Monday, February 16, 2015

21 Christians Beheaded News Coverage

We sometimes count words in analysis. 

Here, however, we count minutes in a news broadcast.  

NBC Today News gave 15 minutes, 8 seconds coverage to the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show. 

It gave 1 minute, 28 seconds to the be-heading of Christians in Egypt by Muslims.  


Dee said...

It's shameful Peter. Why does no one seem to care? Saturday Night Live is the topic on news shows, Twitter and Facebook while the blood of murdered Egyptian Christians flows into the sea, murdered for no other reason than their faith and the violent propaganda snuff videos ISIS gets to show its followers.
When will people wake up?

Alexandria said...

I am always amazed at the courageous expressions on the face of ISIS captives when they are about to be slaughtered. Such a contrast to the cowardice of the masked ISIS bullies.

Alexandria said...

I seriously wonder if they would be capable of such cruelty without the masks on. I think the US should squash ISIS like insects.

Wally said...

I think it's human nature to want to turn away from atrocities that we have little or no power to change.

It doesn't necessarily mean we don't care. It means we feel helpless in the face of such evil.

Thusly feeling helpless, it's also human nature to want to revisit what we view as our more innocent pasts when such evil didn't exist as far as we knew, pasts during which we were most likely amused by Saturday Night Live.

Carla said...

Off topic

Can someone please analyze this for truthfulness. It is a text message from an individual denying drug use.

"F@ck the both of you. You plant ideas in his head that I'm on drugs, or whatever other crazy notion you have. I want no part in our family anymore. I'm out. Have a nice life without me. You win."

Carla said...

Here is another text message received, looking for whether individual is on drugs.

"Better get busy getting a new father for ------ cause it ain't gonna be me. And you're not stating a penny extra out of me, either. I might need it for drugs. Ha, ha, ha."

^^^^^^^^This is sarcasm, individual denying drug use. Suspected cocaine use and pot.

Carla said...

Email received in response to another individual having said the emailing individual looked like they were on something earlier today.

"I looked wired and different because I was having a fucking panic attack just driving there knowing you would go off on me like a lunatic, and you did."

I wish I was on drugs, because it would make dealing with all this easier, but I'm not. So f&ck you."

Note: "Dealing with all this" refers to individual having to deal with people being upset about secrecy, meanness, extreme irresponsibility (different from previous behavior) and appearing to be on drugs.

Carla said...

Further info----Individual told his brother a month ago he was not on cocaine but it was natural I might think that "in my heightened emotional state".

Actually it had been him who was in a "heightened emotional state" and sniffing frantically.

Please, does anyone have a take on this? It is a sickening feeling to be lied to by someone who used to act normal and you know they're lying. But they make you feel maybe they're not, maybe you just imagine it.

Carla said...

If anyone can just tell me if you think the drug abuse denials are believable. I used to trust this person, so it is a sickening feeling to feel lied to. I just need to know what I am dealing with as far as is this person on drugs? Thank you for any help!

Lis said...

It is heartbreaking.
It seems that there are no longer any real news programs on tv. I cannot see how advertising tv shows and movies rates as news. There are many things going on in the world that are never covered. Every station you put it on, you get the same stories, the same words. It's a waste of time.

Lis said...

Hi Carla,

I am sorry you are having to deal with a situation where you do not know whether to trust someone close to you or not. I feel for you on that.

It's very hard to step into a personal situation to give an opinion.

Have you studied the statement analysis principles? Have you gone through the statements using those principles? If so, which parts of the statements did you flag?

Carla said...

Hi Lis,

Well, I've got other samples too but I would say one sentence that jumps out at me would be

"You plant ideas in his head that I'm on drugs, or whatever other crazy notion you have."

"I'm on drugs" seems to be like an embedded confession when he was not responding to an accusation at that point, he was not just feeding words back.

"whatever other crazy notion"

--this is typical where he responds without a direct denial but will say it is a "crazy notion", "ridiculous accusation", etc. He told his brother I thought he was on coke because I was in a "heightened emotional state". His brother directly accused him of being on coke in a text message that the person who is saying he is not on coke showed me, and rather than say "I am not on drugs" or "I am not on coke" he texted to his brother "I haven't used any drug since my last gig in 2006". I KNOW THAT NOT TO BE TRUE. I guess a lack of direct denials. Constantly disparaging the claim. Saying he "constantly does things to prove he's not on drugs" when in fact he does nothing but increase secrecy when accused.
It's just painful. It's like I feel sick to my stomach because I care about this person and I thought they cared about me but I feel in my gut they are on drugs and it's not just pot. But all I do is get desparaged for asking him including an angle he takes where he is basically accusing me of being crazy for thinking he is on drugs. Like literally crazy even saying things like "it is natural for her to have thought that ( I was on coke) in her "heightend emotional state". I feel sick to my stomach, can't explain it.

Carla said...

In a way I would be relieved to know the truth, if he is on drugs cause then I know what I am dealing with. It would make me less sick to my stomach, sadly, at this point.

Karen T said...


Has he ever said, "I am not on/taking drugs" Or "I am not snorting coke"
He needs to state a present tense, reliable denial.

But I think you already know the answer.

john said...


Father’s 911 call claiming a cult killed his transgender daughter fooled no one.
This is what meth does to your mind.

Kevin Golec, 52 was arrested for the murder of his daughter Bri Golec, 22, a transgender woman from Akron, Ohio Friday night.

Source : Kevin Golec, 52, of Inman Street, is charged with murder and domestic violence and is being held at the Summit County Jail. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Akron Municipal Court.

Akron police said they responded to a call for a robbery at 10 p.m. in the 1100 block of Inman Street and found a man woman dead near the side of the small yellow house in the city’s Firestone Park neighborhood.
But authorities say that no robbery occurred and that there was an altercation between the victim and Golec.

The police released the 911 call in which Kevin Golec claimed ‘a cult’ presumably meaning her transgender friends entered his house and killed his daughter.

Listen to the bizarre 911 call here.

Family and friends may call on Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 5-8 p.m. at NEWCOMER FUNERAL HOME, 131 N. Canton Rd., Akron, where funeral services will be held on Friday at 12:00 p.m. with Rev. Roger Walden officiating. Interment at Restland Cemetery.

Our sister has been dehumanized by local media and by the funeral home by misgendering her. If you do attend please be forewarned.

tania cadogan said...

HI Carla, i am sorry to hear of the problem you are having with a loved one.

If he doesn't make a strong reliable denial I did not take drugs, then we can't say it for him.
You could get down to illegal drugs/ prescription drugs and OTC drugs since they can all be abused, though i suspect in his case it would be illegal drugs that would produce a result.

He specifically says i'm on drugs and then goes vague with whatever other crazy notion you have
Have there be other allegations apart from drug use?

It seems that rather than make a strong reliable denial, he can't and this produces stress.
This is why you get the disparaging remarks where he focuses the blame on you or those around him making the allegations (misdirection) rather than adn mit the truth.
Drug users are liars, they are in denial, they don't see themselves as a drug user, it is a social thing like social drinking.
they may convince themselves they are fine, they can handle it, they can quit any time when they can't.

If he is a father as seems to be the case and custody may become an issue, ask him if he would agree to be tested for drug use ( blood urine and hair since hair wil show if he has been using over a period of time).

If he is clean then there should be no problem and it would prove to you he is clean and has been since his last gig in 2006 (was that his last gig or has he gigged since then>)

if he refuses and cites reasons for refusing such as unreliable would prove nothing/it could show a false positive from prescription meds or from secondary inhalation (pot) then you have your answer.

From t6he look of it he is using and trying to explain away unexpected behavior by blaming others such as panic attack etc.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Some argue against giving ISIS media exposure, because that's exactly what they want. lets track them down blow them up, and give the world that exposure instead.

Peter Hyatt said...

I believe dragging a vampire out to the sunlight and running a stake through its heart is best.

I don't know who "some" is, but I have not read any such arguments. I have, however, seen a deliberate empathetic response to Muslim teaching by our President. His language, post re-election, has changed dramatically.

I do not understand the silence of Womens' Rights Advocates when it comes to Muslim teaching. I think of my daughter's own dreams for a career, and what Muslims teach (and do) regarding women, education and freedom.

The minimization by the White House was first heard when George W. Bush said that "terrorists had hijacked a peaceful religion" fully knowing its teaching and its history.
Now, the White House is showing its hand as we not only hear minimization and avoidance, but the element of dilution in language...where the President brought Christianity into the violent mix.

Last time I read the news, I did not find Christians where silly WWJD bracelets and strapping themselves with bombs, nor Jews running wild shooting Muslims.

I have read, however, The New York Times blaming US Soldiers (who stood up for women's rights) for provoking Muslim violence.

I have someone close to me, who must remain nameless, who was under command in Afghanistan to instruct his men that they were not allowed to talk to the press about the pedophile culture among Muslim men in Afghani caves. They were not allowed to liberate the young boy "servants", either.

Everywhere we turn we are now confronted by Islam. A "moderate" Muslim is akin to a "moderate Nazi" to a Jew. The hatred is pathological.

I believe that not only is the by passing of Immigration laws directly related to Islamic sympathy but we are just learning how many high positions in government are filled, or being filled, by Muslims.

This is not a "left versus right" or "blue state versus red state" issue.
It is about our freedom and our safety: especially about our wives, daughters and sisters.


elf said...

The only solution is for all of us 'infidels' to arm ourselves and prepare. Obama is a Muslim and we cannot expect him to protect us, he is a traitor and a spy.
I have every faith that our military forces will do their best to protect us but we have to be ready for Isis to strike our home lands.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed was a pedophile and a cross-dresser. It says so in the Koran. It says he got his most inspired teachings when he dressed in his wife's clothes.

Anonymous said...

Peter, Obama also said the media exagerates ISIS, which I thought was an abominable thing for him to say.

GetThem said...

I can't let myself follow it too closely. It's too hard.

Carla said...

???????? You confuse me.

Carla said...

I didnt write the comment at 8:45 pm.
I very much appreciate everyonr's help.Tania, thank you for going through his texts and noticing some of the same things that concerned me. The lying of drug addicts is sick. They put YOU on the defensive somehow and try to make you think you're crazy. You are so right to say that he (multiple times actially) has taken his own coked up state and actually projected that state onto me ie. "heightened emotional state". He also lies so ridiculously, like saying baggies under his nightstand that didnt come from his house cause he only ever buys ziplock baggies for his kitchen, while admitying the baggies couldnt have come from his house, claims that is not relevant and that he had used the baggies to divide up candycorn and eat it in bed cause he wanted "smaller servings". When I pressed the issue he said "What do you think I bought coke in BAGGIES?!" in a tone like that was just preposterous! He also sits in the dark in house A LOT, admits to doing it and says "I just sit in the dark because I feel like I dont fit in with the world because I cant make it work with the woman I love." He says his eyes look bloodshot with dilated pupil "because he is old and stressed". He told me he ran into this guy who he always used to tell me was a crack head (the guy is about 40 but he has always been friends with his Dad)-/the son has been a crackhead his father had bought him a trailer to live in his work parking lot and him and his girlfriend both crackheads without custody of theit daughter. Anyway he had casually mentioned to me he had ran into the crackhead son (we'll call him Eric$ and he tells me he ran into him and ge's doing great! He has a wife and a brand new house. I said where did you rin into him? He says "grocery store". I said "That's odd that he is doing so well because he has been on crack for like 15 years but that's great to hear!" I didnnt think much of his "running into him" but now I wonder. Just flabbergasted by personality changes and lies like admitting baggies didnt come his house and when I say "Well where did they come from then if yoi say you went into your kitchen and got baggies to divide candycorn, he responds like that is just such an irrelevant question saying "I dont f&ckin know." with this exasperated tone like that's just not an important detail so it doesnt change the candy corn story. :(

Carla said...

Tania, I responded to your post above but on my phone so I hit reply right beloow your post. Thank you!

Carls said...

Oh also one more detail is that ge lots of candy now. He is the kind of person who would ever only eat one tic tac no matter what. I myself would est like 5 at a time. But recently he bought this giant tub of tictacs and frantically gobbled the whole. Ive known him for 16 yrs and he was always like no Ill only eat one tic tac at a timr. This was like a giant tub of candy-type tic tacs he gobbled down frantically. Does anyone know if that candy thing is a symptom of a certain kind of drug use? Please help w any info!

Carla said...

Should say he eats lots of candy now

Carla said...

Forgot to ask"his hands"are very dry,ie rough filth upon the psalms.Is that a sign of drugs?and his farts are extra strong.

Carla said...

He watches tv a lot.