Thursday, February 5, 2015

Willie Wilson: Looking Back At Analysis

This is the case of a missing baby, Delano Wilson in which analysis showed deception by the father, who is now under arrest. 

See:  probable cause

We have an example of truth and deception mingled.  Here is the analysis from August 29th, 2014, with what we now know, today, from the affidavit.  

First, we note the priority of his 911 call: 

911:  What is the location of your emergency?  

 Therefore, we expect order to begin with address.  His answer: 

"I'm on Hardy Street, and by chase (?), and I was robbed and someone took my daughter, I mean my son."

Note that being robbed came before reporting his son missing. This is not expected.  When a child is kidnapped, it is likely to be the first thing out of the subject's mouth when asked what has happened. 

 Why is the robbery more important than the missing child?

We now learn this very thing:  the robbery may have been truthful, but there was no child with him.  Was it a drug robbery? 

Note the self correction of the gender of his child.  This is a strong signal that the subject is not speaking from experiential memory.  

A kidnapping means hormonal clarity and 'high alert' status.  
A missing child would not be mistaken.  

Pronouns are instinctive and when pronouns are "wrong", we are looking at deception.  

"I'm laying on the middle of the street off Oliver..."

note the need to give the location of where he is laying, which makes it unnecessary information.  Is it scripting?  His body posture's inclusion is very important to him.  Thus far, we know more about him than the child. 

Later, surveillance camera showed him before calling 911. 

There was no baby.  

911:  What's your name?

Subject:  Willie.

First name only given. 
"One was a white male who was a man the other person who was a  lady was hispanic. "

Specific description even of the shoes.   "Jordans, red black and blue..."

911:  They took your son?

Subject:   Yes, they abducted my son.

It is interesting to note that he did not enter the language of the 911 operator, but changed "took" to "abducted."

To "abduct" his son shows a deliberate action with a reason to do so.  There are two possibilities here:

1.  abduction for a reason, such as drug non-payment, illegal adoption, custody issue, etc.
2.  The subject is deceptive and has rehearsed his story. 

This is a strong signal of scripted language.  It is much easier to parrot back the words of another.  This was 'overruled' in the sense that he wishes to persuade his child was "abducted"; the proper term, rather than just "taken." 

He calls out that he was just "robbed and pistol whipped" but did not mention the baby, to the passerby.  That the child was abducted would be the expected first thing he said.

Later, to another passerby, "I was robbed and they took my two month old son" with "took" and not "abducted"

But being "robbed" came before the taking of his son.  This indicates his priority. 
Now that the video shows no child, we understand why "robbed" came first. 

Willie Wilson made an emotional appeal for information on the whereabouts of his missing child.

Wilson told police that he was accosted by a white male and hispanic woman in an alley less than a block from his home Wednesday at noon.  He repeatedly changed this story with inconsistencies that came because he was not working from memory that he personally experienced.  
Delano Wilson
Delano Wilson
Wilson said the pair intended to rob him of his cell phones and his wallet but took his baby instead.
He said ‘I don’t care.’ That’s when he hit me knocked me down. I got the baby in my arms. That’s when I knew they were gonna do more because she didn’t do nothing because the man is constantly yelling at me telling me to empty my pockets, grabbing at my pants. All I could do is give him what I had. I didn’t wanna harm the baby.”


Deejay said...

I would say someone took my baby, or stole my bay. "Abducted' is a police report word, like 'larceny'- that is not used in normal conversation.

Anonymous said...

He had a daughter with an ex-girlfriend. That child was beaten and sustained permanent injuries. The mother was blamed and is incarcerated for the injuries to her daughter. Willie claimed not to be aware of any abuse of the girl, but she had bruises in various stages of healing when taken to the hospital.

Child Advocate said...

Unless he has a record that includes larceny and abduction. Or he watches too much Law and Order.

SFig said...

It seems the new thing these days is for parents to kill their children and then hide/dispose of their bodies, then claim them missing. This is extremely unfortunate for the true missing children as we are now all skeptical of claims made by parents. I think there should be a special and very harsh penalty for those who claim their child missing when they in fact committed the crime. They expend valuable law enforcement resources and private citizen resources. They ruin public trust. Perhaps if there were a very harsh punishment for this type of action it would decrease. Once found guilty of harming/killing their child, any punishment received then also receives further punishment for their deception. I am shocked that anyone can harm their child, but then to dispose of them like garbage, that defies all comprehension.

john said...

I posted this under an OT a couple of days ago.

Father of missing baby says he thinks about son all the time

Note in the VT while the reporter is asking Baby Dealano's father questions. That baby Delano's mother (i think it's her) is not interested to what the reporter has to say, but is more interested in her phone. This maybe innocent. Yet, if my Baby was missing, i would be focused on the journalist and want to make a plea to the public and the "kidnapper" to return my bay home. This also goes for the father aswell.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 26, 2015) – The father of a missing baby was in court Monday afternoon on an unrelated drug charge. Police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of baby Delano Wilson who has not been seen since August.

The baby was six-weeks-old when his father Willie Wilson reported him missing. During the investigation, Wilson told police an armed kidnapper took the baby. Wilson said someone took the baby from his arms while he walking in an alley near his home in the 500 block of Chase Street.

Around the same time his son went missing, police found marijuana on Wilson and arrested him. About five months later he appeared in court for a pretrial conference on that possession of marijuana charge.

FOX59’s Liz Gelardi asked Wilson about his missing son, and if he would like to make a plea for the baby’s safe return.

“Not yet, one focus at a time. I gotta get rid of this and I will but for now no comment,” said Wilson.

In court Wilson pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana but the charges could be dropped. He entered into an agreement with the court requiring him to submit to random drug testing over the next 6 months. He will also have to perform 24 hours of community service. If Wilson complies with the terms of the agreement the case will be dismissed.

As for his missing baby, police said the investigation is still ongoing and active. Detectives have followed up on leads and exhausted all tips.

“The next step is just that piece of information that we need to take this in the right direction that’s what we’re waiting for,” said Bailey.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

john said...


Grandmother of missing baby Delano Wilson demands answers

INDIANAPOLIS - The maternal grandmother of baby Delano Wilson believes her grandson is alive and she wants answers.

The infant has been missing from the near west side since August. His father told police a couple took the baby after they attacked him in an alley.

Five months after her grandson's disappearance, Trina Perkins is frustrated and tired.

"I need some answers. My daughter needs answers. My family needs answers. It's been too long," Perkins said.

Perkins said she believes there are answers, which she and the family have not been told.

"I feel like they are holding back. I feel like they know something. And they just aren't saying," Perkins said.

Some have questioned Delano's parents' role in the case, especially his father, Willie Wilson. Perkins says they know nothing and did nothing wrong.

(This is not in the text below but said in the Vt) Reporter. "Is there anything you would like to say to people who say he may have something to do with it" ? Her response is.

"People are going to criticize, they are going to judge, but it's not up to them. It's up to God Perkins said.

This is a prime oppurtunity to say "No, he did not have anything to do with the kidnapping and or disappearance of my grandson. Yet she can't bring herself to say it.

Perkins believes Delano has been taken out of state and hopes the police and the community can help bring him home.

"Nobody can sleep. I know I can't. I'm tired. I'm overwhelmed. I need answers. Somebody knows something in my neighborhood. We need some answers," Perkins said.

Delano's family wants the public to get involved in this case. They are asking for marches downtown, searches or demonstrations to keep his story alive.

(Also in the vt and not in the text)

Reporter: "In your heart where do you think Delano is right now?"

Grandmother: " I think he is in another state. In my heart, i think he is in another state.

elf said...

Wow. Wow. No comment or plea about the baby?? Guilty.

tania cadogan said...

"One was a white male who was a man the other person who was a lady was hispanic. "

I love statement analysis and qualifiers.

One was a white MALE who was a MAN
Duh you don't think.
A male who was a woman, a unicorn, a purple people eater, an alien?

The other PERSON who was a LADY
Person is used to conceal the gender identity of someone, he then immediately tells us it was a LADY
Why did he use LADY which is a polite description rather than the word FEMALE which would have been the expected, especially since he referred to the other as MALE.

Male and female go togeather, lady and gentleman go togeather, why does he use two different terms to describe the alleged abductors?

A change in language is a change in reality, i would ask if he had help from someone else disposing of his son's body, a female, perhaps his wife even, hence the respectful term used.

He even confused the gender of his baby which would cause me to look agin at his involvement in his daughter's maiming.
It was clearly on his mind when he made the call so i suspect he beat his son to death, he beat his daughter and she survived profoundly disabled, he beat his son, perhaps in the same way and he didn't.
Will he now blame his wife for the deed as it worked before for him and he walked?

Anonymous said...

Willie Wilson enters plea Not Guilty

Evidence 'circumstantial' in case of missing baby Delano Wilson

Feb 5, 2015

Although detectives have been working on the case of an Indianapolis infant allegedly abducted in August, the filing of charges this week was just day one for prosecutors – who have witnesses and DNA samples, but no body to go along with charges of murder.

Detroit: Bianca Jones
Father was prosecuted, sentenced LWOP, her body remains missing

john said...


Among the examples of circumstantial evidence provided in the probable cause affidavit was one peculiarity. The sketches of the two people who Wilson said had kidnapped the baby looked familiar to one of the investigators, Robinson said. The pair looked like characters from the video game "Grand Theft Auto."

Robinson said investigators downloaded photos of two characters from the video game, "and if you put their photographs next to the sketch they appear to be identical," she said.

Video game boxes were found in Wilson's home, the probable cause affidavit said, though the titles were unidentified.

tania cadogan said...

Hi John.
I bingoogled Grandtheft Auto to see which characters looked like the sketches as it is not a game i am familiar with.

Even i spotted the similarity, especially with the woman.