Monday, February 16, 2015

Lance Armstrong: Sociopathic Liar Throws Girlfriend Under the Bus

Statement Analysis of Lance Armstrong, long before the Oprah "mea culpa" (which included some deception) indicated him for deception regarding doping.

Like other pathological liars, Armstrong went after those who said he used performance enhancing drugs, utilizing his millions earned (in promotions based upon sworn testimony that he did not use) to bully them into submission.  He ruined lives, reputations, companies, careers...all because he is a liar. This is what liars do.  They destroy.  They put themselves first.

In short, liars put themselves before the material needs of you and your business.  He recently has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in punitive sanctions, and is facing federal charges and other suits.

He will likely end up in bankruptcy court if these suits are successful and may even serve prison time.

Yet, has he amended his lying ways?

This next story slipped my attention.  How low will he go?

The cyclist's girlfriend admits to police that she agreed to take the blame for the hit-and-run after a night of partying.
20:39, UK, Tuesday 03 February 2015
Lance Armstrong takes part in a special session regarding cancer in the developing world during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York
Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong hit two parked cars after a night of partying but let his girlfriend take the blame, police have said.
Armstrong was cited over the 28 December hit-and-run, but only after his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, admitted to lying.
Police in Aspen, Colorado, said Hansen told them she struck the two cars after losing control of Armstrong's sport utility vehicle.
Her biggest journalistic coup of recent years was getting seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong to confess to doping after years of denial
But she later came clean, telling authorities she and Armstrong agreed to let her take the blame to avoid national attention.
Armstrong has not commented on the incident.
The record seven-time Tour de France winner was stripped of his medals after admitting to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013.
He has mostly stayed out of the spotlight in the wake of his high-profile admission that followed years of steadfast denials.


john said...
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john said...
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john said...

911 call of alleged Lance Armstrong hit-and-run
Cycling champ accused of running into parked cars

tania cadogan said...

Will he be prosecuted for lying to police?
He should be.

It looks like all the chickens are coming home to roost.
ll the money he got by suing or lying is now being demanded back and, with no real income to speak of apart from his bike shop he is going to struggle to pay it all back.
We are not talking thousands here, we are talking millions.

What about those he threatned and sued when they told the truth, will they now sue him as well?

Will he go for bamkruptsy and try and salavage something?

I saw his last interview and i was glad the interviewer brought up the 7 yellow jerseys he had on dispaly in his shop ( moved from his house i presume) When asked why he still displayed them, armstrongs excuse was that for each one, as everyone was doping (most if not all) there would have been no winner therefore he was entitled to kepp and display them.

I wonder, if they went back through every single rider, if there was at least one clean one ( perhaps a new rider or from a small team who knew they wouldn't win but used it for the experience)

He wouldn't or couldn't admit he was deceptive and cheated and not entitled to have the jerseys, instead he claimed he was entitled because everyone doped and that made it ok.

His arrogance knew no bounds.

GetThem said...

It seems like pathological liars (PL) are also bullies. Maybe keep that in mind for future PL analysis.

john said...



Lemon said...

Hobs refers to his arrogance, and I agree. He seems incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions. Others pay the price for this.