Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stephen McDaniels Video for Analysis

 This is a great video for instructive purposes:  thanks to John McGowan.

When a person goes missing and the subject has guilty knowledge of the crime, the guilty subject is going to do his or her best to always speak of the "missing" person in the present tense.  Even a single slip into the past tense is unexpected, and depending upon how close the subject was to the victim, and what police may or may not have revealed, the single slip into past tense language indicates belief or knowledge of the victim's death.

The guilty person will try to concentrate on keeping the present tense language going, but a single slip is critical.  Casey Anthony, who killed her daughter, Caylee, actually self-corrected her past tense reference.

Guilty people will do their best, in working from memory of 'script', to stay in the present tense language.  It does not conclusively indicate that they believe the person is alive.  It is the single slip that we look for, which is why we ask open-ended questions seeking to get the subject into the free editing process where he is choosing his own words, rapidly, rather than using the words of the interviewer.  Although no interview is perfect, and every interview is a learning experience, this journalist did a solid job.  Every serious minded journalist should be formally trained in Statement Analysis.

Here, Stephen McDaniels is interviewed about then "missing" Lauren  Giddings.

In this video, he begins with the past tense reference, but then moves back to present tense.

Next, note that he switches from "I" to "we" when the context has no need to connect.  This is often seen as a desire to 'share guilt' or 'share responsibility.'

It is often used when describing what a 'group thinks', as if the subject has access into the thoughts of "all", which shows a deep desire to not be alone in the critical point of the statement.

The interviewers here did a good job keeping him talking, and guilty people often feel compelled to keep the information under their control.

Note the interviewer, "What's going on in your mind now?" is a great question.  She lets him speak, offers him a drink, but continues the questions.

How many deceptive indicators can you find?

                                             FOLLOW THE PRONOUNS.  

Note the need to keep talking, as he is desperate to control the information, reminiscent of other guilty parties who return, time and time again, to public speaking even when threatened by their own defense attorneys with abandonment:  the deceptive's need to give information and learn what is know, is acute, as is their own drive to influence public perception.


Tania Cadogan said...

where is the video?

Tania Cadogan said...

found it

ilove when hesaifd "why would anyone do this?

Child Advocate said...

His reaction to hearing a body was found was interesting. Was he surprised Lauren was found so quickly? Or was he acting? His deep breaths reminded me of Patsy Ramsey's 911 call.

I need to listen to the video again.

Child Advocate said...
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Anonymous said...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I have re-embedded the video. Let's see if it stays.

Anonymous said...

OT: Does anybody know; what is going on in the missing baby DeOrr search at the campsite? I have been leaning towards both parents being involved, at least with guilty knowledge of this childs' demise and clever cover up from the outset of the search; the mother just as guilty as the father.

I know, Peter did not detect any prior child abuse of little DeOrr in following their words and actions, but it only takes one time, one slip up. First time for everything.

Is this going to be another one of those cases (there are many) where the slick lying deceitful low-mentality clever cons are smarter than the investigators? It appears to be so. What does it matter if the FBI has been called in? They are stupid too. Didn't they let Ronald Cummings get away with his big stash of illegal guns he had hidden in a holding way of water down near Satsuma? They sure did.

Anonymous said...

ABB above @9:51 (I forget)..I am so sorry.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A second alleged mistress of disgraced reality TV star Josh Duggar has claimed she had a pregnancy scare after having unprotected sex with him.

The woman, who has not been named, said she was 'terrified' she was carrying the child of a 'sexual predator' and a 'monster' and began 'freaking out'.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, the alleged mistress said having the baby of a self-confessed porn addict who admitted groping his sisters as a teenager would be 'the worst thing that could happen.'

The new confession comes as Duggar, 27, is reportedly missing from a faith-based rehab center he checked into after another of his alleged mistresses came forward.

Last week, porn star Dancia Dillon told under a lie detector test of how she had 'terrifying' rough sex with Duggar twice while his wife was pregnant with their fourth child.

During the sessions, which she says took place earlier this year while she was working as a stripper, Dillon said Duggar also didn't use protection.

Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Lewis, said Duggar paid her thousands of dollars after their trysts in order to stay quiet about them.

The sex sessions, during which Dillon described being 'manhandled' and 'thrown across the room', allegedly took place in March, while Duggar's wife Anna would have been five months pregnant.

It is not known when the latest allegations date from, or whether they happened before or after Duggar's alleged infidelity with Dillon.

Earlier this week Duggar was reported missing from the rehab center he checked into, according to Radar Online.

An unnamed source said they had seen people from the Reformers Unanimous treatment center, in Rockford, Illinois, traveling to and from mandatory meetings, but Duggar was not among them.

The source added that Duggar had also not attended mandatory prayers at the North Love Baptist Church, which is linked to Reformers Unanimous, on Sunday morning or evening.

Duggar was raised in a strict Christian family, and was a fierce pro-marriage campaigner who espoused the value of chastity while allegedly taking part in these liaisons.

Josh and wife Anna have been married since September 26, 2008, and have four children - Mackynzie Renee, five, Michael James, four, Marcus Anthony, two, and two-month-old Meredith.

They didn't hold hands until they were engaged and saved their first kiss together until marriage.

Like Duggar's parents, they say they avoid birth control and plan to have as many children as 'God gives them'.

Duggar rose to fame as the eldest of the offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of the former hit TLC series 19 Kids and Counting.

The show was TLC's most popular slot and ran for ten seasons, drawing peak audiences in excess of four million.

However it was cancelled earlier this year after it was revealed that Josh had molested five young girls while he was 14 years old, and that his parents had helped cover up the abuse.

Tania Cadogan said...


Four of those girls turned out to be his younger sisters - including Jill and Jessa, who have spoken publicly about his attacks - along with a babysitter.

Then it was revealed earlier this month that Josh's name was among several million leaked by hackers who stole a trove of private data from the affairs website Ashley Madison.

That prompted Duggar to issue an apology in which he confessed to having a 'secret' pornography addiction and to having been 'unfaithful' to his wife Anna, whom he married seven years ago.

At the time he branded himself the 'biggest hypocrite ever' for his infidelity, which took place while he was touring America, giving talks on the sanctity of marriage and campaigning against issues such as same-sex unions.

A secret Facebook profile by the name of 'Joe Smithson', which is linked to accounts of lingerie models and strippers, has also since been uncovered.

The same email address Duggar used to sign up to Ashley Madison was used to create the Facebook account back in 2004, suggesting it likely belongs to him.

While Duggar is being given strict Bible study in order to 'cure' him of his addiction to pornography, members of his family are also believed to be counselling Anna.

According to Radar, his family are thought to be quizzing Anna on whether or not her actions could be behind Josh's infidelity, adding: 'she’s being counseled to be there more for Josh sexually.'

Anna, who was homeschooled, has made no motion to leave her husband.

A request to the couple for comment by the Mail Online was not immediately returned.

Read more:

BallBounces said...

He shows inappropriate, unexpected emotion. When the reporter asks, "what are you thinking right now" he goes emotionally distraught and says, "why would anyone do this". Anyone with any emotional distance from the event would know at least one reason: sexual gratification followed by cover-up. He is showing an inappropriately close emotional connection to the event. Is this a principle of statement analysis?

Tania Cadogan said...

According to Radar, his family are thought to be quizzing Anna on whether or not her actions could be behind Josh's infidelity, adding: 'she’s being counseled to be there more for Josh sexually.'

Rather than blaming their paedophile son, they are now virtually blaming his wife for their son's promiscuity, infidelity and porn addictions.
This isn't subtle demeaning of Anna who is a victim in all this, this is blatant blame her for everything since they married.
If she had been the obedient docile wifey he wouldn't have sought out other women and been unfaithful, he wouldn't be viewing and addicted to porn.

It is the parents method of raising their children and failing to take proper action after he molested his sisters and others that have led to all this.
I wonder how the other children are doing?
How many other secrets are the parents hiding?

John Mc Gowan said...

It is working, Peter

Anonymous said...

Peter, have you listened to the Serial Podcast?

Anonymous said...

I do.

John Mc Gowan said...



BOMBSHELL: Snowden Claims Osama bin Laden Is Still Alive

Edward Snowden said that he has evidence showing that Osama bin Laden is still alive and well.

In an interview to the Moscow Tribune, Snowden said Osama was living in the Bahamas, on the payroll of the CIA.

Snowden told the newspaper, “I have documents showing that Bin Laden is still on the CIA’s payroll. He is still receiving more than $100,000 a month, which are being transferred through some front businesses and organizations, directly to his Nassau bank account. I am not certain where he is now, but in 2013, he was living quietly in his villa with five of his wives and many children.“

“Snowden is at present a fugitive. He flee US after leaking documents about the NSA’s surveillance programs.“ reports:

The report also said that Snowden previously too made some unreported allegations about Osama Bin Laden

Snowden goes on to say that CIA had orchestrated fake death of the former leader of al Qaeda.

He claims that Osama was transported with his family in an unrevealed location in the Bahamas.

The report further quotes him as follows – “Osama bin Laden was one of the CIA’s most efficient operatives for a long time. What kind of message would it send their other operatives if they were to let the SEALs kill him? They organized his fake death with the collaboration of the Pakistani Secret services, and he simply abandoned his cover. Since everyone believes he is dead, nobody’s looking for him, so it was pretty easy to disappear. Without the beard and the military jacket, nobody recognizes him.”

Not only this, Snowden categorically states that he will talk about the documents which prove Laden is alive in book which is likely to be released in September.

However, Snowden’s claims have not been substantiated or confirmed by any other source.

The US government has filed espionage charges against Snowden for revealing classified NSA documents to journalists.

Anonymous said...


Who can say whether Snowden knows something about his claims that Bin Laden is alive and well (it wouldn't surprise me if it is true) and is being protected and supported by us; (he could very well be right, even without proof!) or any of the other allegations he has made against our government. Either way, he has proved himself to be a danger to our national security with foreign nations around the globe.

IMO, he is a thief, a liar and a traitor to this country and needs to be hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent, including shot by firing squad.

On the other hand, to be realistic; even the liar tells the truth on occasion, right? ABB

John Mc Gowan said...


Bank Executive Arrested In Scuffle With Topless Times Square Performers
Lourdes Carrasquillo says the exec accused her of taking his wallet, then threw her to the ground.

A Bank of America executive visiting New York on business spent Wednesday night in jail after he got in a tussle with some colorful characters in Times Square.

Mark Walters, 46, of Charlotte, North Carolina, took a photo with a pair of "desnudas" -- topless women in body paint who pose with tourists for tips -- at West 44th Street and Broadway Wednesday.

But when he went to tip them, he noticed his wallet was missing, according to the New York Post.

Walters accused one of the desnudas, Lourdes Carrasquillo, 32, of swiping his wallet during the photo shoot, according to police. As she walked away from him, Walters allegedly grabbed Carrasquillo by the hair and threw her to the ground, according to The New York Times.

“He hurt me. He grabbed us in the middle of the street and we tried to get away from him and he still kept trying to assault us,” Carrasquillo told the New York Post.

Maria Ruiz, 20, the other desnuda who posed with Walters, intervened and was allegedly elbowed in the face by the executive.

A Times Square performer called the "Silver Cowboy" saw the scuffle and rushed to break it up, as did an NYPD officer posted nearby. Police found no evidence to support Walters' claim that his wallet was stolen and arrested him.

The Post reported that Walters admitted to grabbing Carrasquillo, according to prosecutors.

"I was looking for the police, but I thought she pick-pocketed me," Walters told police.

Walters was arraigned on assault charges in Manhattan Criminal Court Thursday night. His bail was set at $1,500.

Gurmeet Singh, Walters’ lawyer, said that the women kicked his client and that paint on Walters' clothing indicates that the Silver Cowboy pushed him to the ground. Neither the women nor the Silver Cowboy have been charged.

Another desnuda, 29-year-old Saira Nicole, told Gothamist that her friend, Carrasquillo, can be "a little hot-headed... but stealing a wallet is something she would never do."

Later Wednesday night, a performer and her handler were arrested after the painted woman allegedly offered drugs and sex to an undercover NYPD officer, the New York Daily News reported.

The painted women have come under criticism recently by city officials who are concerned that they'll help return Times Square to its unsavory past. A top-ranking NYPD spokesman told the Daily News that police have recently cracked down on vice crimes in the tourist destination.

"Obviously, the area’s been the focus of a lot of attention," Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis told the newspaper. "Periodically, we do have vice enforcement there. We’ve beefed that up significantly."

In August, the NYPD formed a new task force devoted to policing desnudas and other performers in Times Square.

John Mc Gowan said...

Good news :)


New slap in the face for Maddie parents: Cop wins fight for libel case appeal
AN EX-POLICE officer fined for claiming Madeleine McCann’s parents were behind her disappearance has won the right to an appeal.

Goncalo Amaral was ordered to pay £357,000 in libel damages to Kate and Gerry McCann after claiming that they covered up their daughter's death.

But now he has been told the court of appeal will hear his case.

Mr Amaral headed the initial investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, then aged three, in Portugal in 2007.

The latest twist means the McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, may have to return to Portugal to give evidence again.

A source close to the couple said last night: "Kate and Gerry are exasperated by this.

"It just drags on and on and causes them even more anguish."

Excuse me, they started this.

Last night it was revealed Scotland Yard had made a new request to the Portuguese authorities for further cooperation in the case.

Anonymous said...

The serial killer next door. Classic. Even set-up the maintenance man-the natural suspect.

Who'd thunk it? Not Todder, no doubt. Right in the big fat middle of a sex change as most serial killers R

TommysMom said...

NY Daily News

Stephen McDaniel, 28, wrote a chilling confession note detailing how he sneaked into his neighbor Lauren Giddings’ apartment before killing her and chopping up her body in June 2011. The 27-year-old woman’s torso was found dead in a Dumpster at Mercer University School of Law days later. McDaniel allegedly confessed after learning prosecutors had evidence he was spying on her the night before the gruesome murder.

TommysMom said...

Sorry that was Tuesday April 22,2011

Anonymous said...

He said he would have given her a gun to protect herself. How convenient! Typical stalker.

I offered up an axe. No takers after "Make My Day" law. However, the police did block my passage once as I was leaving for work. I let them know about the stalking (have a clue I wasn't the first). Fusion, much like the tin-foil operators that give conceal and carry courses online aren't without merit. However, the orange cow society is.

I'm thankful for a wonder heat and air guy who snared me a can of biker-B-gone. Totally undetectable by an agency known for getting the state's top cop award year after year. A real profiler.

"What ever you do, don't let down that back seat."

The state was inundated with filty Texans.

Sara said...

OT Snowden/Bin Laden
I'm inclined to believe Snowden. It seemed suspicious at the time that we, the American people, were never shown the body of Bin Laden and the reasons offered for the lack thereof sounded suspiciously like B S.
I like Snowden. I think he is a true Patriot. I think history will ultimately vindicate him.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I am anonymous-ABB who responded to John on 9/5 @ 8:19 saying that (IMO) Snowden is a liar, a thief and a traitor to this country, having proved himself to be a danger to our national security, further saying that he should be shot by firing squad. Briefly, allow me to explain more fully, but in simple terms:

First, Snowden lied to attain the secret government clearance position he worked to attain; however, at the end of the day wasn't even technically qualified to hold such a position, so first he deceived in being able to acquire his position.

Secondly, he was never honest in serving our government to the best of his ability in his position, which required absolute secrecy and confidentiality. He deceitfully planted himself in this position in order to be able to gain personal knowledge of our national secret security affairs that involved every country in the world and their heads of state and their negotiations with our high-level officials, going back for years past.

He then gathered the means to be able to duplicate and steal every piece of top secret information he had access too, and that was everything, including high level secret meetings with our heads of state. Bit by bit he carried his stolen copies out of these extremely vulnerable government offices; verbatim, word for word.

THEN, he took all this dangerous information out of our country straight into their hands and handed it over to other countries we had been trying to handle with kid gloves for decades (No doubt manipulating and lying to them when we had too); thereby making other heads of state, many of these being our enemies, privy to our national security measures with them and each other. What a tangled up web!

Snowden put us, every man, woman and child in this country in the vulnerable position of being blown off the map by any one or more of our enemies in other countries. He has us sitting on a powder keg, ready to blow. We still do not know the magnitude of what this man has done to this country by handing out our secrets.

Nobody is saying that he does not have authentic information against our country and some of our leaders past and present and their devious schemes and actions against other countries, or information that shows direct cover up on many occasions of blatant lies and sneaky maneuverings made by us. Tthere have been massive cover ups made in this country even some that have cost others their lives; but what I AM saying is that this fool has put us in the position to get ourselves blown up at any minute, every one of us, and you call that patriotic?

Sometimes Sara, for the sake of the lives of others, we have to keep our mouth shut no matter what we know or think we know. We cannot run around hurting and causing others to lose their lives. We live in the United State of America; we have a government here who protects us and themselves from being blown off the map; whether right, wrong or indifferent, including covering up their own sneaky lies, bartering, and in some cases murders; but so far, they had not led us into an all-out war on our shores. IN time, Snowden could have very well subjected us to that very thing; it could be brewing right this minute for all we know. We are now in an extremely vulnerable position due to this one man. A patriot? God help us. ABB

Sara said...

I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Your position is obviously one you reached with indepth consideration. I, too, have given critical thought to the issue. My current opinion is not immutable, however, certain ideas I hold to be truths are incompatible with your opinion. I believe that what the government is doing with their mass surveillance of everyone is a threat to the liberty and freedoms our country was founded upon. If I could believe that this was only to keep us safe I would be all for it. I don't believe that. I think history has proven the true nature of power and government, time and time again. Even now, there is evidence of this surveillance being used in matters that have nothing to do with national security. The increased capabilities of the government to know every nuance of our lives is staggering, and I believe this to be a far greater threat in the big picture for future generations. For me, Snowdens revelations were simply a confirmation of what I already long suspected, to others it was a wake up call, to still more others it was "So what?" We, the citizens, have the right to decide for ourselves what powers we wish to accord the government in the name of national security. I didn't think I had given up this right to my elected officials, and I know I was never given the opportunity to vote or be heard on the subject. While there are benefits to the course of action our government is currently taking, I find the risks of doing so outweigh the benefits. This is not the only way to protect us, and will ultimately lead to terrible abuses of human rights.

Anonymous said...

Sara, your points are well taken and I have no quarrel with them (or you), but let me ask you this: If you and everyone else waiting in line were given the choice whether to be strip searched and x-rayed, and your belongings pilfered and dog sniffed prior to boarding a flight, but some elected not to allow it and the plane subsequently blew up over the ocean, killing you, your family and every other person on board;

which choice would you have wanted everyone to make, even by force, now realizing that one (or more) of those who refused to allow themselves to be searched was carrying a live bomb on board? I believe my life (and yours) is worth more than A SLIGHT OF ONES SO-CALLED 'RIGHTS.' Rights to do what? Kill others. What about MY rights to live?

The same scenario applies to our schools and universities as well as every other public place. You know as well as I do that there are high school students and adults attending these schools who plot and scheme to kill their own classmates and they are not all foreign exchange students. Some with their sick values are being raised right in their own American upper-crust homes by unsuspecting parents. There are so many whackos in this country that plot against us all, AND they have weapons, that they are too numerous to mention. Whose lives are we talking about here? ALL of ours! It isn't even safe to go to a ballpark or any other gathering.

Of course, none of us like it that we have to walk on egg shells, or soon rapidly will be; however, okay, if the government wants to servile them all, including ME; please, by all means do it. This DOES include vast and sweeping randomly snooping into our private emails, our phone conversations and in many other ways; but don't you want to L.I.V.E? I do. You want your children to SURVIVE? Of course you do.

May I suggest, you need to rethink your position on just how valuable IS your freedom? Your little bit of freedom is not worth Snowden handing off proof of our high alert security measures to our enemies to expose the purported deviousness or treachery of the United States just so no one ever snoops into your phone conversations or reads your emails, OR mine.

Whether Snowden was telling the truth or not; for the high treason against us all that he has committed AGAINST US, he needs to be shot at dawn by firing squad tomorrow morning. Unfortunately however, that, or no other punishment can ever recover what he has already done to us that cannot be repaired.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Guess I will never get accustomed to signing myself..... (above), ABB

Sara said...

Hey ABB- I think you have created a false dichotomy. Like we can either have security or freedom, but not both. I don't believe that. I think there are those looking to expand their power by perpetuating this falsehood. Look at all we have accomplished as a nation, with our freedoms intact. We put a man on the moon, fer gosh sakes. I think if safety is the true objective, it can be done. Let's start by improving education in this country. Then let's spend as much money on Gifted Education as we do on special education. Let's figure out how to reach the poor kids in the inner city and make grades as celebrated as football/basketball. I could go on, but I think you catch my drift.
The airplane example you gave, I just want to know--who's doing the searching and x-raying? TSA entry level power tripping agents. These people make peanuts, how hard would it be for a few of them to get bought off? No, sorry, they make me feel less safe. I'd prefer to have 4-6 armed marshals on all flights, with a few ex-military concealed carriers. Same with our schools. Yet, last video I saw of a cop at a school in KY was handcuffing a special education third grader. ABB, I'm not afraid of the enemy outside, I fear the enemy within. Until the power I've already conceded to them gets wielded more responsibly, I could never in good conscious give them more. My kids, your kids, all of us deserve the same freedoms our grandparents had, and will live to exercise them. Freedom isn't just some word or some concept. What is life without freedom? I think it'd look a lot like what those poor souls in North Korea have, or the thousands in Chinese re-education camps who practiced the "wrong" religion and are lucky if they emerge with all their organs intact. Now that's some scary shit! And I know that kind of scenario would be generations away from happening here, but I don't want to start down that slippery slope.
(P.S. One of my children gets special education, and I'm grateful, the other tested gifted but receives nothing extra from the school to help develop her extraordinary intellect)

Anonymous said...

Sara, you are entitled to your opinions and I respect them. Not gonna argue with you on any of the points you have made and are trying to make. So many comments you made you are right about; however, we have no way and no chance to change or correct anything you outlined. We are too far gone already, politically, financially, and in every other way. Not one issue you mentioned can we fix as there will be no one to help you/us fix it, nor will they even want too.

I will just say one thing and leave it there; look all around you, we are NOT living in our grandparents day and no way to get back to those days. OH, if only we were! Open your eyes and ears wide, look and listen. There is evil coming at us from every direction from our own and from every country right here among us, evil that we never heard of or dreamed of in our grandparents day. We can only TRY to accept our lives as they are now and try to deal with it the best we can; keep our faith in the Almighty, AND try to protect ourselves the best we can.

Ranting about it won't fix it either. This is how people wind up on Ruby Ridge shooting off others they disagree with, or setting off bombs in Federal buildings, or creating a Jim Jones jungle entrapment death camp, or being lured in by some other religious huckster; they too are numerous.

We can only go with the flow now and try to look out for ourselves. If you think otherwise, that you can change one iota of our inept, corrupt and tarnished lives caused by others that we have no control over, then you just go ahead and jump out there and do it and let's see how far you get. HAGD! ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB-well, you lasted a few days before your nastiness came back.

Sara said...

ABB-thanks, I do appreciate what you've shared. I feel your fear and pain. Many people share that with you, I know. I, however, do not. Many people also share my sentiments. I read a short essay by Ayn Rand many many years ago. It was about "What can one person do" basically about the state of our nation. Her words resonated with me. She talked about the power in understanding the issues, why we "know" what we "know", thinking critically, and sharing your knowledge with others. That's what I do. That's what this blog does (as well as teach us new ways the think critically, and discern truth from lies). We do have the power to oppose the powers that would subjugate our freedom, imprison our minds, rob us of our joy. A band called Creed once sang "I've created my own prison." I learned from that. I never want those words to apply to me. Be aware, but live not in fear, as fear shall steal from you just as surely as a thief in the night.

Sara said...

Thank you so much for all you teach and give.
And thanks for allowing such long winded off topic commentary.

DJ said...

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Sara said...

DJ--love the Janis!

lgjproduct said...

A link to his written confession.

Anonymous said...

To Anon on 9/8 @ 1:06; To quote: I "....lasted a few days before my nastiness came back?" You are the 'nasty' one here; following and stalking me, harassing, trolling and slamming me. I have not been nasty to anyone, only respectful in my posts stating my opinions; which are only that, opinions.

The nastiness is in your own mind. I suggest that you find someone who performs exorcisms and have the demons cast out, considering that you are a tormented soul. I pity you and hope you can find the peace you so desperately need. ABB

Anonymous said...

Sara, re your response to me yesterday @6:27; thank you kindly, I do appreciate your encouraging words, however, I do wish to make one thing clear which I must have left in some doubt, and this is, that I do NOT live in fear. Far from it. I am probably one of the least fearful persons I know and have ever known.

Further, while I may agree with you that Snowdens' actions of making us all aware that our own government has been taking away many of our individual freedoms on a wide scale, on the surface this may have appeared to be a good and patriotic thing in letting us all know that we need to get our heads up out of the sand (as if many of us didn't already know this); and while I too utterly disdain our losing even one more individual freedom, what I am trying to get across is that in doing so, what he did to our national and global fragile security amounts to high-treason inasmuch as he handed over all of our high level security measures to our enemies, thereby putting this entire country in an extremely vulnerable position. He TOOK all of our classified and secret information and GAVE it to our enemies and created even more enemies of other foreign countries by revealing our security secrets!

The conclusion to the matter, IMO, is that what he did under the guise of patriotically 'helping' us to wake up was not worth his act of putting us in the position of possibly being blown off the map by some of these enemies he gave our national security plans too; NOW robbing us of even more of our freedoms. THIS is my point entirely. What he really did to this country has HUGE consequences.

I don't expect you or anyone else to agree with me, per'se, and I highly respect your own opinions Sara, but IMO, it is for THIS high-treason that I believe he should be apprehended and shot by firing squad; just MOO. Enjoyed the chat! ABB

Ria said...

Peter. I have transcribed the whole of the 3 interviews. I’d be very keen to hear more detail from you

Ria said...

I’m not going to pretend I read past the first few lines. If you’re stupid enough to believe that terrorist blow up planes, you’re an idiot! The only terrorists are the bankers and the politicians. If you believe it was about anything other than drug trafficking, then you’re a good little slave

Ria said...

Are there still people that believe we can get 300,000 miles to the moon when in reality no one has even been 300 miles from the earth!?