Friday, May 8, 2015

Statement Analysis: Michael Moore

Here we get to see the statement, the analysis, and then the published facts in one article.  Most times, a subject makes a statement, the analysis is published, and then the facts are released. 

In January of 2015,  we had Tom Brady's statement, which indicated deception.  In May, we had the release of the NFL's investigation.  

Here it is in reverse regarding Michael Moore. 

Statement Analysis shows that he is not only a pathological liar, but has, beginning with public life at age 18, represented as "fact" whatever outrageous element would bring him media attention.   This has been consistent throughout his life, books, and videos.  The outrageous nature of his lies works well for him. 

He publicly stated to be an advocate for people's wages and has disparaged wealth and wealthy people.  He was asked about his own wealth, on CNN, which would expose him as hypocritial.  

1.  Statement  CNN's Piers Morgan asked the filmmaker whether he was “in the 1%” of top income earners. 

Moore repled:

 “I'm not in the 1%, no. 

When Morgan pressed him further “to admit the bleeding obvious,” Moore said: 

“No, I'm not.... How could I be in the 1%? No that's not true.... I am devoting my life to those who have less and who have been crapped upon by the system. And that's how I spend my time, my energy, my money on trying to upend this system, that I think is a system of violence, it's a system that's unfair to the average working person in this country ...

2.  Analysis:

Note the repetition indicating sensitivity.  Note the distancing language of "that" employed.
Note the order indicating priority:  "time, energy" come before "money", which is the least he expends.  
Note to "think" it is a system of violence is a weak assertion, while strongly asserting an "unfair" system.  To make a strong assertion to violence would include him; hence the weakness.  This may be due to what you are about to read in "Published Fact."

3.  Published Fact:

He has a net worth exceeding $50 million; he lives in a 17th-floor, $1 million-plus apartment in New York City; and he owns a luxurious house (also worth at least $1 million) in an exclusive community in northern Michigan. All told, in fact, Moore owns nine real-estate properties in those two states. When he gives speeches in various venues, Moore charges up to $30,000 per appearance.

1.  Statement on Stock ownership

“I don’t own a single share of stock!”

2.  Analysis

What he says is true.  It is not a "single share of stock" that he owns. This is a lie that reflects what children often use.

3  Published Fact

But on November 1, 2005, World Net Daily reported that the filmmaker in fact owned tens of thousands of shares in U.S. stocks. Most notably, he owned more than 2,000 shares of Halliburton—the gas and oil company he had excoriated in his film Fahrenheit 911.


trustmeigetit said...


So I shared the info the other day about the Sidney and Tammy Mooreer being out of jail.

It just now dawned on Tammy had said she was pregnant. Yet a lot of people questioned of that was the truth.

The photos of Tammy leaving jail were a very thin Tammy and NO BABY BUMP.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


she is still pregnant.

She has been for 21 months now.

Please just trust her.

Anonymous said...

Most women can barely make it through their 8th and 9th month without wanting to deliver their bundle of joy as soon as possible.

Imagine being pregnant for over a year and half? LE better keep an eye on her, she's apt to explode and kill again. mho

Unknown said...

Ha! She's just going for an elephant length gestation! ;-)

Tania Cadogan said...

She will be delivered safely of a bouncing baby porkie-pie (lie) :D

Anonymous said...

So what if Michael Moore is wealthy! There are a lot of wealthy people who still care about the poor. Many of them do speak out for the poor and still maintain control of their money and other assets. Just because they have money and vast holdings does not make them a liar.

Anonymous said...

Or to put it another way: Supposing he has stretched the truth on occasion; he has still done a lot to benefit others. Is this not true? I think it is. Do the means justify the end? Do the end result outweigh his failures? I think they do.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The point of the matter is that which this blog has been highlighting for years:

The damage that liars do.


"so what?"

These expressions reveal your own inability to understand analysis. Your "expected" is from the perspective of deceivers who excuse other deceivers.


Unknown said...

"So what..."

So why did Moore lie if it doesn't matter? It certainly matters to HIM.

He lied despite knowing his lie could be easily exposed. If you watched Moore's film Farenheit 911, then you would understand the extreme hypocrisy of Moore profiting from 1000's of shares of Halliburton stock, (a corporation which he vilified).

His films 'crusade' against American capitalism, as well as our political, and financial system, which he has benefited from vastly.

He is a liar, and a hypocrite, who makes his money by exploiting other people's tragedy. He's no better than Al Sharpton, and company.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I pushed the envelope a little too far in cutting Michael Moore some slack, this I admit and apologize for. However, you're wrong, I do understand statement analysis; have been reading it for years.

Wrong Peter, I am not a deceiver nor do I excuse deceivers even if on occasion I might pass an excuse or two for one IF they are doing something that helps mankind and have hurt no one else in the process. It's akin to me gifting someone on every occasion and loaning them every dollar they ever asked me too, but one day I have to stop, or made one little mistake; then I am mud to them. How quickly they forget all the good that I have done.

Also, if Michael Moore is being a hypocrite in profiting from 1000's of shares of Haliburton stock, why not single out your republican buds who also own (AND profit from) Haliburton? Are they any better than Al Sharpton? Just a thought. Not meaning to provoke you, just making a point.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure exactly what point you are trying to make, but unless those 'republican buds', (which I'm not sure who you are speaking of, nor their stock holdings) have dedicated a highly provocative film to villifying the very corporation that they turn around profit from....then no.

Since you have twice stated that Michael Moore is helping mankind, and doing good things for others, do you care to provide an example?

GeorgiaSuzy said...

Anonymous, this website is dedicated to finding the TRUTH. The truth is the truth, whether you like it or not. Michael Moore vilifies the 'wealthy Republicans' you mentioned, while denying that he is wealthy too. His net worth of $50 million constitutes wealth by any standards. That hypocrite demonizes the 'evil Corporations' and their shareholders while denying that he owns 1,000 shares of stock in at least one of those 'evil corporations'. And by denying, I mean LYING.

I like to win, but not by cheating. The end does NOT justify the means. Who decides what the correct 'end' should be? You, who just stereotyped all of us as Republicans because we don't worship Michael Moore? Democrat Presidents? Michael Moore? Acorn? Dead voters? No thanks. Evidently you can't handle the truth.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

When someone says "all politicians lie" and dismiss the outright liar, they reap the consequences of their own folly.

They do not understand what a liar is capable of doing.

I think often of Blumenthal and his "Viet Nam" days and I wonder...

how many men are in prison today who are, in fact, innocent, because he either lied or approved or hired liars.

I believe most convictions are just but not all. I do not believe it is the way advocates uphold it to be; not even close, but even one falsely imprisoned life is worth fighting for.

Liars seek their own benefit and you and I do not know just how far they will go in harming others for their own benefit.


PS: Georgiasuzy, great post.

GeorgiaSuzy said...

Thanks! I'm a frequent lurker and appreciate your logical explanations of Statement Analysis. Blog on my friend ☺

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thank you for your kind remark!