Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rick Jones Confesses "Fake Hate"

                               Rick Jones isn''t the only deceptive person in this story.

The report that someone had struck Rick Jones over the head, cut "die fag" into his arms, stole $1800, and then threw a molotov cocktail through his home window, was a very serious report, one requiring intense investigation, as a drain upon resources. 

Statement Analysis of the few statements Mr. Jones made showed that his words did not proceed from experiential memory. 

This is the value of formal training in Statement Analysis.  From the very beginning, not only would a good deal of money and resources be saved, but a criminal would be brought to justice.  

The value of formal training in analysis is without estimate.  It provides justice, clears the innocent, saves money and resources, and provides great traction for the careers of dedicated law enforcement professionals, just as it does in Human Resources, and other professions where communication is essential.  

Rick Jones used the politically explosive environment to steal money from the public, and he almost got away with it as his "Go Fund Me" account was on the rise.  

When someone uses a politically correct electric environment in order to steal money, what would you call it?

A "hate crime"?

Few crimes are of contrary emotion, but when an innocent man could, potentially, lose his freedom due to a false report, it is not a crime of 'civility.'   Even more so, when a false report is made of a crime and the public responds with animosity towards a specific group of people, assuming that a person of faith "must have" committed the crime, it takes upon itself a new level of civic animosity, as the divide of the nation continues.  

But what would you call a false report of a crime that causes not only animosity and upset in a community, but also costs a small locale much expense and time in investigating that which never took place?

Here we couple theft with a waste of law enforcement resources.  

What would you now call it?

Next, what would you call it if you were a defense attorney?

Attorney Paul Burke, who is representing Rick Jones, says his client has “acknowledged his responsibility for what has happened.”
“This was a cry for help,” he said. Rick told the attorney today that he staged his attacks, the graffiti and the Molotov cocktail.
Next, look at the propagandizing the defense attorney does for his client, pushing the "victim status" buttons:
The attorneys asked the Millard County Sheriff’s Department to terminate the investigation of the incidents. What right does any defense attorney have in asking law enforcement to terminate an investigation?  
He is clever and uses flattery:  
“We should all be impressed and heartened by the response from the governor on down in support of what looked like a crime of hate. The lieutenant governor and county law officials were all sensitive to the needs of this young man and the rest of the community,” Burke said.
Next, he broadens his appeal to the nation's LGBT community.  This is the exact same technique used by Jones in his scam.  
“Young LGBT people and others in small communities should feel heartened that their government and citizens will rally around them in a time of need.  We need to understand that it is still difficult in our state, especially in rural areas, to get acceptance for our sexual orientation from our churches and our families.”
There was no "time of need" as a thief was caught, clever as he was, yet the defense attorney is seeking to use an insanity defense before his client is arrested.
Burke, of the Utah law firm Ray Quinney & Nebeker, offered to assist Rick when this story first went public.
Burke said he doesn’t see this as a hoax. He sees it more as a genuine cry for help.  This is no different than Rachel Dolezal  "seeing" herself as black, or a 65 year old grandfather "seeing" himself as a young chic woman, or a dangerously thin woman seeing herself as grossly obese, or the "transabled" seeing themselves in need of amputation because they "see" that they are disabled when others see that they are not. 
It is "subjectivity" in language.  
This was a 911 call that was misdirected, but real,” he said.
What Rick and the family did not know, was how the story would spread so far and wide. It became overwhelming.
Next, they use a subtle indictment of "conservatives" in the community. This is also the same technique used to scam for money.  
He’s a troubled young man that has gone through a lot in his life,” attorney Brett Tolman told Ben Winslow of Fox 13 News. “He’s a 21-year-old gay man living in Delta, Utah. In a very conservative community, in a conservative family, who love him very much but may have some issues to work through.”
Rick Jones is not the only deceptive person in this story.  

Will the attorneys successfully use animosity towards conservatives and empathy towards homosexuality as a successful defense of a thief?

If so, it will send a strong signal to other scammers of "defense by reason of sex" is a card to be played and will set yet another precedent against justice.  


Sara said...

This is a perfect example of how sociopaths attempt to lie and distort reality, and continuously try to make themselves the victim. This is a public gaslighting.
I commend Peter for exposing sociopaths, especially when it is a sensitive subject such as homosexuality. Mr. Liar hoped to capitalize on a known reality (that historically homosexuals have been victimized for their sexual orientation) and commit fraud. Mr. Liar harmed the very group that he is a part of. That's a true sociopath,they lie to everyone, especially hurting "their own". You also see this with women making false claims of domestic violence. Those women care not the harm they are causing victims of domestic violence who have fought for years to have their voices heard and their oppressors prosecuted. I personally experienced the backlash caused by these sociopaths. I was not believed, that is, until I was able to produce videotaped evidence. Sadly, most victims aren't "lucky enough" to have had their abusers secretly record the abuse and hide the evidence where the victim finds it (like I did). My abusor was convicted, but he still claims to be the victim. And people not privy to the videotape tend to believe him.
The above is what drew me to Statement Analysis. Had I studied prior to my marriage, I would have saved myself years of pain.

Peter--I would love to see you revisit how to use Statement Analysis in romantic relationships. I know you have already, but I'd like to see more of it.

JC said...

Rick Jones’ family returns GoFundMe funds; Delta attack a ‘cry for help’

Rick Jones and his family have released a statement on the GoFundMe campaign that was raising money to help with costs incurred after an alleged assault, robbery, graffiti and Molotov cocktail were reported.

“Rick and his family are grateful for the expressions of support, but cannot accept this generosity. All donations are being returned to the donors.
Rick and his family are cooperating fully with the law enforcement investigation and are appreciative of Millard County and the State of Utah for their approach in this case.
While that cooperation continues, the family has no further comment at this time.”

Attorney Paul Burke, who is representing Rick Jones, says his client has “acknowledged his responsibility for what has happened.”

“This was a cry for help,” he said. Rick told the attorney today that he staged his attacks, the graffiti and the Molotov cocktail.

The attorneys asked the Millard County Sheriff’s Department to terminate the investigation of the incidents.

“We should all be impressed and heartened by the response from the governor on down in support of what looked like a crime of hate. The lieutenant governor and county law officials were all sensitive to the needs of this young man and the rest of the community,” Burke said.

“Young LGBT people and others in small communities should feel heartened that their government and citizens will rally around them in a time of need,” Burke continued. “We need to understand that it is still difficult in our state, especially in rural areas, to get acceptance for our sexual orientation from our churches and our families.”

Burke, of the Utah law firm Ray Quinney & Nebeker, offered to assist Rick when this story first went public.

Burke said he doesn’t see this as a hoax. He sees it more as a genuine cry for help.

JC said...


“This was a 911 call that was misdirected, but real,” he said.

What Rick and the family did not know, was how the story would spread so far and wide. It became overwhelming.

“He’s a troubled young man that has gone through a lot in his life,” attorney Brett Tolman told Ben Winslow of Fox 13 News. “He’s a 21-year-old gay man living in Delta, Utah. In a very conservative community, in a conservative family, who love him very much but may have some issues to work through.”

Millard County Sheriff. Robert A. Dekker said that the department put a lot of time and long hours into the case, and he is “grateful to our community, and our nation as a whole, for their support of this family.”

“Don’t let that end,” he said. “They still need support.”

The sheriff’s department has been lauded by locals and Utahns in their handling of this case.

“We are a good agency with great people,” he said.

Terry Gillman, who spearheaded a caravan to the Delta, Utah restaurant owned by the Jones family, said he is proud of the community’s support.

“I’ve previously worked with gay youth at risk. When someone sounds the cry for help, we all need to answer the call,” he said. ” I am proud of the support this community showed and I’m extremely proud of the people who helped put the event in Delta together so quickly. I see no reason to shame or further subject this wonderful family to further persecution. I would hope and pray they grow from this experience together. We accomplished something great here no matter the outcome. We mobilized to help, and will continue to do so when anyone in our State needs help. We are one Utah, and hate will not stand here.”

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, who went to Delta twice and offered state support of the sheriff’s efforts, released the following statement:

“I am both relieved and saddened by the news today. The original allegations were incredibly troubling, and not representative of the love and compassion the people of Utah exhibit daily. I am proud of the overwhelmingly positive response and support from Delta and every corner of our state. Today, our concern is that the young man and his family receive the love and help necessary to find the peace and healing they seek.”

The Jones family has requested privacy.

rob said...

It's all about the money, money, money

Wonder what he would have done had he received it? gotten the heck out of the small town?

Anonymous said...

he is a liar and thief. He already stole 1800 from his family's business. 1800 dollars is a felony he should be charged and made to re-pay.

Anonymous said...

Transcript Chris Christie Presidential announcement
Copied from transcript….just a few sections that stood out to me….one thing that he does frequently in us speech is tell us “what he’s not going to do, what we don’t need, etc.”
1) Why here? Because everything started here for me. Everything started here for me
The confidence. The education. The friends. The family. And the love that I've always felt for and from this community. When I decided to make this announcement, there wasn't any choice. I had to come home and Livingston is home for me. Everyone thinks I'm the politician in the family. We did a coin flip when we got married. I called tails. Tails never fails so I'm the guy who ran. But the politician just as good as me in the family is the woman that I met all those years ago at the University of Delaware. From a family of ten people. People say why aren't you shy in a crowd, I say you should see the family I married into. My wife has been an indispensable part of everything that I've done with my life over the last thirty years and she is largely responsible for the four amazing people that you see standing with her.
2) And ever since I've been governor, I've been happy to use the veto at home too. And so far so good I have not been overridden there either. So I'm glad they're here today and for Andrew and Sarah and Patrick and Bridget, I couldn't be prouder of four children than I am of them.

3) And as governor, I've never wavered for telling you the truth as I see it and then acting to make sure that know that is the truth as I believe it in my heart. You know, as a candidate for president, I want to promise you just a few things. First, a campaign without spin, without pandering or focus group tested answers. You're going to get what I think whether you like it or not or whether it makes you cringe every once and a while or not. A campaign when I'm asked a question, I'm going to give the answer to the question that's asked, not the answer that my political consultants told me to give back stage.

4) A campaign that every day will not worry about what is popular, but what is right. Because what is right is what will fix America, not what's popular. A campaign that believes. That believes in an America that is great as the hopes and dreams that we want every one of our children to have. Not a campaign that tears people down, but a campaign that rebuilds America to the place where you and I grew up and where we want our children to grow up in again and where we want free people around the world to grow up in in their countries as well, that's what America's always stood for and that's what this campaign will stand for.

5) If you give me the privilege to be your president, I will wake up every day, not only with my heart strong and my mind sharp, but with my ears open and my arms open. To welcome the American people no matter what party, no matter what race or creed or color to make sure that you know that this is your country too. We are going to go and win this election and I love each and every one of you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So we can count on Chris Christy too....

be upset when challenged as the President as he is in total control as govenor and as the head of his family....

lie to us openly and give canned answers...

oppose immigration...

work with the democrats....

all the while being a highly confident fat ass

Anonymous said...


Missing SC baby’s mom arrested; hindered investigation, police say

Kiara Sullivan, the mother of missing child Leaona Wright, has been arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child in an unrelated case by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Sullivan’s bond hearing will be around 7:30 a.m., Wednesday.

Deputies say her three year-old child tested positive for THC, Meth, and Cocaine.

They say Sullivan and Travis Jones also tested positive for those drugs. Jones has also been charged with unlawful neglect of a child and has admitted to using drugs while caring for the three year-old child.

Baby Leaona went missing from the Edgewood Square apartment complex in Pendleton on June 8th.

Detective Garland Major says Sullivan and Jones gave them misinformation about the circumstances of the baby’s disappearance and hindered their investigation.

Anderson deputies says Sullivan and Leaona’s father, Richard Wright have also been charged with assault and battery 3rd degree for a threatening to hurt a Wendy’s employee.

Deputies say the victim, an employee at the Wendy’s, was told by her manager, Wright, to do a floor sweep. When the victim did not complete the sweep immediately, she overhead Wright talking about her with another employee.

She told police she confronted Wright and he became angry and began to yell at her. He began shaking his finger in her face, removed his shirt, and told her “she could come get some.”

The victim says Wright told her “he was going to get his baby mama to come up there and beat her up.”

A short time later, Sullivan arrived outside the restaurant and began yelling for Reese to come outside. Reese remained locked in the office because she was “afraid that they were going to assault her.”

Authorities are awaiting the video recording from the location.

trustmeigetit said...

Looks like theres some new SA training site... But looks like hes been doing this for years... He is LE. What I do like, is that LE needs to know this skill. My hope is that this will increase in use and we will start to see less murderers walk free.

He does also have 3 cases he shares his analysis. I always enjoy reading those. But he seems to be more pay for services training.

Sera's Arrow said...

I read something the other day. It was about how there are thousands of hate crimes that occur in the US of A in a week. And out of those, does anyone know how many are reported? Go on. Guess! Here's a hint: it's under 5%. Under 4%. Even under 3%. That's right! Two percent of them are reported. Two. Percent. So, 98% of hate crimes that happen in America go unreported. Scary numbers, yeah?

I don't -want- people to be afraid of reporting hate crimes because they are afraid of being called liars. Just like I don't -want- people to not report rape because of all the people who cried fake rape and they are afraid of being called, you got it, liars. This is what I take issue with in these cases - not only that a person did horrible things to themselves (though I always believe that the "fake hate" incidents that feature bodily mutilation are a GOOD indication that something in the person's mind is not right and that's putting it mildly) BUT the consequences that their actions and the resulting "exposure" does to OTHERS who may suffer the real thing but hesitate to come forward because of the all "FAKE HATE CRIMES!" public outcry and disbelief. Will that community be so accepting of another person if another hate crime is reported? Will the LE be so quick to respond and willing to spend time and dime to investigate another claim if it should come up? ... "Boy Who Cried Wolf" syndrome does more than offends people, it hurts real victims and that's why I'm frustrated by it. It makes me both sad and angry (in a protective way) for the people who truly suffer with hatred and cruelty, the people should not be silenced are being silenced. . .

Ugh. It's a mess. I'm still torn between the motivations of the "fake hate" scammers (I call 'em as I see 'em - a scam is a scam). Do they do it for money? For attention? Attention to themselves? To a cause? Why? Why do it like that? Why lie about something that will be found out as a lie? Am I applying too much logic to this insanity? Clearly, I am.

The Lisa said...

A pastor who has performed same-sex marriages in the past reports on an anonymous hate-filled note he received. Read the note and read how he reports finding it. Note the early reference to a Go Fund Me account for his wife's funeral.

trustmeigetit said...

OT McStay murders

We have a motive...Still think brother is involved.... But...

I had always wondered if the meeting that day (lunch) if Joseph had fired him....

"The newly released documents show that investigators spoke with Dan Kavanaugh, another partner in the business. He told them Joseph McStay had loaned Merritt $30,000 to pay a gambling debt, and that McStay had planned to fire Merritt."

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Josh Duggar and his family may be heading to court as a victim of his molestation is reportedly planning to file a civil suit.

InTouch reports that the individual is a non-Duggar victim, and according to a law enforcement insider is not happy with the way the family presented the scandal to the media after it was revealed what Josh had done to minor girls as a teenager.

'I have heard that the [non-family] victim is preparing to sue,' said the insider.

'This whole sordid affair with Josh rattled a lot of people, including the victim, who had to relive this nightmare all over again all while watching Josh's parents go on TV and whitewash what happened.'

The statute of limitations has run out on filing criminal charges, but in the state of Arkansas victims can wait years to file a civil suit.

'There's an argument to be made that, "Yes, I know what you did to me then, but [at X years of age] I couldn't comprehend the effect it would have on me now,"' said Jason Files, an attorney from Little Rock.

This being a civil case also presents one giant problem for Josh's parents Jim Bob and Michelle as not only would they be forced to testify, they would be unable to plead the fifth.

'Where there's no legitimate threat of prosecution, the Fifth Amendment shouldn't apply,' said Files.

'I'd argue that there's no basis for a refusal to answer.'

This means the family would be forced to reveal how long they were aware of the molestation and how often it occurred, all the other people and members of the church they told about Josh's offenses who never came forward to law enforcement, and the relationship between Jim Bob and the trooper he eventually took Josh to see who scolded the boy but never filed a report, Joseph Hutchens.

Hutchens is now in prison on child pornography charges.

The depositions would likely be a nightmare for the family, and further tarnish their already damaged public image.

What's more, Jim Bob and Michelle could very well become defendants as well if this suit moves forward for failing to do anything about their son.

'This could fall under civil conspiracy - that is, the crime should have been reported to the authorities, and it should have been handled through criminal proceedings,' but wasn't' said Files.

'It's very possible that since this was essentially swept under the rug at the time, finding out more of the details - and how much covering up there was - may have led to more damage to the victim.'

This all comes two weeks after InTouch obtained documents confirming that the Duggar family is still being investigated by local law enforcement and the Department of Human Services.

Those documents revealed that Tontitown Police and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department were at their home for 30 minutes in May after receiving a call that the reality TV family was barring an official from entering the premises.

It is not yet known however what the crime or incident is that is being looked into.

Audio of a 911 call on May 27, also obtained by InTouch, revealed a human services team had reason to believe there was a welfare emergency concerning one of the family's 19 children at home in Washington County, Arkansas.

But according to the representative, they were refused entry and felt the need to call police.

Tania Cadogan said...

'I'm at the Duggar family home... We have an investigation and I guess they're not being cooperative,' the worker told a 911 operator.

'We have to see the child to make sure the child is alright. We need police assistance or an escort.'

It came just days after Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of '19 Kids and Counting', first spoke publicly about their son Josh's molestation of minors as a teenager. But until this news broke, they maintained there were 'no more secrets'.

In Arkansas anyone can make a call to the child abuse hotline if they suspect a child is being mistreated.

A human services team will investigate if they believe the call is legitimate and meets the standards of maltreatment law.

InTouch magazine used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the 911 call that was made by the caseworker requesting police help.

It is not known what child the caseworker is looking to see at the time.

Details of son Josh's molestation scandal revealed that the family was not as cooperative as they could have been back in 2006 when authorities learned what had happened years before.

In that case they failed to produce their son for an interview, though other family members spoke with police.

Members of the family opened up about that scandal last week, including Duggar children Jill and Jessa who were both victims of their brother's molestation.

Jill, who was 12 when the inappropriate touching took place, recalled feeling ‘sad' and ‘shocked’ at the revelation Josh had violated her and her sister.

‘This is my older brother whom I love, a lot,’ she remembered feeling.

The two sisters largely downplayed what went on between themselves and their older brother, calling the inappropriate touching ‘subtle’ and 'mild.'

‘It wasn’t like a horror story or this terrible thing,’ Jessa insisted in the interview, as both siblings stressed that the two of them and the rest of their family, including Josh, had dealt with the trauma and put it behind them a long time ago.

Jessa Duggar also claimed that she knew 'so many girls who go through things way worse.'

The 22-year-old mother-to-be told the Fox News host: 'I do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile or a rapist, some people are saying.

'I'm like, that is so overboard and a lie, really. I mean, people get mad at me for saying that but I am like, I can say this, you know? I was one of the victims.'

Tania Cadogan said...

The girls did not entirely excuse their brother's actions, however, though even when they did point out a negative behavior the pair seemed too quickly find a way to explain or justify his actions.

'Josh was a boy, a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls,' explained Jessa.

'And that got him into some trouble. And he made some bad choices, but, really, the extent of it was mild - inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims, most of it while [the] girls were sleeping. '

After Josh Duggar, then 14, confessed the truth about fondling his sisters in their sleep to his parents, he asked Jill and Jessa individually for forgiveness.

The young women said they had a choice to make, and they chose to forgive him, but it took some time for them to rebuild the trust - time that Josh Duggar spent away from the rest of the clan at the command of his parents.

‘He knew in his mind his actions were wrong,’ Jessa Duggar said of her brother.

The sisters said when Josh Duggar was finally allowed to return home, he was a changed person who appeared both humbled and repentant.

‘Josh destroyed that trust in the beginning, and he had to rebuild it,’ said Jill.

In the wake of this interview some began to speculate that while TLC will likely cancel '19 Kids and Counting', they might still follow the family and focus instead now on sisters Jill and Jessa and their growing families.

It was in early May that InTouch obtained and released the damning police report, leading to a statement almost immediately from Josh admitting to the claims made in the report.

'Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends,' Josh, 27, said in a statement.

'I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling.'

Jim Bob and Michelle released their own statement as well, saying: 'Back 12 years ago our family went through one of the most difficult times of our lives.

'When Josh was a young teenager, he made some very bad mistakes, and we were shocked. We had tried to teach him right from wrong. That dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before.'

The police report detailed Josh's molestation of five minors in 2002 and 2003.

He was never charged with a crime for the incidents as by the time police learned of the offenses the statue of limitations had passed, and his parents did not notify authorities in an official capacity at any point after learning about their son's actions.

Tania Cadogan said...

It is also interesting to note that when the family moved into their custom built home in 2006, communal rooms for the male members of the family and female members of the family were on exact opposite sides of the 7,000-square-foot dwelling.

The distance is not the only thing that stood between the rooms either, with any Duggar hoping to spend time with one of their opposite-sex siblings first having to walk by Michelle's office and Jim Bob and Michelle's bedroom, letting the parents know what was going on at all times.

As a final precaution, the journey also requires a walk across an elevated catwalk that cuts through the family's two-story living room, another chance for people in the house to keep an eye on who was spending time together.

It was only when the family was set to make an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006 that someone reached out to producers and informed them of these prior incidents, leading those producers to contact authorities and notify them of what they had been told.

According to TMZ, the Harpo staff received the email at 7.30am on December 7 and contacted authorities immediately.

Police then called Michelle and Jim Bob at 1.17pm telling them they needed to bring their son in for questioning.

Winfrey meanwhile cancelled the planned interview immediately and sent the family home.

This sequence of events has many wondering how TLC and Discovery Health could have been unaware of the molestation claims. Oprah had the biggest talk show in the country at the time, and no doubt it took a lot of work to book the family on her show.

The network would have been thrilled at the publicity such an appearance would generate for their show. No doubt network executives would have demanded an explanation as to why the interview was cancelled at the last minute.

Read more:

Julie said...

OT: Peter, I have been watching pieces of the trial of English nanny Louise Woodward in the shaking death of the baby in her care. I place a lot of stock in your analyses and am curious as to your thoughts on the case. I know it's an old one, but I'd love to see a SA on it sometime...

ee said...

Person of interest id'in Dylan Redwine case, glad to see this.
The father?

Investigators: Person of interest identified in Dylan Redwine case
Dylan Redwine went missing on Nov. 19, 2012(Photo: La Plata County Sheriff’s Office)
Dylan Redwine went missing on Nov. 19, 2012 (Photo: La Plata County Sheriff’s Office)
LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. — Investigators said Wednesday they have identified a person of interest in the murder investigation of Dylan Redwine.

Dylan Redwine disappeared from his father’s home in Vallecito, Colorado in November 2012. Some of his remains were discovered in the summer of 2013. Vallecito is located in La Plata County.

At this point, investigators have not named the person of interest in the case.

The La Plata County Sherriff’s Office told FOX31 Denver they identified the person of interest during their investigation in the last couple of weeks. A spokesperson also said investigators have more searches to conduct.

Elaine Redwine told FOX31 Denver’s Kevin Torres she was on her way to Durango Wednesday evening.

Sara said...

To Tania (Hobs)--Concerning pleading the 5th in a Civil Proceeding
My understanding is that a witness in a civil proceeding can refuse to answer (plead the 5th). But, the jury is permitted to draw an "adverse inference" from your refusal to answer. This means, the jury can assume that your refusal to answer is because the truth (the honest answer) would hurt your case, or , as with the Duggars, their son's case. This is different than in a criminal proceeding. In a criminal proceeding the jury is forbidden from making an "adverse inference" from your refusal to answer. The jury cannot infer, or deduce, that you did not answer because the truth would hurt you. This concept is explained to the jury with instruction that your silence is not to be considered an admission of guilt. But, when someone reuses to answer in a civil proceeding, the jury can rightfully assume that you didn't answer because "you're guilty".

New England Water Blog said...

Relentlessly full of crap...

Tania Cadogan said...

Snopes are usually quick off the mark on deciding something is true or a hoax, in the relentlessly gay hoax apart from a few posts in the comments section in response to comments, nothing has been posted since june 24 when Kim said that the detective julie claimed to have spoken to etc had not been able to get in contact with her and the alleged letter had also been conveniently lost.

I have contacted them inquiring why the delay and also pointing out the simiklarities between rick jones and charlie rogers and how they both adn mitted it was a hoax and also the similarities between those and julie baker.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

Investigators have identified a person of interest in the case of a 13-year-old boy who went missing in 2012 and whose bones were found seven months later in southwestern Colorado scattered by wild animals.

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office announced the development in Dylan Redwine's case Wednesday but declined to publicly identify the person. Investigators also stressed they do not yet have a suspect, according to The Durango Herald.

'It's a fair statement that we are very encouraged that we have crossed the bridge from the unknown to the known,' said Pete Klismet, a former FBI criminal profiler hired by the sheriff's office and the district attorney's office to help investigate.

Sheriff's office spokesman Dan Bender credited Klismet with the recent

Dylan lived north of Colorado Springs with his mother but went to his father's home near Vallecito Reservoir northeast of Durango for a court-ordered visit in November 2012.

Mark Redwine has said he returned home from doing errands to find his son gone.

Each parent would subsequently blame the other for their son's disappearance.

In November 2013, Elaine Redwine said she believes her ex-husband killed Dylan.

'I always have from day one, when he was missing,' she told The Pine River Times.

And, in a recent development, Elaine Redwine this week filed a wrongful death suit against Mark Redwine in which she alleges 'the death of Dylan Redwine was the proximated and direct result of the negligence of defendant.'

Mark Redwine scoffed when reached for comment about the suit by the Durango Herald.

'Good luck with that,' he said. 'We'll all see how it turns out for her.'

Bender told The Denver Post that two searches in June near where the remains were found also turned up 'items of interest'.

'Because of information gathered from those searches and other contacts, we're planning on doing more searches in the area,' Bender said.

Wednesday's announcement has given the case momentum it has not had since the teenager's remains were found.

'There is a level of excitement right now that has not been previously felt before,' said Klismet, who was hired about six months ago.

Read more:

BallBounces said...

Outstanding analysis. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

OT: A day or two ago I picked up the end of a Nancy disGrace show where she was talking about a youthful, beautiful and successful female physician who had been violently murdered in her home in the early morning hours, earlier in the week. When and where I have no idea as I only got the ending of the show and there was no recap as to when/where this happened.

It was revealed that she, her husband and their two kids had been vacationing in Connecticut but that she returned home alone to cover her appointments, with the husband and kids staying behind for a few more days. Upon the husband learning of his wife's murder he decided to stay put with the kids rather than come back to the home during the time the police were searching the premises and investigating the murder, which did seem rather strange to me. One would think that a husband would fly back immediately upon learning of his wife's' tragic and brutal murder.

Does anyone know any of the details concerning this recent murder? I'm sorry, but I don't know this womans' last name or the state where this occurred, or if a suspect has been apprehended. Anyone?


maudes harold said...

Most recent I could find

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Thank you Maudes for posting the link re the doctor who was murdered in her home, but unfortunately I am unable to download it. It used to be that I could scroll across the link and a little arrow would pop up then I could click the arrow and the video would appear. Now nothing. If anyone could tell how to click on these links, I'd sure appreciate it. T/Y!

maudes harold said...

Do you know how to copy and paste? If not,

Left click and hold
Scroll 'blue' over link
right click, scroll down to "search google for....", click

If that doesn't work, try goggling her name--Teresa Sievers. That should bring up some stories you could follow. Sadly, due to certain expressive cognitive decline issues I am experiencing , it would take me hours to do a better job of explaining copy and paste.

It's a very weird case. Husband was with kids in another state and didn't immediately come home, plus so little facts coming out.