Thursday, October 1, 2015

Supremacist Psychology and Violence

"Ishmael is a wild man; his hand against every man."

I guide companies in hiring via training.  Companies that wish to hire the best and brightest learn to reduce theft, fraudulent claims and an assortment of costly trouble, by using Statement Analysis in the hiring process.

They root out the deceptive, as they show themselves in their language, and a major element of deceptive are those who seek work because it provides opportunity to exploit.  These are those who see themselves in a certain ideological light and their language reveals them.

This is on a small scale, but on a large scale, one soldier becomes an army, and an army represents an entire nation.

Yet, the psychology of the one is the same as the many, and being able to have a strategy of coping with it is vital to every society in mankind that must defend itself and its interests.  From the family, to the business to the nation, it is the same.

The basic strategy of defense is:

know your enemy.

This is true in baseball, chess, war, and in countering deception.  Lie Detection skills become key in protecting companies from fraudulent claims, of all sorts, and the lack of understanding of the psychology that runs basic through one's veins, is to be harmed. Interviews must be based upon analysis, if a confession is hoped for.  Those who study obtain more confessions and admissions, which put the analysis in clear sight for accuracy.  Know what your enemy thinks and believes for:

What one believes, one will do.

When America entered World War II, it was ill prepared for the ideology behind the Japanese war machine, and never would have surrendered, for example, in the Philippians, if they had known the ideology or psychology of the Japanese warrior, and what "surrender", as a non-existing term, actually meant.

Better equipped in Europe, the U.S. military commissioned a team of psychologists to study the basics of Adoph Hitler and give them a 'psych eval' based upon only collateral interviews, since Herr Hitler was in no communication with the United States.

They concluded, correctly, that should the war turn against Hitler, his personality would turn against the people of Germany, and appropriately predicted his "scorched earth policy" and his suicide.

America knew "Mein Kampf", even if she did not believe it, at first, in order to properly prosecute war against Germany.

Today, Syria is the 'hot bed' where an ideology behind violence is being deliberately ignored by our government, just as it is in other governments of the world, and it is leading exactly where such deception always leads:  to death.

America knows little of "supremacist" thinking, though she thinks she knows it well.  When someone says "supremacist" in the United States, one of two thoughts arise:

1. The White Supremacist associated with the KKK, with the flag of St. Andrew flying behind it, representing all of southern culture and racism.


2.  Black Militancy where "The Black Panthers" show a raised fist in rage and anger against the "white oppressor" that is "holding me down."

Neither are large samples of supremacist thinking, though you would not think so in following the media.

8 unwashed and unshaven heavily accented whites gather in the deep South and chant, "White Power!" with media portraying that "white racist cops are killing black males everywhere" though they know that, at any given time, 8 radical or mentally ill people who "stand" for something, can be found.  They also know that blacks are most always the victim of murder by blacks, and not by whites, and most certainly, not by police.

Truth be damned, however, it sells papers and it gives journalists access to the White House.

There is a danger in withholding information, or by outright lying, by the media to conform to political correctness.

In the UK, at least 2,000 children were raped and the secondary fault lies solely with police who deliberately withheld information from parents and schools solely due to fear being labeled "racist", though no single race was involved.  A single ideology was, however, the impetus for these rapes.

One military leader reported giving a "stand down" order in Afghanistan to his subordinates who listened to the chilling cries of young boys, being sodomized by Afghan men, forbidding, against his own conscience, his men from rescuing the little boys, lest he, himself, be prosecuted for disobeying orders.  There is no mention of how he suffers today, from nightmares of what he says he was "forced by the military" to do.  My guess is that as he gets older, and experiences the natural decline of defensive hormones, his suffering will become much worse.

In this case, he said, his superiors understood the ideology, but themselves, were under orders from "higher up", to not only stand down, but to forbid troops from talking to the press about the rapes in the caves.

Here is a question that the ideology may help you answer:

Why do the followers of Islam fight each other the same brutality as they do the "infidels"?

A simple answer comes in the pathology of violence, learned from childhood,about "supremacy."

This ideology is one that has insulated itself from outside persuasion for 1400 years.  Each generation not only teaches (verbally) the ideology of supremacy, but, due to the ideology itself, examples it, in brutal manner, because of it, itself.

If a father, for example, must teach his son that Islam is superior, and that it teaches making war against "infidels" (non followers), to take the infidels women as "prize", to impose "tax", to use deception, and to spread Islam through, as specifically stated, coercion and immigration. It is a basic tenant of Islam.

Now, the father with the son, must show his own "supremacy" over his son, while teaching his son that he is "supreme" over others.  Think of what this creates.

The father teaches his son supremacy, while he, himself, believes in his own supremacy, from childhood on out:

Question:  what must, he, the father, feel about his own position, in relation to his son?

Answer:  he must feel superior, therefore, will inflict this lesson with marked harshness and violence, which in turn begets violence.  Then, the son, having been made "inferior" to his father, while being taught his own "supremacy" turns to his sister and is brutal and harsh, as he must be, due to the teaching of the supremacy of men to women.

This supremacy is what we see in the hyperbolic language:

"You will drown in a river of blood"

In the Western mind, therefore, when one strikes a woman, men will often come to her defense, and mock the man who struck the woman as "unmanly."  This is not how Islamic thought works.

If you get into an argument at work, and the argument loses its logic and your co worker says, "well, you're a jerk", you are likely to simply walk away.  The one who walks away is seen as the stronger of the two, with the one who ran out of ideas and resorted to name calling, the weaker.

This is Western thinking and not that of Islamic ideology.  For the Islamist, once one called you a "jerk", for you to walk away is to affirm his supremacy over you.  Hence, you must retaliate.

This is why Islamist often use not only hyperbole in language, but passivity as they have a ready made excuse for every failure:  "Allah will not allow" which works itself in these ways, which were experienced in business:

"Allah will not let the car start."

This was to avoid responsibility for not properly repairing a car before the sale, and this next one regarding a theft:

"Allah has delivered your property into my hand."

The individual must excuse inability or what we perceive is unethical behavior.  There is a root cause that shows itself in the language:

                        The Greatest Danger of Supremacist Thinking  

The greatest danger of supremacist thinking is not what you think.

It is not the small group of yokels swinging a rope threatening black people, nor is it the "black lives matter" chanting anti-police slogans; yes, these are both dangers and all it takes is one unbalanced individual to act upon it, and it happens.  It is dangerous.

It is far more dangerous for the press to propagandize these matters, as we see in Germany, recently, or in Sweden, the "Rape Capital of the West" where Sweden has more rapes per capita than any country in the world, sans the spotty reporting in southwest Africa.

But there is an element even more dangerous, that gets to the very heart of all of this, that you should listen for, and be prepared to deal with.

"Supremacy" thinking has its one major flaw of illogic:  whenever you lack what another has, you are a "victim" in some form, because it is the only explanation for one having something that you lack.

Supremacist Ideology creates a "Victim" mentality in each and everyone of its followers.

It matters not if it is Islam, White Power, or Black Power:  it creates a victim mentality and it is this status that creates the fuel for violence:  deep resentment.  When Ben Carson decries the "victim status" he is labeled a "sell out."

If I am a "supremacist", unless I am a billionaire, I hold contempt, resentment, and hatred towards anyone "above" me, and the only explanation I can give is that I must attack and destroy or degrade that which is "above" me, so that I can fulfill what I am and what I must be:  supreme.

The "victim status" drive people powerfully to do things that most all of us would never do.

"Black Lives Matter" look at Baltimore and when one interviews school children in Baltimore, the interviews reveal the same thing:  it is the white man's fault.  The white man won't give us money.  The white man is in control.

So, propagated by the press, over time, only blacks are elected, and money that is not earned is poured into the city, and...

violence increases.

If you tell someone that they are a "victim", you fill them with raging violence.  They "deserve" better and rather than say, "I need to get an education, take advantage of college, and work hard", the victim status fuels rage with "I am being held down" and the one holding down must be targeted.

The "White Supremacist" in various forms, also embraces this ideology so that where he is found, so "victimization " is also claimed.

Yet, take billions of people, and teach them this from childhood:

That you are superior to all others (infidels), and you (male) are superior to females, and because your ideology resists progress, they (the infidel) has more than you, you are a "victim" of them, therefore, take from them, by force, what they hold dear.

Germany's leader Merkel spoke of Nazi crimes against Jews, as a justification for the immigration that is happening today.  She is importing an ideology that teaches that Jews are not only "inferior" but should be exterminated. Jews taxed, as is done to Christians, is not acceptable; they are not worthy of slavery even (via this tax).

The hatred of Jews is pathological, but the victim status turns one against another, against another.

Crisis and Suffering Brings People Together 

Major upheavals in life cause us to pull together, as we realize how short and precious life is.  The first pilgrims in America came very close to starving to death and had to pull together, and even make friends with natives who had food to survive winter.

When Pearl Harbor was bombed, a deeply divided nation was suddenly, in one hour, powerfully united.

When 9/11 hit, people came together and volunteers from all sorts, came together, to help first responders.

When natural disasters happen, Americans pour money, without government coercion, to assist victims, with great examples of human kindness.

What would be more of a crisis than walking from country to country with the only belongings of what you could carry?

Yet, the migrants must be separated, with reports of 90% Muslim.  Officials found that they had to separate the few Christians due to the violence of the Muslims.  Then, they had to separate those of different countries, as they turned violent towards each other.  Now, after the rape epidemic has hit, with the deception by the German press for political reasons, they admit that they have to separate the males from the females, as the women and children are in danger, from their own men, and are outnumbers, with most accounts being 80% male, aged 18-30.  In Denmark, a hospital's prayer room has become such that they have had to build a separate "muslim" prayer room, due to hostilities.  Think of the context as an American:  families of those in serious medial jeopardy often show kindness one to another, praying, helping, encouraging words, one to another, during this time of crisis.

Supremacy leads to Victim Status; Victim Status leads to Violence. 

Being inherently "superior" (my brand of Islam is better than yours), the ideology leads by victim mentality, and will attack first infidels, but as the migrants show us at the most opportune time:  when they should be supporting one another during a time of life crisis, it is the very time they attack one another.  Officials (and citizen journalists who have been forced to video that which the main stream media edits) have reported the need to even separate people who come from the same country, have the same ideology (Islam) but come from different tribes.

When food was delivered to the migrants, their fellow local Islamists descended from their apartments and stole the food from the migrants.


Because they are "superior."

This is baffling the officials in the European Union.  They are shocked when "poor migrants" spit out food, demand new cell phones, air conditioning, and money.

When comparison is made to United States own immigration of yesteryear, what is forgotten is that the US did not pay people to come here, and when they did come here, they worked hard, learned then language and loved being an "American", often overcoming prejudice by loyalty, hard work, and humility.

The supremacist Islam ideology holds free speech as an "evil", which is called the "Sharia blasphemy laws", punishable by death.  When free speech advocates are told, "Do not provoke them with cartoons", they are imposing the Sharia blasphemy laws de facto, not understanding the necessity of maintaining freedom of thought, as expressed in freedom of speech.  When a German school told its female students to "cover up"lest their be "misunderstandings", they deliberately refused to say "lest you are raped", even though they know, this is exactly the meaning.

Little protest comes from the European gay community about the Islamic stoning (and recent very public roof throwing) of homosexual men, though we are now just beginning to get more from advocates of children's groups about Islamic pedophilia (as exampled by the "supreme" man, Mohammad, in his "marriage" to a 9 year old little girl.).

In Europe, there has been no "integration" of a utopian dream, and the "no go zones" have multiplied many times over.  Snopes and Fox should both apologize.  It is only a matter of time before one European nation is the first to cede over territory to the ideological supremacists believing this would pacify their demands and bring peace.

It is to not understand the inherent danger of supremacist thinking and how it is related to violence.  Where we prize humility, this ideology despises it.
Where we prize truth, (which is less prized in our generation), this ideology sees it as a weakness, and weakness, from the perspective of the supremacist, is to be exploited, not protected.

Supremacy ideology is always dangerous and it will always be violent because if you think, and have been taught since childhood, that you are superior to your neighbor, you will always be malcontent as to whatever your neighbor possesses, or excels at.

The victim status seeks "justice" and burns with rage.

The Japanese of 1938 believed themselves to be superior, and as superiors, they were "cheated" by Woodrow Wilson after World War I, and would not trust their former ally, the United States. This powerful ideology led them to see themselves as "victims" who were "cheated out" of the hegemony that the Allies divided among themselves.  This nationalistic thought was seen in the individual soldier, who, himself, received brutal treatment, even as a Japanese, from his own superior; how much more brutal was he, therefore, to this 'inferior' American who did not "surrender" but "quit"?

Hitler's ideology of supremacy is obvious but what of Stalin? Ignored in history, we see today that envy of leadership in the world may, once again, lead to annexation of eastern European lands.  Those, like Hungary, who recognize Islamic supremacist thinking, or ideology, because it still bears the scars of its scourge, are deemed "Nazi like" and "hateful Islamaphobes" for wanting to protect their own borders.  The world mocked Hungary's president who may just find more in common with the former Soviets than the European Union, with its politically correct, suicidal importation of those who believe themselves as "victims" of the "Crusades" and who now want "justice" in the form of money, free housing, free food, free automobiles, even if it means displacing German citizens, or seizing their properties.

The ideology gives birth to victim status.  Victims always feel the sting of what they perceive to be "injustice" and the demands of the supremacist can never be fully satisfied.  It is "western" humility that allows for any form of tolerant satisfaction in life.  There is always the "offense" of some sort, to deal with, as the "victim status" has pathological thin skin.  The "victim" is easily offended because of his personal belief of supremacy.  This is the powerful root of Islam:  you are supreme, therefore, any failure is exploitation of you, making you a victim in need of restitution.  Thin skinned politicians do not take criticism well, but when it turns personal, it can lead to all forms of malicious and deliberately vindictive behavior.  Recall the description of rage from Obama when Hilary Clinton, in her own anger, went to him and "dared" to say, "Listen, Barak..." as he does not allow his first name to be used.  This comes from what he called "my Muslim faith", or the Islamic ideology he was raised in.

This is why, as one Islamist supremacy group battles another, we find a shifting in labels.  The "Muslim Brotherhood" once, evil terrorists, are not so bad as "ISIS", or, as he says, "ISIL."

Yet for the United States, the ideology that causes the various factors to war with each other is one:  Supremacy Ideology, who must be "victims" from a war, more than a thousand years ago, who now need "reparations."

As Europe projects its own beliefs to the Islamist ideology, it does so to its own demise.  This may be the first invasion that is not only done without a single shot being fired, but perhaps, with the funding of the invaded country.

As goes a man, so goes his family.  As goes a man, so goes the company.  As goes a man, so goes a nation.

When one is deceptive, he becomes part of a fabric of deception.  It was not "a handful" of Japanese soldiers" or "just a small minority of Nazi solders" who were cruel.  It was part of the ideology of supremacy that was acted upon, and it was the "small examples"  of those who showed kindness, or who resisted the Nazi tyranny.

We don't establish a norm on the exception.

Supremacists, in any cloak, are dangerous.  Yet those who are taught supremacy from childhood, and who have it enforced, not only by violence and violent example, but as part of a "religion" where eternal reward awaits the 'most spectacular' violence (rather than eternity as a reward for the meek, humble, and those who do good to others), we have an ideology that must be fought against first, to stop its spread.  Only when contained and isolated, can citizens be safe.

As long as Baltimore politicians keep telling their inhabitants that they are "victims", there will be violence.  Most of it will be against one another, but still more police will die, as they are slandered against, falsely blamed for the actions of a very few criminal elements.  That police now fear for their jobs (and lives), is simply the predictable reaction to the hostility.

Do not underestimate the power of the "victim status."

The "clock boy" deception will have its bottom line.  The "Islamophobia" claim was premeditated and we saw how quickly the president embraced it.  How will the "suffering" of the "victim of Islamophobia" have his "suffering" mitigated?

There may be 20 million ways to mitigate it, that the school system may soon learn.

When a business interviews potential hires, they must consider how many people, today, see themselves as "victims" of some sort or the other.  Victim status is becoming epidemic in America.

The business owner will have to "pay" to "mitigate" the suffering of the victim, as courts are readily rewarding victims, not only against police and municipalities, but again "the man", that is, the business owner.

For the company's Human Resources professional:  those who see themselves as "victims" of any flavor, do, by their language, reveal tangent motives for employment other than making money and having emotional satisfaction.  The training is essential.


rob said...

Peter, what is you thoughts on Tiger Woods and Oprah, who are both billionaires, in industries that are basicly paid by white citizens, yet get up and claim that they have been victims of racial prejudice?
On occaision, I have been mistreated by another race, as in a waitress or customer service rep, but it didn't define who I was, and I made it my business to find another way around this person, to get what I ultimately wanted.
I agree with the victim-ology you write about, it's unbelievable what people expect for nothing.
My 84 year old father is quick to say 'what is this would coming to?' and now, I fully agree.

BallBounces said...


And Christianity teaches the opposite of supremacy, which is submitting to one another, the practice of servanthood, and, if necessary, suffering for righteousness' sake.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Being a "victim" where you going others, feels good. It is empowering and allows us to excuse errant behavior. It is often attended by much deception, which in Tiger Woods' case, specifically, was sociopathic. He had to live a life of deceit in order to have as many girlfriends as he did. Nothing was made of the race, which at least did not fuel more foolish hatred.

Michelle Obama used it as an opportunist, as well. Recall her story and its dramatic change, about the department store?

People love playing the victim and it makes it more difficult for actual victims to be believed.


Anonymous said...

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Statement Analysis Blog said...

The supremacist is set up to be a professional victim.

In the college shooting, the only one with a gun was the criminal. It leaves us asking, "If the security guard was armed, would any of the dead be alive today?"

I don't know the answer.

It shows the superficial thinking of what a "drug free" or "gun free" campus looks like. It is only drug free or gun free to those who obey the laws...

not to the criminals.

In his 12 minute speech on gun control, Barak mentioned himself 28 times.


Anonymous said...

I doubt one armed security guard would have made a difference. Did they need more than one guard? Doubtful. A peaceful, small town in which several students stated they hunt and knew the sound of gunshots well.

Obama overstepped in taking the issue to a different level. Perhaps gun control is the answer in Washington D.C., New York City, and other densely populated areas; this community college town wouldn't be a candidate for his cause.

This was no child shooter. A grown man of 26. He wished for notoriety.
What could have been done to prevent the tragedy? Very little would be my answer to my own question.

Anonymous said...

-/ same content of Peter Hyatt's written

Worth listening to: food for thought

sidewalk super said...

presidential elections are candidate selections.
campaigns are interviews.
if we are to survive what bho is doing to our country, we had better listen.

michzang said...

It is so important that everyone learns all of this. Too many have absorbed ideas from school (multiculturalism, communism) without any interest in finding out how valid or acceptable these things are. There is little questioning until later they "learn" the need to become atheists, while also totally accepting Islamists.
People are strange, and so resistant to true discernment and rigorous examination of things they are taught.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

How many of us really believed when he promised "change"?
I didn't.
To think that he would utterly void laws, like a tyrant, bar journalists who do not agree with him,
import Islam, stir hatred against police,
abandon unemployed blacks
praise criminals, free terrorists, ignore heroes, and lie like we have never seen a politician lie, so outright, so consistently, and then to deliver the bomb to the hands of those who have sworn by their religion to use it...
He refused to let racism begin to heal, but ripped us in two, with his hatred of the white race,
the elevation of criminals, the plundering of the successful,
the debt gone worse than the previous 3 presidents combined,
the stirring of trouble in Baltimore...
the use of the IRS,
the neutering of the military
the abandonment of all that is to make the world a safer place, while given the nobel peace prize before having done anything....

there is nothing left for him to do than to seize personal property from US citizens.

My guess is that he will do this very thing through various devious manner, including courts. We have never had such a deceptive individual in high office to this degree.

When Joe Biden said he had never seen treason as he did when congressmen wrote to Iran about nullifying the nuke deal, only to learn that Senator Barak Obama sent a person BEFORE the election to tell the Iranians that they need not bend to America and George Bush, as he will make a deal work after he is elected, is, after all of this, still shocking.

The most unqualified, arrogant, thin skinned racist without any moral compass to follow. He will lie by direct fabrication as he follows his islamic-marxist mindless revolution to destroy America.

We check people before letting them on an air plane while he allows thousands to come in, without even ID. He rewards them with money their hands have not earned. He is going to "punish" America for what he perceives as her crimes.

Things I balked at 6 years ago, have all proven to be so.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Multiculturalism reminds me of a chef who sees a cabinet of spices and dumps them all in without knowing a single thing about a single one of them, insisting that this is superior to any other recipe.

My hope is, sadly, that when Germany or Sweden, unable to bear up under the violence, finally cedes a portion of their sovereign territory to Islam, America will say, "no more."

It is a sad thing to wish, especially reading the rape statistics and seeing how European men are unarmed and helpless to protect their wives and daughters while Obama decries guns here.

Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation and criminals just keep on ignoring the laws and killing.

One town in Germany has now refused to give any medial treatment to the migrants due to the violence. The migrant must go to the hospital, and must be accompanied by police. EMT will not enter their area. It is the worst of the no go zones.

It is an ideology that hates women and exploits others,rather than build things themselves. This is instilled in them from childhood.

When a Swede wants to defend his wife from rape, he is a "xenophobe", or "islamophobe" or "racist."

The town in Germany actually looked forward to helping the Syrian "refugees." They had garages filled with clothing donated for them. They were stunned at the violent culture, and hatred of Germany and spoke on camera hesitantly, constantly peppering comments with, "but it isn't the refugees, it is just their culture" or "ideology"; fearful of being accused of not loving "multi" cultures.

Syrian men apparently do not feel that Syria is worth fighting for, but when they come to Europe, demanding more than what is given, they chant, "down with Europe!" and despise German culture.

It is "jihad" by immigration, as prescribed.

liar telling the truth said...

i think it was obama addressing the college shooting in Oregon,
he said something about prayers were not going to help,
praying will not stop this from happening again next week, and/or two months from now.

leaked knowledge?
when trying to think of a bullchit number,
wouldn't he have chosen "three"?

three weeks from now
or three months from now
but no,he was specific.