outrage in France, a community body said. 
The Community Security Trust (CST), which provides security advice to Britain's estimated 260,000 Jews, said police in London and Manchester in northern England had agreed to increase patrols at synagogues and other venues over the next days.
'There is currently no known link to the UK, but CST is in continuing contact with police and government, and there will be increased policing in Jewish neighbourhoods for this weekend's Sabbath,' the trust said on its website.
Last July, the CST said anti-Semitic incidents in Britain had risen amid fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinians in Gaza.


anonymous said...

So muslims emigrate to other countries,
once there, refuse to assimilate into the host nation,
create their own ghettos where, apparently, they discriminate against anyone/everyone not their own.
They then fester and boil within their ghetto until they feel strong enough to destroy their host.
Have I got it right?

Meanwhile, because of this hostile aggressive takeover, other groups are vilified, victimized and displaced.
Which changes the composition and structure of the host country.

Have I got it right?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Even in the most "moderate" or even non-religious Muslims, I have only found pathological hatred of Jews, Israel, or anything Jewish.

Media fears publishing even the smallest elements of this.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A Florida man cleared two years ago of murdering unarmed black US teenager Trayvon Martin has been arrested for aggravated assault.

George Zimmerman, 31, was detained late on Friday in Lake Mary, Florida, Seminole County Sheriff's Office said.

His lawyer, Don West, told the Orlando Sentinel his client was being questioned about an allegation that he threw a bottle of wine at his girlfriend several days ago.

The former neighbourhood watch volunteer, who is being held at a correctional facility, appeared in court on Saturday morning.

"Zimmerman was charged with aggravated assault and is currently on a no-bond status," the statement said.

It is his latest scrape with the law since his controversial acquittal for the killing of 17-year-old Travyon Martin in 2013.

Last September, he was back in the headlines after a Florida motorist called emergency services claiming Zimmerman had threatened to kill him, saying "Do you know who I am?"

But the man declined to press charges.

In 2013, his then-wife Shellie Zimmerman alleged her husband had threatened her and her father with a gun, but neither did she pursue charges.

Zimmerman was arrested several months later for domestic violence against a girlfriend who later changed her story and withdrew charges.

VLW said...

This is distressing and alarming, but I thank you for sharing it. It's hardly surprising, but it's deeply saddening and disturbing nonetheless.

Tania Cadogan said...

It bothers me that the media are saying these aren't true muslims.

They are.

If you look at the koran it tells them to kill unbelievers, apostates and pretty much anyone who doesn't follow islam.
Heck it even tells them to kill muslims of other sects.

Islam is not a peaceful religion, how can it be when it orders its believers to kill every infidel which includes christians, jews, hindus, buddhists, atheists and agnostics and even believers who follow different forms of islam.

It is a warrior religion, it is all about war.

Muslims follow their religion first and foremost , then their tribe/sect and so on, laws of the country they live in come last.

There are muslims who are moderate, they are few.
If they were ordered by their local imam to kill the unbelievers, to do certain things because their prophet said so, they would be rewarded, many of them would.
This is not restricted just to islam, many religions have extremists who put their god before all else.

I do wonder though, male martyrs get 72 virgins, do female martyrs also get 73 virgins?

The west needs to wake up to the fact that there are muslim enclaves in every country and islam is determined to take over the world and eradicate every non believer, including women and children.

How can you trust a believer when you know that in their holy book it tells them to kill you unless you convert to their brand of islam?

John Mc Gowan said...

Judge: Paris Massacre Suspect Cherif Kouachi Didn't Seem Very Dangerous

When Jean-Louis Bruguiere first investigated Paris massacre suspect Cherif Kouachi, the young man was part of a dangerous terrorist recruiting cell but didn't strike the then-counterterrorism judge as particularly menacing.

Over the last 10 years, Kouachi found his way from the judge's interrogation room to prison and then out — where he plotted and executed the deadly attack this week on the offices of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, leaving 12 people dead and a nation reeling.

Cherif Kouachi, 32, and his brother, Said Kouachi, 34, who helped carry out the massacre, were killed Friday during a police standoff.

Bruguiere arrested and charged the younger Kouachi in 2006 for his role in a terror cell recruiting and funneling jihadis to Iraq.

"At that time, I had no impressions that the guy was especially dangerous," Bruguiere said. "I had interrogated him many times."

Describing Kouachi as more of a petty criminal than a terrorist mastermind, Brugiere said he was not hugely memorable because he had a "very low profile."

"He was very, very against the Jews," Bruguiere said. "That I remember."

Kouachi was sentenced to prison — and it was there that he became more radicalized, according to Bruguiere.

"In prison ... it's very difficult to separate people," Bruguiere explained. "So he had many contacts with many Islamic and radical people connected to al Qaeda."

Prison — a later stint in 2010 — is also where Kouachi met Ahmedy Coulibaly, who authorities say shot dead a police woman in Paris's neighborhood of Montrouge on Thursday, just one day after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Coulibaly then on Friday walked into a kosher supermarket and held numerous hostages, killing four, while his former jailmate was locked in a standoff with police 25 miles away.

John Mc Gowan said...


French authorities have said the attacks were linked: During his standoff, Coulibaly apparently threatened to kill hostages if security forces also raided Kouachi's location. Cherif Kouachi's wife also confirmed to officials that her husband and Coulibaly were very close.

Kouachi died in a hail of gunfire with security forces in northeast France, and Coulibaly too was killed in a barrage of bullets as police stormed the supermarket he was holed up in within minutes of the assault on Kouachi's hiding place.

The gunmen's wives themselves appeared to have close links as well, which is why police now are desperately searching for Coulibaly's alleged accomplice and common-law wife, Hayat Boumeddiene.

She was first named a wanted woman by French police on Friday — described as "armed and dangerous" — in connection with the death of the female police officer in Paris.

In addition to the headshot photo released by French police, images have been released in French media purporting to show a fully-veiled Boumeddiene aiming a crossbow in what was described as a training session.

Now that Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers are dead, finding Boumeddiene is the priority along with securing France. Officials have issued subsequent appeals for information on her whereabouts and urged her to turn herself in.

"At that time I had no impressions that the guy was especially dangerous. I had interrogated him many times."

How involved Boumeddiene was in the attacks is not immediately clear. Police described her as an accomplice to the Montrouge policewoman's shooting, but there was no sign of Boumeddiene in the kosher supermarket where four hostages and Coulibaly died. Still, the Paris prosecutor said police had intercepted 500 phone calls between Boumeddiene and the wife of Cherif Kouachi last month.

Many in Paris are fearful that she could mount her own attack — which, given her newfound status as the widow of a so-called martyr, could be highly likely, according to Bruguiere.

"Widows are dangerous," he said.

"Because she is a widow of a martyr, she is very dangerous because she has to follow," he added. "Perhaps she prefers to be killed than alive. What is much more important to achieve is the martyrdom."

Tania Cadogan said...

"At that time, I had no impressions that the guy was especially dangerous," Bruguiere said. "I had interrogated him many times."

oh dear spot the qualifier

John Mc Gowan said...

"At that time, I had no impressions that the guy was especially dangerous," Bruguiere said. "I had interrogated him many times."

Its makes me wonder if "Analytical Interviewing" may have yielded some red flags ?

Buckley said...

"At that time, I had no impressions that the guy was especially dangerous," Bruguiere said. "I had interrogated him many times."

"That time" has distancing as does "the guy". He tells us what impressions he didn't have as opposed to what his impressions were.

GetThem said...

It sounds like biblical prophesy.

Anonymous said...

It is not the least bit distressing or alarming to me that George Zimmerman got his butt locked up again. This is exactly where he belongs. For the rest of his sorry life.

What's more disturbing is that none of these others he has assaulted since he tracked down and murdered Trayvon Martin will stand by their convictions and prosecute him when they know he is dangerous and will continue his assaults on more helpless and innocent people.

I guess he'll have to blow someones head off in broad daylight with ten witnesses looking on before people learn that this man is a cold-bloodied killer just itching to kill.

Carl said...

The West pretty much sat back and watched as 300 Isis fighters took over Mosul from 20,000 Iraqi soldiers. The world sat back and watched as Isis drove 100,000 people up a mountain, leaving them trapped there to starve, during one of their first religious purgings. I have been scratching my head the entire time wondering why the West did not seem to understand how easily Isis would be able to create terror in the European cities. Now they are driving the French Jews out of France. It's just mind-bongling to me that the West did not stop Isis 8 months, just sat back twiddling their thumbs, then Obama made a gesture of doing some bombing that did not effect Isis's forward march. It is so far beyond my comprehension why the West did not see the catastrophic effects of allowing Isis to gain so much power in the Iraq and Syria. Basically if they could create that kind of catastrophic brutality and terror in the Middle East, take a city like MOsul with 300 versus 20.000, why would they not be able to create complete havoc in European cities? It's truly frightening!!!

anonymous said...

and in the United States, don't you think, especially since we have "open borders"?

Anonymous said...

Ot for hobs and John

Me said...

"we will have to worry about these questions"? Gerry!

Anonymous said...

It is a very sad thing when people have to stay ready to leave their home, job, career, business, friends and other distant family members, synagogue, familiar neighborhoods they built their lives around, long sought after education and everything they loved and worked for their entire life, all left behind in the ruins as if it never had any meaning to them so they can run for their lives. To go where?

Someplace where they've never had any roots, all to start over again with nothing but what they can carry in their hands and wear on their backs; many too old, sickly and frail by this time to have the strength to start over.

This is the plight of the Jews. Imagine that. Could you do it?

John Mc Gowan said...


Fourth Graders Suspended After Plotting To Kill Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

Three fourth-grade girls in Elba, New York, are accused of conspiring to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer.

The Elba Elementary School students had learned that their teacher was severely allergic to hand sanitizer, and they allegedly planned to put sanitizer on items they knew the teacher would touch, according to WKBW. Deputies say the students involved told other kids at school they were going to “kill” their teacher in this way.

When youth officers interviewed the girls, one of them said the teacher “yells at us" and "the class has problems with her,” according to WGRZ.

The students never actually went through with the plan, the Daily News Online reports. The alleged plot was uncovered in mid-December, and Genesee County Sheriff's stated this week that the case has been closed after authorities determined no crime had been committed.

The students are not facing any charges, though two of them were suspended.

The Elba School District released a statement Thursday saying the event has been a “shock to the community, and noted they “cannot comment on the specifics of this event” due to privacy laws. However, they did clarify that no one was injured or actually placed in harm’s way.” The release also says that “the reports in the media and on social media so not accurately reflect the entire event,” though it does not elaborate on how.

Anonymous said...

John, IMO, too much information is being concealed about this incident by the school board that ought to be revealed. I can't see any way this can be accomplished other than the teacher filing suit against the school board and the parents of the girls involved.

At least it is known who these students are; and if the incident is true as stated, these children need to be permanently removed from this school and any other public school they might apply too. They need to be prosecuted for plotting a murder and placed in juvvy detention. This teacher was placed in and still is in, a very dangerous situation.

I had a very close friend whose early death was perpetrated by just such a scenario with death threats by a male teenage student. She began receiving anony notes on her desk threatening to kill her, then on her windshield in the teachers parking lot, then on the door of her home. She became afraid to drive her car, park it, go home in the evenings or anywhere else.

The strange this is, no one ever saw this student leaving any of these notes. She was frightened to death, took all of the notes to the school board and some to the local LE precinct. The threats continued until she changed school districts and moved from her condo to a new one, this time concealing her address. She even sold her car and bought a new one. The threats got uglier and more vile and continued.

In just a few short months of living in fear, she became physically ill during this time, whereas she had been perfectly healthy prior to this. It wasn't long before she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and quickly died. The stress killed her. The student was never caught.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Anon,

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, my prayers go out to your friend, her family and relatives too.

The statement released by the School, for me suggests held back information.

To add:

"When youth officers interviewed the girls, one of them said the teacher “yells at us" and "the class has problems with her,” according to WGRZ.

Note: "The girls" say "The class has problems with her"

This is similar to using "We" which spreads the accusation to all. Hiding within a crowd.

I will keep an eye on this to see how it pans out.

Again, my prayers are with you.


anonymous said...

And, I would guess that the now unheard of world wide denigration of the Jews, not quite yet at hitlerian levels, has much to do with the proliferation of muslims worldwide, including in the United States.

wreyeter72 said...

I ama public relations director for a large public school district. I guarantee there is information left out here. I am often frustrated by my inability to "set the record straight" due to both privacy laws and the public's tendency to sue over just about anything. I purposely send vague statements for those reasons, even when it would benefit the district to tell the whole story.