Thursday, June 4, 2015

Statement Analysis of Iman Ibrahim Rahim Online Post

The following is the social media post made by the brother of the Islamic terrorist who hoped to behead a local Boston police officer.  When his plot was uncovered, he attacked police with the very knife he had hoped to obtain Islamic fame by murder.  

Being an Iman, he is 'permitted' by the Koran to use deception in this 'jihad' or war against the West, the United States, Jews, Christians, Homosexuals, and women.  

Here is the post with analysis following:  

"Your Prayers Requested
This morning while at the bus stop in Boston, my youngest brother Usaama Rahim was waiting for the bus to go to his job. He was confronted by three Boston Police officers and subsequently shot in the back three times. He was on was on his cell phone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness. His last words to my father who heard the shots were:
I can’t breathe!
While at the hospital, Usaama Rahim died!
From Allah we come, and to Allah we return.
Imam Ibrahim Rahim"

Three police officers can fire three shots, on third street, at 3PM.  Yet it is its inclusion that is related to deception. 

Note the unnecessary explanation of why his brother was at a bus stop.  This shows that he likely anticipated being asked, "Why was he at the bus stop?", making the location, itself, "sensitive" to the author.  We learned why this was sensitive later on when police responded.  

We note also "phone" which often connects the writer to a crime scene.  This is unusual because the writer was not at the crime scene, yet connects himself through a deceptive account.  Police showed the video from surveillance cameras to head off another anti-police riot or protest.  

Note "I can't breathe!" inclusion may call to mind other protests against police.  Is this deceptive writer hoping for another protest, or "Hands Up!" reaction by the intended audience of this post?


John mcgowan said...

Adding to what you have highlighted Peter.

"He was on was on his cell phone with my dear father"

dadgum said...

Beside it being unnecessary, only said to imply how close they wasn't 'our dear father', but "my". What relationship did the dead man have with his father, other than as a 'needed witness'?

John mcgowan said...

Indeed. The distancing language "with".

Sus said...

Note also how passive this is, "He was confronted by three Boston Police Officers and subsequently shot in the back three times."

He does not state the police shot his brother, just that his brother was shot.

John mcgowan said...

He was confronted by three Boston Police officers and subsequently shot in the back three times.


After a particular thing has happened; afterwards.

This word to me, does not seem necessary.

lets take out "subsequently and replace it with "was". Now i know we go on the words used and do not interpret.

He was confronted by three Boston Police officers and "was" shot in the back three times.

This to me has more impact as a statement. By using "subsequently" is this akin to "Temporal Lacunae".? I maybe wrong, it just doesn't ring well with me?

trustmeigetit said...

The transcript for the Diggar interview is out.

Rather than try to paste it all here, I have the link below.

A few things stood out to me from my initial scan...

KELLY: From prison where he's serving for child pornography, he says, well he only told me about one incident that's why he pursued charges.
J.B. DUGGAR: I was questioning why in the world he would say that, maybe he would get on parole or something sooner because he violated the law in this case himself by not reporting it.

***** Interesting Jim doesnt deny that it was not true. He just quesions why he would say that and offers a reason... But does not deny that.

KELLY: Like Huckabee said that. I know he's a friend of your family. Michelle, let me ask you, because you were in the news for making a robo call that suggested transgender people might want to go into the bathrooms of girls -- locker rooms of girls and that they may be child molesters. Folks have used that in the past week against you saying how could you unfairly, in their view, compare transgender people to child molesters, knowing what you know about Josh?
M. DUGGAR: I think that protecting young girls and not allowing young men or men in general to go into a girls' locker room is just common sense.
KELLY: But this is different because you injected child molestation into it.
J.B. DUGGAR: I think you actually said pedophile, and a pedophile is an adult that preys on children. Josh was actually 14 and just turned 15 when he did what he did, and I think the legal definition was 16 and up for being an adult preying on a child. So he was a child preying on a child.

****Mom totally avoids the direct question.... She doesnt deny compairng transgender people to child molesters. She instead talks about protecting girls while in the locker room.
When pushed...
Dad chimes in and now defines a pedophile and says that Josh didnt qualify since he was 1 year under the age? Really. I looked and legaly that is stated, but still.

J.B. DUGGAR: You know, at this point our family is just trying to regroup from these attacks. When you're in every newspaper and everything throughout the world, it's been an unprecedented attack on our family. And it was actually -- this information was released illegally, so I wonder why all this press isn't going after the system for releasing juvenile records. That is a huge story. Now, what our son did 12 years ago, I'm sure it's a major story to them too, but yet, hopefully justice will be served on the ones that released juvenile records to protect other juveniles' from their records from being released.

****Dads comment really pisses me off. Still not a concern for those that were "touched" but instead where is the focus "hopefully justice will be served on the ones that released juvenile records".

The the host says this...
KELLY: But our interview actually did not end there. In moments a preview of what is sure to be the big story out of our time with the Duggar family as I sit down with the sisters, two of them who identify themselves as Josh's victims for the first time.

And then one statment after from Jill and Jess. Just one liners. So I would assume based on how she led to this, Jill and Jessa were 2 of the sisters that were "touched".

JILL DUGGAR, "19 KIDS AND COUNTING": They don't have a right to do this. We're victims. They can't do this to us.
JESSA DUGGAR, "19 KIDS AND COUNTING": The system that was set up to protect kids, both those who make stupid mistakes, or have problems like this in their life and the ones that are affected by those choices, it's just -- it's greatly failed.

Lemon said...

The "I can't breathe" inclusion sounds like meme building to me.

Anonymous said...

the lies are deeper than you are recognizing. this material is meant to make you want war and is created by those who will profit from war.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment off-topic, but was wondering if you would be doing a post about the Megyn Kelly Duggar interview. Would very much like to hear your analysis.

Anonymous said...

Re the jenner story,
could it be that he, for example, wants all parts of whatever sexuality is out there and can be regarded as "dual gender" or "multi gender"?
Maybe it is pure and simple just a greed thing?
Like "I want mine and yours too!"
And he just happens to have the money and willing enablers to help him spend it?

John mcgowan said...


Missing baby's father speaks out against critics who call him "a monster"

The father of a missing three-month-old girl says it's hard for anyone to understand what he's been through since the girl died.

Jeffrey Fairbanks says his daughter, Janna, died in their home, but insists he did no harm to the girl.

"I'm being portrayed as somebody who is a monster," Fairbanks told Eyewitness News Crimebeat reporter Steve Jefferson.

The 45-year-old father says he found Janna upstairs, unconscious.

"I picked her up and she was totally lifeless and I could not figure out why," Fairbanks said.

RELATED: Search for Baby Janna moves to Hancock County

"The thoughts that were going through my mind I probably could not even recite to you," he said. "I noticed her lips were blue."

He says he tried CPR, but got no response.
"I totally panicked and I just kept holding her and praying and wondering what to do," Fairbanks said. "I wrapped her up in a blanket and I rushed her to my car."

He says he drove around with his dead daughter for hours and prayed.

"Thinking, somehow miraculously, she was going to come back to life," he said. "And I am already on the record saying what I did. I don't want to repeat it."

Fairbanks is on record saying he put Janna's body in a dumpster at the Maison Gardens apartments where the family used to live. But police never located her body, because of trash collection, and searches at multiple landfills turned up nothing.

"When I did what I did, I really had no idea how complex the disposal system is," he said.

Fairbanks argues that passing a tough police polygraph test validates his story.

"As blatant as a question as, 'Did you kill Janna?'," he said.

When Janna's mother presented a judge with a history of domestic abuse, deputies served Fairbanks with a protective order, ordering him out of their home and to stay away.

"For that to be presented that way is a farce," he said.

Still, after an entire week, there's no sign of Janna. Fairbanks says he wants police to find her.

"Of course I do," he said. "Because my girlfriend needs closure and so do I."

He said he expects at least one charge in this incident.

"I have done research about why I reacted the way I did to try to understand it," he said. "I have done research on this and similar cases. I have done research about almost every aspect of this just to try to understand it."

Peter Hyatt said...

Lemon said...
The "I can't breathe" inclusion sounds like meme building to me.
June 4, 2015 at 2:49 PM

Excellent point, Ms. Lemon.

It is a phrase deliberately chosen. The 'war on police' is gaining traction.


Peter Hyatt said...


I am not familiar with this case, would you point me in the right direction?



John mcgowan said...

Hi Peter, this may help.