Thursday, May 14, 2015

Racial Incident at Florida Restaurant Analysis

Showing police the video would have ended the arrest...if she was truthful.

The quotes are short but telling... Statement Analysis is in bold type.  While simply reading a news account of "he said; she said", we are able to know the truth.  The quotes from the subject should be seen in the pattern presented, including:

1.  The lack of a reliable denial
2.  The use of tangent to distract from the allegation
3.  The need to persuade

The racial divide of "Us Versus Them" continues.  Politicians use racial baiting which, eventually, unites people on both sides, as it is human nature to "belong."  Note the subject's words to police on the way out, while under arrest, highlights this very thing.

Florida pub owner held black couple at gunpoint after dispute about a drink: cops

Kim Bruns, owner of an Orlando George & Dragon British Pub, allegedly pulled a gun on a black couple, threatened their lives and yelled racial slurs after a dispute over a drink.Orange County Jail

Kim Bruns, owner of an Orlando George & Dragon British Pub, allegedly pulled a gun on a black couple, threatened their lives and yelled racial slurs after a dispute over a drink.

Here's how not to handle a customer complaint.
A white Florida pub owner allegedly held a young black couple at gunpoint in her establishment during a birthday party, threatened to kill them and shouted racial racial slurs after a dispute over a drink, police records show.

It’s all false accusations,” Kim Bruns, owner of a George & Dragon British Pub in Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel.

This avoids stating that she did not do it, lumping "all" together, and is to deny "accusations" while not having to use language to name any specific allegation.  This avoidance, itself, means the allegation is sensitive to the subject.  She then uses a technique common to deceptive people:  The tangent.  

The tangent is to avoid the accusation and to attempt to not only distract the listener away from the accusation, but to persuade, rathe than deny.  

“I have black people who work for me. I have never used a racial slur.”

1.  "It's all false accusations" is to avoid saying "I didn't do it."  It is passive and lacks the pronoun "I"

2.  "I have black people who work for me" is unrelated to the accusation, avoids denying it, and is a tangent.  This is commonly heard in sexual assaults where the perpetrator says "I am a happily married man" as "evidence" that it could not have happened, instead of denying it.  

It shows the need to persuade rather than deny. 

3.  "I have never used a racial slur" is to avoid denying using racial slurs and is also unreliable with the word "never."
Everyone has used racial slurs, if only when discussing racial slurs.  This is a Mark Furman under oath statement. 

It is very likely that this subject is deceptive and knew not to let police see the video.  

The alleged threat happened Saturday night, when Kayla Davis and her boyfriend Darien Elwin came to the pub to celebrate Elwin’s 20th birthday, since they had a discount for a dinner there.
After Bruns, who turned 21 two months ago, ordered a drink, Bruns allegedly brought it to her with an odd warning.

“As soon as she gave it to me, she said, ‘I’m watching you, and you better not give any drinks to minors,’” Davis told the Sentinel. “It felt weird and racist a little bit.”

Note that the statement begins in the past tense, and the quote is in present tense, and then the comment of feeling returned to past tense.  This is appropriate.  
Note next that the impact:
1.  Felt weird" is first 
2 . Racist is "a little bit" and it came second.  Coming second with the qualification of "little bit" is also consistent. 
It is likely that the subject here felt insult, but did not initially consider it racist but kept her "weird" feeling about sharing a drink with an underaged person.  
This is likely to be a truthful account.  

Offended by the owner’s remark, Davis returned the drink without taking a sip and said she and her boyfriend were leaving.
That’s when Bruns yelled to other customers to not let the couple leave, an arrest report says.
The alleged incident happened at this George & Dragon British Pub while the black couple were celebrating the boyfriend's 20th birthday.George & Dragon Pub/via Facebook

The alleged incident happened at this George & Dragon British Pub while the black couple were celebrating the boyfriend's 20th birthday.

The owner left the barroom, came back with a .357-caliber Magnum Colt Python and yelled that she would shoot them, the report says. She also allegedly threw a drinking glass at Davis, which missed her and shattered on a wall.
When Elwin tried to cool things down, offering to pay for the drink, Bruns allegedly replied: “I’ll shoot you too if I have to. It’s legal.”
When police arrived, Bruns denied any confrontation but refused to show officers any surveillance video.
She has now been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and aggravated assault, the Sentinel reports.

When she was cuffed in her pub on Saturday, she reportedly said to an officer: “I can’t believe you would take those (racial slur) side over mine.”

This is to suggest that the police are in the "Us Versus Them" artificial divide, as if police are on the "same team" as a racial spewing, gun using liar, and not part of the "team" of justice.  


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


WARNING: Graphic content.

Could this have been avoided or a least sent up red flags if Social Services had training in SA?

Single father beat his four-year-old daughter to death just three months after winning custody of her so he could claim more benefits and a house.

Carl Wheatley was found guilty of murdering daughter Alexa-Marie Quinn
He beat her repeatedly but it was the 66th bruise which caused her death
Had bragged he would get house & £1,700 benefits if he got custody of her.
Wheatley had searched 'what glue can I use to put teeth back in' on internet.


A single father who beat his four-year-old daughter to death just three months after being granted custody of her was today found guilty of her murder.
Carl Wheatley, 31, admitted killing Alexa-Marie Quinn in March last year after the local authority granted him custody from foster parents but denied it was murder.

He convinced social workers that he could look after her but instead of caring for the youngster the father-of-two beat her repeatedly and went to considerable lengths to cover it up

He sobbed in the dock as the first 999 call he made to emergency services was played in court.
He told the operator: 'I've had her for a few months, I got a bit frustrated with her and I harmed the poor child.'

Read more:

Anonymous said...

How pathetic, brutally painful and sad for this poor little beaten and abused girl. She literally had no one. No one.

As to the article above: I'm confused. Is Davis 21 and Elwin 20, and Bruns the pub owner also 21? This appears to be what is being stated in the article. However, in the Bruns photo, she appears to be a lot older than 21. Was Davis of legal age to drink an alcoholic beverage but Elwin was not? So, how old is Bruns?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like this couple did (or said) anything to warrant the pub owner pointing her firearm at them and threatening to shoot them, nor does it appear she had any reason to throw the drink at Ms. Davis. In fact, the young man even graciously offered to pay for the drink that neither one of them had touched.

I hope she gets to cool her heels in the slammer for a while; also that the young couple sues her and wins reasonable monetary damages against her.

BTW Peter, why would use a quote from a known liar, Mark Furman, (under oath, no less) to prove your point that everyone uses racial slurs? There's no way that either he, or YOU, could know that 'everyone' uses racial slurs, even if only discussing a racial slur. Not meaning to belabor it, but wouldn't this be akin to me giving Michael Moore a pass or two in his honesty, or lack thereof? Just my thoughts.

Suzanne said...

OT -
NORTH QUINCY, Mass. -- A father who was riding a train into work near Boston Wednesday morning called 911 when he realized he left his baby daughter in his parked car, reports CBS Boston.

The child was found safe after police rushed to the parking lot at the North Quincy MBTA train station in a suburb south of Boston.

"I left my 1-year-old baby in my SUV by accident this morning at North Quincy station," the man told a 911 dispatcher.

In a statement released to CBS Boston, the father said that he realized he left the child in the car just before he arrived at work in Cambridge. That's when he rushed back to the train, calling 911 on the way.
In the statement, he said it had been "one of the worst days of my life."

"Like many parents, I have a very repetitive morning procedure that involves two daycare drop offs and a Red Line (subway) ride," the statement read. "After dropping off my older child at school, I neglected to drop off my infant at the in-home daycare we use and she was left in the car at an MBTA train station in Quincy. The baby had fallen asleep in the child seat and I went into auto pilot."

Police reportedly said no charges are pending and did not release the man's name.

"The baby was in good shape. We were able to open the door and get the baby out," Quincy Police Capt. John Duggan told the station.

"by accident" is unexpected.

Also the phrase, "Like many parents, I have a very repetitive morning procedure..." makes me think of when people say "it was a normal day" meaning it was anything but normal.

Your thoughts Peter?

Anonymous said...

Why would "by accident" be unexpected? No great mystery here, or 'suspicious' implication necessary. This phrase is used all the time when incidents happen by accident.

By damn, if he had been having a repetitive morning following his 'normal' routine, what the heck is wrong with saying so? Poor guy. He certainly had his hands full trying to get to work every morning.

However, yes, it WAS normal until it became anything but normal, this being when he forgot his child left in the car.

I certainly can't see how you could make something wrong with this man's actions. Heavens alive. He DID take steps to rescue the child when he recalled that he had left the infant in the car without thinking.

In conclusion; it became anything BUT a normal morning!

John Mc Gowan said...


Well, we all guessed this was going to happen!!

Kidnapped San Diego Teen Hannah Anderson Inspires Made-for-TV Movie
“Kidnapping: The Hannah Anderson Story” airs on Lifetime on May 23

Anonymous said...

Right John. Expected, I just hope it's fair and balanced. Highly doubtful however, since it will be Hannah's side of the story with no credible witness that can speak up for James DiMaggio.

There are many who do not believe that Hannah was kidnapped by him and that she planned, set up and carried out the entire ghastly affair from beginning to end, depending on and conning James into helping her to cover it up and fleeing with her. Alls I can say is, this little girl must have one hell-uv-of-a powerful persuasion over sincere but dumb and dumber men.

James was not known to be the unstable or criminal minded man he was later portrayed to be. Hannah had thrown herself at him over a long period of time while he allowed himself to be used by her and her entire family, foolishly believing that he was in love with her and she with him.

While fleeing with and attempting to protect her, James DiMaggio was erroneously shot dead in a hail of gunfire by FBI agents with no prior investigation of the facts by either them or local LE.

But of course, we'll never know the truth now. We have only sociopath Hannahs' pathological lying words. It is said there's no perfect crime? Seems to me that Hannah Anderson certainly pulled one off! And NOT just one, but five: The deliberate murders of her mother, brother, the dog, James DiMaggio and the destruction by deliberate fire of his home.

Will she ever be charged? Hell no. Duh... She walked away into the sunset blazing happy trails, smiling, and got away with it all.