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The Necessity of Statement Analysis Training

Anyone interested in discerning truth from deception does well to study this scientific process, practice it, and apply it.

In this sense, there is an interest in knowing truth from concealed or missing information.  There are specific vocations that make training more than just an interest, but a necessity.

Some are commonly known, but some are not.

*A medical doctor, already known for a gifted intellect, may diagnose from what a patient tells him or her and patients are notoriously known for minimizing, exaggerating or withholding key information, for a variety of reasons.  This doctor may turn to the psychiatrist, who is very much in need of the same training for discernment purposes.

*Psychologists, counselors and therapists prosper in their practices with Statement Analysis training.  Some are very well paid because they are so intuitively sharp at getting information, not simply discerning deception, but getting to the real primary causes of disruption in life for the patient.

*Social workers interview parents but more importantly, interview children, which requires specific training.

Having had specific child interview training,  their skills are enhanced by Statement Analysis and its application, with children, and adults with autism, or mental retardation.

These that interview children, especially understand the importance of open-ended questions, entering into the language of the child, and strict avoidance of introducing language (suggestion) tot them.

*Journalists.  Journalism is at a crisis today, with media now finding the lack of transparency in government to be at America's all time low, with only certain journalists being given upper level access, and the president of the United States even calling for a restriction of what one specific network is allowed to broadcast.

I listened to a journalist express his frustration over what he was not allowed to report on a missing child case due to editorial 'relationships' in the community.

Journalism is not only at an acute low in terms of reputation, but is also in severe competition with mass media and civilian journalism, which means being "beaten to a story" by an iPhone!  These factors, highlighted by severe restrictions, political correctness, and heavy competition, the journalist who seeks traction for his or her career, needs training more than ever.


Supervisors, Managers and Human Resource professionals, perhaps more than ever in our country's business history, are under pressure and prosper from Statement Analysis training.

There are many questions of which an employer simply is not permitted to ask an applicant, depending upon which state you live in.

The federal government imposes restrictions on these questions, in the quest to avoid "discrimination" yet, themselves, freely ask the very questions they do not allow businesses to ask.


Because they need to hire safely.  They need to hire the right person for the right position.  They need to hire quality.

This is something businesses need, to.  More than 60% of small businesses that end up bankrupt cite theft as the number one cause.  Screening in the interview process can give your business a 180 degree change.  But how?

If we are so limited by law, what can we do?

Here is an example, an applicant has been diagnosed with "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" which the Mayo Clinic says is:

"Intermittent explosive disorder involves repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation. Road rage, domestic abuse, throwing or breaking objects, or other temper tantrums may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder. 
People with intermittent explosive disorder may attack others and their possessions, causing bodily injury and property damage. They may also injure themselves during an outburst. Later, people with intermittent explosive disorder may feel remorse, regret or embarrassment. 
If you have intermittent explosive disorder, treatment may involve medications and psychotherapy to help you control your aggressive impulses."
I can see what the federal government might want to know this before, perhaps, hiring someone to work with children in a federal day care facility in Washington, D.C. for federal employees.  
The reverse of this is, of course, a person who may be experiencing depression and refuses to see his or her doctor because without any privacy laws, an employer might not want to hire someone who has been treated for depression. 
Strong arguments can arise from this, but what about criminal history?  
If your business handles lots of cash, would you be comfortable hiring someone who has had several arrests for theft?
Yet, this person may not have been convicted of theft, but, more times than not, pled down to a lesser charge.  
In studying pedophilia, we find that pedophiles use words "a, b, and d" in the following contexts, consistently, in study after study. 
You, the Human Resources professional, are greatly restricted in the questions you ask but you have had training in Statement Analysis and in open ended, legally sound questions, you heard the applicant clearly use "a, b and d" in "said context", freely offered to you.  You are hiring someone to work with children.  

Knowledge of the truth is invaluable to you and your career and your business.  

*Sales professionals trained in Statement Analysis "interview" customers, and can get to the truth of what it is that the customer really wants and really needs, and, perhaps most importantly, understands the customer's expectations from your business. 
Business executives take the Statement Analysis course because they are often responsible for negotiations that are going to impact business.  They need to know if the material received is reliable or not.  Negotiations are best done when trained in analysis.  
*A lawyer trained in Statement Analysis does not need to pay a polygrapher; he or she can get more information, including whether or not the client is truthful, than in just the test.  

*Security guards do well to not only build their skills, but their resumes with training.  Like patrol, or traffic enforcement, they are able to also gain traction for their careers through hard work and successful tasks, and will get noticed for their work. 
It is easy to see the value for law enforcement, civil investigators, insurance investigators and professionals, who  all need the training, but there are more vocations that call for, and prosper from, Statement Analysis training. 
We offer in person seminars for law enforcement and private businesses, as well as a home-study course that is challenging; it is not a "101" course, nor is it introductory.  It includes 100 page manual, 7+ hours of lectures that should be listened to repeatedly, chapter tests and a final examination, which, if successfully completed, allows for 12 months of ongoing e-support, and eligibility for our various monthly confidential live trainings. 

The in person training is specifically designed for your department, speciality, or business.  

The training is approved for Continuing Education Credit Units (CEU) through the University of Maine for professional licenses, as well as for resume building. 
Our in person instructional sessions are 1 Day, 2 Day and 4 Day seminars, including Analytical Interviewing (Days 3 and 4) with mock interviewing, video taping and lots of hands-on practical work.  We cover all the basics, using famous cases today, as well as multi-media and interactive elements.  The interviewing is legally sound, non intrusive and best for obtaining the maximum amount of information.  
For businesses, we teach in concrete terms:  you will see savings in unemployment and fraudulent claims.  The training will pay for itself in the first fraudulent claim against you that when handled in our training's capacity, will save you, first and foremost, the legal costs, but then on to the savings of the fraudulent suit itself, and your company's reputation from the deceptive one who made a false claim against you. 

Go to HYATT and contact us directly to schedule a seminar, purchase the home study course, or ask questions.  
Al Sharpton did blackmail large companies and received millions of dollars in donations from them in exchange for not calling their business "racist" or holding protests outside it.  
Last month, his daughter said she sprained her ankle and wanted $5,000,000 from New York City, for pain and suffering.  
The apple fell just beneath the tree. 
NYC is notorious for paying out claim settlements every month of every year.  Our system not only catches the deceptive, but our "Analytical Report Writing" means that the truth speaks for itself, needs no assistance, and stops cold the liar. 
As to the young Ms. Sharpton, her narcissistic personality got the best of her:
while being unable to work or even "enjoy" life, she posted "selfies" of her...
mountain climbing

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