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Pronouns: Confessions In Files

                                                                Pronouns don't lie.

For one area of Statement Analysis, it really is this simple to discern deception.

Statement Analysis is the scientific breakdown, examination, and re-configuration of words within sentences and sentences in correlation to one another.

The words we speak reveal our intellect, emotions, history, background, life experiences and when enough words are used:  our personality is revealed for us. Personality type can be a very important aspect of analysis in interview preparation: knowing when to confront and when not to can be the difference between justice lost and justice realized.

Recall the recent controversy regarding Donald Trump and Obama as a muslim and Ben Carson's statement that Islam (Sharia Law)  is inconsistent with the US constitution has raised the question that was quieted in 2008:  Is Barak Obama a Muslim?

The political sides line up with some, rather than answering the question for themselves, use the tangent of avoidance with the allegation of "racism", though no specific race is cited in Islam.

What one believes, one acts upon.  Though cynics like to dismiss any sense of honor or trustworthiness with "they are all liars!", more times than not, this dismissal is a defense mechanism, also designed to avoid the question, "Why are you voting for such a liar?"

We all reveal ourselves, especially our motives.

To not answer a question is to indicate specific sensitivity towards a question, even if the question is in the imperative, or simply unspoken but understood.

Human communication is complex.

Pronouns, however, are the exception to the basic principle that has to to with the complex system of "de coding" a person's personal dictionary that one uses to communicate as so many words have such different meanings to different people that miscommunication is common, true enough, but it is that deceptive people are often very good at 'splicing' words in a way to allow for them to later say, "What?  What are you talking about?  That isn't what I meant at all!"

In fact, the deceptive person, practiced in this form of communication since childhood, presupposes your interpretation of his words in order to get past the issue at hand, via deception.

The single widest topic of interpretation for language comes in association with sex.

Human sexuality, itself, is complex, and any seasoned interviewer knows:  what one defines a word within the topic of "sex" may vary so widely, that unless specific interpretation is given, error will be made, and deception will pass unnoticed.

Or, as another put it, "Always ask someone to define any term used in the topic of sex, but before you ask for definition, fasten your seatbelt.  You are going on a ride."

This is true.

The various definitions given to even body parts can be how a deceptive and guilty person passes the polygraph!

"Did you molest the child?"

If the subject's internal subjective dictionary has defined "molest" as "causing pain" or "causing unwanted pain", and believes, internally, that what he did was "tickle" the victim, he could pass the polygraph.

If the time was taken to "de code" his personal dictionary before the polygraph, the "ground rules of language" would be established.

He could then be accused of "tickling the chest" of the female child and the polygraph would not allow him to escape the emotional and intellectual connection he has with the words because:

The words are his own.

This is key.

This is why child protective caseworkers who investigate abuse claims regarding children are trained, state to state, to not accept a single term without asking, "What does _____ look like?" or "Where is your ______ on your body?" (allowing the child to point, which, especially on video, makes for a legally sound case).

Recall the recent controversy in New York where women are demanding "equal rights" of going topless in public.  What is not understood is that by "de-identifying" female breasts as distinctly sexual, all the child abusers convicted for touching a female child's breasts would have to be released, and the now "legalization" of fondling would lead to an even greater epidemic of sexual abuse.

Hence the folly of a society that looks in the mirror, scientifically identifies gender, but overrules science in the name of "identity."  The parents, teachers, nurses, and other professionals who teach children, "your private parts are those covered by your bathing suit" will have to be changed should this foolishness in the name of egalitarianism be accepted in New York.

Each one of us has a very personal dictionary where words are subjective.  Recall the example in seminars of the word, "boy" where one person says "boy is a new born male child" (the audacity of scientific identification of gender!), while another says, "boy is my 21 year old son in the military."

Each word must carefully be explained by the subject so that the victim is protected.

The exception to this is:

1.  Objective Time on a Clock

If one says, "It is 10 minutes past noon", this is a precise time, common to all.  There is no subjectivity, nor chance for interpretation.  Both honest people and deceptive people will use general terms to avoid either being wrong (honest) or being too exact, (deceptive) which is sometimes useful when we hear someone, most unexpectedly say, "it was 2:26", without rounding off the time in any manner. Deceptive people, wishing to be believed, may do this, especially if they are certain, as to appear to b honest.  When the deceptive person points to an exact time, it is often accurate, which gives them confidence, while beneath this accuracy is the need to sound honest due to other elements of deception.

2.  Articles.

Articles are instinctive in the element of prior knowledge.  This is limited to "a" versus "the", and excludes "a" versus "an", which is something that reflects (more often) education.

The article "the" is used, intuitively, once a noun has been identified, which is why even a child will say "I went to a store", and once the store is known and referred to, it can become "the" store.

"I saw a puppy!  The puppy licked my face."

Once introduced, without having the need for pre thought, the five year old moved from "a" to the article, "the" quickly.

3.  Pronouns

Pronouns are something rehearsed by humans millions of times.  They are 100% efficient and no "error" can exist without deception.  It is the one area of Statement Analysis that is simple

It is reported that up to 70% of existing police files on unsolved cases have a "confession by pronoun" contained within them. Some believe this number is even higher.

Here are some examples of "confession by pronouns" in statements:

Sexual Assault:

"So he came up from behind me and just started touching me.  I said to him to stop but he refused to listen to me.  His hand was inside my shirt when we heard a knock on the door, so he stopped.  We finished up the assignment and later he said he was sorry."

In this, you will note that the alleged sexual assault began with the perpetrator's location and "started touching me."  Once she is being "touched", the alleged crime has begun.
Next you should note that "his hand was inside my shirt" is in what we call the "passive voice", where no responsibility is assigned (unless his hand has a mind of its own), which is to say that this is a signal of not only a 'weak commitment' to what happened, but a concealing of specific information of just how his had got inside her shirt.  Did he unbutton her blouse?  Did she unbeaten it?

There are other issues there, but the most blaring is this:

After the alleged sexual assault, she used the word "we" to identify herself and the alleged attacker.

Decades of sexual assault statements tells us something we instinctively know and knew:

The victim does not associate herself closely to the attacker.

The word "we" connotes unity and cooperation.  In truthful statements, the victim does not use the word "we" but instinctively separates herself from the attacker with "he and I" rather than "we."

There is an emotional disgust that simply does not allow for "we" in those statements.

In false claims, the word "we" not only has consistently revealed consensual contact, but often ties shows that the accuser and accused had a relationship where the accuser had denied any such relationship.

Before the assault, many truthful rape victims have used "we", but once the assault takes place, there is a dramatic change in her perception of reality:  there is no "we" between them.

Another consistent issue is that when one claims to have been alone, the word "we" tell us, with 100% certainty, the subject was not alone.

Recall the murder trial of Dennis Dechaine and how he claimed to be alone when he said, "we were losing daylight."

In spite of his attorneys' best efforts, the jury didn't buy it.  He was still with his victim.

Possessive Pronoun

We are, in spite of all modern claims to the contrary, possessive creatures.  We "own"what we wish to (sometimes even while claiming to the contrary) and refuse to take ownership of what we do not want ownership of.

We learn possessive pronouns before we learn to speak.

Toddlers often open and close their hands, palms out, while "wanting" or "taking ownership" of what they want.  When they do learn to speak, pronouns are among the first things they say with the word "my" closely following their first word of "mama" or "dada" when they say, "my Dada", "my baba" and "My Mama", claiming their own.

Mark McClish pointed out that Canadian murderer, Stephen Truscott, freed after pop stars took up his cause, attempted to deny knowing the victim, said, "I hardly knew my victim" and later, also as part of his 'story' told in his release.  He even used the word "we" while describing he and his victim riding on his bike.

In studies, we look at "confession by pronoun" where the various subjects have, inadvertently, used "we" to connect himself to the criminal.

Here is a "pronoun confession" from a case that eventually led to the "victim" being found out to be a member of the gang that had robbed a company:

"They tied me up and made me give them the code.  Then we went to the truck and..."

I did not need to debate whether his wounds were superficial or not; it made no difference whether the gang members beat him up enough to make it look real or not:  this one statement was all I needed for my conclusion.  It proved correct.

OJ Simpson used the phrase, "my guilt" as did Patsy Ramsey.  It is to take ownership of what belongs to them, something they have been using for decades with perfect accuracy.

When challenged, Barak Obama used the phrase "my muslim faith" which takes ownership of it. That his book shows Islamic influence, or his suspension of immigration laws, degradation of Christianity, and even the recent yielding of the nuclear weaponry to Iran, may all confirm it, but it is the instinctive and intuitive use of "my" that settles the issue.  We take ownership of what we want to, and we do not take ownership of what we do not want to, and our success in this is to, in the least, dating back to our first use of the English language.  The controversy today is only for those who do not recognize deception.

Even the word "our" has been shown to indicate cooperation between an alleged victim and the criminal perpetrator, as he connects himself to the crime and the crime scene.

More than 70% of police files may contain "confession by pronoun", which is why transcript review is critical.

Once identified, the work begins, including:

1.  Re-opening a closed case
2.  Evidence gathering
3.  Effective interviewing
4.  Concise writing

The pronoun will tell the truth, but it does not prove the truth in court.

How could the number be so high?

In spite of what advocates and main stream media portray, percentage wise, few people are wrongfully convicted of crimes.  Those who "didn't do it" often say so, early, and there is no large "file" available.  They might have passed a polygraph and were dismissed from the case, or their reliable denial was recognized, and an alibi established, or...for whatever reason,  no case file"of their own exists, or they have only a small role in another's file.

This is to say:  the number of falsely arrested individuals is very small, and the number of wrongfully convicted is even smaller.

We sacrifice in numbers to protect the innocent putting the burden on the state to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, one's guilt, owning that it is better for 10 guilty to go free, than 1 innocent be wrongly convicted.

It happens, but it is rare.  Kevin Fox comes to mind, and it is a tragic case, but it is one, and not one-thousand.  I agree that our system is set up in a manner that although the guilty may not be caught, we are much less likely to convict the innocent, than in other nations.

I have been asked to join teams, especially for those on death row.  In every case I have reviewed, police and law enforcement were right.  It became apparent to me, in several of these cases, that the advocates were not so much convinced in the innocence of their client, but were against the penalty.

I have been asked to discern deception, only to do just that, to the dismay of the "truth seeker" who claimed to "only want justice."



wreyeter72 said...

Here's a good one for you! Richard Glossip case in Oklahoma. Hes being put to death based on one man's testimony that he Glossip "coerced and intimidated" him to murder a hotel owner for him. The Frontier online news has exclusive jailhouse interview with Glossip's accuser Justin Sneed - who says Glossip coerced and begged him to kill the man for THREE months, and convinced him to at THREE in the morning etc etc. Glossip's life is on the line. Can statement analysis save him? I'd like to see someone try in case he really is innocent. By the way the actual murderer got life in prison.

BallBounces said...

Great article. Thank you, Peter.

Anonymous said...

An excellent opportunity for you,Peter!
The man would already be dead had a Baptist not intervened (having a movie star pick up the cause is something they know will add fuel to their agenda). Recognizing the potential for revenue by returning to the dog vomit, this could go on for years. These people back the conspiracy theorists and promote more domestic terrorism than even Texas. No need for a trained police force when a picture of Jesus on the front door and a CD burner in every home to produce the "Illuminati" messages that keep the state in constant need of mental health professionals.

I merely glossed over some of the statements. Just mentioning the 'tumbler' was enough for me. He mentioned the deceased 'paranoia' as if he knew he was about to be murdered. (Who doesn't?)

An excellent opportunity as the state has released fake-yes fake-evidence in a cold case from years ago to give their "truth seekers" the opportunity to be published or star in their own crime solving reality show. The intent: get people calling in gossip about people they know so the extortion rackets can profit.

Their fake license plates come from Paris, Texas. Thy are produced mainly for the cause of "toothaches" if you know what I mean.

I read where a woman was finally exonerated for beheading her infant when in fact it was a 14 year old that called in the crime.

People who care about the "little children" are blind to their deeds.

C5H11ONO said...

wreyeter72 -

Richard Glossip Statement via Sister Helen Prejean

Mr. Van Treese’s death was a horrible thing, and something no family should have to go through. But I did not murder him. And yet that’s what the State of Oklahoma is going to do to me. I have to ask: How does murdering another innocent man make things better? I also have a family who should not have to suffer through that; they should not have to see their father, their brother, their uncle killed. That is not justice.
I have been fighting for my innocence for 18 years. I now understand how important my fight is, not just for myself but for everyone facing the death penalty for something they didn’t do. I’m not doing this for myself alone. I hope and pray that my eventual exoneration will help others, and that this country will finally realize just how broken our system is, and how easy it is to make mistakes. Let me be clear, I do not want to be a martyr — I want to live — but if the worst happens, I want my death not to be in vain. If my execution ensured no other innocent man was sent to the death chamber, I am prepared to die for that cause.

I have never been in trouble with the law in my life. I have worked hard. Paid my taxes. I was a good citizen and always tried to help others. Now I have gone from doing everything right to fighting for my life. I’m asking everyone to stand up and let their voices be heard. Go to and join this fight. Call Governor Fallin. We have to stand together to make a difference.
God bless you all, please know that I’m praying for you all.

--Please note that he is truthfully denying that he did not murder Mr. Van Treese. He was convicted because he coerced another into doing it. He was unable to deny that. This statement shows that he knows how to use his pronouns, yet when it comes to paying his taxes, he left the pronoun out. Additionally, he always "tried" to help others. Tried means attempted, but failed. He could have stated that he always helped others, but was unable to bring himself to say it. He is a criminal and he is not innocent.

wreyeter72 said...

Interesting C5H11ONO - but not compelling enough for me to be certain. For one thing - we don't know who really wrote those particular words since it came through Prejean. It reads much like a public relations officer wrote it. (I know, I am a pr officer.) Having said that, I'm not convinced of his innocence either. But the only "straight-from-the-horses-mouth" words I have to judge from st this point is the video of Sneed telling his story to The Frontier - and it's so full of holes, inconsistencies, dropped pronouns, hemming and hawing, that it's hard to believe. I would sleep better at night knowing it was at least considered by authorities that the man could be lying. I'm not against the death penalty either - but I do want to be sure we aren't executing innocent people. That would be absolutely tragic.

C5H11ONO said...

Peter help!

"I'm prepared for whatever happens, but it's not easy," Glossip said behind a wall of thick glass and metal bars. "It's like you're in a tomb, just waiting to die so they can finish it off. You hardly get any contact, and the contact you have is with guards. It's hard; harder than people think it is. People think we've got it easy down here. It's not true."

Richard Eugene Glossip has been on Oklahoma's death row for 17 years.

"The dying part doesn't bother me. Everybody dies, but I want people to know I didn't kill this man (Barry Van Treese]. I didn't participate or plan or anything to do with this crime. I want people to know that it's not just for me that I'm speaking out. It's for other people on death row around this country who are innocent and are going to be executed for something they didn't do. It's not right that it's happening. We're in a country where that should never happen."

Richard Glossip was convicted of murder-for-hire in the 1997 death of Barry Van Treese.

"They offered me a life sentence at my second trial. I turned it down because I'm not going to stand there and admit to something that I didn't do. Even though my attorneys said I was an idiot for turning it down because I could end up back on death row. I prefer death row than to tell somebody I committed a crime I didn't do." Glossip said. "I understand people want the death penalty, especially in the state of Oklahoma because of the crimes that are committed. I understand that even though I don't believe in it. But, one thing you should be absolutely sure about is that you're not about to kill an innocent man."

Glossip's co-worker, Justin Sneed, confessed to the murder of Barry Van Treese. Sneed testified against Glossip in exchange for his life. Sneed is now serving a life sentence.

"I wake up and look at these walls and think, 'How the hell am I here?' I think about it, try to figure out what went wrong. I just can't figure it out. It's a scary thing."

The State of Oklahoma will use the controversial execution drug Midazolam to put Richard Glossip to death.

"It just really doesn't make any sense to me what's going on. They're just in such a hurry to kill."

Last year, the State of Oklahoma spent five months revamping the death chamber to carry out executions.

"You're crammed in this box and every day you think about dying. You know they're putting these cells up there to stick you in. I think that's when it got even scarier the day they started construction because then you know they're going through all this stuff to make sure they kill somebody. That's a scary thing to think about."

C5H11ONO said...

When he shares his experiences about being in death row he doesn't use the I pronoun, it is always "you". He discusses in first person "I" when discussing the trial/s. There is increasing sensitivity as to why he turned down the life sentence which includes a denial.

He stated "I didn't participate or plan or anything to do with "this" crime". Would this qualify as a reliable denial? It is clear that we would need to clarify what "participate" is for him. He was not present for the murder. I don't believe he "planned" it either. What he is being accused of is coercing someone to kill the hotel/motel owner. He didn't clarify "anything". He brings the crime close to him. When you are accused of something you didn't do, I would have stated, I didn't have anything to do with that crime.

Sus said...

You can see Richard Glossin's original police interrogation here. There is also a three part recent interview. If you click at the bottom it will take you to a recent interview with Snead.

Sus said...

Make that Glossip and Sneed. I despise autocorrect. :-)

C5H11ONO said...

Thank you Sus! I have homework to do!

Sus said...

I'm conflicted about Glossip. If I had any say, which I don't, I suppose I lean toward no execution. That is mainly because I don't believe in the death penalty where there is any question.

Unlike the celebrities backing Glossip, I believe he implicated himself when first questioned. He covered up the murder. He knew about it. He helped fixed the broken window. He lied about it. He has not given a reliable denial.

Where I believe there is a question...did Glossip specifically ask Sneed to kill Van Treese, manipulate him into the murder, or was Sneed so strung out, so psychologically vulnerable he took it that way?

I lean toward Glossip is a sociopath who took advantage of a vulnerable kid, but when there's a question, do not execute.

We We We said...

how many times did hannah anderson refer to her and jim using the word "we", and yet people think she is a victim.

tania cadogan said...

off topic

A Texas assistant football coach accused of instructing two players to hit a referee during a game no longer works for the district, a school official said Thursday.

Superintendent Brian Woods didn't specify at a state hearing in Austin whether assistant coach Mack Breed had been fired or resigned.

The players who struck the referee have been suspended to an alternative school.

The principal and head football coach at John Jay High School in San Antonio told state officials Thursday they believe Breed told players to retaliate against an official in the closing minutes of a game earlier this month.

The players told their coaches earlier in the game that referees had been directing racial slurs at them.

Robert Watts, the referee who was hit, denied using any racial slur. His attorney, Jay Downs, told the state governing board that his client didn't tell the players earlier this month to 'speak English, this is America.'

Watts didn't attend the fact-finding hearing in Austin. Downs handed the board copies of family photos that show Watts at his wedding with his best man, who is black, and another of Watts' grandmother, who is from Mexico.

Watts said in a written statement he has post-concussion syndrome.

He said one John Jay player who struck him told him, 'You're in the way' and laughed.

The two suspended students, Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas, appeared Wednesday at separate disciplinary hearings, which were closed to the public.

A decision is pending from the Northside school district on the students' possible punishment, which could range from assignment to an alternative school to expulsion.

Video from the Sept. 4 game at Marble Falls shows Rojas blindsiding Watts and Moreno diving on top of him. Watts was the umpire on the defensive side watching a play along the line of scrimmage.

Read more:

BallBounces said...

Justin Sneed statements.

Lots of material for analysis.

From here:

John mcgowan said...


Hear O.J. Simpson Talk About Nicole Brown Simpson in Exclusive Look at Forgotten Deposition Tapes

I believe this is just a snippet of what is going to be aired this evening.

In what's been considered the trial of the century, O.J. Simpson had the so-called legal "dream team" on his side.

Each day, Simpson was surrounded by Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz and his most trusted ally, Robert Kardashian, while he stood trial for the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Hear O.J. Simpson Talk About Nicole Brown Simpson in Exclusive Look at Forgotten Deposition Tapes
Lawrence Schiller, author of "American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story of the O.J. Simpson Defense," had unprecedented access to Simpson and his dream team during the 1995 criminal trial, obtaining secrets of their defense strategy and Simpson's state of mind before and after the trial.

Now 20 years after Simpson was found not guilty in his criminal trial on Oct. 3, 1995, Schiller co—produced with Stephen Auerbach and Chuck Braverman two new documentaries airing next week on A&E and LMN. (Both A&E and LMN are partly owned by ABC News' parent company, Disney.) The docs feature interviews with key players and include the long-forgotten deposition tapes from the civil case Simpson lost. A portion of the deposition tapes will also air on ABC News "20/20" at 10 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 25.

Here's what Schiller revealed to ABC News' "20/20" about Simpson's defense and his state of mind.

Just hours before Simpson's infamous white Bronco chase, he made a recording.

"Oh boy, I don't know how I ended up here," Simpson is heard saying on the recording obtained by Schiller. "Please remember me as 'The Juice.' Please remember me as a good guy. Don't remember me as one of the negatives that might end up here. Please, please, please, please leave my kids at peace. I love everybody."

"He was recording this almost like a suicide tape," Schiller told "20/20." "That's what O.J. intended to be his final words."

Kardashian discovered Simpson moments after he made the tape. In a previous interview with Schiller, Kardashian described finding Simpson in his daughter Kim Kardashian's room with a gun and photos of his children and Nicole Brown Simpson.

"Then O.J. said, 'I'm going to kill myself in this room,' and I said, 'You can't.' I said, 'This is my daughter's bedroom,'" Kardashian told Schiller. "'My little girl Kim sleeps here. I can't have my little girl in this bedroom, and every time I come in here, I'm going to see your body lying in this. You can't do that.'"

Changes May Have Been Made to Simpson's House Before the Jury Visited

Before the jury at his criminal trial took a field trip to his Brentwood, Calif., home, Schiller said Simpson wanted changes made to the house. Simpson denied this when he spoke to Barbara Walters after her 1996 interview with Robert Kardashian.

"O.J. doesn't want all these pictures of white women all around the house. We got to replace 'em with pictures of the family and the children. And then all of a sudden, I see something which just surprises me," Schiller said. "They're taking the Norman Rockwell poster of the black girl, you know, being taken to school by marshals, and they're putting it up on the wall. That poster never existed there."


John mcgowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John mcgowan said...


There May Be An Explanation For Why the Glove Didn't Fit

At the prosecution's request, Simpson tried on the bloody glove found at the scene of the crime at his criminal trial.

"He had latex gloves on. He was trying on a glove that had been soaked in blood," Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman's father, told "20/20." "He would hold the glove, and he did this. He wasn't yanking at the glove. It was – so of course – he couldn't get it on."

Schiller said there might be a different explanation. Simpson had arthritis, and according to Kardashian, he stopped taking his anti-inflammatory medicine a month before trying on the gloves.

"Nobody knows whether it made his hands a little bigger or not," Schiller said.

But the bloody glove became the rallying cry for the defense with Cochran's well-known line, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Simpson Had a Celebration For His Acquittal

After nine months of testimony, the jury found Simpson not guilty in less than four hours.

"[I was in] shock, disbelief. How could they possibly [have] heard all of that evidence and, in a handful of hours, said, 'Not guilty'?" Fred Goldman said.

There was an impromptu celebration with friends and family held at Simpson's home, which was recorded in part on video. On the video, Simpson is even seen mocking TV news reporters.

Ron Goldman's family later sued Simpson in civil court for wrongful death in 1997. Simpson was found liable for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages, of which Fred Goldman said Simpson has not paid a single penny of.

In September 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas for armed robbery after attempting to steal sports memorabilia he claimed belonged to him.

Thirteen years to the date after being acquitted in his criminal trial, Simpson, then 61, was found guilty of robbery and kidnapping and sentenced to up to 33 years in prison. He is serving his time at Lovelock Correctional Facility in Lovelock, Nev.

Simpson, now 68, will be eligible for parole in October 2017.

Vt clip below

Anonymous said...

A juror stated they saw Glossip as Charles Manson.

They refuse to get out of the late 60's early 70
s era!

Some 8th grade dropout high on meth blows into town from Texas to do roofing work and beats a man to death and then at the suggestion of a detective snitches on another so he can get the death chamber in place of himself.

Who's the Manson figure here? Did they think the patrons at the motel were cult members?

John mcgowan said...

OT Update:

Texas High School Football Coach Recants Statement Saying He Ordered Players To Hit Referee

He says he lied to protect the kids.

Mack Breed, the now-former Jay High School assistant football coach who is accused of encouraging players to target a referee, will be prohibited from coaching at a UIL school until he meets with the governing body's State Executive Committee, the committee ruled unanimously Thursday during a meeting in Round Rock.

Breed resigned Wednesday night, nearly three weeks after allegedly directing two of his players to attack umpire Robert Watts in the Mustangs' 15-9 road loss to Marble Falls on Sept. 4. Breed, 29, did not attend the formal hearing at the Austin Marriott North.

Citing two sources familiar with the Northside ISD investigation of the incident, reported earlier Thursday that Breed had recanted his prior statement admitting he told some of his players to go after Watts for allegedly making racist comments

In his second statement, Breed wrote that he took the blame in the incident to protect the two players from being expelled from school, one of the sources said. But Breed denied that he told the players to go after Watts.

"In hindsight, Mack feels that he could have handled the situation better," Breed's attorney, James Reeves, said in a statement released to the media Thursday. "For that reason, Mack has submitted his resignation and will move forward taking responsibility for his role in the events that occurred.

"Mack never intended for the kids to hit or hurt the referee, but the result was the same. While Mack is moving forward, others have yet to accept responsibility for their roles."

ESPN reported Wednesday that Breed admitted his complicity in the incident to Jay principal Robert Harris in a meeting on Sept. 5, saying he "directed the students to make the referee pay for his racial comments and calls."

Harris' signed statement on his interaction with Breed and Jay head football coach Gary Gutierrez following the incident is part of the NISD's investigation into the matter.

But Breed later retracted his original statement, denying he told the players to go after Watts, the two sources confirmed to Breed's signed second statement is included in the report the NISD sent to the UIL. The players have said Breed told them to go after Watts.


John mcgowan said...


Breed told a different story in his second statement.

"I wrote a statement on Sept. 5 about an incident that occurred on Sept. 4," Breed wrote in his second statement. "This statement is written to explain why the previous statement was not entirely true.

"I never told anyone to hurt or target anyone on Sept. 4. To understand that statement, you must know who I am. I'm 29 years old and have been coaching for six years. My job in working with these kids means the world to me. I don't have any children, so they are my own sons. I would take a bullet for my kids if I had to.

"That being said, that is what I did Friday night after the game," Breed wrote. "Me and my head coach (Gutierrez) were sitting across from each other on the bus, so we started talking about the events that took place. Throughout the conversation, I started to realize how serious it could be for the boys at that point, so I took the blame for them.

"I did that hoping the kids would still be able to play and not get expelled from school," Breed wrote. "The following day, we were watching film as a staff and I was called into the principal's office to write a statement about what I told the head coach on the bus. Again, I did this thinking the kids would be let off the hook and that everything would be fine.

"Now that I have seen the video and see how they hit the referee, I can no longer take the blame for the incident," Breed wrote. "I never told these players to hurt or injure anyone in that football game. I only made my earlier statement to try and save the boys from being kicked off the team. I wanted more time to teach them discipline and character they need.

"I didn't realize the statement made on Saturday was going to be forwarded to district office. I assumed it was going to be used to help save the kids. Now that I'm giving a formal statement, I want to be honest about the situation that occurred on Friday night.
"If the coach would have told me to write a statement on what happened at the game, I would have wrote one similar to this one," Breed wrote. "Instead, when I wrote a statement about what I told him (Gutierrez) I wrote a false statement based on our conversation from the night before in an effort to protect the kids. That is why the statement from Sept. 5 is so vague."

The UIL State Executive Committee is meeting Thursday in Round Rock to discuss the incident, and could take action in the matter if it has enough information and evidence to do so.

NISD officials did not know whether Breed, 29, and the two players will attend the meeting.

Breed was placed on paid administrative leave pending an NISD investigation after the incident. A 2004 Jay graduate, he has coached at his alma mater since 2011.


John mcgowan said...


The two players have been assigned to the NISD alternative high school for 75 days and can return to class at Jay starting Jan. 15, their attorney said Wednesday. They were suspended from school after the incident.

The University Interscholastic League is the governing body for extracurricular activities for the state's public schools and a handful of private and charter schools.

Several Jay players have alleged Watts directed racial slurs toward black and Hispanic members of the team during the game, according to the NISD's investigation. Watts' attorney, Alan Goldberger, has denied the allegations.

While Breed now denies he told the players to target Watts, there is evidence corroborating the statements by the players that the coach directed them to go after the official, one of the sources said.

"There were numerous kids that said 'Coach Breed told us we've got to make that guy pay. He's been cheating us all night long,'" the source said. "Now did he say, 'Go hit the referee in the back?' Did he say, 'Injure the guy?' Did he say, 'You hit him first and then you spear him second?' I don't think Mack Breed said that. Nobody ever said the coach told them to hit him from the back and hurt him."

Avoid compound questions.

The same source said other players told NISD investigators they weren't certain if the directive to take out Watts came from Breed or a player.

Breed could be suspended for a maximum of three years if the State Committee Executive rules that he influenced the players to target the official. Breed will be prohibited from coaching at a UIL school until he goes before the State Executive Committee.

VT below

John mcgowan said...

Another OT:

Rockford Police Release New Details in Kyrian Knox Disappearance Investigation
Say 2-year-old has not been seen since mid-August

The Rockford Police Department held a media briefing Wednesday regarding the case of missing two-year-old, Kyrian Knox. Knox was reported missing last Thursday, but police revealed he has not been seen since mid-August.

TheY said the toddler was in the care of a family friend prior to his disappearance. Police say there is no evidence that he was abducted which is why no Amber Alert was issued.

Police also reached out to Chicago Police regarding the body parts of a toddler recently found in a lake in a park, and DNA samples from Kyrian’s mother, Lanisha, have been provided to both the Rockford and Chicago Police Departments and have been sent for processing on an expedited basis. Deputy Chief Pat Hoey, however, says any possibility the is the body of Knox is speculation at this point.

As 'Eyewitness News' has reported, Chicago Police believe Knox is one of nine possible identities of the body found in the lake.

Rockford Police, Chicago Police, and the FBI and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are all involved in the investigation.

Rockford Police asks anyone with information regarding the case to please call the Rockford Police Department at (815) 987-5824, (815) 966-2900 or Crimestoppers at (815) 963-7867

Anonymous said...

Sex offender cut his monitoring device and he is missing along with his girlfriend. Family fears she is in danger. She has since posted on Facebook -

'Mom I am fine. I am an adult and i am actually having a good time. I'm on vacation. How embarrassing. I love you guys and see you all soon.'

'I don't understand why there's a nationwide manhunt for Tony. He's not a murderer and he's not with me so if you feel like talking my number is...."

She also posted a video. Transcript from video is:
"Hey guys, I just want to let you know I'm OK. Um I'll come home when I want. I'm not being held against my will. I'll be sending a picture online of me at a police station that an officer took of me in front of a cop car. Um I know my mom and you guys are worried about me but I'm OK. Um I'll be back. I want my face off the internet cuz it doesn't need to be on there. It's embarrassing. I'm not a criminal and I have no idea where Tony is, so, um, I love you guys. Bye."

My belief is that she is with Tony but still debating if she is with him against her will or if she went willingly. I am leaning towards willingly as she spends the majority of the video trying to convince everyone that she is okay and only mentions that she is not with Tony at the very end of the video. The photograph with the police car was very carefully set up to not identify where she is at and if she was truly on vacation, that would not be an issue.

Sus said...

Re the missing sex offender and girl friend:
Why doesn't she just call rather than put up messages and videos on Facebook? If this were my daughter I would be extremely worried and have police involved.

John mcgowan said...

"I'm not a criminal and I have no idea where Tony is"

It is difficult to believe someone who says that they have "no idea" We all have ideas about everything whether we are right or wrong. We should not accept "no idea" if the question is posed Eg "where do you think he is? It is often used to stop a certain line of questioning or conversation. Continue to ask questions til you get a response be it a ridiculous response or not, it may contain leakage. It can also be that of lazy mind.

Sara said...

To We We We--
Awe, I had forgotten about that little psychopath Hannah Anderson. You're analysis/remembrance is so true.
I don't think its the last we will hear of her. Someday she'll do something else bad. I fear the man that ends up being her baby daddy. He will end up in prison on her false allegation-----I'm making my prediction now.