Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hilary Clinton: Pathological Liar

                                              Hillary Clinton is a liar.

She is one who fabricates reality.  Her words show that she has, and always will, put her self before anyone and everyone else, in every case.  This was something she learned in childhood and is why she will say things that show contempt for the rest of the world.  She fabricates reality so often that she loses track of it.  Experiential memory is not taxed in recall.  Invented reality does.  It also interrupts the speed of transmission in words to speech. This interruption of the speed, measured in less than microseconds, is what gives Statement Analysis its powerful advantage over all forms of detecting deception.

She is also running for president of the United States which means that some readers may consider voting for her.

This is your right to do so.  There is no intent to 'insult' you should you wish her to be elected to office.

This blog is dedicated to Statement Analysis.  This means that when statements are made public and are fascinating to readers, I analyze them.  It allows for learning of the science of Statement Analysis, and it also highlights my work.

The analysis posted is not thorough, which is something accepted by readers which leads to fascinating input from readers, as the thorough analysis is used in actual cases.  Two notable exceptions were "Fake Hate" and the 911 call of the police chief who shot his wife.  He has been indicted on reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor charge.

Whichever party is in office will have the predominance of public statements.  Analysis isn't partisan and as other candidates speak, I will post analysis.

Yet it is that Hillary Clinton has been in the spotlight for longer than this blog has been online and has provided many examples for readers to learn and understand the nature of deception.  She will continue to do so as long as she makes public statements.

You, the specific honest and honorable reader will project your honesty to her and say, "she was mixed up" and "she didn't mean it that way" even though you have learned contrary.  

Neither should you, the honest and honorable reader, be accused by politically slanted (and demeaning) language from one side or the other.  It is difficult to admire someone and then see that they are not what you thought they were.  Remember some of the objections to Statement Analysis based upon a teenaged love of "Thriller", even from professionals who should know better?  The emotional connection, sometimes, can be strong, especially if it is one that is forged during the years of formidable biological change.  This is why politicians prey upon college students.

Liars hold you in contempt.  They expect you to be too stupid to catch them.  They even take polygraphs and fall flat upon their faces, due to this universal contempt of others.  Often, their own words show just how deep the contempt runs, even in the light of death:

"What does it matter?" is an example of the callous, ruthless nature of a liar.

It is not limited to her, but all habitual liars have practiced their craft since childhood and are toxic individuals who ruin lives.  The more power a toxic individual has, the more damage he or she does. 32,000 emails plans.  How many devices?  Just one?  Three?  Donations from what terror exporting countries?  It is difficult and challenging to keep track of them.  Yet when she addresses them, the words not only reveal deception, but arrogance and hostility.  Remember, in an open statement, the subject chooses her words, from a vast dictionary of, in her case, perhaps as many as 35,000 words (highly intelligent) in which the word are chosen, order, prioritized and conjugated, to the tongue, in less than a microsecond.

That you may read that she now tears down the wealthy, while being extremely wealthy, or has standing ovations from "journalists" who outnumber supporters, or busses them in, or now does a "composite" of her "immigrant" grandparents, is nothing new.  It is incessant.

When she speaks, she will lie.

Voters may still vote her in. This happens as people either do not know the impact liars have, or they know, but do not care as they are partisan voters only.  "Better her than the other guy" mentality.  Or, "she's the devil I know.  I'd rather the devil I know then the devil I don't."  Or worse, voting for someone based upon something other than qualification.

Richard Blumenthal was re-elected even though he stood before Viet Nam vets and cameras and talked about when he was in Viet Nam.

He never stepped foot in Viet Nam.

As a prosecutor, he was, and is, a liar.

Imagine your loved one being wrongfully accused and facing Blumenthal's justice?  Imagine the lives he has destroyed?  Imagine evidence, let's say, that shows your nephew was not in the state when the murder happened, and the liar "loses" the evidence, and since he needs with "W" on his resume, threatens the detective to keep his mouth shut and let it go.

Yes, this is what liars do, and much worse, regularly, when it suits their needs.

In fact, there is such a disproportionate equation between the lie told and the damage done, that is difficult to persuade people just how dangerous a liar is.  In other words, for even the slightest personal gain, the liar will, in deed, throw a life under a bus, even though the pain far outweighs the gain for the liar.  It seems too slight to be worth even the effort of the lie.

This is to not understand how a liar works, and how often they disrupt the speed of transmission of speech, and for how many years that they have done this, to the point of finding some level of comfort where the rest of us are highly stressed.

This, itself, becomes habit.

This, itself, is evidenced when the habitual or pathological liar tells a lie, even when there was no cause to lie.

This is something that reveals the nature of a liar.

Liars hold even the material interests of their businesses in contempt.

Liars destroy relationships, reputations, companies, departments, and lives.  This is what they do.

Statistically, they are likely to "fall" on the job, file fraudulent claims, steal, and, in short, do what benefits them no matter the consequence to others.

Over the years, we have seen everything from one murdering her own child, up to seeking to cash in on a fake hate story, and everything in between.  The common denominator is the ability to outright lie, and then attack anyone using any means, when confronted.

Liars destroy.

You told a lie about being late for work and you felt badly about it.  You then project your conscience upon others and think others feel badly about it.

You do not understand.

Liars destroy.

Outright liars, those who can fabricate reality, this small percentage of the population, do not care about how their lies impact others.  They are programmed, from the earliest days of speech, to put self not only front and center, but to trash those around them, so no one comes even close to front and center.

Lance Armstrong used his millions to destroy lives.

A young, but growing business was doing quite well when its founder, Greg LeMond, called Lance a liar.

He noticed that orders of his bikes, from Trek, were showing a slight drop.


Next, he noticed that Trek did not seem to be publicizing his line quite as often, or as enthusiastically, as they had been just prior to him talking to a reporter about the drugging at the Tour De France.  He recalled the threat to "destroy" him, by Lance.
He then noticed that Trek, altogether, stopped promoting his line.

There he filed suit.

"Go ahead, let him file.  I'll destroy him by forcing him to pay attorney fees for years."

As to his faithful masseuse, Armstrong labeled her a "slut" and sought to personally smear and destroy her, too.  Her crime?

She said he was a liar and did use.

Hilary's track record is far worse, even with attempts to see through the hazy cloud of political mud that was thrown into the water, back to her earliest days on record, destroying justice for a child who had been raped, to shady real estate deals, to the short selling of commodities, blowing past lottery odds to make a quick fortune, to her Benghazi fairy tale, on to her direct lying about her private email server, and right on to this past week's deception.

She cannot stop.  Her lies reveal a ruthless, shrewd, highly intelligent, entitled liar who fully expects women to vote her for, without discernment, simply because they share gender.

You are free to vote for her, if this is what you wish, but know that just as I will cover any direct lies or deceptions from other candidates, I will also cover Hillary's.  She is front and center and is the media darling, which means she will get far more press than anyone else, in her party or in her opponents' parties.  She will be covered, and just as you are free to vote for her, you are free to not read the blog here, either.  The posts will highlight her deception, just as it will highlight deception from anyone else who deceives.

As previously written, when a politician makes a promise and does not keep it, it does not mean the politician was, of necessity, deceptive.  He or she may have failed in an attempt to keep a promise.  What we look for is the intention of deception.

Using the IRS, the world's most powerful organization, against political enemies, is a threat to the small and great, and an enemy of freedom.  It says, "oppose me and I will utterly destroy your life, legally, or at least, it will have the appearance of being done legally."

The political season for 2016 is now upon us.

It can be a lot of fun for us as politicians are, historically, generous to us who love to learn to discern deception.

If you have thin skin, step back and think about joining the learning, rather than partisan politics.

"yes, Clinton lied but Bush..." is not an argument of value, nor does it answer the principles applied to the statement.  It is, however, useful to show what tangents, and their necessity, teaches us.

When the others begin to get more coverage, I will analyze their statements too.  It has to be newsworthy, and didactic, that is, useful for instruction.

Hillary is a fascinating character who regularly supplies me with samples for instruction.

Don't be stressed by the political season, which is quite long.

Enjoy the ride, and use it to learn.

Mark a liar, and follow him or her, in life.  Take an inventory, even privately, of how the liar has impacted others.

I often challenge people in this very thing.

Inevitably, one will either share in class or seminar, or speak to me afterwards, privately and say,

"It is interesting and it is true.  I have this person in my life who is just like you described.  He even lies when he has no reason to lie."

I often say to this person, either before the class, or privately, "I want you to take a mental inventory of what you know about this person.  I want you to make a list of all the known damage this person has caused you, or others, including your department or your business.  Then, I want you to keep watching them and watch what they do to others."

In most cases the person affirms that the liar has "really done some bad things!", often with surprise, "come to think of it", of just how much damage the liar has done.

Language is the currency of trade in our lives.

Liars use counterfeit currency, so that when you have received it, it is not only worthless, it is illegal, and you have already suffered loss.

The only question for you is:

How much more loss will you suffer before you say, "no more"?

If you're squeamish about Hilary, there are lots of places you can read that support her.  You can even skim headlines here, and skip Hilary posts, but please understand, due to the nature of her lying, she, like Brian Williams, gives us some major league whoppers for analysis.

You may miss the lies, perhaps, over even over look them, because you are honest and honorable, and may project this upon her, in hopes of a better nation.

Discernment is not easy.

If it was, everyone would exercise it.

next up:  50 Shades of Trouble for Detectives


Frannie said...

Thanks, Peter. I'm looking forward to reading your analysis of the candidates during the presidential campaign season.

Unknown said...

Ugh, Hilary...I'll say no more at this time!

On a similar note, Sarah Silverman is in the news for doing just as you describe. She told an outright lie about her firsthand experience with the 'wage gap', on a PSA advocating for women's issues. She claimed that she was doing stand up at a club in NY, (she named the club, and the manager who supposedly slighted her) where she did a 15 min set, the same as a male comedian friend. Then after being given $10 for her set, she learned that the male comedian was given $60. She claimed that she confronted the manager, and asked why she didn't receive the same pay as the male comedian, and the manager asked "Oh, did you want a $60 spot".

She was called out by the manager she accused, and he revealed that the male comedian was a scheduled performer, and she was simply a hanger on, who the manager allowed to go on to fill open time. He gave her the $10 as cab money, to be nice, as he owed her no payment.

Any guess what her 'mea culpa' sounded like?

She admitted that her story wasn't true, and that she told the 'story' because it was the first thing that came to her mind. Her only regret was naming the manager, and club in her story. (If she had kept the names to herself, she could have gotten away with her lie). Then she insulted those who caught her lying as "maniacs", and said they shouldn't use the fact that she lied to discredit the issue.

Anonymous said...

Okay then. Since you put it that way, planning to be fair in your analysis of both sides; I won't bother to throw in your face what a liar George W. Bush was/is, and his daddy before him, and HIS daddy before him going all the way back to old old George elder three times removed. Man oh man. They've got quite a history that glows in the dark. Read up on'em for yourself, see what I mean. Everything they do publically has an agenda and a carefully schemed meaning behind their every word and action. Privately they are socially thoughtful, considerate and congenial people.

Anonymous said...

Peter, thank you for this analysis.

Hillary is running for Presidency and should be discussed at this point in time. She repeatedly shows contempt for others, and for this reason alone should be considered dangerous.

I have a strong aversion to liars. Is that normal? lol

Anonymous said...

Since you put it that way, planning to be fair in your analysis of both sides

He didn't state that; you shouldn't state it for him.

Hillary is awful. It sucks the Dems have so few choices. On the GOP side, Cruz (or is it Cruise or Crews or Crooz?) is the habitual liar. And Trump if he counts. I don't care for the dynasty thing but Jeb is my fave of the crowd running. I think Walker will get the nod though as he is less easily labelled and "boxed in" to one of the GOP "subgroups." I love Ron Paul; his son comes across as a pr**k though.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Okay then. Since you put it that way, planning to be fair in your analysis of both sides; I won't bother to throw in your face what a liar George W. Bush was/is, and his daddy before him, and HIS daddy before him going all the way back to old old George elder three times removed. Man oh man. They've got quite a history that glows in the dark. Read up on'em for yourself, see what I mean. Everything they do publically has an agenda and a carefully schemed meaning behind their every word and action. Privately they are socially thoughtful, considerate and congenial people.
April 16, 2015 at 12:27 PM

Precisely the tangent I wrote against in the article.

I'll leave this up for example, but it won't be a precedent.

Once again, for emphasis: the one who holds office has the most spotlight; therefore, the highlighting of deception.

Hilary holds the media's rapt attention. Media gave her a standing ovation. These were supposed to be journalists, independent, seeking truth.

That all the Bushes lied from time memorial will not impact Hilary's statement nor what she does in office. This is why it is tangent.

As an argument, it is akin to "I know you are but what am I?" repetition in the school yard.

If you have a specific Bush statement for analysis, submit it. There will be no shortage of responses.

That I believe in freedom of speech, personal responsibility and less government does not make those who disagree with me, politically, better or worse, nor do I permit caricature insults of them. They are often good, honest and well intentioned and do want to hear opposing arguments.

I hope this tangent is all that is needed for a sample. There will be no down time for me, or the others who volunteer to do deletions.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


thanks. I will check it out.


dadgum said...

Nailed it!

Anne said...

Looking forward to your political analyses, thank you!

trustmeigetit said...

I think Hilary has made a life out of lying as Peter says.

I even believe it goes beyond career but her personal life.

I believe Hilary is gay. I think her and Bill married for their political careers and not out of love.

So if I am correct, she is already lying to herself everyday by just being married to a man.

I mean no disrespect by my thoughts, I think everyone is born with a preference and I feel that everyone should be able to love who you love.

But we all know that it is and may always be an issue for some. And politically I think she may have felt she had no choice.

GetThem said...

After Obama, we better not get stuck with Hillary. Just thinking about this woman gives me chest pains!!!

Anonymous said...

Peter, I'm serious when I ask this question and I hope other posters don't turn my question into a political argument because that is not my intention.
Have you ever come across a politician who through SA was found to be honest? I'm not looking for names because I don't want anyone to turn it into an argument. I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

Who will you be voting for for prez?

Anonymous said...

I'm not into Hillary either. Tho I don't see her as ranking among the real dirt bags like Bush's. I wish I could see somebody to put my vote towards these days. No one shining for me at all yet. Maybe Obama ruined me for getting behind a candidate. Who are your all favorites. And why?

Anonymous said...

Peter, it was not my intention to rant a tangent in my remarks to you yesterday at 12:27, I was openly complimenting your decision to be fair and objective to both sides just as you implied in your article.

It might interest you to know that I do not dispute your analysis that Hillary is a liar of major proportions; also that I do not avidly support her, but neither do I not support her since it might come down to that. Fact is, I did intend to support her about a year ago when I clicked onto her site "Support Hillary for President" and discovered you couldn't even support her without making a contribution to her up and coming campaign. WELL! Hell with that.

As to someone calling her a lesbian; aren't there lesbians and bi's posting right here on this site? Seems to me there are. Having said that, so what? This poster doesn't know if Hillary is bi or lesbo, or if she was in love with Bill at the time of their marriage.

One thing common sense will tell you is that Hillary had some sort of a private affair going on with Vince Foster prior to his 'untimely' death. So chew on THAT before you go calling her a lesbian. Besides, she had enough on her plate just dealing with Bills' scorching affairs throughout their entire marriage. No wonder she dug her heels into making a success out of her own political life. She may be one of the worlds biggest liars and connivers, but she is ALSO a very sharp woman... So there.

jenny said...

I don't follow politics much because it's so depressing.

I would like to know more about Ron Paul. My impression is that he is a good businessman. I could look at sites all night, or the readers here could clue me in. I don't have an opinion yet, so say whatever you like!

TxTchr said...

. Maybe Obama will declare and sign another executive order eliminating the two term limit for Presidents and name himself Potentate.

somanyways said...

I don't mind Mark Rubio yet. tho I've never voted republican it would take a lot to get me there - but he's the only one of all of them at this moment I actually feel positive towards, he's just kind of working for me so far. we'll see what he does or says to screw it up :) --- I think he mentioned wanting to give tax breaks to big business - if he keeps up that talk I might get over him, we;ll see -- it;s really all relative. best of the worst is what it'll have to come down to. plenty to criticize in all of them - what the real challenge is is finding something to admire ,

Anonymous said...

This article states repeatedly that she is a liar, but provides no specific examples with analysis.

You can say it all day long, but the article is of no value when you make claims without supporting them.

It's obvious you don't like Hilary. Unfortunately, that's about all that's apparent from this rant.