Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Baby Delano Wilson Father Charged

Statement Analysis showed that the child's father was deceptive specifically regarding what happened to Delano.

Father faces murder charge in case of missing baby Delano Wilson
5 hours ago
INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 4, 2015) – After months of no new developments in the case of missing baby Delano Wilson, prosecutors filed a murder charge against his father, Willie Wilson.
The IMPD violent crime unit took Wilson into custody Wednesday afternoon.

Missing Persons detectives and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office have prepared a probable cause affidavit to charge Wilson despite the absence of a body. Such a case would be based on circumstantial evidence, such as inconsistent statements from Wilson, cooperation from another witness or evidence seized during the search.
Indianapolis Metropolitan police investigated the disappearance of the 1-month-old child, which was reported on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. The baby’s father told police a man and a woman approached him in an alley in the 1400 block of Henry Street, robbed him and then took the baby. The case triggered an Amber Alert.
In his report to police, Wilson claimed that he had been punched in the mouth and pistol-whipped by one of the robbers who abducted his infant. No visible injuries to Wilson’s face or mouth were observed by officers on the day of the reported abduction.
The probable cause affidavit alleges that there were internet searches related to child abductions and missing infants conducted on a phone in Wilson’s possession and made prior to the reported abduction.
On August 27, search and rescue dogs were used to conduct a search for Delano Wilson. The dogs tracked Delano’s scent to a wooded area bordered by South Harding Street, Oliver Street and CSX railroad tracks. In a second search on August 28, using a scent sample from Willie Wilson’s clothing, search dogs tracked to the same wooded area. The baby was never found.
A day after Delano disappeared, Taniasha Perkins, the child’s mother and Wilson’s girlfriend, spoke to the media and made an impassioned plea for her son’s safe return. Police also released audio from Wilson’s 911 call in which he said, “All I want is my son. I am begging, please search. I love my son.”
The Amber Alert was cancelled on August 29 at the request of IMPD.
The search for baby Delano went on for several weeks, although police never found him. On Sept. 1, police served a search warrant at the home of the boy’s parents. Police questioned Perkins at the home and eventually took her away in a police car. She was not handcuffed.
Delano Wilson
Delano Wilson
Days later, investigators searched Little Eagle Creek and a nearby wooded area on the west side. The FBI also became involved in the investigation. Two federal agents questioned the family.
The Ten Point Coalition held a faith walk on Sept. 5 encouraging the community to come together and urging anyone with information about the case to step forward. Delano’s family attended the event.
On Sept. 27, a month after the baby disappeared, his family released sketches of the suspects who allegedly took Delano in hopes of generating more tips in the case.
After that, the case remained quiet. Few updates were provided in the months to follow although police said the investigation remained open.
Last month, Wilson appeared in court in an unrelated case. He told FOX59 he thinks about his son all the time.

Posted on: 2:34 PM, February 4, 2015, by Matt Adams - Web Producer, updated on: 06:54pm, February 4, 2015

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Jen Ow said...

I'm glad to see another Prosecutor with the guts to pursue a murder charge without the victim's body.

If only this was done for Ayla, Isabel, Lisa, and the many other children who have been 'disappeared' by their parents.

New England Water Blog said...


Some of the most pathetic lying I've ever heard. What a disgrace of a man...

'I would not have chosen to make this mistake,' Williams told Stars and Stripes. 'I don't know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.'

john said...


Circumstances around Bobbi Kristina's hospitalisation under investigation
The 21-year-old was found by her boyfriend Nick Gordon and a friend

Reports have emerged that there could have been another person at the home of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, on the day she was found face down in her bathtub, as sources claim the police are now investigating the area surrounding the youngster’s property to determine if someone else had fled the scene.

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tania cadogan said...

off topic

Former glam rock star Gary Glitter is facing a lengthy jail term after being found guilty of a string of historical sex offences against three young girls.

His victims included one who was less than 10-years-old when he crept into her bed and tried to rape her in 1975

Glitter was also guilty of having sex with a 12-year-old and indecently assaulting a 13-year-old.

He had met the two backstage on separate occasions and they were alone with him after being isolated from their mothers, a court heard.

The former chart topper was at the height of his fame when he preyed on the youngsters.

The disgraced singer, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was found guilty of one count of attempted rape, four indecent assaults and one count of sexual intercourse.

Gadd, 70, shook his head and pursed his lips as the verdicts were read out at Southwark Crown Court.

He blew kisses to a public gallery full of reporters as he was remanded in custody and led down to the cells.

Also, as he was led away he turned to a friend in the gallery and indicated with his finger that the jury was crazy.

Gadd attacked the 12-year-old girl after a show at a Leicester nightclub in 1977.

She initially went backstage with her mother and had a gold jacket autographed while drinking champagne, but was then invited to the singer's hotel suite.

Jurors were told Gadd pushed her on to a bed and subjected her to a prolonged period of sexual abuse.

He was convicted of carrying out two indecent assaults against her and one count of sexual intercourse.

The third girl was aged 13 when the singer invited her to sit on his lap in his dressing room at a Watford club between October 1979 and December 1980.

He forcefully kissed the youngster and then slid his hand up her skirt. He was found guilty of carrying out two indecent assaults against her.

Gadd was convicted by a jury of five men and seven women and will be sentenced on 27 February.

He was cleared of two counts of indecent assault and one count of administering a drug or other thing in order to facilitate sexual intercourse.

Gadd, from Marylebone, central London, denied all the allegations.

He claimed there was no way he could have abused the girls in his dressing room because his rigorous wig-maintenance routine required him to return to his suite immediately and clean his hairpiece.

The allegations came to light only around 40 years later when Gadd became the first person to be arrested under Operation Yewtree - the investigation launched by the Met in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The glam-rocker had suffered a spectacular fall from grace, when he admitted possessing 4,000 images of child pornography and was jailed for four months in 1999.

In 2002 Glitter was expelled from Cambodia over unspecified allegations, and in March 2006 he was convicted of sexually abusing two girls, aged 10 and 11, in Vietnam.

During the trial in London, all three of Glitter's victims sobbed as they recounted their ordeals.

Baljit Ubhey, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Paul Gadd abused his access to young fans in order to give himself the opportunities to assault and abuse his victims. Crimes such as these have repercussions for victims that can last for a lifetime.

"The bravery of the victims and other witnesses in this case cannot be understated and their testimony has been vital in bringing Paul Gadd to justice. I hope today's verdict will be of some small help to these victims."

When asked whether any other complainants had come forward during the course of the trial, a Met police spokeswoman said: "Officers have received other information and it is currently being assessed."

Kimari Bella-Evans said...

Looking forward to future analysis of the
Probable Cause Statement: