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Amanda Blackburn Murder: The "Lie" in High School

"It wasn't me who waged jihad on the carpet!" 

In a blog entry, husband of murder victim Davey Blackburn said that he had done something very wrong in high school:  he lied. 

Since there is not a human being with a pulse who has not told a lie, long term readers understand that an outright fabrication is very rare; with less than 10% of all deception coming this way, while more than 90% of deception is via withheld information.  The outright fabrication is rare and is often the signal of a pathological liar; sometimes ironically called, "the rare true liar."

Those who 'invent reality' not only disrupt the speed of transmission in processing words, they cause it to come to an almost complete stop.  When one is deceptively hiding information, simply withholding a single point disrupts the speed of transmission in processing and will show up in both linguistic signals of sensitivity, and in the polygraph.  The outright fabrication of reality can bring it to a screeching halt, instead.  

In 100 guilty criminal statements, we are very likely to encounter more than 90 that simply withhold the "I did it" part of the statement.  This means, in the worst case scenario, we have a statement that can reliably guide us as to how, when and perhaps even why, he "did it."

Pathological liars create a reality that does not exist. 
 Casey Anthony lied in this manner, as did Richard Blumenthal when he placed himself on the battlefield of Viet Nam.  When questioned, he attacked.  Attacking those who expose the fabricator of reality is a common trait among this uncommon group.  

Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar.  These are those who will sometimes lie when there is no outward cause.  Many people know someone like this by this very trait alone:  "She lied during a dinner party and there was absolutely no reason to lie.  She was not in trouble, and she wasn't even being questioned. "

This is another point:  the fabricator of reality does it in the Free Editing Process. 

This means that he or she was freely speaking the lie, as it was not in response to a direct question (which reduces internal stress) nor was it simply parroting back the interviewer's own language, which also is a low stress lie. 

The outright fabrication of reality in the Free Editing Process is the single most internally stressing form of speech as it comes from self protection and a very strong indicator that the subject has learned this in childhood and has had much success.
waving a gun mere days before his wife's murder by gun


The fabricator of reality holds the world in contempt.  

This contempt is often subtle, but consider its source:  the lying began in childhood and went uncorrected.  The child learns early how to 'out fox' other.  The more you 'out fox' someone the less respect you have for them, the greater the contempt.  

By adulthood, the pathological liar has had so much success that he has an expectation of being believed by all and sees all others as either beneath him, or if above him, unjustifiably so:  and views this one as competition. 

The contempt is rarely openly linguistically displayed, even though most people are left with the impression of arrogance.  

The contempt is often seen in subtle comments, as well as in action:  The pathological liar sees the existence of others as to only benefit himself.  Those that get in the way need to be removed. Competition is always to be defeated. 

Billie Jean Dunn was a good example of this; her contempt of anyone who questioned her strained her ability to control her language, yet when tested, she dropped her filter and attacked professionals, such as the polygrapher, the Texas Rangers, and others.  

The greater the intellect the more subtle the contempt. 

When a child lies ("when" and not "if") correction must come with three elements:

1.  The child must learn that lying has external negative consequences. 
2.  The child must learn that lying has internal negative consequences.  (conscience, ethics, sin, etc)
3.  The child must learn that lying impacts victims and learn human empathy. Deception and theft hurt people; real people.  

When an employer has lots of video surveillance , and all sorts of electronic tracking, the intended thief must overcome these hurdles.  In employment interviews, Statement Analysis looks for the applicant to verbally identify these three elements.  

Now, if one wants to steal (including fraudulent claims) not only must he or she overcome the video, witnesses, evidence, etc, but the deceiver must overcome the three elements within his own personality to go forward with his plans.  

Therefore, if a prospective employee fails to show that deception hurts people (human empathy) and that companies are made up of people and not faceless corporations that simply 'write off' losses, he will not be offered a job.  

It is a brilliant use of Statement Analysis and for companies using it after training, the success has been its own evidence.  If the Dept of Justice told us that 40% of applicants planned their theft before or during the interview process, Statement Analysis will weed them out.  This statistic does not include the myriad of false claims now regularly made against companies as colleges across the country continue the powerful "anti-business" climate.  More "victim status" applicants are giving away this entitled attitude in their own words, allowing for companies to avoid the inevitable advantage taking the "victim" feels is "owed" to him or her.  Instead, trained companies are hiring those who wish to work to obtain money, build resume, experience, and so on.  

The liar holds the world in contempt, including employers.  

The liar sees the world as in existence to be profited from.  This is why some pathological liars become highly successful in exploitation of others.  

In one of Davey Blackburn's videos, he said that he told "a lie" in high school that ruined his reputation.  

Later, we learned that his family moved to another state, but it is not known if this was as a result, or a matter of chronology of an account.  

If it forced the move, it is obviously a lie that impacted others; but regardless, it is in his language as to the serious nature of it.  

This, too, is a "selling point" that is common in his videos where the disease is highlighted so that the cure would be purchased.  This is where the marriage, for example, is so bad, and now marriage counseling is offered with the notion of "success."

The theme is a genuine Christian theme, but it has been misapplied to sell "success in life" where once, like the Pilgrim's Progress, the "burden", once removed, actually increased the struggle through life, and "success" being eternal. 

For the slave trading wicked man, "Amazing Grace" did not "cure" his day to day memory of what he had done in the middle passage, but caused him to labor in a way that was worthy of forgiveness granted.  

"Let him who steals, steal no more, but work willingly with his hands to give to others."

The prescription for thieves?  Not only "stop it!" but the deeper problem of selfishness and exploitation of others needed firm addressing:  the thief had not only work to provide for himself and his family, but had to take excess and help the less fortunate.  No one "forced" him to do so, other than the inner conscience which wished to obey this command.  This command recognizes the deeper issue beneath theft that impacts human nature.  

"If a man will not work, neither shall he eat" prohibition understood human nature and incentive.  This ideology may have saved the founding of America, but today it is not simply rejected, but condemned politically by those who do not grasp human nature and what happens internally to the one who refuses to labor.  The politicians may deny it, but the criminal statistics do not.  

The remedy deals with human nature and a very long term consequence.  It is a rule that may not "feel good" but it "does good" as dignity is returned.  Laws may "feel good" but they do not "do good" are popular, but have long term ramifications.  

The short term venus the long term.  

For Blackburn's own view on this, the video where he expresses his "disappointment" is in this same context:  "16" people were eternally successful, but his disappointment, rather than celebration, is noted in context, for the "failure" to reach the intended goal of the number in attendance.  This theme is what originally caused suspicion of Blackburn while his wife was murdered, and the killer on the loose, he showed no fear of the killer but used the murder to urge his followers to invite "as many people as possible" to attend.  

The drive to success is not something embedded in his language, it is overt and unashamedly his priority, well elevated above the loss of his wife.  

This is what caught the nation's attention above all other murders and what caused speculation, not in topics of "internet trolls" but of each topic introduced by the subject in his public messages.  

The Child

Children are born narcissistic, lying, and we typically describe certain behavior as "childish" because there is a societal expectation that it will be outgrown.  This is a distinctly "Western" expectation so that, for example, the man who drinks too much and explodes in anger at a holiday meal, feels shame and the need to "repair the damage" done to others by his refusal to restrain his 'childish outburst.'  In other cultures, this outburst is actually seen as "strength" and "manhood."  

"Turn the other cheek..."

We see  as "weakness" when one is insulted who turns to violence.  It is "childish", meaning, it is something that should have been dealt with in childhood.  This too, is distinctly "Western" in culture and is not prized by other cultures.  

The child lies, hits and acts out and believes the entire world exists for his own pleasure and entertainment.  Food comes as a result of crying and great displeasure is shown at hesitation.  

The child must be corrected properly and if not, the child's 'success rate' will grow as evenly as the contempt rate.  

Behavior that was "adorably cute but bad" at age 7, and the rebelliousness shown at age 8, are suddenly not funny and not entertaining, but frightening, when the child is 17 years old, and capable of bringing great harm to himself.  

Hormonal change. 

Children sexually abused in infancy have no linguistic connection with the trauma and cannot process what happened to them.  This "violence done to the Image of God" is the perspective of people of faith, and although no verbalization can exist, the body, itself, has not forgotten.  

The damage to the brain took place, and we sometimes get our first signal in adolescence.  (Later, menopause will signal hurt, but this is in different articles)  

Generally, the self loathing takes one of two forms:

*The female child, a 'good girl' suddenly hits adolescence and the parents no longer recognize her.  She turns the rage internal and seeks to destroy herself. 
*The male child, a 'good little fella' suddenly emerges as an outwardly aggressive, clinically immature danger not only to himself, but to others.  While her aggression is inward (cutting, starving, promiscuity, substance abuse), his aggression goes outward in anti-social behavior. 

The increase in hormones to the brain that has been damaged can 'reveal' or 'trigger' a change in personality.  This is why we 'vet' babysitters naturally and why it was so 'normal' for Cindy and George Anthony to have their only grandchild 'baby sat' by a nanny they never bothered to meet, see her home, talk to, or even just gain her phone number.  They took more care in placing their cat for the weekend at a kennel, than they did over their little granddaughter, of whom had actually lived with them.  

This tells us that Casey, herself, was left unprotected for trauma in childhood.  It does not excuse murder, but it explains the danger of parental abdication. Casey was "just fine" until adolescence hit.  

The child uncorrected from lying early in life, now fabricates reality to please himself in a way that is often destructive to others.  

Blackburn's lie. 

If the story is true that Blackburn told a lie so important as to use it, what was in his language? It is published for the public to read and learn from:  

"I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach. I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands. I had never felt so alone and empty. Even my friends didn't look at me the same after that. They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk. It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents.

But, to be honest with you. I wouldn't change that situation if I could, because that situation taught me that I can't get away with lies, I can't get away with sin, and it has partially made me into who I am today. Here are three things the Bible points out that we have to do when confronted with sin in our life and the consequences of that sin..."

Without analyzing it:

All he cared about was how the lie made him look and not what he did to others. 

This is the same response he had with Amanda's murder.  It has little impact on him but he, himself, is front and center. 

this is exactly what Jeanine Shapiro identified on Fox News. 

It destroyed his reputation and we note a very specific point of missing information:  human empathy.  It is what I reference in the employment interview in teaching companies how to screen out those who will be most likely to bring them harm.  He learned he "can't get away with it" which is to say, the negative external consequence.  We look for this, along with internal negative consequence ("I could not sleep, it so bothered me!") and specific human empathy for those defrauded, "If I had to do it all over again, I would not do it for I hurt many people, including my parents..." The lack of human empathy is often heard in the language of those who fear not filing suits against companies for they do not see companies as "people" with reputations, but as "faceless" and "cold corporate" non-humans.  

Lying and Murder 

It may seem as 'overly obvious' but those who murder often do so because self came before the life of another.  The hyper-selfish are also liars who learn early that "me first" includes lying to get out of trouble, or lying to elevate oneself above others.  

Lying is often said to be "murder in training."  You have read this very phrase here at the blog for years.  It is said that Pilate himself was a ruthless politician who used deception to weaken his enemies, garner his political strength and even made his rivals "disappear" when they opposed him.  When he was given the ultimate test, he rhetorically dismissed that truth existed and, as Mick Jagger sang, "made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate" in "Sympathy for the Devil."

Those who have learned to lie at only small challenges, will fail at the larger challenges, including in capital murder trials.  

"Just because someone tells a few mistruths, doesn't make her a murderer."  Cindy Anthony 

When Cindy testified in court, she sometimes agreed to the oath, while at other times repeated the words, "so help me, God" in which she directly lied for her daughter.  The lack of perjury charges only further demoralized America as they watched another jury with the inability to use critical thinking.  

This is what Blackburn's mentor said about him at the memorial service.  At this time, the killer was still on the loose:  

"I remember thinking about Davey, something's not right with that boy," 

  The audience laughed at this. 

He continued, describing the day he met Amanda, "They walked in and I said that thing that hasn't been quite right with Davey just got made right when she walked in.  She truly was the person that completed him and made him a better man." 

This speaks to the same advertising technique:  

the worse the symptoms, the greater the cure but as women have long found out when it was too late, and often  what their own fathers  knew all along: 

When a drowning man needs a woman to save him, the woman, herself, often becomes the drowning victim. 

That he used the distancing language of "that" tells us that his opinion of something "not right" is likely truthful.  Although the speaker is likely not an expert, it would be interesting to ask him what his impressions were that said something is "not right."

The distancing language is further affirmed with the recognition of what was wrong with Blackburn was a "thing" which he may have been most uncomfortable with, and incapable of identifying.  

People often sense something wrong with those who later show to be pathological liars, anti-social, borderlines, etc.  It is a sense of being "off" and the vagueness, itself, suggests an inability to put one's finger on it. 

Too often young women are used to "save" the troubled young man.  In this case, the troubled young man did something severe enough in high school to lose support of friends?  Since teens are not known for the highest standards in a school, this tells us that it was something severe enough to not only withhold from his audience, but shocked his friends.  

  This is consistent with the mentor's own sense or observation.  

In his videos, Blackburn mentions "pastors' kids" in a negative context.  It sometimes becomes a sad joke where the pastor preaches "thou shalt not" while his own kids are "shalting" openly.  These children are not only often held to a higher behavioral standard, they are also quite often subject to scrutiny, criticism and projection of parents who, themselves, fail to properly raise their own.  The label, "PK" is used to describe this, with the many pastors' children who grew up in loving homes and who not go off to infamy receive no 'press' coverage.  

That Blackburn cited pregnancy as a trigger for the bad marriage may have had his own history in his career ambitious thinking.  Here is why:  

The job description includes having children that affirm  the man's work:  

'If a man cannot guide his own family, how can he be expected to guide the church?' so he must lead by example. It is a tall order for any parent and his wife's pregnancy unnerved him enough to explain it as being the cause of the bad marriage. 

Was he thinking about what he, himself, did to his own father's career?  When it comes to listing those he had to restore his reputation with, his parents came last.  

He also showed no empathy for the pain his lie cased his parents.  

If he lied in high school in something so severe as to cause his own peers to distance themselves (see how "lonely" it left him) it limits what context the lie would be found to something even peers would not only disapprove, but actually distance themselves from him.  

Men reading this thinking of their own high school experiences, including private high schools, will be pressed to consider:

What lie could I have told that upset teachers and faculty and parents would cause my friends to distance themselves?

This lie wasn't just a baseball coach lie but according to the language, impacted:

his teachers;
the faculty (beyond his own teachers)
his parents
his friends

Did he possess a sort of "fame" in high school that a lie could impact this many people?  Was he a 'star' of some sort that all eyes would not only be upon him, but all these people would be disappointed in him?  

Did the entire school so look up to him and now were left in disgust to the point where even his buddies left him alone?? 

I can think of two or three specific areas in which a lie would be this severe. Perhaps there are others, but in context, there are few areas in which such a powerful ripple effect would take place.  I can see my coach, or my teacher being impacted by my lie, but teachers who were not mine?  Friends??  

It would speak to intense shame and discrediting his own father's work. 

It would not be anything 'ordinary' that teenagers do when they get in trouble that schools and churches regularly deal with using compassion, wisdom and unity to repair.  

That his mentor said that there was something wrong with Blackburn is alarming, but in context, the simple review stands out:

The teen did something very negative; bad enough to impact an entire school faculty...

Or, could he be exaggerated his "disease" to further sell his "cure"?

This being often called the "testiphony" effect where the longer Pinocchio's nose, the greater the "aha!" moment of change!  

The mentor knew something was wrong with the young man and he needed fixing, which was assigned to Amanda. 

What do we know about Amanda's character (much from her own words) that would reflect positively in union with Blackburn?

Amanda did not share his ambition nor desire for the spotlight.  
Amanda appeared genuine in her chaste view points and actually embarrassed at the sexual joke made at her expense. 
Amanda stated her marriage was bad because her husband was too busy with his career; suggesting a desire to be with him. 

What do we know about Blackburn that may have been known by the mentor, enough to enter his language?

If the male is lacking of intellect, the female intellectual will help. 
If the male is lacking in personality, the female personality will help.

The mentor saw Amanda as "completed" the man, of whom, not just incomplete as a man ("it is not good for a man to be alone") but this incomplete man is "just not right" in distancing language. 

It had to be the very things opposite Amanda's character to "fix" that which is not "right."

Amanda's desire for quiet servitude versus the ambitious overt drive of the narcissist.  

Amanda's quite chaste views versus the sex-obsessed incessant sexual talk about himself and his sex drive.  

What the mentor saw as "not right" was to be remedied by Amanda's "right", which generally ends in disillusion for the woman "savior."

In Amanda's case, the sad and inevitable disillusion would have been a far more preferable to what end came upon her. 

What do we know about Blackburn?

The language reveals an anti-social narcissistic bent upon success so driven that even with correction, he is incapable of refraining from using even murder as an opportunity for success.  Everything he says, as well as his body language and even his dress and appearance display this in ways that most people found shocking. 

His contempt for Amanda was seen in his "Q&A" video where, even the subtle nature of the contempt became more obvious especially when he humiliated her and reduced her to a non person status of whom was unworthy of even dinner conversation unless he be first sexually satisfied.  This came in the heels of interrupting her, contradicting her and 'correcting her memory.'

In his language, he did not connect himself with love to or from Amanda, confirming his statements of the bad marriage, yet took each opportunity to sell.  

That he would be incapable of "seeing this" is not only expected, but easily dismissed by "Christianity haters" or, when Christians themselves show disgust, as "jealousy" and "victim status" can strengthen the "us versus them" mentality just as it did when his mentor declared the Ten "Commandments" were not, in Hebrew, "commandments" and an association of leaders called him on the carpet. Instead of "I was wrong", he responded with "I was wrong but..." and not only blamed an unknown "teacher" in Israel, but went upon the 'attack' of critics. 

This is what is behind the "call" for Fox News to publicly apologize for doubting the very one who brought doubts home to roost.  It is a slick self promotion to get into the national spotlight.  

Blackburn's own language showed that the horrific and brutal murder of his wife was "Amanda's Story", even before the killer was caught, telegraphing his plan on even exploiting her personal journal for his profit.  

                               Why did Amanda die?

Ask the husband. 

He said she died so his career would flourish or "slingshot" to success.  

The only thing that could cause him to not profit from the murder would be an arrest and conviction, that is, if his state has a law against profiting from murder, as many states do. 

If there is no association with the killer Blackburn has taken statistics and odds and has stood them upon their heads and has revealed the not-so-hidden agenda of career traction of the murder. 

If there proves later to be a connection, people will look back at the video performances, blog entries and tweets, and see that sometimes "A plus B does equal C."

Regardless, we should expect various legal proceedings to all be used in promotion, as his language indicated, and the trial itself, perhaps, coinciding with the release of "Amanda's Story" as well as the subsequent movie deal.  

He told a lie in high school.

Who hasn't?

I once saw a sophomore in high school stand up and take a "Zero" on a test because he admitted cheating.  He was incapable of living with his lie and apologized to the teacher and his classmates. 

It was stunning and I immediately wanted to emulate him. 

If I was given a second chance in life to do it all over again, I'd not hurt all those I hurt in life, beginning with my parents and siblings at my youngest age of cognizance. 

This is what most adults say. Yes, we learn from mistakes, but we hurt over the hurt we imposed upon others by our own failures.  

Blackburn's high school lie is an admission but not a confession. 

It also may help us understand the "we" in his language. 

He was either so incredibly popular and idolized in high school by adults and teenagers  that a single lie would cause the walls to cave in, from teachers, to faculty to coaches to friends, that all held him in such a lofty place of emulation as to cause them all to become despondent or...

his status of importance was within his own mind only.  

hence, "we"...?


Was the lie so bad that it caused the family to leave state and the father to give up his own career?

This is a public post following the chronology of the junior year 

DB blog April 10, 2006:

"My dad has always strove to be in the center of God's will. I remember when we moved to Tuscaloosa right before my Senior of high school. You better believe that he was concerned about uprooting his family and moving somewhere else, but he constantly reminded us that the center of God's will is the only place we will find true fulfillment. I recall one night in particular where our whole family sat in the living room, holding each other, crying, hugging, and praying, not knowing where God was going to lead us, only having each other as stability in this chaotic world." 


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous BL said
@at 9:30 PM

to the person who didn't know why Davey was saying husbands should die for their wives, it's implied in the Bible in a number of places....Here's a commentary on the main verse in Ephesians 5:25: "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it."

Point is Davey, in train station video #3, warps the teaching in Ephesians 5:25 and parallel texts by basing his response on John 15:13, which Davey takes from the old translation "Greater love has **no man** than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Newer readings, which Evangelical preachers often accept as more accurate, include "Greater love has **no one** than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

More accurate because the Greek word in question,"oudeis" is not man but "no one, none, nothing."

More might be said about how Davey twists this piece of BT scripture to his own end.

Enough to say, Amanda laid down her life for their son, Weston.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

*NT (Not BT)


Rella said...

Both of my comments posted twice, so I deleted the double. There was no agenda, simply deleting the double of my original comment.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That is so not true, anon @ 10:48. No offense, but you've got a lot to learn. ABB

Anonymous said...

Relieved to hear that, Rella, I thought the DOJ was already tracking you down!

Rella said...
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Anonymous said...

He can't help himself. He does this quite often. Controversy, then rallies his troops, then condescending to all who disagree.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:48 - Hahaha! Good one!

Rella said...

I don't think you understand what I'm asking.

Rella said...

I was terrified for a microsecond.

Anonymous said...

Wowwwwww ABB!! Stay there PLEASE!!! Way to invalidate all past or future opinions. Like someone said earlier, now I know to just skip right past your barely coherent and long-for-no-reason rants. Good riddance!

elf said...

When a woman says that they wish others could see their boyfriend or husband the way she sees him it's usually because he's an abusive jerk. She's trying to persuade.

Concerned said...

Shades Valley High School was (and may still be) a huge public school in Birmingham.
That must have been SOME LIE Davey told if it caused such a commotion!
It probably wouldn't be too hard to find someone from that year who remembers it via

Also, for a family to move in the summer before a child's senior year calls for some big motivation.
(If he was such a good baseball player, this wouldn't help him with a college scholarship, would it?)
Maybe his father's church in Birmingham couldn't get past the big ole Davey lie and fired him?
Obviously, due to the agonizing tears from the family, they weren't in Tuscaloosa for a better opportunity.
And going from Birmingham to a much smaller town wouldn't be a move up, would it?

I'm trying really hard to be thinking of things that make Davey look less guilty. Really.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get a good read on DB's educational background. Some reports say he went to Shades first and others say Tuscaloosa. Some reports say he and AB both graduated from the same college, but I thought they were 12 hours away apart while dating?

Anonymous said...

Rella, you seem to be a reasonably intelligent person; without much of an explanation on my part, I thought my post was pretty clear. To clarify, I post signing my anonymous posts as ABB. It is an anonymous poster using no initials or other identification who has been insulting and making false accusations against ME, my sons and my home. But don't you understand my response?

It doesn't matter if this person uses a name or not, their PC can still be traced just as mine could even if I used no identification at all. For your information, the PC search begins with the date and time of the offending post, going back to that individuals PC identification. There are those who perform these tasks 24/7/365, Easy for them to do. ABB

Anonymous said...

Rella, just let it go. Those of us who aren't such "smart business women" had no trouble understanding you the first time. I guess when you spend your time studying and implementing slurs (even ones people stopped using 30 years ago), you waste time better spent practicing reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Confused said
@ at 10:09 PM

He is overcompensating about his "out of control" sex drive for women because he is gay. I have also seen him make references that suggest strongly that he may have violated his wife sexually. Perhaps using deviant acts out of anger she is a woman?


Hmm, an interesting take. I feel more that he was desperate to persuade her to meet his sexual needs in the ways he wanted them met-- desperate so as to preserve the marriage and thereby his reputation.

Reputation was what he damaged at around age 17 by a "lie," from which this thread began.

His interpretation of the Song of Songs in the videos is CRASS. The crassness stems from some problem within Davey.

The topic as such is treated very well for those interested in easy to find online sources like Christian Woman Today, which notes, by the way, that in Ephesians 4:29, Paul says, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths." Do not indulge in coarse joking, the explication says.

"We have all been around people who can see a sexual connotation in some innocent phrase, then begin to snicker or laugh. This is wrong. However, this does not rule out sexual humor in the privacy of marriage, but rather inappropriate sexual comments in a public setting."

elf said...

Maybe the father is one who can't show his emotions in public? I've known a couple men like that, but the more quiet they get, the madder they are.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if some have seen this already but posting from my phone has been a pain. I haven't kept up this weekend so forgive me but I am interested in the case, majorly because I live in Indy. I also just saw a preview for a show called 'rich in faith'. A very attractive couple and the man seemed to preach how Davey does. They spent years working in a mega church and are now going to start their own. I know this has nothing to do with the Blackburn case but I guess I am just so surprised at how often this song is sung.

Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic, but regarding the Perry Noble twitter meltdown, this twitter parody account is pretty hilarious

Lemon said...

elf said @ 11:04 -
"When a woman says that they wish others could see their boyfriend or husband the way she sees him it's usually because he's an abusive jerk. She's trying to persuade."

"She's trying to persuade." <--- I agree.

Anonymous said...

Amanda's father seems to have quite a traditional style of preaching. Very different than Davey's style. So you have to wonder, did he see any signs? Was he okay with Davey's style of preaching (if that's what you call it)? The family seems to have spent a great deal of time together, Davey included. I noticed in one of the pictures all 3 Byars siblings are in cap and gown, with degrees. It looks to be a genuine picture, but why or how could all 3 graduate at once? Amanda and Davey's home is not large, how could Davey not think this was a crime scene? Especially since the dumb ducker left the front door unlocked. Why didn't he just get a neon sign with a big arrow pointing to their home with 'VACANCY" blinking in bright red.

Imagine, Davey walks in, sees his wife laying on the floor with blood coming out of various areas, duct tape next to her body, underwear pulled off and shirt pulled up and he calls 911 and acts clueless? Check out Davey's training video for the daycare, he knows what is what, no one can be that stupid at his age. And the cigar package is just a little too convenient. Anyone past the age of 10 knows DNA, there are just too many crime programs on tv to be that naive. We've got the cigar package left conveniently, most likely dna left on the duct tape, dna left on the underwear, dna left in the home from walking around carelessly. We have multiple security cam's not only in the neighborhood, but at the atm's as well. All this evidence, yet all law enforcement releases is a grainy picture showing the backside of what appears to be a human being, despite having better pictures. Law enforcement then holds a press conference, acting a bit shaky, a bit nervous and pleads with the public for help, going so far as to come out and discuss the snitching angle.

Was Davey Blackburn caught on the neighborhood surveillance? Does the time he states he went into the home match up with a possible camera catching him? Taking one shot at that time in the morning is risky, but this guy shoots 3 times without a care in the world as to who will hear and if he'll get caught, thankfully the getaway car is ballsy enough to not have a care in the world either, doubles back and picks him up. This, by far, is the most mind screwing case I've ever read/learned about in my life. Oh yeah, and we are suppose to believe that a 110 lb, tiny framed Amanda actually charged him. Brother.

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 30 Jun 2008
I'm riding with Paul Wall . . . aka William Frist . . . in his pimp mobile . . . straight gangsta!
4:13 PM - 30 Jun 2008 · Details

Yikes. I understand this was 8 years ago but even for a 20 year old this is so immature.


Anonymous said...

Oh this gets worse. What does this reference?!

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 10 Jan 2009

Sitting by 4 lesbians (fact, not an aimless judgment) talking about orgasms . . . Church, they're talking about SEX, we gonna stay silent?
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Anonymous said...

so... the church has a store

Anonymous said...

To those of you have observed the mentor's behavior on Twitter before today:
Is this indicative of his past behavior or is it unexpected?
Is he just enjoying the attention from new people?
Are his words anything you would expect of a "church leader"?
Is there no one to whom he answers? No elders? No deacons?

Confused said...

I'm relatively new to the case and confused about whether it has somehow been substantiated whether or not Amanda could have been shot before DB left the house for his morning activities.

Folks, many times murder for hire is made to look like a robbery. For example, on 20/20 last night there was a case involving murder for hire where the guy was also shot in the head and the killer was supposed to make it look like a robbery but forgot to and left the guys wallet and watch with him.

DB may have had these "robbers" do another robbery in the area to make it look "legit" like the murder for hire was really a robbery.

Do they know who raped her?
DB talks an awful lot about how it is a woman's duty to have sex even when she is not in the mood and makes a "humorous" reference to a scene in a movie involving anal rape. He is certainly covering something with his exaggeration of how he just can't control himself, he can't go to the gym without being so tempted by all the women wearing skimpy clothes. Seriously. That such BS. Why is trying so hard to make himself look heterosexual?

For all we know he may have hired a hitman and instructed that he rape her.
This guy has no respect for women, thinks they should have sex even when they are not in the mood. Does anyone even know if she was not raped and shot before he left the house? I ask this out of ignorance.

Rella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Confused said...

Anon, you asked what does this reference pertaining to

Oh this gets worse. What does this reference?!

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 10 Jan 2009

Sitting by 4 lesbians (fact, not an aimless judgment) talking about orgasms . . . Church, they're talking about SEX, we gonna stay silent?

It sounds to me like code for something.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon at12:00 AM
More Testiphony?

I would be curious to know if the mentor trains these young men to make up tales, justifying the stories by saying it helps bring people to Jesus.
Is lying considered a sin by these people?
According to Davey's "sermon" on lying, yes.
But I wonder.

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 9 Feb 2012

A kid in my class today when he found out I'm starting a church said this, "I'm gay, so you think I'm going to Hell?" . . . Wow!
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 13 May 2008

Dude. You are so gay
1:06 PM - 13 May 2008 · Details
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we're talking about gun control in pastoral care . . . these people need Jesus
9:41 AM - 21 Apr 2008
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Anonymous said...

Law enforcement stated not enough evidence to file sexual assault charges. So if the underwear has been sent to the lab, they should be able to determine who removed them. No reference to where her pajama bottoms were, if she had any. But in one video Amanda states she gets up early every single day to do devotions or bible study with Davey. So I was thinking she was awake when whoever walked in or was awake if Davey began his roid rage that morning.

Anonymous said...

DB produced this video for NewSpring church. voice over.

"Starter Wife" has been removed from NS site.

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 20 May 2008

Road trippin' it on up to indy for a few days . . . Marriage counseling, visiting the in-laws, the usual
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 16 May 2008

We just made our first big decision together and it feels really good . . . this is going to be a great marriage!
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 16 May 2008

I think we're going to have buffalo hot wings at that big feast in heaven . . . religionese calls it the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 15 May 2008

Amanda prayed over me this morning for my leadership in ministry and in our marriage . . . probably the most moving thing I have ever ex ...
7:28 AM - 15 May 2008 · Details
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4 May 2008

Its sad that many people spend more time on their wedding than they do on their marriage
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Anonymous said...

HowardFrist ‏@HowardFrist 18 Sep 2008

@daveyblackburn when there is just the two of you, isn't it date night seven nights a week?
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pudge huckaby ‏@pudgehuckaby 18 Sep 2008 answer for (and no that isn't a relection of my marriage)! :)
6:13 PM - 18 Sep 2008 · Details


Anonymous said...

Been doing some digging. I don't think the mutual friend idea on FB is very valuable considering the number of people I barely know on my FB (some of whom have probably committed crimes I have no knowledge of.) Not to mention most of these kids associated with the suspects have THOUSANDS of friends on FB so it's pretty much guaranteed they don't even know half of them.

In my very humble and very novice opinion, the key to finding out what really happened doesn't lie in whether DB is gay (doubtful) or a sex addict (possibly) or even one of the worst pastors I've ever seen (definitely.) I think the key is getting "the streets" to talk. These kids are a very unfortunate product of their environment. This does not excuse what they did and they should be punished obviously. But at the same time, I can't help but feel like if DB did in fact hire out for ABs murder, it kind of makes me sick he exploited the hell out of these kids. It's pretty obvious that it would be cheap labor or he would have hired someone more competent. If I were a detective working this case that's exactly how I would be getting them to roll over on DB (assuming he's responsible obviously.) I have found quite a few interesting pics and associations and even a couple associated with both DB and suspects who were coincidentally in town during that time period. It may mean nothing but just more interesting coincidences. Also of note, there is quite a lot of information about JW and DG available going back years but nothing at all anywhere about LS. Does anyone have any legit background information or nickname on him? I can't find any reference to him at all. He is definitely the lesser known of the 3 around town.

Very few have commented directly on the situation but I saw this and it immediately grabbed my attention... I'm not sure who this is speaking to exactly. Could be DB or LS or whoever the higher up "connect" person is... But I do know for certain both JW and DG were both recently released from jail so based on how we know events went down it sounds like they were definitely blindsided by what was happening that morning... This was posted on 11/25

"gm fb..i really should xpose the shit out this mf man but i ain even cut like tht they kno who they are and wat was a few screenshots away from bein xposed to fb..get off tht pedestal nd remember I KNO u ain the person u portraying to be and b4 u let dude walk in tht danger fresh out put em up on game its only fair don torch em!! lol rs tho on sauce ..."

(I can't translate if needed!! Haha!)

Confused said...

In the above video he says that the police have been given a "blank check to solve the crime".

Did he pay someone in law enforcement off?

Or is this leakage about hiring/paying a hit man?

Anonymous said...

pudge huckaby ‏@pudgehuckaby 12 May 2009

RT daveyblackburn @catpowell Davey Blackburn Daycaring Service is pretty good...Just saying (@catpowell...Idk that I'd trust this guy)! :)
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pudge huckaby ‏@pudgehuckaby 8 Mar 2009

@daveyblackburn's assistant (Dani) is going psycho on some paper cutting in the resource room. I think Davey may have upset her!! YIKES!! :)
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Rella said...

Yes I understand your post and your answer. You don't understand me. Defamation is an untruth which hurts a persons reputation/character. To everyone here, you are only any anonymous person, whose initials are said to be ABB. In order for you to be defamed, your reputation/character must be damaged. There must be some damage to your actual life, not your anonymous life. We DO NOT know who you are in life outside of this blog, so how can anything anyone says pertaining to you affect your reputation/character? It cannot.
Defamation is not a crime, it is a tort.

Anonymous said...

***can translate lol

Confused said...

Anon @ 12:18,

Thank you for the information. I wonder if there is some possibility then that the rape part of it could have been staged to make it look like intruder/rape/robbery scenario.

Anonymous said...

AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace 2 Jul 2008

Waiting for God's intervention...why is it hard to trust when he's NEVER let me down?
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 18 Aug 2008

@amandagrace convinced me that the late afternoon is our gym time . . . So we're eating a spread and drinking homemade lattes
5:17 AM - 18 Aug 2008 · Details
Hide conversation
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Confused said...

Here's a lie I caught from DB from watching different videos you guys might find interesting.

In one video he says that "it was too early to know the gender of the baby."

In the video I just watched (link above), he says in reference to the unborn baby that they were going to name HER "Edie Grace".

Why the need to lie about not knowing the gender of the baby????

Could his finding out that the baby was a girl have angered him? Since he is always trying to prove what a red-blooded man he is could it have made him feel like them conceiving a girl made him look like less of a man? There is some reason he chose to lie to one reporter saying "it was too early to find out the gender" when in fact he knew the gender and had already picked out a name.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:26
I would be very interested in hearing your translation and would love to know who posted the message and to whom it was directed.

Please post it as a separate message for Peter.

You might also phone it to the lead detective in the case at Indy PD. I forgot the name but it's near the beginning of the Probablr Cause affidavit.


Concerned said...

Rella and ABB,
Neither of you will win this and we all lose when we get away from the purpose understand and use SA.
Civil discussion makes better people out of all of us.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Canada here.
Here is my best shot at translation.

gm fb..i really should xpose the shit out this mf man but i ain even cut like tht they kno who they are and wat was a few screenshots away from bein xposed to fb..get off tht pedestal nd remember I KNO u ain the person u portraying to be and b4 u let dude walk in tht danger fresh out put em up on game its only fair don torch em!! lol rs tho on sauce ..."

Good morning, Facebook. I reallly should epose the shit out of this mother fucker man but I ain't even cut that like that. They know who they are and what was a few screenshots away from being exposed to facebook. Get off that pedestal and remember I KNOW you ain't the person you are portraying yourself to be and before you let a dude walk in that danger fresh out, put on the game. Don't torch him! Laugh out loud ....(I do not understand the last bit about sauce)

Where did you see this please?!

Anonymous said...

When Davey and his father in law give the Fox interview, the reporter asks Davey to tell us about Amanda, Davey begins with, "yeah well just like we've been saying for the last couple of weeks....." Davey getting tired of talking about Amanda already? Sure seems like it.

Confused said...

Keep in mind he was lying about how far along she was too as he said it was too early to tell the gender of the baby. However, they did know the gender and had already picked out a name.

This guy reminds me of Scott Peterson. Except I don't think Scott Peterson was gay. But very similar completely detached from any emotion, bad liars, both wives pregnant with female babies.

This guy hired a hitman and had them do a couple robberies to make it look legit. I can feel it. Who knows? Maybe he met the hitman at the gym?

I hope the detectives are still on him.

Peter, stay on him!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is another Scott Peterson!

Anonymous said...

"rs tho on the sauce" I believe is interpreted as "real serious though I've been drinking."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:01

One thing I found while surfing through the twitter account of DB and his friends from NS is the persistent use of the word "stud" to refer to a males - their friends, the young men and teens they pastor, and even baby boys. I found that disturbing. I certainly would not want my male children spending time with these men.

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 25 Jan 2009

About to top off the night with a couple of stud HS Students who are going to light up this city for Jesus!

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Canada @ 2:18 Nov. 28

You may have stumbled onto there. Many, including myself, found it odd that for all the time Larry Taylor had in the home, little of monetary value was taken (namely the Mac Book Pro). You wondered if this murder may have been arranged by someone higher in the church hierarchy.

1. The most valuable thing taken was the Macbook Pro. Unlike the robbery two doors down, Amanda's phone was left behind on her nightstand...not taken to be sold for money... an important inconsistency, being that money was given as the motive for the robbery. Amanda's credit cards were found on the living room floor. This video ( @ 5:25 shows the Blackburn's livingroom- the decorative ladder and the wall mounted flat screen TV above the fireplace. Robbers stole 4 TV's from the neighbor two door down, but left the flat screen TV?

2. Davey's pastor (Perry Noble?)and Amanda both received daily browser reports of Davey's online useage on their computers. (The Macbook Pro at home?)

3. Davey had previously offended in a way that necessitated online monitoring not just by his wife, but by his boss to protect the brand.

4. The discovery of Davey's issue, as well as the subsequent confrontation from Amanda, not only forced an admission from Davey but also forced his pastor (Noble?) to take action. Action being, to either "reassure" Amanda via the monitoring/ manipulate her (using " a Christian's responsibility to forgive" to pressure her, her "failure to meet his needs" as a stick to beat her, or "guilt" about how this would affect Resonate/the ministry/the congregation/ and make Jesus look bad). Who brokered the deal that Davey's browsing history would be monitored? Amanda to ensure accountability, as she was required to forgive him? Davey, in order to keep his position and and keep the marriage he needed (the wife Perry Noble made the condition for keeping him-that she "completed" him, could maybe keep him in check)? Perry Noble because how would it look to have one of his pastors caught in a sin?

5. What was taken in the "robbery" again?

6. Amanda was killed for a Macbook Pro + $400

7. What do these 3 things have in common? What do these 7 things have common? ;)

8. Davey's gun waving worry shooting sermon on Sunday, Nov. 8th? daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 7 If you have ever struggled w/ worry, anxiety or stress, make it a priority to be @resonateindy tomorrow! We're waging war on worry! #Strings Note the thing that worry him: finances, his children (he also mentions a medical bill and "your job").

9. Davey attributes Amanda's journal entry just a few days before she was killed as "We don't know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future and that's Jesus.". He couples that statement with "she was going through an emotional time".

10. What do Amanda and the Macbook Pro have in common? What went away on November 10th? Amanda, the Macbook Pro, and the evidence/witness to Davey's issue if Amanda had recently caught him doing something on the Macbook Pro or skirting the reporting. Remebr his comment in the October Q & A's about knowing how to get around the browsing history.

11. Who else would know what might have been caught by the browser's history or circumvented by a tech savvy guy?

Anonymous said...

In fact, it appears that his best friend KW is referring to DB as a stud here...

Kenneth Wagner ‏@kennethwagner 31 Mar 2011

Checking out @daveyblackburn speaking at Fuse* and my boy is still wearing his UNI+ED wristband! What a STUD!! Repping UNI+ED!


Anonymous said...

Translation :

Good morning Facebook. I really should expose this
man but I'm not even that type of person (aint even cut like that.)
They know who they are and that they were close to being
exposed from some screenshots. Get off that
pedestal and remember that I KNOW you are not
the person you portray yourself to be and
you should have told him (put up on game) that he was about to
walk into a dangerous situation since he had
just gotten out of jail (fresh out) but you set him up (torch
em) rs=real shit and on sauce just pretty much means on God or swear to

On one hand, because of the pedestal comment I can see this directed at DB but on the other hand, how would DB know who was "fresh out?" Unless he did somehow.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the analysis. Do we know if the PD is still investigating? I hope you send along these thoughts. I would also like to know if the 911 tapes have been FOI'd by news media or others. Family members can file a Freedom of Information Act for them.
I hope LE is scrutinizing this case (maybe even reading this) so Amanda can have the justice she deserves.


Anonymous said...

It was from Facebook. Persons name was "Zay Motive" (obviously a nickname) and he appears to be close with DG and possibly JW but again, no mention of LS ANYWHERE! Which is just odd to me. Very few 18 year olds have no social media anywhere. I just hope that if DB is responsible they don't allow him to get away with it due to some dumb "code of silence" garbage. Hopefully they see that they have been exploited and used and discarded just like AB was. So sad.

Anonymous said...

After seeing all 3 suspect mugshots, who exactly were police referring to when they put the bolo out for a "light skinned" african american? Wasn't any of these three, so who or what exactly were they looking at?

Anonymous said...

This case is going to get very interesting. The surveillance tapes will be key. Why didn't law enforcement release better pictures to the public? They said they knew who the suspect was from the surveillance, so why didn't they release that to the public almost immediately after clearing Davey 100%? That's quite reckless to let the public walk amongst such brutal criminals, yet they took the risk? Also, deliberately describing the suspect as light skinned, when in fact the 3 in custody have dark skin. Just what the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1:32 ... According to them it would have had to be LS but he is quite obviously not lightskinned and on top of that they later said he was walking down the street with a shirt over his face so they really couldnt have known.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:18
Alonzo Duguoise Bull could be the one referenced in the FB post.
Wasn't he the one talking to the thugs 3 times on the phone and insisting that they go back and pick up Taylor?
His wife, Donae Mitchell speaks of Alonzo cleaning up his act and being all about God now. His photos don't exactly look like a former gangbanger but like a current gangbanger! And she has a house and a good life for his/her new baby now. She's 17.

Anonymous said...

""Davey could not be connected to the shooter because.. far as murder plots go, this one is really shoddy. Most people know that the "husband did it" in all but the rarest of cases. Blackburn is supposed to be smart. So, if he wanted his wife dead he would have orchestrated a much simpler, yet smarter plan to have her murdered outside of the home, thereby increasing the likelihood that her murder would be viewed as a random (yet still shocking) event. For instance, a drive-by shooting while she was walking to church or something similar."

What say you, Peter?


Anonymous said...

I wonder what it says about me that I have a harder time believing that these 3 kids were on some murderous raping rampage than I do believing DB had his wife killed. I have had more than enough experience with the 3 suspects in custody's way of life than I'd like to admit and I can totally believe they were the type to have robbed people. No doubt about it. Its not ok, I don't condone it, and they deserve to be punished. But I just find it highly unlikely LS was really gung ho about killing somebody. Most of these "gangs" are not as organized and put together as people give them credit for. This is not the mafia. Some gangs are of course, but these seem like the typical group of bad parentless kids trying to act hard and flash money and guns, sell a few drugs and steal a few TV's and give themselves a "cool" name like "kilt gang." Im not saying they aren't dangerous in some way but this isn't Compton. Its not the Crips or Bloods. They are not sophisticated or educated and unfortunately they grew up without much hope of becoming much else. It looks like an unbelievable amount of their friends and family are incarcerated or dead. They are just trying to survive at this point. Most gang members end up killing other gang members just like most pregnant women are killed by their spouses. There are exceptions but I'd be shocked to find out this is one of the exceptions.

Confused said...


Could he have been caught looking at child porn?
Who knows if the thieves even took the Macbook...maybe he did before the robbery and threw it in a lake or something or he could have instructed "robbers" to take it.
Could he have done something molesterish that forced his family to move when he was in high school?

Perhaps his constant reiteration that he is attracted to every woman that walks by could be to convince people that he is attracted to adults. This is purely speculation.

Also...there is sensitivity surrounding the state of Amanda's pregnancy. Why did he lie about how far along she was and also lie about not knowing the gender when they actually knew the baby was a girl and had already been named? There is also sensitivity surrounding a "medical bill". Is there any possibility he had forced Amanda to have an abortion and was then afraid the congregation would find out?

Anonymous said...

Note: Tomorrow I'm going to open a google account so I won't be posting under "anonymous" and signing off with my name. It's something other SA fans might want to consider, too. Because there's nothing stopping other people from trying to impersonate you on this forum and given the amount of trolling going on it's inevitable. In fact, I suspect a recent post by "ABB" was not him at all.


Anonymous said...

Another thing..We should try really hard NOT to let those who come here to disrupt SA and it's goals get what they want. This page is getting a lot of views and the more time we spend addressing personal attacks and arguing off topic, the more successful Blackburn's supporters will be in derailing the conversation.


Anonymous said...

@Anon at 1:40 yes I thought that too and it makes sense. If I could just find out how they know LS it would all make more sense to me I think. He just doesn't seem to fit in there right now. I've seen "free DW" and "free JW" (with their nicknames, not initials lol) but nothing about LS. It makes sense to me that LS was sent to do a "job" and didn't wanna go alone for whatever reason so someone (who is key) tells JW and GD to go along but doesn't tell them what the end result with be (AB getting killed.) Maybe LS did say something at the first house about wanting to kill that lady just testing the other 2 out to see what they would say. I don't know but either way, it seems to me that LS was determined to kill AB and the other 2 wanted no part of it so they left. Maybe it was Bull who told them about this "job opportunity" but he didn't want to get involved now that he has his little family.

Concerned said...

So from the Pajama Pages we know that the mother "church" comes down hard on people who criticize them
in that "whatever it takes" way they have of doing religion. They worked hard at destroying the reputation and the family life of the PP blog's owner. They settled his lawsuit out of court after fighting it for a number of years. PN blamed it on a man on the security staff. I think his name was Maxwell but you can read about it at pajama

So would it be expected or unexpected for The Mentor to hire more of the security man's ilk, those who would supposedly on their own do "whatever it takes"?
Is it too far to make the leap that someone at headquarters learned from DB that Amanda was about to make some noise about him and bring down the "church" plant, therefore damaging the Brand?
Can't have that! Do what you have to do so the best can come for the mentor and the Brand.

I've been trying to think through how it might have played out that Davey had to have his Internet views monitored.
It stands to reason that Amanda caught him viewing porn...walked in? Checked his hard drive when he was away?
She threatened to out him to the mentor? She DID out him to the mentor, threatening to leave if he couldn't prove that he stopped looking? Davey and the mentor put their heads together and came up with the monitoring schtick which Davey, himself, snickered and said you could get around?

So maybe this time Amanda caught him at something affair with Meg, the babysitter? Someone said last night that Amanda stopped posting on Facebook on August 1. On August 2, Meg announced on Twitter that she had to move and needed money so was selling everything on her Etsy shop for $5.

Not exactly moving suspicion away from DB here but maybe someone will do that tomorrow.
We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Confused said...

Foolsfeedonfolly, at at 1:49 AM

Also...there is sensitivity surrounding the state of Amanda's pregnancy. Why did he lie about how far along she was and also lie about not knowing the gender when they actually knew the baby was a girl and had already been named?
November 29, 2015 at 1:49 AM

I doubt they knew the gender. How many sources except Davey say the baby was a girl? Does anyone say Amanda told them this?

DB has said he and Amanda had already named the unborn child Everett Grace and looked forward to calling her Evie. I seem to recall video of him holding an ultrasound slide. Anyone else see it?

The first fetal age mentioned was 12 weeks. Then someone speaking for Amanda's family, and also the coroner, told CNN that Amanda was 13 weeks pregnant. This age applies to the time of the murder, some time after the pregnancy was announced to family and friends.

Traditionally, gender of a fetus is determined by ultrasound somewhere between 18 and 26 weeks.

In 2011 a new blood test, free DNA screening, was announced for determining gender much earlier, at 7 weeks. It was touted as useful for special cases.

Some Midwest clinics advertise gender determination at 14 weeks.

In 2011 a study in China assessed fetal gender screening by ultrasound at 11 to 13(+6) weeks. Accuracy increased with gestational age, "from 71.9% at 11 weeks, 92% at 12 weeks, and 98.3% at 13 weeks, respectively." "At 12 weeks and over, the average ... success rate was 94.8%, with the accuracy at 13 weeks of 98.3%."

That Amanda consulted a gynecologist who agreed to do the test before 12 weeks, which according to Davey she must have done remains to be proven.

Concerned said...

Confused at 1:49
The "baby girl with a name" story from Davey smacked of "story-building" from the get-go.
Don't you see the mentor telling him how much more that would touch people than just an unnamed fetus?

Concerned said...

Davey himself said in an interview that they didn't know the baby's sex but that Amanda wanted to think it was a girl whose name would be Evie. We have nothing from Amanda that this is so. Maybe she did say it or maybe it just makes the "story" sweeter.

You know how you see cute pictures of couples letting their friends and family know they're expecting?
Not Davey about this one.
He tells it in one of the videos...the Worry one, I think. He adds something about a baby to the end of a string of worries, I think. Then he stops to see if the bums in the seats caught it...the fact that they're having a baby.
Where was Amanda, the BABY'S MOTHER, when he shared this? Such a slam!

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Tania Cadogan @ 6:34 Nov. 28th

I like your list-Well done! I enjoy your posts. Your detailed list brought a few things to mind.

You said:
1.He is jealous of the attention a dead Amanda is getting.- She actually received very little attention as he has successfully upstaged her with the funeral production, the media rounds, the over-the-top Thanksgiving tweets, and his theatrical behavior.
2. He is angry he is not the centre of attention.- Oh, but he is the center of attention by design. He's compelled to speak out at every opportunity because Amanda was getting attention. Even in death, she's taking the focus away from him and his selling his brand. Even in death, he will not share the stage with Amanda, he is so jealous of her.
3. He is angry...angry that that the worldwide audience is not buying his act. Remember his high school Junior year lie "confession"- now, just like the, he's spent years building up his reputation.
4. Amanda was sinful and deserved to be punished.- Agreed, not only did she have needs of her own, but she told his world that she didn't always want to have sex with Davey "the great" who prides himself on his "conquering".
5. He believes that god had her killed for a reason, to make him stronger perhaps?- I think he took the Strings video series a little to far- You can either have Jesus or the dream life, house, wife, kids...but not both.
6. It is a test of his faith.- Maybe not so much his faith, as his brand or perhaps his loyalty to the brand/person who gave him this golden opportunity (avg. tithe per person $25, Target goal 400 people= $10,000 tax free income- rent on the school= $6,000-$8,000 free + or - a little per Davey's own videos)
7. He is simply too broken to function normally and cannot be fixed, and, in the future will either kill or commit suicide.- Lacking empathy from Junior Year of high school to present day is a good indication he may not be able to be fixed. He's playing a dangerous game in that, being goal-driven + success-oriented + lacking empathy/compassion/conscience/absolute values and morals + his need for adoration, the bigger the prize the higher the stakes. He's a self-proclaimed risk taker...we should believe him.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you love to hear from DB's childhood friends about whether he was a liar back then?
Was his father one of the preachers who is so busy tending his flock that he doesn't discipline his own children?

If DB ends up on trial, we'll hear the answer to this. Maybe it will be the first PK (Preacher's Kid) defense!

Mdkd6262 said...

By LS are you referring to Larry Taylor?

Anonymous said...

Foolsfeedonfolly @ November 29, 2015 at 1:13 AM
Canada @ 2:18 Nov. 28

You may have stumbled onto there. Many, including myself, found it odd that for all the time Larry Taylor had in the home, little of monetary value was taken (namely the Mac Book Pro). You wondered if this murder may have been arranged by someone higher in the church hierarchy.

Yes, yes, yes.


Anonymous said...

On issue of whether DB could see the Swisher Sweet package on the kitchen counter from the living room, yes he could.

The white kitchen counter is virtually IN the living room, in line with the fire place. A white stool is placed on the living room side of it. See at 17:25 in this vimeo:



Mdkd6262 said...

In one of DB's interviews (i think it's he one at NS) he says that they didnt know the sex of the child but that they both believed it was going to be a girl and they were going to call her "Evie" short for Everette Grace then he awkwardly clarifies that he is actually the one who decided to give her the middle name of Grace posthumously so she would have "a little piece" of Amanda... at which point he attempted to insert that feigned facial expression of emotion that is nauseating to watch

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Foolsfeedonfolly said...
November 29, 2015 at 2:23 AM the future will either kill or commit suicide.-

Meanwhile he's "shepherding" a 15 month old child.


Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that Davey sexually assaulted Amanda after the murder, before the 911 call and the assault seemed fresh, perhaps the dna came back as Davey's and that is why there was so much confusion regarding the sexual assault. Are forensics able to approximate a time to when a rape/assault took place? So much confusion over the sexual assault charges being dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Yes! LS should be LT!! Idk what I was thinking. And, as far as the ATM issue and the issue of nothing much being taken from the Blackburns, I can see it going either way. It may even be a pretty good clue. On one hand, LT may have given the card to them to get them out of there so he could finish the original plan to shoot AB. Most people don't have cash on hand these days. But now that I think about it, he may have stayed there until they were done so that she couldn't call and report it stolen before they could get to the ATM. He would have to keep her alive to get the PIN and make sure it worked but also prevent her from calling the police as soon as they left. Obviously JW and DG knew AB was shot before they returned to pick up LT which is why they didn't want to go back. LT couldn't walk down the street carrying TV's or anything. Although, it is odd that they only took the one card. Does anyone know what time the ATM transactions took place? I would assume he wouldn't have shot AB before confirming the transactions had went thru successfully.

I suppose maybe this is what Peter was looking for when he asked in what possible scenarios would DB be innocent. It still doesn't explain how they just so happened to pick that particular house down the street whose owner wasn't home at that particular time and on that particular day that DB didn't lock the door and stayed on the phone for an hour in the driveway... I still can't get past the coincidences.

Anonymous said...

Now that I think about it, that would also have to mean LT was determined to kill someone. He had duct tape and a gun. He could have covered his face and/or hers so that she couldn't recognize him. Could have threatened her with the gun and subdued her with the duct tape if needed. I don't know about you guys, but if I'm home alone with my child and some crazy people bust in my house waving guns I'm doing every thing they ask no questions. I highly doubt she "charged" at him and he was worried about DNA from scratches. He was covered from head to toe with a coat and jeans and likely a shirt covering his face. Not to mention, if he was worried about DNA he wouldn't have attempted to sexually assault her, either.

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody from Indy here who recognizes the location in these photos?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said
November 29, 2015 at 3:33 AM

Elegant scenario but to me it doesn't explain why they took only the one debit card. Nor why the 2 who left didn't take other stuff with them. Bad planning? Failure to foresee that LT would shoot Amanda?

I doubt they expected they'd go back in for more. So why not take the credits cards?

Why didn't they go upstairs to search for valuables? They went to the bedside of the woman (asleep) in their first hit, and took her pearls.

Anonymous said...

"capped off a 6th grader in the back, threw his body in the dumpster...."

29 min in.


Anonymous said...

It is painful to watch a husband not showing empathy, love, anger and pain in this situation.
It is confusing to see a man forgiving and accepting a violent crime on his family, this fast.
It is scary to see a church requiring, showing and teaching its members to skip the grieving process completely after a loss.

Mdkd6262 said...

The timeline is very suspicious. I went to the probable cause document:

3:30 - LT, JW, DG head out to commit burglaries
4:30 - Burglary #1 victim notices missing cell phone & other missing items
4:36 - JW cell calls DG cell
4:40 - cell phone tower hit at E 56th & I465 (near 1st burglary)
5:23 - Calls 911 (why did she wait nearly an hour to call authorities??)
5:36 - security system at burglary #2 is disarmed (how did they know to do this if it was a random choice)
6:11 - DB leaves for gym
6:25 - Cell tower places them on Sunnyfield Ct
6:36 - ATM #1 denied at 6881 Michigan Rd
6:39 - Cell tower hit places phone- Michigan Rd
6:40-6:45 - 2 shots & scream heard by neighbor
6:54 - ATM #2 (confirmed by cell tower)
7:05 - neighbor sees male walking N on Summeadow Way
6:38-7:10 - LT's phone on Sunnyfield per tower
7:10 - DB leaves gym
7:10-7:11 - another neighbor sees male on Summeadow Way & Sebring stop to get him

-why would burglars spend a total of nearly one & half hours (5:36-7:10) in the very back of a cul-de-sac that is an off-shoot of a relatively discreet location roadwise - if you google their address it's off 42nd st and makes no sense why they would choose this location randomly

-MacBook stolen from ALL THREE burglaries
(Probably not a coincident!- begs the question what was on that Mac laptop?)

-why would they "disable" the camera system at the 1st burglary & not destroy it and/or take it with them as opposed to instead contemplating killing a sleeping resident - makes no sense

-the fact that they immediately disabled the security system at DB's neighbor's house, loaded up 4 TV's etc, drank beer & wine and took oranges wreaks of a planned hit in which they had inside info on the security system & were confident the neighbor wouldnt be home until a certain time

-and very disturbingly we see that AB was shot approx 4 min after the 1st failed ATM attempt but a full 10 minutes prior to the 2nd ATM attempt. Why would they kill her prior to the next ATM attempt? I find it hard to believe his story that he shot her because she was charging at him - doesn't pass the sniff test - none of this does

-DB left the gym at exactly the same time that they were exiting his subdivision - what are the odds of that????

Mdkd6262 said...

And why would you take duct tape and Swisher Sweets to a random burglary unless you planned to be there for longer than it takes to buglarize the place... I have never seen or heard of burglars to spend that much time hanging out at the scene of a burglary... An hour & a half is a VERY LONG TIME to be loitering in the back of a cul-de-sac in a very highly occupied neighborhood on a weekday in the primetime of people going to work/school etc... what would motivate a criminal to take that kind of risk?

YoMa said...

The Facebook connection is not impressive. John Allen Paulos, in his book "Innumerancy", speaks of how most people underestimate how probable it is that strangers will be closely linked:
"If we assume each of the approximately 200 million adults in the United States knows about 1,500 people, and that these 1,500 people are reasonably spread out around the country, then the probability is...more than ninety-nine in a hundred that they will be linked by a chain of two intermediates."

Anonymous said...

Mdkd6262 said...@ 5:27 AM

He/they might carry Swisher Sweets all the time, but I agree with re: the duct tape.

YoMa said...
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YoMa said...
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Anonymous said...

Mdkd6262 said... at at 5:27 AM

6:36 - ATM #1 denied at 6881 Michigan Rd
6:39 - Cell tower hit places phone- Michigan Rd
6:40-6:45 - 2 shots & scream heard by neighbor

-and very disturbingly we see that AB was shot approx 4 min after the 1st failed ATM attempt but a full 10 minutes prior to the 2nd ATM attempt. Why would they kill her prior to the next ATM attempt?
When the 1st ATM denied them cash, did they assume Ab had given them the wrong code? LT says she lunged at him. What if on the contrary he went at her to punish her for giving the "wrong code" and threatened her with more violence?


Anonymous said...

YoMa 6:21 AM

Hmm, mine are once. Didi you delete a duplicate? I was trying to remember which one was gone.

Anonymous said...

People have asked if DB had Amanda's diary with him in any interviews. I was sure he did. Here it is in his interview with Indianapolis channel 13 TV 8, pt 1 minutes in.

He had the corner of the page he wanted to read (her last entry) turned down -- no bookmark for Davey -- turned. He bent the journal back on itself. He could care if it f fall apart long before Weston is old enough to read it. What an incredible tear-jerking hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

anon at 6.50am

*8 minutes in

YoMa said...

Yes I deleted several duplicates. I'm only hitting the publish button once. Weird.

Anonymous said...

This scares me.

YoMa said...

Yes I deleted several duplicates. I'm only hitting the publish button once. Weird.

Anonymous said...

MdKd, you make some very good observations, all authentic and questionable. It disturbs me that LE had not looked into a single one of these, or anything else at the scene of the crime, concerning the actions and words of Davey Blackburn before making their announcement that he was 100% cleared of any involvement that same day. They even allowed him to have the home scrubbed and all evidence disposed of the next day after the crime. Poor Amanda; the primary guilty party(s) walk free?

I'm becoming convinced there is something wrong with this investigation that will never be resolved. Why? Who in LE is tight buddies with someone who is connected with Davey Blackburn, or possibly Davey himself? It seems very strange to me too, that Nancy disGrace would not touch this investigation after the second day. Who sucked up and warned her, hands off? IMO, somebody did.

Anybody who believes that she does not get involved in LE conspiracies, protecting her little buddies, is way wrong. I watched her do it with Sheriff Hardy and Ronald Cummings in the Haleigh Cummings case, all lovey-dovey and sucky up with them, thrilled to blame it all on Misty Croslin while helping them cover it up by not investigating anyone else who lied. It was disgusting to watch, knowing Cummings and certain members of his family WAS involved. Nancy protects her LE buddies.

What we need is for a high spirited media hound to get behind the scenes and expose these religious big money-making cult-like scams and their leaders and bring them down, in the process rooting out Amanda's obviously conspired and carried out murder; like they did in uncovering the pedophile and porn practices of Josh Dugger and the Duggar families' religious practices and their money making tv show.

At this point I don't see one thing happening, do you or anyone else? We have heard that old story many times before, that LE is holding it close to the vest and quietly investigating behind the scenes. Oh? In not a single one of those prior cases have they ever made any arrests of the murderers of so many that we knew were guilty and so did they. IMO, they aren't doing diddly now and don't intend too. Got any proof they are? I'd sure like to see it. ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB, I hope you're wrong. What you describe just is so demoralizing/depressing. I'm gonna wait & see what happens, and hopefully you will be proven wrong, at least in the AB case.

Unknown said...

Last line:

"rs tho on sauce..."

= real shit though, on sauce (drunk/f'd up)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Davey is back in Indy or back in his role as lead pastor?

Anonymous said...

The LIE, and what can a teenager who's a junior in high school do to have such an impact?

I have a friend who got caught in a cheating scandal with another student in his junior year of high school. He was also into some 'recreational activities' (aka pot & coke), and his parents moved him from the (private & religious) school to another state and a public school. I don't think it really impacted the faculty or the student body to any great extent. My friend still has many connections to his former hometown, classmates and school. It's not like he was Idi Amin, or something. Kids move on and teachers see all types in their profession. There were additional reasons for his family's move.

DB and his great LIE... I think HE thinks his "lie" had a great impact, because he himself relies on his image and believes his own hype. I think the "lie" was something small and he conflated it in his mind to feed his narcissism. It's all image for him. There's nothing of substance (spritual, emotional) behind his facade of hipster-preacher posting-on-IG. DB is a grifter, and will use anything or anyone to further his cause and himself. He himself tells us what he's all about: "whatever it takes".

OT - I'm curious- what is he on the Myers-Briggs personality chart? ESTJ?

Anonymous said...

More good posts. I hope you're right, Anon @ 8:16. I'd rather be wrong than right in this case. But I ask, where's the beef? Is that a cha-ching I'm hearing in the distance? Sure sounds like it to me. But again, I hope I'm wrong.

Movin' on, don't need to be wasting more time falling into bickering with some low mentality or others void of understanding. Got way better things I could be doing. Have a good day all... and I mean that. ABB

Anonymous said...

DB got some kind of a stipend to begin this Resonate "church" what - two years ago? His numbers are really low: 21 MS and HS kids in a youth group? That is unimpressive. Little more than 100 ppl coming to "worship" despite all the relentless marketing and freebies? Thats a tiny congregation.

twitter feed from last week....looks like friends are still pinch hitting for him, Would make sense for the grieving widower or for someone who has tarnished the brand....

Resonate Church ‏@resonateindy Nov 22
Today we saw 130 people attend church and 6 of those people meet Jesus! Thank you @kalebcarlwhite for coming to spe…

I am wondering if PN was unhappy with DB's numbers, considering the sizable investment in this franchise. worried about DB's pinky online habits, worried that AB was going to blow the cover on something, if at least a lousy marriage?


Anonymous said...

Another way of saying "I told a lie" is to say "I created a deception" which could include things like academic cheating, falsely accusing someone of something, sending a destructive anonymous letter, calling in a bomb threat.... the list could go on and on.

Carnival Barker said...

I know DB said that he and Amanda did marriage counseling for others (YIKES!), so I'm wondering if he ever did any counseling in youth detention centers or prisons?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention 'where's the beef,' ABB, especially when Peter is getting drawn into this religious/political/hiring practice.

What did become of the elderly owners of Wendy's? One decapitated, but what about the woman?

Where's the money?

Anonymous said...

He vacuumed. He left.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousNovember 29, 2015 at 10:15 AM

I'm incline to believe this theory too. PN was not happy with the growth on his investment after two years; there are no profits, but plenty of expenses that included another BABY.

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing I'd like to add before heading off in a different direction: Ref Daveys disappointing 'numbers' in his low producing church despite his blatant sex show and tell; I'd like to mention that I don't see how he ever expected to make it big in a university setting in the first place.

Success to business is measured on location, location, location. Even highly successful chains will not locate in certain areas, or on certain streets; or sometimes they will locate one block further down the street but across the street, having done traffic studies showing that the location on the other side of the street will fail.

Preacher Nobel and his high flying success story has supposedly set up and funded four, count'em, FOUR, of these similar sex-run-rampant church settings in college and/or university areas? For all his 'success' what the heck was this madman thinking?

It is a known fact that students are notoriously broke and struggling, many working part time jobs but mostly with their parents funding their education and upkeep. How the heck does preacher Nobel expect that these broke students could ever keep up, support, and add much $ to the take, or that they will run flocking to these services when they are beat up with exhaustion from a hard week and after partying on Saturday nights; or that they are even interested in finding Jesus?

Does he honestly think that their parents will send them extra money every week for the kitty intake over at the sex preaching church? Duh...! Not when many college-kid parents are struggling and basically broke themselves.

Preacher Nobel needs to count his blessings that he was ever successful in his own location rather than trying to grab for more more more and in the process blowing more money. Idiot let power thirst get to his stupid head. Just my opinion. ABB

BallBounces said...


This word is used in the Noble/Blackburn churches as an intensifier, similar to the way we use the term crazy-busy -- it does not necessarily have any mental connotation. It is usually used as a light-hearted, positive term. As I recall, Davey called his son Weston crazy something, and Amanda too. He uses the word on his 2006-7 blog. So, one must take into account how the word is used in his circles. Noble may have been referring to something like excessive zeal and how Amanda grounded Davey.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:05

It's not a church in the traditional definition: PN's "church" is a cult.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:01, I can't answer that question but I can find out and get back to you on it. Possibly not today, but I will. Okay then? ABB

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is particularly striking to delete comments which are directed to a commentator who displays obvious mental illness. It is sad to see some deliberately provoke one in this state. It is cruel and distinctly lacking in human empathy especially when the critic displays knowledge of the mental illness yet still is proactive. I hope Google spam will quickly learn the IP and filter all future posts.

Next up I will present arguments of the position that the husband of murder victim Amanda Blackburn could not have association with those under arrest.

I have taken note of those who have stated this position and request one more time that if you hold this, post now WHY you believe this.

Thank you.

Peter Hyatt

Anonymous said...

Church or cult following, it still takes numbers and money to run it, even in a rented school space, and I just don't see that happening in a university setting over the long haul, nor do I perceive this as ever being a money maker.

OF the type crowd he is trying to lure in, the money just isn't there. Of the marriage counseling Davey had been attempting to perform, free of course; there's no money involved in that either, nor are any of the other free services they provide, so they'd have to be making money from their video and book sales.

At what percentage after costs? Whose to supposed to pay for those, broke students? I'd be surprised if Davey was even pulling in enough money to keep up with the rent.

The bottom dollar is the bottom line. Again, where's the beef? ABB

JJBB said...

Where was it reported or written (say, by Amanda on her Twitter, etc.) that Amanda wanted to leave her marriage?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I am going to address the differences (plural) between genuine differences in opinion and understanding versus Deception Indicated where one

Gives his reason for assertion where he reveals knowledge that he is aware that his viewpoint is not true, but maintains it because it serves a purpose.

This is not a mistake due to ignorance but a deliberate linguistic violence to further a cause.

It is in politics often but it is in the words of DB's mentor.

He has 16,000 in attendance. It is very unlikely that he can be reasoned with. The overwhelming "success" is a result of doing and saying "whatever it takes" ideology.

This morning I attended a church that had 10 people in attendance.

The hymns came from
1. Lutheran minister 1630. Germany

2. Anglican Priest 1834. UK

3. Congregational Minister 1850 USA

Lots of difference represented there. Honest differences exist.

I speak of deception which must always have intent to discern

If you believe my car is blue when it's really red you are not lying in your assertion.

Lie Detection focuses upon intention


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:30 - ABB

I agree with you on numbers/money maker aspect. Broke students, or even broke millenniums... It's also tax exempt.

I think AB was keeping the *household* afloat (somewhat) with her biz.

Sus said...

I'm a bit confused on what you want. Maybe I'm confused on how I see it.

I'm in agreement with your detective group. DB is one lucky husband if he had nothing to do with it. In other words, I'm having trouble letting go of his pre-murder actions and language.

I know that DB is a narcissist. He would employ manipulative tactics. He stated he is a risk taker. I think he may have taken risks with his families safety, and gone so far as to put a bug in someone's ear about robbing his neighborhood. I'd have to go back and look at his comments on the neighbors. Maybe his language reveals it there.

I think he wants trauma and trajedy to feel. He sees it in other people and has no idea what it is, thus the WE.

Tania Cadogan said...

"I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach. I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands. I had never felt so alone and empty. Even my friends didn't look at me the same after that. They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk. It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents.

But, to be honest with you. I wouldn't change that situation if I could, because that situation taught me that I can't get away with lies, I can't get away with sin, and it has partially made me into who I am today. Here are three things the Bible points out that we have to do when confronted with sin in our life and the consequences of that sin..."

I note he talks about teachers,the faculty at the school (both plural)and then he specifies his baseball coach (singular)

Was his baseball coach separate from the school and the faculty?
If not, then why single out his baseball coach?
If so, is the lie related to sport?

It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents.
Order is important, here we have him taking ownership with myteachers and also my parents, and a dropped pronoun in relation to friends.
Did he have few if any friends?
Was the serious lie something to do with his friends?

What could be so bad that it affected his reputation with so many people?
From his own words it makes me think something sexual.
Given he is so open about his sex life with his wife, why minimise and call what he did a serious lie?
Wouldn't his normal response be to say what he did and how he changed his life around given he is so narcissistic?
What life did he profess in high school?
What was he doing to build up his reputation?He spoke first about a serious lie, then later tells us he can't get away with lies.
He than introduces new language:I can't get away with sin which would cause me to wonder what sin he committed.
He then tells us that what he did partially made me into who I am today
What is he today?
Obsessed with sex, a narcissist,fixated on numbers of bums on seats, saved souls, money.
Did he commit a sex crime of some kind?
Is he bisexual or gay?
Either would affect his reputation in the school if it was faith based, it would also affect the reputation of his parents. it would also cost him friends if he professed to being christian and hating on gays and then is found to be gay/bisexual.

But, to be honest with you.
The word "but" should always be observed carefully, particularly observing the words that follow the word "but" in comparison to what preceded it. It can refute what preceded it, or can be used to compare, or even negate what preceded it.
When someone says to be honest with you
They have not been honest previously.
Is he lying about the whole thing (creating a false reality)
is he lying about the lie being serious?
Is he lying about the number of people affected by his lie?

The latter would fit in with his own perception of himself.
The world revolves around him, he is the centre of his own universe.

He reminded me of the character Arty Ziff from The Simpsons, when he took Marge to the prom and then groped her on the way home.
He told Marge:
Marge, I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about my busy hands. Not so much for myself, but I am so respected, it would damage the town to hear it.

Anonymous said...

@ Tania 11:45


Anonymous said...

I don't see how anyone could have much of an argument that the husband of Amanda Blackburn could not have association with those under arrest. Too little information.

JJBB said...

This discussion seems to be getting off the rails now. "Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar." "Amanda wanted to leave her marriage." Quite honestly, even speculating on what someone wrote as a 19/20-year-old about his high school days is reaching considering the time that has gone by. The analysis is now based on something DB said 10 years ago?

I think this is moving from analysis of pertinent statements (like the ones DB would have made recently) to pure speculation.

"Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar." This with no qualifiers? Talk about slander. And, what is the point of this statement, exactly?

Personally, I think DB is guilty, but not because there's any evidence or indication of some secret during his high school days and not because his brand of Christianity is not "authentic. The only things that are relevant are what he did, where he was, how his language/statements might be clues into his involvement with the murder, for example. The fact that his religious views are cult-like is not relevant unless it's relevant to his motivation for the crime! How he interprets the word of god is just not a factor.....HIs preaching about sex in church is disgusting to me, but his interpretation of the bible is not relevant to his guilt or innocence in the murder of his wife. If he used religion as a way to justify his crime--okay. But, judging whether or not he got the bible "right" does not matter. The discussion has gone off into these areas at some points (ie: he is a demon! LOL).

I feel that this last analysis by Peter is too far removed from the present and from the details of Amanda Blackburn's life and murder. DB did not even know Amanda in high school, etc. I'd like to see a quote where Amanda Blackburn says she wanted to leave her husband.

This blog was interesting for a time. I think I'm done here. I am going back to the news coverage and law enforcement statements to get updates on this case.

Lis said...

I think it's strange that he makes such a big deal out of this lie and it's repercussions without saying what it was.

Lis said...

JJBB, Hillary Clinton has been the subject of analysis in the past on this blog, you could probably look those articles up. (It would be nice to have a search box on the blog but google works, search for the term you want and add after your term.)

Analysis of the lying sermon (as well as other past sermons) heps establish the character of the person, as to what is his normal level of truthfulness and how he normally communicates.

People are speculating on what the lie was. I can't speculate on that. If I was to guess, I would probably lean towards it being a composite of sorts that sounded good in a sermon.

Anonymous said...

I think that FB message is to Alonzo. He seems to have orchestrated and directed. I actually think it's him and not LT that was with the other 2 and was the one left at the house and seen walking (light complexion, scrawney little S/#! wearing his own $300 pele pele jacket (he wouldn't have lent this to someone to go out and be seen on video with his trademark jacket). I believe his gf is a victim she is still as a missing child. I don't think gf was willing to go so far as lie and say she heard LT confess. Affadavit says and POSSIBLY(black out) heard.
On a pedestal remark =gf is now portraying him as some godly family man and he appearing to walk away scott free.
Can only hope reference to screenshots are pics of him as one of the duped chumps getting dunked at that "church" or some other obvious connection.

I think he took his 2 buddies with him to fill the grocery list of items he was to do. There is a pretty good chance JW and DG were clueless as to end goal and LT wasn't even there. Last thing the kid remembers was going to see a guy named Cheese. There is a wicked street drug called "cheese" or "crunk" that is black tar heroin mixed with Tylenol PM and can cause total amnesia. I don't think the gangstas are upset about him being set up/framed but they are furious that AB did this to their homies.KK

Sus said...

I believe the detectives did a nice job solving who the burglars were. They worked hard at a tireless job.

For those of you have have never looked through the Facebooks of this crew and their friends, take a gander. Or go through any street gangs. Their daily lives consist of getting money, money, and more money, They need money to wear the latest shoes and brand name clothes. It's all about appearance or cred.

These are the kids I used to teach. Not these, but ones just like them. For someone to be talking (the CI) he's telling the story that's going to make him safe in prison and on the streets.

I figure the CI is Gordan. He's good friends with Alonzo Bull. They left from Bulls house to begin the burglaries. They called Bull throughout. Bull told them to go back and get the shooter, Taylor.

Detectives recovered the gun and the jacket Taylor was wearing from Bull's home. It was Bull's He loans it to Taylor sometimes. Bull got out of prison last month. And something keeps running through my mind. Bull is about 5'4" and light skinned. Makes me wonder about Gordan's story.

CJ said...

This news item ran a few days ago. The PC states that all three suspects spent the night before Amanda's murder with Alonzo Bull and a woman residing at an apartment on Brendon Way West Drive, which appears to be in the vicinity (if not the actual complex) of these crimes.
INDIANAPOLIS -- A crime alert has been issued for residents who live on the far northeast side.

In the past week, residents living at the Cottages at Fall Creek near 56th Street and Brendon Way have reported 25 burglaries to police.

But Metro Police suspect the number of break-ins is much higher. Officers assigned to the zone say the number could be much higher after speaking with several residents who failed to report them to police.

And if residents haven't personally been a victim of a burglary, they know someone who has.

Police believe the thief or thieves live close to the apartments and that they know the people's habits and when they are away.

And two of the suspects charged in the murder of Amanda Blackburn are also charged with burglarizing an apartment occupied by a resident of Cottages of Fall Creek the morning of the killing.

VLW said...

I haven't been following this story, so I need a little help getting the background. Where are the references to Amanda being unhappy in her marriage located so I can read/hear them? As a Christian myself, I'm hoping this pastor is not guilty, even though his slickly-packaged presentation of the gospel is distasteful to me, but I'm open to considering the evidence.

Carnival Barker said...

@ CJ,

If they lived in the vicinity of the Blackburns and knew that area, what's the reason for driving 25 minutes to an ATM that was less than a minute from Davey's church?

Sus said...

Typed at the same time, and we are thinking the same thing. LE has said there may be more arrests. Maybe they'll get Bull's DNA somewhere, like in the Blackburn house. Good point on cheese.

Anonymous said...


The suspects lived or spent the night in the vicinity of the very FIRST robbery of the morning,and this is also where the rash of burglaries cited by CJ had been occurring (northeast side of town). The Blackburn's subdivision and the two ATMs are on the west side. See link to map below:


Carnival Barker said...


Thank you for the correction, I did misread what CJ wrote.

It still doesn't explain why they passed 30+ Chase ATMs (not to mentioned how many countless other banks) to get to the very one that is closest to Resonate Church. In fact, if you do a search from the church's address, it is the very first location that comes up that has an ATM only.

Carnival Barker said...

In skimming through the Probable Cause affidavit, I just noticed something else I found interesting. They only took that one debit card, but left other debit cards in her wallet. I wonder why just that specific one was taken. Now I'm wondering if maybe that was Resonate's debit card. That could explain a staged robbery for another reason and DB leaking guilty knowledge of some kind.

Were the Resonate financials already showing (or about to show) money disappearing? Maybe this really was just supposed to be a robbery to cover up some nefarious accounting and things truly did go too far. That certainly could explain DB's strange behavior afterward.

Anonymous said...

Canada here.

I really hope that LE are continuing to investigate. It is painful to consider they might consider their work done, given all the looose ends.

The fact the 911 call has not been released suggests they are still investigating. Have news outlets in INDY asked of the 911 calls? I noticed DB is fb friends with a lot of TV reporters in Indy.....

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I don't think you need to be concerned about LE not deeply investigating. Remember, they are "cops" and as such, they live by statistics and by instincts and they see patterns and they know the strong coincidental nature of this case.

The real question is to guess how many have said, "No one is this lucky!"


jenny said...

So many comments, I don't have time to read them. Sorry if this is already covered.

A situation where Davey was not responsible for Amanda's death.
It was hard for me to think this through, but I came up with this.

You know how the closer you are to something the harder it is to see? Especially if it is a loved one?

Amanda finally "saw" Davey and didn't want to be married to him anymore. She did not confess this to just anyone. She sought council from Perry Noble because he gave her and Davey lots of advice, and money to start their own church. So, surely he was looking out for the best for both of them. He probably told her to try harder. And she did.

Meanwhile, Perry Noble is thinking "if Davey and Amanda divorce, I'll never get my money back. Because without Amanda to complete him, he is just Crazy Davey. Crazy Davey could never pastor a church without Amanda."

So, PN gets a phone call from Amanda saying she can't do this marriage anymore. He orchestrates a phony break in, robbery, assault, rape and murder. It is his idea to capitalize on Amanda's death. It is the only way he gets his money back. Maybe Davey doesn't know about PN's plan, but he did know Amanda was very unhappy, and a divorce would ruin his life.

And that's how he became the luckiest little psychopath in the world.

The more I think about this, the more plausible it sounds to me. I guess if I were a cop, I would look into PN and his connections to the perps.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Picking just one credit card among many is note worthy. It would suggest knowledge gained of a single PIN.

Choosing a specific ATM or bank is also something not lost on police.


Anonymous said...

@Peter Hyatt That is reassuring. Thank you.


I agree with you. I know others have said that DB seems intelligent but I do not see that. I see a man possibly with a learning disability (not that that means you can't be intelligent) and not terribly bright being led by the nose by his mentor.

I see him as an impulsive, keyed up person who is very into fitting in and obeying his mentor. I do not see a deliberate, strategic thinker.

Arguing against that he had a connection to the alleged killers, I could say he did not. DB did what he was told, being informed that this plan would ensure the future of his "church" and that the best is yet to come. He was told his laptop and the Resonate ATM card alone would be stolen. He was fine with this; perhaps he was even assured of his wife's safety in all this. Perhaps even the murder was a staged robbery by his mentor gone terribly wrong.

I also think the move to Indy was to be closer to her family. On twitter, DB mentions visiting Indy for marital counseling before they made the move there.

I think if AB confided in anyone she certainly would have confided in her sister. I hope LE is speaking with her sister.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Canada, I am surprised that you do not see DB as very intelligent. He is well above average and this is best evidenced in how quickly he thinks on his feet, which highlights the halting on pronouns . His vocabulary is well above average. I wonder if you see a severe personality disorder (criminal) which leads you to think otherwise....?

He is one of the smartest I've analyzed in quite some time.

This is not to say that he cannot be led around. I think he likely has been and it is exactly where he ran to.

I think that he will seek to 'slingshot' past his mentor over the upcoming year, sans arrest. Even if police have information linking him to the gang, they still must consider it strong enough to go public with an arrest.

Regarding the student - mentor relationship --

He is more talented than his mentor, and the inevitable "divorce" comes when he begins to cause the mentor to feel threatened. Then, they find something to disagree on and the split happens, following a lengthy "love fest" where they affirm each other's friendship:


This is the key to the divorce.

When Davey grows really big through "Amanda's Story" and his mentor's eyes turn green with envy Statement Analysis will focus on all the wonderful things the mentor says about him---including subtle hints of first competition and then disapproval (light) an then...


Interesting post... I don't see it your way, but I will keep looking and will be reading your posts.

thank you,


Statement Analysis Blog said...



(you got me thinking!)

Is it possible you see the clinical immaturity as intellect?

DB is even more intelligent / talented than his mentor, and methinks his mentor knows it. The immaturity of DB has been discussed at length, but of his mentor, someone pointed me to Twitter yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous at
November 29, 2015 at 3:56 AM asked.

Is there anybody from Indy here who recognizes the location in these photos?

This is downtown in area of White River State Park. In the distance between the flag and the guy's head is a statue called 'The Tent.' The Tent is a tall landmark sculpture featuring colored squares. Buildings in this area include the Eiteljorg Museum, the Zoo, and the Marriot. I don't know the building directly behind these people. anon

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thank you for the contribution. I think there are certain aspects that are correct, particularly from the "love" postings of Amanda towards Davey.

the fault, however, is in the 100K he owes his mentor.

It ain't nearly enough.

the mentor is very wealthy.


Anyone wish to contribute before I post mine??


M said...

Anon at 3:56AM I'm not sure but the overhead walkway in the background looks a lot like it could be the one at the Children's Museum.

M said...

Anon at 3:56am - actually, I'm leaning more toward the walkway into the Indianapolis Arts Garden at Circle Centre Mall

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Sus @ 11:43 A.M. Nov 29th

That's a very insightful post, as usual! Like you I'm struggling with the sheer volume of "coincidences", as well as his language and subject matter pre-murder (and post-murder in my case)

Sus said...

I know that DB is a narcissist. He would employ manipulative tactics. He stated he is a risk taker. I think he may have taken risks with his families safety, and gone so far as to put a bug in someone's ear about robbing his neighborhood. I'd have to go back and look at his comments on the neighbors. Maybe his language reveals it there.

I think he wants trauma and trajedy to feel. He sees it in other people and has no idea what it is, thus the WE.

Your last comment caused me to think perhaps he didn't want the trauma and tragedy so that he could feel, but rather he needed the trauma and tragedy to "slingshot", catapult his ministry into the national spotlight. With all of his marketing strategies, leadership retreats, planning sessions, marketing research, "relevant" music, staging, aggressive video productions, theatrical sermons, his church was not experiencing the exponential growth forecast or expected. Simply put, forgive the crassness, Amanda's murder killed 2 bird with one stone. It alleviates the relational, financial, esxual, and time burdens of a the marriage and 2nd child, while garnering nationwide-worldwide attention, support (financial, emotional, spiritual) for the young widowed pastor husband and now single parent (via the televised, carefully orchestrated production funeral-celebration service).

He is, as you said, a Narcissist and a risk taker. I think he was willing to risk everything because the potential for payout exceeded the risk. Given his leakage with "The Lie" recollection, he's very good at reading and manipulating people, lying and decieving...but he's "not that good" (nod to LE). Given the Junior Year incident, followed by the unexpected and unwanted pre-Senior Year move by his family, along with Davey's statements of his dad "loving" him "unconditionally"- Davey has always had a big problem. IMO, his Dad enabled it likely out of denial. His mom may not have been so "loving"; yet she seems to be on board now. Some parents just cannot face that their is something seriously psychologically wrong with their child. Intead, they hope their child will "outgrow it".

Anonymous said...

I also do not believe Davey to be too intelligent.

Why would he think he'd get rich on students filling his seats at his church?

They typically are broke.

That doesn't lead me to believe he's anywhere close to intelligent.

Anonymous said...


Yes, perhaps I am conflating the two: social immaturity and intelligence. I defer to your professional experience.

DB certainly does not strike me as "book smart" but perhaps, again, it is his immaturity, coupled with what I think is, at best, a borderline personality disorder, that makes me think he is not intelligent.

I also see some spelling and word choice issues (in one place "presidence" for "precedence") that indicate a dyslexic way of thinking. Of course, as I said above, learning disabilities are separate from cognitive issues.


Anonymous said...

The geographical locations of the suspects’ various destinations are what I find particularly interesting. If, for the sake of discussion, we assume that the suspects are responsible for the rash of burglaries on the NE side, an area in which we can assume they live and/or reside on a regular basis, then their decision on this night to travel to the other side of town to target an obscure cul-de-sac just as folks are potentially getting ready to go to work is a bizarre decision indeed.

I don’t think it can be emphasized enough just how much driving these guys did. Taking into account the drive to the Blackburn’s neighborhood, the trips to the two ATMS and back, and then the return trip to the NE side of town, we’re looking at 60 to 90 minutes on the road, and relatively little to show for it. Considering their first target was literally walking distance from where they began their morning, they clearly didn’t have any qualms about shitting where they eat, so to speak. Yet, this day they decide to drive 10 to 12 miles past countless identical subdivisions to burglarize two homes on the opposite side of the city. Let’s also not forget they were driving a stolen car. It strikes me as odd that they’d devise a plan that requires so much time on the road in a vehicle that, for all they knew, could be reported stolen at any moment.

If “getting more money” had been the suspects’ primary motivation, their actions that morning make very little sense. There is no logic or utility behind such a long round trip when there are literally thousands of potential houses and apartments near them they could have hit, and done so with far less exposure to risk.

Now, I understand that none of the above necessarily implicates Davey Blackburn, but I do believe it virtually rules out the possibility of the suspects choosing this neighborhood at random.


maudes harold said...

On the reason why any "group" would target "poor" college students....that is the time in life when one is very susceptible to a "group" with a strong identity. Those years where one begins to uncleave from their parents and begin figuring out their separate identity can be a very emotionally vulnerable time -- a perfect time for vampiric-like groups to swoop in. Once in, and after many hours of 'volunteering', those same students graduate and begin careers with paychecks.

Anonymous said...

Yep, once you rake the kids in, the parents and company sponsors will follow. Davey had more than a few adults as well as elderly that attended the cult.

On a separate note, the frame of mind the thugs were in: "Hey errybody! I'm going to rob a few homes, leave as much evidence and dna in the homes as possible. Once I get to the Blackburn's, I'm going to leave DNA everywhere. I'm going to punch her teeth in and then shoot twice, I'm not worried though, I'm going to send the other two thugs out to get the big money, a whopping $400.00. Now after I collect my big $400 to split among three people, I made big money of $133.33, so hey, why not shoot the tiny 110lb Amanda Blackburn and what the heck, I'll toss the gun on another neighbor's lawn, but first I gotta call for my ride to come back and pick me up, who cares if it's a cul de sac and who cares how much times I've spent in this neighborhood, these dumb neighbors won't call the cops. NO CRIMINAL IS THIS STOOOOPID.

Bubbles said...

Those internet monitoring programs send emails to the people who are the accountability partners. It has nothing to do with any specific computers. And it would be really pointless to steal one computer if there was still a 2nd accountability partner getting the info.

The MacBooks are worth $$$ which explains why they'd take them, but it is a weird (but meaningless) coincidence if all the places they burglarized had them.

BallBounces said...

Blogger Peter Hyatt said...
Picking just one credit card among many is note worthy. It would suggest knowledge gained of a single PIN. Choosing a specific ATM or bank is also something not lost on police. Peter November 29, 2015 at 1:25 PM

According to reports, it was a debit card, not one of the credit cards. "police found a denied ATM transaction notice for Blackburn's missing debit card." Going to the same bank the card was issued by would not be unusual.

Carnival Barker said...

Those houses are so close that the livingroom where she was shot in the head is actually closer to the neighbor's house than the other side of AB's own house. Once those shots were fired, LT still stuck around for another almost 30 minutes just smoking a blunt, not stealing anything, and curiously not worried that the cops would be on the way after 3 shots rang out in a quiet cul-de-sac on a Tuesday morning.

Also, the dog is really, really bothering me. There is a picture on AB's Instagram which shows her on the floor and her dog laying on her stomach and she says, "This is what happens when I try to do an ab workout." That dog appears to have been under her feet all the time. I have one of those too. I haven't visited the bathroom without an escort in 5 years. Where was the dog when all this was going on?? Even if the dog was coincidentally locked up, the dog would have been barking so feverishly that there would be no way DB wouldn't have heard her in the 50 minutes he was parked in the driveway on his call.

Anonymous said...

I've known people who are a little intelligent, and a little glib, and who actually manage to fool some people into thinking of them as "highly educated" and "highly intelligent", and I've noticed often those people misuse words. They'll use a word that is phonetically similar to the correct word, but the wrong word! Sadly, most people don't even notice. It's another form of smoke & mirrors they use to create an impression of themselves as more intelligent/educated than they really are.

When I watched that "Bringing Sexy Back" sermon, I jotted down a couple sentences he said in which he used the wrong words (I'm assuming that's not what he meant to say):

"We are inoculated with the message of sex." (meant to say "inundated"?)

"God's plan for us is unimaginative." (meant to say "unimaginable"?)

Also, in one of his post-murder interviews he used the word "viable" incorrectly.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Ball Bounce,

The "burglars" took one debit card but left others behind. According to the Affidavit, "The voicemail alerted Amanda to suspicious activity on her Chase debit card ending in 3667. Colleen Clark (crime scene technician) reviewed the recovered bank cards and there was not a Chase debit card among them."

Anonymous said...

Yes Davey and his friend have both confirmed they speak every week at the same time. Question now is, how long did those conversations typically last? Were all their conversations that long? I've not known one single man who jabs that long in the morning, it's the busiest time of day, especially with a young family & a wife who has one on the way. It would be interesting to know if Amanda was experiencing any morning sickness, why would that dumb ducker sit out in his car that long? Why?

Foolsfeeonfolly said...


Bubbles said...

Those internet monitoring programs send emails to the people who are the accountability partners. It has nothing to do with any specific computers. And it would be really pointless to steal one computer if there was still a 2nd accountability partner getting the info.

The MacBooks are worth $$$ which explains why they'd take them, but it is a weird (but meaningless) coincidence if all the places they burglarized had them.
November 29, 2015 at 2:22 PM
The monitoring system would have sent a message to both Amanda Blackburn and Perry Noble (if he is Davey's pastor and appears to be). Either way, Davey has something to lose: the wife he needs to support and lend credibility to his husband-and-wife ministry leader team (realtionship sermons factor heavily in his church, his marriage counseling), his church audience, his salary and comfy active lifestyle, his church (the one he's indebteded 100K to Perry Noble for). Perry Noble has something to lose in terms of monetary contributions and credibility with his followers and those of his other church plants w/ another scandal.

Stealing the Macbook Pro prevents the message and the subsequent illegal activity from being discovered. Killing Amanda prevents her from leaving/divorcing Davey, exposing Davey for the fraud he is, and thereby calling Perry Noble's judgement in to question. It erases a lot of difficult questions Perry Noble would be forced to publicly address,on the heels of his churches last public :situation" and legal big money settlement.

If the 2nd Accountability partner is Perry Noble, he is financially invested in protecting his brand, his cash cow, his kingdom to the tune of 100K plus a percentage of future revenues possibly.

Does that explain things a little more clearly.

Concerned said...

Peter and Jenny,
I don't think losing the $100,000 + expenses would be the big upset for the mentor.
I believe it would be the damage to the Brand and evidence that he, the mentor did not choose the lead "pastor" well.

In light of the mentor's Twitter rage over trivial comments and his past dramatic reactions to criticism, having an extreme reaction to being embarrassed by Davey's behavior in his marriage would be expected. If Amanda perhaps had reached her breaking point, maybe the mentor and the babysitter (who was also one of his minions) put a plan in action. Or maybe one of the minions (perhaps the babysitter) caught all the strong "hints" from the mentor and set things up.

Just more thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Who does DB really want to attract to his church, fellow narcissists? As a child, I went to a Congregational church in a small town. Congregational churches then (now as well?) were, not showy during sermons; a gun during a service?! No way. A Q&A of the MINISTER'S sexual mores onstage?!!?? No WAY! He or she would have been fired by the congregation. I've been to Pentecostal, Buddhist, Methodist, and Catholic services, and I can't believe that people would go for the kind of dog and pony show as offered by DB.

Perhaps people are turned off by DB, his style of 'preaching', the obvious lack of boundaries. Personally, with the sexually exhibitionist-like stuff he spouts off (as the representative of head of his church), I'd be concerned about putting a child into a Sunday School program in his church. Perhaps that's why people aren't flocking to his sideshow. I know I feel like taking a shower after hearing him talk.

In DB's mind, they're not coming to Resonate NOT because of him, but because of something else. It COULDN'T be because of his histrionics. Everyone else around him is responsible for the success of his church in his mind. Everyone else needs to "slingshot" him to the top.

He calls himself "Pastor", as opposed to "Reverend", or "Minister of the Gospel", etc. - is he really an ordained minister, or did he just hang the proverbial "Pastor" shingle out?

Anonymous said...

There was one blabbermouth I used to know who would talk a mile a minute and had so many wrong words, and I was the only one who noticed. Everybody thought he was so intelligent, but I thought of him as a big blow hard. One of his regular phrases was "Quote me if I'm wrong, but..." Instead of "correct me if I'm wrong, but..." I guess he was confusing "Don't quote me on this, but..." and "Correct me if I'm wrong, but..."

Sus said...

I have another theory which I'm beginning to lean more toward, which does not include DB directly. It's speculation. I don't feel good saying it, but here goes.

Donae Mitchell, Alonzo Bulls' wife is 17 and a missing child. She has a newborn son. She is strikingly attractive. She attends church, though I don't know where. She talks a lot about her need for God.

Alonzo Bull just got out of prison in October. He is light skinned, small, and looks an awful lot like the body shape of the released picture.

Watson and Gordan did not want to go back for Taylor. They were mad. It took a call from someone on Alonzo Bull's phone.

Taylor is painted as the loose cannon, wanting to kill the woman in the first burglary because he's on tape. She was asleep and that wouldn't erase a tape. Taylor was blamed for all actions in the Blackburn home, and Watson and Gordan didn't like those actions.

At the neighbors house, they stole a pink sweater and a pearl necklace. Those weren't going to sell. I wonder if they were gifts for Donae Mitchell. Taylor was wearing Bull's jacket. The gun was under Donae's bed.

My pure speculation and how DB is not directly involved: Alonzo Bull was with the three arrested. In the course of the night, he suggested going to the Blackburn neighborhoid with the idea of revenge on the Blackburns. Maybe because DB hit on Donae. The others didn't have any idea what Bull had in mind. Now they don't dare go against Bull. They're pinning it on Taylor because no one cares about him. He's not in the Kilt gang.

DB's guilt comes from recognizing the Donae Mitchell name.

BTW, you can find pics of Alonzo Bull smoking his Swisher Sweets on his FB site. Maybe it was his calling card to leave them there. A revenge hit.

Anonymous said...

To assume DB would be forced to repay 100k based on a failed church attendance would be ludicrous. Their seed money could be regained elsewhere. Their church was growing and it doesn't happen overnight.California is different than mid-west Indy. Many aren't accustomed to the new and improved ways:
Harley lottery
Cars and guns on display
Rewritten theme of Judaeo-Christian belief system

Nope, he couldn't retrieve the money if he tried.

Anonymous said...


That is a damned compelling theory.


Concerned said...

That sounds so reasonable except for all the other gazillion coincidences.
I always come back to why Davey would leave his door unlocked (when leaving in the dark to go to the gym).
The neighborhood had experienced enough crime for residents to install alarms, cameras and to have an active Neighborhood Watch program.
Other commentators have made long lists of the other pinky circumstances.
Then, of course, there are Davey's words!

Concerned said...

Hinky circumstances! Autocorrect.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt said...

November 29, 2015 at 11:41 AM

... a deliberate linguistic violence to further a cause.

It is in politics often but it is in the words of DB's mentor.

I believe one reason DB's mentor selected him as an instrument NS "church" could capitalize on was that DB shares PN's talent for verbal violence.

NS and Resonate "churches" use verbal violence to break down inhibitions in potential converts and new converts. Also no doubt to keep then enthralled /enslaved.

One way they use verbal violence is as a Genie in a Bottle.

In course of every sermon, Davey uncorks the bottle and lets out whiffs of verbal violence eliciting strong, primal emotions of disgust, shame, and fear. This is a technique he honed as a youth leader at NS. He used it to indoctrinate young people in the FUSE youth group audience.

For example, in one talk, disseminated on video, Davey ordered the students to sniff their own armpit then sniff the armpit of the person next to them. He attached a teaching to this, but the primary aim was to elicit disgust, the shock value of disgust, to break down customary, "polite" inhibitions.

In the same sermon series Davey brings up women's monthly need for special supplies. This elicits laughter from the young people. He dwells on how has this need and how she asked him to purchase tampons for her on the way home. He said (fabricated) that another customer laughed at him as he was checking out with the tampons. "So what did I do? turned around and punched him in the throat man" ... followed by a quick disclaimer, "No."

As measure of the wickedness of the sins committed by Saul in Acts - sin which Davey never accurately described (he never mentioned Stephen) - he deployed a violent simile of "capping a 6th grader and throwing his body in a dumpster."

These seeming lapses are not neither accidental nor incidental. They are built in to the "process" he talks about continually. I would say this a process of luring (seducing) and leading individuals (in this case young students) to become part of his mass army of Jesus in order that they should Go and do likewise by bringing in more converts and tithers.

Addressing high school students, he orders them to go and do likewise and bring in and retain middle school students.

So, one way he capitalizes on his verbal violence is by using it to assault and penetrate listeners' minds by means of quick violent punches through walls of any ordinary inhibitions they may have. He aims to remake the contents of people's minds (or as he constantly says, hearts) to bring about submission. This is what he explicitly preaches, submission to authority.

At the close of every session he prays aloud, ordering several times over, "Every eye closed, every head bowed."


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Canada, "dyslexic"....interesting and worthy of more of my own thought.

thank you!

maudes harold said...

@ anon @ November 29, 2015 at 3:07 PM

Excellent breakdown of the technique!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anyone wish to take a guess on the high school "lie " before the article goes up?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous
At at 3:07 PM

Corrections (I get agitated writing about DB's techniques):

I "accidentally" deleted a key word in editing my account of Davey's tampon-buying skit -- WIFE. This is one of the skits in which he uses Amanda as his fall guy or stooge, dragging her in, degrading her.

Garbled sentence should read: "He dwelt on how HIS WIFE has this need and how she asked him to purchase tampons for her on the way home."

BallBounces said...

Blogger Peter Hyatt said...

Next up I will present arguments of the position that the husband of murder victim Amanda Blackburn could not have association with those under arrest. I have taken note of those who have stated this position and request one more time that if you hold this, post now WHY you believe this. November 29, 2015 at 11:19 AM

* * *

"Could not" is an impossibly high burden of proof, while "have association" is a pretty low measure of involvement. Most people are going to translate "have association" as "involved in his wife's murder".

The problem is, at this point, there is no tangible or concrete evidence pointing to Davey Blackburn's involvement in his wife's murder; there is just endless speculation -- e.g., he committed adultery with their baby-sitter, with his wife's sister, with the woman down the street and/or with male lovers; he snuck out of the gym to sexually assault and brutalize his wife, he snorts cocaine, he drugged his child, he's gay, he arranged for a robbery but not a murder, he arranged for a robbery knowing it would lead to murder, he came back to the house and knowingly continued a phone call while his wife lay inside bleeding out. Etcetera. Endless speculations that supposedly derive from statement analysis.

As for evidence pointing away from guilt and suggesting innocence:

* Police have the 911 call; they spoke with him in his home, and they interviewed him. Professional investigators have publicly cleared him as a suspect.

* He waved a gun around in church a mere few days prior. This is an unexpected action for someone planning a hit on his wife, unless the person is completely deranged -- in which case he is probably not the diabolical hit planner that some suggest.

* He went to the gym, as was his normal routine. There is nothing in his daily routine that morning that was abnormal. Speaking an extra 20 minutes on the phone doesn't count. It does not lead to "ergo, you killed your wife".

* He admitted leaving the door unlocked. It is not unreasonable to leave a door unlocked during the day, especially in the early morning hours when one least expects a robber to be out and about. However, a person with "something to hide" might well insist he locked the doors and leaving the door open does not lead to "ergo it was a planned hit".

* The murder came on the tail-end of a string of late-night/early-morning burglaries in which the perps sat around drinking and, I think, smoking dope. Is this the expected behavior of a team planning a hit? If so, this is quite possibly the first planned hit in the history of the world where the hit was preceded by a couple of opportunistic burglaries along the way.

* Would a team of three plan a hit where one is left to do the killing while the other two go off and get some cash from an ATM with a stolen debit card?

* If this were the case, the guy who did he hit would have to be the ring-leader to be able to control the actions of the others. Was he? I don't think so.

* The guy who did the murder had, according to a source, already suggested he kill another woman at the earlier robbery. This makes the eventual murder far less unlikely and far more probable.

* A point I'm not clear about. Did the perps have a car, or did they have to steal a car to get over to the Blackburn's neighborhood? If they needed to steal a car, this decreases yet further the odds that it was a planned hit.

* None of the perps have suggested they were put up to it. Although, with all this speculation, it would make perfect sense for them to now say so.

Stepping back, the string of burglaries culminating in a murder looks much more like a string of burglaries culminating in a murder than the murder of Amanda Blackburn looks like a planned hit.

Having said all this, I think the 911 call is extremely important in this case and we should stay on top of it until it is released.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Yes Davey and his friend have both confirmed they speak every week at the same time. Question now is, how long did those conversations typically last? Were all their conversations that long? I've not known one single man who jabs that long in the morning, it's the busiest time of day, especially with a young family & a wife who has one on the way. It would be interesting to know if Amanda was experiencing any morning sickness, why would that dumb ducker sit out in his car that long? Why?

And did each week have him talk in the car, or did he complete the conversation in the house?

Anonymous said...

I would guess the lie blamed some innocent person for an offense he committed himself.


Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Sus @ 2:52 P.M.

That's something to seriously consider. I had assumed that the pink sweater and pearls were gifts for a girlfriend, just not Bull's. Any chance Donae and Alonzo had been going to DB for ocunseling? Had she been attending Resonate, I wonder? DB aside, maybe Donae had been getting some new ideas about how their relationship should be; new ideas Alonzo didn't appreciate or perhaps she'd gotten saved and was confronting/pressuring him re: his lifestyle/choices to leave his gang-banging ways and The FAM. I'm not really up on gang culture- Would that prompt a hit?

I can see leaving the TV- maybe the Sebring was too full. But why leave the credit card/any other bank card? Why leave Amanda's rings? They'd make a nice gift for Donae (they might be too identifiable to fence too). Likely, Amanda had other jewelry (she seemed pretty fashionable).

Anonymous said...

random targets?? in my area numerous garages were B & E'd. homeowners had been out of town when it happened. vacationing it was discovered that the newspaper delivery person was responsible. the homeowners cancelled delivery for the time out of town. from this date to that date. same happens w/daily mail delivery. also, neighborhood casing via utility meter readers.

Concerned said...

Anon at 11:41
Nothing about this style of "preaching" has made sense.
I believe you may be right.
There is a trend toward young people turning away from traditional churches because the leaders are too "uptight" and call for chaste behavior. People like Davey offer a little excitement with their blunt talk about sex and/or violence, a hit of the feel-good chemicals in the brain. I suppose if you use "whatever it takes" to commit them to the group, you keep shocking them to keep them coming back.

As they get older, you do a Harley giveaway and more "whatever if takes". They now have jobs and your financial seminars have them committing to giving 20% of their salaries to the Brand. They identify themselves as "Owners" and have a hard time ever leaving. Hmmmm, like a cult.

BallBounces said...

Peter Hyatt said… And did each week have him talk in the car, or did he complete the conversation in the house? November 29, 2015 at 3:22 PM

Good point.

Plus, as someone has pointed out, it would be cold in Indianapolis on a November morning. Did he talk for 50 minutes with the car running? Very strange.

Anonymous said...

Ooh yeh! Like anon 3:40 said. The high school lie was he let someone else take the blame for something very bad that he did!

Anonymous said...

This is directed to Carnival Barker

The "Lie" in High School that I want to respond to.... What if the reason the thugs traveled to the ATM closest to the church was because someone was waiting at the church to give them the PIN# or someone had left a message there with the PIN#? Just a thought but nobody has discussed that theory yet.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


very astute.

The pragmatic will change the "uptight" message enough to stay close to Scripture, but not chase away the customers.

How much pragmatism did Davey Practice?

Would divorce destroy his career??


Lemon said...

Peter Hyatt said @ 3:20:
"Anyone wish to take a guess on the high school "lie " before the article goes up?"

Did he lie about a sexual assault?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"These seeming lapses are not neither accidental nor incidental. They are built in to the "process" he talks about continually."

Exactly! Excellent summary of the tactics of DB and his ilk.

Another way these tactics function is to drive away anyone who has any discernment, thereby leaving a group that is easily manipulated as one entity.

Lemon said...

Re: Davey Blackburn and divorce destroying his career: Yes, it would. He has to "smoke" what he's "selling" and his image is everything. Divorce would be the biggest "failure" for him.

maudes harold said...

The lie?

Something to do with sex and/or an "abuse of power" by DB. Wasn't he a youth leader in high school?

Sus said...

I don't like that he begins his tale with "I remember" and "I got caught."

He doesn't say, " I told a lie."

He then calls it a SERIOUS lie. Is there a difference between a lie and a serious lie in his mind?

I'm thinking there is because this lie ruined the reputation he had been "building for several years." It wasn't a fabric of his being. It was a facade which crumbled.

He specifically mentions it harming the baseball coach. Singular. The coach is not mentioned as one who he gained trust back later from. Ooh, I'd like to talk to that coach.

I'm going to say he accused the baseball coach of something. Since it also affected faculty and even his friends., maybe grade fixing for others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@2:36 PM

Re Davey's mispronunciation of certain words

A key example of this type of lapse figures in his blog entry on the lie under discussion, the lie that forced his family to up stakes from the big city to the small town.

Meaning to say "one fell swoop," he writes "one fail swoop."


CJ said...

Does anyone have a link to the local Indy news article that showing photos of the three suspects caught on surveillance camera inside the first apartment that they robbed the morning of Nov. 10?


Anonymous said...

The 50 minute phone call could be another indicator of his narcissism. He isn't truly "doing life" with Kenneth, who I think lives in Maine. DB is doing life with the woman inside the house he is not helping because he is having a phone bromance.

Anonymous said...

Like most disorders, narcissism has a continuum. Some people have a small amount and others are malignantly engulfed with it. The queen of malignant narcissists (my MIL) said this today when describing her home’s water leak and carpet damage.

“The leak caused us so much damage.”

My MIL lives alone, owns her own home, and doesn’t have pets. There's no ‘us'.

Malignant narcissists, sadly, have extremely faulty thinking which causes feelings of shame over tiny imperfections in their lives. Guilt and shame are not the same emotion. The leak wasn’t my MIL’s fault (would cause guilt). She couldn’t have predicted it (would cause guilt), yet she used the word ‘us’ to either share/project the shame of having imperfect carpet onto my husband or manipulatively try to make him buy her new carpet.

When malignant narcissists avoid using personal pronouns, it can mean things besides guilt.

Boston Lady said...

I'm really at a loss with this case. With Mark Redwine, Billie Jean Dunn, Shawn Atkins, Casey Anthony, Baby Lisa, I was convinced via their statements that they were involved. I am not sure with Davey Blackburn. Yes, he definitely speaks and communicates which raises flags for me but why? He is a narcissist. He sees everything as it relates to him and how it effects him. But I am leaning toward the "testiphony" as something that is done by all the pastors at NewSpring and their plants. In reading the NewSpring website, the slogans that Davey spouts out are the same as what is being spread in the other churches. i.e. CULT. He tells stories for effect. To get the message across. I believe when he did that with Amanda on stage, she gently said "that's not true" and he said "it is a little". So, is this his onstage persona?

The other part of this is I looked back thru his Facebook page and he spoke very lovingly of Amanda , Weston and his life. Was it for show? I can't say. But the pictures posted of Weston were beautiful and very loving. I don't think there was one picture of Weston where he was not smiling.

I'm very conflicted !

Louise K said...

LOL @ the person saying 58 miles is too far for a commute.

I used to work with people who had a 100 mile trip there and another 100 back every single day of the week.

Actually we talk in KM in Australia so I've known people who do a 500km round trip to work, every single day.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Anon 3:38,

I have no idea why they traveled that distance to that specific ATM. The only thing I can come up with is that they have some connection to Resonate and surmised that Resonate did their banking there, so maybe a Resonate debit card being used so close to Resonate wouldn't be flagged for fraud so readily?

Anonymous said...

Further on the lie under discussion --

The family move from city to obscure small town suggests that the family aimed to get him away from "bad influences."

I would guess the lie involved drugs, either taking or selling drugs.

Or he may have lied to deny a sexual offense or a theft (he has now stolen Amanda's diary and her reputation for his own profit).

We only have Davey's word for it that his offense was confined to a lie, not other activity that led to the lie. He may be lying in his blog too, lying about this lie.

Confessing to one sin or crime while hiding or repressing others happens.

A salient factor is that his family moved. The father had to find a new church. His mother may have had to relocate her professional activities. Friendships and community ties must have been disrupted. Davey's brother may have been affected.

Either the family was super conscious of their reputation as well Davey's, or they made a big effort to fish him out temptations of the big city and "replant" him in a "safer" place.


Anonymous said...

In the mental disorder Munchausen by Proxy, a caregiver makes someone appear mentally or physically ill or impaired by either fabricating symptoms or causing harm to someone, in order to gain the attention of others. In order to perpetuate the medical relationship to get attention, the caregiver misrepresents symptoms, fabricates signs, manipulates laboratory tests, or harms the child.

There needs to be a term for spiritually ill people who desperately try to make a person appear guilty by making absurd conjectures and fabricating evidence. These spiritually ill people perpetually attack the target and his friends hoping to get attention by artificially rescuing others from believing in the target’s innocence.

I’m naming this spiritual disorder Munchausen by Proxy via Twitter and Facebook.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Anon 4:08,

Let's say DB is completely innocent of everything and the hundreds of coincidences are merely coincidences and he is a victim of circumstance. Please give me a reasonable explanation, then, of WHY the bad acting and feigned sadness in his interviews, specifically the Inside Edition and the local interview. And you can't deny that he was faking acting sad. Why the need to put on a show like that?

Concerned said...

Anon at 4:07
Birmingham's Shades Valley High School is full of bad influences, many involved in taking and selling drugs.

For Peter
Re: The Serious Lie
I would expect Davey made up a lie about someone who made him jealous, perhaps over a girl.
Or a fellow student or coach dissed him and embarrassed him, causing him to make up a lie about them.
His narcissist ME-wired brain could not stand to be dissed...much like his mentor.

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