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Mother Backs Mathew Graham in Missing Baby Ember Graham

Mother of missing baby standing behind father named person of interest

Happy Valley, Calif. - 
Matthew Graham has been named a person of interest in the case of his missing 6-month-old daughter, Ember Graham. However, authorities are also saying they have not ruled out that the little girl was abducted. 
Graham's wife, Jamie Lee Graham, believes there's no way Matthew had anything to do with their daughter's disappearance.

"He loves her more than he loves me. He loves that little girl more than I've ever seen anybody love somebody.  He is the most dotting dad, he will change as many diapers, he's so patient with her. There's no way he did this. There's no way."
The words "this" and "that" can give us insight into distance, whether it be geographical distance or emotional distance.  
In this case, "that little girl" is distancing language as the child's location is not known.  Yet "that little girl", being 'far away' geographically might not lead a mother, particular a mother due to natural maternal instinct, to distance herself from her child.  Might she say, "He loves my little girl more..."?  
The distancing language is interesting because it suggests that the mother may not be as convinced that the father is as innocent as she would like to believe.  We sometimes assert things we wish to be true, or even when we assert deceptively, we can give ourselves away.  
Mothers of missing children are full of hope and struggle to accept anything but a positive ending.  This is why we flag past tense verbs.  
A mother close to her child is not expected to say "that" little girl because of emotional closeness even while geographically apart due to the extenuating circumstance of not knowing where she is.  
Regarding the case, "this" is close; indicating a closeness with what is going on;  the missing child.  
The case, itself, is up close to the mother, while the child, herself, is distant from her.  

Jamie believes someone took her daughter. She said her baby girl is at risk, wherever she is, because she has epilepsy.
"Whoever took her didn't bring her medication. I don't know what's happened to her," Jamie said with tears in her eyes.
She did not say, "Whoever took her didn't take her medication", but used the word "bring", instead.  This is not expected.  
Does the mother have an idea of who may be behind this?  
Does the mother have doubts about the other, Matthew Graham?
Shasta County Sheriff's Office would not elaborate on how Matthew Graham may have been involved in Ember's disappearance, but they did say the information he provided to them "inconsistent."
Family members of Matthew Graham said investigators aren't on the right track.
"I'm frustrated that they are focusing on him. I think that they need to start seeking out, searching outward and stop focusing so much on him, because he didn't do it. There's no way," Jamie Graham shared.
It would be interesting to learn what "it" is; is it "missing" or something else? 
Investigators said inconsistencies in Graham's stories have led them to move their search from the area around Graham's home on Noosha Lane to the area of Clear Creek Road from Cloverdale east to highway 273. 
Matthew Graham reported Ember missing around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning. Graham said he last saw his daughter in her crib around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. 
Graham is being held in the Shasta County Jail on a probation violation. 
His father has said he does not believe that his son would have done anything to hurt Ember. 
Jamie and the Graham family have spent the majority of Friday passing out flyers around the Northstate in hopes of getting the word out about missing 6-month-old Ember.
Does she suspect him even as she tries to deny this?  
"When you go to the grocery store and happen to see a baby, just look over just make sure it's not mine. Just do anything you can to find my baby. All I want is her home. That's it. I don't care who did this. I just want her home," an emotional Jamie Graham explained as she wiped away tears.
Investigators have shared an image of Graham's truck, and are asking for anyone that saw it in the Clear Creek Road area on Wednesday night and saw the truck to call them at 530-245-6135.
There's a $10,000 reward for information that leads to Ember's disappearance. You can call the Shasta County Secret Witness at 530-243-2319. There is also a tipline where you can report any anonymous information at 530-229-8209.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, i posted this under an ot in another topic

Does Ember Graham’s Father Know Where She Is?

The search for Ember Graham is entering day four, and there have been no reported updates indicating where the missing baby might be. Meanwhile, authorities have confirmed that the infant’s father is their person of interest. The Record Searchlight reports that Matthew Graham is the only official person of interest in the search for his 6-month-old baby girl. However, his loved ones — including the child’s mother — are standing behind him in support. Does Matthew Graham know what happened to his father, or are police wrong to call him a POI?

With it getting closer to a week since the baby was last seen, authorities are reportedly offering a reward in the amount of $10,000, but there have been no reported sightings over the course of the search. Meanwhile, the baby’s mother is trying her best to focus on the search, while apparently staying supportive of her husband (along with his family). Jamie Lee Graham talked to reporters about the arrest of her husband and the search for her baby.

“He’s not somebody who you would ever fear, not somebody who I was ever concerned about being around our daughter or even afraid that he would do something to her. There’s never been a thought in my mind that he would ever hurt anybody. I’m not concentrated on them accusing him. I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”

Matthew Graham’s father told the media that the man admitted to police that he smoked marijuana, which led to his arrest. He added that his son has a prescription for medical marijuana, however.

Fox News reports that Ember Graham was allegedly last seen in her crib on Wednesday night. However, police have confirmed that inconsistencies in Matthew Graham’s story led to him being declared a person of interest in her disappearance. At this point, it’s not known with complete certainty if the missing infant was truly last seen Wednesday night, or what may have actually happened between the time she was last seen and when she was reported missing on Thursday morning.

Authorities haven’t clarified on whether or not there have been extensive ground searches for the 6-month-old infant. However, supporters of the infant’s father have been searching and handing out flyers in hopes of getting to the bottom of this disappearance. Authorities in Shasta County want the public to call if they’ve made any unusual sightings that could pertain to this case, or if they think they may have information regarding the child’s disappearance.

Tania Cadogan said...

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Anonymous said...

ummm... Interesting interview by the mother. Since she's borderline illiterate, she might use just about any erroneous terminology without being aware of her misleading errors; however, since she's so vocal in defending her estranged hubby in his innocence, if he's guilty and she's hiding it, then she's also involved.

Which, leads me to think that Peter is onto something in weighing her words: "this" = close and "that" = distance. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more to this story than has yet been told.

BTW, noted is the pigsty she had the baby living in. She must have been smoking some weed herself, or something else, to be able to live in this awful mess. I wonder, how many other adults were living in this junk yard of trash? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Another thought: If her hubby is such a wonderful, doting and caring man, why wasn't she living with him?

Seagull said...

I'm puzzled by this primarily due to the that and this. I'd expect the mother to call her daughter by her name. That little girl is distancing language, whilst at the point of reference to the word, "this" I'd expect to see, "that" I picked up on,"bring" as in, to bring something to you. I've only read what's on this blog. I'm unsure whether the mother doubts the father or whether she is complicit.What she says is unexpected to me. I need to sleep on it and come back when I'm more alert. I hope Ember is found safe and well...

Anonymous said...

I replayed the video and it appears that Jamie is not so illiterate after all; I've certainly heard worse. Still, I wonder why she would allow her baby visiting overnight in the pigsty her hubby lived in; and again, I question how many other adults were piled up in there? Also, where was she while he had the baby? Questions, no answers. Yet.

IMO, illiterate or not; as Peter pointed out, the "that" and the "this" does matter in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Seagull, I noticed that too with the "bring" the medication as opposed to "take" the medication, but I just figured initially that Jamie spoke out of frustration or dumbness and wasn't thinking clearly at the moment.

However, it might make a difference since it was the wrong word to use and would make it appear that whoever didn't "bring" the medication with them goofed up and she knows it. Bring it where? There is a huge difference between bring and take. She may even know WHO didn't 'bring' the medication, to where, which would have been their big mistake?

As it is at the moment, I'm sorry to say but I'd be surprised if this baby is alive inasmuch as red flags are already waking, with those being given by the mother herself. She has all this glowing praise for an estranged hubby that she won't (or can't) live with? Not buying it. Hope I'm wrong.

Tania Cadogan said...

Jeez the place is a hovel.

Why was she not living with him and he not living with her since they are married?
Why did she refer to Ember as that little girl, with that being distancing and unexpected from a mother with a missing child

When she talks there is a flatness, is she medicated.
Listening to her at the beginning she sounds as if she is talking about something happening to someone else rather than it being close and personal?

"Whoever took her didn't bring her medication"
This is bad.
She uses bring rather than take.
This is not a simple slip up, this is leakage.
Why would a stranger abductor bring her medication?

They wouldn't it's as simple as that.

Stress or low education does not explain this marble.

The only ones who would bring her medication are those caring for her, this points to the parents.

Is this what happened to her?

She died because someone didn't bring her medicine with her?

Again this points to the parents, in particular whichever parent had her in their care.

If she was in the care of her father, did he forget her medication and she had a fit and died?

Why then would he not call 911?

Epilepsy can be fatal to anyone of any age.
it happens that perhaps they forget to take their meds or give a child their meds.
Why then if this happened would they not call 911?

Perhaps the injuries could not be explained away as caused by the fit?

It would explain the need for Baby Ember to disappear.

"It doesn't even seem real"
Oh dear, if the subject tells you not to believe them or something doesn't seem real, you better believe them, they are leaking the truth.

Here she leaks the abduction story isn't real.

Watching her reminds me of susan smith and kristi abrahams both guilty of killing their children.
There are no tears, no real emotion, this made me wonder if she is on something prescribed or otherwise.

Why was she not supposed to have kids?
Was this because of health issues in herself as in it would be risky?
Was it because she had something that made pregnancy unlikely if not impossible?
Was it because he didn't want kids and got a surprise when she fell pregnant?
With them living apart despite being married, why was this?
Was this by choice?
Was this for legal reasons?
How long has this strange living arrangement been in operation?
Was it only since she gave birth?
Is he the bio father?

What were the care arrangements?

According to her instagram she was born in 95 which is why she looks so young she is 19, 20 in september

Some of her posts are revealing posts about couples fighting and relationship issues.
I wonder if this is why are are living apart?
People tell you who they are if you look and listen closely to what they are telling you.

This leads me to wonder if they had to live apart (court ordered)
Have CPS or LE had cause to pay them visits?
Looking at the hovel i suspect this to be the case.

It would provide a motive at least if he is living in a hovel, he has a prescription for medical marijuana for back pain ( really?)
How is he supporting himself?
How is she supporting herself?
How do they support their daughter?

Thir is information we are not being told abaout, it could be quite telling

Anonymous said...

" that little girl"... hmmmm wonder why a grandma of a missing child..who says this..reminds me of tot-moms lovely grandparents..before I found SA ..we would watch on Nancy Grace and other news sites the missing Baby Anthony case...and I told my mom...something is grandparent should say "THAT" little girl...yet they did it all the time..they rarely said her name...and referred to her as "THAT"... uggggg

Lizyanbudy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lizyanbudy said...

Patsy Ramsey did the same. She referred to Jon Benet as "that child".

Anonymous said...

Good points Tania. Another good point: A stranger wouldn't even know about the babys' epilepsy and her need for medication; so why the marvel "didn't bring her medication?" if this is a stranger abduction?

She seems amazed that the abductor would have left the medication behind. Oh? Is that so! Slip up. How could a stranger know to take the medication? Right? Right.

Anonymous said...

Please, let's not open up the Ramsey can of worms again. I'm likely the only one here who doesn't believe that either John or Patsy had anything to do with little John Benets' murder; and since I don't, I'd just have to keep on defending them with nobody listening, then I'd only get PO'ed all over again which wouldn't change any minds anyhow. Which, doesn't even matter in the long run... Thank you!

Tania Cadogan said...

The mom was born sept 5th 1995 ( Est. in her words)
The baby was 6 months old and pregnancy is 9 months so that makes 15 months approx.

The mom is thus 19 yrs and 10 months old currently

It means moms was only 18 when she conceived.

Was she married at the time to the prime suspect?
If so, how long had they been married?

Did they get married because of the pregnancy?

It would explain in part the distancing language and the fact they live apart.

Who told her not to get pregnant?


Is this a case of married and pregnant too young and with a sick baby and they couldn't cope?
This would explain the strange language and distancing from the mother.
it was as if she was a bystander to some small event not the other to a missing infant.

Does she have intellectual issues?
Does he have intellectual issues?

Do either have a criminal kistory?
Do either have a CPS history?
It seems 7 doses of medication were missed, how often was medication administered per day?
is that in one day or over a couple of days?

What medication is it and how is it administered?

The father is arrested on drug charges ( marijuana possession) did he perhaps sell the baby's medication on?
Anti epilepsy medication can be pretty strong depending on the type and severity of the fits.

Have the parents both taken a polygraph?
I suspect she knows more than she is letting on.

Given her age is she perhaps secretly glad her baby is gone?
it means no stress, no expense and she can carry on with her husband anew.

Are they iving apart simply because he was/is a risk to the baby?

Lemon said...

"Whoever took her didn't bring her medication. I don't know what's happened to her," Jamie said with tears in her eyes.

It is interesting that the use of take/bring has to do with "movement", either away from or toward a subject.
The use of bring smells like unity, but of what? I don't know.

trustmeigetit said...

In this video when speaking of the medication she says "whoever took her didn't take the medication"

I can't see the video linked to this post. Is anyone able to determine if she said "bring" or "take" first?

I always wonder how many guilty parents spend more time googling their story to basically see what it being said to attempt to lie better...

turtle said...

I don't know. "That" is not always distancing. It's almost a term of endearment when used in a sentence like "I love that girl more than life itself". Very different from "that child" which is horrible and scary. And different from "that girl" when it's not used in a term of endearment formulation. "Bring" is very interesting. Not sure what it means.

FRank said...

Peter, I was wondering if you could do a post on this. The MA state police are trying to figure out who the little girls was whose remains were found June 25 on Deer Island MA. The sketch is all over facebook and apparently has been viewed 40 million times with no viable leads. They are desperately searching for answers. I cannot figure out how to get the link off facebook which has the "poster", so here is a link with a slideshow. So many on here follow missing person cases and I am thinking that it could be productive to put the sketch up here as perhaps this little girl went missing a while back and maybe someone on here could figure it out. If anyone can get the one off of facebook up, that would be very helpful. Here is a link I found.

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering, only because the state police are completely stumped, whether this little girl could have been Ayla Reynolds. I googled and it says Ayla went missing at age 20 mos. They are saying that the girl they cannot identify who is approximately 4 yrs old has brown hair and brown eyes, but a baby's eye color can change up until 2 yrs old. Anyway, I do believe statement analysis shows Ayla was killed at the time she went missing. I guess it just seems since the state police are getting NO viable leads, maybe every possibility needs to be considered?

JC said...

“He’s not somebody who you would ever fear, not somebody who I was ever concerned about being around our daughter or even afraid that he would do something to her. There’s never been a thought in my mind that he would ever hurt anybody. I’m not concentrated on them accusing him. I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”

All the above is said in the negative and is noted as sensitive.

Then we have the last sentence.

"I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”

The shortest sentence is always the best. "He did not have anything to do with it (what is "it" he did not have any thing to do with)?. Yet she qualifies "it" using "think", leaving others to think differently. The need to end her statement with "honestly" is unnecessary, that is, if she is trying to persuade us she is telling the truth? Why would she need to try to persuade us.


All these words enter her language, yet she tells us, she "thinks" he has nothing to do with "it" and wouldn't "hurt" Ember.

JC said...

Sheriff: Missing baby Ember most likely not alive

(If her mother speaks out again, will past tense language be used to describe baby Ember going missing?. Although, a mothers maternal instinct is so strong that they will not give up hope of finding their baby alive. It will interesting to see if past tense does enter her language given what the Sheriff thinks?)

Monday marks the fifth day search and rescue teams from all over California have been searching for missing 6-month-old Ember Sky Graham.

Ember was reported missing from her crib early Thursday morning by her father, Matthew Graham, who is a person of interest in the disappearance of the baby.

Almost 80 volunteers from statewide search and rescue teams and 60 family members searched the countryside on Monday for the six-month-old. The search efforts are concentrated in the area of Clear Creek Road in Happy Valley.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said given the time that has passed and the heat over the last five days, they are looking to recover the body of baby Ember to see if there's any "recoverable evidence there."

"We don't have any viable leads of where to look, so it's a little bit of a needle in a haystack search," Bosenko shared.

The Sheriff's Office has uncovered surveillance video in the case, but the Sheriff declined to comment on what the video shows or how it has helped their investigation.

The Sheriff said although Graham has not been charged in connection to the disappearance of Ember, their sites are squarely set on him as a person of interest.

"Matthew is still considered a person of interest and yes, recovering the body can provide in some cases, a lot of evidence value that would certainly help the case with prosecution. We are looking at a number of other charges that could also be brought against him as well," Bosenko stated in regards to Graham.

The Graham family said they haven't given up hope that Ember is alive. They are standing behind Matthew Graham as they continue to say there is no way Graham would hurt his daughter.

The Graham family has connections to the Sheriff's Office, Matthew's mother Sheila is a former deputy, and she too is standing behind her son.

"I think you you know we have to look in every different avenue, every possibility, whether she's out there and someone has her alive or if she's out there," said Amber Graham, a relative to Ember.

Members of Nor Cal Alliance for the Missing have also stepped in to help with the search efforts.

"Through this dark, dark moment, just not knowing where she's at that, the community has come forward, just kind of rekindled the spirit for mankind," said Trudy Nickens, the director and founder of Nor Cal Alliance for the Missing.

Graham is expected to appear in a Shasta County Courthouse on Tuesday for a probation violation allegation. Graham was put on probation originally for a DUI and forgery conviction, according to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office.

Tania Cadogan said...

JC said...

“He’s not somebody who you would ever fear, not somebody who I was ever concerned about being around our daughter or even afraid that he would do something to her. There’s never been a thought in my mind that he would ever hurt anybody. I’m not concentrated on them accusing him. I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”

She tells us what he isn't rather than what he is which is concerning.
“He’s not somebody who you would ever fear,
Note the pronoun used. you not I or WE.
You is a 2nd person pronoun and distancing.
YOU meaning we wouldn't ever fear him, she however might especially when looking through her instagram and the comments about relationships.
Is DV a possibility?

not somebody who I was ever concerned about being around our daughter or even afraid that he would do something to her.
Note the dropped pronoun at the start even though it came after a pause.
Noe also she says concerned about being around our daughter is separate from Or even afraid that he would do something to her
Surely they are the same thing, if she wasn't concerned, then she wouldn't be afraid.
Afraid is stronger than concerned.
Her concern Weaker0 is in relation to him being around their daughter, her being afraid (stronger) is in relation to him doing something to her.
This leads me to wonder if DV is involved?

There’s never been a thought in my mind that he would ever hurt anybody.
Never does not mean did not.
She speaks in relation to him hurting anybody rather than in relation to hurting his missing daughter.
It is weakened by the qualifier EVER
This again leads me to wonder if DV is involved.

I’m not concentrated on them accusing him. I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”
She tells us what she is not concentrated on rather than what she is concentrating on making it sensitive.
Expected would be i am concentrating on getting my Daughter/Baby/Ember back.

I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”
Oh dear, anything in the negative is sensitive.
I don't think allows for others to think otherwise.
This weakens the statement.
The addition of the word honestly is a qualifier and further weakens her denial of him being involved.
It also tells us she has not been honest earlier.
The dishonesty relates to him not being involved or hurting Ember.

She knows the truth, the question then arises, if she knows he did it, why is she supporting and defending him?

She is immature, was she married due to the pregnancy?
Planned or accidental pregnancy?
Was it a case of either him or the baby?

Lis said...

OT Interesting case where a police officer who claimed a restaurant worker had spit in his drink admitted he lied.

Tarren said...

Please someone analyze this video where she refers to baby in past tense then quickly corrects herself.

Anonymous said...

A little more information on the case came out today:

Read the agency's full statement on the investigation:

On July 7, 2015, at approximately 1700 hours, the ground search for Ember Sky Graham will be suspended. Searchers from all over the Northstate have searched for Ember in the Happy Valley, Cloverdale, Clear Creek, and Centerville areas looking for any sign of her with negative results. Shasta County Search and Rescue will be redeployed if any future viable tips surface.

From the onset of this case the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit has been investigating the incident. On day one numerous law enforcement agencies that make up the CART team (Child Abduction Response Team) ascended on the area and conducted door to door canvassing of the neighborhood and surrounding areas developing no viable leads as too Ember’s whereabouts. The Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit has investigated this case from all angles. At this time we have not found any credible evidence supporting Matthew Graham’s account that Ember was abducted by a stranger or by anyone else.

Matthew came voluntarily to the Sheriff’s Office on day one to be interviewed. Immediately investigators began to find several inconstancies in his statement during routine questioning of events leading up to the time of Ember’s missing report. Matthew showed very little remorse for the disappearance of his daughter. At no time during the eight plus hours that he was with detectives did he ever inquire what was being done to find her. He also refused to submit to a CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) exam to help rule himself out as a participant in his daughter’s disappearance. He offered little to no assistance to investigators to help clear himself. During the course of the investigation video surveillance was obtained from the Happy Stop Market near the corner of Oak Street and Cloverdale Ln in Happy Valley. The surveillance showed Matthew arriving with Ember not fastened in a safety seat, as he took her into the store and pumps fuel. He then drove out the parking lot heading westbound on Cloverdale Ln in the opposite direction from his home.

Matthew told detectives that he was taking a drive to get Ember to fall asleep. Keeping in mind the sweltering temperatures that day, and that his vehicle is not equipped with air conditioning the child would not likely fall asleep under those conditions. Matthew was adamant that he drove to the intersection of Clear Creek Rd and Cloverdale Ln, completed a U-turn and drove back home. Investigators took Matthew to the location and drove the route. The round trip from the Happy Stop Market and back took approximately 8 minutes under normal driving speeds.

Matthew said he did not stop and did not have any vehicle problems while on this trip. He agreed that it only took under 10 minutes to complete the drive.

What Matthew didn’t know prior to making that statement is that detectives had video surveillance showing he left the Happy Stop Market and also video of him driving back by over an hour later. When he was shown this he immediately said he didn’t think it was that long and then could not remember what he did or went during that hour. When detectives pressed him to remember, he asked to speak with a lawyer before any further questioning. This is one of many inconstancies in Matthews’s statement.

Anonymous said...

Part two of the sheriff's investigation report:

When investigating the possibility that a third party could have abducted Ember as Matthew has stated, detectives have considered several facts. Matthew was keeping Ember in an approximate 25 foot camp trailer on the Noosha Ln property. The trailer has no running water or working bathroom. The sewage from the main residence flows into a cesspool and the property is covered in garbage and old vehicles. The property is cross fenced and you have to go through two gates and guard dogs that will bark and confront strangers. The trailer door leading to Ember’s playpen where Matthew said she was sleeping has a broken door handle mechanism and needs to be opened with a screwdriver or similar tool. You would also need to have some knowledge on how to operate the door. Crime scene technicians found the door to be difficult to open and close as it did not fit in the frame well and made noise opening and closing. According to Matthew, Ember would cry within 10 seconds of being picked up by a stranger.

When Matthew said he laid Ember down it was so hot that he only had her sleeping in a diaper. He said he had a swamp cooler on which would mask noise however later said it was so “chilly” that he turned it off prior to going to sleep. Records indicate the outside temperature was over 90 degrees around the time he said he went to sleep. Due to Ember’s medical conditions she does not sleep consistently and needs to be fed every two hours. Matthew said he went to sleep around 2230 hours, and did not wake up until around 0530 hours. He later told detectives that he passed out and had been smoking “wax” marijuana honey oil all night.

Ember has special medical needs. She is prone to having seizures and takes medicine twice a day to control them. The medication does not make her tired or sleepy, but rather it makes her restless so that she never really goes into REM sleep. Due to the medication, Ember is a very restless sleeper, is constantly flailing around, and wakes up at night about every 2 hours to eat.

Currently Matthew is in custody on a felony probation violation hold. During his interview he admitted to manufacturing and extracting honey oil. The precursors to a honey oil extraction operation were found in his trailer. He is also using prescription medication that he failed to disclose to his probation officer as part of his probation orders.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous Tarren said...
Please someone analyze this video where she refers to baby in past tense then quickly corrects herself.


The YT clip was Published on Jul 6, 2015, the same day the press published the article Sheriff: Missing baby Ember most likely not alive

If the YT clip was recorded before the Sheriff announced to the press that he thinks "baby Ember most likely not alive" more importantly, before he told her mother, then it's very concerning.

To add. The passage of time can also have an impact on past tense verbs although, she was only reported missing from her "crib" on Thursday. A parents instincts, more so the mother, will not allow for the possibility that their son/daughter is dead. That is, unless it is obvious (reported by a coroner) that they are dead. Even then some parents still, will not accept it. She may also know that baby Ember is dead, and this maybe the reason for the past tense slip up?

Carnival Barker said...

You don't have to read one word of the mother's statement to make this call! You don't even have to bother to unpause the video! A one-second glance at Mom's flat, expressionless face and defensive posture tells us how this story is going to end.

She is a little different, though, in that she's the first mother of a "missing" child in a long time that isn't trying to win an Oscar for her performance. Even Susan Smith at least TRIED to squirt out a tear (after she curled her bangs, of course.)

Tarren said...

thank you. :( this is my hometown and I'm very sad.

trustmeigetit said...

Just read that dad has 2 guard dogs on his gated property.

Also was seen at the store with the child not in buckled in.

He leaves the store in the opposite direction, when asked why he said he made a you turn up the road and went home. However there is a one hour gap in time and he could not explain where he went during that time then immediately lowered up.

I think that's our time frame when this poor child was killed.

So he probably won't speak again (lawyer) but if he does, we need to pay attention to words used then. Could see leakage.

trustmeigetit said...

Neighbor said

They have more dogs than we do and we have six,"

"I can't imagine that someone would be able to get into the yard without those dogs barking Because they bark at everything that comes down the road."

Enough said. It was similar to the Isabel Celis case. Dogs have excellent hearing and bark.

My dog warned me when I had someone standing outside my door with out them ringing or knocking.

So to me, aside from SA..of you have multiple dogs, no one is "sneaking" in and kidnapping your child.

Tania Cadogan said...

The baby was in the car seat not strapped in.

Did he take her into the store with him?
was she seen moving in the store, looking around etc?

If he didn't take her into the store why not?

did he carry her into the store in his arms or in the car seat?

Was she not strapped in because there was no need to strap her in?

Given she was epileptic and had missed 7 doses of medicine apparantly there would be a definite need to strap her in in cause she fitted.

Not strapped in because dead children don't move around.

if she was seen with him in the store how did she look< awake or asleep or something else?

trustmeigetit said...

I would assume she was alive in the store. I think that would be really risky otherwise. But you never know.

This was about all I've seen.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday it has surveillance video that shows Ember Graham unfastened in a safety seat inside her father’s pickup truck.

The office says the video shows 24-year-old Matthew Graham arriving with his daughter at a convenience store, then going inside with her and pumping fuel Wednesday night, when he says Ember disappeared.

Sheriff’s officials say Graham told them he took the baby to the store and then drove back home.

Authorities say the video shows Graham driving the opposite direction from his home when he leaves. The video shows his pickup truck heading toward his home about an hour later.

John Mc Gowan said...

Matthew Graham, father of missing baby, released from custody

Tania Cadogan said...

Matthew Graham has been released from police custody, according to the Redding Record Searchlight, and he is expected to be freed by the end of the day, but one question still remains on the minds of authorities and the community of Shasta County. Where is baby Ember? The six-month-old infant has been missing now for nearly one week, and authorities have already called off the search for her.

Graham was initially arrested on a violation of his probation. ABC News 7 reports that the father of Ember Graham admitted to failing to complete 60 days of required work release, but he was cleared of the previous violation of his probation. Now that he’s free, he must complete 75 days of work release instead of the initially ordered 60. Meanwhile, nothing was brought up — according to reports — about the disappearance of his six-month-old daughter.

Matthew Graham has not been charged in the disappearance of his daughter, but authorities have still named him as the only person of interest in her disappearance and presumed death. Authorities in Shasta County have also declared that the baby girl may not be alive. Furthermore, no evidence reportedly supports the father’s claim that someone abducted the infant from her crib in the middle of the night.

Social media is lit up with discussion surrounding the disappearance of Ember Graham and the apparent non-cooperation of her father Matthew Graham. It’s also being noted that Graham was whisked away with his wife in tow, even though the two were reportedly separated at the time of the baby’s disappearance. Even though they were separated at the time, the infant’s mother has been supportive of her husband over the course of the past six days.

The search for Ember Graham is still suspended until further notice in Shasta County, but authorities have been very open about declaring Matthew Graham the person of interest in her disappearance. Meanwhile, a reward is still being offered for any information that leads to closure in this case.


trustmeigetit said...

I still think…. assuming the baby was alive at the gas station… that the time frame from when he left that gas station to when his car was seeing going back by again is our window. 1 hour would be enough time. And since he cannot explain why or where he went for an hour… I really am convinced this is when she was killed and disposed of her.

OR….if the baby appears to be “sleeping” then I think that time frame is only now the disposal time frame. The baby could have already been deceased … And him taking her to the market could have been to alibi build. Be seen with the child. If she just appears to be sleeping, no one would notice. No one would attempt to smile or interact with her. She is asleep. Risky but doable. She is so young, to be asleep would not be unusual. But then I would say we have a recent death. So it was for sure that day. Otherwise the scent and stiffness would kick in.

So regardless, that gives him no more than a 30 min drive away to either kill/dispose or just dispose.

I have the address below if anyone wanted to see it on google maps.

He admits turning around on Cloverdale at Clear Creek. Let's assume this was truth. Since Peter says people try to tell the truth as much as the can, this could be where she was disposed. But there's very little there. All trees. Open land. Lots of places to hide that poor baby girl.

I think it’s time to invest more money in training dogs. Dogs are a better source that people in these cases….. They can pick up the childs scent or a dead body scent. I just think more dogs is the answer in many crimes. In this case, they could send out multiple dogs in this area (which maybe they have). They could cover a lot of ground and focus only on her scent.

16201 Cloverdale Rd, Anderson, CA 96007

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Trustmeigetit

At the time of death, a condition called "primary flaccidity" occurs. Following this, the muscles stiffen in rigor mortis. All muscles in the body are affected. Starting between two to six hours following death, rigor mortis begins with the eyelids, neck, and jaw. The sequence may be due to different lactic acid levels among different muscles, which is directly related to the difference in glycogen levels and different types of muscle fibers. Rigor mortis then spreads to the other muscles within the next four to six hours, including the internal organs. The onset of rigor mortis is affected by the individual's age, sex, physical condition, and muscular build. Rigor mortis may not be perceivable in many infant and child corpses due to their smaller muscle mass

Several factors also affect the progression of rigor mortis
When estimating the time of death, one such factor is the ambient temperature. When conditions are warm, the onset and pace of rigor mortis are sped up by providing a conducive environment for the metabolic processes that cause decay, In colder temps it can be slowed down and last longer.

After being in this rigid condition for twenty-four to eighty-four hours, the muscles relax and secondary laxity (flaccidity) develops, usually in the same order as it began

The police would be looking to see when she was last seen alive by an independant witness as a baseline.
They know she was alive on such and such a day and time, she was reported missing on such and such a day and time, somewhere between those days and time is when she was killed and dumped.

The unaccounted for hour is probably when he disposed of her half hour out half hour back.

They would be looking at say anything between 10-20 mins travel allowing for him to then find a spot suitable for him to dump Baby Ember and to bury her/cover her over and cover his trcks before returning.

it will likely be somewhere he is familiar with where he knew he wouldn't be noticed and had privacy>
Him being parked up may not attract much if any attention or him being in situ wouldn't cause someone to think they saw someone in an unexpected place.

Does he have family or friends in the area that would fit?
have cadaver dogs been in the trailers and grounds?
This would also apply to any vehicles he used and the same applies to the mom
If she died and lay around for at least 90 mins, she will have left cadaverine and put pay to her being alive at the garage and store.
She wasn't sleeping, she was already dead.

trustmeigetit said...

Looking to see if dads 911 call has been released but don't see anything on that yet.

Really curious to see if there's any clues in that.

C5H11ONO said...

Apparently Matthew Ember absconded from the police. Stealing money and a gun from his mother. He got involved in a police shooting and died.

Recently, a pacifier discovered along an Ono, California road is confirmed to have Baby Ember's DNA.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt,
Here is a link to the most recent video interview (recorded yesterday), with Ember Graham's mother. Very interested in hearing your thoughts analysis of her most recent statements. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Things that strike me in the JG media interview with Record Searchlight posted July 22, 2015 (CAPITALIZED WORDS REALLY STAND OUT TO ME).

0:00: JG: “Ember COUNTED on the police department to help. Shasta County Sheriff’s Dept. This is what she NEEDS”
0:16: JG: “Whether she be dead OR alive, she needs to be found”
1:17: JG: “The only thing keeping me going right now is the possibility she COULD still be alive out there. There is still a chance that she COULD be alive and”
1:39: JG: “What we can do is SEARCH OUR BACKYARD. We can search everywhere that we have we have the ummmm chance to I mean. HAPPY VALLEY IS RIGHT THERE so”
3:00: JG: “WE KNOW WHERE THE PACIFIER IS and that’s all we know”
3:56: JG: “NOT SHOWING ME the pacifier that I KNEW FOR A FACT WAS HERS”
4:51: JG: “I wish I did. I wish there was a letter. I wish there was something he had left behind saying anything, but there was nothing. NOT DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY”
5:18: JG: “IT WAS DOOMS DAY honestly I mean how do you LOSE YOUR DAUGHTER and your husband in a matter of days?
5:54: JG “I still don’t believe it I mean the past couple of days I have been sitting here flipping open my phone waiting for a text message from him”
6:25: JG: “I’m just hoping that SHE IS OUT THERE and that SOMEBODY DOES HAVE HER and IF they do that they that they’ll just bring her home. I mean I DON’T EVEN CARE HOW IT HAPPENED OR WHY IT HAPPENED”
6:41: JG: “THEY don’t have to get in trouble. It doesn’t matter. They can have the reward money. It doesn’t matter. I just want her home”

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, the "bring vs take" incredibly telling statememt. However "that baby" I am both physically and emotionally close to my children and when speaking about them I have often said "I love that boy" etc. Distancing them only by placing so high on a proverbial pedestal. So that in no way seems suspicious. It's a passionate term, not just distancing.